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Seven Days with an Alpha

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I tried to open my eyes but was met with complete darkness still. There was definitely something wrapped around them. I struggled to remember how I ended up here but drew a blank. 

My senses were overwhelmed as I slowly got out of the drowsy stupor I was put in.

The air smelled of sex, blood and scented candles; the sheets beneath me felt like it was of superior silk. 

What the fuck? Why am I naked? Where the hell am I? 

At this point, I was starting to panic.

Had the omega hunters gotten to me? Had I been sold to a brothel?

I lifted my hands to try to remove the blindfold but was met with the sounds of a rattling chain.

What the bloody fuck?

My arms were both chained above my head and no matter how hard I pulled at the chains I couldn't seem to bring them down. My legs too were chained and stretched apart, leaving me in a position that was completely vulnerable if anyone were to try to attack me. 

Just as I was about to scream, I heard voices outside.

“The omega is in there. It is your turn to do your part for the family. If he doesn’t please you, we will have more brought to you.”

“Why do we have to go to this extent? I don’t want to mate with someone who doesn’t love me!” An agitated voice yells back.

“It is your duty as the heir of the Royal family to bear offsprings. Any omega who manages to bear your child will be rewarded with a life of wealth and riches. They aren’t at a loss.” 

“I don’t want a harem of omegas! I just want my own mate!” 

A scuffle must have broken out because all I could hear were grunts and multiple yells of “Let me go!” followed by what seemed like the door of the room I was in slamming.

Shit. Fuck. How was I going to get out of this now? Maybe I could try reasoning with him to let me go. It didn’t seem like he’s willing to either.

“LET ME OUT!” the guy banged on the door. “LET ME-”

And then he suddenly stopped. I heard a sharp intake of breath and I subconsciously did the same.

What’s this smell? It’s intoxicating. Did it belong to him? Why is it getting closer?

The guy was sniffing around, I could hear him. And he was definitely coming nearer. My brain was getting fuzzy with the smell. I was afraid of him getting closer and yet I wanted him right next to me so I could get my fill of his scent. 

What’s happening?

Before I could continue my train of thoughts, I felt the bed space next to me dipping and I jerked in shock as a nose pressed firmly against my scent gland at the nape of my neck.

I mewled as I tried to crane my neck to try to press my own nose against his scent gland as well. His smell at this distance was driving me nuts.

What’s happening to me?

I struggled against my restraints to try to gain access to him. I needed to hold him close to myself so badly. It was as if he suddenly became the air I needed to breathe.

He took a few more deep breaths before dragging his nose across the base of my neck, moving his head to the other side to yet again breathe in my scent at the other gland point. 


I stuffed my own nose deep into the crevice where his neck and shoulder met, inhaling deeply. Before I realised it, a low and contented rumble had left me. 

What the fuck. Did I just purr? 

He chuckled as he started gentle nibbles at a particular spot and I knew that was where he wanted to mark me. I arched my neck further in submission to him. After 3 years on my own on the streets, he was the first alpha I actually wanted to submit to.


“Little mate,” he mumbled against the spot. “I’m going to mark you now. It will hurt, but just for a while.” 

I whimpered in reply, nodding as I tugged against my restraints again. If it was going to hurt I wanted to hold him but I was stuck. He seemed to understand as I felt his fingers quickly undoing the buckles that were holding me in place.

Then it happened. Pain seared through my body as his canines sank into my skin, drawing blood. My hands flew to grip onto his hair and shoulders as I cried out in pain. The pain continued throbbing as I slowly felt my consciousness fading away.

‘You belong to me now.’

His voice spoke directly in my mind before I slipped away.




‘Little mate, are you okay?’

A hand was gently stroking my cheeks.


The scent of the man filled my nose once again and a moan escaped me. I clawed at the warmth in front of me, gripping onto his clothes.

My hands! I’m free now! I should leave!

‘Where do you think you’re trying to go, little mate? You’re mine now.’

My eyes flew open and I was staring straight into his onyx eyes. We laid there, just looking at each other and even though we did nothing, I felt like my life had suddenly become complete. An inexplicable warmth had flooded my entire body as he continued stroking my cheek.

