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It's My Choice(To Fall)

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It was the first show in the UK and Zayn was sleeping. Of course it was past noon and the others were bustling about the hotel suite, getting an itinerary prepared before their concert. Louis had told Zayn to wake up at 10. He just mumbled. "M'Still tired." Translating to If there's no danger, let me sleep. But Louis wasn't having any of it today. He went back into the room and got a pillow. Next, he soaked the end of the pillow with cold water. He snooped around the bed and then, SMACK! "Oi, Get your lazy arse out of bed and get dressed we're going out today!" The Doncaster lad yelled. "Fine, fine! I'm up!"



Zayn gathered his fresh clothes and discarded his night clothes, with the exception of his underwear. Zayn was born well, intersex. It wasn't uncommon but it was different. The young Bradford boy proceeded into his shower. He let the hot water stream down his body. He almost felt like he was cocooned in the water. The steam enveloped him and left him feeling like he was in his bed again

Until he hit the cool tiling.  "Shit!" He cursed to himself. the cold wall burned more than the water. He decided to just wash himself and get out of the shower. The Bradford man lugged his tired body around washing.  Smearing the soap evenly on his long legs. Across his torso. Down his arms. And he rinsed. 

Stepping out of the shower was always the worst part. Always feeling more exposed even with the door closed. His body was the thing he was most self conscious about. Sure he was strikingly beautiful and was to die for but all that would change if someone knew about it. Shut up Malik. Just shut up. You'll cross that bridge when you're ready.


He dressed himself and started doing his hair. It was a meticulous process and it always had to be right. Perfect. He took the paddle brush and bow dryer in hand and started styling.  

"Oi Malik, You're gonna be a perfect little wife for someone." Liam said with a laugh. 

"Sure, be the one to say that in hopes I'm yours." Zayn said with a little wiggle of his hips and a snort. 




It was about one o'clock In the afternoon Avan And his nephew had gone out to lunch. Avan wasn't the biggest on Pop Groups.  But his nephew, Tyler, was the biggest Fan of 1D. How it came possible,  he hadn't the slightest idea. His nephew had been interested in their native music for the longest time and all of a sudden,he's obsessed with this band. But what ever made his nephew happy, he was happy. But then again,  he felt an empty presence when he watched his nephew. Although they  were related he wasn't Avan's own child.

He loved Tyler like he was his own. The 16 year old boy knew that. He always did. But at the end of the day he belonged to Avan's Sister Aja. 

But on with the day. 


Avan and Tyler managed to kill a lot time eating, and conversing. Asking the teenager about school and his grades. Overall  the boy was academically successful. But he never saw the young man with anyone who he thought or could have thought to be his partner. 

"So, you have your eye on anyone special?" His face dropped. "Um well, I-I-I Uh, you could uh- say that." Avan was now intrigued even though this wouldn't be the "highlight of their day. "Who are they?" He asked now resting his elbows on the table. "Uh-hmm, His name is umm Axel." The young boy ducked in shame as Avan just looked him. But in actuality he was trying to place the face. 

"Oh! The kid with the big curly hair, 'bout six foot? I remember him."  Tyler looked quizzically.

"You do?" "Of course, My sister told me she saw you two kissing." The older man laughed as his nephew blushed. "That's so not funny!" "And besides I think were dating anyway." His face now a charred pink. 

As Tyler sat embarrassed. Mortified his uncle found out his crush, more so his sexuality. When he looked up he saw a tan guy, with a nice mane, a very blonde highlight that was almost faded from cutting and styling, and sunglasses. He was a hundred percent sure it was. It's Zayn. Oh. My. God. 

"Uncle Avan, It's him! It's HIM!" The teen whispered frantically "Who?"  

"It's 1D! And there's Zayn. Don't look you'll make them feel awkward."

'No I won't." Avan said getting up and grabbing his nephew but the hand up to the singers. 

"Hello gentlemen, I hope I'm not disturbing you three, but could my nephew have a pic or two and or an autograph?  "He's really eager for your concert tonight

Zayn was absolutely gobsmacked. This man was inherently beautiful. From Those wavy brown locks to his big brown eyes. He was lean, but still had muscle to him. His smile was enchanting and that voice was so... Sexy. 

It was light but also heavy. He was dressed casual sexy and Zayn could play his entire life out with this man. 

Bam! They go out on dates and lunches.

Boom! Things become more intimate and they move in together.

Bang! They get married and start a family. 


The images were perfection in his mind. And just like that, they were gone. Paid for their meal and walking the streets of London. 

Zayn felt something in his chest, something painful. He was afraid he'd never see this man again. He needed to keep this man's attention and he will do so at the concert. 

Zayn actually, might be in love. And not the cutesy love. But genuine love.





Louis and Liam were waiting on the dressing room couch. Waiting for Zayn to get dressed. Zayn needed  to make a statement he had to be with this man. He never felt this sure of anyone. He couldn't keep him off his mind. He possibly loved him. Zayn finally got dressed. He had a deep but vibrant blue t shirt and black, somewhat revealing pants, and shoes to match. 

he made his entrance and said. " Does this look good?"

"You look fine babes. Now come on we need to get to the signing." Zayn nodded, giving himself one more look over.

They were taken to a side door at the entrance. They saw the masses just standing crowding doors. 

As they went to the table and got comfortable, the event staff let the masses pour inside.

This was gonna take a while.