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Izuku's Pet

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The day had started off normal enough for thirteen year old Izuku Midoriya. He got up, ate his breakfast, got ready for school, went to school, got blasted/bullied by Bakugo, and began his walk home with blood dripping from his newest wound.

Suddenly, as he passed by an alley, he noticed a girl his age curled up into a ball and whimpering.

She had blonde hair pulled up into two buns on her head, and she wore a stained yellow school outfit with her knees pulled up to her chest and her arms crossed over her face.

"Hey, are you ok?" Izuku asked, kneeling down in front of the girl.

"Go away, I don't want to hurt you." The girl sobbed before looking up at him, her yellow cat-like eyes training on his before fixating on his blood that covered the right side of his face, running from his temple down to his jaw, causing the poor blood dependent girl to gulp loudly.

"I can't just leave you like this! What's wrong? Maybe I can help you." Izuku said as another drop slowly made its way down his face in a tantalizingly slow way.

"M-my quirk makes me need to consume blood or I go crazy and violent until I get some. My p-parents threw me out, saying I was a m-monster, but I don't want to hurt people. It's not fair!" The young lady sobbed, burying her face in her arms again, waiting for his inevitable rejection.

"If you need blood, I suppose you can have some of mine." Izuku said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. He wanted to help the girl, and if it just meant that he'd lose a little blood that was a small price to pay.

"R-really? You don't think I'm a m-monster?" The girl asked hopefully, lifting her head and revealing her 'fangs'.

"Of course not! And do you have fangs? Is that part of your quirk to let you draw blood easier?" Izuku asked rapidly, his status of a quirk nerd revealing itself.

"Um, yeah, it's pretty useful to get blood, but you're the first person to offer me blood without me having to take it forcefully." The girl said, looking down in shame. She had never meant to hurt anyone, but she couldn't help it when she got too blood starved.

"Well, I'm Izuku Midoriya, and I want to help you." Izuku said with a bright smile.

"Himiko Toga. Thank you so much." The now identified Toga said, tears coming to her eyes at the kindness of this random stranger.

Izuku simply responded by loosening his tie and unbuttoning his dress shirt, tilting his head to expose his neck. "Take as much as you need, but I'd prefer if you didn't take so much that I pass out." He said, blushing slightly.

Toga looked at the boy with hearts in her yellow eyes. She had deduced that she loved the boy right then and there, and wanted to stay with him forever. She began with a long, slow lick up the side of his face and catching his sweet blood on her tongue. Toga then wrapped her arms around his shoulders and latched onto the side of his neck.

Izuku let out a grunt of surprise as he felt the girl's fangs sinking into his neck as she greedily lapped up the warm liquid that she needed so desperately, before he reached up and petted her head, eliciting a moan and a purr from the girl.

Toga pulled off him enough to whisper in his ear, blood still trickling out of his neck.

"C-Can you tell me I'm a good girl as I drink? Please?" Toga asked, her face hot as she made her request.

"S-sure." Izuku stuttered, blushing as she began drinking his blood once again. He reached back up and petted her head again. "Such a good girl. Keep drinking, good girl."

Toga simply hummed in contention as she continued to lap up the sweet liquid, loving how he stroked her hair and assured her that she was a good girl, that she had his permission to do this.

After a bit, Toga gave his neck one last lick before letting go and pulling a red scarf to wrap around his neck and bandage it before she wrapped her arms around his waist in a hug.

"I-I don't want to lose you." Toga said, blushing as she buried her face in his chest. She suddenly had a feeling of a cold hand gripping her heart when she thought of him going home and leaving her here in the alley.

"Didn't you say your parents threw you out? Where have you been staying?" Izuku asked, his warm body sharply contrasting her cold one, attempting to bring her body temperature up to its level.

"I-I have been staying in this alley. It's kinda scary at night, but it's relatively safe." She said, enjoying the seemingly endless warmth that his body provided. 'I wish I could never stop holding him like this.' she thought.

"Well that's not going to work. You can come home with me, I'm sure my mom won't mind." Izuku said, knowing that between his mother's job that she took to stay busy and the checks they get from his father in the mail they had more than enough to house the poor girl.

Toga, for her part, seemed to get very excited about this.

"So I can be like a pet that you adopted off the street? That sounds awesome!" She said, practically bouncing in excitement.

Izuku blushed really hard, even if he had just given up a good amount of blood to the girl.

"Well, I didn't mean like a pet, I was thinking more like a roommate or something, but I'd have to ask my mom." Izuku explained.

Toga visibly deflated at that. "So I can't be your cute little pet who greets you at the door when you come home from school?" She asked, disappointed.

"You want to?" Izuku asked incredulously. He could honestly say that the idea did send his puberty addled mind down a few dark paths, many of which involving her with a collar around her neck and a leash in his hand.

"Of course! I can be your cute little pet that you rescued after finding me on the street, and you can feed me your yummy blood when I'm a good girl!" Toga exclaimed.

Izuku seemed to mull it over in his head for a bit before his mind eventually landed on 'fuck it, why not?' and he turned to Toga with a smile on his face.

"You want to be a good girl for me? I've got something I want you to do."


Inko Midoriya was sitting on her couch, enjoying her day off from her part time job as she watched some soap opera that she wasn't really paying attention to, just something to doze off too.

She had taken the part time job as a way to keep busy, but also because she felt bad just sitting around the house while Izuku went to school, and she was hoping that working would give the two of them a little extra spending money.

It wasn't like she hated her job, she actually loved it, but sometimes it was good to just sit on the couch and nap. She had been thinking about taking her son to a hero convention that was in town when he got home, but she knew that ever since her… mistake, heroes had been a touchy subject between them. At this point, she just wanted to make her son happy, but it was hard to tell what would help, he was too selfless to ask for things for the most part. She made a vow that the next thing her son asked her, she would do whatever she could to get for him.

Suddenly, a loud I AM HERE from her phone let her know that her son had sent her a text, so she reached for her phone and opened the image her son sent her, only to do a double take at what she saw.

It was a blonde girl about Izuku's age, sitting on her knees with her hands hanging in front of her chest like a dog begging for a treat, her tongue lolled out and her eyes crossed as she smiled up at the camera.

Inko looked down to the text that accompanied the image.

GreenBean: Can I keep her?

Inko's hand immediately started typing out a long paragraph asking who she is and why she's acting that way towards him before she stopped herself. She remembered her vow, that the next time he directly asked for something, she wouldn't deny him. Besides, he probably just got a girlfriend and was letting her know about it.

MommaMidoriya: Sure! Bring her home so I can meet her!


Toga was figuratively walking on air on the way back to Izuku's home, excited about the new life change that meant she'd get affection and a place to stay with the boy who saved her from killing someone eventually.

Izuku, meanwhile, was trying to keep up with what was going on. He had agreed to letting the formerly homeless girl be his 'pet' mostly because she wanted to for some reason. Mostly. He was desperately trying not to think of anything… lewd to do with his new 'pet', but her comments weren't exactly helping.

"Wow, you're going to have to give me a bath when we get home, I'm a dirty little blood-pet." She said, smirking adorably, and leaving Izuku with the image of him bathing her in the tub at home while she just looked at him in that unfairly adorable way.

'She's just saying that she needs me to set her up with a bath!' he thought, trying to get his mind out of the gutter with sheer willpower alone.

"You'll also have to pick up some things for me, like a collar that marks me as yours, and a leash to take me on walks with. What do you want me to call you? Shouldn't I call you Master? Am I supposed to be your puppy or your kitten? Probably puppy, because cats don't like to play, and it's harder to train cats." She rambled to the young man, making him wonder if that's how everyone else felt when he rambled before the significance of her words hit him.

"T-train?" He sputtered, his face bright red and his mind going to very lewd places.

"Yeah! I want to be a good girl for my master and I can't if master doesn't give me a little reward if I'm a good girl for him, and I will need to be punished if I'm a naughty girl. Don't you want to help me be a good girl for you, master?" Toga said, purposely putting an emphasis on certain words, teasing the boy that she had become the pet of.

"I-I suppose so." Izuku said, focusing on not fainting as he approached their apartment. 'I made it.' he thought as he put the key in the lock and went to turn it.

"You're not one of those pet owners that makes the pet wear clothes in the house, are you?" Toga asked with a massive smirk on her face, causing the boy to pass out and hit the ground with a loud thud.


Inko was staring at the image from her son, trying to decipher what it meant, when she heard the door being unlocked by her son, followed by a loud thud right outside.

Rushing to the door and throwing it open, Inko was met with a sight she wouldn't forget.

Her son laid flat on the ground, face crimson red, and a smirk on his face. There was also the fact that the blonde girl from earlier was straddling him with her hands on his chest and playfully licking his face like a puppy would.

Noticing her audience, Toga turned and smiled at Inko.

"Hi! You must be Master's mother! I'm his new little puppy, Himiko Toga! It's nice to meet you, but Master seems to have fainted." She said cheerfully before helping a stunned Inko get her son inside the apartment.

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By the time Izuku returned to consciousness, Toga had helped his mother put him on the couch and explained what had happened, as well as explaining her feelings for Izuku that led her to wish to be owned by him.

Inko had been pretty accepting, realizing the girl probably just didn't understand or want a standard romantic relationship with her son. She did make some rules for both the new resident and her son, such as Toga having to wear at least pajamas around the house and that if they were going to do anything sexual, they should at least be safe and use protection. She also said that Toga couldn't take more blood than Izuku could produce, bumming the girl out, but she at least understood why.

Toga demanded that she be allowed to sleep in Izuku's bed with him, and that he'd feed her blood as a reward when she was a 'good girl' as she put it. She had also refused to call Izuku anything except for master.

When Izuku woke up and his new 'pet' and mother explained all of these things to him he almost fainted again, but fought through it and listened to all they had to say.

When they had finished, Toga turned to Inko and gave her the best puppy dog eyes she could manage.

"Can you go get me a collar and a leash? I want to be marked by Master and I want him to be able to take me for walks." Toga begged Inko, sitting down at Izuku's feet and leaning back on his legs.

"I'd rather he not take you for walks in public, but I will get you a collar and leash and he can walk you around the apartment. What do you want the collar to say?" Inko asked.

"Master's little bloodslut." Izuku muttered, causing both Inko and Toga to turn and look at him, Inko looking shocked and Toga smiling brightly.

"D-did I say that out loud?" Izuku stuttered, his face bright red.

"Yeah you did! That sounds like a great thing to be on my collar! Do you want me to be your little pet bloodslut, Master? Do you want me to be desperately begging for Master's blood? Do you want me to beg right now?" Toga asked, sitting down on his lap facing him.

"I'm not going to the pet store and having them engrave that on a collar, honey. Maybe just your name, Himiko?" Inko suggested, not wanting to actually say that to the poor people at the pet store.

"Fine, I'll just have to call myself Master's pet bloodslut a lot to make up for it." Toga pouted before snuggling her face into Izuku's chest.

"I think I'm gonna nap with Master while you go to the store. Unless, does Master want to play with me?" Toga asked, licking her lips.

"P-play?" Izuku stuttered, his mind going to lewd places and his 'little Izuku' started to harden in response to his pet's teasing.

"Yeah, doesn't playtime with your little bloodslut sound fun?" Toga said, wiggling on his lap and causing more blood to flow south of his head.

"Take it to the bedroom at least, I'm going to go get your collar and leash, Himiko. Is there anything else I can get you? Any foods you like?" Inko asked. As desperate as she was to get out and let her son have private time with his new 'pet', she didn't want to waste the trip.

"No, I can get all the nutrients I need from Master's blood, but you should get orange juice for Master so he regenerates blood faster." Toga said, her face buried in Izuku's neck as she inhaled his scent deeply.

Inko rushed out the door, slightly out of the fear that if she didn't they'd start doing things in front of her, and began to make her way to the mall, only to be stopped by a man in a trench coat in an alley who flashed a knife at her and told her to keep quiet.


Himiko continued to tease and grind against Izuku, and the boy was looking for an excuse to get out and gather his thoughts.

"Wait! I forgot to ask mom about a new All Might figurine that I forgot about! I'll be right back!" Ikuku said, running out the apartment and towards the mall, hoping to catch her.

Izuku was on his way to the mall on the route his mom would have taken when he heard a struggle in the alley next to a low ranking hero agency.

He turned and what he saw made his blood freeze in his veins. The alley was occupied by a common thug whose quirk seemed to be the creation of knives, and his mother, who was being threatened by the thug and pressed against the wall.

Izuku moved before he could think, his legs surging toward the criminal and throwing him into the air for a tackle. The criminal, shocked by the new arrival, shoved the boy off him and summoned a knife to slash at the boy.

Izuku dodged, then countered with a right hook at the villain, which would have done wonders if he wasn't a 127 lbs boy with little to no muscle mass. The villain simply tanked the hit and stabbed his knife into the boy's shoulder before summoning a new one.

Izuku staggered as the knife was buried into his slight muscle, but by this point the adrenaline flooding his brain prevented him from feeling either winded or pain as he dragged his ruined shoulder into place for a continued melee.

"Wow kid, you're pretty tough, huh?" The villain said, preparing to throw his new knife into the young man's leg.

The boy fixed a glare on him that was so filled with fury and unyielding determination that it caused the man to hesitate. The boy was looking pretty confident, and as of now he had no idea what his quirk was, so what if he was outmatched? Shaking these traitorous thoughts aside, the villain hurled the knife into the boy's thigh this time, nicking the artery and causing blood to pour out of the wound, even with the knife stopping most of it.

"You just don't know when to quit, do ya kid? What's it to you if I hurt this lady? Actually, now that I'm looking at it, you're related to her, aren't ya? Is she your mommy? Do you really think you can save her? Just give up, kid." The villain said before tossing two more knives at the boy, planting them in his other shoulder and his other leg, rendering all his limbs useless.

"And now, because you've pissed me off, you get to watch as I kill your mom, nice and slow." The villain monologued, not noticing the CCTV camera in the alley capturing the whole thing.


All for One watched the boy throw himself on the line to protect his family, not caring about what happened to himself, and it struck a chord with the legendary villain. It reminded him of himself, desperately trying to get his brother to stop hating him to no avail. He couldn't get his brother to care about him, and he inadvertently made that blasted quirk that brought him as low as he was now, but what was the harm in giving this boy a little edge?

He slowed time, a quirk that he used very sparingly due to the immense mental strain, and traveled to the boy, giving him a strong regeneration quirk that he couldn't find a use for due to its incompatibility to the type strength quirks that go into Nomus.

'This should be fun to watch.' the villain thought as he hooked himself back into his life support machines and allowed time to flow again.


Izuku felt unbelievable amounts of power flow through his body, the lactate acid that wore on his muscles seeming to disappear as his body pushed the knives out of his chest, closing the wounds behind them.

The mugger froze in fear as the boy with undying intensity stood, his eyes still glowing with his rage and fury focused on him.

"We aren't done yet, bastard. You have three seconds to get the hell away from my mother." The boy growled, his previously ruined body now feeling as if he just got out of bed in the morning after a good night's sleep.

"One." The villain threw another knife into the boy's chest, only for it to be pulled out and tossed aside, the wound closing again as Izuku to a single step forward, now ten steps away.

"Two." The villain was now desperately hurling knives, none of which hitting their mark as he abandoned skill in favor of quantity of throws, backing up as he coward before the kid who seemed completely unaffected by his quirk. He never had fought, only intimidating the weak rather than bothering with the strong, and now as his back pressed against the back wall of the alley.

"Three." Inko said suddenly, causing the two fighters to turn and see the woman's eyes glowing as every knife that was thrown rose into the air and pointed at the would-be mugger.

"Go get a hero from nextdoor, honey. I've got him." Inko said to her son, her glare burning at the man who threw knives at her son, trying to resist the urge to send the knives at him.

Izuku ran next door and came back with a random hero who quickly secured the mugger, thanking the duo and telling them they could be on their way.

Inko went to protest that her son needed medical attention, only to look at him and see cuts in his bloodstained clothes, but none on the boy's skin.

It wasn't unheard of for people who were diagnosed as quirkless to develop a quirk in times of stress, the toe joint not being a definite indicator, but it was rare.

"That's some regeneration you've got there kid." The pro hero said as he escorted the mugger to his holding facility in his agency.

"B-but I'm quirkless." Izuku stuttered looking down at his undamaged torso.


The two went back home, their shopping trip abandoned in light of what had happened, and Toga did her part, snuggling into Izuku to try to alleviate any mental trauma from getting stabbed, even though she was angry when she saw his blood on his clothes.

"Master's blood is mine! How dare they try to take it!" She fumed adorably in Izuku's lap, arms crossed as they watched TV and Izuku petted her head gently, still processing that he had developed a quirk.

It seemed to be a powerful regeneration quirk, healing the ruined muscle and flesh that was mangled by the knives almost instantly, as well as seeming to regenerate his blood that he had she'd throughout the day.

"Hey Himi, want to be a good girl and help me test this?" Izuku asked, hugging his pet from behind.

"Sure! And since I'm a good girl, I deserve a reward, don't I?" Himiko said, turning around in his lap and facing him.

"Well, you're going to help me test if my regeneration replenishes blood, so I'm going to have you drink until either I faint or you're full. Consider this your reward for posing for that picture before." Izuku explained, discarding his shirt to avoid getting blood on it if Himiko missed some.

"Ok, is there a catch or something, Master?" Himiko asked, her mouth salivating at the thought of a large amount of her master's sweet blood.

"Nope, just try to drain me dry." Izuku said, lying back on the couch.

"But Master, your mom said to keep that stuff in the bedroom." Himiko teased as she leaned down to her master's neck.

Izuku chose not to respond, rather blushing as his pet once again teased him before he felt her fangs sink into the side of his neck.

They sat there for a while, with Izuku barely feeling a difference in energy as his adorable pet fed off him hungrily. Himiko was delighted that she could get so much more blood from her master now, feeling a huge amount of intimacy as she sat on his lap with her mouth latched onto his neck.

After about fifteen minutes, during which Inko went to bed, Izuku felt the fangs leave his neck, the holes closing as they left and looked at his pet sitting on his lap, only to do a double take. Sitting on his lap was a carbon copy of him, right down to the freckles.

"Thanks for the treat, master!" His doppelganger said cheerfully while looking down at him, disturbing him greatly.

"Himi? Please don't take that form while you sit on my lap, I don't like dudes on my lap." Izuku said, looking up at his identical twin.

"But I like looking like master." Himiko pouted before seeming to light up with an idea.

She scrunched her nose, which looked weird to Izuku seeing it on his own face, and began to change. Her hair grew longer, bust got much bigger, and she became curvier in general. Within seconds, Izuku Midoriya was looking at a female version of himself.

"Since when can you do that?" Izuku asked, poking her cheek as if checking to see if she was really there.

"Well, all I'm really doing is partially changing back, and I can't do it unless I get a lot of blood. Do you like it?" Himiko asked shyly. She tended to be pretty shy when it came to her quirk, mostly due to the ridicule she got for having a 'villain quirk', but she knew her master wouldn't treat her that way.

In response to her question, Izuku proceeded to ramble at a blistering speed, but was cut off when his pet licked his nose.

"Sorry, was I rambling?" Izuku asked sheepishly, looking at the female version of himself sitting on his lap.

"Yeah, but it's ok. I'm going to run to the bathroom and take this disguise off, then take a bath, okay master?" Himiko said, getting off his lap and posing cutely with her hands behind her back.

"Y-yeah, let me know if you need anything." Izuku said, turning back to the TV for a couple minutes.

"Hey master!" Himiko called from the bathroom doorway.

Izuku turned and saw his pet back in her original form, leaning on the doorframe, with not a scrap of clothing on her.

"Thought you deserve a treat too!" Himiko said, going back into the bathroom and leaving an extremely flustered and aroused Izuku sitting on the couch.

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Izuku laid in his bed, his All Might merch not as numerous as it could be, and probably would be in a couple of years, but he still had a lot. Toga was still in the bathroom so Izuku got some more pillows for her and a lighter blanket to make up for the inevitable increase in body heat produced.

Eventually, his bedroom door opened and revealed his pet, only for him to feel overcome with endorphins upon seeing her.

Himiko stood nervously at the entrance to the room wearing nothing but one of his shirts and panties, blushing shyly as she attempted to pull the shirt down to cover herself, even if he had already seen her naked and the shirt was far too short.

"M-master? I'm your cute little pet, right?" Himiko asked self consciously, not meeting his eyes.

Upon hearing this, Izuku got out of bed and pulled her into a hug briefly before letting go and pulling her gaze up to meet his own by her chin and rubbing her head.

"You are the cutest little thing I have ever seen and you don't have any reason to be self conscious. Just remember, you are my cute little good girl. Now go curl up in bed and we can cuddle until morning." Izuku told her, going into the bathroom and washing up before bed and heading back, got back in bed, and wrapped his arms around her from behind before freezing.

"Himi? Are you wearing a shirt?" Izuku asked, freezing as he moved his hand on her stomach, confirming that she wasn't.

"Nope! Guess you'll have to hold me nice and close to keep me warm, master. Oh darn." Himiko said, pushing back into Izuku, rubbing against him.

Izuku immediately felt blood rush from his head to more… interesting places, something that Himiko definitely noticed.

"Is this for me, master? Can I touch it? Please?" Himiko asked, once again grinding her ass against his now hardened dick.

"Y-you want to?" Izuku asked, shifting uncomfortably. He was once again struggling to control himself from telling her he wants her ass in the air and her face in the bed as he fucked her mercilessly, smacking her cute ass and watching it shake and turn red. Yeah, he was into some stuff.

"Yes, master. Please let your cute little bloodslut pleasure you before you give me a nice big treat. Please?" Himiko said, rubbing her thighs together to stave off her own arousal, ultimately causing Izuku to hit the fuck it button again.

"Out of bed, on your knees." Izuku growled, sending shivers down his pet's spine as she rushed to comply. She was worried for a second that Izuku wouldn't be willing to dominate her, but it seemed that wouldn't be the case, much to the blood dependent girl's delight.

Izuku soon followed her out of bed, discarding his pajamas, leaving him in his boxers. Himiko sat on her knees, wearing nothing but panties as she blushed, looking up at her master adorably. Izuku walked over to his pet, his hard, clothed cock straining hard against his right pant leg where he had placed it.

"Take them off." Izuku commanded, something that she rushed to do, yanking his boxers down and getting slapped on the cheek by her master's cock and leaving a smear of precum there. Himiko kissed the head of the cock, smearing more precum on her lips as she looked at the large penis, practically salivating.

It was approximately 9 inches long, and an inch in diameter, precum oozing from the tip as his heavy balls dangled underneath.

"Can I please put master's big cock in my mouth? I promise to be a super good girl if you fuck my silly little throat and give me a nice treat. I want to know if master's cum is as yummy as your blood." Himiko requested, pouting up at her master and opening her mouth invitingly, and then gasping in pleasant surprise as she felt him grasp her hair and thrusting down her throat.

"Phank uo mapher" Himiko tried to talk around his cock, sending pleasing vibrations through his large manhood.

"That's my good little bloodslut. You want your master to shoot cum down your throat? Such a slutty little pet for me." Izuku said as he fucked her throat fast enough to make a vacuum when he pulled out, causing her to make sounds of suction.

After pulling out to give Himiko a chance to breathe, also because he was close and wanted this to last a bit longer, Izuku rested his saliva-covered cock on her face as she blushed and panted cutely up at him before picking up his cock and stroking it to maintain her progress.

"Please cum on my face and in my mouth, master. I want to have my belly filled with master's blood and cum as you stuff your silly little pet full. Pwetty pwease?" She said, pulling out all the stops to be as cute a canvas for him to paint as possible.

Izuku began to jerk off rapidly, letting out a grunt as his cum splashed on her face and into her mouth, a rope covering her closed left eye in a lewd parody of a wink and filling her mouth up as she kept it open for him to show it to him.

Himiko quickly snatched up Izuku's phone, taking a selfie with a peace sign as she sat in just her panties and covered in cum before swallowing what was in her mouth and scooping what was on her face into her mouth to similarly drink down.

"Thank you so much, master! Your cum tastes almost as good as your yummy blood! I can have some every night, right?" Himiko asked hopefully, getting to her feet and tugging Izuku to the bed and lying down, grabbing his arms and wrapping them around her.

"Sure, cutie. It can be another reward when you are good for me." Izuku said, pulling her close and letting her turn and snuggle into his chest.

"Thank you. I love you, master!" Himiko said, already drifting off to sleep.

"I love you too, pet. Goodnight." Izuku murmured as he peacefully went to sleep with his precious pet in his arms, the only clothing between them he panties.


By the time they woke up, the pair had slept in due to it being Saturday and found a gift box wrapped up on the foot of his bed.

Curiously, Izuku sat up, mistakenly bringing his pet who was resting on his chest with him and waking her up with him. Himiko watched with interest as her master opened the box, only to blush at the contents. He pulled out a cute black collar with a metal ring for the leash and a tag the read 'Himiko' on one side and had his name and phone number on the other side, a green leash that was approximately four feet long, a cell phone in a yellow case, and a box of condoms along with a note from Inko, who had gone to work.

"Have fun sweetheart! Also, I'm not quite ready to be a grandma so use the condoms, ok? Love Mom." Izuku read aloud, causing Himiko to rush over and scoop up the collar to admire it.

"I love it, master! Will you put my new collar on me and take me for a walk? We can go to the park and I can do tricks for you!" Himiko suggested, holding the collar out to her master.

"I don't know if that's the best plan, Himi, but you can have some blood for being such a good girl last night." Izuku chuckled as he put the collar on his pet, tugging on the back of it and choking her, eliciting a moan from the girl.

"Awe, are you my cute little masochistic bloodslut? Do you want Master to spank your cute little ass before you eat?" Izuku teased the blushing girl.

"Maybe." Himiko said shyly, her face as red as the substance that sustains her. She was still shy about some things, but was also not shy about others, so it was always a pleasant surprise when she blushed adorably and got shy.

He got the leash and hooked it to her collar, guiding her to the living room.

"You're so cute. Let's just watch TV and cuddle for a bit, be a good girl and tell me when you get hungry." Izuku commanded, sitting on the couch with the remote and patting the spot next to him.

Himiko laid down next to him, resting her head on his thigh and looking up at her master.

"Can you rub my head, master? I like it when you pet me." Himiko said, sighing contently when he complied and rested his warm hand on her head and pet her hair, not really caring what they watched as long as she got his constant attention.

He turned on TV and flicked over to YouTube, muttering something about 'damn ads' before going out and going back into the video to get an ad he could skip.

The video he chose was an old pre quirk video discussing the advantages of having different weapons with a healing factor. (

Toga couldn't understand the English speaking man, but Izuku had learned English so he could watch All Might's interviews in the USA.

What truly caught his attention was the comment the man said about how someone with a healing factor could essentially spend a day in a gym and put on several pounds of muscle, growing new muscle to patch tears in about a second, when it would take a normal person a day or two to do the same. Izuku decided that it would be a good idea to get a gym membership at some point.

Himiko lied there contently as Izuku switched to some random TV show before grasping her hair and giving it a gentle tug, causing her to look up at him.

"You've been such a good girl, sitting there and waiting patiently for me to get done watching that video, you didn't even say a word the whole time, did you? I think you deserve a little reward, don't you?" Izuku said, his hand tracing circles around her collar.

"Y-Yes please, master. C-can I have some blood?" Himiko asked, already licking her lips at the thought of her favorite treat.

In response, Izuku simply pulled her onto his lap and let her latch on, petting her head and telling her she's a good girl.

When she was done, the wound once again closed as soon as her fangs left his neck, not even leaving a blemish.

"I've got to go out and get something, pet. Do you need anything while I'm out?" Izuku asked, taking her off his lap and going off to search for a shirt to wear.

"Can I go with you? We can hide my leash under a hoodie and then I won't get left here all alone!" Himiko suggested excitedly, wanting to go for a walk with her master.

Izuku went to deny her, not wanting to go against his mother, but knew he never had a chance when he saw the hopeful look in his pet's yellow eyes, already holding out her leash to him.

"Alright, but only because you are too damn cute to deny. Be a good girl while we're out and we might do this again." Izuku said, helping her into a hoodie and pulling the leash out her (his) hoodie sleeve so he could hold it and make it look like they were just holding hands.


They went to the mall, Himiko excitedly tugging Izuku around to the different shops before Izuku stiffened after hearing a familiar voice.

"Hey Deku! What the fuck are you doing here, especially with a girl? Is she pity fucking you or something?" Bakugo called out, his two cronies chuckling at his words.

"I don't like him, master." Himiko said, looking the bully up and down before turning to Izuku.

"Master? Oh she must be some kind of animal freak, like that frog girl we roughed up earlier. Maybe we should give the quirkless loser's girlfriend the same treatment." One of the thugs chuckled at their fiendish leader.

The responses to one Himiko Toga being called a freak, as well as the implications made in the words spewed by the boy who boasted a double digit IQ had various results. For instance, the other thug and Bakugo chuckled maliciously. Himiko's eyes teared up as she tried to shrink into Izuku's hoodie, his scent slightly comforting her. Izuku's reaction, however, put an end to the previously discussed reactions, albeit for different reasons.

Izuku practically flew at the boy, his fists slamming into him over and over with enough intensity and savagery to stun the bullies and make Himiko blush.

The wet smack of a duo of fists pounding into the face of a boy who was unconscious after the first sounded among the group before Bakugo hit the boy who was beating his friend into the tiles of the mall floor with a powerful explosion, destroying his shirt and charring his skin.

Izuku slowly turned his head, his quirk already making short work of the burns that covered him, and locked onto Bakugo with eyes filled with hatred. For the first time in years, Izuku stood up to him, and Bakugo didn't like the dred that filled him.

"You next?" Izuku growled, those two words making his childhood bully flinch and the other thug turn tail and run.

"You damn Deku! Since when do you have a quirk?" Bakugo shouted, almost pissing himself through his one inch penis as Izuku stood and turned to him.

"Hey Bakugo? How about I give you some money so you can go to the sex shop upstairs, buy a dildo, and go fuck yourself?" Izuku said, his green eyes losing none of their fire.

"Why you!" Bakugo screamed, lunging at the boy before being promptly grabbed by the face and getting slammed into the ground.

"What, scared to get jealous at the extra small ones? Then why don't you take a nap so I can finish my walk with my pet?" Izuku suggested before delivering a devastating kick to his temple, knocking him unconscious and concussing him.

Poor Himiko realized that she would need to change her panties when they got home, her face on fire as she watched her master dispatch the pricks who said those things about her.

"M-m-master? We need to go home now." Himiko squeaked, a heat pooling in her stomach.

"Why? Because of some assholes? I haven't gotten what I came for yet, pet." Izuku said with a confused frown.

Losing all of her self control, Toga grabbed his hand and dragged him to the bathroom, slamming the door shut and locking it.

"M-master? I need you to help me. Please?" Toga begged, practically humping his leg at this point.

Izuku had caught on by now and wasted no time putting his hand down the front of her pants, feeling the absolutely soaked outer lips and pushing two fingers inside, rubbing her clit with his thumb and using the other hand to grab her throat and push her against the bathroom wall.

Poor Himiko didn't stand a chance, coming undone almost immediately and soaking the entire front of her jeans.

"MASTEEEEEEEERRRRRR!" She screamed, cumming all over his hand.

"Lick it clean." Izuku commanded, pulling his hand out of her jeans and holding it in front of her face.

Himiko meekly began licking her juices off her master's hand.

"Thank you for helping me master, but now my pants are soaked." Himiko said, looking down shyly.

Noticing this, Izuku sighed at his lack of foresight to have her take her pants off, and made for the door.

"Be a good girl and stay here and keep the door locked until I get back. I'll be back with a change of clothes for you." Izuku said, leaving the bathroom.

'I have the best master ever.' Himiko thought, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, sitting on the floor with shaky legs as Izuku shoped for her clothes and picked up a gym membership.

Chapter Text

Toga opened the bathroom door and let her master inside, who promptly locked it behind him.

He was wearing a new black button up shirt that he had bought to replace the one that Bakugo had destroyed and he handed her a bag.

In the bag was a pair of jeans and a pair of yellow panties that had 'property of Izuku Midoriya' printed across the back in green, something he had clearly gotten at the afformentioned sex shop.

"Well, I like the jeans, but I REALLY like the panties that master got for me. Can you help your good girl put them on?" Himiko asked with puppy dog eyes.

Izuku helped her into her new clothes and kissed her forehead before placing her soiled clothes in the shopping bag and leading her back, her leash in his hand and going up the sleeve of the hoodie again.

With nothing else to do, they went and got lunch for Izuku, Himiko just saying that she wanted more of his blood when he asked.

After he ordered a bowl of katsudon and was going to pay, he was interrupted by a tap on his shoulder.

"Can I buy your lunch? Kero." a green haired girl asked him, her long tongue hanging out of her mouth.

"Uh…. I'm sorry, do I know you? Not to be rude, but why are you trying to buy my food for me?" Izuku asked, frowning in confusion, his pet watching the girl with interest.

"No, kero, but I saw you beat the shit out of the guys who were hurting me earlier and I wanted to show my gratitude." The girl answered, her face impassive as she looked Izuku in his emerald eyes.

Now that she'd mentioned it, Izuku noticed the red puffiness in her eyes that indicated that she had been crying, as well as some singeing on her hair, which seemed to be tied in a bow.

While Izuku was noticing those things, the girl stepped past him and paid for his food, as well as adding some food for herself.

The three teens made their way to a table to await their food, and the unnamed girl taking immediate notice of how the girl who sat on her green eyed avenger's lap had new jeans than what she was wearing earlier.

"I'm Tsuyu Asui, call me Tsu. I was going to introduce myself sooner, but your girlfriend dragged you off right after the fight. kero." The now identified Tsu said pointedly, her gaze fixated on the blonde girl who was nuzzling the greenette's neck before she turned to Tsu.

"Oh, I'm not master's girlfriend, I'm his little blood-pet." Himiko said, turning her attention back to her master's neck.

"I think I'm going to need more explanation on that." Tsu said, pausing her conversation as the food was brought to their table.

"W-well, her quirk makes her require blood to function and not experience psychosis, and when I offered to help her, she wanted me to make her my pet." Izuku explained.

"Oh. kero. Sounds pretty nice. I definitely wouldn't mind being someone's pet froggy." The frog girl stated, her tone as blunt as if she was stating that the sky was blue.

"I sure like it. Master is so sweet and attentive, even if he is a little sadistic sometimes. Why a pet froggy though? Something with your quirk?" Himiko asked, turning in Izuku's lap and leaning her back against his chest, the boy focused wholly on his favorite meal.

"Yeah. My quirk makes me more frog-like, so I can jump high and I have a long tongue." Tsu explained, somewhat shy about her 'freakish' quirk.

"That's neat! Mine lets me shapeshift into anyone, but I need to consume their blood first and it lasts longer when I consume more." Himiko said before noticing that her master had finished his food and turned to face Izuku.

"Master? Can I have some blood please? I've been a good girl for you today, and I'm hungry." Himiko begged expertly

Izuku looked up at Tsu, searching for judgement but only finding interest, before shrugging and unbuttoning the top couple of buttons and pulled the collar off his neck, leaning his head away and baring his neck to his pet, which she immediately sinks her teeth into.

Himiko let out a moan into his neck as the warm fluid filled her mouth, shifting into her master's form to demonstrate her quirk.

"What did I say about dudes in my lap, pet." Izuku growled in her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

"Sorry Master, I wanted to show off my quirk. Do you want me to be the girl version of you?" Toga asked,

"Fine, but you're still way cuter as yourself, you know." Izuku said, sending the girl into a shy blush while he was wrapping his arms around her and holding her tightly as she shifted.

Suddenly, Tsu's phone went off.

"Oh I have to go. Guess I'll see you around Midoriya and Toga." She said before rushing off to whatever she had going on.

"Can we go home now, master? I wanna get this disguise off and take a nap with you." Izuku's female couple said from his lap.

"Sure pet, let's head out." He said, picking her up off him and holding her leash discreetly.


All Might was not having a great time.

His time limit was about fifteen minutes ago and he was still locked in battle with the two villains that threatened the amassed crowd.

One villain seemed to have a speed quirk that let him attack All Might from behind every time he went for his compatriot, who had a powerful flame quirk that All Might could only take so much of.

"Hey All Might! Guess you took your eyes off the prize." The flame based one called out. He was standing dangerously close to a crowd of onlookers and his hands pointing at them, preparing to roast the citizens, who were paralyzed in fear.

Suddenly, a boy with green hair sprung out of the crowd right as the man let loose his quirk, taking the focused gout of flame to his chest.

'Ah, the boy must have some quirk that makes him immune to fire.' All Might mentally sighed in relief.

Then he heard the boys gasps and grunts of pain.

'The boy sacrificed himself to save these people, meanwhile I cannot even defeat the villains who killed him? I truly am pathetic. What kind of hero would I be if I let his sacrifice be for nothing.' All Might thought, his rage and power output increasing with each word passing through his mind.

The villains watched in awe as All Might grew stronger, and then practically pissed themselves when they saw his ever present smile had been replaced by a monstrous scowl.

He moved at a speed fast enough to look like he was practically teleporting around before he snatched up both villains by their necks and slammed them in the pavement hard enough to crack it, his blue eyes glowing in rage.

"Villains shall have fear. FOR I AM HERE!" He shouted, sending every wrongdoer in a two mile into a panic and causing them to shake in righteous fear.

'That boy had the heart of a hero. A shame that he met his end this way.' All Might thought, a single tear streaking down his face.

"That was so cool!" All Might heard a voice shout next to him, causing him to jump in surprise.

There he saw the green haired boy standing there with the front of his black shirt destroyed but aside from a little redness his chest was unharmed.

"Aha, young man! That is some fire resistance you have there, but why did you scream? You gave me quite the fright!" All Might questioned, once again smiling brilliantly.

"Thank you All Might! I mean, you're wrong about my quirk, it's hyper regeneration, but thank you anyway!" Izuku said back to him, tears almost coming to the fanboy's eyes.

'So his quirk let him survive, but he still felt the pain of being burned alive? And he leapt to action anyway? Let's see, massive amounts of pain tolerance? Check. The ability to recover from an injury? Check. The heart of a hero? Check, Check, Check! HE WOULD BE THE PERFECT SUCCESSOR!' All Might screamed internally, remembering all the broken bones of his past with One For All.

"My boy, would you mind coming with me to a second location? I would like to hear more of your quirk." All Might said, his smile never fracturing.

"Uhh that sounds a bit creepy, and I'm with my… girlfriend right now, All Might." Izuku said awkwardly, realizing that he wouldn't believe that was really All Might, but rather a creepy imposter, if he didn't just watch him fight.

"Oh! Now that I am thinking about it, that does indeed sound a bit creepy! Here is my MIGHTY PHONE NUMBER! Give me a call when you're free." He said, handing the boy a business card before leaping away and landing on a rooftop, coughing up blood and falling to his knees gasping, his true form revealing itself.

"Damn, I'm getting too old for this." Toshi muttered to himself as he gathered his bearings.


Izuku Midoriya was practically glowing on his trip back home with his pet.

He had gotten All Might's number. ALL MIGHT! he hadn't even thought about jumping in front of those flames, and as he burned he completely forgot about his quirk.

'shit' he thought, looking down at the shirt he had just bought and owned for about an hour before it was decimated.

It was nightfall as they arrived at the door of his house, and the door flew open before he could even get his keys out and he was tackled to the ground by his mother.

"Izu baby? Are you ok? Does it hurt when I poke your chest? I was so worried. ANSWER ME DAMMIT!" Inko said as she examined her son who had just shook off enough heat to melt flesh like a candle.

"Mom, I'm fine. My quirk regenerated me fast enough that the flame didn't go much past the flesh. I barely had a singed organ." Izuku said, his attempts at reassurance only causing her to fuss over him more.

"Master, I'm going to go wash my disguise off, will you come help?" Himiko asked, loyally trying to bail out her master.

"Sure, little pet. Let's go get you clean." Izuku said, breaking out of his mother's grip and taking Himiko to the bathroom and running water into the tub, partially to cover the sounds of their conversation.

"Was I a good girl, Master? Did I do good getting you out of that?" Himiko said, looking up at her master with eyes full of devotion.

"Yes, such a good little bloodpet, aren't you? Does my little pet want a reward for being such a good girl?"

"Yes master. Can you help me wash off first?" Himiko said, her disguise turning into a gross grey sludge.

"Of course, my little bloodslut." Izuku said before setting her in the tub, watching her strip down and then helping her clean her nude body.

"You're such a cute little pet aren't you? Do you want me to reward my good girl? You're going to have to tell master exactly what it is that you want." Izuku said as he finished washing the grey slime off her, revealing her full nude form to him.

"P-please m-master. I've tried so hard to be g-good for you! Please give your little bloodslut her reward." Himiko said, holding his right hand to her core and grinding on it.

"Now now pet, is that how we ask for what we want? You need to be… specific" Izuku said, flexing his hand against her and causing her to writhe in the water.

"P-please master. Please make me c-cum. Make me cum and give me a nice tasty treat." Himiko begged, almost in tears as her enjoyable pain was made more intense.

Izuku stripped down naked, limiting the time his hand was not in contact with her nether regions as much as possible, and got in the tub with his pet, more specifically between her legs as she covered her embarrassed face with her hands.

"Move your hands, pet. I want to see your face." Izuku growled, his left hand ghosting over the skin of her breasts as he teased her.

"Y-yes master. Sorry master. Please just hurry." Himiko begged, lowering her hands and blushing adorably as she looked up at her master.

"Good girl. Now be a good little bloodslut, relax and let master take care of you." Izuku said, his middle two fingers curling and burying into her moist entrance.

"Yes master. Thank you master." Himiko moaned out, trying not to thrash around much and already approaching her end.

"Good girl. Just let go. You're such a good girl." Izuku murmured in her ear after pulling her up and holding her head to press his pulse to her lips.

"M-master! C-Can I…? Please?" She asked, hoping he got the message.

"Go ahead pet, you've earned it." Izuku whispered in her ear as his skilled hands brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

Himiko sunk her fangs in her master's neck, the warm fluid's taste sending her over the edge violently.

"MASTEEEERRRRRRR!" She cried out, thrashing around violently as Izuku held her close so she could ride out her orgasm.

"Atta girl. Let's get you cleaned up, Himi." Izuku said as he held her gently.

"W-what about you? Don't you want me to suck your big, yummy, cock?" Himiko said as her master cleaned the two of them.

"Not tonight, pet. Let's just get some rest, we've had a long day." Izuku said, getting out and hearing her do the same as he got a towel and turned to dry his pet.

She was standing there with her hands behind her back and her head slightly tilted to the side, pouting adorably as her angelic golden hair fell down around her face, framing her cute facial features.

"So damn cute." Izuku said, approaching her with the towel and beginning to dry her off.

"Thank you master. Do I have to wear pajamas to bed?" Himiko asked, blushing as her master dried her off, touching everywhere.

"No. From here on out we both sleep naked." Izuku commanded, finishing and giving her a kiss to her temple as he held her close to his chest, feeling slight muscles that she didn't remember last time he held her.

"T-thank you master." Himiko sat as they made their way to his bed, collapsing into it and holding each other's naked forms close.

"I love you, master."

"I love you too, pet."

Chapter Text


"Master! Please shut it off!" Himiko cried out as the loud alarm clock woke her up.

"Sorry, pet. I needed to get up early for school. I'll see you afterwards, alright?" Izuku said, pulling on a shirt and switching the offending device off.

"WAIT!" Himiko shouted, shooting up awake.

"What is it, adorable? I really have to go. This is the first day I'll be at my new school" Izuku said as he finished getting dressed.

He was no longer going to Aldara, his mother deciding that the route was far too dangerous after he was attacked multiple times, and was now attending Mustafa private middle school for his last year before UA, to which All Might had promised him a recommendation. He hadn't yet made any friends at his new school, but he really didn't mind when his pet pounced on him as soon as she could.

"Um. I'm gonna be really hungry by the time you get home, master. We also never had our playtime last night." Himiko said shyly, looking down.

Izuku thought for a bit before seeming to come to a decision.

"Alright girl, here's what you're going to do for me. I'm going to keep getting ready, and you are going to get enough blood to last you through the day, and if you hurry up, you can have all you want later, and I promise to have a little 'playtime' with you after school." Izuku ordered, only to have her grab onto him, wasting no time to sink her fangs into his neck while he worked on buttoning his shirt.

