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New Bitch

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It’s silent inside the elevator. Damianos’ warm hand is on the small of Laurent’s back. It’s soothing, comforting, but also possessive. Laurent looks at their reflection on the mirrored walls and catches Damianos’ eyes looking back at him. He sees it, how Damianos sees him. Like a piece of meat. Like a prize. Gorgeous, glorious, glamorous. His to consume. His to devour. His.

“You know what to do when we come out?” Damianos asks while rubbing Laurent’s back. 

Laurent nods and lifts his chin higher. He looks at his expensive white suit, gifted by Damianos. It has white floral embroidery, custom made for him from one of Damianos’ designer friends. Chanel sunglasses perched on his head, Rolex on his right wrist, Cartier bracelet on his left, all from Damianos. He knows Laurent’s colors, knows what will make everyone look at him, only him. And Laurent knows how to make himself worthy to be beside the future CEO of Ios Corp. There is no one better suited for this position in Damianos’ life than him. No one.

“Face me,” Damianos commands. Laurent likes it. He doesn’t like being told what to do, but when it’s Damianos, he’d kneel immediately if that is what he asks of him. 

Laurent faces Damianos. Warm, tan hands cups his face delicately like it’s a precious jewel, but tightly, because it is his to treat any way he can. Laurent likes it, wants it, yearns for it. Then, Damianos leans down to kiss his lips aggressively. Laurent can’t wait to look at the mirror once they pull away to see how swollen it will become. Damianos wants to tell the whole world just what they were doing inside that elevator, just how much he can’t keep his fingers, lips, hands, body off Laurent’s.

Laurent wants that too, so he runs his fingers carefully through Damianos’ hair, just to pluck a few strands astray. He grabs Damianos’ collar, wrinkles it on purpose. He loosens the gold tie around Damianos’ neck and unbuttons the first two buttons on the shirt, all while his lips and tongue explore his mouth. Now, it would be undeniable just what transpired in the elevator coming from his top floor office.

Damianos’ lips find his neck and because he can, he sucks on it, just beneath the jaw. Laurent barely contains his gasp. It will be obvious to everyone whose mouth sucked, licked, and marked that red spot. Laurent should raise his head higher later. 

He leans back to look at Damianos. He licks his lips and gazes at his lust-filled face. “You look hot, daddy.”

Damianos’ eyes are closed, his hands gripping Laurent’s waist. Down there, Laurent feels the effect he had on his daddy. He touches it, Damianos growls. If this isn’t all a ruse, he would think Damianos actually has feelings for him. 

“You think they’re going to zoom in on this outside?” Damianos whispers in Laurent’s ear. 

Laurent strokes it. “You think they’ll be looking at you, daddy?”

Damianos grips his waist harder. Laurent wishes he can show off the red handprints there. Damianos is about to say something, but the elevator stops and the doors open. Neither of them pull away or walk out. From the corner of his eyes, Laurent sees a few reporters who managed to sneak into the company building, trying to catch a glimpse of them.

“We have company.” He kisses Damianos one more time and pulls away. There is a flash somewhere, but Laurent could care less. That was the point anyway. 

Damianos grabs his ass, squeezes it, then raises his hand to the small of his back and guides him out of the elevator. Oh, they truly are putting on a show now. From behind, Damianos leans down to whisper at Laurent’s ear.

“Show them who you are, baby.” God. No, Damianos is better.

Damianos takes his hand off of Laurent’s back once they are near the exit and the reporters. Laurent walks in front of him, their bodyguards who took a different elevator suddenly surround them. They were assigned to him by the future CEO himself. ‘I’m not letting anyone touch you,’ he had reasoned while Laurent was going down on him in his office.

He takes a deep breath before walking out the building doors, Damianos right behind him. Damianos might be the future CEO, but Laurent is the trophy he is proud to show off. Laurent loves that.

He raises his head higher, in his mind he screams, ‘Look at the mark Damianos has left on me.’

The reporters begin to surround his bodyguards when he steps out. He was right when he said nobody would be looking at Damianos. Everyone’s eyes are on him, all the cameras point at him, a barrage of questions come in from every direction, all addressed to him. 

“Who are you?”

“Where did you meet?”

“Are you related to Jokaste?”

“Did Mr. Vallis cheat on Joakste with you?”

“Did Jokaste cheat on Mr. Vallis and you were her replacement?”

“Is Mr. Vallis still the future CEO?”

“What are you in his life?”

Laurent has been prepared by Damianos’ PR team beforehand. He is to answer only one thing to everyone. One response to launch this whole facade. One sentence to anger anyone that should be angered. He thought of the sentence himself, a sharp tongue honed for situations such as this. 

He stops walking right in the middle of everyone. They all stop with him, as if Laurent is the one who holds all their lives. Slowly, he reaches for the custom Chanel sunglasses on his head and puts it over his eyes, just for dramatics. Every movement is deliberate. Everyone holds their breaths, waiting for him, watching just him. 

He looks around at everyone whose attention is all on him. He knows even Damianos watches everything he does. The show is meant for the reporters, but Laurent makes sure to do it with grace and confidence, in the way that makes his daddy want to lose control. In the car later, he knows he won’t be sitting on the soft leather, maybe he won’t be sitting at all.

He makes sure they are all staring and listening. He chooses one camera pointing right at him. From Ios News , the largest news channel all over Akielos. It’s a little below him, so he has to look down. Perfect. So they all know they are beneath him and Damianos. 

“What is your relationship with Mr. Vallis?” They ask Laurent once more.

He smiles. 

“I’m his new bitch.” 

He starts to walk away as chaos erupts. Damianos follows behind with a proud smirk.