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A Date With Mia

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Knock knock knock

“Come in.” A voice said from inside the music room. You open the door slowly to see Mia hunched over the desk. She turns in her chair towards you, pulling off her headphones. “Do you need something?”

“Just wanted to check on you.”

“Just like I said the other 2 times, I’m alright. You don’t need to come check on me all the time.” Mia says calmly, turning back around.

“You’ve been in this room for hours working on new songs. Let’s go get some fresh air.”

“I told you, I’m fine.”

“Mia, come on. It’s such a nice day. We can go and take a walk through the park.”

“Fine, if it’ll make you happy.” She sighs, standing up from her seat. “Can we go to that new bakery, too? I want to try their donuts.”

“Of course. Shall we?” You say happily, opening the door open for Mia to walk out of.


“This is really good!” You mumble, your mouth filled with strawberry tart.

“It really is. Still doesn’t compare to hamburgers, though.” Mia replies, holding a chocolate donut in her hand.

“I dunno, this tart is pretty good. Here, wanna try some?” You say, bringing your tart towards her.

Mia hesitantly leaned forward and took a small bite out of it. At first she stared blankly in front of her, but then her eyes widened. She takes the tart out of your hand and immediately takes another bite out of it. You chuckle, watching Mia eat the stolen dessert. “I guess you like it?”

“It’s like when your favorite team gets four home runs in one hit.”

“So… is that good?”

“It’s amazing! When we aren’t busy with school idol stuff, we are gonna watch a game, you and me.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” You say, smiling at Mia. 


You both spot a bench in the park and sit down on it. 

“The sakura trees are so beautiful, that’s something you don’t see in New York.” Mia says, staring at the pink trees ahead of her.

“They really are.” Suddenly a cold gust of wind swept by, making you shiver. “I really should have brought a jacket.” 

“Geez, you’re always underprepared, Baby-Chan. Here, wear mine.” Mia takes off her letterman’s jacket and hands it to you. 

“A-are you sure? You’ll get cold.”

“It’s not that cold for me. Come on, take it.” You hesitantly take the jacket and put it on. “Thank you, Mia.” You mumble, your face turning pink. 

“You don’t need to thank me, it’s nothing, really.” 

You both sit there for a while, staring at the trees in front of you. You suddenly feel weight on your shoulder, only to find Mia sound asleep on your shoulder. You smile and move her hair behind her ear. “You shouldn’t overwork yourself like that.” You whisper before leaning your head on hers.