Who are you? Why am I yours? Why do I feel like this?

He chuckled. What a melodious sound it was. I didn’t think anyone’s laughter could sound this nice. 

What the fuck? Did I just get sappy over him?

‘Yes you did, and I like it.’

My eyes widened in horror at the fact that he had just read my mind and his chuckles now evolved into full blown peels of laughter. 

“Stop.. Stop laughing at me!” I pounded at his chest, trying to push him away - halfheartedly of course. At this point I wanted nothing better than to meld my entire being into him but I wasn’t going to tell him that. Or think that. 

‘I heard that too, you know?’


“Stay out of my head!” I continued struggling.

“I want nothing better than to have my naked body pressed against yours too.” He whispered against my ear, sending shivers down my spine. 

Naked? Fuck! I’m still naked! Why am I naked!

‘You don’t remember anything? Of how you got here? Didn’t you come here willingly?’

Are you an idiot? Which person would be chained up like a bloody starfish if he’d come willingly?

“Then I must thank my lucky stars to the bounty hunters who brought you here.” 

He flashed a megawatt smile my way. It was a crime for anyone to look that good seriously. But it was quickly replaced with a scowl.

“But I should still kill them for selling omegas as sex slaves. My mate no less.” He tightened his arm that was wound around me, pulling me closer to his chest. 

“Mate?” I asked, pulling slightly away to look at him again. I had heard of the term before but it was supposed to be an urban legend - mates didn’t exist anymore. It was a fairy tale that the omegas in the house used to tell and dream about. That one day they would find their mates and they would finally be able to leave the hell hole we were living in. 

‘That’s right little one, you are my mate. The only one I’m destined to be with. The one I was born to love.’

Love? But no one loves omegas. We’re just-

Before I could finish my thoughts his lips were pressed firm against mine. “Yes. Love.” he murmured against my lips as he strengthened his assault on them, forcing me to believe what he was saying. I felt my brains turning to mush again as I gave into every stroke his lips moulded against mine.

‘You are perfect, you were made to be perfect - just for me.’

His hand that was once playing with my cheeks had now slid down the length of my body, as he softly cupped one of my butt cheeks instead. He kneaded it tenderly and I gasped. His touch was nothing like the others who had tried to lay his hands on me. I didn’t feel disgusted and instead, I felt..aroused. 

‘It’s your body loving my touch too. Just like how I love yours’.

It was then that I realised I had unknowingly slipped one of my hands that was holding onto his shirt onto his chest that was exposed. His muscles felt taut under my comparatively feminine hands. I moved my hand hesitantly side to side, admiring his physique. Then I suddenly realised. 

You’re an alpha.. How could I have missed that? Why did you mark me? You can’t mark me! 

‘Why do you say that little mate?’

His voice thundered in my head and I winced. I tried to huddle to myself a little tighter. His aura had suddenly gone from gentle to angry and it was scaring me. 

Alphas are national property.. You aren’t allowed to have only one mate.

As soon as I had completed that thought, a tear escaped my eyes and before I knew it, I was crying. The feeling of fear and desolation flooded through me at the thought of losing him. I didn’t want to share him with anyone.


And I was now bawling.

Shit, you have to stop. Now he’s really going to throw you away. Why are you so weak!

I hated this part of me. I hated being weak. But there was nothing I could do about it. Omegas were weak, useless and the only thing they were good for was breeding. 

‘You’re mine. I’m never going to throw you away.’

I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding, my cries slowly calming down as I pressed my nose on his scent gland, making use of him to calm myself down.

“Shh shh.. It’s okay. I’m never going to want anyone else as my little mate. Just you, only you.” he coaxed, stroking my hair and pressing me impossibly tighter to him.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you, little one. What I would have done, to bring you to my side. And now that I have you, I’m never letting you go.” He sniffed at my hair, making me purr in delight again.

“Really? They won’t make you reject me?” I questioned timidly, winding my fingers around his shirt tighter.

‘I’d like to see them try.’

