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Enough Is Enough

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          It has already been two months since the rogues had been pardoned and returned to the U.S. Two months of them living in the compound and participating in the Avengers activities, and Tony’s patience was reaching its limit. After waking up from his four-week come due to Siberia, he decided that thing needed to change. He with the help of Friday searched for other enhanced people who would like to join the initiative. The New Avengers then was created with Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Spiderman, War Machine, Vision, and a few more as members. He also started therapy, persuaded by Rhodey and Pepper, and started to realize that he didn’t own anything to his old team, and that he shouldn’t put them above his healthy.          So now, seven months after Siberia and two after the return of the rogues, Tony was starting to lose his temper. For two months he had to put up with the rogues complaining about him and trying to make him pay for things they wanted, and demanding a apology so that they could be a team again (as if he was the one who should apologize and as if an apology would fix everything). And when they weren’t after him, they were badmouthing him, especially Clint and Wanda for everyone to hear.
          Today wasn’t different. They had just finished a team meeting to plan and decided what to do when Thanos arrives. Almost all the new Avengers were there, apart from Thor and Bruce who were in Asgard. They were all spread around the conference room, catching up and discussing strategies. Tony was listening to Peter talk about his last patrol when he heard another hurtful comment made by his ex-teammates and decided that enough is enough.
          - Enough! – He turned to the Rogues. Everyone stopped talking to pay attention at what Tony would do. Rhodey stood up preparing himself to defend Tony if needed, noticing that almost all the new Avengers had the same thought.
          - Have something to say Stark? – Clint sneered
          - Actually, I do. It seems that you are understanding the situation you are on. You have this misconception that I owe something to you and I don’t – He saw their scoffs and Rogers disappointing face but he didn’t care. He was in a roll, and he didn’t pretend to stop. He started with Wilson
          - You! I honestly to God don’t know what is the problem you have with me. We barely even talk. One day you showed up in Rogers arms with wing that I made and you stole and simply decided that you hated me. Well new flash I barely remember that you exist – He continued, now it was Clint
          - And you seem to be a little confused. I am not the one who asked you to abandon your family for a fight you had nothing to do with. I didn’t forced Laura to ask for a divorce, you did when you thought that Captain America and a girls you met two years ago were more important than you wife and kids. And I didn’t put you in jail, you went to jail due to you own actions.
          He saw Steve opening his month to defend his team, but he was not stopping. Next it was Wanda and he was waiting for this moment for months.
          - And you are just a pathetic little bitch who can’t move on with your life due to a pathetic excuse of revenge. Well, I have some news for you. I didn’t kill you parents! I was the best weapon manufacturer of the world, a legit occupation, and there was a reason for that. My bombs never failed. If the one that killed your parents didn’t explode then it wasn’t one of mine, it was probably a cheap imitation. And even if it was indeed mine it still doesn’t make sense your revenge. If someone shot my parents, I wouldn’t volunteer myself to be tested by a Nazi organization to kill the guy that made the gun! Oh, and one more thing. Your brother death and the destruction of Sokovia was your own fault. You decided to align with Ultron and the only reason you changed sides was because you find out that he was going to kill you too
          - Tony this is enough – Steve trying to take control of the situation. Wanda was crying and Wilson and Clint looked sick
          - I am not done yet Rogers. And you Captain better listen. I don’t owe you shit. And I will never forgive you and we are never going to be a team like before again. Because you first met me and decided that I was dirty under your shoe. Because you find out that my parents, your friend, had been murdered and you choose to hide this from me. Because you spend two years using my money and my resources, that you always belittle me for having, to look for my parents’ killer without telling me. Because you slammed a vibranium shield in my chest and left me to die in Siberia. Because I had to wait in the cold shocking in my own blood for twelve hours, had to put the arc reactor again, broke seven ribs and entered in a coma for one months.
Rogers looked as if someone had punched him in the gut, Wilson and Barton looked a little green and Wanda was still crying. His side was equally frozen, but they had a look of satisfaction to see him finally defending himself. Rhodey looked like a proud big brother. But he wasn’t finished yet.
          - So enough is enough. I don’t owe you shit. In fact, you owe me. You all live in my house rent free, I pay for you food, I pay for your clothes, I pay for your phones and for the internet you use to badmouth me. I am paying for your lives. So, this is better stop. If I hear one more comment, if I see one more freak red light in my direction you are out. Thanos is coming and we will need all the help, but if you do that one more time you are all out of the compound. I will thrown you in the streets without thinking twice and then good luck trying to find another sugar daddy that can put up with your bullshits.
          Now he was finished. He took a deep breath and turned to leave. He put a hand on Peter shoulder and motioned for them to leave when he thought of something and turned to the rogues again.
          - And Barnes – He saw Rogers slightly moving in front of Barnes – You are cool, you apologize, and you are keeping to yourself. Come down to the lab when you have time so I can take a look at your arm, look like it is hurting you.
         Then he left followed by the rest of the new Avengers, leaving only the Rogues in the room. Getting out of shock Barnes started to follow him
         - Bucky! Where are you going?
         - Didn’t you hear? He asked me to go to the lab when I have time, and I am free now. And God, that was fucking hot
         And then he also left after the genius wagging an invisible tail.