"Atta girl. Such a good little bloodslut for your master, aren't you?" He said as she drank down as much blood as possible while he was stroking her loose golden hair with his free hand and she squirmed in his lap at the dirty talk.

She was done in roughly ten minutes and looked up at him with pure love and admiration in her eyes.

"Thank you so much, master. Did I do good enough to earn playtime with master tonight?" She asked hopefully.

"Yes, you did, my adorable little pet. I'll be sure to give you attention tonight." He said, setting her on the bed and patting her head while she squirmed in arousal and anticipation for that night.

Izuku left the house and made his way to his new school, only to be ambushed as soon as he got there.

"HI! I'M MINA ASHIDO! WHAT IS YOUR NAME POTENTIAL NEW FRIEND?" A cute pink girl shouted at him as soon as he approached.

The girl seemed to compose herself and smiled brightly at him.

"Sorry about my outburst. I'm Mina Ashido, you can call me Mina. Are you new here?" The pink skinned girl introduced herself, a bit calmer this time.

"Um, hi. I am Izuku Midoriya and yeah I'm new here. Do you always greet new students?" He asked, scratching the back of his head.

"Only the hot ones." Mina said with a wink as she looked up and down Izuku's frame. In the week since he was at the mall, he went from a 127 pound weakling to 173 pounds of lean muscle, attested to by the stretch marks on his biceps and thighs.

"T-Thanks. What do you like to d-" Izuku was cut off by his phone saying he had an unread text.

"Who're ya texting?" Mina asked excitedly, immediately at his side as he opened the message.

Master's little bloodslut🧛♀️: will you send me the picture?🥺👉👈

Izuku looked at the girl next to him, her proximity making his hormone-addled brain go down certain paths.

"Do you mind?" Izuku deadpanned at the girl fixed at his side.

"Not at all. Who's master's little bloodslut and what picture are they talking about?" Mina asked, excited at the idea of a new relationship to ship, even if she kinda thought the boy was hot.

Master🍆: What picture?

Master's little bloodslut🧛♀️: you know, the one of me I took with your phone with the peace sign and my treat? Please?

Izuku blushed and pulled up the picture before hearing a slight gasp next to him. 'shit, forgot about Mina.'

"Holy shit did you do that? How much are you packin' hot stuff?" Mina asked, her peculiar eyes wide.

"I'd rather not say." Izuku said before sending it to his pet.

Master's little bloodslut🧛♀️: thank you master. Please let me know if there's any cuties at your new school, ok?

"Awe, do I count as cute Midori?" Mina asked, concluding that it was indeed his girlfriend and he wasn't available.

"No comment." Izuku said with a slight blush dusting his cheeks.

Master🍆: Why?

Master's little bloodslut🧛♀️: So you can get more pets to paly with.

Master's little bloodslut🧛♀️: *play

"Awe, do you guys have a dog? Oh shit I'm an idiot, she meant another girl, didn't she? You sly fox!" Mina said before the bell rang, interrupting the conversation and signified the beginning of classes.

School was a drag, and also way too easy, but he did have math class with Mina, so that was entertaining, even with the teasing and flirting.

He was about to begin his trek home when he heard someone running behind him.

"MIDORI! WAIT UP!" Mina yelled as she sprinted her top speed at him.

"Yeah, what's up Mina?" Izuku asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Did you *gasp* understand *gasp* the lesson *gasp* in math?" Mina asked, out of breath.

"Um. Yeah? Why?" Izuku asked as Mina's breath returned to normal.

"I was hoping that you could help me with the homework, I can't afford to fail any more assignments. Can I come over to your place?" Mina requested, crossing her fingers behind her back.

Izuku weighed the pros and cons before ultimately deciding that it would be good to have a friend in his new school, but he had the unshakable feeling that he was forgetting something.

"Sure, let's go." Izuku said.

He almost immediately regretted it.

"Hey Midori, do you think I'm cute enough to be a pet? I personally think I'm adorable, but I am a bit biased." Ashido asked, causing a blush to dust his cheeks.

"No comment." Izuku said.

'She's so cute it's hard to keep my composure. I want to fuck her brains out and smack that pink ass red.' he thought before cursing his teenage libido.

"Sounds pretty hot, Midori." Mina said with a smirk, even if she was blushing a bit at what he muttered.

Izuku just froze in embarrassment at the pink girl's words.

"Moving on, what is your quirk?" Izuku inquired, desperate to change the subject.

"Huh, talking about fucking me senseless one second and then asking about my quirk the second? You definitely know how to talk to girls. To answer your question, my quirk makes me look like I do and secrete acid." Mina explained as a mischievous idea crept into her mind.

While Izuku was muttering up a storm at her quirk, she wrapped her arms around him and dripped a relatively high PH acid down on his neck before whipping it off with her tongue. It wasn't enough to damage him, but it would sting a bit.

"...not to mention the potential for-OW! WHAT THE HELL!" Izuku was cut off by her 'attack'.

Izuku turned to Mina, who had unbuttoned the top buttons of her shirt and had her second knuckle of her right index finger between her teeth.

"Sorry. I guess I need to be punished for being such a naughty girl." Mina said while sticking her bottom lip out in a pout.

Izuku simply grit his teeth and moved on as they had arrived at his apartment, only to be pounced on as soon as he opened the door by a very naked Himiko Toga.

"Master, you're home!" She yelled excitedly as she started undoing his clothes.

"Uh, hi, I'm Mina." Mina said awkwardly as the boy she had been flirting with was suddenly latched onto by his pet.

Himiko shot her a smile before letting go of a now shirtless Izuku, something that gave Mina's face a healthy blush, and getting on her knees, looking up at Izuku.

"Hi master! Ready for playtime with your little bloodslut?" She asked, sticking her tongue out and tugging at his belt.

"Himi, we have an audience." Izuku grunted at his pet, who turned to Mina curiously.

"Her? OH! Is she a new pet?" Himiko asked excitedly.

"I wish. I've been flirting with him all the way here. I'm just here because he said he would help me with math." Mina pouted.

"But Master! I thought we were gonna have playtime! You promised." Himiko whined and pouted, causing Izuku to groan as he remembered.

"Mina? I hate to ask you this, but will you sit tight here?" Izuku asked with a blush.

"Awe, but Master, she's cute." Himiko protested.

"What's your point, pet." Izuku said, becoming painfully hard at the implication.

"Can she play with us? She obviously likes you too, and I keep passing out before you finish." Himiko suggested.

"I just met her today, pet. I tend not to fuck girls the same day I meet them." Izuku growled.

"Then can she please at least watch?" Himiko begged.

"Fine." Izuku growled, his reasoning leaving him.

"Sit." He growled at Mina, who was immediately wet and sitting on the floor, before dropping his pants and pinning his nude pet to the wall.

"Such a desperate little bloodbitch, aren't you? Pouncing on me naked and trying to get me to fuck you as soon as I got home? You've been a horny slut all damn day, haven't you?" Izuku said while teasing her with his fingers and putting on a condom.

"Y-Yes m-m-master! F-Fuck your horny little pet, please! Please, I promise I'll be your good girl, just fuck me stupid!" Himiko sobbed in desperation.

Izuku fulfilled her wish, plunging into her and making her cum immediately as her legs gave out, only for her master to catch her.

"Please Master, I-I can't-" Himiko started before being cut off by Izuku.

"Shhhhh. It's ok girl, just let Master take care of you." Izuku whispered, assuring her that everything was alright before rocking back and forth to gently thrust into her sensitive body.

"O-Okay Master. Thank you." Himiko said as she held onto Izuku, her mind being to be overwhelmed by the pleasure she was feeling.

Izuku continued to gently fuck her until he saw movement in the corner of his eye. Turning, he saw Mina rubbing her own core as her peculiar eyes watched them.

"Did I tell you that you could touch yourself?" Izuku growled as he glared at the pink girl, who gulped and felt a shiver run down her spine when she saw his intense green eyes locked onto her.

"No sir. Sorry sir." Mina said as she took her hand away and placed it on the floor.

"Yeah, I'm definitely going to punish you later, got it?" He said as he resumed fucking Himiko, who was barely conscious in his arms.

"I'll be looking forward to it, sir." Mina whimpered as she saw him pick up speed. Usually, she wasn't one for being meek, but she really didn't mind if she got Midori dominate her.

Izuku continued to fuck Himiko until he finished, then setting her gently on the table and pulling his still-hard cock out along with a condom, which he promptly fed the contents to his pet.

"That's a good girl." Izuku murmured.


This is not what Mina had in mind when she came over to study.

"Um…. 38?" She answered the flash card that was held up by a newly reawakened Himiko.

"Nope!" Himiko said with a glint in her eyes as she set down the card.


She was currently being bent over Izuku's knee with her pants around her ankles and being spanked with every wrong answer.

"Remember, this is your punishment, but if you get an A on your next test, you can be my new pet." Izuku whispered in her ear.

"T-thank you, sir. I'll do my best on the next test, and then I'll be your good girl." Mina whimpered, getting more and more turned on with each slap to her panty-clad pink ass.

"Good girl." He said before delivering another slap to her ass.

Chapter Text

Mina was sweating intensely.

She was currently about to receive the results for her math test via email. The one that would either give her a life of submissive happiness with Izuku and any other girl that he was involved with, or a life of disappointment, knowing that she couldn't have the green haired stud.

Yeah. No pressure.

"Would you calm down? It'll be fine, Master and I made sure you were ready. Heh, you really studied your ass off." Himiko teased her. Izuku was at the gym, whilst Mina and Himiko were hanging out at his apartment.

"S-Shut up!" Mina blushed as she recalled the day that she met her new crush, and then couldn't sit down for the rest of the day.

"I don't remember any complaints from you, Pinky. And didn't Master carry you home because, and I quote, 'my poor red ass hurts too much to sit down on the train now.'?" Himiko sassed at the pink skinned girl.

"Yeah, that was nice." Mina sighed happily at the memory of Izuku's arms around her as he took her home. It was a little difficult to explain to her mother though.

Suddenly, Izuku came through the door, covered in sweat and making a beeline for the shower.

"If you'll excuse me, I will now be using my right as Master's pet to see if he wants help getting clean." Himiko said, sticking her tongue out at the pink skinned girl.

"Bitch." Mina grumbled as she laid down on the couch and began flipping through channels.

"At least I'm Master's bitch." Himiko said before going to the bathroom.

When Himiko got into the bathroom she saw that the shower was running and water vapor was pouring out the side.

Striping down and sliding in the shower behind him, Himiko wrapped her arms around his well toned midsection.

"Hi Master, can I help?" Himiko purred in his ear, causing him to turn and push her against the wall.

"Awe, aren't you a sweet pet? Do you want to help your master get cleaned?" Izuku said.

"Y-yes master. I figured you were sore." Himiko lied with a blush.

"We both know my quirk doesn't let me get sore, only sweaty. If you wanted to grope me, you should have just begged like a good pet slut." Izuku told her with a smirk, his left hand press against the middle of her chest to pin her to the wall, while his right hand lightly traced its way down to just above her entrance where it tangled in the small patch of blonde pubic hair before he tugged upward on it sharply, eliciting a strangled gasp and then a long moan from her.

"So considerate of you to leave me something to tease you with when you shaved. Heh, masochistic little bloodslut." Izuku taunted.

"P-please m-master, stop teasing me. I'm so wet already." Himiko whined desperately, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

"We're in a shower, pet. It'd be weird if you weren't wet." Izuku joked with a sadistic smirk.

"MASTER PLEASE!" Himiko screamed out, causing Mina to smirk in the living room and Inko, who was about to walk in the apartment door, to immediately decide to go hang out with Mitsuki.

"Hm. I guess you don't really deserve more punishment, brace yourself, bloodslut." Izuku said before fucking her against the wall, his muscular frame propelling his large cock into her wet pussy.

"F-FUCK YES! POUND YOUR LITTLE BLOODSLUT'S PUSSY WITH YOUR MASSIVE COCK UNTIL I PASS OUT!" Himiko cried out, her legs shaking and her body only being held up by his hand and cock pinning it to the wall.

"Such language. Maybe I should spank you for each swear word that comes out of your slutty little lips." Izuku said, his left hand moving to her throat and giving it a gentle squeeze as he thrusted faster.

"FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCKING FUCK!" Himiko screeched in response to his increase in pace.

"That puts your count at eight, Pet." Izuku said, grunting as his pet's pussy spasmed around him as she came, moving up the timetable to his own orgasm.

"I-I don't care, Master! I love it when you smack my slutty little ass! I'd gladly bend over your knee while you sit on a bench in the mall if you told me to! I'll always do my best to be your good little bloodslut, just please don't stop fucking me!" Himiko swore to her master.

"That won't be necessary, little pet. Just keep being my cute and fuckable little bloodslut." Izuku said, the gentle stroking of her hair contrasting the roughness in his thrusting.

"I will, Master. I-I don't think I can go much longer." Himiko said, looking down and blushing.

"It's ok, pet, I'm close. Just hold out a bit longer for me, alright?" Izuku said gently.

He thrusted in silence for around three more minutes before pulling out and lowering her to the floor and thrusting into her mouth, letting loose his cum into her mouth and down her throat.

"Fank u mapher." Himiko said with a mouthful of cum, slouched against the wall in exhaustion.

"You're welcome, pet. Let's get cleaned up and then we can cuddle on the couch with Mina." Izuku said, lifting her up and holding her limp body while he cleaned them both.

Izuku shut the shower off and dried her with a big fluffy towel, causing her to blush at his intimacy before he helped her into a pair of panties and his t-shirt before slipping into a pair of boxers himself.

"I love you, master." Himiko said as he carried her into the living room and she snuggled into his pec.

"Love you too, little pet. You hungry girl?" Izuku said as he set her on the couch next to Mina, but leaving room for him to sit between the two.

"Y-Yes M-Master. Can I have my meal while we cuddle?" Himiko asked, burying her face into his chest and inhaling his scent.

"Sure pet. Hey Mina, have you gotten your results back yet?" Izuku asked as Himiko sank her fangs into his neck.

"No, not ye-" Mina started before her phone went off and notified her of her email.

"NOOOOOOOO! A B+? I WAS SO CLOSE DAMNIT!" Mina sobbed before looking down dejectedly.

"Awe, you poor girl. Guess you didn't quite get that A, huh?." Izuku said, almost feeling bad for making her think she wasn't going to be his cute little pet alien.

"Don't rub it in, jerk!" Mina said angrily through tears.

Izuku felt the fangs leave his neck and heard soft snoring next to him, indicating that his pet had fallen asleep. He simply laid her down on the couch and covered her with a blanket before turning back to a dejected Mina.

"How many questions were you away from an A?" Izuku inquired, his resistance to her cute pout draining from him by the second.

"Three." Mina grumbled as she dried her tears, knowing she would be shedding a lot more later.

Izuku reached over and bent her over his knee, lifting her skirt up to expose her ass.

"W-what are you doing?" Mina asked, confused.

"Well, my little alien, I know that I told you to get an A, but you failed your master. That deserves punishment, don't you think?" Izuku said, tracing his finger around the outside of her pink and green panties.

Mina suddenly realized what he was saying.

"I thought you said that I couldn't be-" Mina started before Izuku cut her off.

"Now I'm saying that you need to make up for each question away from an A, but I'm nice enough to let you choose your punishment. Either I'm going to tease you mercilessly for three minutes, or you get three hard smacks to your pretty pink ass. Choose quickly!" Izuku ordered her, his hand resting firmly on her ass.

"S-spanking please, sir. Teach your pet alien's ass who it belongs to." Mina said, pulling her panties down off her ass to leave herself bare for him.

"You've been such a naughty girl, not getting an A, even though my other pet and I helped you study." Izuku growled before bringing his hand up and bringing it down hard on her left cheek, making her cry out loudly, waking Himiko up.

"Heh, poor girl. Master, can we pretty please play with her when her punishment is done?" Himiko begged cutely before Izuku nodded in agreement as he held his finger to his lips and winked at her.

"Awe man, that sucks, but okay Master.” Toga said in false disappointment as she winked back, all while Mina's face was pressed into the couch cushion by Izuku, effectively blinding and muffling her.

Izuku delivered another slap to her ass, this time on her right side, causing the cheeks to be a matching bright red.

"Naughty slut, you love it when I slap your cute alien ass. Don't you?" Izuku growled in her ear, sending shivers down the acid user's spine.

"Y-Yes sir. I love it when you slap my pink ass. I'm sorry I was such a bad girl, sir. I'll try to do better for you." Mina promised, the anticipation behind knowing that her last hit was coming, but she had no idea where it would hit causing her to squirm.

Himiko, meanwhile, was resisting the urge not to shove her hands down the front of her panties at the sight of her master punishing the cute girl in front of her, but she knew that Izuku wouldn't like her doing so without getting permission first.

Mina was anticipating either cheek to get smacked, mentally trying to prepare, but there were two factors that she hadn't considered.

1: Izuku liked symmetry.
2: Izuku has large hands.

She felt his hand come down much harder in the middle of her ass, his hand covering half of each cheek, causing her to squeal loudly as his hand hit her. Izuku then carried her to his room and laid her down on his bed, with Himiko right on his heels.

"My little bloodslut mentioned that she thinks you deserve a reward for taking your punishment like a good little alien slut." Izuku said as he pulled her panties off the rest of the way and began unfastening her shirt.

"She is going to be here for this?" Mina asked, blushing. It wasn't that she was opposed to that sort of thing, but she knew she wouldn't be able to focus on both of them in the state she was in.

"Awe, don't worry Mimi, I'll just be watching. Well, this time at least." Himiko said with a wink, coloring the pink girl's face red.

"Himi, I want you to sit there as my little alien here rests her head on her thighs, got it?" Izuku commanded as finished undressing the blushing pink girl and pulled down his own boxers.

"Yes, Master!" Himiko said excitedly as she sat next to the new pet and Izuku grasped her head and set it on Himiko's lap. Himiko began soothingly running her hand through the pink girl's hair.

"M-Master? I've never done anything like this before, and I've never had anything bigger than my fingers in there…" Mina confessed, shyly trailing off towards the end.

"Awe, is my cute little pet alien nervous? It's ok, cutie, I'll go nice and slow at first, so just be a good girl, breathe, and relax." Izuku said soothingly before gently pushing into her, causing her to squirm in discomfort, only to be comforted by her master and fellow pet.

"Atta girl. You are so cute as you take my cock in your little pussy." Izuku said, hilting himself in her and soothingly rubbing her stomach.

"P-please start moving, Master. It doesn't hurt anymore." Mina said after a bit, looking at him with her head propped up by Himiko's thighs.

"Alright, pet. Hold still and let me fuck your little brains out." Izuku said before gripping her hips tightly and thrusting into her at a breakneck speed, turning Mina's brain to mush in seconds.

"Having fun, Mimi?" Himiko teased the pink girl resting on her lap as she got railed into the bed.

"Sh-Shu-Shut U-UUUUUUUUUUUUP YES MASTER RIGHT THERE!" Mina screamed out as she came violently.

Izuku pulled out of the dazed pink girl before he snapped at Himiko and pointed down at his still hard cock.

"You know what to do, bloodslut. Get to work." Izuku growled, making Himiko scramble to get on her knees in front of him and put his cock in her mouth, only to immediately look up at him with wide eyes.

"Master, you and Mimi taste amazing together!" She said before once again closing her lips around his cock and sucking desperately.

"Be careful, pet. Remember, if I feel your fangs at all, no cumming for a week." Izuku reminded her as he patted her head.

Himiko gulped at the reminder, knowing that just because she couldn't cum didn't mean her master wouldn't tease her.

"When I cum, hold it all in your mouth until I tell you that you can swallow, and don't forget to smile." Izuku commanded.

Izuku soon grunted as he came in her mouth, filling it up and causing her cheeks to bloat and her eyes to tear up. Izuku simply grabbed his phone and took a picture of her.

Her cheeks were stretched to their limit, with some cum leaking through her lips, despite her best efforts to hold it all, her yellow cat-like eyes filled with involuntary tears as she looked up at him smiling the best she could.

"You can swallow, pet. You look like such a pretty little cumslut for me." Izuku said, picking her up and setting her on the bed, crawling into bed between his pets, who immediately curled into his sides as they seeked his warmth.

"My good girls. Master loves both you, my little bloodslut and my little spaceslut. Let's take a nap before I take Mina home." Izuku said, causing Mina to let out a whine.

"But I don't want to go home tonight! Can't I just stay with you and Himi tonight?" Mina whined, squeezing him tighter.

"Fine. If you can find a way to convince your parents, you can certainly stay here with me and your fellow pet." Izuku said, kissing her cheek.

Mina whipped out her phone and shot a text to her mom.

Lil Pinky: Hey mom? Can I stay with Himiko tonight?

Mommashido: I don't mind, but isn't that the girl whose boyfriend you have a crush on? The one who carried you home after you two studied?

Lil Pinky: 1. You can't prove my crush, 2. She mentioned she might share him.

Mommashido: Are you sure that's what you want in a relationship where you share your boyfriend with another girl?

Lil Pinky: He's worth it. Goodnight mom, I love ya.

Mommashido: Love you too, baby, but it's only 11 am.

Lil Pinky: I'm gonna take a nap and won't see you for the rest of the day.

Mommashido: alright, fair enough. Goodnight.

"I can stay, but at some point I'll have to tell my mom that we are both dating Master to avoid suspicion." Mina said, hugging Izuku's side again.

"I don't mind. I know Master won't forget about his silly little bloodslut, so it's not a big deal." Himiko said drowsily from his other side.

Mina looked to her Master for his reaction, but only found a sleeping young man who came home from the gym, fucked his two girls, and was now utterly exhausted.

Chapter Text

It had been some time since Mina officially became the property of Izuku Midoriya as his pet alien, and she couldn't have been happier.

The last few months had been spent with her master and Himiko, and it had been filled with a lot of affection and sex that made her feel loved and cared for.

Her mother had been skeptical about her daughter sharing a boyfriend with another girl, but she didn't seem to mind at all when even the lowest of Mina's grades were raised to at least a B.

Himiko and Mina continued to diligently do as their master commanded them, and were promptly rewarded every time, albeit in different ways.

Over the last year in middle school, Izuku had noticed key differences in what his two pets liked.

Mina liked it when he was more forceful with her, enjoying being spanked and called his dirty little spaceslut, spat on, choked almost violently, called degrading names, forced to beg for practically everything, and losing her mind when he facefucked her while gripping her horns for leverage. She had insisted that he refer to her as his personal property that belonged to him only.

Himiko, on the other hand, liked it when he was a little more gentle. She enjoyed it when he would pet her head while he fed her in his lap, fucked her doggystyle gently, called her his good girl, and acted possessive of her. When she got choked she preferred he do it slowly and intimately, slowly cutting off her oxygen. She enjoyed her spankings, but instead of getting off on being called a naughty pet like Mina, she preferred it when he pet her between slaps and told her she was a good girl for sitting there and taking it without complaining.

Izuku theorized that it was their past that made them act the way they did. Mina liked the possession aspect due to people not accepting her because of her quirk, and enjoying being reassured that she had someone who wouldn't push her away, while Himiko enjoyed the softer undertones because of her trauma over her situation before he found her, the shame she felt for hurting people, and liking how he made her feel loved and taken care of.

Izuku's two pets' individual interests led to some interesting experiences, such as the one he was currently experiencing.

It was the last day of school, and Izuku woke up to his nude alien nuzzling the side of his neck while his equally naked little vampire licked the tip of his nose playfully.

"Hey cuties. Up already?" Izuku said while sitting up, used to such awakenings by now.

"Yep! You need to punish Mimi for touching herself. She rubbed herself while smelling your yummy cock, Master." Himiko said brightly with a smirk on her face.

"Snitch." Mina grumbled under her breath while blushing hard.

"Awe, thanks for the tip, cutie." Izuku said to Himiko before kissing her cheek and giving her nipple a light pinch, then turning to a blushing and excited Mina.

Izuku reached over and cupped her moist entrance, and ground the pads of his hands into her clit.

"Naughty girl, did you forget who this belongs to?" Izuku growled, noticing a dramatic increase in fluid when he did so.

"Y-You, sir. This pink alien pussy belongs to Master Midoriya." Mina stuttered, looking down as he rubbed her.

"That's right. So why THE HELL did you think it was ok to play with my things without asking permission first?" Izuku growled menacingly, the hand on her, or rather his, pussy reporting that she enjoyed this very much.

"I'm sorry sir. I know I've been so bad, but when I smell your yummy cock I lose control of myself. I'm sorry that my stupid little alien brain gets overwhelmed by master's big cock. C-Can I please cum?" Mina pouted as Izuku did his best to make her lose her mind and revert to a cute little fuckpet.

"No. Your punishment is that I'm going to be playing with your delicious pink body and you won't cum until I say you can. Now spread 'em." Izuku commanded, pushing Mina to her back.

Mina obediently spread her legs, revealing her glistening core to her Master.

"The asscheeks too, naughty girl. I said I'd be playing with your body and that's what I intend to do." Izuku growled, giving a light slap to her exposed pussy, causing her to cry out and squirm before reaching down and pulling her thick and soft asscheeks apart from each other, showing off both of her lower holes.

"L-Like this, sir?" Mina asked shyly. She was pretty interested, albeit a bit nervous, in what her master would do to her.

"Just like that, my naughty little pet alien. I'm going to have to abuse those cute little holes of yours, you little bitch." He warned before shoving two fingers into her sopping pussy.

"M-Master!" Mina whined, squirming as he roughly fingered her, curling his fingers in order to build up even more pressure.

"I will be fucking your little asshole. I suggest that you make lube to use before I decide that you don't deserve any." Izuku advised, watching her to see when she was close so he could stop.

They had found out about a week into his ownership of her that she could make acid with high PH levels which killed any and all bacteria without damaging him on a level he could feel. If it was anyone else, the acid would agitate the sensitive skin over time, but his quirk kept his skin safe from such damages.

Mina briefly let go of her asscheek in one hand to make the 'lube' pool in her hand, only to be scooped up by her master before he slapped her thigh with his other hand.

"Get that pink ass spread open again. Now!" Izuku commanded as he applied the lube to his cock, and then to her asshole after she complied.

"M-Master?" Mina said in the small voice she used whenever she wanted to ask for something.

"What is it, little bitch?" Izuku growled, slipping a finger into her asshole to spread more lube around.

"C-Can you please go slow? If you go fast, I'll be a bad girl and c-cum really fast." She said, blushing and looking down in embarrassment.

"Awe, my poor little alien doesn't want to be a bad girl anymore? You don't want Master to give you spankings for cumming too fast?" Izuku questioned, continuing to pump his thick fingers in her two adjacent holes.

"Y-You know I love when you s-spank my little pink ass, master, but I'll be too sore to go to school, and it's the day of the mock exams today. I want to go to UA with you, Master, and I can't do that if I don't do very well on the tests." Mina said, her golden eyes moist as she explained. She had been excited when Izuku told her that he had gotten in UA by recommendation from All Might himself, and she just had to get in through the usual methods.

Izuku felt his heart melt a little when she explained why she was passing on one of her favorite parts of being his pet, which was of course the spankings.

"Awe, you're such a considerate little pet, aren't you? Just this once, you can cum as much as you want without asking permission, but you had better do very well on the exams today. Does that sound good, little pet?" Izuku amended, never stopping his teasing of both her pussy and her asshole.

"Y-Yes M-Master. Please hurry and fuck my tight cute little ass. I-I promise that I will do well on the test, but can I have my spankings after school? I-I love it when you hit my pink ass. I'm such a little masochist for you." Mina whimpered as she made her request.

"Of course, little pet. I'll smack that cute little ass after school. Himiko? Be a good girl and give Mina a kiss while I fuck her cute asshole." Izuku said, gently tossing Mina on top of Himiko before lining himself up with her puckered hold.

"Yes, Master!" Himiko said excitedly, pulling the pink girl into a kiss and swallowing her moans from what their shared master was doing to the pink girl on top of her.

About the same time they found out about the acidic lube, Himiko had gotten handsy with the pink girl, and when they asked her if she was bisexual, she gave a smile and said that she liked anything that had to do with her master, so why wouldn't she like master's little spaceslut?

After finding out that bit of information, Mina said that she didn't mind if it was Himiko, but she would always like kissing Izuku much better, a sentiment that was shared by Himiko.

As predicted, Mina came only about seven seconds after Izuku entered her ass, and came several times after he sped up, with Himiko smiling into the very one sided kiss as Mina shuttered and whimpered against her.

"Master, she doesn't kiss as well when she's getting her cute ass pounded." Himiko pouted as Mina held onto her and buried her face in the blonde's neck, inhaling deeply.

Himiko would spend all day in Izuku's house, laying in his bed and snuggling his pillows until he comes home and she latches onto him immediately. This had the side effect of making her smell almost identical to Izuku, with the exception being that she smelled sweet instead of the musky smell that surrounded the green haired boy.

"Awe, poor girl. I'll make sure to give you a nice long kiss as a reward for holding her when I'm done. Speaking of which, I'm getting close, my little alien slut." Izuku said, grunting as he thrusted into her ass faster before finishing and dumping a large amount of cum into her.

"Urhg. Yeph Mapher, cum in your wittle spaphslut's aph." Mina slurred, going limp against Himiko.

"Hehe, I think you broke her master." Himiko informed her master, as she held the freshly fucked pet.

"Phank ou mapher. I wuv ou." Mina said, sufficiently fucked stupid.

Izuku chuckled and pulled his broken pet off Himiko, setting them down and letting them curl into his side.

"We have to go to school in about an hour, so rest up, Mina. I love you, little pet." Izuku said, kissing her forehead before turning to Himiko.

"You love being my little pet cumslut, don't you?" Izuku asked, pulling her close to him, kissing her gently.

"Yes Master. I'm your good little pet, right? Please tell me I'm a good girl." Himiko begged as Izuku held her close.

"Yes, you are my good little cutie. Do you want to cuddle with me?" Izuku asked gently before noticing that she wasn't meeting his eyes.

"Um, master? I wanted to try something else with you. I-I saw it on your computer and it sounded really nice." Himiko said shyly, nuzzling his collarbone.

"Awe, what is it cutie? If you want, we can try it." Izuku said, petting her head.

"I-It was called cockwarming. It's like cuddling, but I get to keep your big cock inside of me. I thought it sounded good." She said shyly, nibbling on her bottom lip.

"Awe, aren't you sweet? Do you want to try it until me and Mimi have to go to school?" Izuku asked, stroking her cheek softly. She usually liked loving things that were also at least a little rough, but she also would sometimes just want him to hold her and let her know she was safe and protected by him.

"Yes, Master. C-Can I…?" She trailed off shyly.

"Come here, little pet." Izuku said, pushing his still hard cock into her pussy, which caused her to squirm in brief discomfort, and cuddling with her, only to be disturbed by a pair of pink arms wrapping around his midsection.

"Awe, you guys are doing cockwarming? That's so cute! I'm next though, right?" A newly recovered Mina squealed out, kissing the back of Izuku's neck before Izuku turned to his back, letting Himiko lay on top of him.

"Did you just call me cute? Weren't you the one who just lost most of her motor skills after being fucked in the ass?" Izuku asked, resting his hand on her posterior cheek and giving it a slap.

"Yep! You are simultaneously the cutest and sexiest person I have ever met, Master." Mina said in her usual peppy voice.

"Big talk for someone who wants me to spank her later." Izuku said with a smirk as he tapped her recently abused asshole with the arm that was cupping her asscheek, causing the pink girl resting on his shoulder to cry out loudly.


Izuku skipped out of school early on the last day of school and went to meet All Might on the beach.

All Might had been giving him lessons on boxing and wrestling, as well as lectures on how to be a hero that saved people with a smile, putting them at ease even as he smashed villains into the ground.

It was strange that All Might had requested to meet him on a weekday, as they usually met on the weekends before he went to the gym. He had put on a decent amount of muscle, not even close to as bulky as his heroic mentor, but he was obviously no slouch in a fight. (For his basic build, think of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine)

"Young Midoriya, over here." All Might called out to him from a bench, already in his depowered form as he usually was when they trained. He had been training with him for a month when he revealed to him the truth of his condition, as well as instructing him to call him by his real name when he wasn't in his 'buff form'.

"Hey Mr. Yagi, why did you need to talk to me so urgently?" Izuku asked him.

"You know, you are a pretty inspiring kid." The number one hero began, gesturing for the aspiring hero to sit next to him.

"...ok? Are you alright, Mr. Yagi? You seem… down." Izuku asked in concern.

"Let me finish. I am not the man I used to be, and you know why. I like to think that I made a positive impact on this world by being a symbol of peace and hope, but that's a double edged sword. Could you imagine what would happen if I failed to save people? The effect on society if people found out I'm getting weaker? The day we met was a wake-up call. If you hadn't been there, I would have failed to save those people because I've been too stubborn to admit my own weakness. I knew when I was first injured that I needed to find someone to take my place when I retire, and I was sure it would be a young man named Mirio Togata until I met you. I had hoped that I would be able to hold out until you had graduated from UA, but it seems that that will not be the case. After we part today, I will be calling a press conference to announce my retirement, as well as request my fellow heroes to stay strong until the debut of my successor. You, but I will leave your identity out of it until your graduation. Before you ask how, let me tell you about my quirk…" All Might said, before going on to tell Izuku about a powerful quirk called One For All.

Izuku had hesitated to eat his mentor's hair, but choked it down and immediately rinsed his mouth out with the gross ocean water.

"Now, we have ten months to get you used to my immense power, so I hope you are good with giving up your afternoons. Now, let's get that arm broken!" All Might said, much too cheerfully for Izuku's liking.


It had been ten months since Izuku began his training with One For All, his healing factor patching him back together after he broke himself with his quirk.

He remembered how much Himiko, Mina, and his mother screamed at the former number one hero when they visited the beach to surprise the young man and found out that Izuku was breaking himself over and over, that is until Izuku took both the girls away to 'comfort' them, leaving his starstruck mother with a blushing and awkward All Might.

He could now punch with One For All up to forty percent without breaking his arms and leap into the air up to fifty feet without hurting his legs, but it did decimate his clothes, something that All Might assured him the support course students could help him with.

Izuku's pain tolerance was practically super human, with him hardly flinching as he decimated his arms with a one hundred percent punch.

The day that Mina proudly showed him her acceptance letter was also a day he promised to give her whatever she wanted as a reward, which involved a lot of sex and cuddling while playing video games, as well as letting her give him a dancing lesson.

Himiko was put out when she found out that he would be staying in a dormitory, but when Mina promised to find a way to sneak her in, she cheered up, saying she wouldn't have to keep quiet to not disturb his mom while he fucked her.

"You really didn't need to help me with this, cuties." Izuku said as Mina and Himiko helped him carry boxes into his new room at the UA campus, even if he was carrying twice as many boxes as his two pets combined.

"We wanted to! And how else am I supposed to plan my break ins?" Himiko said cheerfully as she set his box of journals volumes one through twelve down on his dresser.

"Yeah! Besides, you should go meet the other recommendation students while we set up your room like good little pet waifus, Master!" Mina suggested as she made his bed.

Izuku left before the blush on his face became worse, struggling not to think about Mina and Himiko in their collars and aprons/maid outfits.

He made his way to the common area and noticed a girl struggling with a massive bed.

She stood as tall as him, at least when she wasn't bent over trying to pull a large bed. Izuku also noticed that she had a very curvy body, and black spiky hair pulled back into a ponytail.

"Um, would you like some help?" Izuku asked, averting his eyes from her rear end before it got too creepy.

"I assure you that I can han-" Momo began before she looked at the boy offering his assistance.

He was the same height as her, something that she knew would eventually change in his favor, and was standing in a pair of blue jeans and a tank top. Her eyes traced over the lines of his toned muscles, even risking a glance down at his pelvis and noticing that his pants were a little tight around his manhood. He had green hair that matches his intense eyes as he looked at her in concern.

Momo had lived a very sheltered life, and it seemed that the first boy her age she actually met was also the most handsome boy she would meet at all.

"I-If you wouldn't mind lending your assistance." Momo said with a blush, standing and moving so he could grab the heavy bed where she had been trying to. She had been regretting not hiring someone to help her, but as she admired the form of the boy who would be her new classmate, she couldn't think of a better outcome.

"M-My name is Momo Yaoyorozu, by the way." Momo said, watching in awe as the muscle-bound young man easily lifted the heavy bed into the air.

"Izuku Midoriya." Izuku introduced himself, shifting the bed to his left arm and holding his right arm out for a handshake.

Momo blushed and shook his hand before guiding him to her room in the dorm.

Izuku continued to help his new classmate move in, carrying the heaviest of her furniture as easily as if it was made from cardboard, when Himiko found him.

"Hey master? Where do you want your All Might figurines?" Himiko asked him before noticing the other girl in the room.

"Hi! I'm Himiko Toga, Master Izu's little pet bloodslut. It's nice to meet you!"

Chapter Text

Izuku had finished moving in himself and Momo with the assistance of his two enthusiastic pets. He had also offered to help the other recommendation student, but the heterochromatic-eyed boy just stared at him for a moment before walking away and locking himself in his room.

Momo had been a blushing mess as she watched the way that Himiko interacted with Izuku, and even got a little jealous when he would show affection to the energetic blonde.

'That does look… pleasant.' Momo thought as Izuku rubbed the blonde's head and called her a good girl, a reward for when she brought him the wrench he needed to assemble Momo's bed clutched between her teeth like a dog with a stick.

"Master? Doesn't Momo look so pretty in a dress? Doesn't she look so curvy and soft?" Himiko said as she held Momo's family picture of their picnic up so Izuku could see.

"Himiko? Why don't you go help Mina make lunch?" Izuku said, trying to spare the bright red Momo from his first pet's notorious teasing. Momo was just glad that Mina wouldn't be acting sexually towards the greenette if he was already 'claimed' by the blonde.

"That means yes." Himiko whispered to Momo, making the girl blush even harder, before turning to Izuku.

"Of course, Master! But you're going to feed me when you guys eat, right?" Himiko asked with wide pleading eyes, giving Izuku the feeling that he was walking into a trap that was carefully planned by his crafty blood dependent pet.

"Um, yeah, that's fine." Izuku said, coughing awkwardly as she talked about one of the more intimate acts of their relationship.

"Yay! Did you know his blood is even better than his yummy cum? Well, to me at least, Mina disagrees." Himiko said to the young heiress before skipping away to find Mina and tell her of her plans to get another girl for their master.

Momo was screaming internally the implications, and then mentally shutting down at the blatant remarks that Himiko made.

"I'm sorry about her, she can be a little… uninhibited when she gets excited. She's probably just hungry." Izuku explained, scratching the back of his head awkwardly.

"I-It is alright. I haven't interacted with people my own age very much, so this is good that I have this experience to use for future interactions." Momo said, reverting to her habit of formality due to the lack of her brain functionality.

"Yeah… I wouldn't use Himiko as an example of how normal people our age act. Most people our age don't talk about that sort of thing in front of strangers." Izuku chuckled nervously, looking for an excuse to get out of the conversation with the equally embarrassed heiress.

"FOOD'S DONE! GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT!" Mina called throughout the dorms, causing Izuku and Momo to both run for the door of her room in order to escape the awkwardness, only to crash into each other.

Momo felt the air get driven from her lungs as she came in contact with the wall of muscle, causing her to gasp on the ground as she tried to breathe.

"SHIT! I am so sorry, are you ok?" Izuku asked, his voice filled with concern as he scooped her up in her arms, his eyes searching for damage.

Momo was about to assure him that she was perfectly fine, but was stopped by her own mind. Specifically, the part of her mind that was less interested in rationale, and more interested in the smell of the boy holding her close to his chest in his muscle-hardened arms.

'What do you think you are doing? You say we're ok and he lets go of us!' her Izuku-crazed side shouted at her.

'But we didn't sustain any real damage.' Rational Momo protested.

'SEXY McMUSCLES HERE DOESN'T KNOW THAT!' the new Izumomo shipper screamed.

'But he has a significant other.' She argued back at herself.

'All the more reason to enjoy this as long as you can.' retorted her less-than-clear-thinking side.

"YAOYOROZU! How many fingers?" Izuku asked, holding up four fingers.

"Oh, she could probably take three of her own fingers, but I doubt she could take more than two of yours, Master." Himiko said with a smirk as she looked at the dazed girl.

"This isn't the time, Himiko, she might be hurt." Izuku said, panicking that she might be hurt in some way.

"Oh yeah, and Mina and I are totally hurt when we get that 'never let go of me, you sexy beast' look on our faces." Himiko sassed sarcastically as she crossed her arms, unhappy that this girl was getting hugs from her master so easily.

"Hey! How come she gets cuddles, but me and Himi have to beg like good girls to get them?" Mina complained, coming to the scene shortly after Himiko did, feeling just as jealous as Himiko.

"Th-That's not what is happening!" Momo protested before realizing her slip up and running back into her room, slamming and locking the door behind her with a blush that made her look like a red tomato.

"I thought I told you two to play nice, not tease her relentlessly." Izuku growled at his two pets, stepping close to the two girls and making them feel small.

"You're so right, master, I've been a bad girl and deserve to be punished." Mina said, pouting up at him cutely.

"You're right. You two can't stay here tonight." Izuku decreed, his eyes darkened as he was angered by the possibility of ruining any chance of friendship with the heiress.

Little did he know that on the other side of the wall Momo was screaming into a pillow as she tried to get rid of mental images of a dominant Midoriya calling her a good girl.

"B-But that's too mean!" Mina cried out, realizing that her plan had backfired.


Izuku had carried his pets both home, assuring them that he still loved them as much as ever, but they were still being punished.

"Be really good girls and you can stay with me tomorrow night." Izuku said before kissing them goodnight and heading back to his dorm, not nearly cruel enough to completely cut them off.

Izuku suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, only to see the other male recommendation student perched on the foot of his bed, looking down at him.

"Did you make the soba?" He asked, his voice somehow both excited and monotone at the same time.

"Um, no. A girl named Mina made it." Izuku said, severely creeped out.

"And will she be returning to make more?" The strange boy demanded.

"I mean, she'll be here tomorrow, and she's in 1A with us, so yeah." Izuku said, wondering if he would have to defend his pet from a weirdo.

"Excellent. It would be a shame if your hands were somehow damaged in my pursuit of soba. Goodnight." The boy said before calmly getting off Izuku's bed and walking out, closing the door on his way out.

Izuku didn't get any more sleep that night.


Izuku continued to adjust to life in the dorm, getting his pink pet to make soba for the other recommendation student so that he could avoid getting his hands permanently damaged, which might be the boy's quirk for all Izuku knew. When he told Mina, she just laughed at him and called him a silly master.

The day the other students arrived was a day full of new potential friends for his energetic pink pet. She was one of the first people in the class, due to the fact that Powerloader had asked Izuku for help moving in some new students.

"Hi! I'm Mina Ashido!" She said to a girl with earphone jacks hanging from her earlobes.

"Kyoka Jirou. Could you not yell, please? I have sensitive hearing." The girl now identified as Jirou requested in a bored tone.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry. Is that part of your quirk?" Mina asked, getting an affirmative nod as a girl with her tongue hanging out walked over.

"Hi, I'm Asui, call me Tsu kero." The girl said bluntly.

Suddenly, their attention was drawn away by a blond guy kicking the door in and spotting them before stomping over.

"Oh look, it's frog bitch and her freak friends." Bakugo sneered, his hands sparking.

Tsu simply put on a passive face, trying to hide the fact that she was terrified of the bully until Jirou spoke up.

"Dude, quit being an asshole." Jirou said in annoyance. She could already tell she didn't like this guy at all.

"Fuck off, ears! It's not my fault that all of you bitches are freaks! The only one who looks normal is cow tits over there!" He taunted, the sparks coming from his hands becoming small explosions.

Momo's eyes teared up at the words of the second boy she had ever met. She then realized that Midoriya was a much better person than he could have been, and gained even more respect and admiration for the kind boy who helped her move in.

"Well guess what, frog bitch. That damn Deku isn't here to save you this time." He said with manic glee.

Suddenly, a large, powerful hand rested on the explosive asshole's shoulder.

"That's not very nice, Kacchan." Izuku said, making himself known to the bully. This was the boy's only warning before he was thrown across the room, into a wall.

Izuku rushed over to Mina, checking her pink skin for injuries.

"Are you ok? Did he hurt you? Did he even lay a finger on you?" Izuku asked, fussing over the pink girl, worried that his pet was hurt by the blonde bully.

"I'm fine, sir. He just said some mean things about me and the other girls. Can I have a kiss to make me feel better, master?" Mina asked, wanting physical reassurance that her master found her attractive.

