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Rheese short stories

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Connor was sitting at the kitchen island sipping at the coffee, that was waiting for him on the side, that was made by his girlfriend, Sarah Reese. Whom he now watched frantically walked fast around their apartment looking for her palm top, that she used all the time to takes notes during her medical school rotations. Her current rotation was within the Emergency Department, at the same hospital he was starting today, as the latest Trauma Fellow.


He had met Sarah approximately 3.5 years ago when he was a resident in New York and Sarah was finishing her pre-med Degree.  Many of her friends didn’t understand why they worked, but they did. He may appear outgoing; however, with his upbringing and trust issues, he was quite introverted. When Sarah was looking at Medical Schools and had decided to go to Chicago, she was scared of what Connor would say as she knew he never wanted to go back to Chicago and thought it maybe the end of their relationship. Connor had surprised her, he would follow her anywhere; however, he had already agreed to 3 year contract in the Middle East and couldn’t get out of it. Therefore, for the last 3 years the relationship was long distance, which worked for them, they spoke to each other everything if possible and any annual leave for Connor or Break from school for Sarah they meet up somewhere.


“Sarah?” “Ummm” she replied. He got up from his chair and walk towards her, grabbing hers and pulled her towards him, so she was looking directly at him. “You pack it last night remember.” He watched as she thought and saw when she remember, “oh”.


He smiled at her cradled her face with her hands “you don’t have to be nervous today, the hospital board know you are my girlfriend. When the staff find out ignore all rumours, because we know better, we work and one day soon, you will be my Wife.”


Sarah froze slightly in shock “did you just propose?” He chuckled, “catch that did you” he took a step back and got down on one knee, her hands went to her mouth hiding her smile “Sarah, I would honoured if you would agree to become my wife for eternity?” His hand behind his back came forward and produced an open ring box, which held a platinum 2.5 carat silhouette Diamond. Sarah started crying and she nodded yes, not able to say the words. He grab her hand and place the ring on her finger and they both glazed at the symbol of their love. “Never through I love seeing that diamond on your finger, you are about to go to the hospital, so I brought in a necklace to keep the ring close to her heart while on duty.” His hand went into his pocket and produced the said necklace.


Once the ring was nestled against her heart she rushed out of the apartment, as she was on the morning shift and he started in the afternoon.


A few hours later and train crash later Sarah walk back to the bullpen and looked around for Connor and saw him with back towards the bullpen. It looked like that he was about to start sewing the gush on his arm on his own.  Knowing now he could have been more hurt she started marching towards him.


At the bullpen the nurses gazing at Connor and Dr Charles came up to Maggie and Sharon and commented “who’s Rambo?” “Dr Connor Rhodes, new Trauma Fellow.” Sharon uttered. “Well his going to light up some oestrogen receptors.” Dr Charles replied. “His light up mine.” Maggie whispered while looking at a chart. Sharon was about the comment, when they watched Sarah walk up the Connor and without giving him time to say hello, Sarah grabbed his face and kissed Connor, actually snogged was a better description. There were a lot of shock surprises noises around them “oh… Did I forget to say that Dr Rhodes partner was medical student Sarah Reese.” Sharon smugly stated to the bull pen.