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The Aftermath

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Location: Home

Date & Time: 8 May 5.43am

The past month they had made progress, Emily was now in therapy, which JJ sometimes went to with her, in truth all three of them now saw a therapist, it had helped Emily open up more though sometimes she had become plagued with nightmares, but they were becoming less, or at least not as bad as before, they had gotten themselves into a nice routine, but this morning wasn't really part of their normal routine.

JJ was pulled out of her sleep my the phone drilling through the bedroom, though in her mind it wasn't a phone ringing she reached for Emily, but no the bed sheets where Emily slept were empty and only slightly warm, she groaned as she tried to locate her alarm, no still the noise came as she finally woke up reaching for the dreaded phone.

"Jareau" she answered her voice laden with sleep. "Okay we will be right in" she ended the call pulling herself straight out of the bed and heading to the bathroom.

She pulled up short once she had opened the door, slumped over the toilet seat was Emily her eyes were closed but the telling sign of why, was all too clear.

"Emily" she said softly as the brunette grunted "Can you, I need to" Emily opened her eyes and looked at JJ who was stood cross-legged and half dancing in the door way.

"Sorry" she mumbled as she moved so JJ could use the toilet.

JJ smiled softly as she finished her morning rituals "We have a case Em" she said as she walked back into the bedroom letting out a slight laugh as she look at the sight before her, Emily was laid out on the bed sprawled over the covers her eyes were glued on the not so small bump that protected their children, if it wasn't morning sickness that was waking Emily at all hours of the night it was her hormones that woke her, which in turn woke JJ.

"Em" she said in a half chuckle, trying to get Emily to move some mornings was hard enough, but when she had been up most the night vomiting well it was even harder.

"I know" she groaned as she tried to sit back up "Little help over her?" she murmured, JJ rolled her eyes slightly as she helped Emily sit up kissing her softly.

"You are a beautiful sight" JJ teased gently.

Emily smiled softly "Can you tell your children to behave" Emily whined, she had only managed to get just over three hours sleep she could normally cope on little sleep but in her words to JJ 'the added weight is killing me slowly'.

Location: BAU

Time: 07.53

Emily and JJ were the next to arrive after Hotch, even though they lived closer than him with Emily struggling some days to get out of bed or needing the toilet or the dreaded morning sickness it was as though they still lived in the Condo.

Hotch greeted them both "Did you both see the file?" he asked as they sat at the table.

"We did" JJ said slightly worried, they all knew how Morgan was going to react to the case.

Once Emily had started to show more Morgan had turned from best friend and partner in to an overly protective bear, and to put it nicely Emily just about gotten ready to kill him, if Hotch didn't take her fully out of active field duty, she was going to find another use for her gun and cuffs. And neither of which Hotch wanted to see, but this also meant that JJ was out in the field more and Emily didn't like this all that much, and with this case that they had landed she was on edge.

The rest arrived not long after, as JJ handed them all the files; "You're not serious are you?" Morgan asked as he looked at the case.

Reid was muttering under his breathe but Emily could hear him, she rolled her eyes as she looked at JJ, Rossi looked at them all he too had become an over protective figure in their life, the more Emily had started showing, to the point of making Emily eat healthy food and enough for all three of them.

"As you can see we have four victims" JJ started but was interrupted by Morgan

"This is a sick joke right?"

"Morgan!" Hotch warned, allowing JJ continue

"Each victim was 6 months pregnant when they were taken"

Reid sighed "Have the babies been found?"

"No, they haven't located them as of yet" JJ replied just as Reid started up again

"The lungs are developing branches of the respiratory tree and cells that produce surfactant. This is a substance that helps the air sacs inflate easily and also keeps the small air sacs in our lungs from collapsing. The baby practices breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid into developing lungs" He paused as he glanced at Emily "So if they were delivered and had no complications and were kept in intensive care environment, then yes a baby could survive"

Emily had paled slightly as Reid spoke her hand covering her mouth as Morgan clipped him on the back of his head "Enough" he warned. For all Reid's brains he still lack the sense of when it was best not to spout off facts, luckily he hadn't said anything about percentage of the survival rate.

"We will talk more on the plane, wheels up in 30" Hotch said as he left the room, leaving his younger team members alone.

"Emily" Morgan said carefully.

"Morgan don't" JJ said knowing what might have been coming, and they could do without Emily being put into a foul mood.

Location: BAU Jet

Time: 09.23

They sat in silence as they had taken off, Emily was staring at the pictures and reading over the medical notes, her hand was unconsciously rubbing over her stomach as JJ watched her carefully.

Emily's voice broke the silence "Reid how much knowledge would you need to do this?" she asked

"Any one with basic surgery skills or medical knowledge could do this" Emily shook her head as he spoke again "What's bugging you?"