"Mina, there's other people around." Izuku reminded her, shy about the PDA.

"Please, master? He called me a freak." She said, her gold and black eyes becoming moist with unshed tears.

In response, Izuku sighed and pulled his pet in for a kiss, lifting her up to his height and cradling her in his arms.

"You damn Deku! How'd you get into UA? You didn't even take the entrance exam!" Bakugo raged, getting up from the base of the damaged wall where he was tossed.

"Recommendation, asshole.” Izuku informed him, “Didn't I tell you to knock your bullying shit off? You almost made my little alien cry." Izuku said, the lightness in his tone juxtaposed against the angry fire burning in his eyes.

"Huh. I thought that blonde girl was your pet freak, I guess I just didn't realize how many freaks were desperate enough to be into your useless ass." Bakugo said, stalking towards him.

The room grew silent at his words and Momo, who had seen the strength of the green haired boy, almost felt bad for the blonde prick.

Izuku shot his right hand out and grabbed the front of Bakugo's shirt, lifting him off the ground.

"Let go of me, Deku!" Bakugo yelled before Izuku raised his left hand and flicked towards the exterior wall using 100% of One For All, temporarily destroying his finger but keeping his eyes locked on his bully the entire time.

The entire group of gathered teenagers watched in awe as the wind pressure from the flick blew a large hole in the wall and tossed several desks around, shattering and crushing them.

"I'm a bit stronger than the last time we fought, Katsuki, and you are a lot softer than a wall. You should go get those ribs checked out." Izuku growled in his ear before setting him down and turning away.

"What the hell do you mean? There's nothing wrong with my r-" Izuku cut the thug off by whirling around and punching his right side without One For All, cracking six ribs.

"Recovery Girl's office is down the hall. You might have a punctured lung, so you should go get that checked out too." Izuku said cheerfully before turning to the assembled students.

"Hi, I'm Izuku Midoriya. It's nice to meet you all." He said brightly as Bakugo staggered out, clutching his side.

Chapter Text

The rest of the students had gathered in the 1A classroom, with the only person not there being Bakugo.

They were all at their desks when a homeless looking man rushed into the room.

"My apologies for being late, it will not happen again. Where's the last student? And why is there a hole my wall?" The insomniac questioned, already seeming to be done with the entire week.

"I assume that you are our teacher, based on both your presence and the fact that you refer to it as your wall. Unfortunately, I can not tell you, as I was not yet here when it happened." A tall guy said, chopping his hand through the air.

"So why'd you talk at all? Someone who was here, tell me." The teacher asked, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"The missing guy, Kacchan or Katsuki, he was called both, was being an asshole. Then Green over there threw him into a wall, then picked him up, and flicked at the wall to prove a point and threaten him. Then he set him down and punched his ribs, probably breaking them." Jirou said, shooting Midoriya an apologetic look. She wasn't lying, but the dude did at least partially defend her.

"His name is Katsuki Bakugo. Is that what happened, Midoriya?" The teacher asked, sitting down at his desk.

"Umm yes sir, sorry." Izuku said, looking down.

"So who was the bully then? The asshole, or the overpowered guy who injured someone and blew a hole in my wall to make a point? You know, I've expelled people for much less." He continued, calmly setting his desk up for the day.

"Hey! You can't expel him, the other guy was the one who was picking on us!" Mina said, trying to defend her master.

Aizawa was about to say 'Are you sure about that?' but was cut off.

"No, he's right. I let my emotions get out of control and overreacted. It was wrong of him to act that way, but it was worse to actually hurt someone and damage property because of it. If you wish to expel me, I will not make a scene or anything." Midoriya said, realizing he took it too far.

Aizawa waited a bit, letting the class wait in anticipation, as well as gauge their reactions.

Jiro and Asui looked guilty, indicating that they didn't think he deserved expulsion for what he did, or they felt responsible. Maybe he was defending them?

Yaoyorozu and Ashido looked like they might cry, indicating a closeness with this year's problem child. One of them might be his girlfriend, most likely the pink one who defended him.

All the others seemed at least a little scornful at the boy, indicating they were not around for the event, and did not hear what the missing student said that upset the four girls and problem child.

"If you didn't say that, you'd be out on your ass by now. If you use your power like that, you'll be more villain than hero, but I only expel people with no potential. Give it your all today and I'll decide if you can stay." Aizawa said before letting his head drop on the desk.

"Get changed into your gym clothes and meet me outside." He said before nodding off.


As soon as they got into the hallway, Mina walked over and got in Jiro's face.

"What's your problem? He just defended you from that asshat and you snitch him out like that?" Mina demanded, angry that the guy she loved was nearly expelled, only to be wrapped up by two muscular arms belonging to Izuku and having her face buried in his chest.

"She was just being honest, pet. I took it too far. When you really think about it, she acted more like a hero than I did." He said, his chest vibrating against her cheek.

Jiro blushed at his words before walking to the locker rooms faster to hide her burning face.

"I still don't like it." Mina pouted, her arms crossed.

"It's fine, I'll just have to prove that I have potential today, and it'll be ok." Izuku said, rubbing her back soothingly.

They then walked to the locker rooms together, Mina even getting another kiss before they departed.

When Izuku walked into the bathroom, he saw a certain grape head holding a hand drill up to the wall that separated the two locker rooms, almost all the way through. Izuku rushed forward and lifted him by the front of his gym clothes.

"What the hell do you think you are doing, you little creep?" Izuku demanded, glaring down at the boy, who almost pissed himself immediately.

"Y-You can't hurt me, you'll be expelled." The grape haired boy stuttered, his tone wholly lacking in conviction.

"That's fine by me. I have a friend in the top ten heroes, and you don't need a degree from UA specifically to be a hero. I won't, however, allow you to violate the privacy of the girls on the other side of that wall." He growled, having no idea of what was going on in the girls' locker room.


Mina walked into the girls' locker room and was surprised to see everyone was still dressed and the girl who ratted out Izuku had an earphone stabbed into the wall.

"What's going on?" Mina asked, frowning in confusion.

"One of the boys was trying to drill through the wall and peek in on us, so we decided not to get undressed yet, but it sounds like your boyfriend has it handled." Jiro said, trying not to feel satisfied as the sound of a punch sounded through the boys' locker room.

"Izuku? Oh, he's not my boyfriend, I'm his little pet alien." Mina said cheerfully as she started changing.

"What does that mean?" Jiro asked, only to be answered by a blushing Momo.

"He is in a polyamorus relationship with Ashido and a girl named Toga. They pretend to be his pets, which is a kink they all have." Momo said, covering her face in embarrassment.

"He has started a harem of pet girls. I'm still waiting for my invitation, kero." Tsu said, surprising all of the girls.

"Oh shit, really? I mean, I don't decide who gets in, but I'll put in a good word for you." Mina said, pulling on her gym clothes.

"Wait, that is an option?" Momo asked hopefully, memories of the interactions between Izuku and his pets getting her excited all over again.

"Sure, you both want in? I'll see what I can do." Mina said before stepping out of the locker room fully dressed in her gym clothes and waiting for her master like a good girl.


The students stood on the practice field and listened to the instructions from their teacher.

"You're going to be using your quirks to the extreme of your abilities today. Problem child, in the circle." Aizawa said, gesturing to the circle in the middle of the pitching range.

"Throw the ball as far as possible. Do whatever you want as long as you don't leave the circle. I will tell you what you get using this device here." The teacher said after he had gotten in the circle, holding up a display.

Izuku wasted no time launching the ball with 100 percent of One For All, cracking the ground he stood on and obliterating his arm, which his quirk immediately began healing.

"What did he get?" Ochako asked as the teacher hadn't said anything yet, just starting at his device.

"I'll let you know when it lands." The man said, watching the display continue to climb in numbers to obscene levels.

"IT'S STILL GOING! WHAT THE HELL, DEK-!" Bakugo shouted, only to be cut off.

"367, 694 meters." He said, trying to keep his tone unimpressed even though he was very impressed indeed.

"Holy shit!" The guy with tape dispensers on his elbows.

(The rest of the apprehension test went the same as cannon, with the exception of Midoriya dominating most of them. I wanted to write more on this, but I was hitting a massive block and if I didn't skip this I'd never get this posted. Sorry about that)

As the last student finished the test, Aizawa just looked the results over and grunted before walking towards the school.

"Hey wait! Did mast- I mean Midoriya pass?" Mina asked the retreating form of the insomniac.

"He has the raw power to be a top five hero now, and he has a recommendation from All Might himself. He can stay for now, but I suggest you all realize that it makes you all look weak in comparison." Aizawa said, walking off to find a place to sleep.

"Yay! Master, you can stay! I can sleep in your room tonight, right?" Mina asked, leaping at him and wrapping her arms and legs around his body and nuzzling his neck to breathe in his scent.

"Uh, yeah, girl. I don't know if Himi is coming though." Izuku said, his hands on her ass to hold her up. He felt a little awkward about her being so affectionate in front of their classmates, but he didn't have the heart to order her to stop.

"I hope she comes. As much as I want you all to myself, I'd be really sad if I was in her place, so she should get to stay with you too." Mina said, fully aware of the awkwardness she was generating, but also didn't care as long as her beloved master continued to hold her.

"I'll text her in a bit, pet, but I want you to be a good girl until later. If you want punishment, you can ask for it like a good little alien bitch." Izuku growled quietly in her ear.

"Y-Yes sir. I-I'll be a good girl for you, but I love it when you treat me, y'know, roughly." Mina said while blushing.

"Roughly? Be more specific, little alienslut." Izuku commanded, squeezing her ass in his hands and drawing a moan out of his pet.

"I-I want you to treat me badly. I-I want you to call me your little alien breeding bitch, your personal little fuckpet. I want you to use me however you want and shove my face into the ground as you fuck me senseless. I've been such a naughty little pet for you, so please punish me." Mina said, losing her stutter as she got lost in her fantasy.

"Awe, is little Mina a cute little masochist as well as being my spaceslut? Do you want me to try and break me on my dick? Do you want to wake up with marks on your neck from how much I've been choking you with your collar? We still need to get you one so everyone will know who you belong to." Izuku teased, using the fact that he was holding her to grind his clothed abs over her clothed pussy.

"M-Master. You're making me all wet in my gym clothes." Mina whined, wanting nothing more than for him to take her to the nearest bathroom and fuck her to the point that she couldn't walk back to his room.

All of this conversation happened away from the others with their voices low, but that didn't make a difference for the resident rocker girl.

Jiro stood there with a bright red face as she listened to the lewd things that the pink girl wanted from the attractive boy.

'Well, being his little pet does sound nice. I bet he'd rub my head and call me his good girl while I suck his coc- WOAH, DOWN GIRL!' Jiro thought, her mind filled with dirty images featuring her and Izuku.

She looked over and noticed that Izuku was carrying the pink haired girl to the dorms, and suddenly had the inexplicable urge to go in her room and TOTALLY not listen in on them and pretend that Izuku is telling her what to do instead of her pink classmate.


Izuku threw Mina onto his bed, causing her to bounce slightly and let out an eep.

"You want me to mistreat you, you little alien bitch?" Izuku asked, his question doubling as dirty talk and also making sure that she still wanted that.

"Yes master, I'm your bad spaceslut, and I need you to put me in my place." Mina whimpered, rubbing her thighs in anticipation.

`That's right master, time to really give it to me. Really make me your bitch.' Mina thought, her clothes feeling tight and making her desperately want to be rid of them, but not wanting to do anything that might impede him from giving her inner masochist everything it wanted.

"Take your gym clothes off, before I lose my patience and tear them off." He growled, Izuku said, stripping out of his own clothes.

"Yes, sir." Mina said, taking her clothes off faster than she ever had before. She was down to her underwear and about to pull off her elastic sports bra, but was stopped by a now naked Izuku grabbing her small wrists in one hand and pinning them to his headboard.

"Too slow." Izuku said before grabbing the front of her bra and tearing it off her chest with a loud rip. Izuku then looped her ruined bra around the headboard and tieing her hands to the top of his bed.

"Yes master, put me in my place! Dumb fuckpets like me don't need to be able to move as long as you break me with your massive cock!" Mina cried out, quivering as he ghosted his hand on her exposed midriff and underboob.

"Last I checked little bitches didn't talk. Lay there and take what you deserve, pet." Izuku growled, peeling off her soaked panties.

"S-Sorry master." Mina said before her black and gold eyes widened, realizing she disobeyed him immediately.

"Naughty little bitch, you really want your punishment, huh? I guess you can't be trusted to keep quiet like you were told. Open your slutty little lips up, now." Izuku demanded, shoving her soaked panties in her mouth as soon as she opened, causing her to choke on her own juice-covered garment.

'YES! You're going to really abuse my body, aren't you master? Damn, the aftercare tonight is going to be awesome too!' Mina thought, moaning into her makeshift gag when his hand clamped down on her throat.

"I don't have much equipment to punish you with, but I'll probably be able to make you squirm with my hands." He said before flicking her nipple hard, making her rub her thighs together as she got even more excited.

Izuku smirked as she let out a moan, getting on the bed and using his legs to keep hers pinned to the mattress, denying her any form of relief.

"You know, your body is so easy to play with. I hold your hand and you melt and blush. I run my hand from your ribs to your nice, wide hips and you shudder. I choke you, and instead of struggling against me, you get nice and calm, looking into my eyes as you get all wet for me. How many times have you shouted that you belong to me? That your little pink body is mine to do whatever I want with? You are so pathetic, needing me so much." Izuku monologued as he rubbed her exposed pussy slowly and watched her squirm.

'That's right! I need you so fucking bad! I'm your desperate little bitch who can't live without master and his yummy cock! You're so strong, you could break me so easily, at this point I'm only functioning because you decided that I make a better pet than a fucktoy. Treat me like a fucking breeding bitch!' Mina mentally screamed as he denied her release, and actually screamed into her gag as she shook enough to literally rattle the headboard against the wall.

"Awe, you want me to make you cum so bad, don't you? You look so cute right now. You have your cute little panties stuffed into your mouth, you are tied to my headboard, and all you can think about is how much you want me to let you cum. I can see how desperate you are just by looking into your pretty eyes. Want to do some tricks for me, little bitch? Earn your dinner?" Izuku asked, pulling her wet panties out of her mouth.

"W-What's my dinner?" Mina asked, still desperate for orgasm.

"I'm going to fill a bowl with cum, and then you are going to eat it up with your hands and your legs tied, so you have to pathetically crawl over and lap up my cum, but for now, I'm just going to fuck you into the ground." Izuku said, grabbing her jaw and forcing her to look at him as he illustrated his future actions.

"Yesh pweash mashter, I need tew cum show bad." She slurred as he gripped her face and she became even more desperate for release.

"Poor little fuckpet. I guess I'll have to edge you until you lose your mind some other day." Izuku said, untying her and pulling her off the bed to put her on all fours.

"Good girl, just stay like that." Izuku said as he slammed his cock into her dripping entrance, making her moan as she came hard.

"There you go, that's it. Now I'm going to fuck you and your going to take it like a good fuckpet." Izuku said before fucking into her faster while reaching around and choking her with his right hand while his left gripped her pink hair.

"Thank you, master." Mina sighed out as she began approaching her second orgasm, one of many that she would achieve that night.


Jirou was sitting on her bed, calming herself down after masturbating to the sounds of Izuku being dominant and pretending he was talking to her. She had decided that she did want to do that sort of thing with him, but was resolved to wait until she knew the guy better before being so submissive to him.

"Besides, the other girls are way prettier than me anyway, I doubt Midoriya would even notice me with my flat chest." She said out loud, looking down at her chest dejectedly.

"Oh I doubt that, I mean he accepted me immediately and I literally drink his blood to sustain myself!" A voice called from her window.

"Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?" Jirou shouted at the blonde girl who was sitting casually on her windowsill.

"Oh, right. I'm Himiko Toga, Master Izu's first pet! I was sneaking in to see my master, and most likely live here with him when I heard you. Don't worry, just ask him when you are ready and he'll probably accept you on the spot. You'll have to be straight forward with him though, for such a smart guy, he's pretty dense." Himiko replied helpfully.

"Thanks, I guess. Why are you helping me anyway? Doesn't that mean you'd have to share him more?" Jirou asked, a little skeptical.

"I'll let you in on a secret of mine. I get off by watching him fuck other girls senseless." Himiko said with a wink before disappearing out the window again and continuing to make her way to her master's balcony.

Chapter Text

Mina was a very happy girl.

She was getting her back pet while she crawled around on hands and knees, not to mention lapping cum out of a large bowl like the good girl she was.

"Hey master? Did you know that the cute girl with cord thingies on her ears likes you? She said that she was worried that you wouldn't think she was pretty because her boobs aren't that big, so you might want to tell her she's hot at some point." Himiko said, cuddling into her master and preparing to consume his blood.

Suddenly, Mina lifted her face after the bowl, her favorite treat dripping from her chin as her eyes widened, remembering her promise from earlier.

"Oh yeah, Tsu and Momo want to be your pets too, and Tsu is a little miffed she didn't get an invite yet." Mina said before going back to her reward.

Izuku let out a sigh, leaning his head away to let his pet sink her fangs into his neck, letting the sweet liquid fill her mouth.

"So now three more girls want to be my pets? I don't think I could even keep up without my quirk replenishing my energy and bodily fluids at the rate it does." Izuku muttered, idly petting both of his pets while he considered the girls. He'd be lying if he said that he didn't find all three girls attractive, and they each have their own features that made them so appealing.

Momo's was the most obvious. She had large breasts and a shy disposition, not to mention that she could help him by making collars and toys for him to use with her quirk.

Tsu was also very attractive, mostly because of her toned legs, great ass, and cute face, not to mention the possible applications of her quirk. He would have to find out if her esophagus could expand like elastic for…. Reasons.

Jirou was cute as well, and while she was right that she didn't have much of a bust, Izuku didn't really care about that too much anyway.She didn't have an amazing ass, like Mina and Tsu did, but her ass was pretty good as well. She did, however, have a goth aesthetic and soft, thick, pillow-like thighs, and thick thighs do, in fact, save lives.

Izuku was taken out of his musings when Himiko removed her fangs and gave his neck a lick, indicating that she was satisfied.

"So, are you going to get some more cuties to fuck?" Himiko asked, laying her head on Izuku's lap, taking his hand and laying it on her head, happy when he took the hint and began petting her.

"Probably. It's starting to get annoying how many girls find me attractive. How am I supposed to give you girls the attention you deserve if I have more girls to take care of? But I'm sure I can handle it. I'll pay a visit to all three of them soon and talk to them about it." Izuku said, enjoying having one pet using his lap as a pillow and watching the other slurp up his cum from a large bowl.

"Awe, don't worry master, we know you won't forget about us, and it is so hot watching you make a girl your little bitch." Himiko said, her face pressing into his abs and inhaling deeply in through her nose, gathering his scent.

"Thanks, pet. If either of you feel like I am not paying enough attention to you, let me know and I'll find time to give you the attention you deserve." Izuku said, rubbing her head and then resting his hand on her throat to lightly choke her.


Aizawa was sitting in the teachers lounge, sipping coffee and eating a bagel when he saw a blond skinny man walk in.

"Hello, Erasure. How are you?" The former number one hero asked. He was still teaching there, but he was still retired as a hero.

"Your problem child isn't helping, you might want to make him exempt from the combat test today, his power outclasses his classmates by a lot." He said, barely sparing All Might a glance.

"Ah, yes, I have prepared a separate activity for him tomorrow and the day after. He will be training with my mentor to master his power better. May Torino have mercy on his soul." All Might sighed, pouring his own cup of coffee and sitting across from the erasing hero.

"How has he been behaving? Is he still a good young man in your class?" All Might inquired, anxious about his successor.

"Oh, you mean aside from being the personification of 'fuck around and find out'? He's a little too impulsive and overprotective, but it'll be fine. He demolished your records on the apprehension test, by the way." Shota said, hoping to get a rise out of the man opposite him.

"Ha! I would expect nothing less from my successor." All Might said proudly.

"Yeah. Anyway, are you going to the USJ in a couple days with 1A?" Aizawa asked, finishing his bagel and coffee and rising from his seat.

"No, I will be assisting with young Midoriya's mastery of his quirk. You know as well as I do the importance of strong quirks being used properly." Yagi said, knowing he was playing favorites, but that was necessary for the future.

Aizawa merely grunted and walked away, leaving the former hero alone with his thoughts.


Jirou had cleaned up her room in preparation for Izuku's visit. She had, of course, heard what he said about visiting each of the girls who showed interest in him, and she'd rather he did not think she was a slob. In her defense, unpacking all of the things she brought was a messy process.

Izuku knocked on her door, which was opened immediately considering that she was expecting him and heard him approaching.

"Hi, Jirou. Mind if I come in for a sec?" Izuku asked, rubbing the back of his head.

In response, Jirou just stepped aside and closed the door behind him.

"Sorry about snitching you out today, by the way." Jirou said, hoping to defuse tension as she felt her heart speed up in his presence. He had dressed in shorts and a tank top, his intricate muscles on display and flexing lightly with his every movement.

'I bet that he would make an awesome cuddle buddy, I'd feel so damn safe in his arms.' Jirou mused with a light blush dusting her cheeks.

"Oh, don't worry about it, you just told the truth. I assume that you know why I'm here? I doubt there's anything that happens in this building that you don't hear." Izuku began, wanting to get through the awkwardness as fast as he could.

"Yeah. To be honest, I'd like to get to know you a little better, rather than entering into a highly dependent relationship the same day I met you. I find you attractive, and I think I would like that type of relationship with you, but I'd rather wait a bit longer." Jirou said, not meeting his eyes in case she got distracted by his attractiveness.

"Oh, that makes a lot of sense. I've known Momo, Tsu, Mina and Himiko a lot longer than I've known you, so just let me know if and when you are ready." Izuku said, smiling brightly.

"Alright, thanks for understanding. Now get out of here before I say fuck it because your hotness has worn me down to the point that I can't resist your charms." Jirou said with a shy smile, pushing Izuku towards her door and fully aware that if he didn't comply she couldn't move him an inch.

"Ok ok, I'm leaving. By the way, Kyoka? You look absolutely gorgeous today." Izuku said before leaving, chuckling at her bright red blush.

'H-He called me Kyoka and said I'm gorgeous.' she thought, resisting the urge to sigh dreamily like a cliche highschool girl.


Tsu had wanted to be proactive because she was tired of waiting around for Izuku to take the hint.

Unlike Kyoka, she had no idea that Izuku was going to the three girls who's attention he had caught, and went to his room to make her intentions clear.

Tsu barged into his room, only to find Mina on the floor with her hands tied together and her face in a bowl full of a thick white fluid, and a familiar blonde girl rifling through the hamper and putting on one of his large 'T-shirt' shirts, her only other clothes a pair of red and green panties.

"Oh! Mina, the cute frog girl is here! Did Master send you here so we can teach you how to be a good girl? I hope it's that." Himiko said, getting close enough that her Izuku-like scent wafted over the frog girl.

"No. I'm looking for Izuku. Where is he? Kero." Tsu said, blushing at the implications made by the shapeshifter.

"He just left. He actually went out to talk to you three girls about being pets. You can just wait for him to get back here." Himiko suggested while sitting on Izuku's bed.

"Yeah, sure. What is Mina doing? Kero." Tsu asked, looking at the girl with her face buried in a bowl of what appeared to be milk, but much thicker.

"She was a good girl, so Master Izu rewarded her with a bowlful of his yummy cum. I had some earlier, but I don't want to take too much of her reward from her, but you can probably try some." Himiko said, scooping some out of the bowl on two fingers.

"Open wide! You're going to have to get used to taking things in your mouth anyway, and Master mentioned that he wants to test out that froggy throat of yours, so you should get used to things in your mouth." Himiko said cheerfully before thrusting her fingers into Tsu's mouth, chuckling at the little moan that escaped her mouth.

Tsu loved the taste as soon as it hit her abnormal tongue. She immediately knew one of the biggest reasons that the girls were with Izuku was his ability to produce infinite amounts of the substance.

"It tastes weirdly good, right?" Himiko asked, pulling her fingers out of the other girl's mouth.

"Yeah. His quirk applies to sperm production too, right? Kero." Tsu asked, making herself comfortable on his bed and breathing in his scent.

"Yep! It also gives him awesome stamina, so he'll be fucking your brains out for a long time." Himiko said, also laying on his bed.


Izuku knocked on Momo's door, having given up on Tsu when she didn't answer the door, and was surprised when he heard a yelp and rapid shuffling.

"I-I'll be right there!" She shouted, her voice quivering as she moved around frantically.

Izuku waited a second before getting impatient and simply opening the door.

"Ah! I-Izuku, I said I'd be there in a second." Momo said, trying to hide something behind her back.

"Momo? What is that?" Izuku asked, leaning to look around her and laughing when he saw what she was hiding.

It was a large chest, not yet shut, and Izuku could see a body pillow with his likeness on it, a collar, and a cow themed bikini, complete with stockings and a headband with little horns and false cow ears on it.

"Oh? What's this you've got here?" Izuku said, striding over to the open box, smirking at the girl who was blushing heavily.

Izuku picked up the body pillow, smirking as he set it aside, she wouldn't be needing it anymore, and first picked up the collar.

"Hey Momo? Do you have something to tell me? Because this collar seems to say 'Izuku's Creation Cow', you have a body pillow that looks like me, and this skimpy cow outfit has an I.M. brand design on it." Izuku said, holding both the collar and the outfit.

"I-I am sorry and ashamed, Izuku. I-It was wrong of me to think such shameful things about you, especially without your knowledge and consent." Momo said, nearly in tears as she assumed she ruined her chances with Izuku.

"Momo, don't cry. I was here to see if you wanted to be my pet anyway, you just were ahead of the game." Izuku said, pulling her into his arms and planting a kiss on her temple.

"Y-You don't disapprove of my actions?" Momo stuttered, her eyes shining brightly as she looked up at the first guy she met, and the first guy she crushed on.

"Of course not. You've got so many expectations from so many people, don't you? You just need some time and place where you don't have so many responsibilities. Do you want to be my pet, Momo? Do you want me to do all of your thinking for you, at least for a little while, so all you have to worry about is being a good girl for me?" Izuku asked her, her face pressed into his chest.

"Y-Yes Izuk- I mean Master. Please tell me what to do. I-I want to do whatever you want me to." Momo said with a blush, her eyes looking down in subservience.

"Awe, you are so cute. Ready for your first order? Be a good girl and change into this costume you made, and get that collar on. Then I want you to show me what you did with that body pillow of yours." Izuku said, kissing her cheek gently.

"O-Okay. Y-You won't make fun of me, right?" She asked, blushing as she took her costume items from him and reached for her body pillow, only for Izuku to grab her wrist and stop it.

"Of course I won't make fun of you, and you won't be using the body pillow, but I can see why you'd be confused. You are going to pretend I am your body pillow for this little exercise." Izuku said, releasing her wrist.

"O-Okay. I'm going to change now, can you please close your eyes? I know you'll see me naked at some point, but I'm still shy, master." Momo said, her blush covering her face completely.

"Ok girl, I'll close my eyes, but only because you are such a good girl for me." Izuku said, closing his eyes and laying back on her bed.

He could hear rustling as she moved around and changed into her self-made costume, finishing with a click as she put on her collar.

"O-Okay Master, I'm changed. A-Am I cute for you?" Momo asked insecurely, nibbling on her knuckle shyly.

She sat on her bed, her legs together and folded to the side like a mermaid, her large breasts straining against her cow print top, which could hardly be called a garment as it was, and the rest of her outfit giving her vague features of a cow.

"You are fucking adorable, cutie. What exactly made you make this?" Izuku asked, playing with the straps of her outfit, causing the young heiress to blush.

"W-Well, I was researching different pet f-fetishes, and the article mentioned that girls with large b-breasts might like acting like cows. I can't produce milk, but I thought you would still like it, and I wanted to try it." She explained shyly, her eyes not meeting his out of shyness.

"Awe, you didn't have to do that for me to like you, cutie. Now, tell me what you did with that body pillow that looked so familiar." Izuku teased.

"W-Well, I would just cuddle with it. Most times." She admitted, saying the last part almost too quietly for Izuku to hear. Almost.

"Most times? What about the other times?" Izuku asked, pulling her close to him and laying back on her bed, effectively snuggling her.

"Yourarmsfeelsogoodaroundme. I-I'm sorry, what did you ask, master?" Momo asked, blushing as she snuggled deeper into Izuku's chest.

"I want you to tell me what else you would do with the body pillow. Don't get too shy on me now, I am literally holding you while you wear a cow outfit." Izuku teased his voice low and in her ear, causing shivers to run down her spine.

"S-Sometimes when I thought of you, I would have… inappropriate thoughts, and it felt better when I held it and moved up and down, but I kept feeling strange after a bit so I stopped." She said shyly, blushing when he chuckled deeply.

"Awe, you never even masturbated before? Such a cute little virgin. Do you want me to fix it for you, girl?" Izuku asked, his hand tracing circles on her exposed midriff and causing her abdominal muscles to tense up.

"M-Moo. Please help your silly little cow feel good, master. Moo." Momo begged, her embarrassment outweighed by her hornyness.

"Good girl! Now, just lay back and let your master take care of you." Izuku said, nipping her collarbone and causing her to let out a soft, adorable moan.

"Thank you, master. moo." Momo said, remembering how Tsu ended each sentence with a low croak.

In response, Izuku placed his hands on her breasts, rubbing them gently and scraping down from the side of her neck to the top of the waistband for her cow themed panties with his teeth slowly and teasingly.

"M-Master! Please, don't tease me!" Momo whined, squirming as he made her nerves light on fire.

"I'm sorry, cutie. Do you want me to get right to it?" Izuku asked, pinching her nipples and planting a kiss just above her waistband.

"Yes please, moo." Momo said meekly, just wanting release from pressure he was building in her lower torso.

"Awe poor girl. You can make more of these, right?" Izuku asked, gripping her cow-themed panties.

"Yes, wh-" she was cut off by Izuku ripping them in half and burying his hand between her soft thighs while planting a kiss on her lips to silence her moans, her first kiss to be exact.

Izuku continued to work his hand while kissing the heiress, enjoying the shudders she let out, before she let out a loud shriek to accompany her first orgasm.

"Good girl, just let it all out, it's ok, such a good girl for me." Izuku said comfortingly, rubbing her back as she attempted to regain her mental facilities.

"T-Thank you, that felt so good. Can you do this for me more often?" Momo asked, breathing heavily as she came off of the orgasm that just rattled her entire world.

"Yeah, of course, just keep being a good girl for me." Izuku said before teasing her by softly stroking her outer lips land causing her to squirm around, her recent orgasm making her overly sensitive.

"Thank you, master, I want to be a good girl for you, but I don't know if I like the cow thing. Can I have a head pat?" Momo requested, looking up at him with her dark eyes shining adorably.

"Awe, that's ok, you can be whatever kind of pet you want, cutie." Izuku said as he gently patted her head.

"Th-Thank you master. Can you and the other girls sleep in here tonight? My bed is much bigger than yours, and I'd like it if you're sleeping next to me." Momo asked as she enjoyed his warmth.

"Um, yeah sure, that should be fine. I'll let them know now." Izuku said, going to get up before he was stopped by a tug on his shoulder.

"Can you just stay with me for a bit longer?" Momo asked insecurely.

"Yeah, I can stay for a bit, but I have to find Tsu at some point, and I will be training outside of the school for a couple of days." Izuku said sheepishly as he held the rich girl.

"Wait, you're leaving for two days? B-But I want you to stay! I-I didn't mean to sound that needy, but I am sort of now." She said shyly, subconsciously tightening her grip on him.

"I'm sorry, but All Might set up a way for me to learn more about strength quirks, and I need to be the strongest I can be." Izuku said, mentally adding 'to protect all of you' as he rubbed her head, causing her to let out an involuntary hum that expressed how much she liked the attention.


When Izuku went to try Tsu's room again after staying with Momo for the remainder of the afternoon, he didn't wait nearly as long before shrugging and walking on to his own room, walking in and getting an interesting surprise.

Tsu, Himiko, and Mina were all snuggling and asleep in his bed, pressed together and still close to the edge. Yeah, he'd need to invest in a bigger bed, or maybe just see if Momo wanted to trade, considering she would sleep in his from now on for the most part.

Izuku planted a soft kiss on each girl's forehead, waking them up and causing them to squirm around on his bed, even almost falling off.

"Hey, Master's back! I finished my yummy treat for you! Can I have a kiss as a reward? I rinsed my mouth out." Mina said excitedly as she sat up and sat in the classic begging pose while puckering her lips.

Chuckling, Izuku reached his arm around to grasp the back of her head by the simi-short pink hair and gave it a sharp tug, wrenching a strangled moan and gasp from the girl before pushing his tongue in her now-open mouth and beginning his assault.

"Heh, I remember when Master first kissed me, he had no idea what he was doing. Now he can make me come undone with a single flick of the tongue like a pro." Himiko said to Tsu, who was watching enraptured.

Izuku broke off the kiss, a string of saliva connecting him to a dazed Mina.

"What do you say when you get what you asked for, Pet?" Izuku growled, his proximity emphasizing the difference in mass between the muscular guy and the dancing enthusiast.

"T-Thank you Master, I love being your pet so much." Mina said, sitting back and trying to fix her broken mind.

"Atta girl. Now, Tsu, I take it you are in my bed for a reason." Izuku said with a raised eyebrow. He already knew why, but his inner sadist demanded he make her say it.

"Yeah, I've been wanting to be your pet since the day you beat the shit out of Mr. Overcompensation and the nutsack duo." Tsu said grumpily.

"Really? I had no idea." Izuku said, smirking at her description.

"Yeah yeah, I can be your pet froggy, right?" Tsu asked, acting a little aggressive despite her normal sweet disposition.

"Apparently a grumpy froggy, but yeah, just be a good girl for me." Izuku said, rubbing her head.

"Thanks, can I have a kiss and an orgasm please?" Tsu asked, desperate for the real thing after thinking about him for months.

"Well you know, pet frogs don't really do much, do they? They tend not to do tricks like puppies, so they are really just for holding and looking at. Be a good girl and strip down for me, I want to look at you before making you cum, and then memorize the look on your face when I take you apart." Izuku ordered, making room for her to get off the bed.

Tsu let out a little whine, but then complied, getting off the bed and taking off her clothes to bare her body to Izuku, a little slowly due to shyness.

"A-Am I a pretty little froggy, Master Izu? Do you want to fuck my streachy little throat?" Tsu asked, playing out one of her fantasies.

"Good job, I think you deserve to cum nice and hard." Izuku said before walking to her and picking her up and laying her down on the bed.

"Time for the show, Mimi. Let's watch Master ruin this little froggy." Himiko said, helping the pink girl get out of the way.

Izuku planted a kiss on Tsu's jugular before baring his teeth and nipping her neck, tearing a long, croak-like moan from the girl's mouth, as if he forced it out with his teeth.

"Y-Yes M-Master, mark me as yours, bite me, make me feel like I'm in danger, please." Tsu begged, her natural prey instincts giving her predicament an arousing edge.

Izuku growled ferally upon processing the new information, his hands half closing to make a claw motion as he raked his slight nails down her body, just short of doing damage.

Izuku then slid one hand down to the wet flash between her long, strong legs, simply rubbing before slipping in his two middle fingers.

Tsu released another long croak as she clamped down on his fingers, painting a teasing smile on Izuku's face.

"Finishing so fast? You really do like being in danger. Do you want to be prey? Do you want me to stalk closer and closer to you, make you feel small with nowhere to go before pouncing on you?" Izuku teased her, licking her fluids off his hand.

"Y-Yes please. I-I'm your prey." The blunt girl stuttered.

"I know. Now, c'mon girls, we are sleeping in Momo's room because my bed is too small." Izuku said, tossing the girls various clothes so they could walk in the hallway without worrying about pervs.

On the way, they saw Jirou standing in the hallway with her arms crossed.

"Can you please be less vocal? Some of us are trying not to fall madly in love with Mast- Izuku quite yet." Jirou said, blushing at her slip up.

"Heh, no promises, good girls use their words until Master says otherwise." Himiko said, dragging her cuddle buddies past Jirou and to the young heiress' room.

Chapter Text

Momo woke up in her bed as usual, but with a slight difference to what she was used to. Mina, Tsu, and Himiko were snuggling into her, but her new Master was nowhere to be found, rather there was a note on her bedside table.

Shifting out of the pile of girls, and briefly wondering how Izuku did it, Momo picked the note up off the table and unfolded it.

'Hey girls, I had to get up early for training. I won't be back until late, and I'll be up early tomorrow, but I'll see you all at the USJ (you'll hear about that soon) tomorrow.

Love Izuku'

'Well,' Momo thought. 'I should get up and get ready anyway.'


Izuku walked through the empty streets in an old part of the city, only for his phone to alert him of a notification with a bark ringtone when he found the place.

'Oh, that's from Himiko.' Izuku thought as he knocked and then entered the house. 'I'll have to check it later.'


Himiko Toga created a new group called “Master Izu’s Good Girls”

Himiko Toga added Izuku Midorya, Mina Ashido, Asui Tsuyu, and Momo Yaoyorozu

Himiko Toga has made Izuku Midoriya an administrator

Himiko Toga changed Izuku Midorya’s name to “Master Izu”

Himiko Toga changed their name to “Lil Vamp”

Lil Vamp: Hey guys, made a group chat

Mina Ashido changed their name to “Bratty Alien Pet”

Bratty Alien Pet: is the good girl thing mandatory? I like being a naughty girl who gets spanked while she's fucked senseless 😘

Asui Tsuyu changed her name to "Master's Froggy"

Master's Froggy: Master still hasn't fucked me or Momo, and that's some bullshit

Lil Vamp changed Momo Yaoyorozu's name to "Pet 3D Printer"

Pet 3D Printer: Himiko! That is very insulting!

Lil Vamp: you can change it when you figure out what kind of pet you are 😈

Pet 3D Printer changed her name to "Izuku's Good Girl"

Lil Vamp: nicknames aside, we should talk about new potential pets for Master!

Master's Froggy: Me and Momo still haven't had sex with him, why would we want to get new pets for him before we even get same?

Master's Froggy: *some*

Lil Vamp: oh please, he's not online rn, but I know Master would assure you that he's gonna fuck your cute little brains out soon. And I get to watch! 🥵🥵🥵

Bratty Alien Pet: *cough* cuckquean *cough*

Izuku's Good Girl: What is a 'cuckquean'?

Lil Vamp: I am not! I don’t find it humiliating, I just like watching Master ruin your cute little bodies with his big, yummy cock. My ultimate fantasy is he feeds me blood and calls me his good girl while he rams one of you girls like his personal fuckpets 🤤🤤🤤

Master's Froggy: that is very graphic 😳

Lil Vamp: Oh! I forgot that you and Momo haven't even seen his cock yet! It is so cool!

Bratty Alien Pet: lmao, Master's dick has a fangirl

Lil Vamp: oh, like you aren't the same way

Bratty Alien Pet: ...

Lil Vamp: exactly. Now, back to pets, obviously cute cord girl will be his soon, it's just a matter of time.

Izuku's Good Girl: Jirou? I suppose she has been getting flustered around him. Not that I can claim to be different.

Lil Vamp: So yeah, her for sure. Who do we know of that has animal-like quirks? That's a good place to start.

Master's Froggy: Miruko lol. Fr tho, I heard there is an American girl in 1B who has an animal quirk, but idk what it is.

Lil Vamp: Heh, I bet she's a tsundere. Could you imagine Master fucking that rabbit? Her muscley legs wrapping around his hips? Or her and master could crush my head between their thighs! That'd be so fucking hot! But what's this about an American girl? Master speaks English, you know.

Master's Good Girl: Really? I didn't know that, maybe he can help her if she is an exchange student.

Bratty Alien Pet: So we are literally planning how we would help him seduce a girl? Not objecting, just making sure.

Lil Vamp: yup, we should look into it. What are you all doing, btw? I'm still in Momo's bed with Master's clothes.

Bratty Alien Pet: we are just sitting around waiting for our turn on the combat test. Master was excused because at this point he could solo the entire class.

Master's Froggy: Lucky, he gets a vacation.


Izuku let his healing factor take care of his new bruises as the retired hero continued to pile more on him. He had spent the last half hour getting the absolute shit kicked out of him by a former hero that scared All Might.

“Why don’t you use One For All to overclock your quirk, boy?’ The retired mentor of All Might asked as he sent a devastating kick to the boy’s quirk.

Izuku’s brow furrowed in confusion before asking “It does that? I’ve always activated it just at the moment of an attack.”

“Did that musclehead Toshinori teach you that? Figures, he never had a quirk to amplify. When you use One For All, it will boost your quirk in that area. Your quirk is an exceptional match for One For All, because it not only counters the stress that One For All puts on its users as it builds in power, but also because if you channel One For All through an area it should boost your healing in that area.” The veteran hero explained, sitting on the floor and catching his breath. He wasn’t as young as he used to be, and the boy had infinite stamina. ‘No wonder his phone is blowing up, I imagine he has caught the interest of several of his female classmates.’

“I guess I never realized it, but One For All is so much more than a simple strength quirk. Thank you for telling me about that.” Izuku said with a low bow.

"C'mon boy, we got to toughen you up even more if you want to be a hero! We got to get you at least able to run One For All through your whole body before you leave tomorrow. When we break, silence your damn phone, kids these days and all their socializing." Gran Torino grumped, jumping to his feet and bouncing off a wall into the boy.

"Sorry, sir. I should have put it on silent before starting." Izuku said, blocking an attack with extreme reflexes, only to have his tutor change direction and slam a kick down on top of his head, which was promptly countered with a punch.

The old teacher smiled wryly before talking. "Well done, boy! But don't you relax, I'm not done with you yet!"


Izuku was getting frustrated. He had only managed to use One For All across his whole body once, and only for a flicker before it faded and he had to rush out to get to the USJ facility.

He had trained with Gran Torino and All Might all day the day before, apparently missing a break in at the school that almost made him leave right then to check on the girls, but All Might assured him that it was taken care of and told him he needed to focus on his training if he wants to be able to keep them safe. With that in mind, Izuku then trained all morning before running out the door.


Mina sat with Momo and Tsu on the bus to the USJ building, talking to them about different fantasies and making sure Jirou could hear them.

"Hey Momo, what if you were like his kitten? Then he'd treat you softly, and he could give you some of his 'milk', if you know what I mean." Mina suggested while wiggling her eyebrows. She was sitting between the two virgin pets, with all three of them sitting in anticipation for not only USJ, but for the fact that their Master would be there, and would be training with them.

"I-I've thought about it, but I still don't know. Maybe I will try being his kitten. I want to be his good girl, but I also want him to tell me what to do and make all of my decisions for me." Momo said with a red face, still not used to indulging in her fantasies, let alone talking about them. "Master is so sweet and gentle with me, but he is rough and brutish with you, Mina. Does he have anything he won't do for us?" Momo asked, wanting to know if there was anything to avoid.

“Well, aside from the obvious stuff, I don't think so. He literally filled a bowl with cum for me, so he obviously is into that. I think you will be ok as long as you don’t do anything gross. I kinda want him to grab my tongue and wrap it around my neck so he can use it as a leash. I bet he could do the same with Jirou’s jacks, kero.” Tsu confessed, drool pooling in her mouth as she imagined him using her own body to dominate her.

“Damn, now I wish I had a long tongue. I like it when he gets all dominant and possessive at the same time, like calling his little pet alien.” Mina said with a slight blush dusting her cheeks.

The bus then came to a stop and Aizawa stood up and got in the middle of the aisle before saying “All right, we’re here, everybody off.”

As soon as they stepped into the amazing facility, Uraraka got very excited and sprinted towards a famous rescue hero known as Thirteen while everyone else gushed over the impressive training capabilities and biomes.

“No way, this place even has fake villains?” Kaminari asked as a purple shadow began to produce several individuals who were all prepared for battle, including a large bird-like monster..

“EVERYONE GET BACK TO THE BUS, THEY AREN’T FAKE!” Thirteen and Aizawa yelled at the same time, with Aizawa vaulting over the railing to confront them while Thirteen attempted to cover the children's escape.

"Hello. Please do not resist. We are here for All Might's successor, and no harm needs to come to any of you." A well dressed shadow said in a polite voice.

"What makes you think I even know who that is?" Aizawa questioned, assuming a combative stance as he flicked his goggles down over his eyes.