And I could feel the intensity of his aura flooding the room as he wrapped himself protectively around me to prove his point. Safe, I felt safe. This was the safest I had ever felt in my life. Ironically, I was stuck - naked in a locked room with a man I had never met before. And yet, all I could feel was an overwhelming sense of security enveloping me. 

“So, is my little mate ready to tell me his name?” he asked cheekily, brushing my fringe out of my eyes.


‘Sun huh? How fitting. You’re the warmest little thing ever.’

I blushed as I fiddled with his collar with one hand and drew circles on his chest with the other.

“I’m Kongpob, Kongpob Sutthiluck.”

I gasped in surprise and before I could think or say another word, his lips came crashing onto mine, conveniently shutting me up. He devoured me, gently at first, coaxing me to respond to him. When I finally gathered enough of my wits to respond, he eagerly increased his pressure upon my lips. Bit by bit, he took more and more control. I could feel everything as he poured all he felt for me into his kiss. Passion, love, lust, adoration and so much more. With every suck, every nibble, I gave and he took. It was then that I realised - he was right.

I belong to you.

Just as I was about to let him take every bit of me, my stomach growled. I froze.


The laughter that I enjoyed made its reappearance, at the cost of my embarrassment unfortunately. 

Stupid Kongpob.

And the laughter just got louder. 

“Oh, I could get used to this little one. You are so cute I could just eat you up.”

My stomach growled again. 

“But first I think you need to eat.”

He unravelled himself from me and I whined at the loss of his warmth. I hadn’t realised how tangled our limbs had gotten and I was feeling as if a part of me had been detached. 

‘Patience little one. I’m just going to get us food. Or should I say make someone get us food.’

He strolled over to the door and knocked on it.

“Hey, we’re hungry. Get someone to bring us some food.”

“Yes sire.” the muffled voice came from the other side of the door.

‘See? All done!’

He spun around and grinned at me proudly. I felt my heart nearly burst as I watched him from the bed. He hurried back with quick steps and was once again upon me with a small pounce on the bed. 

“So my little one, when is your heat coming?” He asked as he hovered over me, propping himself on his forearms.

“Heat..? I’ve never had my heat.”

I looked down and fiddled with the bottom of his shirt. 

“Wait. Never? Ever?”

I nodded.

He abruptly hopped off the bed and was now pacing the floor muttering under his breath.

‘Shit. Fuck. First time? Oh dear Selene, please help me.’

The words were running through his mind so quickly I could barely catch his train of thoughts. I slowly sat up, pulling the covers up to my chest to cover what I could of my naked body.


He stopped his pacing and without looking at me, asked, “When do you turn twenty one?”

“To-tomorrow? It's seventeenth today isn’t it? I kind of lost track of time when I was brought here.”

What’s my heat got to do with my birthday?


“Kong..? What’s going on?”

“If you’ve never had your heat, and tomorrow is your first, it is going to hurt. A lot. And I may not be able to control myself enough to be..gentle with you.” 

He settled himself next to me again and took my hand in his, rubbing his thumb on the back of my hand.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Arthit.” He confessed, eyes downcast. 

“You won’t.”

“You don’t understand, I-”

You won’t. I trust you.

Using my other free hand, I reached for his face, gently turning and lifting so that he would look at me. 

“You won’t.” I said with determination as I stared at him dead in the eye. “Even if you do, I wouldn’t blame you.” 

Then I threw myself back into his arms, because that was where I wanted to be. 

He sighed as he wrapped his arms deftly around me. “You don’t understand little one.” He sighed again.

“I’m.. I’m not experienced. I wouldn’t know how to take care of you.”

I looked up at him in shock.

He’s never had other omegas?

‘No, I haven’t. I never wanted anyone until you.’

But you’re an Alpha. The law? How?

He grinned at me sheepishly. 

“I paid off the omegas who were supposed to sleep with me. I told them to lie.”

“Lie? But?”

“They’re the regular omegas that.. Sleep with alphas. They belong to the Kingdom too. So I made a deal with some of them, to be my regulars. And to lie that they’ve slept with me.” 

“So you’re.. Like me? A..a..”