She smiled slightly "The fact that they haven't been dumped, they have been placed, the fact that they were covered, which shows remorse" Emily paused

"You think we could be looking for a woman?" Morgan asked

"Yes I think we might be. A man" she looked at the team "No offense" she said as she carried on "Wouldn't take this much care, they would have dumped the bodies once they had gotten the baby from her, they would not have taken the time to lay her out covering her up, and if you can see past the blood that is, they are clean and well groomed, only a woman would take this amount of care"

Emily looked at them with a weak smile; this was one case she didn't want to be in the field for. "I think you may be right Emily" Hotch said.

"Then we could be looking for someone who maybe had a miscarry"

Emily cut Morgan off slightly "I'd lean more to someone who had a still born" She looked at Morgan as he frowned slightly before Reid spoke.

"Stillbirth is the death of an infant in-utero and past 20 completed gestational weeks. The majority of these deaths occur at or near full term — they are otherwise healthy babies that die shortly before or during birth. More than 26,000 babies are stillborn in the United States each year"

"REID" JJ shouted as Emily began to pick at her nails.

He looked at her and then at Emily "sorry" he said softly, this case was going to test them all.

The first day they had managed to give the profile to the locals and where waiting for Garcia to give them so new of the searches they had asked her to-do, Emily had become ratty as all the team were fussing over her and not allowing her anywhere on her own, even JJ was getting a little sick of the fussing.

JJ had just gotten back from giving a press conference as Emily blazed into the room spinning on her heels to glare at Morgan "I am going to get some god damn fresh air and I do not need you" She pointed her finger into his chest "To hold my hand, for god's sake I'm an adult not a child" with that she walked back out the room never noticing Hotch or JJ as she stepped out of the station.

JJ thought it was best to leave her for a moment before going and talking to her, but first she wanted to know why Emily was so angry "What the hell happened?" JJ asked as she looked at him, he look down at the floor, as Reid cut in to tell JJ

"Emily needed the toilet and Morgan went to hold her hand"

JJ glared at Morgan "You did what!" pinching the bridge of her nose. "Really Morgan, well in fact, this goes for all of you, she is pregnant not some china doll that needs to be wrapped up in bubble wrap. Do you know how you are making her and me feel she if 37 for god's sake not 17!"

"JJ I"

"Don't you dare Morgan, even I would not have gone with her to the toilet" her eyes blazed at him, she was beyond annoyed "Would you like it if I came and held your hand to pee?" Morgan held is head low, in his eyes Emily's temper was a breeze compared with JJ's.

JJ turned to leave the room "JJ where are you going?" Morgan asked as she opened the door

"To find her, or have you all forgotten we have a homicidal woman on the loose, which has a thing for pregnant brunettes" she shouted as the door slammed behind her.

JJ walked out the station on the hope of finding Emily before they all came looking, her eyes focused on the bench her familiar form and shuddered breathe gave her away as JJ slowly made towards her.

JJ slightly slowing her pace down as she spotted another woman appeared out of the back end of the walkway. JJ stared at this other women watching her as JJ began to speed up towards Emily, the other woman was also making a beeline towards Emily and JJ had a sick feeling in her gut, she needed to get to Emily.

Her hand rested on the handle of her gun as she moved faster, her other hand had the phone to her ear "Outside now" JJ said as soon a Hotch picked up. Emily looked up for a moment as she heard JJ's voice flow through the air, but it wasn't JJ's hand that rested on hers.

Emily's head flew round to see who had hold of her before she heard an all too familiar sound "FBI, Don't move" JJ said her voice firm and steady although she didn't feel it, this woman had her hands on Emily.

They stared at each other as "Helen this is the FBI, let go of her and get on the ground" Hotch's voice boomed from behind JJ.

"You don't understand, she has to come with me" she shouted.

"Helen let her go, she has nothing to do with this, she is innocent" Rossi said as he also was flanking JJ, their guns were all pointed at her.

She looked at the people in front of her for a moment as Emily's body tensed up completely. "You don't have to do this" Emily said softly.

"I do need to do this" she breathed.

"Let her go Helen" JJ said as she locked eyes with Emily, Emily nodded in her understanding, as she moved slightly to her left just as JJ said "This is your last chance, move away from her" JJ's voice had been dangerous, her gun was levelled at her shoulder as Emily moved slightly to give her more room.

"This is going to hurt" Emily muttered, just as JJ fired her gun dropping both women to the floor.

"We need a medic" JJ scream as her and Morgan raced over to Emily and Helen, placing two fingers on her pulse point Morgan shook his head, his eyes going wide in shock as JJ pushed down on Emily; the blood seeping through her fingers.