"Clever man, not giving us any details, but we know they are here. This is class 1A, the top entering class from the prestigious UA high. Where else would the successor of All Might, who teaches a class at UA I might add, be?"?” The formal cloud explained before waving his hand and transporting the entire class, including Aizawa, in front of them, only for another villain to raise his hands and surround them in a translucent dome. “Now, which one is the next symbol of peace? I’d rather not resort to killing every one of you.”

Suddenly, a guy covered in hands stepped out ahead of the polite villain before saying “Nah, fuck that, we are going to kill every single one of you brats, but I’m feeling merciful, so the first one to give them up gets to go free.”

“His name is-mph!” Mineta said before getting his mouth clamped down on by Jirou.

“Shut the fuck up grape!/ What’s your fucking problem?/ You little bitch!/ What a dishonorable coward.” Mina, Jirou, Tsu and Momo all said at once before realizing their slip up.
“Aha! Now we know the successor is a boy, and he has some kind of connection to these four! Jailcarrier! Wall off these four from the rest. We’ll kill them one by one until he tries to save them.

As soon as a wall separated the girls from the rest of the class, Mineta shoute “Izuku Midoriya! His name is Izuku Midoriya, please let me go, there are so many girls I haven’t had sex with yet!”

“You little rat!” Mina shouted as she slammed her fist on the wall. The wall flickered before glowing a little brighter.

“Heh, unless you happen to be able to level a building, you won’t be able to even put a scratch on that wall.” The leader of the villains cackled, his eyes glowing with mad glee. “Nomu, kill the loud pink one. Last chance, Midorya, speak up or I will kill this girl.”

The nomu ran forward and grabbed the girl, cocking its fist back to end the girl’s life.

‘I’m sorry, Master. I love y-” Mina began only to be cut off by a flash of green.

“SMASH!!!!!” Izuku shouted as he grabbed the arm of the nomu with his left hand, and punched it with the other hard enough to completely sever it, literally punching his arm off. Mina pried the dead fingers off her, squirming out of the nomu’s grip and into the grip of her savior, only to finch slightly as she looked into his eyes.

Mina had not been there when he defended his first pet from his childhood bully, and his back was to her when he defended the girls from the same boy on the first day. But Bakugou had seen his eyes both times, and this time, his cold fury was not directed at him.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU ARE ALL SO FUCKING DEAD!” Bakugou shouted, and was joined by similar cheers from his classmates.

Izuku then began trading blows with the monster, both of them delivering devastating attacks that blew the other’s bones to splinters, only for them to be fixed by each one’s respective healing factors. Both the aspiring heroes and villains watched with fascination as a creature bred to kill All Might fought his replacement, and was not killing him nearly as fast as it should have been able to.

‘I need an edge, this is just a standstill.’ Izuku thought before considering what he did for only a moment when taught by his teacher’s teacher. He paused, blocking hits as he slowed his breathing and focused on the feeling of channeling One For All, and letting it flow through his body.

Every person there watched with bated breath as green lightning flickered over the young hero, all of his muscles pulsing with light as he his grit teeth.
It was then that Izuku entered a state that he would later refer to as berserker mode. His healing quirk functioned in tandem with his Amygdala, the part of his brilliant mind that controlled his fight or flight response, and his Truncus encephali, also known as the lizard brain or the brain stem, which controls involuntary reactions and more basic thoughts, such as fear, pain, and protective instincts. One For All increased quirk output, but had never encountered a quirk that directly dealt with the brain, so when the quirk ran through his mind, it caused an extreme spike in the areas of the brain that made his quirk activate in order to stimulate it. Basically, it made Izuku heal at a speed that makes his base healing look pathetic, but robbed him of his reasoning, such as what is necessary for silly things like ‘holding back’ and ‘mercy’.

Izuku seemed to be teleporting around, green lightning flashing violently as he peppered the monster with punches that would undoubtedly strike a charging rhino dead with one of them. Within moments, the monster was nothing more than a bloody spot on the ground, only for Izuku toi finish it off with a stomp on its brain that caused spider web-like cracks to spread out on the pavement for ten feet in every direction.

Izuku said nothing, but rather he first ran to the portal creator and threw a devastating punch to his metal collar before anyone could react, spurring the other villains into action as they hit him with everything they had, only for it to have no apparent effect on the boy with fierce glowing eyes.

‘Oh fuck! His HP recovery is higher than the DPS of these NPCs. I’ll have to step in.’ Shigaraki thought as he watched the young man send his minions flying with a simple swing of his arm. The young man who desperately needed chapstick walked behind the raging boy and set his hand on the back of his neck. ‘Game over, little hero.’

Nothing in the world could have prepared Shigaraki for the glare shot his way as the overclocked quirk overpowered his own. It made him feel as if all the power he had ever wielded was nothing more than a pebble, and he was staring at a mountain. A very angry mountain.

̧͍̣̲̮͔ͣ"͕̜̤̭̼̯̭̺̠̰̝̎̿ͣͧ͢H̨̱̟͈̠͚̿ͮ̈́ͅa̤̖̹̦͗̇ͫͨv̡̳͍̖̂e̸̬̜̬͕̯̤͈͐̓ ̣͕̈́͐ͦ͜f͇̹͓̻͖̔̓͢ȩ̘͎̖̠̩̦ͣ̑̚a̻͙͇̿̈́ͩ̈͘ͅͅrͫ̽͏̥͇̥,̨̱̼̘͔̼͚̜̺̎ ̛̳̱͚͖̰ͥͯF̗̩͉͇̩̙̱̣͑̿͂̕o̵͎͙͉̦͖̯̰ͩ̈͐̒r̊̑̐͏̜̼ ̙̪̹̩͍̬̻̪̑͡I̻̦͙ͯͮͭ̓͝ ͍̝̞͖ͨ̐͞A̹̐͌̏͜ͅM̨͕̗̻̭̘͖ͪ̂̿͆ ̸̫̣̞̠̪̯̫̥̎H̠̜͊͗͟Ȇ̼͔̰̮͕ͦ͌̽͝R̩̰͚͚̼͔͊̀̈̕Ë̡̱͇͚͔̦̯̪̭̉!̴̡̞̲̥̣͇͕̜͔̻̦̫̠͔͒ͨ̂͗"̧̤̳̭͕̰̆͆̀̑ Izuku growled, his parody of All Might’s signature line making it perfectly clear who this was..

(Shoutout to total command)

The villains had no other warning before the boy seemed to blink out of existence and try to tear the head of the hand enthusiast clean off his shoulders, but was stopped by the appearance of his mentor.

All Might stood in his buff form, which he barely used anymore, and held the boy with all of his strength. “I suggest you all run away now, I won’t be able to hold him long.” he said, his strain obvious as he attempted to save both the lives of those who dared to threaten his pets, and the soul of his favorite pupil.

The attacking villains left at speeds that suggested they had running quirks to avoid the bound boy, the last on escaping as he broke free.

Izuku whirled around in place before his quirk died down, the lack of threats to him and his loved ones gone. The boy collapsed to the ground, the last thing he saw before blacking out was the faces of Momo, Mina, Tsu, and Jirou looking down at him with concern.


All For One sat at his monitor, the video turned off as he received a report from his champion. “Well? Is the successor dead?” he asked, not fond of the state his attack team came back in.

“No, master, but I did find out who it is. His name is Izuku Midoriya. What does this mean going forward?” Shigaraki asked, looking down in shame.

All For One let out a sigh, realizing he had been his own undoing. “It means, my boy, we are fucked.”

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up with a pounding headache.

He sat up and looked around his surroundings, which was a luxury vehicle. It was dark in the vehicle, but only due to the tinting, as it was still day outside.

"Master, you're awake!" Momo said before coming to his side. She was still in her school uniform and seemed to be the only person in the vehicle aside from him and the driver, who was separated by a partition.

"Ugh, yeah. What happened? Last thing I remember was that monster attacking Mina, and I punched its arm." Izuku said, holding his throbbing head as Momo looked at him in concern.

"You destroyed them all. You fought the monster for only a moment before beating it into the ground and even fracturing the concrete beneath it, and then you turned your attention to the other ruffians. They all ran from you, then you passed out." Momo explained, helping Izuku up.

"Ok, why are we in a limousine then?" Izuku said while his headache began to subside.

Momo blushed a bit before saying "Oh, um, I called to be picked up from USJ and taken home with you so you can be checked out by my family's physician. We are on the way to my home now."

"Awe, you're so thoughtful. I think a good girl like you definitely deserves a reward." Izuku said suggestively before expertly nipping her neck.

Momo let out a throaty moan before covering her mouth and blushing bright red, saying "Master, the driver might hear us, the partition isn't soundproofed and I might get l-loud."

"So you don't want me to?" Izuku asked, not wanting to be pushy about it.

"W-Well, let's not j-jump to extremes. Maybe you can find a way to keep your good girl quiet?" Momo whimpered, blushing even harder as she tried to find a solution to it.

Izuku sat in thought before he put his left pointer index to her lips and tapped them, saying "Open up, cutie." then thrust his finger inside.

"There, now you just suck on my finger like a desperate little pet whenever you want to moan." Izuku commanded before slipping his right hand up her shirt and began using his calloused palm to rub her nipple softly, causing her to moan immediately around his finger and began sucking on it.

"Such a good girl. Maybe you can be my little puppy. Do you want headpats and to do tricks for me? Do you want me to take you on walks around the dorms late at night? How about I fuck you like my little pup for your first time?" Izuku asked as he dragged his hand down her midsection to her sopping core, making her tremble and suckle his large finger more intensely.

"Awe, you are so close already, aren't you? Do you want me to finish you off?" Izuku asked the girl who was sucking on his finger hard enough that her cheeks were hollowed.

Momo nodded, breathing heavily and becoming desperate for release when the car slowed to a stop, signaling their arrival at her home.

Izuku shot away from her to the other side of the car as he heard the door open, just barely avoiding suspicion from the driver who poked his head in to get him.

"Oh, good, you're awake. I was not looking forward to carrying you in. You're a lot heavier than you look, kid." The driver said, happy that he wasn't about to throw out his back lifting a dense, muscle-bound, and unconscious body out of a car.

"Y-Yup! T-That's Mas-Midoriya, dense as a big, hard b-brick." Momo said, flustered with a bright red face.

"You alright ma'am? You look overheated." The driver asked with concern, worried he had the heat too high or something.

"She's just a little rattled over recent events. She said she doesn't want to leave my side, so I'll just help her to her room before heading to the doctor, if you don't mind." Izuku said while helping Momo out of the car.

"Yes, please help me to my bedroom, M-Midoriya. Thank you for driving us, that will be all." Momo said in the most regal voice she could manage after being accidentally edged by her master.

"Alright, if thoes're your orders, have a nice day ma'am." The driver said with a tip of his hat before getting in the limo and driving towards the garage.

Momo managed to maintain her false calm as she guided Izuku through her home to her bedroom, giving nods and greetings to the staff on the way, but then immediately let out a long, desperate whimper as soon as the door to her bedroom closed behind them.

"M-Master please, I need to cum right now! P-Please? I need it so bad!" Momo whined as she practically humped his leg.

Izuku wasted no time pushing her to her back, pulling her shorts off her legs and sliding his middle finger and ring finger inside of her wet entrance.

"Awe, that's a good girl, just go ahead and cum for me. Atta girl." Izuku said as he stroked her, whispering soft reassurances to her as she came all over his hand.

"Th-Thank you Master, I love you." Momo stuttered as she crawled over to Izuku and was immediately lifted into his arms. "Will you please fuck your good girl? Will you put your little puppy on all fours and fuck her good?"

Izuku knew that he was supposed to go see the doctor that was kept on retainer by the Yaoyorozu family, but when he looked at the bright, hopeful eyes of the girl in his arms, he knew that there was no way in hell that he was not going to give her what she was asking for.

"You are way too adorable for your own good, little pup. Get on all fours." Izuku said, unbuckling his belt and admiring the view of his pet bent over for him, fluid running down her legs.

"R-Remember, I am still sensitive, Master, so please be gentle." She said, her soft voice a little shaky.

"Of course, I wouldn't want to hurt my cute little puppy. Just stay right there and remember not to scream too loud." Izuku said gently as he lined himself up and slowly pushed his length into her tight crevice.

Momo began to shift in slight discomfort as she felt him press against her hymen before leaning down to whisper in her ear "do you want it fast or slow, pup?"

"F-Fast, Master, then please stop so I can stretch to fit your big cock before you pound me." Momo said quietly as she prepared for the pain of losing her virginity.

Izuku planted a kiss to the back of her neck before slamming his hips forward and pushing her face into a pillow to muffle her cries of pain.

"It's ok, you're such a great girl. Take some deep breaths and relax, I promise you it feels better in a bit, just trust me." Izuku crooned in her ear, reaching around to play with her breasts in an attempt to at least partially distract her from the discomfort.

After a few moments, Momo began wiggling her hips and looking over her shoulder with a pleading look. "Master, I'm ready, please fuck your good girl. I've been so good and patient for you, please."

Izuku said nothing, rather he responded by beginning to thrust in and out, causing the girl in front of him to moan quietly and squirm before letting out a "bark" and a whine.

"Atta girl, such a good puppy for me, taking this hard cock in your little pussy. Do you want to cum little pup? Are you going to cum all over like a good little pet?" Izuku asked, rutting into her as she bit her knuckle to cover her moans.

Izuku continued fucking her for a little while, whispering obscene things to her that made her begin to approach her finish rapidly.

"M-Master? I-I'm getting so c-close. C-Can I please c-cum for you?" Momo asked submissively, her lip quivering.

"Of course, pup, I'm close too, just make sure you don't let your cute little moans get too loud." Izuku grunted as his thrusts began to become faster, harder and more erratic.

Izuku grit his teeth as he felt Momo's already-tight hole clench on his cock, signaling the second climax of the heiress, before pulling out right before the point of no return.

Momo wasted no time turning around on all fours and letting her tongue loll out as she maintained a silly grin and said "Master, please use your puppy's little mouth to dump your cum, I heard that it tastes very good from your other pets so please use this mouth as your personal fuck hole until you give me your tasty Master-cum."

Izuku was finally pushed over by a combination of her words and her actions of wrapping her soft lips around the head of his cock. Izuku let out a low groan as he shot cum into her mouth.

"Good girl! You deserve all of the headpats, don't you? Such a good puppy for me. I do have to go, but maybe I can take you to see the doctor with me. Do you want to go on a walk, pup?" Izuku asked as he rubbed her head and scratched under her chin.

"Y-Yes Master Izuku. Please give me a moment to compose myself so that when we walk to the doctor, I don't alert anyone to our activities." Momo said, happy she contained his spill by covering his cock with her mouth.

"Of course, pup. I'll wait right here for you while you get dressed." Izuku said before planting a kiss on her cheek.


Momo asked Izuku to carry her on his back, telling him that she would claim to just find him comforting after a traumatic experience. It was the only way for her to go with him, seeing as she was on weak legs after her first time.

Izuku began walking through the halls with Momo giving him directions to the physician's room for a couple of minutes until they arrived.

"Oh, hello, do I know you, young man?" A middle aged woman in a lab coat asked after letting them into the makeshift doctors office. It was a whitewashed room with various devices and medicines.

"No, uh, my name is Izuku Midoriya-" Izuku started, before pausing, unsure of how to explain his situation.

"He is my boyfriend. I had him brought here after he saved me and my entire class from an army of villains, but then he passed out and I would like to be sure that he is perfectly healthy." Momo said, only partially lying.

"Ah, young love. Anyway, what is your quirk, young man?" The doctor asked as Izuku deposited Momo onto a seat and hopped up on the table.

"Hyper regeneration and extreme physical strength." Izuku said as the doctor used her stethoscope to listen to his extremely strong heartbeat.

"Oh, it definitely shows, you are as healthy as a horse, sonny." The woman commented before listening to his lungs.

"Yeah, I've heard something along those lines before. I think my quirk doesn't just heal damage, but keeps me in good shape." Izuku theorized.

"You are probably right. Well, I can't find anything wrong with you, so I suppose I have no choice but to give you a clean bill of health, although I do have a question. Why did you come here instead of relying on the school nurse?" The doctor asked, wondering why the young heiress would bring him here.

"I wanted him to come back here because Recovery Girl was bound to be busy, and I had not heard of either of my parents or the staff having any illness, so I knew you would be available." Momo explained to the medical professional.

"My my, it is always great to see someone care so much for their significant other." The doctor said, causing a blush to dust Momo's cheeks.

"So I am good for the sports festival when it comes up?" Izuku asked the Yaoyorozu family doctor.

"Should be, your quirk is a strong one. Let me know if you have any unusual pains or fatigue. You're good to leave." The doctor answered as she set her things in order on her desk.

Izuku nodded and stood up, walked over to Momo, and pulled her onto his back so he could carry her once again.

"We should get back to school. Do you want to do anything else before we get back, or are you good?" Izuku asked as he waved goodbye to the doctor.

"No, Master. I'll get us a car." Momo whispered in his ear, not wanting to raise questions about why she was calling her 'boyfriend' Master.

"Actually, I wanted to try something. The last thing I remember at USJ was running my second quirk throughout my entire body, but I think if I focus I can keep it from affecting my brain, and maintain the power through the rest of my body." Izuku theorized before hearing a small giggle from Momo.

"It's nice when you talk like a nerd, it makes me remember that you aren't just a musclehead." She said with a dopey, lovestruck smile.

"Yeah yeah. I'm going to hold you on my chest to avoid whiplash." Izuku said while carefully letting his inherited power flow through his body, but not his mind. He felt like every nerve was coursing with lightning, as if he injected an energy drink directly into his veins, only to look down and see literal green lightning sparking off of him and his pet harmlessly.

Izuku took off at speeds that rivaled even All Might himself, nothing but a flash of green, taking them to the common area of the UA dorms in less than ten seconds.

"Holy shit, did you just get super speed?" Mina asked from her position on the couch where she was watching TV with her fellow pets.

"Uh, yeah, I think so." Izuku said shyly at the attention from his class, only to notice that a certain grape headed perv was missing, and a guy who looked like a young Aizawa was moving his stuff in.

"Uh, hi, who are you?" Izuku asked the new guy.

"Hitoshi Shinsou. I just got moved up from gen Ed for some reason. Something about an expulsion?" The guy said as Izuku deposited Momo on the couch and began to help the new guy with his things and chat with his new friend.

"Hey Momo, why did Master have to carry you to the couch?" Mina asked the heiress, hoping that she couldn't walk for the reason she was hoping for.

"I believe the term is 'after sex legs'." Momo replied coolly, glad to have experienced the thing that most of the other girls in the harem had spoken highly of.

"YOU HAVE TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!" A certain frog girl screamed.

Chapter Text

Izuku was helping his new classmate move in and discussing their quirks.

"Damn, man. You have an awesome quirk. My quirk is terrible, nothing more than a villain's quir-" Hitoshi was cut off by a light slap to his face, not enough to even sting, but enough to interrupt him.

"Get that self quirk-shaming bullshit outta here! There is no such thing as a villain's quirk, only villains with quirks." Izuku said to the Aizawa lookalike.

"I literally brainwash people. How the hell is taking away free will a good thing?" Hitoshi countered before getting another extremely light slap.

"Do you have any idea how many villains monologue? Every single one! Those dumbasses practically live to explain their plot, name, background, why they are pissy, how daddy didn't play catch with them, the list goes on. You have the ability to completely neutralize ninety nine percent of villains, simply because they don't know how to shut the fuck up! Get some combat skills for the one percent of villains who are competent enough to gloat afterwards, and you'll be a top ten hero like it's fucking nothing! You, my friend, can stop conflicts without hurting anyone or letting them get hurt, your quirk is badass! I better never hear you talk shit about yourself again, because no one can badmouth my friends in front of me." Izuku ranted, shocking the insomniac in front of him.

"Damn, ok man, calm down." Hitoshi said, getting a little uneasy about the sheer intensity of this guy's friendship.

"Good! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a grumpy froggy to fuck before she gets upset. Goodnight!" Izuku said before spinning on his heel and walking away, leaving Hitoshi alone with his words.

"Wait, grumpy frog?" He asked, hoping he misheard him or something.


Izuku walked into Momo's room and was immediately confronted by Tsu, who was dressed in a pair of green panties and a shirt with a cartoonish frog on it.

"MASTER! You still haven't fucked me, but Momo gets to cut in line? This is some bullsh-" The frog girl was cut off by Izuku grabbing her cheeks and mush her lips together.

"You have ten seconds to run or hide, then I'm going to come find you and fuck you. Run, little froggy." Izuku growled before releasing her and turning his back. "Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven…"

Tsu's was immediately turned on to a desperate degree. He was effectively taking advantage of her 'prey instincts' to make her have the edge of danger on top of her arousal.

Tsu immediately looked around for a hiding spot before deciding to dive under the massive bed just as Izuku finished his countdown.

"Oooooh Froggy! Where aaaaaaare youuuuuuu?" Izuku called out in a singsong voice as he stalked around the room.

Tsu was sure that her panties were soaked as she felt her heart beat faster in anticipation. She let her imagination run wild as she thought about what he would do to her when he caught her. Would he bite her throat? Hold her down and tear her clothes off her body with his muscular arms while she lies there helpless? She was brought out of her musings when Izuku casually flipped the bed onto its side and snatched her up by her throat, careful to not apply any real pressure on the frog girl.

"Found you! Now be a good little froggy and take your fucking." Izuku said before flipping the bed back down and practically slamming the girl on the soft mattress. The entire time, Izuku was very careful to just give her the bit of fear she wanted, not actually hurt her. "I can practically hear your heart beating out of your chest. Now, for the fun part." Izuku said before tearing her clothes off her as if he heard her fantasies.

Izuku placed his hand in the center of her chest and pressed down enough to slightly restrict her breathing and leaned his heavy body down to where he could whisper into her ear.

"Tap or snap or something three times if it gets too rough or you need a sec." He whispered in her ear, his voice gentle just long enough to tell her that before he let out a low growl in her ear. Izuku rested his hand on her admittedly soaked pussy and nipped at her throat, definitely leaving marks. "You are so fucking wet already, even though you are nothing but a scared little froggy."

Tsu was having the time of her life. She was laying there, 'helpless', as her master dominated her causing her prey instincts to trigger in the presence of someone who could snap her like a twig, and it was fucking hot.

Izuku wasted no time thrusting into the frog girl, causing her to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, only for Izuku to roughly pick her up and stand with her on his cock. Izuku then thrust into her as he lifted and lowered her, essentially using her as if she was a weightless toy that's only purpose was to pleasure him.

"MASTER, I'M CUMMING!" Tsu screamed as she came undone by the guy who was holding her, shuttering in his arms.

"Did I give you permission to cum, little froggy slut?" Izuku growled as he shoved her against a wall.

"N-No sir, I am sorry, I have been caught by such a strong, terrifying, and h-hot predator, and I got too excited." Tsu stuttered, the interaction causing her to be halfway to a second orgasm already.

"Then act like good prey, and just take what I do to you." Izuku growled before fucking Tsu into the wall, pressing his body against hers to pin her to the wall.

"Yes Sir." The normally blunt girl said shyly, excited and happy to finally lose her virginity to her master like all of the other pets he currently had.

Izuku wordlessly began thrusting again, causing Tsu to let out little croaks, whimpers, and moans as he once again caused her to reach her limit.

"M-Master? Can I please cum? I need it so bad." Tsu begged as his pacing became more erratic, symbolizing that he was close as well.

"Go on ahead, prey. Cum for me, now." He snapped, internally smiling when she came as soon as he told her to.

"Thank you, sir." Tsu said before passing out in his arms, utterly exhausted after the events of the day, then getting finished with an intense fuck session with her master.


Izuku had spent the next week with his pets, his healing factor making it unnecessary for him to continuously work out and train. The biggest thing that stood out to him was the actions of Jirou. She had been hanging out with his various pets, and would blush and make an excuse to leave the area.

Izuku would admit he was pretty dense, but even he knew she was becoming flustered around him, but didn't want to act until he knew what she was wanting to talk to his pets about.

This led him to going on the chat while sitting in class. (Aizawa decided that today was a nap day.)


Master Izu: does anyone know what is going on with Jirou? She is acting weird around me lately.

Lil Vamp: she's obviously just shy. She keeps asking us details about you. favorite color, favorite foods, if you ever talk about her, if you have a pet kitten yet, ect. Honestly, you should just kiss her and watch as her brain overloads and shuts down.

Izuku's Good Girl changed her name to "Master's Little Pup"

Master's Little Pup: I actually agree. If you hadn't taken the first step, I would have been too shy to talk to you like she is. Regardless of her wanting to know you better, she will be too shy to actually act on her feelings for you.

Bratty Alien Pet: Himiko probably just wants to watch you fuck her, but they're right. Go for it!

Master Izu: I don't really know how to bring it up.

Lil Vamp: simple, just be your hot, dominant self at I time when she can't just run away, and wait until her hornyness overpoweres her shyness. And nonchalantly call her Kitten, I think that's what she wants to be.

Master Izu: ….

Master Izu: You girls have put way too much thought into how I should seduce new pets.

Bratty Alien Pet: speaking of new pets, what do you think about Mirko? I heard she'll be at the sports festival. Apparently, All Might personally asked that she be there to watch.

Master Izu: I am dreading why you want to know, but I'm a fan.

Master's Froggy: I heard a theory that said she stopped coming because she gets horny watching fights, but no one is strong enough to actually impress her, so she just gets blue balled

Master Izu: where did you hear that?

Master's Froggy: reddit. It came out after she explained in an interview that she never had a boyfriend because all the ones who were strong enough to be attractive to her were a good deal older than her.

Lil Vamp: So when Master fights in the sports festival, she is bound to get turned on! And then I can be a good girl and ask for her autograph for him!

Master Izu: I feel like you girls have been planning shit that is going to be difficult for me to understand.


'it has to be intentional.' Jirou thought, blushing heavily as Izuku leaned over her desk from his next to her in order to retrieve his pencil for the fifth time. Every time he did it she could smell his scent wash over her and hear his strong, steady heartbeat and every time it made her heart skip a beat.

Deciding she was going to have to stop it before she went insane, Jirou used her left jack to pick up his offending writing utensil and set it on her desk, it wasn't like they were writing anything anyway.

Izuku smirked and whispered quietly enough that only Jirou could hear him say "Could you give me that pencil back, kitten?"

Jirou's face became beet red as she complied, wrapping her jack around the pencil and holding it over to him.

"Good little kitten." Izuku whispered and took his pencil before pinching the end of her jack between his finger and his thumb and rubbed it, causing the girl to barely hold in a bashful moan.

"Please, not here in class. Come to my room afterwards and I-I'll be your little kitten. Please don't tease me like that any more." Jirou begged as she bit her bottom lip.

"Fine, I'll see you after class. Kitten." Izuku smirked as she let out a small groan of frustration.

Izuku stopped teasing her for the rest of class, but followed her out of the classroom and scooped her up to carry her to her bedroom all the way in the dorms faster than she could even comprehend.

Jirou looked around in shock at her room. She knew Izuku was fast, but that was ridiculous.

"Teasing aside, is this actually what you want?" Izuku asked, just to be sure.

"Do I want the thing I've literally talked about wanting with your pets? Hmm, let me think about that for a sec." Kyoka said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Izuku took a step closer to her, practically towering over her. He was actually taller than Momo by this point, standing around two inches shy of six feet. He wasn't the tallest boy in class, but he was almost a full foot taller than Kyoka.

"My my, you are a sarcastic kitty, aren't you? I know what you do when I interact with my other pets. I tell one of them that they are a good girl and meanwhile you're sitting here, listening to it all and pretending like I'm talking to you. Well now you don't have to pretend, so go ahead and tell me what you want." Izuku said as he got closer and closer to the rocker girl, backing her up to her own bed.

Kyoka blushed shyly and refused to meet his eyes, before saying "Do I have to say it, M-Master? It's embarrassing."

"How else will I know what you want?" Izuku pointed out, enjoying her embarrassment more than he would admit.

"Fine. I-I want to be your… g-good little kitten." Kyoka admitted, not meeting his eyes.

"Awe, you are so cute. Maybe I should get Momo to make you some cute ears and a collar to go with that personality of yours. I bet if I let you sit on my lap, you'd just fall right asleep on my chest and make little purring sounds, wouldn't you?" Izuku asked as he stroked her cheek and tilted her face up to him by her chin.

"Y-Yeah, that sounds awesome. I kinda wish I could get actual cat ears. The nerves in it would make head scratches from you even better." Kyoka admitted.

"Awe, does my little kitty want head scratches? Why don't you take a nap while I hold you?" Izuku proposed as she pulled her onto his lap, causing her face to become fire-truck red.

"Master? I can feel your… you know." Kyoka whimpered as she felt the hard organ pressing against her posterior.

"I can't help what happens if I have a cute little kitten sitting on my lap. Do you want me to do something with it or do you want to watch me with another girl so you know what happens first?" Izuku asked the girl.

"Can I watch you with someone else first? I don't want to mess up." Kyoka requested, a little intimidated by the prospect of pleasuring her new Master with no idea of what she's doing.

"Alright, then how about I spend the night here with my pretty kitty? Maybe you'll be less shy, even if it is adorable when you stutter and blush like that." Izuku said, softly petting her head as she laid her head down on his shoulder.

"Y-Yes please, Master." Kyoka said as she inhaled his scent deeply.

Izuku then just laid down on her bed, pulling her with him and surprising her with a soft kiss.

"Goodnight, pretty Kitty." Izuku murmured against her head.

"Goodnight, Master." Kyoka said, neither of them realizing that by morning the bed would be much more crowded.

Chapter Text

Miruko hated watching fights.

Sure, for most people watching a fight was about the thrill of watching two people try to tear eachother apart, but for the rabbit hero it was about more than that.

She wanted to FUCK.

In all her life she had never had sex for the simple reason that absolutely no one had any sex appeal to her. She consulted a doctor and was told that her quirk was at fault. Apparently, many quirks that were based on animals had an impact on sex drive, this was something that she had already known due to her seemingly endless hornyness and need to masturbate while going through puberty, and to a lesser degree when she got older, not that she was that far out of puberty anyway at the age of 19.

This issue was that not only did her quirk give her a neigh uncontrollable sex drive, but it also made it so she could only get off while at least a little fear. She would often fantasize about some strong, powerful guy towering over her and fucking her within an inch of her life.

For as long as she could remember, she would come to the UA sports festival to see if anyone could 'help' her. Logic dictated that the strongest age appropriate people fighting each other would at least let her find someone who would agree to being fuck-buddies at the very least, maybe something else but for the life of her she couldn't discribe her ideal relationship. She had only stopped coming because every year she would get a private viewing booth and get half turned on only for the fighters to all be a bunch of weaklings, so how was she supposed to be afraid of what one of them could do to her?

The only reason she even went this year was because All Might said she wouldn't regret it. All Might knew of her problem and had taken it upon himself to find someone who could make her happy, so when she heard rumors that he had named a successor that would be attending UA, and then he told her to watch the festival, she was getting her hopes up pretty high.

She had planned to show up after the Cavalry Battle and Race had already concluded because she didn't give a shit about those anyway, but a villain attack made it so she missed the first rounds of the fights as well and there was currently a tiebreaker being decided, so Rumi had decided that her private booth could wait while she went to the bathroom, not wanting to run the risk of missing the actual fights.

She glanced at a display that showed the current brackets with pictures for reference. Apparently, the brackets for the quarter finals were Izuku Midoriya vs. the winner of the tiebreaker, Ibara Shiozaki vs. Tenya Ida, Shoto Todoroki vs. Mina Ashido, Fumikage Tokoyami vs Katsuki Bakugo.

When she found the bathroom, it was in use so she figured that since she had a bit of time to kill, she'd just wait. She pulled out her phone and went to begin mindlessly scrolling through different apps when her sensitive ears picked up on something in the bathroom.

"-rry Master, I should have just made a device to counter dark shadow." A girl said from the inside of the bathroom.

"It's ok, pup, you're still my good little puppy, aren't you? I'm very proud of you and all you girls will be rewarded later." A boy said back.

Now that had Rumi's attention. The idea of that sort of relationship wasn't one she had never heard of before, but she had never been around when someone was doing it and had no idea how it actually worked.

"Even Tsu and Mina? They like different things than Kyoka and I, and Himiko is somewhere in between." The 'pup' asked her master.

'Damn, how many girls does this guy have? And wasn't Mina that pink girl who is going to the next round?' Rumi thought, her phone completely forgotten.

"Well, Mina is just masochistic, and since Tsu's quirk makes her like a frog, and frogs are naturally prey, she likes it when I hunt her down to fuck her." The guy explained as if talking about the weather.

'Holy shit, that's the ticket right there!' Rumi thought. 'If this pans out the way I hope it does and I finally meet a guy who is stronger than me, I'm going to have to get him to hunt me like that guy is talking about.'

"Izuku Midoriya, Eijiro Kirishima, please report to your starting positions, your match is beginning now." Present Mic said over the loudspeakers.

Rumi realized that she'd just have to go to the bathroom between matches, not that it was a real concern anyway, and took off to her private booth.

As always, the booth was about five by ten feet, upholstered in red velvet, and complete with a couple of seats and a one way glass window.

The two fighters stood opposite each other and Rumi began to try to predict the winner.

Surprisingly, she couldn't get anything off of Izuku's body language. He stood casually as if he was waiting in line at the grocery store, not in the middle of an important fight, so the young rabbit hero turned her attention to his build. He was muscular like a fighter, which was a good sign, and stood at about six foot tall.

Although she got very little from looking at the green haired fighter, one glance at the other one was all she needed to know what the results would be.

The redhead was terrified, literally shaking in his boots as he stared with wide eyes at his opponent. Nobody was that afraid of someone without good reason.


Rumi was a bit shocked at that. Everyone had heard of the USJ event, how a student beat the shit out of a biological killing machine and soloed the entire ‘League of Villains’ until they ran away with their tails between their legs.

Suddenly, there was a flash of green and Izuku seemed to teleport to the other guy and sent him flying through the air, slamming him into the barricades.


Rumi thought back to the bathroom, realizing that there was a high chance that they were the same guy and was surprised when she rubbed her thighs together in arousal. The guy was actually turning her on!

“My apologies for my dimwitted co-announcer. I would like to remind everyone that what Midoriya does in his free time is his business and no one else's. I would also like to remind villains what ‘allegedly’ happened last time a villain bothered his alleged harem. As a witness to the event, I would hypothetically advise all villains to weigh their power against this young man carefully before taking any actions that may affect him. Thank you. Would Tenya Ida and Ibara Shiozaki please report to their positions? Your fight will begin soon.” Aizawa said, trying to defuse the crowd from what Present Mic said early on.

The rabbit hero squirmed as she fantasized about the green haired prodigy, her hand unconsciously found its way to her breast. “Damn, you are an absolute beast, aren’t you? You could definitely put me in my damn place, couldn’t you, Midoriya? I bet you would chase me through a forest just to tackle me to the ground and fucking pound me into the ground while I’m completely unable to stop you.” she muttered

“Yeah, he’d even lay on top of you while fucking you so you are trapped under his weight while his massive yummy cock slammes into you hard enough to leave an imprint in the dirt.” A new voice said from the seat next to her.

“Oh fuck ye- who the hell are you?” Rumi asked the trespasser. She was wearing an oversized t-shirt and a pair of green leggings with ‘Bloodslut’ written in red. She had her blonde hair pulled up into twin buns and had a cute smile on her face that revealed her fangs, and her yellow eyes flashed with excitement.

“Hi! I’m Himiko Toga, Master Izuku’s first pet! You have been selected by the council of pets because it is the shared belief of all pets involved that you have traits that we would like in our group. Do you have a moment to discuss the benefits of joining the harem of Izuku Midoriya?” The girl asked in a formal voice.

“D-Did you just pitch me joining a harem like you were a telemarketer?” Rumi asked the younger girl.

“Yup! Now, if you were to join the harem of pets, you would get the following benefits. Unlimited affection from Master Izuku, sexual intercorse with extreame consideration to fetishes that you have. Friends! A new nickname! SEX! LIKE, SO MUCH AWESOME, MIND BREAKING SEX THAT WILL MAKE YOU TEMPORARILY FORGET YOU OWN NAME! A new, custom collar, courtesy of Momo whenever she gets started on them, access to an exclusive group chat, and much, much more. Would you like to join an ever-growing group of pets?” The slightly insane girl said. It wasn’t her fault that she forgot to get breakfast that morning.

“Um, just to be clear, I won’t end up like you, will I? No offense.” Rumi said, not liking the insane glint in the girl's eyes.

“Oh, I doubt it. I just need some of Master’s blood and my quirk will stop making me crazy. The question you should be asking is how I plan on getting him to make you his cute little bunny rabbit. Don’t worry about it, but if you are interested, tell me now.” the girl said mysteriously.

“If I can actually be with that guy, and it is more than just a casual fuck, I am interested.” Rumi said, figuring if she gets to the point where she needs to bail, she has enough strength and wealth to get out of it.

“Great! I look forward to watching him fuck you sensless.” Himiko said before pulling out her phone and texting ‘It’s go time.’ to the group chat. “Now, we should enjoy the rest of the festival and catch master Izuku afterwards. As far as he knows, I just came here for your autograph, so we'll make it seem like this was not planned at all. We can tell him the truth once he accepts you as his pet, at which point I will add you to the group chat. Now, I think the tall guy who is in master’s class just won, so Mina is up.” The girl said as she turned back to the window to watch her fellow pet fight.

“Ok, I guess so. Hopefully you plan on filling me in a bit more at some point.” Rumi said as she watched the pink girl square up against the bicolored guy.

On the field, Ice began to creep towards the acidic girl as Todoroki spoke. “My apologies, Ashido, but I must win this competition without my fire quirk to prove to my father I don’t need him. I will be the best and I refuse to give him the satisfa-”

“If you just leave the arena with no trouble, I’ll make you a whole bunch of soba when we get back to the dorms.” Mina said with a bright smile.

“........ Very well. You are a formidable opponent, Ashido.” Todoroki said with a bow before strolling out of the arena.


“Ha! Good ol’ Mina just beat one of Master’s strongest classmates with promises of food. I bet she’s going to get rewarded with some anal and spankings for getting this far. If she has to fight Master in the semi finals, she might just get off on him hitting her. It’s not like he'd actually try to hurt her.” Himiko cackled next to Rumi, who was just looking unimpressed.

Bakugo and Tokoyami wasted no time attacking each other, but the bright flashes of Bakugo’s explosions made short work of Dark Shadow, and soon Tokoyami was overwhelmed and knocked out of the arena.


“Oh shit, he better be gentle with her if he doesn't want to die.” Himiko said, knowing that there was no way Ida would beat her Master, and his wrath would be unending if Bakugo took it too far.

Chapter Text

Rumi was practically salivating as she looked at the pictures and videos that Himiko was showing her from her phone.

Her favorite ones included Izuku's cock, which was bigger than she thought possible due to her lack of experience, and a huge mess of cum, which Himiko assured her tasted amazing. She also liked one video featuring Tsu getting chased around the room before she was picked up by the back of her neck and shoved against the wall so he could fuck the froggy into it, actually putting cracks in the wall with the force of it. Rumi was worried that the frog girl may have gotten hurt, but Himiko assured her that she was fine and that she even got to be Izuku's cockwarmer that night, which was apparently something they fought over.

After a small intermission, Izuku and Ida were called to the arena. As soon as the match started, both disappeared in a blur as they tried to outclass each other's speed, a trail of green lightning indicating Izuku's ever moving position and a small trail of fire representing Ida as he pushed his quirk to its absolute limits, not knowing that Izuku was hardly breaking twenty five percent.

Suddenly, they both stopped, with Ida standing out of breath, his hands on his knees as he tried to catch it.

"Hot damn Ida! You really did well, I couldn't even catch you at half power!" Izuku said, knowing better than to reveal his actual power to unknown people. "Anyway, let's keep this moving along." Izuku said before rushing the fatigued heir and throwing him out of the arena.


Izuku helped the exhausted young man to his feet and gave him a friendly pat on the back while he helped him out of the arena.

Izuku stopped next to the entering Mina and gave her a quick kiss for good luck before leaving, sending Bakugo a glare that he hoped would serve as a good warning.

As soon as the battle began, Bakugo rushed the pink girl and prepared a small explosion with hopes of blinding her with the flash, but Mina threw acid through the air onto the bully's face, burning him slightly.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" He shouted as he swung wildly, wiping the acid out of his eyes. He let out a massive explosion in his anger which slammed the girl to the pavement hard.

Now, had Bakugo been calm and without a temper he would have realized that it was best to end the fight as to not upset Izuku more than necessary by not really hurting Mina. Unfortunately, Bakugo was angry, in pain and not thinking clearly.

"DIE!" He shouted as he slammed down on the prone girl with the strongest explosion he could muster, causing her scream of pain to echo throughout the entire field.

"THE REFEREE HAS DECLARED THAT MINA ASHIDO CANNOT CONTINUE, THE FIGHT IS OV-" Present Mic's declaration was cut off as the bully attacked again before throwing the now-unconscious girl out of the ring.

The crowd was in uproar at the audacity of the asshole, calling him a villain and booing him.

Meanwhile, Himiko had tears in her eyes as she watched what had happened to her first female friend ever and Rumi tried to console her.

The crowd, however, fell silent as the winner of the last round came out and calmly lifted the girl into his arms. What was unnerving was precisely how calm he was. It was the eerie calm that one would expect of a reaper of souls rather than an angry boyfriend. The only expression on his face was his eyes, which were glowing a ferocious green as little bolts of lightning shot out of them.

"See you in the next round, Bakugo." He said in a cold tone before gently carrying Mina to Recovery Girl's office.

For the first time in his life, Present Mic had nothing to say.


Izuku had taken Mina to Recovery Girl's office and sat with her and the rest of his pets until the start of the finals.

Izuku began walking out towards the entrance of the arena but was stopped by his homeroom teacher.

"Midoriya. Let me remind you that you are the next symbol of peace and you need to act like you are. The whole world is watching and you need to be careful of what you do with that sort of audience." Aizawa said before walking past him to return to the announcer's booth.

"Are you saying that you don't think he deserves it?" Izuku asked the retreating figure.

"I'm saying that if the world thinks he's a villain, they expect their hero to put a stop to him, not become the villain himself. The people need a hero." He called over his shoulder.

Izuku meditated on the words for a moment before stepping out into the arena.



"Bakugo, please stop antagonizing the announcer. If you want to fight so badly, well," Izuku let a smile stretch across his face and began to spread the full power of One For All carefully around his body, causing green lightning to spark off him aggressively. "I am here."

"YOU BASTARD!" Bakugo shouted before unleashing the mother of all explosions on Izuku, seeming to hit him dead on and blinding people, only for them to see a severed arm a few feat from the now one-armed Izuku.

"UGH, IS THAT HIS ARM? I THINK I'M GONNA BE SICK!" Present Mic gagged as the successor of All Might just looked down at his new stump of a limb in interest.

"Huh, you've gotten stronger since we last fought." Izuku said before flowing his inheritance into the stump and regenerating his lost limb in a few seconds. "I've been wondering about regenerating limbs, but it's not like I was willing to cut any off, so thank you, you were a good little assistant."

"Why you-" Bakugo began but was cut off by the announcer.

"DUDE JUST GREW AN ARM BACK! HE DIDN'T EVEN FLINCH WHEN HE LOST IT, WHAT A GUY!" Present Mic said, only angering the hothead more.

"Nah, he just is incapable of putting out real damage." Izuku said with a smirk.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Bakugo screamed at Izuku as he charged him. He unleashed explosion after explosion until he finally hit his limit and could do no more.

The stadium watched as Izuku's body knit itself back together in silent awe. Then they noticed that his dick was partially hanging out.

"HOLY SHIT, I BET YOU COULD STAND ON THAT THING LIKE A TRIPOD! THAT'S NOT EVEN TO MENTION HOW FAT THOSE NUTS A- WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T SAY THAT." Present Mic said to the crowd in sheer awe of the shmeat. (This reference was for Xerzolotcn)

"Damn you, useless Deku!" Bakugo said while throwing a right hook, which was promptly countered and slammed into the ground.

"Always with that right hook. Anyway, I'm getting tired of fighting you, so let's finish up here." Izuku said before gently carrying the bully out of the arena.


Izuku simply smiled, waved, and went to check on Mina.


Izuku was sitting next to a now-conscious Mina and holding her hand as he fussed over her like a mother hen.

"Do you want anything to drink? Are you hungry? Do you need more or less blankets? Are you in any pain anymore?" Izuku asked, shooting off questions as Mina smiled in amusement at his cute antics.