“Virgin?” He chuckled, sending ripples through my body. “Yes, very much so. Just like you my sweet.” He nuzzled my hair. 

I could feel myself turning red almost immediately. 

How did he know I was a virgin?

He sniggered more as he pulled me closer to him, or at least as close as he could since there honestly was no space left in between us. Not that I minded. 

“You really don’t know anything about omegas despite being one huh?”

“They didn’t tell us anything at the home and well, I didn’t have any friends on the streets.”

‘I’m sorry little one, I hate that you’ve been alone all this time.’

I have you now, that’s all that matters.

Planting a kiss on his neck, I urged him to continue.

“Omegas who well, have had experience before they turn twenty one, will have their first heat right after their first time. They call that a triggered heat. And yours, my little mate, is what we call a natural heat. One that comes when an omega turns twenty one.”

Oh. Well that’s obvious. Might as well have been wearing a sign over my head that says ‘I’m a virgin’ then.

‘I guess that’s why they brought you to me. Natural heats make an omega much more fertile than triggered heats. And since it’s been what? 24 moons and none of the omegas who have been with me are pregnant. They probably thought I needed help.’

They must really want you to have pups then.

I sulked, thinking about how the other omegas must have thrown themselves at him.

“Aw, come on. I just told you I was a virgin too. You don’t get to pout so cutely.” He pinched my cheeks lightly and I gave him my annoyed glare. 

‘Stop it, little one. You have no idea what that face is doing to me right now.’

I stopped immediately and buried my face where his scent gland was again. 

You don’t play fair.

I sulked again mentally, remembering I was supposed to be mad because of the other omegas.

‘They have nothing on you, there’s nothing to be upset about. You have no idea how divine you smell to me.’



Just when I was about to ask him more about how I smelled, the fragrance of meat wafted in as a servant who was carrying two trays entered the room and quickly placed the food on a table I had not noticed that was sitting in a corner. Kongpob however, had somehow shifted to shield me from view. It was then I remembered again that I was still stark naked under the sheets. 

Reading my mind again, Kongpob smirked before he stood up and walked towards the other door in the room that I assumed was the washroom. He returned shortly with a silky robe in hand as he passed it over to me. 

You mean I could have been dressed this whole time?

I glared at him once again as I huffed and slipped the robe on. It has got to be the smoothest clothing I have ever put on myself. 

“I liked you naked under me.” He admitted as he shrugged, bringing the two trays over to the bed.

I grunted in annoyance but was soon distracted once again. My eyes must have been sparkling at the sight of the food since he laughed at me.

“You know it’s all yours right? We can have more delivered if it isn’t enough.” Kissing the top of my head, he sat right next to me.

‘Eat up, you’re going to need all the energy you can get for later.’

I blushed as I realised the implication of his words and nodded, bringing a huge piece of meat to my mouth. Kongpob stroked my hair as he watched me eat, occasionally eating a piece of meat or two himself. 

Aren’t you eating?

‘I like watching you eat.’


And I pressed my half bitten piece of beef to his lips and he gave me a small smile before opening his mouth to allow me to stuff it in.

‘I’d be having my fill of you for the next few days.’

He leaned on the headboard, smirking at me as I sputtered and choked. Handing me a glass of water he patted my back, soothing me. 

Why’d you have to say it like that!

‘I only tell the truth, little one.’

After the meal he ushered me quickly to the washroom to get clean and proceeded to tuck me into bed. I pouted as he refused to answer me. I wanted to talk but all he wanted me to do was sleep. 

‘We will have a lifetime to talk, Arthit. But for now you need to rest. Trust me when I say you won’t be getting much of it in the next few days.’


‘I’ll answer anything you ask after your heat. I promise you. I’ll let you ask to your heart’s content.’

He snuggled me tightly to his chest and began stroking my hair to coax me into sleep. I wanted to grumble but being right next to his scent gland was almost like taking a sleeping pill as his pheromones slowly lulled me into a deep sleep. 

Kong, you won’t leave me right?


Fully relaxing myself for the first time in the longest time, I allowed myself to drift off to sleep in the strong and secure arms of my Alpha.