"Not for something that would be appropriate in a hospital room, not really, less if you'll join me, not after you humiliated that asshole. I'm fine, I promise, it looked a lot worse than it was, but I definitely did not like that sort of pain, even my masochistic ass doesn't like getting that much. Speaking of my masochistic ass, was I a good girl?" Mina asked with sparkling eyes.

"I'm not spanking you for a bit. You are literally sitting in a hospital bed and covered in bandages." Izuku stated firmly, only for his heart to clench at her saddened look.

"So I'm being punished for that asshole's behavior? You realize how unfair that is, right?" Mina pointed out.

"How about this? When you get discharged and there isn't anything wrong with you, I'll slap your pink ass until you can't sit down for a week. Deal?" Izuku compromised honestly wondering how she could possibly think of sex at a time like this.

"Deal! Now I just wish I had your quirk so I could be done healing already." Mina said cheerfully before sliding over on the bed to make room. "Now, if you really want me to feel better you'll come cuddle me."

Izuku just chuckled and got into the bed next to his injured pet and wrapped his arms around her.

"If you want her to get better, you should run a bit of One For All through her. One percent would work wonders." A distinctly female voice echoed through Izuku's brain.

"What the fuck?" Izuku said aloud in surprise.

"I always want to fu- oh, that's not what you said. What's wrong?" Mina asked from her position in his arms.

"I am ninety percent sure that I just heard a voice in my head. It told me to run a bit of One For All through you." Izuku said.

"Is that something you can do? Run your quirk through someone else like you do for your body?" Mina asked, her curiosity sufficiently piqued.

"I-I've never tried it. I suppose I could attempt it though." Izuku said as he slid his hand up her shirt to rest on her midsection and ran one percent of One For All through his fingertips, green sparks flying off his hand and into her body.

The effect on Mina was instantaneous. "H-H-Holy shit! That feels so, oh fuck, so good! Is this how much power you have all the time?"

"No. This is one percent. Do you feel better?" Izuku asked her, smiling at her reaction.

"If I say yes, are you going to stop? Oh shit, what would happen if you fingered me while doing this?" Mina with an agheto expression and drool at the corners of her mouth.

"I'll have to stop, it's kinda hard to keep it at one percent and I'm not sure if you could handle any more." Izuku said, cutting off the power he was channeling into her.

"I guess so, but you'll do it again for your bratty little alien, right?" Mina asked him, burrowing into his warm chest despite the fact that she was now completely healed thanks to his quirk.

"Uh, sure. Shouldn't we leave now that you are better?" Izuku asked as she wrapped her slim arms around his torso.

"Nope! I don't get you all to myself that often, so let me enjoy this. Then, since you apparently can speed up my healing, you have a promise to keep when we get back to Momo's room, Sir." Mina said with a sultry look.

"I will never understand masochism." Izuku sighed before planting a kiss on forehead. "Go to sleep, pet, you've had a long day."


Izuku was going to go find Himiko because apparently she decided to stalk Mirko, and ran into Momo, Kyoka and Tsu on the way.

"Hey Master. How's Mina? Kero." Tsu said, not caring about any possible audience.

"Hi cuties, good as new and I'll explain how later. What are you girls up to?" Izuku asked as Kyoka immediately latched onto him. In the week since he got her, he had found out that she was extremely clingy, wanting some form of physical contact with him at all times when she could. He usually let her ride around on his back, but she preferred to be carried by the young hero. He was still yet to actually have sex with her, but was planning to soon.

"We were going to go see the American exchange student in 1B, how about you. Master." Momo asked, adding the last part shyly and much quieter.

"You three are too damn cute. I think Himiko is bothering Mirko and she isn't exactly famous for her patience." Izuku said, completely oblivious to the situation.

"Oh! Um, yeah. You should definitely go deal with that." Kyoka said, letting go of him, and also alerting him to something being strange.

"Kitten? Be a good girl and tell me what's going on. You never are that willing to let go of me." Izuku inquired, stepping close to the rocker girl to make her feel smaller.

"I-I'm not telling. It's a surprise." Kyoka said, suppressing her desire to be a good girl, and no doubt be rewarded, for doing as she was told.

"C'mon Kitten. Tell me and you can sit on my lap, and I'll kiss all over your neck while we listen to your favorite songs." Izuku said, knowing if that didn't get her, nothing would.

"R-Really? You promise?" Kyoka asked, her resolve crumbling.

"Of course. I promise that if you tell me right now like a good little kitty, I'll give you that as a reward." Izuku said with a gentle smile for his pet as he patted her head.

"O-Okay. We were going to scout out a 1B girl as a potential pet. She has an animal based quirk and her first language is English. Himiko said you were fluent, so we thought she'd make a good pet." Kyoka admitted, looking down.

"I see." Izuku said before holding her chin and tilting her head up to look at him. "You're such a good girl, thank you for telling me." He said before planting a kiss on the shy girl's soft lips.

"You are not angry?" Momo asked, also looking like a kid who was caught stealing candy.

"No. I know you girls are just trying to make me happy, even if I already am. I realized that I had no control over the amount of pets I end up with when I found out that you three liked me." Izuku assured them, pulling the three girls into his arms. "But back off on the American girl for now, though. I still have a cute little kitten to fuck before I'm going after other girls."

"O-Okay Master. We'll go get Mina and go back to the dorms while you work. I'll get my reward soon, right?" Kyoka asked, back to being reluctant to let go of her master.

"Well, I promised Mina a lot of spankings, but I'll gladly give you your reward when I'm done." Izuku said, kissing the girl on her forehead to seal his promise.


Izuku went looking for Himiko, but was found by the blonde before he found her.

"MASTER! MINA'S OKAY, RIGHT? SHE ISN'T HURT?" Himiko asked as she ran at Izuku with a certain rabbit hero right behind her.

"She's fine, I figured out how to heal with my quirk and she was my test dummy. What have you been up to?" Izuku said before noticing Rumi. "Holy All Might! Mirko, I'm a huge fan, can I have your autograph?" He said, producing a notebook out of thin air and holding a pen out.

"Um, yeah, sure thing." Rumi said, not having expected her future lover to be a fanboy. He was cute, like a puppy. Later, she would realize how wrong that comparison was.

She looked down at a very detailed sketch of her as well as a page of analysis of her quirk, and possible weaknesses. "Quite a book you have there. I guess you watch me a lot, huh?" She teased.

Rumi watched as his expression went from starstuck to focused in an instant. His eyes flicked around, tracing her form and analyzing her face before doing the same to Himiko.

"You've been a naughty girl, huh Himiko? Let me guess, you were going after Mirko while the others went to scout the 1B girls? And judging by the fact that she has a slight blush and her nose is twitching, combined with the fact that she is following you and you have a thing for muscles and watching me fuck other girls, let me guess what happened. You girls have been planning to seduce Mirko on my behalf ever since my little froggy mentioned it on the group chat. You knew I'd fight and I'd get her attention, at which point you would make your move, and then she agreed to go along with a plan to make it seem like my idea. Sound about right?" The greenette said with a smirk.

Rumi turned to a blushing Himiko and said "I thought you said he was dense."

"Yeah, but he also has crazy good analysis skills. I should have mentioned that." Himiko said meekly, a little disappointed that she was found out so easily.

"So, Mirko, why don't you tell me your version of events?" He said to the rabbit hero.

'Not a Puppy! NOT A PUPPY HE IS A HUNGRY WOLF!' Rumi thought, her heart beating rapidly. "S-Sure, but my name is Rumi. I-I want to be your pet rabbit."

Chapter Text

Rumi bounced after the incredibly fast Izuku, who was carrying Himiko to his chest as he took off towards the UA dorms.

She hadn't mentioned this to anyone yet, but she could actually pick out Izuku's scent with her sensitive nose. He left a trail of the intoxicating smell and at a certain point that was the only way she could follow him.

He said he was taking Himiko back to the dorms to feed her, spank Mina, and then cuddle, and possibly fuck, Kyoka, and she was welcome to come watch, but he had a rule against having sex with someone he just met.

Eventually, the stream of lightning stopped on a balcony and slid the door open and turned to wait on the rabbit hero.

"C'mon, little bunny!" Izuku called.

"Yeah, I'm coming, I'm coming, don't get your panties in a twist." Rumi said as she jumped into the air and landed next to him, a lot closer than she meant to.

"Hey you. Didn't know you were that desperate to be close to me." Izuku said with a smirk.

Rumi audibly gulped. Her chest was practically pressed against his as he stood over her, actually blotting out the sun from her perspective. His smell was overpowering her senses and her sensitive ears not only could hear his steady heartbeat, but also could feel his breath, which was tickling the sensitive appendages in a torturous way. Rumi then realized that he had a good reason for having all the girls he did aside from his dick. He was apparently able to tease girls without even saying anything.

"Sh-Shut up, nerd. Let's just get inside and stop standing out here like creeps." Rumi said, trying to push past him, only for him to stop her, his eyes fierce as he grinned down at her.

"Himi? Go on inside for me, I'll be in in a second." Izuku ordered, his emerald eyes never losing contact with the ruby eyes of the rabbit hero.

"Yes, Master!" Himiko said, excited that her fantasy of watching her master fuck a bunny girl were close to fruition. 'They called me mad. Well, we'll see who's mad when he makes her his bunny breeding bitch.' she thought with glee.

"I'm going to give you the chance to rephrase what you just said to me, bunny." Izuku said, leaning forward so their chests actually were pressed against each other.

"We should go inside?" Rumi tried, knowing what he wanted to hear, but also wanted to test out what she could get away with.

"On last chance, little bunny." He growled at her, his smirk gone and the harsh glint in his eyes more prominent.

"C-Can we please go inside, sir? I don't like being all aroused while exposed." Rumi whined, her ears and nose twitching, and she knew that Izuku would be able to feel her erect nipples pressing into his chest through her sports bra.

Izuku's face visibly calmed as he took a half step back and his soft grin returned. "Good girl. Now, you get to watch as I interact my other pets, but if you even think about playing with yourself without permission, I'll delay your sex by another day. Do you understand me?"

"Y-Yes sir, I'll be your good bunny, I promise." Rumi said, not knowing why she would say that and be as submissive as she was being, but also knowing that it made more sense than anything else she could have said.

"I know. Now, I have some pets to attend to, so come on inside." He said, ushering her in as he closed the door behind him.

He was immediately pounced on by an eager Himiko, and an excited Mina, all while Kyoka stood there, shyly tapping her jacks together. She knew that she would probably end out having actual sex with Izuku that night, not just him getting her off and calling her a good girl, and was slightly nervous. She had seen how rough he was with Mina, Tsu and Himiko, but also how gentle he had been with Momo, so she knew that he had some range with the degree of domination he performed, and figured by the way he treated her he wouldn't do anything she wouldn't love.

"Hey girls, this is my bunny and she will just be watching for today. If she so much as rubs any part of herself, tell me immediately. Understood?" Izuku said, getting a chorus of confirmation from his pets. "Good. Himiko, you get your meal first, promise me you'll hurry up and I'll choke you while you drink. Then, I promised my little spaceslut that I would, and I quote, smack her pink ass until she couldn't sit for a week. I intend to at least try to do that. Finally, a certain pretty kitty deserves her reward for being such a good girl. Himiko, be a good little bloodslut and get your ass over here and get to work." Izuku snapped, feigning impatience.

"Yes Master." Himiko said meekly, as she always did when Izuku got demanding. She walked over and tugged him down to her height before she quickly sank her fangs in his neck and began sucking blood out as fast as possible as he grabbed her collar and choked her. Izuku then decided that he would just sit on Momo's bed and do his business there, so he lifted his first pet and let her sit on his lap and choked her just enough to make her brain a little fuzzy. She continued to drink for a couple more minutes before giving her signature lick that signaled she was satisfied.

Izuku wasted no time lifting his blonde pet off his lap and pulled Mina over it, hitching up her skirt to find she was lacking underwear.

"You naughty little alien, not even wearing underwear, you want this so bad? You are my dirty little masochist, aren't you? You want to feel my hand make uninhibited contact with this pink ass of yours, huh?" Izuku growled as he charged up the smallest amount of One For All to aid his actions.

"N-No Sir. Y-Your pink ass." Mina said in between moans, whimpers, and yelps.

"That's right, you and everything about you belong to me, don't they? You love being owned, don't you? Say it." Izuku growled as his second pet's ass became more red than pink.

"Y-Yes S-Sir, I love being owned by you." Mina stuttered, yelping in pain and loving every second of it.

Rumi watched in fascination before leaning over to Tsu and Momo, who seemed to be enjoying the show as Kyoka continued to be lost in her shy thoughts. "Is he always so…."

"Hot? Dominant? Predator-like?" Tsu asked as a little drool escaped her mouth, her eyes locked on the scene.

"Sweet? Considerable? Perfect?" Momo continued as she thought of her own experiences with her owner.

"Um…. Sure, that about covers it. How much can he fuck?" Rumi asked, only wondering because of her near-insatiable sex drive.

"Theoretically, Master Izuku could have as much sexual intercourse as he wanted due to the regenerative properties of his quirk, which actually eliminates his refractory period entirely as well as the time it would take to produce sperm and semen. It also makes him incapable of fatigue, so that would not be a problem either." Momo explained to the rabbit hero.

Rumi stared blankly at the heiress before turning to Tsu. "Can you explain it in a way that doesn't require a damn PhD to understand?"

"He fucks as much as he wants to fuck. He literally has no limit to his fucking. He could fuck for a solid decade and not even be winded. Kero." Tsu said bluntly before muttering under her breath. "Yeah, that's it. Beat that ass, teach it a lesson."

"Oh. Nice." Rumi said as Izuku finished up with Mina.

"Thank you for my spanking, Master. I'm going to go and rest my poor abused ass now, if you'll let me." Mina said from her position on his lap.

"Of course, my cute little pet alien. Let me know if you want me to heal you." Izuku commanded sweetly as he lifted her and laid her face down behind him.

"I'll probably have to at some point, but for now I want to enjoy every sting and let it remind me how much you love your little spaceslut." A lovestruck Mina said to her beloved master.

"Yeah, it's official. I will never understand masochism." Izuku muttered before turning to Kyoka. "Come on over here, Kitten. It's time for your reward."

"Y-Yes M-Master." Kyoka stuttered before sitting on his lap and producing a phone with a splitter and set of earbuds plugged into one side. "I-It's a bit more i-intimate this way. I hope you don't mind." She said shyly.

"Of course I don't, this is your reward, Kitten. You could even stab your other earphone into my chest if you wanted to hear my heartbeat." Izuku said, already planting kisses on her throat while she started her favorite playlist.

"W-Wouldn't that hurt you? I-I don't want to hurt you, Master." Kyoka said softly, even if that sounded like literal heaven to her.

"Himi literally bites my neck with her fangs and my quirk shatters my bones before fusing them back together in an instant. I won't feel a thing." Izuku assured her as he stroked her hair and continued to pepper her neck with kisses.

"O-Okay Master. Thank you." She said as she plugged her free jack into his chest.

"Atta girl, I love you, my pretty little kitty." He murmured to her, accidentally spiking her arousal by vibrating her jacks with the rumble of his voice.

"I-I l-love y-you t-too, M-Master." The girl whimpered with a bright red face, her arousal intensifying her embarrassment.

Izuku continued to hold his kitten for a little longer before she noticed a certain appendage poking her posterior.

"M-Master? Your… um… thing is poking me." Kyoka said with a face so red that he was worried she might pass out.

"That's kinda it's job, Kitten. If you want to do something with it we can. I was thinking that I hold you just like this, but with my cock stuffed in my pretty kitty's pretty pussy as I rock back and forth to gently fuck you." Izuku said, his voice once again making her almost painfully aroused.

"You promise it will feel good, right?" Kyoka asked, still nervous but also getting very interested in the idea.

"Probably not at first, but I promise that I'll do everything I can to make you feel good." Izuku whispered to her, the music long forgotten.

"O-Okay. Please go slow." Kyoka asked as she shyly looked down.

"I'll need you to strip down first, Kitten." Izuku reminded her as he lifted her off his lap.

"W-What? B-But I'm not as, you know, b-big as the other girls." She protested, gesturing to her practically non-existent bust.

"You really think I find you unattractive? I don't call you my pretty kitty for nothing, sweetheart. You are beautiful, and I honestly don't give two shits about what size bra you wear." Izuku assured her before kissing her gently and unbuttoning her dress shirt, her jack still plugged into his chest.

Izuku helped his blushing pet out of her clothes before getting out of his own, his erect dick standing at attention. He lowered the rocker girl onto his lap, slowly sliding into her moist hole as she adjusted accordingly.

As his pelvis met hers, Izuku began to hum and nibble on the end of the jack that wasn't plugged into his chest, causing Kyoka to completely forget her uncomfort until she was finished stretching to accommodate him.

"Good girl. I'm going to start." Izuku said, rocking back and forth as he continued to kiss every inch of her skin that he could reach.

"Thank you, Master." Kyoka mewled quietly, loving the gentle pleasure she was feeling.

Rumi continued to watch, straining as much as possible to not to touch herself. She was going to need some release at some point, even if she had to get on her knees and beg for it. At least when he was gentle it wasn't quite as arousing to her as when he was degrading Himiko and Mina, but it was still at little unbearable.

"M-Master? I'm going to cum all over you. I can cum, right?" Kyoka asked quietly, loving every moment of her first time having sex and not wanting to be a bad girl who came without permission.

"Just let it go, Kitten, it's ok. Cum for me, pretty kitty." Izuku said in her ear.

"Th-Thank you MaSTER!" She said, her orgasm interrupting her words of appreciation.

"You're welcome. How about you lay on the bed for a bit while you recover?" Izuku said sweetly as he lifted her in his arms, his erect dick still dripping, and thus mentally torturing a certain pet bunny.

"O-Okay Master. Can-Can I have a kiss goodnight?" She asked, once again shy.

Izuku simply kissed her lips and tucked her into the bed they all shared. He then turned to Rumi and his dominant personality was back in an instant.

"Bunny, you want to cum at some point tonight? Get over here and put that rude mouth of yours to better use." He growled, his teasing only serving to sexually frustrate the poor rabbit girl even more.

Rumi practically tackled her new Master to the ground and tried to shove the entire offending dick down her throat, only to gag violently and pull off him, coughing and sputtering.

"Wow, not what I would suggest doing. Let me make one thing clear to you, my cute little bunnyslut. If I wanted my dick in your throat, I would have put it there. I said your mouth, so I want you to suck it until I decide that you deserve for me to get rough enough to satisfy your perverted little brain. Who knows? Maybe you'll earn me violently pinning you to a wall and forcing you to cum all over for me." Izuku growled at her before grabbing her ears and dragging her up by them to be once again level with his cock. "Remember, three snaps are the code for a break or that it's too rough. Don't be too stubborn to use the signals."

"Like hell! This has been great so far, keep it up!" Rumi said enthusiastically before noticing his disapproving expression. "I mean, please use your bunnyslut however you want, Sir. You'll have to cut me a bit of slack, I have no idea what to say yet."

"Then I would suggest an alternative activity for your mouth to do. Suck, bunny." Izuku growled at the proud rabbit hero.

Rumi opened her mouth and slid the large organ into it, much more cautious this time as she made a vacuum in her oral cavity. She then looked up at him, her ears twitching as she looked adorable to the future number one hero.

"Good girl, now bob your head a bit." He commanded Rumi, her ruby eyes never losing contact with his green ones as she obeyed.

"Atta girl. I'd say you deserve a little violence for your efforts, so I'll just finish this up real quick. Relax your throat." Izuku said before harshly grasping her sensitive ears and using them as a handle as he thrust his cock down her throat.

'Fuck yeah! You put me in my fucking place you big dicked stud!' Rumi thought, barely managing to not choke on his cock.

Izuku eventually pulled out of her mouth, giving her a chance to breathe, as well as check on her.

"You ok, Rumi? I didn't hurt you in a way you didn't like, did I?" He asked out of concern.

"YES, JUST STOP HOLDING BACK AND BREAK ME ALREADY, DAMNIT!" Rumi screamed, frustrated with the constant interruptions.

"Fine, bunny-bitch, If that's how you want it." He growled before grabbing her by the throat and slamming her into the ground, temporarily knocking the wind out of her and dialing up her arousal even more.

"Stay just like that. If you move, I'll snap you in half like a fucking twig." He growled, making Rumi accept that the shorts she wore were just ruined with all of the kinks he was unlocking with her.

"I bet you would, wouldn't you? No matter what I tried, you could do absolutely anything to my pathetic, weak body and I would be powerless to stop you." She moaned as he savagely tore her ruined clothes off her wheat-colored body.

Izuku just scoffed and began teasing her soaked nether regions, making her shake as she tried not to convulse and go against Izuku's orders.

"Cum, bunny." He ordered, causing her to spasm and convulse against him.

'oh shit, he won't actually hurt me for moving will he?' Rumi thought as he loomed over her. Pretending that he was a threat to her in order to give her a bit of fear was one thing, but now it didn't seem like such a good idea.

"C'mon Bunny, let's get you to bed." He said softly, making her do a mental double take. He laid her on the large bed that was already inhabited by five other girls and pulled her to his chest.

His hand rested on her stomach and he began to channel his quirk into her body to erase any damage he might have caused.

'Holy shit, is this what aftercare is? It feels like he is massaging my whole body! He's also really warm. And he smells good. And he makes a great pillow. And, and….zzzzzzzzzzzzz' Rumi thought, falling asleep in the arms of her new Master.

Chapter Text

Rumi groaned as she woke, her muscles feeling more relaxed than ever thanks to Izuku's treatment. Speaking of the green haired Dom, Rumi realized that her arms were wrapped around his left arm and looked over to see he was already awake, simply watching her with a soft smile playing on his lips.

"Morning, bunny. You're an early riser too, huh?" He said quietly, seeming to try to avoid waking the other girls up, who many of had shifted to lay on various parts of his anatomy.

Himiko had laid claim to his other arm with her face buried in the crook of his neck. His shoulders and pecs were being used as pillows for Momo and Kyoka as Mina and Tsu used his lower abs as their own pillow, with the former's face only an inch from his crotch as she inhaled and smiled in her sleep.

"Yeah, do they usually just kinda trap you?" The rabbit hero asked the only guy to actually manage to give her any arousal at all.

"Yeah. Usually I have to coax them off me by promising them, um, breakfast." He said, slightly blushing.

"Breakfast? Do you cook for them then? Himiko didn't mention that. In fact, the only thing even remotely related to food was saying that you had tasty cu- oh." Rumi said, realizing what he met by 'breakfast', then getting curious. "Wait a sec, now that I think about it, you never did cum last night, did you? Sure you fucked my throat, which was hot as fuck, by the way, but you never finished. Can I try to get you off? Return the favor?"

"Y-You don't have to. It's not usually an issue." Izuku said, his familiar stutter returning as he realized the gravity of his situation. This was THE rabbit hero, Miruko, and she just asked if he wanted her to make him cum. Normally, he'd get shy, but then he thought of what else they did the night before. He slammed her into the ground as she moaned and squirmed as he teased her until she came. She wasn't the rabbit hero to him anymore, she was Rumi, his little bunny.

"Oh shit, I didn't say it right. Still getting used to this. Can I please milk your yummy cum out of your massive cock, Master? Please? I want a treat and I think you have a big, juicy carrot for your little bunny." She said, pouting at him, her red eyes shining with a tone of desperation.

Izuku simply smirked and began carefully working his way out of the tangle of limbs without waking up his pets and standing at the foot of the bed before saying "Well? Come get your treat, bunny."

Unlike Izuku, Rumi woke up every single occupant of the bed as she got up and kneeled down in front of her master, eye level with dick, which was still naked from the night before.

Rather than trying to take the whole thing down her throat like she did the day before, Rumi began to run her sensitive nose up and down his length, inhaling his scent before kissing the tip.

"Do you plan on smelling it all day, or are you going to do something with it?" Izuku growled, sending a shiver down the spines of Rumi and the trio of pets spectating who enjoyed the rougher aspects of being a submissive.

"I was waiting for you to feed it to me, Master. Please use my ears like a handle again as you shove this massive 'carrot' in your Bunny's mouth." She said, opening her mouth and wiggling her ears invitingly.

Izuku wasted no time grasping her ears like she asked and jamming his cock down her throat while she suppressed her gag reflex, getting a small feeling of victory as she felt his heavy balls press against her chin because it confirmed she had taken the whole thing.

"Fuck that's hot." The familiar feminine voice in his head said breathily.

Izuku chose to ignore that for now. One does not confront voices in their heads while balls deep in a hot girl's mouth.

"Good little bunny, you can take the whole thing already. We'll have to talk about your likes and dislikes later, but for now I'm going to fuck your throat and fill that foul mouth of yours with cum." Izuku said while sliding his length out until only the head was left past her full lips.

Izuku then began to use full cowling everywhere but his brain, (he didn't know what would happen if he used berserker mode during sex and he didn't want to seriously hurt his girls), and then grab a ear in each hand so he could fuck the girl's mouth in the way that both of them enjoyed.

Rumi began reaching for her soaked core to get some relief, but was stopped with a low growl and sharp tug on her ear. 'Oh yeah, I can't masturbate without permission anymore. More than fair trade for him getting me off whenever I need him to. I just need to remember to beg like a good bunny for him.' Rumi thought as she whimpered up to her master and she got her throat pounded into, trying to convey what she wanted.

"You want to make yourself cum, don't you? Such a naughty bunnyslut. You just keep still and take this cock down your throat and I'll make sure you are taken care of, you needy girl." Izuku growled at her, his words making her even more desperate, but not enough to disobey his direct order.

He continued to plunge his dick in and out of her throat as she continued to moan around it. By the time he came in her mouth, her puffy tail was twitching enough to be a blur from Izuku's view of it.

As soon as she finished drinking down the admittedly delicious fluid, Izuku lifted her and slammed her into the wall, nipping and biting her neck.

"Oh fuck Master! Please stop teasing me and let me cum for you!" Rumi cried out, not caring if she sounded needy or desperate, only wanting to get off by this point.

"Awe, you poor thing. Maybe I should just leave you like this. Maybe I'll tie you up and make you my little rope bunny and whine about how much you need to cum, even if I never do more than edge your little bunny body to the point that you are trembling." Izuku teased, filling her head with different images. She had to admit, the rope bunny thing sounded appealing, but not the edging thing, the whole reason she even noticed him was because she wanted to actually cum.

"P-Please no, Master. If you tie your little bunny up, you have to at least let me cum for you." Rumi whined, not even bothering to resist him pushing her into the wall.

"Poor girl." Izuku said before slipping the first couple of inches of his dick into her soaked cavern. He then rubbed her clit with his right thumb as his left hand rubbed and pinched her nipple. She didn't stand a chance, cumming and thrashing so hard that she hit the wall with enough force to put spiderweb cracks into it.

When her orgasm subsided and she returned to this plane of existence, she noticed that Izuku's cock was buried inside her completely. 'He just waited until I was distracted to take my virginity without hurting me.' she thought, feeling her unused cavity stretch to accommodate his large organ.

"Well, congratulations. Now I'm going to fuck you until even your powerful legs are numb." Izuku promised before slamming his hand on the wall next to her head, an inch from her sensitive ears, causing her to flinch.

"You know, normally I'd think that you didn't like me doing that, but you just tightened up enough to remind me that my dirty little bunny gets off on being scared." Izuku mused as he thrust into her, smirking as the walls cracked beneath the force of his repetitive movements.

Rumi just let her body go slack as she was pinned between the wall and her master. "Ch-Choke me? P-Please?" She managed, her mind becoming less and less functional with each thrust.

Izuku wasted no time grabbing her by the throat and pushing against the wall, careful to only pinch her jugulars and not hurt her windpipe, causing her brain to feel like it was filled with cotton rather than actually hurting his pet.

"Th-Th-Thank y-you S-Sir." Rumi stuttered in a strained voice as she was fucked senseless into the wall with her master's hand clamped on her neck. 'I could definitely get used to this.' she thought before letting go of any attempts to form a coherent thought.


When Izuku said he would go over her likes and dislikes, this is not what she had in mind.

Izuku sat with her on his lap, something she initially was opposed to but then found she liked the contact with him, and his long arms reaching around her and holding a journal with 'little bunny's kinks' on the top of the page in front of them.

Apparently, he did a page with each of his pets to help catalog their likes and dislikes.

"Did you like the physical pain, or just the fear that came with it?" Izuku asked her as he lowered his head to rest his chin on her shoulder. She couldn't decide if she liked his height advantage or hated it.

"I liked it a bit, but It's not like I'm about to cum from you hitting me." Rumi said, not knowing how else to put it.

"Don't kink shame me!" Mina called from the bed behind them before resuming her conversation with Momo about getting a game system for her room since the pets spent more time in there than their own rooms.

"So minor masochistic tendencies when combined with fear. Can you think of anything else that you are pretty sure you have a kink for?" Izuku asked the bunny girl in his lap.

Rumi visibly blushed deeply. "Um yeah. You remember that thing you said about tying me up? And when you told me not to move last night? I-I think I might have a thing for restraints."

"Awe, I guess you really are a rope bunny. Do you want to be tied up and fucked, little pet? That is adorable." Izuku cooed as he wrote down 'restraints'.

"Shut up, I'm not cute." She blushed with her arms crossed proudly, only to moan adorably when he reached up and stroked her sensitive ear.

"I don't know, that moan was pretty cute." Himiko commented from next to Izuku where she was sitting.

"Says the megasub vampire with a muscle kink!" Rumi argued back, only to get a light slap on her thigh by the owner of the lap she was sitting on.

"That's enough arguing out you two." Izuku said, effectively repremanding his two pets.

"Fine. I also like when you growl and boss me around, when you grab my ears and tail, and I like you choking me like you did before. Besides those things, I don't know." Rumi listed while Izuku wrote them all down.

"Hey! Momo should make you other pets collars!" Himiko said, holding up her medallion for the other girls to see.

"You girls should definitely do that. I'm going to talk to someone about a surprise for you girls." Izuku said, getting up and putting clothes on.

"Ooo, did you hear that girls? Master has a surprise for us!" Mina said in excitement.

"Master? C-Can you give your pretty kitty a kiss goodbye?" Kyoka said, a clingy as she always was.

"Of course. C'mon over here, kitten." Izuku commanded, his arms open for her.

Izuku pulled his kitten close to his chest and kissed her soft lips before holding his jacks and giving them a gentle tug as he whispered "You're such a good little kitten for me. Master loves you."

"Th-Thank you Master." She said before going back to her place on the bed.

'Now to see Cemintoss. If all my pets are going to stay here anyway, we'll need more space.' Izuku thought as he left the dorm.

Chapter Text

Izuku had gotten some good news and some bad news from Cemintoss.

The good news is that he had no problem making a separate building for the future number one hero to have his privacy in, and as far as the public would know, that is all it would be, not a housing for him and his pets. He even sat with Izuku and drew up blueprints with him.

The bad news, however, put a bit of a roadblock in his path. Because he and all of his pets that attended UA were under the supervision of Aizawa, they had to get permission from him to move into the new housing unit. Izuku asked if the principal needed to sign off on it, but Cemintoss assured him that he had full reign when it came to what buildings were made and where they were put.

So Izuku walked back to Momo's room, contemplating how to bring it up with his insomnia-ridden teacher, and was surprised when he was tackled in the hallway by an enthusiastic pet bunny.

"Hey, the other girls said that you are willing to take on more pets, right?" Rumi asked, her ruby eyes glinting with excitement.

"Ummm, it's not exactly something I can control at this point, but why do you ask?" Izuku said, sitting up and holding his bunny to his chest.

"Oh, well, I've got this friend, and she had a similar problem to what I did before you fucked my bunny brains out. Do you think there's a chance that you'll be willing to get another pet as a favor to your little bunny? I'll let you fuck my ass." Rumi offered, hoping that he'd at least help her friend once.

"She was going to ask if she could try anal anyway!" Mina shouted from inside the room, causing the rabbit girl to glare back at her.

"You don't have to try to bribe me, bunny. I'm probably too busy for it right now, but if that's what you want I'll do my best to give my little bunny what she is asking for at some other point." Izuku said before standing up with his pet and hugging her to his chest, only to nip the top of her ears and gently tugging her tail.

"M-Masteeeeerrrr! You can't just tease me like that!" Rumi whined up at him as she began grinding against his thigh.

"Then get that cute bunny ass in that room and bend over the edge of the bed so I can fuck your little bunny brains out." Izuku growled directly into her ear, towering over her and making her feel small in comparison.

Rumi took very little time to sprint over to the bed and bend over the edge of it, slightly shaking her ass and wiggling her tail as Mina, Tsu, Momo, Himiko, and Kyoka just watched with amusement in their underwear, which was the most amount of clothes he could get them to wear in the bedroom.

Izuku shut the door behind him and stalked over to his bunny, tearing her clothes off her body as if it was nothing but tissue paper before gathering her soft ears in his hand and pulling her head back by them.

"You love being my little bunnyslut, don't you?" Izuku growled in her ear as he held her short tail and used it to line himself up with her core, rubbing his dick along her lower lips to get her even more excited.

"Y-Yes. Please fuck your little bunny, sir. I need it so bad." Rumi whimpered as Izuku hit all of the sensitive areas he could.

Izuku began slamming into her over and over, causing her to let her tongue loll out and drip with drool and making her red eyes cross.

"After I finish fucking you, I'm going to have my little pup over there make me a rope to tie you up and let you watch me reward her. She's been a good little pup, and you're nothing more than my naughty bunny who wants me to hunt her down and fuck her into the ground. You love this, don't you?" Izuku snapped, feeling his bunny begin to twitch and spasm, indicating that she was close.


"Atta girl. Puppy? Could you be a good girl and make me some rope to tie my bunny up with?" Izuku asked in a sweet tone, to which Momo rushed to comply, handing Izuku a long, soft rope that was just long enough.

"Good puppy. Give me a minute to tie this little bunny up and then I'll give you a reward for being such a good girl." Izuku promised. He then began looping the rope around Rumi's arms and legs, tying her with her arms and legs at the side.

"Tell me if you lose circulation. I don't really know how to tie someone like what I saw online when I looked into it, but I'll watch some instructional videos on it later." Izuku said, making sure the rope wasn't actually cutting into her before propping her up so she was sitting with her back to Momo's headboard.

"Rumi, when you want free, tell me, okay?" Izuku said, looking into her red eyes intensely.

"Ok, jeez, just let me enjoy this. I'm freshly fucked and tied up to watch you play with another girl. I'll tell you if I need free for any reason, now please just worry about taking care of your puppy." Rumi ranted, even if her rant was undercut by the heavy blush on her face and the ropes surrounding her body.

"Alright, just making sure you are set." Izuku said before planting a soft kiss on her lips, which somehow flustered her more than if he was to say he would be fucking her again.

Izuku gestured at Momo for her to come over to him. "What would you like for a reward, Momo?" He asked, gently petting her hair while she blushed and looked down, specifically at his still hard dick.

"C-Could you do that thing you did with Kyoka? When you had intercourse with her?" Momo requested with a small voice and a massive blush.

"Awe, you want to cuddlefuck? That's so cute! Be a good girl and get naked for me, alright?" Izuku said, helping her out of her underwear.

Izuku lifted her into his arms and sat on the edge of the bed with his dick pressed between them and let Momo get comfortable.

"I-I am ready, Master. Can you put me on, please?" Momo said, not meeting his eyes out of shyness.

"Ok girl, here you go." Izuku said, lifting his curvy pet into the air with his hands on her ass before gently lowering her onto his dick.

Momo then began creating something, which turned out to be a set of dog ears, which she immediately fit onto the top of her head.

"Arf Arf!" She said before panting and letting her tongue hang out, doing her best impression of an excited puppy.

"Awe, who's a good girl? Did you make everyone a collar? Good girl!" Izuku said while rocking her back and forth, moving just enough for it to be mutually enjoyable as he pet her head.

Izuku continued to do this with Momo cumming several times until he finally finished inside her, before laying the now-comatose Momo on the bed.

"Eh, that cutesy stuff isn't really my thing, but I suppose that was fun to watch." Rumi said from her restraints.

"Do you want out yet?" Izuku asked, picking the pro hero up as if she weighed no more than a pillow.

"Only if you want to play with your bunny some more, Master, otherwise I kinda like it. If you want to come fuck my throat again while I'm like this, that could be pretty hot. Then again, keep that up and I might just expect you to feed me all of my food." Rumi commented, only to let out a squeal of excitement when he laid her on the bed with her head hanging off the edge, upside down and eye-level with his dick. "Oh, you are going to fuck my throat some more? Remember not to stop and ask if I'm ok, just fuck away, alright Master? I'm not made of glass."

Izuku nodded, not really liking how she had no way of notifying him that she needed a break, but decided to push it aside to give his newest pet what she wanted.

Izuku hooked his thumbs on the roof of her mouth and her jaw and spread them open before sliding his dick in as far as he could, her mouth vibrating pleasantly as she moaned at the taste.

Izuku began thrusting as fast as he could, putting his hand on her neck and squeezing it as her esophagus bulged.

"Good little fuckbunny." Izuku complemented before snapping the rope around her legs and rubbing her soaking wet entrance.

Izuku came as she moaned around him, spurting even more of his cum directly down her throat, filling her stomach with the thick liquid.

"Good girl." Izuku said as he untied the professional hero.

"Damn, I doubt that will ever get old. You should learn how to actually tie me up." Rumi said before turning to look at the clock. "Oh shit, we need some sleep. I promised Ryu that I'd patrol with her in the morning and you have class. Damn, I keep forgetting that I'm sleeping with a highschooler. Anyway, I should probably go back to my apartment 'cause that's where all my costumes are at. I'll text you the address and get you a key so you can pop in whenever you want, assuming you are alright with me being your girlfriend as well as your pet like all the other girls."

"I've been wanting to be your boyfriend ever since your debut." Izuku muttered before his eyes widened and he blushed heavily.

"Hahahahaha! You had a celebrity crush on me? That's hilarious!" Rumi laughed, doubling over in her hysterics and momentarily halting the process of getting dressed.

"Yeah yeah. Man, I need to get this muttering under control." Izuku said, leaning down to kiss the heroine and give her tail a final tug, drawing a groan out of the girl.

"Y-You can't just tease me like that right before I have to leave!" Rumi complained as she buried her face into his chest to hide her blush.

"I guess it's your punishment for teasing me, adorable. Hop along, bunny." Izuku said before going and getting in bed with his other pets, immediately getting covered in various parts of his pets as they snuggled into him.

"Goodnight, Master. I lo- I'll see you later." Rumi said before launching herself off the balcony towards her home.

Izuku just sighed, not as happy as if Rumi was in bed with him, but at least he knew she could take care of herself, so he let himself drift of to sleep.


Izuku was sitting in class, only half paying attention to Aizawa as he wondered how to ask the teacher for the favor he needed.

"...and that's why it is important that your hero costume lacks a cape when at all possible. Remember the motto of the greatest costume designer to ever live: No Capes! You are dismissed. Midoriya? A word, if you don't mind." Aizawa said, dismissing his class before gesturing for the young hero to come to his desk.

Izuku frowned in confusion. 'Did Cemintoss tell him what I wanted already? Why would he want a private word with him?' Izuku then noticed that the four pets that he went to class with were reluctant to leave him there. "Go on, girls. I'm sure this is nothing to be worried about."

Aizawa waited until he couldn't see them anymore before dropping his head onto the table, momentarily making Izuku think he had fallen asleep.

"Midoriya, just know this isn't something that I would not ask a student if I had a choice in the matter, but I need information on a topic that you are not only the sole person I know of with experience in it, but you seem to be rather adept at it." Aizawa began, seeming to be dancing around the topic. "How do you deal with multiple girlfriends wanting to become your pets? I'm having a hard time here."

Chapter Text

Shota Aizawa had a pretty reliable routine.

The underground hero dragged his sluggish body out of bed and staggered his way to his kitchen around six am. Once there, he put on a pot of coffee and consumed three power bars while his beloved Power Loader-brand coffee maker did its daily duty, brewing the strongest coffee in the world, something he regularly purchased via the black market due to its dangerous potency.

When his favorite machine had brewed the illegal liquid, the insomniac wasted no time taking an energy drink from his fridge and dumping it down into his coffee. He called the resulting heart-destroying liquid Aizawa's mild wakeup juice.

After downing the entire pot, Aizawa made some more to go in his thermos, which he would be drinking from periodically throughout the day. He then spent five minutes stretching and popping his back and limbs from his night of patrols.

As his 'coffee' was finishing, Aizawa made his way to his closet, scoffing a bit as he saw the occupants of his bed had not moved an inch, and got into his standard outfit. He collected his thermos of liquid death and left through his window, vaulting himself over the railing of his apartment's balcony and onto the adjacent building's low roof. From their he dashed from rooftop to rooftop to make his way to his day job, casually incapacitating petty criminals that were unfortunate enough to cross his path. He actually changed his route regularly because criminals would avoid the infamous 'Erasure Streak' when they could.

Aizawa got to his class with a half hour until the start of the day, so he took a quick power nap until the bell would wake him up. Sipping his drink, Aizawa began the day's lesson, something that he could tell the resident golden child was paying little attention to, not that he cared since the green haired tank could probably be a top five hero now, let alone when he was a bit older. He had recently given him leave to build a home for him and his 'pets' in exchange for some valuable advice, and Aizawa was about three seconds from making him a TA for the class rather than a student.

As soon as his class let out and he had finished grading papers, Aizawa was out the door and on patrol, hunting any villains foolish enough to do crime in a place he would find them in, and he even only passed out cold three times throughout the nine hours he patrolled until one in the morning, at which point he worked his way back to his apartment, getting home at around two and immediately eating a quick dinner and getting cleaned and in bed by two-thirty.

'Hey, three and a half hours of sleep. Guess I'm spoiling myself tonight.' he thought with a smile as he settled under his warm blankets.

"Hey big guy, are you just getting in? I hope you still have some energy for your good girl." A sultry voice crooned in his ear as slim arms wrapped around his midsection.

'Fuck.' The hero thought as his blood began to flow south of his brain.


Izuku was leading six blindfolded girls across the UA campus to the surprise he had gotten set up. He had promised Cemintoss a favor in return for this, who immediately told him that he was giving the favor to Power Loader in return for something he had done for him.

The facility was a large building labeled as 'special housing' and had a large master bedroom with a massive bed that put even Momo's to shame and a nursery attached to it, which Izuku blushed at when Cemintoss added it, a sizable walk-in closet, a large bathroom with four vanities and a communal shower, a common room with different entertainment systems, a couple of chairs and couches, a kitchen with a normal variety of appliances, two guest bedrooms, and a small home gym.

"Alright girls, you can take the blindfolds off." Izuku said, pointing the girls at the new home he got for them.

The pets just stood in shock before immediately shouting their thanks at him and taking off to explore.

"Get settled in, girls. I've got to go see Power Loader about a favor I owe him now." Izuku called throughout the domicile, smiling at their reactions.

Izuku made his way over to the workshops, already having been there when he helped Power Loader move some machinery around on the first day, and found the hero arguing with a girl with pink hair.

"You have to leave your workshop at some point! When was the last time you ate?" Power Loader said in exasperation.

"I had lunch on Sunday." The girl said, not even looking up from her work.

"That was two days ago and you had a single egg." He argued back before noticing Izuku. "Well if it isn't my favorite muscle-bound moving guy. What do you need, Midoriya?" Power Loader asked, clearly exhausted with the girl in the black tank top.

"I'm here about Cemintoss' favor. He did something for me, so now I owe you, not him." Izuku said, trying not to stare at the fact that the girl wasn't wearing a bra. 'How is it possible for me to be so damn horny with all the sex I have? Damn quirk.'

"You want to help me? Convince this workaholic to get some sleep and eat something. Shower too, if you can." Power Loader sighed.

"Hey! I don't smell bad, I'm just covered in grime!" The girl protested, seeming to be frustrated with the device she was working on.

"You know what? I'm just going to go. Midoriya, please make sure she takes a break." Power Loader said before walking off and muttering about finding the nearest alcoholic drink.

Izuku turned to the girl. "Hey, uh, why don't you want to take a break?" He said, not sure how he was supposed to do this.

"Because I can't get this baby done! My hands are too shaky because my stupid human body is failing me." The girl said, causing Izuku to notice that her hands were indeed shaking.

"So when you finish this, you will take a break?" Izuku asked, wondering if OFA would help alleviate the shaky hands and let her finish up.

"Sure! Well, maybe after my other baby. Or I could make one that improves on this one!" She said, her imagination running wild.

"I can fix your hands, but only if you promise me that you will take a break, get something to eat and then shower and sleep." Izuku said seriously, preparing to channel OFA into his fingertips.

"Counter proposal! You fix my hands and then help me make a baby!" The girl said before tossing the now-ruined device to the side out of boredom and turning to lock.

"W-What? You want me to help you make a baby?" Izuku stuttered at her boldness.

"Yeah, I need a male body for it! And you have those big muscles, and that makes it better!" The psychotic girl said as she cleared off her desk.

"H-HEY! I don't sleep with people I just met!" Izuku protested, worried that this girl was unstable.

"I don't plan on sleeping. Although I did promise, so I guess we can both sleep afterwards." She said before grabbing the bottom of his shirt and tugging upwards on it, try to take it off him. "A little help, Muscles?"

"M-My name is Izuku Midoriya." Izuku said, not letting the shirt come off of him.

"Mei Hatsume, genius inventor extraordinaire of Hatsume Industries! Now c'mon, this will work better if you aren't wearing clothes." She said, producing a pair of scissors and cutting his shirt off him.

"I WON'T HAVE SEX WITH YOU!" Izuku shouted in exasperation, breathing heavily before making the mistake of glancing down at her and accidentally looking down her black tank top.

"Sex? You mean that thing that is supposed to feel good and that people do to get kids? ….Nah, I'm too busy right now, I have to get this baby made. Take your pants off so I can make the final adjustments." She said, producing a small metal box, about 1x2x2 inches in size.

Izuku didn't think he had ever blushed that hard in his entire life. He dropped his pants and stood there quietly, hoping she didn't bring up how badly he misunderstood what she was asking.

Mei wasted no time slapping the box to his chest and watching with manic glee as it stabbed into him, leaving a metal square embedded in the middle of his chest behind when she took it off him.

"W-What is on my chest?" Izuku asked, only to notice that she was staring at his abs intensely. "Uh, Hatsume?"

"Oh! Sorry, I was looking at your body. When I'm done with it, that device on your chest will be able to coat your body in a customizable hero costume! The nanobots can recreate metal structures and can imitate cloth, but are much stronger." Mei explained as she poked his stomach. "Why does my stomach feel funny when I touch and/or look at you? Part of your quirk?"

Izuku decided not to try to explain arousal to the girl, and just touched the cold metal now embedded in his chest. "So how do I turn it on?"

"Huh? Oh, I made an app, just plug your phone into my computer over there and it should start the download." Mei said, looking up from her place where she was now rubbing his abs and causing him to get an unfortunate erection.

"H-Hatsume? What are you doing?" He asked the pink haired girl.

"Well, your muscles are really cool! Not only are they more complicated and dense than most humans, but they also seem to have little tubes of biological conductive material connecting your cells. Oh yeah! You said you would fix my hands." The scatterbrained scientist said.

Izuku nodded and grabbed her hand, channeling his quirk into her at one percent, affecting the girl immediately.

"Wowza! I feel like I just shot an energy drink in my veins after waking up from a twenty-four hour nap! And my vision is even better! I can see everything on a sub-microscopic level! Congratulations, Muscles, you are my new lab assistant, now too get to work on your new suit! I'm thinking green and black with a red trim! No, red boots and gloves!" Mei said, pulling her hand away from his and fiddling with her computer.

"Uh, yeah, are you sure this is safe?" Izuku asked as the metal box on his chest began humming as the nanobot factory booted up for the first time.

"Yeah sure, you are correct, but I can't get it to consume the molecules in the air like it is supposed to. Good thing that I didn't put this on someone, the robots would start eating them until the costume is made." Mei said, not paying attention to him.

"Wait, what? Mei, you put it on m-" Izuku was cut off as the machine in his chest began consuming his flesh to make print the new robots for his suit, only for his quirk to regenerate even faster than Mei's machine could damage him. Within seconds, a new hero suit that matched the image on her screen was spread across his muscular frame.

"Wow! I don't think anyone but me can use it, but this tech is amazing!" Izuku exclaimed after his suit was made. "How do I get it off?" Izuku asked.

"I knew I forgot something! Welp, I can shut it off, Muscles, but unless you have some industrial grade acid laying around, you can't." Mei said, now groping his arm.

Izuku sighed before walking to his phone. "I know someone."


Mina had a smirk on her face as she melted the suit off of her master's suit, only to find that he was wearing only underwear underneath it.

"My my, Master, you seem to have been having fun with this girl here. Is she your new pet?" Mina asked while looking the girl up and down.

"You really want to be punished this badly? Why don't you just ask for it?" Izuku growled in Mina's ear.

"It's always better when it feels like an actual punishment. Your little naughty alien likes it better when you are just a little angry while you punish her." Mina whispered back.

Shaking his head, Izuku turned to Mei. "Sorry about her, she likes acting out. Get some rest and eat something and I'll come back to help you test this later."

Izuku then began walking to the new home with Mina on his heels while she typed out a new message on the chat.

Bratty Alien Pet: I have a new girl to put on the potential pet list!

Chapter Text

Mei was sure that something was wrong with her.

Normally, she would simply work and work until she passed out, then would continue working again, but here she was, in a shower and getting clean.

'Why am I even worried about being clean? There are so many babies I could be making right now! Like maybe a device that helps Muscles! Wait, why am I thinking about him? Eh, it doesn't matter. Maybe I can make a device to watch him and figure out what to get him?' Mei mused as she finished getting clean. 'It'd be a shame if I scared Muscles off because I smelled bad, he probably doesn't like that.'

Mei dried off and got dressed in clean clothes, just in case 'Muscles' dropped by, before heading to her computer to program the nanobot factory in his chest to put a listening device in his chest.


Rumi was bouncing off different buildings as she struggled to keep up with her long time friend, Ryukyu.

They hadn't actually exchanged any words that day, but they would usually take a break from fighting pretty soon and hang out on top of Rumi's apartment.

Normally, Rumi had no trouble keeping up with the dragon hero, but her legs weren't at one hundred percent due to some *ahem* attention that she received from her master that morning.

As soon as she woke up she found him on top of her, applying just enough weight to make breathing difficult and grinning down at her.

"Morning, little bunny. I'm going to fuck you, keep quiet or you'll wake the other girls up." Izuku whispered before sliding into her and forcing her to stifle a moan at the sudden penetration.

Rumi reached to grab his hand and put it on her throat before laying back contently so she could just enjoy herself.

The rabbit hero snapped out of her memories with a small smile on her face when she saw that the dragon hero had shifted back into her usual self and sat in one of the lawn chairs they kept on the roof for such breaks.

"Damn Girl, you getting old on me?" Ryukyu said with a smirk.

Rumi landed on the rooftop and began walking to the second chair, her powerful legs trembling with each step until she collapsed into her seat. "Ha ha, you are so hilarious." Rumi said sarcastically. "My legs are just a little sore and worn out."

"Why? Today's been pretty slow, and I doubt you've worked out lately, so that only leav- YOU BITCH! YOU GOT LAID? WHO?" The dragon hero raged, angry that her friend had found a guy before she did.

"My new master. He made me his little pet bunny and fucks me good and hard. He even woke his little bunny up with a very nice surprise, if you catch my drift." Rumi said smugly as she took a soda out of the small fridge.

"And he treats you like a pet? Did you order him from a catalog or something?" Ryukyu questioned as she took a drink for herself.

"Nope, we were brought together by a couple different people, All Might being one of them. Told you that you should have asked for his help like I did." Rumi said. She planned on asking if her best friend wanted to become Izuku's newest pet, but not before letting her squirm a bit.

"Oh! Forgive me for not wanting to ask a thirty year old man to help me find a sexual partner when I was eighteen like you did. I just graduated and thought I could find one myself." Ryukyu snapped. Normally, she wouldn't be so angry, but she just didn't think this was fair.

"Guess you should have. Don't worry, I'll be sure to name one of my kits after you, I'll probably end up with a litter." Rumi said, checking her nails.

Ryukyu fell silent, and Rumi looked over to see a tear make its way down her face. 'Shit, took it too far.'

"That's great *sniff* Rumi. I-I hope you're happy with him." Ryukyu said with downcast eyes.

"Yeah, like you aren't going to be happy with him too! I'm sorry for messing with you, but of course we're going to share him!" Rumi said, trying to cheer her friend up.

"R-Really? You'd be willing to share him?" Ryukyu said hopefully, thinking that she'd finally get to be happy with a guy.

"Weeeeell, I kinda already share him. I am technically the sixth pet in his harem." Rumi said while scratching the back of her head.

"Pet harem? Oh, no way, you're fucking All Might's successor, aren't you? You realize we were supposed to hold the villains down until he got his license, not fuck him, right?" Ryukyu said with her arms crossed, her drink forgotten.

"I can do two things! Besides, do you have any idea what sex with him is like? He is just about the only guy I've met who I can't push around and he plays into it. The first time we did anything, he grabbed me by the throat and slammed me into the ground, then he choked the shit out of me while he teased me into cumming. It was the hottest thing ever, and the kid has, like, a ten inch dick." Rumi said with stars in her eyes.

"Did he say that he would help with my… problem?" Ryukyu said coolly with a slight blush coloring her cheeks.

"Yup! Well, sort of. But I have a plan! I need you to autograph this." Rumi said before withdrawing a journal from her bag. "He's a bit of a fanboy, so I was able to get his journal with the promise that I'd get him your autograph."

"Little Bunny's Kinks?" Ryukyu said aloud with an eyebrow raised.

"NOT THAT PAGE, NOT THAT PAGE!" Rumi said, ripping the journal away from her friend.


"What do you mean that can't be my name?" Mina shouted at Midnight, upset that her hero name was rejected.

"Master's naughty pet alien? Try again." The professional hero said, shooting Aizawa a sympathetic glance.

Mina began grumbling under her breath as she went back to her seat, something about deserving a reward for having to put up with this bullshit.

"Shinsou? You're up." Aizawa said to his pupil, gesturing to the front of the class.

Shinsou got to the front with his slate and swallowed nervously. "I didn't have a name at first, but I got this idea from Midoriya. The pacifying hero, Stand Down." Shinsou said shyly before sitting back down, not one to be in the center of attention.

"See Mina? That's what a normal hero name sounds like." Himiko said from Izuku's lap.

"First of all, I will not be shamed for my devotion. Second of all, when did you get here?" Mina said to the girl who was contently lounging on her master's lap.

"I've been here on master's lap like a good girl. I wouldn't question it if I were you." Himiko responded, completely dodging the question.

"Midoriya, come tell us your hero name!" Midnight said from the front of the class with her arms crossed and a whip in her hand.

Izuku planted a kiss on Himiko's forehead and set her on his desk before he went to the front of the classroom and stood at the podium. He had thought a lot about his hero name, and he liked the one he chose. It was honoring his quirk and his predeasesors, had a covert meaning for the public, and was massive 'fuck you' to the man who crippled his hero.

"One For All, one hero for all people." Izuku said, going back to his seat as his classmates nodded at his choice.

"Alright, good name. Now, Ashido, would you like to try again?" Midnight asked.

"Yep! Master's naughty pet HERO!" she said, standing up and thrusting her fist into the air.

Midnight let out a sigh before turning to Aizawa. "I'm starting to see why you are always tired. Now I almost feel bad about last night. Almost."


Ryukyu wasn't sure about this, but Rumi assured her that this was part of the plan.

She was walking on the UA campus to submit her intern forms in person rather than through Email or the regular mail when something caught the light and reflected it back to her eyes.

She walked over to what appeared to be a small gold coin glinting on the ground.

"Surely no one would want to leave something like this here. I'll just take it and if someone asks about it I'll return it." Ryukyu reasoned as she picked the coin up and slid it in her pocket, only to see two more coins ten feet ahead of her. "More? I guess that I should return those too…."

Ryukyu went to pick them up and then saw a small purple gem. Then a large emerald. Then a pile of coins. Then a silver cup filled with beautiful rubies. Then a gold cup overflowing with sapphires. This continued for a while, the riches getting more and more valuable until she found a massive pile of gold and gems on a massive bed.

Ryukyu wasted no time getting sparkles in her eyes and practically diving into the pile of riches, only to freeze when she heard a throat get cleared behind her.

She turned and saw her best friend grinning and standing next to a tall, muscular guy with green hair that she saw on the news.

"Master? This is my best friend Ryukyu, she has the same problem I did before you fucked my little bunny brains out. Hey Ryu! You're kinda in his bed right now." Rumi said, practically bouncing with excitement.

"Yeah, why is there a bunch of treasure in my bed by the way?" Izuku asked, looking apprehensively at the massive mountain of gold and dragon hero.

"Your puppy helped me make a bunch of dragon bait. Isn't she a pretty dragon? She would make a good pet dragon for you. Don't you want to just fuck her into pile of gold until she passes out?" Rumi asked him.

Izuku turned to the rabbit hero and raised an eyebrow. "Subtle. You know I don't fuck girls the same day I meet them, and I don't even know if she is interested in m-"

"I am. I would like it if you helped me find relief. My quirk makes it where I have a desire to be dominated, much like Rumi. I-I have never done this sort of thing and I have no knowledge of this, but I can do research. Sorry to interrupt." Ryukyu said, a dark blush dusting her cheeks as she refused to meet Izuku's eyes.

"You realize how much cuter it is that you haven't even watched porn before? Even I did every once in a while, but you're so innocent! C'mon master, you've gotta make her your pet dragon!" Rumi said, now literally bouncing in place.

"Bunny, stop teasing." Izuku sighed as he scratched behind her ears and caused her to let out a small moan. "You're sure you want to be a pet?"

"I believe so. Can you provide me with release immediately?" Ryukyu asked, rubbing her arm self consciously.

"Nah, you gotta say it like this. Master? Can you please make your little bunny cum?" Rumi said, only for Izuku to shoot her a glare that soaked her panties immediately.

"You just sit there and be quiet, bunny. I'll fuck you a little bit later." Izuku growled before turning to Ryukyu. "Don't listen to her, she is just enthusiastic. I have a policy against sex with a girl that just became my pet, but I will definitely make you feel better if I can. Do you have any preferences?"

"W-Well, I am here to steal your treasure, so maybe this little dragon should be shown the error of her greedy ways?" Ryukyu suggested, extremely embarrassed to be asking this sort of thing.

"Punishment kink? Surprising but ok." Izuku said before his entire demeanor shifted. "Naughty little dragon, did you really think you could just steal from me and get away with it? You need to be punished."

"Y-Yes, I need to be punished for stealing from you, sir." Ryukyu said, looking down as she felt some arousal invade her mind.

Izuku wasted no time getting on his bed amongst the riches and pinning the dragon hero to the pile of coins before slowly running his fingers around her sensitive body to tease the hero.

"I-I thought you meant pain as a punishment! This teasing is worse for me because I have never done something like this before!" Ryukyu shouted as she squirmed.

"Oh, so should I spank your little dragon ass? Fine by me." Izuku said before sitting on the edge of the bed and laying her across his lap.

"T-Thank you!" Ryukyu said, excited that it would get even better than this.

Chapter Text

Ryuko had discovered she liked, no loved, being cuddled by her new master. He was warm, a nice pillow, and he smelled good.

She had been given the spot where her head was resting on his right shoulder, but awoke suddenly when she had the taste of powerful blood lingering on her tongue. She freaked out immediately because she was known for her pillows getting shredded as she slept.

She opened her eyes and saw Izuku smiling at her in amusement while she had her sharp teeth buried in his neck.

"I-I am so sorry, I should have gotten some kind of guard to stop this." Ryuko said after extracting her sharp teeth from his neck, only to see Himiko on his other side snoring quietly with her fangs embedded in his neck.

"It's really not a big deal, it was kinda cute to be honest." Izuku said, his gentle smile unwavering. "You can put them back in if you want, I barely feel it thanks to Himi here."

"You don't mind? Really?" Ryuko asked, noticing that the only evidence of her bite was a bit of blood on his neck.

"Go on ahead, you've been such a good little dragon, I don't mind if you need to chew on something." Izuku said, not moving so as to not disturb the girls who were contently cuddling into him.

"Th-Thank you. Master." Ryuko murmured before sinking her teeth into him again.

"You're welcome, get some sleep, my little dragonling." Izuku said, relaxing to go back to sleep.


Izuku woke up a couple of minutes after his two pro hero pets and they seemed to be arguing.

"He is going to be interning at my agency, if he went to yours you two would turn your office into a fuck nest and never leave it." Ryuko said to Rumi, both of which had extracted themselves from the pile of bodies.

"Yeah? The only reason that sounds like a bad thing to you is because you haven't had sex with him yet. I've been with him longer, so I get his internship." Rumi argued back, her foot thumping the ground in irritation.

"That is preposterous, I would never let my base instincts come before my duty as a hero." Ryuko said proudly to her shorter friend.

"Bullshit, we lured you to his bed with treasure, and don't think for a second Izuku is any less irresistible." Rumi scoffed at the dragon hero.

"That's enough fighting. I should have known you too would have acted this way, but I'm not going to either of your agencies. I got an invitation from Endeavor and I need to train under the number one hero if I'm going to replace him." Izuku said, sitting up and causing his pets to make little whines and halfhearted complaints before they cuddled into each other and went back to sleep without Izuku.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ARE TRAINING WITH THAT FLAME HAIRED ASSHOLE? I'D RATHER YOU GO TO HER'S!" Rumi shouted at Izuku before her red eyes widened and she covered her mouth.

"Aw shit, she talked back! She needs to get punished now!" Mina said from the bed, sitting up as a sleepy Himiko tried to pull her back down.

"C'mon Master, I'm trying to sleep." The blood dependent girl muttered, not realizing who she was holding onto like a koala bear.

"Bunny? Get your ass over here. Now." Izuku snapped. Normally he wouldn't enforce rules as much as he probably should, but Rumi had told him early on that he needed to keep her in line.


"Master? Can't I just get a good spanking instead? This is so embarrassing." Rumi said with a bright blush on her face.

On the outside, she was in a hoodie and sweatpants with some sneakers, all of which were baggy and useful to disguise her identity.

Underneath her baggy clothes was nothing but a harness made from rope that was specifically tied to tease her with every step and jostle, even more so if Izuku pulled on it with his leash that went under the back of the hoodie and then to the harness.

"That means it's a good punishment. No one knows who you are, and it's too early for people to be out. We are going on a walk for a few blocks and if you are a good bunny on the walk, you'll get a reward when we get back home. Understood?" Izuku said, walking her forward on the abandoned streets.

"Yes Master, I understand." Rumi said, trying not to get turned on at her humiliation. 'I do NOT have an exhibition kink, I refuse to have a kink for humiliation.'

"Good bunny. Look at that blush, you love this, don't you? You like being paraded around and teased, my kinky little bunny." Izuku cooed in her ear, applying slight pressure to her ropes.

"M-Master? Please don't tease me. I-I know I was naughty but please have mercy on your silly little bunny. It's not my fault I wasn't thinking straight, you fucked my brains out." Rumi reasoned, only to get the rope that ran between her legs tightened to tease her even more.

"I suggest you just walk, or I'll take you to a bench and spank you until more people show up and then walk you home." Izuku threatened. He wouldn't actually do that to her, she didn't need her reputation tarnished, but she was the one who told him to be strict with her punishments.

"Y-Yes M-Master. Th-Thank you for correcting my behavior." Rumi said with a fire red blush on her face and the knowledge that if he kept it up she would have a visible wet spot on her pants.

"Good bunny. Now, come on." Izuku said before guiding her forward.


As soon as they got back to their home, Rumi tore off her clothes and ropes with her impressive strength and dropped to her knees to beg.

"Master, I was a good bunny. I was a good bunny for you on your walk, right? I deserve to cum! PLEASE!" Rumi said, her red eyes glinting with the madness of a girl with a massive sex drive who has been edged and teased for an hour.

"Awe, poor desperate bunny. You're not going to talk back again, are you?" Izuku questioned and he tilted her head to look up at him.

"What's the answer that gets you to rail me into the wall until I'm just a dumb little bunny, waiting for my master to come fuck me again?" Rumi said, her breathing heavy.

"Just say that you will try harder to be a good girl and you'll be rewarded." Izuku said, gently stroking her cheek.

"I promise that I'll try my hardest to be a good little bunny, now I need you! Please?" Rumi said, pawing at his pants.

"All right, little bunny." Izuku said before letting out a low growl and picking her up by her throat, pushing her against the wall and dropping his pants to the floor.

Izuku thrust into her and choked against the wall, causing her tongue to loll out and her red eyes cross in an adorable way.

"Phank ou Mapher, I wuv ou." Rumi slurred as she came all over him, her built up tension from their 'walk' causing her to be hypersensitive.

"Awe, I love you too, bunny. Are you my good little fuckbunny?" Izuku asked as he broke her brain.

"Yeph! Good liphle phuckbunny." Rumi agreed, about to pass out as she came again.

"Good." Izuku said as he gently kissed her and layed her on the bed.

"M-More C-Cock? Mapher's cock? Pweash?" Rumi said, half unconscious.

"No, you are going to need your rest, cutie. Keep being a good girl and I'll fuck you later." Izuku promised, tucking her into the bed so she could take a nap as his dragon watched with interest.

"Huh. To think that all these years all she needed to calm down was to be fucked by someone like you." Ryuko mused.

"Yeah, I suppose so. Did you want to actually have sex yet or wait a bit longer?" Izuku asked the dragon, sitting next to her and lifting her onto his lap, causing Ryuko to blush as she felt 'little' Izuku poking her.

"I would like to wait a bit longer, if you don't mind. I do like you very much, but I would prefer we save the actual thing until the internships have concluded." Ryuko said, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him from his lap. "You know, I would appreciate it if you fulfilled a thing I've been curious about. I bit you last night, and I feel that it is only fair if you return the favor."

"Uh, that's not necessary. I have a healing quirk and a good tolerance for pain." Izuku said while running his finger up and down her spine and sending shivers through her body.

"Perhaps I need to rephrase my sentence." Ryuko said before leaning in to whisper in his ear. "Your bad dragon bit you, so you need to bite her back, nice and hard to make sure she's learned her lesson."

"Huh, you really do have a thing for punishment, and biting too, apparently." Izuku mused, then he grasped some of the blonde hair on the side of her head and pulled her head to the side, baring her neck to him.

Ryuko let out a soft gasp as she felt his teeth on her neck, first dragging them across her sensitive skin before he bit down, forcing a moan from his dragon.

"Yes, I've been a very naughty dragon, and I need my master to set me straight." Ryuko moaned as Izuku left his mark on her pale neck.


Izuku was sitting on his bed with Himiko on his lap, feeding, with Momo and Jirou on either side of him, Mina sitting on the floor between his legs and Tsu sitting behind him with her chin resting on his shoulder while they watched TV. There was a fight between a purple monster that had the ability to make slime that was sticky or bouncy, and Rumi and Ryuko.

"The two top female heroes seem to have this fight well enough in hand, but I do believe that is a hickey on the dragon hero's neck! Has our dragon princess found herself a knight in shining armor? We'll ask in her next interview." The newscaster said while Rumi went to bounce off something, only to become stuck completely. "OH AND THE RABBIT HERO IS STUCK!"

"All of the ladies are mine!" The purple slime monster cried as it threw more on the bunny.

All of Izuku's pets noticed him tense up and he moved them off of him, but continued to just watch the TV.

"Hopefully, Ryukyu will be able to fight on without her comrad- and the dragon hero has been hit by the slime too, and is crashing down to the ground! If there are any heroes in the area, these two need help!" The newscaster panicked as she watched the two top ranked heroes get beat by a monster, but Izuku knew better.

"That's a Nomu, it's moving like that with speed quirk. I'm going to have to help, I'm the only one to ever beat a Nomu in a fight." Izuku said, pulling on his hero costume as Mei hadn't finished the nanobot factory design and prepared to speed off to the battlefield.

"Kick its ass, Master!" Mina cheered while Momo wished him luck, Himiko blew him a kiss, Kyoka gave him a brief hug, and Tsu licked his face from afar.

Izuku let his quirk charge up through his body and left in a flash of green lightning.

"It seems all is lost. No hero is close and the monster appears to be trying to abduct our heroes to do who knows wha-" the newscaster was cut off as a green blur with a trail of lightning came rising into the field and smashed the monster into the nearby building.

"I AM HERE!" Izuku shouted as he brought his foot down on the Nomu's head with an axe kick, crushing it only for it to reform.

"Midoriya? Why do you always have to spoil my fun? I'll kill you and then take these ladies for myself!" The Nomu warbled as if it were speaking underwater.

Izuku simply let out a cold chuckle that made even the newscaster shiver in fear. "Kill me? And who decided that? Kidnap heroes? And who decided that? End of the road, Mineta. I decided that."

Chapter Text

The streets shook and trembled as Izuku battled the perverted Nomu. Izuku could break him with a single punch, but the grape would just reform from his slime immediately after.

"You'll have to give up at some point, Izuku. What's two ladies that you barely know? You have Momo and her big tits, Mina and perfect ass, that crazy girl who's obsessed with you, and that froggy girl. I'm not even in UA anymore! But the league of villains took me in, and they said I could have all the ladies I wanted!" Mineta said before getting his slimy head kicked clean off and reforming.

'Man does this piece of shit ever shut up? No matter how many times I kick his ass he keeps coming back.' Izuku thought before his eyes lit up with an idea.

Izuku slammed into Mineta and splattered him into the ground before running off and returning with his classmate who was standing in nothing more than pajamas.

"Stand Down! Wanna make your debut?" Izuku grinned at the guy.

"Could have used some warning, One For All, I would have changed." Hitoshi said, remembering to use the hero names before stepping towards the raging purple monster.

"This is who replaced me? Some random Gen Ed nobody? Who even are yo-" Mineta stiffened as Hitoshi activated his quirk.

"I am Stand Down. Time for you to surrender." Hitoshi said, gesturing to Izuku who was holding a series of empty two-liter bottles.

The newscaster and assembled crowd watched as the monster blindly obeyed the newcomer and stuffed himself into the bottle.

Izuku secured the lid to the bottle tightly and handed him to a police officer to be taken to Tartarus prison, and then went to Rykyo and Rumi and freed them.

Rumi cleared her throat and mustered her most professional tone. "Thank you, One For All, I appreciate the assistance." She said before bouncing away, most likely to his home.

"Yes, thank you. Can I have a kiss, Master?" Rykyo asked, pressing herself against Izuku and causing everyone's jaws to drop in surprise.

"Not the time, Ry." Izuku hissed under his breath.

"Trust me, this needs to happen, I wouldn't do this without reason. Now, your good dragon asked for a kiss." Rykyo whispered, closing her eyes and leaning up as much as she could to his superior height.

Sighing, Izuku pressed his lips to hers and tangled his hand in her shortish blonde hair for a moment before tugging her head away from his face, a small string of saliva connecting them. "Good little dragonling, remind me to reward you later." Izuku said, fully trusting his newest pet.

"Thank you, Master. I'll have to give an interview, so you should go home and watch it. I'll see you later tonight, Master." Rykyo said, her golden eyes glinting with determination.

Izuku nodded and planted a kiss on her forehead before scooping up Hitoshi and speeding off back to the dorms.

"Thanks for the help, Hitoshi. I'll definitely have a spot for you at my agency when I'm a hero." Izuku said as he deposited his friend in his room.

"Yeah, that might be nice." Hitoshi said, a rare grin finding its way across his features.

Izuku ran to his home and began watching the TV immediately and caught the beginning of Rykyo's interview.

"So that was quite the display between you and Izu-" the reporter began, only to be cut off by the dragon hero.

"One For All. Sorry to interrupt. Yes, One For All and I have a romantic relationship, therefore, his actions tonight could not be considered Vigilante, as he was protecting a loved one, with the help of his friend." Rykyo said cooly, slightly turning so her hickey was on more prominent display.

"I see. And One For All has rumors swirling around him that he has formed some sort of harem of girls who are interested in a very specific type of relationship. Would you say that you would fall under that category?" The reporter asked, trying to get more information than she had without provoking the dragon hero.

"Honestly, that is not your place to ask, but I will tell you anyway. I consider myself his pet dragon, and I enjoy it quite a bit. As for the rumors of a harem, I refuse to acknowledge them as true or false." Rykyo said, careful to not share secrets that weren't her's to share.

"Really? Because I happen to have a source in UA that says that All Might's successor has no less than four girlfriends in his classes, as well as one mysterious blonde girl with yellow eyes and sharp teeth, which I would assume is you. The source named Kyoka Jirou, Mo-" the reporter was cut off as Rykyo's eyes flashed dangerously.

"So you find out that the strongest person in the world and the next symbol of peace has loved ones, and you immediately begin plastering their names everywhere? I revealed my identity because I can handle myself in a fight. This interview is over, please do not contact me or my associates." Rykyo said before shifting to her dragon form and flying to her Master for her promised reward.

The dragon hero dropped onto the UA grounds right outside Izuku's Hall and shifted back and walked inside.

When she was inside, Rykyo was pulled into a hug and got a kiss on the forehead.

"Clever dragon. Give me a moment to talk to my kitten, then I'll reward you for getting me out of trouble." Izuku murmured, nipping at her mark and getting her to gasp.

"P-Please hurry." Rykyo begged, desperate for attention as soon as she was the target of his teasing. 'he is far to good at that. Normally,I'd be seeking a way to resist his charms, but I don't know that I want to.'

Izuku turned to Kyoka and tucked a stray hair behind her ear. "Are you ok, Pretty Kitty? I never meant for your identity to get out." Izuku said, softly stroking her head and causing her to let out cute purrs.

"It's not that big of a deal, Master. The world basically knew about Mina after the sports festival, so I'll just have to contact my parents about it. You might have to meet them after your internship tomorrow." Kyoka said, leaning into hand and softly smiling at the contact with her beloved master.

"Well, my mom would have been more concerned, but it turns out she's just as kinky as I am, so I got off the hook." Mina said, her pink brow scrunched up. "Speaking of which, I think you should give Kyoka some special attention while we watch. Your needy kitten probably will have a hard time during the internships."

"I'll be sure to give her all the attention I can tonight, but first I have a clever dragon to reward for getting me out of trouble." Izuku said before turning to pull Momo into his chest. before turning to Momo. “Puppy? Come here.”

Momo walked over and sat like a dog in front of Izuku with her puppy outfit on. “Yes Master? What do you want your good puppy to do? I can make something for you. Arf Arf!” Momo said excitedly. Usually, Izuku didn’t ask her to use her quirk for him because he felt like it was using her, but at the same time, Momo loved doing things for him.

Izuku bent down and whispered in her ear for a moment before she focused and produced a silver and emerald collar that read ‘OFA’s Pet Dragonling’ on one side, and could be flipped to say Master's ____ Dragon where he could put ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depending on her current state. Izuku held the jewelry/collar out to Rykyo so she could look it over and enjoyed the smile it put on her face.

“You know, I altered my hero costume so I could show off my mark, I had to get rid of the part on my neck, so you will need to mark up my shoulder so it is still visible when I wear my collar. I love this collar and plan on making it part of my hero costume.” Tokyo said before handing it back to Izuku and turning around. “Will you please put it on me, Sir?”

Izuku smiled and put it on her and gave it an experimental tug, when Momo tugged on his pant leg. “Did I do well, Master? I love making things for you, so I want you to ask for anything you ever want from your good puppy, ok?”

“Yes, you did very well, pup. You’re all such good girls, even Mina, despite her attempts to be otherwise. I love you all and will miss you when I am training with Endeavor.” Izuku said as he went to the bed and gestured for them all to follow.

The sleeping arrangement that night had his two neck-biters on either side of him so they could do what the usually did at night, Mina at her usual place where she hug is legs, and Rumi doing the same on the other side, Tsu and Momo snuggling into his sides, and Kyoka intimately sleeping on top of him with his cock buried inside her.

“I love you girls. You mean the world to me.” Izuku said, happy with his significant others so close to him.

“We love you too, Master.”


Izuku sipped his coffee as he and Shoto walked to Endeavor’s agency.

"You know all my father will have us do is train and then not give us any cold soba, right? It's bad enough now that Mina is out of the dorms, but at least she kept bringing me enough to last me every once in a while." Shoto grumbled as he sipped his iced latte.

"I feel like I'm the one suffering the most for not being with my girls, but ok. What do you think your dad will have us doing?" Izuku asked.

"Most likely something that will irreversibly damage a hand. I don't know though, that might be something from another timeline." Shoto said in his standard monotone, creeping out Izuku.

"Oooookayyyyyy moving on. Have you spoken to your mother?" Izuku asked, changing the subject as fast as possible.

"Yes. Due to the decrease in availability of the soba your alien makes for me, I have made contact with the only person who I have met who makes soba that tastes as good as your Mina's does, which happens to be my mother, so long as I don't let her make tea around me I will be safe." Shoto said as they entered the building.

The next days were filled with Izuku and Shoto training together and Endeavor doing his best to figure out a flaw in Izuku's fighting style.

"Enough. I need to see how Izuku fights against someone who is primarily close ranged. We're going hunting, boys." Endeavor said, gesturing for them to follow him.

"Where are we going?" Izuku asked, pulling a green shirt over the black tank top he was training in.

"Hosu. The hero killer has been operating there and we could use the exercise." Endeavor said while they walked.

It was night by the time they reached Hosu and Izuku immediately noticed Death Arms and his pet kitten there already.

"Kyo? What are you two doing here?" Izuku said, whipping his head around to search for threats.

"We found out what those monsters with multiple quirks are. Apparently, they have weird DNA that was tracked here. Why are you three here?" Death Arms asked, with his intern running and wrapping her arms around Izuku.

"Nomus? We are here for the hero killer!" Izuku said, getting the weirdest feeling that he and Kyoka were in danger.

'you're welcome, kid.' a voice whispered in his mind.

"Calm yourself, boy. You and your…. Girlfriend will be safe." Endeavor grumbled, only to meet green, ferocious eyes.

"She had better be." Izuku growled, his new sense for danger pulsing inside him.

"Watch yourself boy. You are a necessary stepping stone for Shoto on his path to the top, but nothing more, so don't be cocky." Endeavor said, leaning into Izuku and trying to emphasize the few inches difference in height between them.

"Stepping stone, huh? Let me tell you something. Your son is a powerhouse, no way around it, but that won't be enough. I WILL be the number one hero, but I suppose there will always be room in second place. Guess the apple doesn't fall that far, huh?" Izuku said.

Endeavor was flabbergasted before he heard a snicker from next to him.

"Damn! Just obliterated him!" A heavily armed man in red said.

"Stain." Endeavor growled.

"SMASH!" Izuku said as he swung a punch with twenty percent of his quirk, only to hit air as the hero killer dodged him.

"Well well well if it isn't the new All Might! I expect great things from you, you have massive shoes to fill. I was actually very excited to meet you and see what kind of hero you would be." The guy said as he backed away from Izuku.

Izuku dashed at the man and swung, catching his jaw with a ten percent punch and sending him crashing into the wall.

"Damn, you hit like a truck. Anyway, checkmate, hero." Stain said, holding up a knife with a small amount of blood on it.

"It takes more than a little cut to kill me." Izuku said stoically.

"Oh, I know. Anyway, take a seat, hero." Stain said before licking his blade.

Izuku felt his body go numb as he collapsed to the ground.

"What the hell?" Izuku said as he realized that he couldn't move. He hadn't felt this helpless since the day he got his quirk.

A large screech filled the air as a winged Nomu began circling overhead and a large one tackled Death Arms to the ground. Everything was going wrong as Izuku stared helplessly at Kyoka, who had no defenses aside from her speaker for her heartbeat.

More Nomus emerged and surrounded Endeavor, forcing him and Shoto to become preoccupied with fighting them off.

Suddenly, the winged Nomu dived down and snatched up Kyoka as she ran to help Izuku, her attempt to protect him only serving to put her in harm's way.

"Endeavor! Help her!" Izuku screamed, his body refusing to respond to him.

"I'm busy, boy!" He grunted, burning another Nomu to a crisp as Kyoka tried fighting off the Nomu.

"Master, Help!" She cried out as her speaker was slashed by the Nomu's claws.

Izuku watched in horror as she was carried away by the monster.

Chapter Text

Izuku sat in defeat, his beloved pet carried away from him and he was helpless to stop it.

"Well that must suck. At least the tragedy will make you an even better hero, so the world will be a better place without her." Stain said, shrugging as if it was no big deal.

"What the fuck did you just say to me?" Izuku asked, his shaggy green hair casting a shadow over his eyes, only for the darkness created by his emerald locks to be pierced by his harsh glowing green irises.

"Easy there, kid. You'll be paralyzed for a bit more and the monsters seem to be keeping the 'heroes' busy." Stain said, only for a black tentacle to shoot out of the boy's chest and wrap tightly around the hero killer's shoulder, rotator cuff, and upper arm.

'Hold on kid! My quirk is based on your emotions, so you have to control your anger.' a masculine voice echoed throughout his skull.

'I am in complete control.' Izuku thought calmly before giving the mental command to his temporary appendages.

"W-What are yo- AHHHH! MY FUCKING ARM!" Stain screamed as the tentacle viciously tore his arm from his torso with a grotesque pop and squelch, his blood gushing from the wound before the Blackwhip tightened and acted as a tourniquet.

'For fucks sake!' Banjo cried as he saw his quirk used to sever a limb and then stop the bleeding.

"Your move, Stain. End your Quirk's effect or my grip may loosen." Izuku said, pissed beyond words could accurately do justice to.

Stain grunted and released his quirk, only for the tentacle to disappear completely. "You said you would save me!"

"Did I? I don't recall that." Izuku said coldly as Stain bled out in the street. "What was that you said? Maybe this will make me a better hero. I know the world will be better off without you in it."

"No. Need- Need to cleanse this hero s-s-society." Stain stuttered, blood loss killing him as it killed so many of his victims.

"And who are you to decide who is a hero? Sure, the obvious ones are clear, but who the fuck do you think you are to decide such things? What happens when your standards get higher because you are desperately chasing the dredges of society? How long until not even All Might is good enough? You don't get to decide who deserves death." Izuku said before putting his hand on the man's chest. "And neither do I." Izuku said, healing him enough that he would survive and walking away, thinking furiously on how he would recover his Kitten.


It had been three days since their daughter's abduction and Kyoka's parents were fed up.

They had spent the last days crying, cursing Izuku and the heroes who failed to save their daughter. Then, they got clearance to enter UA and confront the guy who got her kidnapped.

"Look at this, guy doesn't even live in the dorms like everyone else, smug bastard." Kyoka's dad, Kyotoku, said when they were directed to the building deemed One For Hall.

"Just because he was named All Might's successor he thinks he can do whatever he wants to anyone. I have no idea what All Might of all people saw in him." Mika muttered as they knocked on the door, which was answered by none other than Rumi and Rykyo.

"Hey, we're here for the smug prick who defiled my little girl." Kyotoku said, his arms crossed as he refused to be intimidated by the heroines.

Rumi growled in disapproval, but Rykyo raised a placating hand to her. "My apologies, but Master is not… appropriate for visitors right now."

"Oh, let me guess, he's back their fucking some girl right now. How long did it take for him to forget about my Kyoka? An hour? Or was he enough of a gentleman to wait until the next day before trapping a new girl in a degrading relationship." Mika spat, only to briefly glimpse death when Rumi tried to slap her and got her hand caught by Rykyo.

"They clearly don't understand, Rumi. They have an idea of Master that is completely false." Rykyo said, keeping her composure and trying to do the same for her friend.

"Oh, coming from the stockholm syndrome sex slave." Mika said, clearly too upset to be reasoned with.

"That's enough! You want to see him so bad? Fine! Follow me." Rykyo said, her composure cracking at the implications.

The Jirous did not expect what they found on the inside. The place was dark, with nearly every light turned out and multiple girls laying around with puffy eyes. The dragon hero lead them to a door that was slightly ajar and pushed it open, their jaws dropping as they saw the golden child from the news.

He sat in a chair, partially facing away from them in a filthy green shirt and hunched over a glowing monitor in the corner of the room that had footage of the street on which Kyoka was abducted on loop, his green eyes with heavy bags under them scanning the computer frantically as he looked for any scrap of data that he may have missed on his previous thousands of viewings.

"Master, please! You must eat something and get rest! Please! You can't run like this indefinitely!" A girl with spiky black hair said from next to him while holding a plate piled with katsudon.

"Food and sleep will have to wait. I have to find her. Who knows what those filthy bastards have done to her. I swear if even a hair on her head is hurt, I'll slowly tear them to pieces and feed them to a pack of wolves. Or maybe slowly lower them into a solution that is three parts sulfuric acid and one part hydrogen peroxide, should dissolve their bodies so I can heal them and start all over again." Izuku said, a sick smile splitting his face as his eyes glowed with an undying hatred.

Suddenly, a notification popped up on his monitor and he clicked on it, taking him to a video featuring the hand guy from the USJ.

"Hey, hero! Just wanted to check in on you! I heard that your girlfriend went missing and wanted to offer my condolences. You probably shouldn't be thinking about how much pain she is in, just for knowing you. How she screams out your name, desperate for you to help her as we- I mean the dastardly villains, tear her apart and watch her cry, slowly realizing that you let her down. I wonder how long it will take for her to give up on you? Who knows, maybe she can be my pet from now on. Anywho! I'll let you get back to whatever you were doing and go… entertain a guest I have. Have fun chasing your tail, hero." Shigaraki said before he shut off the camera and the screen went dark.

Mika and Kyotoku let their tears freely fall, and Izuku was tempted to join them when he noticed their presence, but then shoved that idea away. Kyoka didn't need his tears, she needed his power. She needed his wrath, and she needed his love.

'If only I could message her. Even just a signal to tell her it will be fi- A SIGNAL!' Izuku thought, whipping out his phone and calling a number that could be his saving grace.

"Hello? Mei? I need something that can trace a signal, asap. I promise to give you whatever you want, but I need it now." Izuku said rapidly, knowing how erratic Mei was.

"Just finishing it now, Muscles. I'll talk about your payment later because you're in a rush, come to the workshop and I'll have a tracking device on the machine that posted that video." Mei said, having started work on the device as soon as her Izuku-bug made her hear the video.

"I-I wish we met under better circumstances, Mr. and Mrs. Jiro. You should know that I love your daughter and would sacrifice everything I have, even my life, if it meant she would be safe. I realize that you most likely hate me, and I will accept that, but I suggest you stay out of my way while I get her back." Izuku said with a sigh, his heartfelt speech serving to make Kyoka's parents feel even more guilty.

Izuku ran past Kyoka's devastated parents and to the support courses building, sprinting into Mei's workshop and taking the device she held out to him.

"It will beep more and more the closer you get to the computer. At your speeds that shouldn't be a problem." Mei said as she gave his arm her standard, customary squeeze.

"Thanks Mei! I'll be back later!" Izuku called over his shoulder, running around town only a few moments before he arrived at a warehouse building.

Izuku tore the thick steel door off its hinges as if it were nothing but thin paper and stormed inside, finding himself in a long corridor with a single door on the end, and one to Izuku's right.

"All For One patient log number seven seven four thre-'' the doctor was cut off when an irate Izuku Midoriya.

"All For One! Where is he!" Izuku demanded, putting his fist through the stone plaster and steel, letting daylight into the office and revealing a strangely familiar doctor.

"I-In the other room. He's been expecting you, young Midoriya." The doctor confessed with a healthy fear for his life.

"I suggest you leave, this fight will be a hard one." Izuku said, pushing the doctor away and walking towards the door and paused. 'What if I'm not strong enough? This will be the hardest fight of my life.'

Izuku steeled himself before pushing in, expecting a large warlord, capable of killing someone with a glance, but only finding an old, disfigured man on life support who seemed to even struggle with breathing.

"Ah Izuku *cough* Mido- *cough, cough* Midoriya. I've been expecting you, boy." The old man rasped out from his bed.

"All For One?" Izuku asked incredulously. All of this seemed… anticlimactic and underwhelming.

"I guess *cough* that is all you would know me as, so my actual name doesn't *cough* matter so much. Yes, although I'm not what I used to be." The legendary criminal sighed, the breathing mask over his face fogging and clearing with every breath.

"Where is Kyoka?" Izuku demanded, forcing himself past the shock of the weakened villain.

"Ah, don't wor-*cough* worry. She is safe and sound, in the room to my left. The Nomu that collected her deposited her here and my doctor made sure she was *cough* safe. She hasn't had any contact with anyone else, contrary to what was said in *cough* that horrid video that Tomura made. You can, of course, take her with you, I *cough* only had her taken to get you here, but I wonder if you would indulge in a request of mine." The villain was able to get out.

"What is it?" Izuku asked, waiting for betrayal at any point.

"Let this dying fool die *cough* with someone by his side. Listen to my story and last words. Could you do that f-*cough* for me?" All For One asked, his tone hopeful.

Izuku simply stood, opened the door to Kyoka's room and lifted her off a spare hospital bed, and carried her sleeping form to a chair and sat in it.

Izuku let his eyes trace her pale skin, inspecting for damage and finding none, but decided to run his quirk through her anyway. He had no idea about internal damage and he figured she could do with the comforting feelings of his power.

"I will indulge you, only because she is unharmed." Izuku said reluctantly, settling Kyoka in his arms.

"Thank you. To start, let me tell you about the day I got my quirk…"

Chapter Text

(I'm not writing the coughing and wheezing because that would make reading it annoying. Thank you for your understanding.)

"When I was born, Quirks were just emerging. They were relatively new and not even called Quirks, but Meta Abilities. We expected super heroes, but mostly got petty thieves and villains with more power than they deserved. My brother, Yoichi, and I had never even come across someone with a Quirk until we were teenagers. Don't ask how old exactly, I've forgotten that long ago, but we were walking home from school and got cornered by an older classmate and his posse of goons.

The classmate had a Quirk that gave him the ability to create flames, not that we had ever seen him do it. His Quirk was nothing strong or special, merely a drop in a lake compared to some Quirks that exist today, but it had gained him popularity and fear throughout his social circles. He cornered me and my younger brother and demanded we pay him a toll for walking through his alley or he would burn us. We gave him what we had, of course, and then he laughed. He told us that we only had enough for one, and that I needed to pick which of us got burned.

I chose myself immediately. I was the older brother and it was my responsibility to take the hit, but as soon as I said to burn me and let my brother go free, his goons grabbed me and faced me towards my brother as the leader approached him.

I realized what he would do to my brother, so I shook his goons off of me and ran at him, tackling him and wrapping my hands around his throat as I tried to protect my brother. That's when I noticed an intangible… thing inside of him, sorry it is hard to explain what Quirks look like. I mentally pulled on it and found that it came with no resistance, shooting from him to me. It was then that he tried to use his Quirk and had a look of shock on his face when nothing happened.

I would rather not mention what I did to him in my anger, but by the time I was done his gang belonged to me and I vowed that I would never let harm befall me or my brother.

I was banished from my house, tossed out by my parents for being a 'freak', and my brother followed me to my new gang's favorite hangout, an old warehouse that actually used to stand in this very location. Call me sentimental, but I thought it would be poetic for the end of my influence to be in the same place as when my power was born. It was then that I proclaimed that I was All For One, and only my brother could call me otherwise.

I began to spread my influence, destroying gangs and taking their members until I owned everyone and everything. I would take Quirks with reckless abandon, but planned carefully. I even lent powerful Quirks to my agents, such as a teleporting Quirk to a man who took a fall for me so he could escape prison, then I would take it back and use a Quirk to change his features so he wouldn't get caught again, that is, until I owned every judge and jury.

But my brother did not see it as necessary measures to make us untouchable, but as me going mad with power, and in hindsight, he was right. By the time we were grown I was so desperate to get him to love and idolize me again that I forced him to take a powerful Quirk, and thus One For All was born.

He ran from me and joined a resistance movement against my power, only to die with them eventually. I mourned my brother, but then found out about his dormant Quirk. He had given his power to some child and it's power grew exponentially, with the boy obtaining triple the strength of my beloved brother. I was furious. That was the last thing that connected me to my brother and it was in the hands of some pitiful nobody? I became fixated on recovering my brother's Quirk at all costs, and chased the users to the ends of the Earth.

I spent so many years in control as I tried to take back One For All, and killed countless people in my attempts, until I killed one Nana Shimura, who was the seventh holder of your Quirk. She passed it to a young, Quirkless, little scrap of a thing who later would make his debut in America while I worked to control Japan.

While he was gone, I walked through my domain. I did this often, as all who had known my face were long dead, but this time I happened upon a woman who grabbed the last apple in a stall that I had my hand on. I used to have quite the build, and I towered over her, but she refused to budge.

'Um, Mister? Can you let go of the apple? I need it for a pie, but if you let me have it, I'll bring you a piece when it's done. Deal?' The woman asked with a bright, warm smile.

'Tch, I don't want pie. Take your fruit.' I spat, hoping to push this sunny person away, but only managing to make her smile brighter.

'If you say so, tough guy. I'm going to bring the whole thing back here, and if an anonymous stranger who gave me an apple was still here, I'm going to share it with them.' she said, turning and walking away, presumably to her home for her culinary activities.

I have no idea why I waited there, no idea why I felt the corners of my lips tug upwards when she waved to me, a picnic basket hanging off her other arm, and absolutely no idea why I went with her to a park to enjoy the food she prepared.

She asked my name, I gave it, my brother was the last person who could connect it to All For One anyway, she told me about her Quirk and asked me about mine, I lied and named one of the many Quirks I had stored, and we watched the sunset together.

I began to see more and more of the woman, going to movies and cafes and trying not to let her thaw my frozen heart, only to fail completely.

I proposed and married her, and that was the happiest I had been since Yoichi died. I lived happily with her and fathered my first born child. I knew that our child would most likely be Quirkless due to my genetic material being of a time when Quirks were uncommon, or their Quirk would take after their mother's, with a miniscule chance that it would take after mine.

It turned out to be the second one, I looked at my first son's Quirk when he was handed to me just after birth and he had a Quirk much like his mother's, that grew with his emotional state.

I took it from him, emotional based Quirks are dangerous during development, and gave it to his mother without her knowledge for safe keeping.

I lived with my beloved family until I was informed that the eighth user of my brother's Quirk had returned to Japan and wanted my head for what I did to his mentor. I told my wife that I would be gone for business for an indefinite amount of time, and that if it ran longer than expected I would remember to keep in touch, pat my son on the head, and left for battle. I lost.

I lost my empire, I lost my strength and longevity, and because of my disfigurement, I lost my family.

I was furious. I had found my peace and he came to take it away. My wife raised my son alone, and my son grew up Quirkless. I used my doctor to keep them healthy, sent them funds to provide for them and letters to talk with them, and watched them from afar as I pieced my body and my influence back together.

Everything changed when my wife was attacked. I still had a Quirk that stopped time, but it would only hasten my demise, so I hesitated, only for my son to charge in to defend her.

I saw myself reflected in my scrawny progeny and I was once again back in that fateful alleyway. He didn't have a prayer against the criminal but he fought anyway to protect his family. Instead of interfering directly, I did what I should have done long ago and gave my son a Quirk.

I now had a new reason to get One For All. My son would be able to use it like no one had before and would protect my wife when I was gone, so I continued my efforts when All Might eventually announced a successor, you, Young Midoriya.

Knowing where my brother's legacy was, I launched an attack to get it for my son, only to have my weapon destroyed and my forces to return with their tails between their legs at the thrashing they received from a mere teenager. That's when I learned your name, and changed my plans." All For One said, explaining his backstory to the young man who was cradling his girlfriend on his lap.

"Tell me your name." Izuku demanded his mind connecting dots.

"I already said, it isn't impo-" All For One said, only to be cut off.

"Tell me! Now!" Izuku said, his theory becoming solidified even more.

"My name is Hisashi Midoriya. I am your father, Izuku." The elder Midoriya said with a defeated sigh.

The uncomfortable silence stretched between them before Hisashi had a violent coughing fit, stronger than any before it.

"So- Izuku. I know you hate me, and you are right to, but my time draws near. Please, let me hold your hand in mine. Please indulge this as my final wish." The father said, stretching his hand to his son.

"I-I could never hate you. You were a monster, but you tried to change. I have every letter you ever sent me and every All Might figure you sent, even if you hated him. You never stopped being my dad just because you stopped being around." Izuku said in a broken voice, tears streaming out of his eyes as he placed his hand in his father's.

"Thank you, my son. Thank you. Even if I'm not quite gone yet, I think it is time you got your inheritance." AFO rasped, squeezing Izuku's hand with what strength he had left.

"W-What do you mean?" Izuku asked, not following what his father was saying.

"I just gave you my Quirk, son. You now have the power of both All For One, and One For All. I wish I had more to give you, but I know you will wield your power much better than I did." Hisashi said, his voice weak.

"I-I don't know what to say." Izuku said. "Do you want to say goodbye to Mom? I-I could get you to her."

"Heh, I want that more than you could imagine, but it's better this way. Let her remember the husband I was to her, not the man I was to the world." Hisashi said, his hand falling out of Izuku's as his arm grew weak. "You could do one thing for me, however."

"What? Tell me." Izuku said, picking his father's limp hand back up.

"I made quite the mess that I won't get to clean up. The computer over there has all of the information on the League of Villains. Stop them for me, Izuku. I have done great harm in my life, but please, help me to not be responsible for any more." He said, his voice barely a whisper as he quietly passed.

"I will, father. I will." Izuku sobbed, knowing his father was gone.

Chapter Text

Kyoka woke up in strong arms, her master's scent wafting over her, invading her senses and putting her at ease.

Izuku's breathing was even as he listened to a sick man cough and wheeze while talking about a woman in a market. She decided she wouldn't interrupt them and would just enjoy being back with the man she loved, saving her questions until they were alone.

She didn't even know who the man was until he talked about the USJ event and the role he played in it. She was shocked beyond words when she found out that the legendary villain was Izuku's father and even more so when she heard that he received the man's quirk somehow.

Kyoka realized he was crying, vowing to destroy the League of Villains, and immediately began to move, wrapping her slender arms around his neck and letting him cry on her shoulder.

Eventually, his sobs grew softer and his breathing returned to normal as he gained control of his emotions. He pulled away from her shoulder to look at her, and she let out a gasp upon seeing his eyes.

His green irises had gained a ring around them that was a deep, royal purple color, and where Izuku's green eyes glowed when he activated his quirk, the ring around his iris glowed passively with a dim purple.

"Y-Your eyes are even prettier." Kyoka muttered, looking intently into his eyes. "Why did your eyes change?"

"I didn't know they did change, but it was probably because of my dad's Quirk." Izuku said, grimacing when he realized that he had soaked her shoulder with his tears.

"His quirk is to make your eyes purple?" Kyoka asked with a raised eyebrow.

"N-No. It's, uh, ok, I'm just going to show you." Izuku said before focusing on Kyoka and noticed what had to be a quirk. He immediately knew everything about it, everything it could do with a single glance. He willed it to him and came with no resistance, and watched Kyoka's jacks recede into her ears.

Kyoka noticed her hearing dim, like someone had sucked all the sound out of the area and realized she lost the familiar weight of her jacks that hung off her ears.

"WHAT JUST HAPPENED!" Kyoka yelled, unused to her hearing being that of a normal person, only for Izuku to grasp his ears and let out a cry of pain. It was then that Kyoka saw his ears and realized what he had done.

"CAN YOU GIVE IT BA-" Kyoka shouted before her mouth was covered by Izuku and she realized she was shouting at someone who wasn't used to enhanced hearing. When she was born, every little breath was excruciating to her, but over time she got used to it.

Izuku gave her the quirk back and sighed in relief when his hearing diminished back to its original state.

"So you can take quirks? Even mutant quirks? What are the drawbacks?" Kyoka asked, holding his hand in both of hers as they sat in a chair in an abandoned warehouse.

"There are none. I can permanently take the Quirk of anyone I come in physical contact with. I can give the quirks to others too." Izuku explained, stroking her head with his free hand and enjoying the purr-like sounds she released.

"That's… a lot to take in. You could get so much stronger than you already are." Kyoka said before he picked her up with him as he stood.

"Yeah, I know. Let's get out of here. Can you carry that for me?" Izuku asked, nodding at the purple and black laptop that sat on a table.

"Yes, Master." Kyoka said, picking it up and holding it to her chest as he did the same to her.

Izuku charged his quirk throughout his body, only to find that his familiar green lightning was now partially green and partially purple.

"That's new. I wonder what else changed." Izuku mused before dashing off with his pet in his arms and his energy coursing through his veins.

He appeared in Mei's workshop and set Kyoka down on a stool, kissing her gently before letting go of her and turning to Mei.

"Ok, oh psychotic steampunk girl, I am at your mercy." Izuku said, dramatically spreading his arms, only to get what looked suspiciously like a high tech collar placed in his hands and a metal bracelet around his wrist.

"Great! Put this on me and say 'activate obedience training'." Mei said, gathering her pink hair up and off her neck.

".... You're joking, right?" Izuku said, not liking where this was going.

"Not in the slightest! Now, put the collar on me and say the activation phrase." Mei said, looking impatient.

"Why can't you say it?" Izuku asked, fastening the collar on.

"Because it's keyed to your voice, obviously." Mei said as if nothing made more sense in the whole world.

"Activate obedience training." Izuku said, blushing while Kyoka watched in amusement.

"Oooooh Master!" A recording of Mei's voice moaned from the collar, only serving to make Izuku blush harder.

"Great! Can I go change into my costume now?" Mei asked him.

"I'm not in charge of you." Izuku pointed out.

"Yet." Kyoka snickered from her stool.

"Well, you have to give me verbal permission to get out of a certain range. I call it my invisible leash." Mei said proudly before putting her hands behind her back to push her chest out and pouting shyly. "Can I go get my cute costume on for you, Master?"

"Fine, Fine, why not Mei too? Of course Mei too, why would I expect anything different?" Izuku sighed as he waved her off.

Mei ran into a closet and Kyoka heard shuffles and movement for a bit before Mei emerged from it in an… interesting outfit.

She had a raccoon tail plug in and some small ears on her head as she crawled out and handed Izuku a sheet of paper.

Obedience Training Collar commands to test:

"Bad Girl"
Back Talking
Running off without permission
Aggressive Behavior

"I have a bad feeling about this. BAD GIRL!" Izuku said, and the effect was immediate.

Mei's body tensed as her collar electrocuted her, moaning only for the collar to tighten around her neck and cut it off.

"GOOD GIRL! GOOD GIRL" Izuku shouted, rushing to Mei's side.

"That was great! You don't have to worry, Master, I put safety protocols in and I was enjoying the pain. Now, on to back talking and disobedience! Tell me to do something, like sit at your feet." Mei said, standing a couple of feet away from him.

"Um, Mei, come sit at my feet, I guess." Izuku said, not sure about this.

"No, you're not the boss of me!" Mei said, imitating the brattiest voice she could, only to get choked and shocked by her collar. "Oooooh yeah, that's the stuff."

"If you want to get shocked, why not just shock yourself?" Izuku asked, wondering the same sort of thing that he wondered about Mina.

"It's not the same, now let's try running off! I need you to stay here, and we'll see how far I get." Mei said, far more excited then Izuku would understand.

Mei began walking away, only to have the familiar buzz of electricity sound through the air as she got shocked, enjoying it way too much.

Izuku walked over to her, cutting off her shock, and her lustful moans.

"Ok! Now we just need to try aggressive behavior!" Mei said before letting out a growl, only to yelp as she was shocked much harder than the other things. "It's perfect! Now I can be your little raccoon!" She said, crawling over to Izuku and looking up at him with her chin brushing his crotch over his pants.

"Can I have a headpat? I didn't program the collar for positive reinforcement, so that will have to be administered manually." Mei said, her yellow eyes locked on his green and purple ones.

"After all that naughty behavior? I don't think so. I think you need to be shown your place first, bad girl." Izuku said, grinning at her moan of pleasure and pain. He selected a short chain she had lying around and hooked it to her collar.

"Come on, Mei. I'm going to walk your naughty ass to my place and chain you up so you can't do anything but watch me pamper my pretty kitty. Who knows? Maybe I'll give the command for you to get shocked so you can get off at least a little, you depraved little lunatic." Izuku said, lifting Kyoka, who still had his laptop, and tugging on the chain fixed to his new pet.

"Wait, you're going to take me out there to be degraded in front of all my classmates, teachers and anyone else who looks?" Mei said in a meek and shy voice.

"Is that a problem for you?" Izuku asked, wondering if maybe he took it too far.

"Are you kidding? You could walk me in the streets and I'd just get turned on! I'm your dirty, crazy little raccoon! Degrade away." Mei said, excitement shining in her eyes.

Izuku shrugged and began to walk with Kyoka held by one of his arms and Mei scampering behind him, on his heels as he walked.

Unfortunately for Mei, only a few people were around, so only a couple pointed and whispered or laughed at her, but she enjoyed the slight amount of humiliation that she got.

When they got to One for Hall, Izuku opened the doors and froze. Kyotoku and Mika were sitting and drinking tea with his pets and watching TV.

"Uh, hey, we're back." Izuku said awkwardly.

Izuku was suddenly tackled by every one of his pets, aside from the ones he was holding, and was barely able to keep the enthusiastic girls from crushing him and Kyoka.

"Ok Ok! Get off already, I'll explain everything." Izuku said, getting to his feet and seeing Kyoka's parents staring awkwardly.

"We, uh, said some things that were unfair. We're sorry." Kyotoku said, looking away dejectedly.

Kyoka moved to go to them, only for Izuku's arms to moderately tighten around her. "I'll be fine, my parents deserve to know I'm okay too." She murmured, pressing her lips against his jawbone.

Izuku reluctantly let her go, only for Himiko to peer at him intensely. "Mina, come look at his eyes. You went through another power boost didn't you? What's changed now? Let me guess, you are suddenly strong enough to make All Might in his prime look like an angry three year old." Himiko said, only to be joined by Mina.

"Yeah! You have purple in your eye now! We can't turn our backs for three seconds without you getting dramatically more overpowered, can we?" Mina joked, her black and gold eyes focused on his.

"I'll explain everything later, but I just got my kitten back, so first I'm going to spend the rest of the night with her." Izuku said, seeing Mika and Kyotoku hugging their daughter.

"I know what you're thinking. Yes, we should have babies immediately." Rumi whispered in his ear.

"W-WHAT? You want my baby?" Izuku asked, trying not to fall in love with the idea of seeing a combination of them resting on her hip.

"No. I want a whole damn litter. Let me know when you're in." Rumi said, nuzzling his neck.

"I-I'll think about it." Izuku promised.

"Oh? What part are you going to think about? Your thick cum leaking out of my little pussy? Me carrying your powerful babies? Holding me while I feed them?" Rumi asked, putting positive images of having kids into his brain.

"No comment." Izuku said, grabbing her soft ear and nipping the tip of it to tease her. "Kyoka? I'll be in the bedroom when you finish with your parents." Izuku said, walking into his bedroom with Mei trailing behind him.

"So! You're gonna chain me up and play with me while we wait, right?" She asked excitedly, her crosshair eyes fixated on the outline of his cock in his pants.

"Uh, I was going to take a nap. I technically haven't slept for a few days." Izuku said sheepishly.

"That's all? I haven't slept in a week and I'm fi- you're going to make me take a nap now, aren't you?" Mei said, her shoulders slumping.

"Yup. Get into bed, pet." Izuku said, laying down himself.

Mei cuddled into Izuku's side and grumbled something about him spoiling her fun.


Kyoka walked in and saw Izuku passed out on the bed, with Mei fiddling with his computer and seeming frustrated.

"What are you doing, Mei?" Kyoka asked, laying on his shoulder and smiling softly at his exhausted state.

"Well I was going to run the super suit program on Master's new laptop so I could perfect it before he woke up, but his computer is locked. Who is the light of his life? That is the hint." Mei grumbled, having tried every name she knew, not that there were many.

"That was his dad's computer. Try Inko." Kyoka suggested.

"Hey! It worked! Lots of processing power in this bad boy, must be custom made. It's practically a super computer!" Mei said excitedly, her hand flying over the keyboard as she installed the program.

"Oooookayyyyyy. I'm going to get some sleep and let you do that." Kyoka said, laying on top of him and letting herself drift off.

The last thing she or Izuku heard that night were the excited clattering of keys, the result of giving a super computer to a workaholic tech junkie.

Chapter Text

Izuku awoke in an area that he had never been in before with three people standing over him.

The first was a woman with a bright smile, dark hair, and a cape. She had a very cheery deposition and seemed like a female All Might.

The second was a tall guy with light hair and a scar over his eye. He held a stoik posture and a tiny smile.

The last person looming over Izuku was a mountain of a man with a bald head and blue eyes. He sort of reminded Izuku of a drill sergeant from pre-quirk military movies.

"Hey, Kid. You alright?" The mountain said with a strangely familiar voice, offering Izuku a hand up.

Izuku accepted, getting to his feet and looking around his surroundings. The place seemed to be dark and foggy, like a loading area in a video game, and there were three more people who seemed to be silhouettes.

"Yeah, where am I and who are you?" Izuku asked, a little concerned about what was going on.

"Your noggin, Nana Shimura, great to meet you!" The woman said in an extremely, and unfortunately, familiar voice.

"You're that horny voice in my head!" Izuku exclaimed, pointing a finger at her.

"Guilty. Any openings for new pets?" Nana asked, only to get pushed away by the large guy.

"Daigoro Banjo. I have the tentacle quirk. Sorry about my compatriot, she lacks restraint." The guy said, putting a heavy hand on Izuku's shoulder. "We are inside your mind. We are the remnants of previous holders of One For All. If we are paying attention, we can see through your eyes, but we tend to respect your privacy, aside from the pervert over there. We have given you Blackwhip and Danger Sense, but Nana seems opposed to giving you her Quirk, even though she seems to *ahem* like you." Banjo said stiffly.

"Hey! It's not that I don't want him to have it, I just have conditions!" Nana protested, getting between Banjo and Izuku.

"Here we go." Banjo said, pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

"You have to choke me with Blackwhip, and I will only refer to you as master. Do that for me and you can have my Quirk." Nana said with her arms crossed.

Izuku leaned over to the third guy. "Is it worth it?" Izuku asked him, not really wanting a lustful pet that lived in his mind.

"Wanna fly?" The guy said, seeming to be a man of few words.

Izuku sighed. "Yes, that would be useful." He said before turning to Nana "Alright, I accept."

"Good! Now come on, give me a little taste." Nana said, tilting her head away to expose her neck.

Nana was expecting the shy boy to meekly wrap the quirk around her neck, but he was full of surprises. She felt Izuku's Blackwhip grab her neck like a vise and harshly jerk her to the ground so she was on all fours, only to put his foot on the back of her head, pushing her face into the ground and pulling upwards on her collar.

"You really think that's the best way to get what you want?" Izuku growled, applying more weight.

"N-No. Sorry Master." Nana said, getting far too turned on while her fellow vestiges averted their attention to anything else.

"Good bitch. Now I would like to meet my uncle, if you guys don't mind." Izuku said, letting Nana up as she looked at him like he was the best thing to ever happen.

"Um, yeah, he went into that building over there when your father died. Sorry about that by the way, but the guy did kill us." Banjo said, gesturing to the only building in the mindscape.

"Thanks, I'll go talk to him. As for you, little bitch, maybe I'll come back and toy with you if you're good." Izuku said, releasing Blackwhip on her neck.

"Th-Thanks, Master." Nana said with a silly grin on her face as she gave her Quirk to the guy.

Izuku stepped into the building and realized it was an old warehouse and saw flashing lights in the office.

Izuku walked to it and opened the door, never expecting what he saw on the other side.

Yoichi and Hisashi Midoriya were sitting on a couch playing a fighting video game, looking like teenagers.

"Hey Izuku, wanna watch me kick your uncle's ass at his favorite game?"


Izuku left the mindscape when he woke up, seeing Kyoka's head resting on his chest and Mei working on his computer.

"Didn't I tell you to get some sleep?" Izuku asked, the rumbling of his chest waking up Kyoka, who let out a little yawn that sounded suspiciously like a meow.

"Master? Are you going to play with me now? I thought you should get your sleep, but now I want my master's big cock to ruin his kitty's little pussy." Kyoka said, grinding herself on his clothed dick.

Izuku realized that he was quite a bit bigger than her at this point, and honestly wondered if he could even completely fit in her at this point, but he would try regardless.

"Do you want to be on top, or bottom, Kitten?" Izuku asked, gently stroking her cheek as they listened to the clacking of Mei's typing.

"B-Bottom. Can you lay your weight on me? While you… you know. Like a weighted blanket?" Kyoka asked, twirling her jack around her finger.

"Awe, of course I can! Do you want me to crush you a little bit? You are so adorable." Izuku said, turning her onto her back and pulling her clothes off her. "And you're already all wet! Did my pretty kitty have a fun dream?"

"Y-Yes. I had a dream that you took me to a concert and you… played with me in the bathroom." Kyoka blushed.

"You are so cute." Izuku said, taking his own clothes off and laying a bit of his weight on her. "Now, relax and let out any cute sound you have. I want to hear your cute little moans and whimpers, ok?"

"Yes Master, I'm your good little kitten." Kyoka moaned as he gently rocked in and out of her. She had a slight scare when talking to her parents because they wanted her to come home for safety reasons, but Momo saved her by pointing out that there wasn't really a safer place than with Izuku or in UA.

"M-Master? Can I cum?" Kyoka asked, her small frame completely covered by Izuku's as he gently fucked her.

"Of course, kitten. Be a good girl and let go for me." Izuku cooed, watching her face screw up and her eyes squeeze shut while her brain reset.

"OOOOOOH FUUUUUCK" Kyoka cried out, only to be quieted when Izuku kissed her, his weight keeping her from thrashing around and his mouth muffling her screams.

Izuku held her, stroking her hair softly as she came down from her high. "Shhhhhh it's ok, good girl, good kitten."

"Th-Thank You, Master. I love you." Kyoka said, attempting to cuddle into him.

"We have to get up, Kitten, I have an announcement to make." Izuku said as he kissed her neck and pulled himself out of her.

"Can you help dress me? I can't move my legs. You can dress me however you want" Kyoka said with a blush. She was a little embarrassed that she couldn't take his whole length and he still gave her after sex legs, but she also liked it when he helped her get dressed.

Izuku went to the large closet and began going through the area that Kyoka had claimed for her before grinning with the outfit he found.

Izuku walked back to his bed with the clothes and laid them on the bed. He had selected torn fishnet stockings with black socks attached, green underwear, a black and purple plaid skirt, and a tight-fitting black t-shirt that left her midriff partially exposed.

"I'm going to wear my cat ears too, ok?" Kyoka said, looking to him for approval as he helped her into the outfit he selected.

"Wait, why don't you just use my baby?" Mei asked, not looking up from his computer.

"What baby?" Izuku asked, knowing that her 'babies' could be an amazing boon, or a literal doomsday device.

"The Animalizer. Oh wait, I never actually built that one. Never mind." Mei said, continuing her work on the costume generator.

"What'd it do?" Kyoka asked, wondering why that would be a good replacement for the animal ears that Momo made for her.

"Eh, it just gave people slight animal DNA. It would give someone animal ears and a tail. I think I started to design it while listening to Master have sex with someone." Mei said, causing Kyoka to drag herself over to Mei and grab her by the collar.

"AND YOU DIDN'T FINISH IT?" she asked incredulously, realizing that she could actually have her dream of getting headpats and her cat ears played with by Izuku in a way she could actually feel.

"Lost interest when I had the idea for my collar. Should I make it?" Mei asked, not actually paying attention to what Kyoka was doing as her eyes stayed locked on the computer.

"YES! I can't believe that you have to ask that! I WANT KITTEN EARS, DAMNIT!" Kyoka said, getting upset only for her head to get pat unexpectedly.

"Calm down, kitten. Mei? Will you be a good little raccoon and make that device for me?" Izuku asked, pulling Kyoka back to hold her.

"Huh? Oh, sure. I'll have it done at some point. Did you know you're rich, by the way?" Mei said, leaning away so Izuku could see the computer screen.

"That's a lot of zeros." Kyoka commented when the laptop displayed the information of the bank account set up in his name.

'I guess that my new quirk wasn't the only inheritance I got, huh dad?' Izuku thought, only receiving something about 'git gud, noob.'

"Well, that helps the plan I guess." Izuku said, making Kyoka wonder why he needed the funds.

Izuku shut the laptop and scooped both girls into his arms. The alarm clock said that It was four pm, so his nap didn't run that long, but his Quirk was most likely at hand.

Speaking of his Quirk, which he considered one Quirk because they all seem to have melded together, he felt so much stronger now that he had rested. He felt like, if he desired, he could end a fight with a snap of his fingers, able to tear the Quirks from his foes and either keep them to himself or give them to his loved ones.

He shook off the seductive feeling that his newfound boost of power gave him, determined not to fall into the same trap that his father did, and carried the two girls to the main room.

When he entered the large space, he found Rumi arm wrestling with both Mina and Himiko, with the two girls not able to budge the hero's arm an inch, Momo and Rykyo we're talking about jewelry, and Tsu was sitting on the couch, flipping through channels.

"Well look who's awake! How are you feeling, Master?" Rumi said, beating her 'opponents' and easily sending them flying as she walked over to Izuku.

"Never better, I want to tell you guys some stuff." Izuku said, walking to the couch and setting his girls down on it, with Rumi jumping on his back and stubbornly refusing to let go.

"Just go ahead, Master, I doubt you'll get her off." Rykyo said, wanting to know what was important enough for him to call all his pets to talk about it.

"First of all, I met my father and he died, but gave me his quirk before he died." Izuku said, waiting for the questions. They had all been told about One For All, the story behind it as well as why it was so important that he lived up to his mentor's image, but Kyoka was the only one who knew his sworn nemesis was actually his father the whole time.

"How did he give you his Quirk?" Momo asked, her brow furrowing as she tried to understand.

"Um. Well, you see…" Izuku started, not knowing how to say it.

"You should just show us. Kero." Tsu said, sensing he didn't know how to say it.

"Tsu! Thank you for volunteering to help me demonstrate. Stand here in front of me." Izuku said, lightly chuckling when she leapt over to the spot he indicated.

Izuku placed his hand on the side of her face and transferred her quirk to himself and his pets watched in awe as her quirk became his.

"Neat, huh? Kero." Izuku said, using his now-elongated tongue to wrap around her neck and choke his pet.

"He can take transfer quirks as he pleases." Kyoka explained, in case they still didn't understand.

Izuku gave Tsu her quirk back after teasing her a bit more, smirking at the blushing girl who was temporarily quirkless.

"I knew he got a power boost!" Himiko said, pumping her fist in victory.

"Uh, yeah. I also wanted to tell you all that I am going to take each of you on a date soon. I have things planned for each of you, but if you have an idea of your ideal date, tell me and I'll accommodate." Izuku said, waiting for their responses.

Mina and Himiko began whispering to each other, and Rumi stood up to talk. "My ideal date is one where you knock me up. I don't really feel like going out, but I want to go into the bedroom with you and not leave until I'm dripping your cum and carrying your children." Rumi said, having several arguments for why he should impregnate her ready in case he protests.

"Ok, any others?" Izuku asked, accepting that Inko would have to move into a guest room so she could see her grandbabies.

"Yeah! Me and Mina want to have our date together! We want to stay in and have sex, video games, and snacks!" Himiko said excitedly, both the girls grinning toothyly.

"Ok, I figured you'd want to be together, but I didn't know you'd want to stay in." Izuku said, looking at the other pets.

"I think the rest of us are excited to see where you take us." Rykyo said, getting nods from Tsu, Momo, Kyoka, and Mei, even though the latter seemed to be itching to get her hands on Izuku's super computer again.

"Great! I have Kyoka's date planned first, you all can draw straws or something to decide who's next. That's all I needed to talk about, so I guess go do whatever you want, I've got to make a couple of calls." Izuku said, stepping outside.

First one was to a certain company that handles a certain group of people, offering an obscene amount of money.

The second was to his mother. By now he knew she'd have heard about his dad, and wasn't too surprised when he heard her choking back sobs.

"Hey Mom, I heard about Dad. How are you holding up?" Izuku asked, only receiving sobs on the other end.

'Use my quirk, Master.' the horny voice said in his head.

Normally, it would have been hard to use his new quirks, but it seemed that All For One was helping him in that regard. He rose up, flying with very little stumbling, if you asked him, and shot off to his mother's house, worrying about Kyoka when he came close to breaking the sound barrier.

He landed in front of the apartment building and dashed in, holding his mother in his arms. "Shhh it's ok, Mom. It's ok." Izuku said, rubbing her back and rocking her until she stopped crying, something that took a very long while. "Mom? Can you talk to me now?"

Inko sniffled and forced a smile. "What is it honey? Are Mina and Himiko doing ok?" She asked, always thinking of others.

"Yeah, they're great. Mom, they gave me separate housing at UA and I want you to come live with me. I have a guest room and the girls would love having you around. And, uh, you might be a grandma soon." Izuku said, sheepishly. The fact that she only mentioned Himiko and Mina means that she hadn't seen the news and didn't know about his other girlfriends.

"WHAT? WHICH ONE? I DON'T REALLY CARE, BUT I NEED TO KNOW IF THE LITTLE HATS I NEED TO KNIT HOLES FOR CUTE LITTLE HORNS!" Inko screamed, her grief at least temporarily forgotten as she frantically gathered yarn and knitting needles.

"Um, can you make rabbit ear holes?" Izuku asked, awaiting the onslaught of questions he was about to get.

"Rabbit ears? Did you get ANOTHER girlfriend? Who is she?" Inko asked.

"Well, I actually have eight at this point, you'll like all of them, I promise. C'mon, get anything you need overnight and I'll help you get the rest of your stuff later." Izuku said, smiling gently.

"MY BABY BOY IS GROWING UP SO FAST!" Inko cried out, gathering different things to bring with her and throwing them into a bag.

When she was finished, she went outside and was surprised when her son gestured for her to let him carry her, and even more surprised when he floated into the air, flying off to his home in UA.

When they arrived Izuku held his hand up. "Wait here, I'm going to make sure the girls are decent." Izuku said before Inko pushed past him. "Please, it's all girls in there, right? Then I assume locker room rules apply and it'll be fine."

It turned out that he was worried about nothing. It was dusk when he got there, so most of the girls were wearing pajamas, and Tsu was wrapped in two blankets to stave off the cold.

"Hey girls!" Inko said while Izuku thought of how he'd introduce her to all of his pets.

"Momma Midoriya! Are you moving into the guest room? That'd be awesome, Mina and I missed you!" Himiko said, rushing to give Inko a hug.

"Hey, girls? Could you line up and introduce yourselves? I'd like you all to meet my mother." Izuku said, taking his mother's bag to the guest room, which was actually very nice and even was soundproofed and had its own bathroom.

"Hey, I'm Kyoka Jirou."

"Hello, I am Momo Yaoyorozu, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Hi, I'm Tsu."

"Huh? Oh, yeah, Mei Hatsume."

"Hello, My name is Rykyo."

"Hey. Nice to meet my future kids' grandma. Name's Rumi." Rumi said, finishing off the line of people who were introducing themselves.

"Hey, aren't you two heroes? I think my son had a crush on both of you at some point." Inko said, hiding her smile at her son's wide eyes as he walked back in.

"Mom! They didn't need to know that!" Izuku hissed, only for Inko to smile more.

"Honey, they should know that you liked them even when you were younger. I'm going to have so many cute grandbabies." Inko sighed.

"I find it endearing that you've always liked us, Master." Rykyo said with a soft smile while Rumi snickered.

"I don't need this embarrassment. Let me know if you need anything, Mom, I'm going to go plan some things while you all get acquainted. Mei? Come with me." Izuku said, causing Mei to wait a moment for her collar to give her a shock, and then followed him into the bedroom.

Izuku, with the help of Mei and his supercomputer finished planning all of the dates, the soonest which was scheduled for the next day.

He exited his bedroom and saw all of his pets, sans Mei, crowded around Inko while she held his ultimate weakness.

"And this picture is from when Izuku had his All Might pajamas. He would come running into the living room, shout that he was there, and then run out giggling and do it again." Inko said with a smile, pointing at a page in her photo album.

"Nope. Nope. I'm going to bed, goodnight." Izuku said, his face burning red.

Kyoka, Momo, and Tsu said goodnight to Inko and followed Izuku, snuggling into him while Rykyo, Mina, Himiko, and Rumi opted to continue looking at baby pictures and Rumi was given suggestions for baby names.


Kyoka was being led by her collar, blindfolded, to the place where her date would be held.

Izuku was extremely cryptic about his plans for her, but promised she'd like them as he led her into a building and through some hallways until he entered a room and closed the door behind them.

"Ready?" Izuku asked, the smile on his face clear in his tone.

"Yeah, c'mon, the anticipation is killing me." Kyoka said, unhooking his fingers from her collar and holding his hand in both of hers.

Izuku pulled her blindfold off and wished he video taped the way her eyes lit up and the girlish squeal she let out.

He had rented out a recording studio for the day and was holding the purple and green notebook she jotted her ideas for songs in.

"I figured that you could record a couple of songs for me. Something to remind you of my little Kitten when I'm busy fighting with the League of Villains." Izuku said, planting a soft kiss on her cheek.

"I-I don't have a whole band, most of these songs require a whole band. We'd also need an audio technician." Kyoka mumbled, looking down.

"Yeah, I don't know too much about music, but I figured that out from TV." Izuku said, one second before her favorite band, Deep Dope, walked in with their usual sound technician.

"Hey, are you the guy who hired us for the day?" The lead singer asked, and Izuku was legitimately worried that Kyoka might pass out in excitement.

"Yeah, my girlfriend's a huge fan and I was hoping you'd help her record some songs." Izuku said, holding up her notebook.

Izuku sat in a chair next to the sound technician and simply enjoyed watching Kyoka have fun and play her music, taking several pictures and videos with her phone.

When the Sound Technician called for a break, Izuku got practically tackled by Kyoka as she hugged him, so focused on thanking him and kissing him that she didn't realize he had taken her to the bathroom.

She was wearing the same outfit that he picked out for her, the only change was just a longer shirt, and Izuku hitched her skirt up and slid her panties down her legs.

"I know that this wasn't exactly what you dreamt, but I think I got pretty close." Izuku said, softly stroking and teasing her.

"Th-This is awesome. Way better than the dream I had, thank you." Kyoka said, leaning back into the wall as Izuku made her accumulate more and more tension, playing with her like he did in the dream.

Izuku watched her carefully and covered her mouth with his hand as she came, knowing that she tended to be a screamer.

"Good girl, let's get you cleaned up and back in there, I just figured you'd like a little… attention." Izuku said, chuckling when his kitten let out little meows and licked his hand clean and he used the disposable towels to clean her up.

Kyoka exited the bathroom refreshed and extremely happy as she got to have a fun date with her master. They spent the next few hours or so playing, completely going through Kyoka's notebook and giving Izuku a thumb drive with all of the songs on it, enough to actually make an album.

Izuku figured that he would have to get Mei to make him some kind of music player in his suit so he could play the albums while he fought.

Izuku took Kyoka to a small diner to get food, and walked back while carrying her rather than flying them. By the time they had made it back, it was late and the rest of the house was sleeping, so Izuku kissed Kyoka gently and placed her on his bed.

"Goodnight, Kitten." Izuku said, laying apart from the large pile of sleeping girls, knowing that by morning the pile would be on top of him.


Izuku woke up and found that his bed was empty aside from him.

He sat up and looked at his trusty alarm clock, only to find that he had slept in until seven thirty rather than his usual early rising, it seemed that he was still tired due to the week without sleep.

He got out of bed and went into the living room, finding his pets crowding around Kyoka and his mother in the kitchen, humming while making a massive amount of breakfast food.

"Then he took me into the bathroom, pulled my panties down, and- Oh! Hey master!" Kyoka said, a smile present on her face.

"Morning." Izuku said, running to get a cup of coffee as soon as he smelled it. "Did you girls figure out who's next for the dates?"

"Mina and I! Video games, sex, and snacks!" Himiko said, waiting until he sat down on the couch to sit on his lap and sink her teeth into his neck for her breakfast.

"Alright, we can do that today. What do you all have planned?" Izuku asked, his voice vibrating Himiko's teeth and making her moan against his neck.

"I'm going to show my parents the songs and pictures you took, I think they'd like them." Kyoka said, picking Izuku's hand up and putting it on her head so he could pet her.

"Do you want me to take you? It'll be faster that way." Izuku said, petting her and listening to her groan happily.

"Yeah, if you don't mind. Better than the bus." Kyoka said, getting her chin scratched before she got up to change from her sleep clothes, a purple tank top and black shorts, into her new favorite outfit type, the kind Izuku liked to see on her.

"How about the rest of you?" Izuku asked Tsu, Rumi, Rykyo, Momo, and Mei.

"Hero work." Rumi said, with Rykyo nodding in agreement.

"Me and Momo are going to learn how to cook from your mom." Tsu said, surprising Izuku.

"Momo and I." Momo said, but nodding to confirm.

Himiko detached herself from his neck and looked shyly at him. "Can I have a kiss, Master?"

"Awe, of course you can, my adorable little blood sucker." Izuku said before kissing her and biting her bottom lip playfully.

"That's not all I plan to suck today." Himiko whispered, getting Izuku to blush a bit.

"M-Mei? What are you doing today?" Izuku asked, changing the subject.

"I'm going to be a good little raccoon and make the Animalizer for Master!" Mei said proudly, leaving all the girls still in the room to wonder what the hell an Animalizer did.

"Atta girl. We're going to do your date next, alright? Then Rykyo, Tsu, Rumi, and Momo last, sorry puppy." Izuku said, commending his raccoon and apologizing to Momo.

"It's ok Master, I know that our date will be perfect, no matter what you do with me." Momo said with a soft smile.

"You, my cute little puppy, are such a sweetheart. C'mere." Izuku said, setting Himiko next to him and patting his lap.

Momo wasted no time getting up and sitting on his lap, her eyes just a bit higher than his, and then gasping when she was pushed up his lap by Himiko, who sat behind her and sandwiched her between them.

"I'm not losing my spot just because Momo is cute, if that was the case I'd never get to sit on your lap, she's always cute." Himiko whined, painting a bright blush on Momo's cheeks.

Izuku had realized that Momo was now sitting with her pelvis pushing into his abs, putting a tiny wet spot on his shirt.

"Momo? Are you a horny puppy?" Izuku asked, only for Momo to let out a squeak when Himiko reached around and cupped her large breasts.

"Can confirm that her nipples are hard, Master." Himiko said, pressed completely into Momo's back. Momo's face could be compared to a stop sign with the shade of red she had turned.

Izuku pulled Momo in so she could hide her face in his shoulder. "Himiko, did Momo give you permission to touch her like that?" Izuku growled, the rumble in his chest not helping with Momo's arousal.

"Didn't seem to dislike it to me, but no." Himiko said, looking down.

"Did I give you permission to touch my little puppy like that?" Izuku asked, skyrocketing Momo's arousal yet again with the idea of her body belonging to him.

"No, Sir." Himiko said, hoping her punishment would be the painful, and arousing, kind and not the orgasm denial kind.

Izuku knew that Himiko didn't mean any harm, and he knew that it was just her tendency to have few boundaries, like Mei, so he was reluctant to give her a punishment with any harshness to it.

At the same time, she wasn't wrong when she said Momo didn't dislike the feeling. It may have embarrassed her a little, but Izuku knew for a fact that she got even hornier when Himiko grabbed her from behind. That, coupled with Momo's caring nature, decided for Izuku how he would proceed.

"Momo gets to decide your punishment. I'll retain veto power, though." Izuku said, kissing Momo's head to get her to uncover her face.



Momo was enjoying herself quite a bit.

Izuku had taken both of them to his bedroom and had Himiko take her shirt off, making her sit on the bed and layed Momo on top of her with her face lined up to Himiko's chest.

"Remember, Bloodslut, she gets to do whatever she wants to your chest as your punishment, and you don't get to touch yourself. You should be grateful Momo is merciful enough to say you could cum at all." Izuku said, honestly not expecting this but wasn't about to argue with fucking Momo while she suckled Himiko's nipples.

"Yes Master. Thank you for your mercy, Momo. I hope I'm nice and tasty for you." Himiko said, not able to miss the opportunity to tease Momo one last time.

Momo ignored her and planted a kiss on her right nipple, smirking as Himiko let out a tiny gasp, but then let out a bigger gasp herself when Izuku slid inside her.

Momo latched onto Himiko's right breast, nibbling, moaning, and suckling on her nipple and eliciting quiet moans from the part-time psycho.

Izuku couldn't help but take his phone and take a picture of the adorable scene. Himiko was cutely 'nursing' Momo as he pushed in and out of her, Himiko's mouth wide and her eyes squeezed shut, looking like a yawning vampire cutie.

"You two are so cute! My little puppy and my little bloodslut." Izuku said, reaching over to pinch and pull on Himiko's unattended nipple.

Izuku watched fondly as Momo came all over him and bit down hard on Himiko, triggering her own orgasm.

"You two are so cute, cumming together like that. Let's get back to the living room." Izuku said, kissing both of them and giving Himiko's nipple another light flick.

When they came back out, Izuku noticed that his mother was bringing the food in with a bright smile and Rumi and Rykyo were getting the last parts of their hero costume on.

"Hey! Gonna leave without a kiss?" Izuku asked, walking closer to them.

"Not if I can avoid it." Rumi said, jumping onto him and wrapping her powerful legs around his muscular abs and wrapping her arms around his neck.

Izuku reached up and grabbed her bunny ears, pulling her head back and nibbling on her neck before kissing his way up her skin until he planted one on her lips and set her down.

Rykyo was much less rowdy, or tried to be, simply leaning in for a kiss and getting her hair pulled, causing her to moan and for Izuku to invade her mouth.

"Good dragon. Have a good day at work, girls. I love you." Izuku said, waving to them as they left with dazed expressions.

"L-Love you too, Master." Rumi and Rykyo muttered.

Izuku turned to see his mother and remaining pets eating while talking about what she'd be teaching Tsu and Momo.

"You know, I actually make a pretty good apple- I make good cake, I made all of Izuku's All Might cakes for his birthdays." Inko said, trying to avoid thinking about her late husband.

"Well, I should get Kyoka to her parents' house. Mei, have a good day with your babies but be home by eight. Mom, Tsu, and Momo, have a fun day cooking, let me know if you need anything that Momo can't just make. Mina, you and Himiko set up the snack foods and video games while I'm gone." Izuku said, scooping Kyoka up in his arms.

"Wait, what does he mean by making things, Momo?" Inko asked as Izuku left and floated into the air, causing Kyoka to cling to him tightly.

"Hey, it's ok, Kitten. I've got you." Izuku said, squeezing her a bit so she calmed down.

He flew fast, always making sure not to break the sound barrier because he wasn't sure Kyoka could take it, and arrived at her parents' apartment, seeing them on the balcony, eating breakfast.

"Mom! Dad! Up here!" Kyoka called down to them as Izuku closed in, looking like some kind of divine being descending with his angel in his arms.

"Kyoka? What are you doing, kiddo?" Her dad asked as they watched him land.

"Izuku took me on a date to a recording studio yesterday! He rented a booth and hired Deep Dope to help play my songs!" Kyoka said, holding up the thumb drive and accidentally letting it slip through her fingers, getting caught by Izuku's blackwhip.

"That was close, huh?" Izuku chuckled as he handed the precious drive back to her.

"Y-You can back this up when we get back, right?" Kyoka asked, staring at it with wide eyes.

"Yeah, but don't worry. The studio has backups. I wouldn't let something like this only have one copy." Izuku said, pulling her into a long hug, reluctant to let her go.

"I really wish I had a teleportation quirk to give you so you could get back to me quickly. Promise me that if anyone threatens you or even seems like a danger, you'll call me so I can come tear their fucking heads off." Izuku said, causing Kyoka's parents to remember just how overprotective Izuku was.

"I'll be fine, Master. Go give Himiko and Mina a good date. I promise that if something goes wrong, I'll call and let you come be my hero." Kyoka said, kissing him and stepping away so he could leave.

"Did he just say 'give her' a quirk?" Mika asked her husband.

"Yeah, right before 'tear their fucking heads off'." Kyotoku whispered back, not wanting to push the line of conversation.

Izuku flew off, waving goodbye as he picked up speed and quickly made it to Hall for One. When he walked in, he found Himiko and Mina sitting on his couch with the games set up and assorted snacks laying around, Tsu and Momo in the kitchen with his mom, and Mei most likely at her workshop.

"Hey girls, you ready?" Izuku said, noticing that they had begun taking their pants off as soon as he saw him.

"Yup! First, we are going to play a fighting game against each other, and the winner of each match gets fucked while playing the next one, and that acts as their handicap." Mina said, before getting on all fours and shaking her bare ass. "Actually, you should smack me on my pink ass before the games."

Izuku agreed, striking her and getting her to let out a squeal and a small moan. "So who gets the handicap first?"

"First match is with no handicap, the winner gets it after that." Himiko said, unfastening Izuku's pants.

"What if my mom walks in?" Izuku asked as Himiko and Mina worked together to get his pants off.

"Nah, she said if she needed anything she'd send Tsu or Momo to avoid being scared for life." Mina said, pulling off his shirt while Mina worked on his underwear.

"If the handicap isn't in effect yet, what are you two doing?" Izuku asked, simply waiting to see where this was going.

"Getting you ready. Damn, your abs are nice. Could you imagine being between in between Master and Rumi while they fuck? It'd just be getting smashed by two walls of muscle. Add that to my list of fantasies." Mina said, planting a kiss on his abdominal muscles.

Himiko kissed her way up his chest to his ear. "Mina has a spitroast fantasy too, but doesn't want anyone but you, and sometimes me. I've been working on a surprise for her, so can we do it for her date?" Himiko asked with a whisper as the game finished loading and she pulled away to play against Mina. Izuku figured that Himiko would be making her way to Momo to get some kind of strap-on to help her best friend's fantasy.

The game was called Deathly Fighting and Mina used her favorite character, Tarantula, while Himiko used Below Freezing.

Mina was able to beat Himiko by a sliver of health, and Izuku positioned her into doggystyle, thrusting roughly into her, pulling back in her collar to choke her while she tried to concentrate.

"What's wrong, Mimi? Getting a little distracted?" Himiko said with a sickly sweet voice, as she beat the pink girl's character down.

"S-Shut up! See how you play getting your guts rearranged!" Mina cried as Izuku slapped her ass while thrusting into her.

"I will in a second, after I beat your ass worse than Master when you're naughty." Himiko said smugly as the game's announcer demanded she finish her best friend off.

"How many of these are we doing?" Izuku asked as he pulled out of Mina and pushed into Himiko.

"Ugh, yeah that's so good." Himiko said, undoing her buns and gathering her angelic blonde hair so Izuku could use it as a handle while he fucked her.

"Best out of three, winner of this round gets fucked while playing an online match of Summon To Honor with the mic on while the loser has to watch." Mina explained, referencing the popular first person shooter commonly referred to as SuTH.

Izuku just shrugged before he gathered Himiko's hair in his hand and pulled sharply as he thrust.

Mina was easily the winner this time, decapitating Below Freezing with a sword and kicking the head off while Himiko came on Izuku, getting a hard slap to her ass.

"Did I fucking say you could cum?" He growled, grabbing her still-sensitive breasts and tugging harshly on her nipples.

"N-No Master. How can I make it up to you?" Himiko asked, always eager to please him.

Izuku's deposition shifted at her words, remembering that she would always strive to be his good little bloodslut, and tended not to do well with negative comments.

"Don't worry about it, pet. Just remember that we're going to do that thing for Mina after her online match. I'll even be merciful enough to 'play' with you while I fuck your best friend in front of you." Izuku said, cheering the girl up with a headpat.

"Thank you for your mercy, Master." Himiko said with a toothy smile while her hair was ruffled.

"What thing?" Mina asked as she exited out of the fighting game and entered a SuTH lobby.

"It's a surprise that me and Himiko are going to give you, now be a good girl and put your mic on, and be sure to be your usual extroverted self and talk as much as you can." Izuku said, waiting to enter her until she was online.

"Hey guys, I'm MiNA! H-How are you all?" Mina said, getting fucked from behind while Himiko played with her tits.

"Uh, hey Mina, I'm going to go ahead, make sure to cover me." Another player said while Mina tried to cut off her whines, only to get a slap on her ass.

"Be vocal. Let them laugh at your needy moans, you naughty little alien." Izuku growled, his hand snaking around to pinch and tug on her right nipple. "Get to work on that other side, bloodslut. Don't forget to use your fangs."

"Oh, fuck me Master, please! Fuck my naughty pussy while Himiko chews my nipples!" Mina cried out, getting off more than she would admit from people hearing her.

"Shit, she's getting fucked, we're going to lose." Someone on the mic complained when he heard her vocalize what was happening.

"If you lose, you don't get the special thing me and Himiko were gonna give you. Trust me, you want it." Izuku said, giving her ass another slap.

"How big is he?" Another girl asked as Mina tried to focus as hard as she could, managing to get a kill.

"Fucking MASSIVE!" Mina moaned as Himiko sunk her fang into her nipple right as their Master thrust into her.

"Nice. Don't you have more important things to focus on than playing a game then?" The girl asked with an audible smirk.

"N-Need to win. M-Mystery reward." Mina whimpered while chasing someone with a shotgun.

"Oh, how about this then. If we win, you add me and maybe we can play together some other time? I also wouldn't mind talking to Mr. Mystery Meat. Deal?" The girl said, bailing Mina out by killing the guy who had a drop on her.

"I-If we win, I'll add you, but then I'm getting my REWARD! W-What is your gamertag?" Mina asked, seriously getting carried by whoever the mystery girl was.

"LilLizrd69." the girl answered as she got the final kill, spelling out the username so it wasn't lost in translation. Mina barely had time to add the girl before Himiko shut the system off.

Izuku had her in doggystyle on the floor in front of the TV and Himiko stood naked in front of her with her hands on her hips. Izuku had expected her to go get a strap on from Momo, he had not expected her to scrunch up her nose and use her quirk to give herself an exact replica of his dick.

"Remember that fantasy you had, Mimi? Well, I figured that me and Master could help you with that." Himiko said, the erect penis bobbing in front of Mina's face while the original stayed firmly lodged into her entrance.

"Mina, open up and show your appreciation!" Izuku snapped as he slapped her ass once again. Her lower cheeks were rapidly becoming red with the attention he had given them so far.

Mina dropped her jaw and stuck her tongue out, inviting Himiko to enter her, which the blonde did with absolutely no hesitation.

"Ohhhh, fuck yeah, I can see why you like doing this to us, Master." Himiko moaned as she felt her best friend choke on her temporary appendage.

"Wait, you can feel through it too?" Izuku asked, trying to focus on the girls in front of him rather than Quirks.

"Ugh, yeah, for sure. I don't think I'll last nearly as long as you, Master. I don't have anywhere near your stamina." Himiko moaned as she fucked Mina's throat and enjoyed the view of her beloved master fucking the same girl from the other side.

"I'm not one hundred percent sure how I feel about this, but I guess this is Mina's reward, isn't it?" Izuku said, timing his thrusts to match Himiko's.

Mina was losing her mind at the sensations she was receiving. She had lost hope on getting her spitroast fantasy. Sure, there were strap-ons, but nothing could match the feeling of her master's throbbing cock in both her pussy and her throat at the same time.

True to what she said, Himiko's thrusts soon became more and more erratic until she released into Mina's mouth and her replica penis fell out, now flaccid.

Mina was a little disappointed when she realized that Himiko didn't produce Izuku's semen, but rather her own cum, a taste that Mina had grown familiar with after cleaning Izuku's cock when he was done with his Bloodslut.

"You came already? That's so cute, little Himi's a quick shot!" Izuku teased while continuing to fuck Mina.

"I-I can go again! Mina? Please open back up!" Himiko said, holding the soft appendage against the acid user's mouth.

Izuku slapped Mina's ass yet again. "Open! If nothing else you can make that slutty mouth useful and hold it for her." Izuku growled, knowing Mina enjoyed every second of this by the vise-like grip she had on him.

Mina opened her mouth and sucked as hard as she could on Himiko's replica, feeling it grow hard again in her mouth and then thrusting in and out again.

"Th-Thank you. I'm your pathetic little good girl, right Master? I can't even hold my pathetic load half as long as you can and I get soft right after. Your pathetic little quick shot." Himiko whimpered as she knew she was close again, her sensitivity high from her last orgasm.

"That's right, you little bloodslut. I know you're already close again, aren't you? Well, why don't we work on that stamina, ok? Pull out right before you cum and wait until you can keep fucking without finishing so quick. We're going to edge you until I cum." Izuku said, seeing Himiko gulp in nervousness.

"B-But you take forever to cum." Himiko whimpered as she did what she was told, pulling out of her best friend's mouth right before the point of no return.

"Then I suggest you be careful. If you can do this successfully, we might play with my alien this way again." Izuku said, wondering if Mina's mind was broken yet.

"O-Okay Master, I'll try to hold it in the best I can. Has Mimi cum yet?" Himiko asked, sliding back in and then pulling out a couple of thrusts later.

"She hasn't really stopped cumming since we started, I doubt she is still able to tell us her name, even if you were to stay out of her. Speaking of which, I expect you to be inside her mouth more often than not, my pathetic little vampire." Izuku said, hitting the final stretch, so to speak.

"Y-Yes M-Master. Of course." Himiko said shakily, pinching the urethra and sliding back in, hoping that would be enough to stave off her orgasm.

"I'm almost there, so get ready to let your dirty cum shoot into her mouth, little bloodslut." Izuku said, thrusting at a breakneck speed as Himiko just left hers in Mina's mouth, hoping that if she didn't move it would finish her off as fast.

"Cum." Izuku commanded, forcing Himiko to let out a loud cry as she finally got to finish in Mina's mouth a second time.

"Th-Thank you for allowing me release, Master." Himiko stuttered, getting a washcloth to clean the grey slime from where the penis had been.

"You're welcome, bloodslut. I think this is the end of the date, let's get showered, and you and Mina can cuddle while I take the next girl out." Izuku said before picking up Mina and taking her to the shower. "Did you two have fun?"

"YES! Can we do it again, Master?" Himiko asked while the shower heated.

"Awe, did you like being humiliated while we fucked Mina?" Izuku teased, ruffling her still-loose hair.

"Yes sir. I'm so pathetic and needy, living off of your blood and affection like I do. At least I'm a good girl, right?" Himiko asked, her past actions still haunting her slightly.

"Of course. I haven't seen anyone nearly as eager to make me happy, except maybe Momo. No matter how adorably pathetic you are, you're my good girl." Izuku said, destroying all of Himiko's insecurities for the time being.


Izuku spent the rest of the day hanging out at One For Hall with his mother, Himiko, Momo, Tsu, and Mina, who was laying cradled in his arms while they watched TV. At some point, Kyoka called him for a ride back home, and he went off to get her.

With his dragon and his bunny still at work, the only one missing was Mei, so Izuku went to her workshop after bringing his Kitten home.

When he found her, she was working on a small raygun with animals engraved on it. "Hey, Mei, how are you?" Izuku asked, kissing her neck and teasing around her pussy.

"H-Hi, Master. I'm being a good Raccoon and finishing th-this baby for you. A-Animalizer." Mei gasped as his hand worked its way into her panties and rubbed her.

"Good girl. Go ahead and finish up, pretend like I'm not here." Izuku whispered, his hushed voice sending chills down her spine.

Izuku smirked when we realized that she had gone braless that day, as she tended to, and used his free hand to pull her tank top down and free the globes of soft flesh.

"M-Master! You're making it hard to focus." Mei whimpered as she felt him poke her behind while teasing her and fondling her breasts.

"Fine, I'll stop then." Izuku said, tugging her nipple as he let go and purposefully brushing her clit as he removed his hand from her panties.

Mei made no move to cover herself, but whimpered at the sudden loss of contact. "M-Maybe you can p-put it in?" Mei said shyly, too turned on to think clearly anyway.

"Put what in where?" Izuku asked innocently, jabbing her ass again.

"P-Please put your c-cock in my little pussy? I promise to keep working." Mei whined, pulling her leggings down to expose herself to him.

"Ok, but only because you're such a good little trash panda. Get back to work." Izuku said, teasing her entrance and sliding easily into her well-lubricated hole.

"Y-Yes Sir." Mei said, her work speed halved as Izuku cupped her ample breasts.

It was slow, and littered with several orgasms, but Mei eventually finished the device on her table. "I-It's done, sir."

"Are you sure it won't hurt anyone?" Izuku asked, not wanting to subject his pets to anything that would hurt.

"N-No. Completely painless. Can you walk me back to the house?" Mei asked softly as Izuku pulled out of her.

"Awe, do you want to be humiliated again?" Izuku teased as he covered her up again with her clothes. He then picked the small device up and slipped it in his pocket.

"Yes please. Walk me by my collar, please?" Himiko said, getting on all fours and putting a leash in her mouth so he could take it from her.

Izuku chuckled and took the leash, which knowing Mei was probably bullet proof or something, and guided her towards One For Hall. Power Loader walked out of his office, took one look at his most promising student happily following the next symbol of peace with a leash and a collar around her neck.

"Nope. Not today. I don't need this." He muttered walking back into his office.

"See that, Mei? Your teacher saw you following me around like a good girl. Now he is never going to be able to look at you again and not think about you being my little pet." Izuku said, tugging on Mei's collar.

"Good. Everyone should know that I belong to you anyway." Mei said as he walked her across the grounds.

Izuku took her into his home and found all of his pets sitting on the couch, with Rumi and Rykyo looking drained from their day at work.

"Hey, Master." Rumi said, mustering a wave while Rykyo just tried to smile at him.

"Hey you two. Hard day?" Izuku asked, dropping Mei's leash. They just nodded and continued to sit slumped on his couch.

"Fifteen. Fucking. Villain attacks. Sorry for my language, Mrs.Midoriya." Rumi said, utterly exhausted. "When are you getting your license, Master? You would have made today so much easier."

"Not for a little while, bunny. Sorry." Izuku chuckled as he sat between them and pulled them so they could lay on his chest. "Do you want some energy?"

"I'm already two Muunstars down, I don't need any more energy drinks." Rumi said.

"I tend not to like energy drinks, thank you anyway, Master." Rykyo said, pressing her mouth to his shoulder and wishing his shirt was off so she could nibble on him.

"That's not what I meant. Here." Izuku said, channeling fifteen percent into them. Usually, he didn't push more than ten percent into his girls, but both of them were strong.

"Ohhhhhhh. That is very pleasant." Rykyo said while his powers restored their energy and corrected any knots their muscles may have accumulated.

"You said it, feels like- ugh, what was I saying?" Rumi said as she instinctively pressed herself against him more to try getting more of the feeling.

"That's fifteen percent of One For All. If I gave you much more it would start getting… harmful." Izuku said, kissing both of them on the head.

"Could you increase by one more percent? We can most likely take it." Rykyo requested, mostly trying to gauge the difference.

"Hell yeah! I mean, please give your good bunny and dragon a bit more, Master. We had such a hard day and it feels so good." Rumi said, grinning as her energy was replenished. She had come to the realization that if he could do this for her every day after work, her quality of life would get better even more than when she became his pet and began getting mind-blowing sex.

Izuku sighed, and reluctantly charged his power a little bit more for the girls, making them feel slightly better. "Alright, I'd say that's enough. You're good girls, so I could be persuaded to do this for you two some time soon, but I've got things to do, like confirm my appointment for Rykyo's date tomorrow." Izuku said, cutting his power off after about five minutes.

"Thank you for making us all better, Master." Rykyo said while Rumi showed her appreciation by kissing his neck and trying to tease his shirt off.

"C'mon, please take it off? I wanna give you a good hug." Rumi said, wanting direct contact with his skin.

"Do I need to leave?" Inko asked, not wanting to stick around if they were going much farther.

"Nah, I just want to cuddle, and it's so much better when his shirt's off. Please Master? I just want cuddles, and I promise so does Rykyo." Rumi said, finally getting Izuku to let her take his shirt off.

"C-Can I have cuddles too?" Momo asked shyly while Rumi buried her face into his chest for maximum scent intake.

"Of course, puppy, come get on my lap." Izuku said, smiling broadly at Momo.

Momo walked over and straddled his thigh, with Kyoka doing the same to the other.

Kyoka felt something jab into her thigh, which wasn't uncommon when she sat in her master's lap, but she felt his 'little' friend somewhere else and his phone was on the table.

"Master? What's in your pocket?" She asked, shifting to get more comfortable.

"OH YEAH! get off real quick, Mei made a surprise for all you." Izuku said excitedly, picking Kyoka and Momo up with him.

Izuku removed a small gun-shaped device from his pocket with animal designs and Kyoka's eyes grew wide.

"Is that what I think it is? It's done?" She asked, a smile creeping onto her face.

"Yeah, Mei finished it when I went to get her." Izuku said, finding a settings dial and setting it to raccoon.

"What is it?" Momo asked, not liking being out of the loop.

"That's my newest baby, the Animalizer! It will give us animalistic qualities, like frog girl and Master's Bunny." Mei said, never one to be shy when it came to her inventions.

"Really? That would mean I have actual dog ears?" Momo said in excitement.

"Yeah! Mei, you get yours first, ok? You made the thing." Izuku said, pointing it at Mei. He pulled the trigger and a small laser beam shot at her stomach, and her ears began to shift up her head and morph into the shape of a raccoon's, growing fur on them as a tail grew from her tailbone.

"Can I get mine next?" Kyoka asked, and then getting answered when she got shot with the device and her ears moving to the top of her head, purple fur covering her jacks and her long tail.

"Here Momo, you want it?" Izuku asked, gesturing to the gun.

"Um, is it safe?" Momo asked nervously, not wanting to do anything that would permanently affect her in a negative way.

"I wouldn't be using it if I thought it was unsafe. It's okay." Izuku assured her while Kyoka began rubbing herself against him and smelling him.

"Does Master always smell so good?" Kyoka moaned as she buried her face into his chest.

"And you guys wondered why I like sniffing him so much. It's probably something about animal instincts" Rumi shrugged.

Chuckling, Izuku pet Kyoka's head, rubbing her ears and making her moan and purr at the same time. "Awe, who's my good kitty?"

"Y-Yes, I would like puppy ears and a nice tail to wag." Momo said shyly before getting shot with the beam.

Momo went through the same process as Kyoka and Mei, and her features were that of a black labrador

"Awe, you all look so cute!" Izuku said, even though they were sniffing at him and, in Kyoka's case, rubbing themselves on him.

"Thank you, Master, I love you." Kyoka and Momo said simultaneously.

"I mean, it was Mei's invention, I couldn't make anything like that." Izuku said while noticing Momo licking at his arm before freezing and blushing.

"Sorry, Master, that was strange." Momo said, not meeting his eyes and blushing.

"Heh, yeah, I guess instincts are going to be a bit of an adjustment. Wait until your first heat hits." Rumi laughed, causing Izuku, Kyoka, and Momo to do a double take.

"I'm sorry, what?"


Rykyo blushed as Izuku led her by her hand through the busy streets, getting whispers and requests for autographs.

By now, everyone knew who Izuku was, and that she was his girlfriend/pet, but walking the streets while wearing a collar that declared her as his property was another thing entirely.

"C'mon, cutie, it's just up here." Izuku said, his bright smile cutting through any embarrassment or insecurities.

Izuku led her to a high-end jeweler, which got Rykyo more excited than she'd admit, only for her to notice they were closed. Izuku seemed unfazed by the intricate sign that declared the establishment unreceptive and knocked on the heavy oak door.

A shortish English man opened the door ever so slightly and spoke in broken Japanese. "I am sorry, privet event, no business now."

"'𝔗𝔥𝔯𝔢𝔢 𝔐𝔲𝔰𝔨𝔢𝔱𝔢𝔢𝔯𝔰"' Izuku said in perfect English, causing the man's eyes to go wide.

"'𝔄𝔥! 𝔜𝔬𝔲 𝔞𝔯𝔢 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔬𝔫𝔢 𝔴𝔦𝔱𝔥 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔯𝔢𝔰𝔢𝔯𝔳𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫?'" He asked, to which Izuku nodded. "'𝔉𝔬𝔯𝔤𝔦𝔳𝔢 𝔪𝔢, ℑ 𝔢𝔵𝔭𝔢𝔠𝔱𝔢𝔡 𝔞𝔫 𝔄𝔪𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔠𝔞𝔫 𝔱𝔥𝔞𝔫𝔨𝔰 𝔱𝔬 𝔶𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔣𝔩𝔞𝔴𝔩𝔢𝔰𝔰 𝔈𝔫𝔤𝔩𝔦𝔰𝔥"'

They continued to convers in English as the man let them in his store and locked the door behind him. The man then proceeded to pull all of his cases out and set them on the table so Rykyo and Izuku had full clarity.

"Well? What do you want to add to your hoard?" Izuku asked, guesturing to the room of jewelry.

"W-Where are all the price tags?" Rykyo asked as she swallowed thickly, eyeing the valuable trinkets and suppressing her desire for at least seven of the more expensive looking items.

"I asked them to hide them when I called ahead to reserve the store." Izuku said, kissing her cheek. "Get what you want, but make sure you can carry it all, we have other places to go to."

"I-I couldn't possibly-" Rykyo started before Izuku placed a finger over her lips.

"Of course you can. Go ahead, dragonling." Izuku said, stepping aside as she threw caution to the wind and began looking closely at a set of diamond earrings.

Izuku smiled fondly as she went through the different valuables and took her favorites that she'd be able to safely take with her. When she was done, she had chosen five rings, seven sets of earrings and a diamond necklace.

"I-Is this ok?" She asked, holding up the small bundle of valuables that would be more than she could ever afford, even with the high salary she got from being a top ranking hero.

"Sure! Was there anything else you wanted?" Izuku asked, enjoying the shocked look on her face.

"N-No, this is all I wanted." Rykyo said, obviously lying but Izuku decided not to push it.

"Ok. Now I want you to give them to me and turn around while I pay." Izuku said, holding his hand out.

"A-Are you sure?" She asked as she handed him what she gathered.

"Yeah. I'm going to get these in a bag so we can go to our second location." Izuku said, sliding the man a card he got that was connected to his massive inheritance.

When they paid, Izuku got the items and put them in the zipper pocket of his jacket. He had suggested she wear something warm, so she wore long, thick leggings and a thermal undershirt beneath her One For All t-shirt that she had picked up to tease him with. A large amount of merchandise was produced upon the announcement of his hero name, and he couldn't claim rights to the name until he was registered as a hero under that name, so anyone could make One For All merch without any trouble.

Izuku had worn a Ryukyu t-shirt that he bought when she debuted, thick denim jeans, his standard red shoes, and his heavy All Might jacket that he had owned for years. Like Kyoka, he had kept the details of their date very secretive, but had also insisted on being very punctual and her bringing clothes for cold weather.

The next place he took her was a small food stall where he picked up a meal to go and took her to eat it in the park.

"This was a very pleasant date, Master. Thank you." Rykyo said while laying her head on his shoulder as she watched the sunset.

"Not done yet. We leave in about three minutes." Izuku said after checking the time.

"Where are we going?" Rykyo asked, wondering what else he had planned, as well as why they needed such warm clothing.

"Well, I figured that you always have to fly everyone else around, and thought you'd like to have someone else fly for a change." Izuku said sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

"Th-That would be pleasant." Rykyo said, then letting out a small squeak when he picked her up with the bridal carry and began channeling five percent of One For All into her as he rose off the ground and into the air.

Rykyo tensed as she felt herself be carried upwards, clinging to him with all her might at first, but eventually calmed down, until he stopped and looked down at her.

"Hey, little dragon, want a kiss?" He said with a smirk. Rykyo felt a warm feeling spread throughout her body as he held her close to him. He cut off One For All and Rykyo disliked the lack of the feeling flowing through her, but then he channeled another fifteen percent through his lips and pressed them to her.

Rykyo would never admit to the moan she let out when she got her kiss and it was powered by the pleasent feeling of his quirk running rampant through her body. The sun had set long ago, but she still felt perfectly warm as he flew suspended in the air.

Rykyo didn't know how long she was there with him, but her daze was interrupted when a loud, droning sound approached them.

"Master? There's a plane coming." Rykyo said, warning him because his back was to it.

"I know. Right breast pocket of my jacket, there's earplugs. Be a good girl and put those in both of our ears." Izuku said, making her realize that he had planned this as part of their date.

"WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?" Rykyo shouted after doing as he commanded, only receiving a manic smile in response.

Suddenly, Izuku took off flying at a breakneck speed upwards until he looked behind the airplane and landed on the wing, pinning her to it and hooking his foot on the edge to keep from sliding off.

Izuku then began kissing her fiercely, catching her off guard and rubbing between her legs with his thigh and driving a moan from her lips. He continued to fondle and rub her while kissing her intensely, then began kissing his way down her jaw to her collarbone. She cried out loudly enough for Izuku to hear her over the roar of the engine when he bit down on her collarbone.

They continued making out for a little while longer, even if it was less mutual and more Izuku assaulting her mouth while she enjoyed the ride, before Izuku phone vibrated in his pocket, indicating an alarm, he hugged her to his chest and rolled off the wing, her holding onto him like he was a lifeline until they gradually slowed to a stop above a carnival.

"Hey Ry? What do you say I win you a prize?" Izuku asked, lowering her towards the ground with him and hovering over to a strongman game.

"Hey, you're that kid! Wanna test your strength on the quirked game?" The large, mustached man said while gesturing to a much, much higher tower for the weight to travel that stood taller than even the tallest ride, and a bigger hammer.

"Sure! I was going to win my date a stuffed animal anyway, you have a dragon?" Izuku asked with a mischievous smirk while he lifted the large hammer with one hand by the end of the handle.

"One, but you have to knock the bell off." The guy said, wanting to see the strength of the future number one hero who just handed him a bill of currency.

"Not a problem." Izuku said with a smile as lightning sparked off his form. "How many tries?"

"Three." The man said, suddenly feeling like this wasn't the best bet.

"Ok, then I guess I get a bit of a warm up. One percent." He said, simply lifting the hammer and dropping it on the scale, sending the weight up about sixteen feet out of eighty.

"One." The carny said, tugging at his collar.

"Huh, light hammer, heavy weight. Five percent." Izuku mused before putting a little force behind his swing, still one handed and hearing a little ding in the distance.

"OH big winner, I'll get your dragon." The carny said, visibly sweating after hearing him say 'five percent' and using one hand.

"Nonsense! I haven't knocked the bell off." Izuku said, only to get pulled in by the carny for a whisper.

"That bell is welded on. Just take your damn dragon." The large man hissed, sweating greatly.

"Then I had better put my back into it." Izuku whispered back, smirking before gripping the hammer in two hands tightly. "Twenty percent." He said before he swung.


Rykyo couldn't wipe the smile off her face as he flew them back and she held an oversized stuffed dragon.

"You didn't have to destroy his tower, break the hammer, and turn the ground beneath us into gravel, you know." She said, still happy with his actions after hearing that the man had rigged the challenge.

"He tried cheating my little dragonling out of her stuffed dragon. That is inexcusable, and I think I was merciful, all things considered." Izuku said, smiling as he set her down outside One For Hall. "What do you want me to do with your new shinies?" He asked, kissing her cheek.

"I have placed a jewelry box in my portion of the closet. Thank you for the date, Master. You are truly the perfect man for me." She said with a light blush.

"I love you too, Rykyo. My cute little dragon." He said, kissing her deeply as he picked her up and carried her into the house. Everyone had gone to sleep, the time being a little after one am, so they crept into the bed, and went to sleep.


For her date, Tsu was led into the woods a ways before her and Izuku came upon a picnic he had set up. He had brought some of her favorite foods, and large quantities of it.

"Is someone else joining us? Kero." Tsu joked when she saw how much food he had brought.

"No. The extra food is for you. When we're done eating, I'm going to hunt you down and fuck you into the ground until you can't hop away, then I'm going to fuck you some more just for the fun of it while you lay there helpless. You're going to need the energy." Izuku said, his voice husky as he whispered in her ear.

They sat on the blanket and ate, with Tsu squirming in anticipation at one of her fantasies being fulfilled. Soon, her master would be chasing her through the woods and tackle him to the ground. Tsu could already feel her heart pounding. What if he hurt her? He could break her limbs with a flick and then use her body like a fucktoy and she'd be helpless to stop him.

"Alright, time's up. Run, little froggy, run." Izuku growled, pouncing at her to scare her into action.

Izuku gave her a few seconds headstart to be fair before dashing off in the direction she went in, danger sense going crazy for some reason.

"MASTER, HELP!" He heard Tsu scream to his right, causing him to flare One For All and Float and flying in the direction he heard her scream from.

When he arrived, a giant rock-like monster was looming over his froggy and he slammed into the huminoid's head, knocking him to the ground.

"TSU! ARE YOU HURT?" Izuku asked as he stood with lightning erratically flickering around him and blackwhip passively sprouting from his back as he stared down the villain that was getting to its feet.

"No, he didn't get to hurt me yet." Tsu said, afraid of the towering monster as Izuku observed it, trying to understand what it was doing.

Izuku was just barely able to stop the monster from hitting Tsu by catching the massive hand at fifty percent.

Izuku suddenly only felt rage, the atmosphere becoming excited when he charged his quirk to its full power, his hair becoming less affected by gravity and his eyes glowing harshly. 'How DARE this fool hurt what is mine?'

Izuku charged it and tackled it to the ground, checking it's quirk when they went down.

'that is a lot of fucking quirks.' Izuku said before taking four of them away. He took Fierce Gains, Endurance, Energy Saver, and Pain Blocker, crippling the villain as he pulled it's now-exposed flesh, defeating it quickly.

"Did you take his quirk?" Tsu asked, not wanting to approach the fallen giant.

"Yeah, he should be out cold for a while." Izuku said, not wanting to take any of the other quirks.

"We should probably get some heroes and report him." Tsu said, her shoulders slumped as she realized her date was ruined.

"Yeah, but I still see a little froggy, and she isn't hopping away like she's supposed to. Go ahead and hop away froggy, it's so much more fun when you try to get away." Izuku said with a dark smirk.

"W-What? But Master, what abou-" Tsu began before getting interrupted by Izuku taking a step towards her.

"I don't see your froggy ass moving." He growled, charging his power and scaring the shit out of Tsu after she saw what his power could do.

"Y-Yes sir." She said before bouncing off as fast as she could, not making it far before she was tackled off a tree and into the dirt.

"Not fast enough, froggy." Izuku growled, dragging his teeth across her neck as he pinned her hands together above her head. "And now I do whatever the hell I want with you. Like shredding your clothes and fucking your naked froggy ass into the dirt."

"N-No, get off me!" Tsu said, winking at him. He knew she just wanted to feel powerless, and she knew the safe word was Aizawa.

"You don't seem to understand the situation. You're going to sit there, take your fucking and beg me to cum, you little froggy bitch." He growled, shredding her clothes with his free hand.

Izuku just stared at her naked form pressed into the soft dirt of the forest and the pool of fluids coming from between her legs.

"You're loving every second of this, aren't you?" Izuku said as he pinched and twisted her nipple, forcing a strangled cry from her lips at the torture.

"N-No! I hate this!" She lied, getting off on this more than he was.

"Figures. Stay here, if you move, I'll snap those pretty legs of yours like fucking twigs so you can't run from me again." Izuku threatened, noticing her breathing getting faster and the pool of her fluids getting even bigger.

He got up and picked up a nearby log, just heavy enough that she couldn't move it, but wouldn't hurt her hands, and set it on her hands, burying them in the soft dirt to prevent her from pulling them out.

"There we go! Now you can't escape me, pesky froggy, and look! You're already such a horny froggy, getting off on being attacked and threatened." Izuku said, teasing around her nipples before harshly grabbing them and pulling on them.

Tsu screamed, glad that they were in the woods so she could scream, thrash, and beg for mercy without people thinking it was nonconsensual.

"P-Please, Sir. I'll do whatever you want, just don't hurt me." She whimpered, anxious to see what he does with that information.

"I know you will, but only because you are a scared little Froggy, getting more desperate by the second because you can't separate fear from arousal. I'm going to free your hands now, and you're going to get on your knees, open your mouth, and no, you don't get to know what I'm doing." Izuku said, kicking the log off her hands and dragging her to her knees. Tsu opened her mouth as she was told and gasped as Izuku grabbed her tongue and pulled it out, wrapping it around her neck, then tying her hands with it, then her legs until she was completely bound by her own tongue and he pushed the end of it into her sopping wet entrance.

Izuku then spent the next half-hour teasing her, spanking her, fucking her ass, and generally degrading her before deciding she had enough.

"You ready to have your tongue back, froggy slut?" Izuku asked, slapping her red ass again.

"Yeph Mapher." She whimpered, able to taste herself cum because of the degrading way he treated her.

"Good, I have other uses for you." Izuku said before undoing his work with her tongue and stuffing it back in her slack-jawed mouth. Izuku set the log on her hands again before slamming into his pet froggy and fucking her hard, charging three percent of his quirk through his body to make it slightly more violent.

Tsu was cumming all over him over and over again, getting 'punished' with a tap to her clit every time, and she knew that at this rate she wouldn't be able to walk right for a solid couple of weeks if it wasn't for her master's healing.

"I could break every bone in your body, and I wouldn't even have to try. Consider yourself lucky that you make a good enough fucktoy that it isn't worth it." Izuku growled in her ear before pulling out of her and absolutely covering her in his cum. He kicked the log off of her and pulled her tongue out of her mouth once again, dropping it on her cum-soaked chest. "Clean yourself up, or I'll walk you by your tongue through every busy street naked and dripping with my cum."

With an unshakable and silly grin on her face, Tsu did as she was told, using her tongue to gather all his cum off her, and then dispose of it down her throat.


Tsu got flown back to One For Hall because her clothing had been shredded, so Izuku stuck to the skies to avoid exposing her naked body to the world and took her to the shower so they could wash the dirt off eachother. Izuku had planned on healing her, but she took off to tell the others about her time.

Shrugging, Izuku realized that he could fit Mei's date in before the end of the day, so he went to her workshop.

He found his pet trash panda hunched over her computer, although it was clear she liked Izuku's laptop better, and muttering to herself. "Master's gonna love this."

"I'm going to love what?" Izuku asked, only to be ignored by the focused workaholic, so he gave her tail a tug and her ear a small bite.

"Oh yeah, let me have it. Oh! Hi Master, how long have you been there?" Mei asked, trying to hide her computer behind her.

"Long enough to be curious about what you're trying to hide from me. I'm here because I figured we could have your date now." Izuku said, not even trying to see what was on her screen.

"Ooo! Where are we going?" Mei asked, excitedly running closer to him before her eyes widened. "Don't look at my computer!"

"What are you so secretive about?" Izuku asked, scratching under her chin and rubbing her head, drawing a groan out of her.

"Fine. I made a program to lock me out of my workshop when I hadn't eaten or slept or showered. I wanted you to think I did it without help." Mei said, not meeting his eyes.

"Awe, that's all? I'm glad you're trying, cutie. I'm very proud of you. Now c'mon, I'll clean you in the shower as a reward for trying to take care of yourself." Izuku said, walking with her back to One For Hall.

Izuku took Mei straight to the shower and found an agreeable temperature before starting with her pink hair. Izuku got a generous amount of shampoo and began massaging it into Mei's scalp, sending pleasant and relaxing feelings throughout her body, especially when he carefully and gently washed her ears.

After that was her body, which he scrubbed with more of her soap in an attempt to get grease off her skin, a struggle he had just dealt with in her hair. Izuku eventually got all the grease of her skin and rinsed her off, all while she made small, happy sounds at the intimacy of getting cleaned by her beloved master, and little giggles when he tried to wash her tail and she kept moving it away from him.

When he was done washing her, he got himself clean while Mei 'helped' by 'washing' his chest, arms and abdomen.

"You are way too horny, you know that?" Izuku teased, ruffling her hair as he reached for their towels.

"Just because making babies is almost as fun as making babies doesn't mean I'm too horny." Mei said, sounding like she thought she made sense.

"Just get dressed, cutie. I promise you'll have fun on our date. If you get bored or unhappy, I'll just bring you back and fuck you while you work on your babies." Izuku said, wrapping a towel around his waist to avoid scarring his mother for life and making his way to his small section of the closet.

He wore a simple grey t-shirt with a pocket under his All Might jacket, with blue jeans and his red shoes.

Mei wore her heavy work boots, a pair of jeans with her brown tool belt, a tank top that said 'tech junkie' in pink across her breasts and an One For All jacket that had a picture of him crushing Mineta's head under his foot with an axe kick, a fierce glint in his eyes placed with high definition on the back. Izuku had found out that Momo had purchased a lot of One For All merchandise for his pets, so it wasn't surprising that she had a jacket like that.

Izuku bent his knees and pointed at his back, indicating that she should hop on. Izuku gave her a piggyback ride until they were outside when they began flying just under the sound barrier.

Mei enjoyed the flight and was idling wondering where their date would take place until she saw the floating city in the middle of the ocean.

"I-island?" She asked, a manic grin on her face.

"Yeah, I thought you'd like it." Izuku said, bringing them down to land on the runway and laughing as Mei jumped off his back and took off running towards the nearest laboratory.

"C'mon, Master, we have shit to do!" She called over her shoulder, only to be scooped up in the arms of her much more athletic boyfriend as he caught up to her.

"Where to first?" He asked and he began hovering again, about a foot off the ground and speeding towards the airport exit.

"The combat test! You need to destroy the record!" Mei said, also wanting to watch her master do something cool before they went to see a thousand displays.

"What do you mean?" Izuku asked before noticing a large stone pillar with a banner that said 'combat test'. "Probably not, raccoon. I'll do it next time, but I don't want to draw attention if I can avoid it. This date is for you, so I'd rather not get my time taken by strangers who want to talk to me."

"Fine. Ooo! What's that?" Mei asked, pointing at a random stall that sold no-heat soldering guns. They spent the rest of the day running around the island and letting Mei see and fawn over the other inventions before he flew them back home, with Mei still geeking out when they got to the door.

"Hey Mei? I have something for you." Izuku said, stopping her from entering the house.

"What? You already bought me one of those cool solder gun thingies." Mei said, pulling the gun out of her tool belt.

"Well, that was because it was your date, and it was the least I could do. Think of this as a reward for the Animalizer." Izuku said before planting a kiss on her lips and transferring Energy Saver to her.

"I mean, I'm never going to say no to a kiss, but why act like it was more than usual?" Mei asked, licking her lips and tasting him on her lips.

"I gave you a Quirk. You should be able to sleep an hour and feel like you slept eight. You can live off much less food and water. It should help you work without being unhealthy, my adorable little trash panda." Izuku said while petting her head.

"THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! I'm gonna go work on your suit!" Mei said, skipping to her workshop.

Shrugging, Izuku walked into his home and was immediately tackled to the ground by Rumi. "Hey, bunny, I'm glad to see you too."

"MASTER! DATE?" Rumi said, her red eyes having a glint of insanity.

"Uh, yeah, I just got back from my date with Mei. Are you feeling alright?" Izuku asked, only for Rumi to begin trying to tear his clothes off.

"M-Master? I need my date now!" Rumi said, pulling his jacket off him.

"Ok, just let me get to the bedroom, calm down." Izuku said, getting knocked down again as Rumi bounced up and down on him, as if she was trying to ride him through his pants.

"Rumi! What has gotten into you?" Izuku asked, slinging her over his shoulder and carrying her to his bedroom.

"C-Cock!" She said, biting at his clothing and skin.

"RUMI! Get control of yourself right now or so help me, I will have Momo make a chastity belt and you won't get out of it for the rest of the night!" Izuku growled, tossing her on the bed.

"I-I-I'm s-so-sorry. I-I'm in heat!" Rumi whimpered, hoping he understood why she wasn't wrong in her actions.

Izuku then felt very guilty about his threat. His poor bunny was in heat, and needed him desperately. He had figured that he would see her heat coming and be able to prepare for it, but here they were, his pet desperate and his cock and cum, and he knew what he had to do.

"OH! My poor little bunny! Let me take care of you!" Izuku said, tearing off their clothes and immediately fucking her at top speed.

"THANK YOU!" Rumi screamed, cumming immediately as her heat made getting knocked up her number one priority.

Izuku picked her up and slammed her into the wall, putting an indent in it and continued to fuck her brains out.

He pounded her into the wall, then into the floor, came, fucked her into the bedframe, broke it, fucked her into the door until it cracked, then at one point he was fucking her into the ceiling using Float. Rumi didn't care about any of this as long as her master's cock continued to piston in and out of her, and eventually her pheromones got to Izuku and made him lose control of One For All, and it ran into his brain.

'huh, I guess berserker mode isn't harmful during sex' Izuku thought, only remembering about half of the time he spent fucking Rumi. His bed was broken, the walls were cracked, debris was scattered all around and Rumi had a massive amount of cum around and inside her.

"Yeah, I'm definitely going to be a dad."


Momo and Izuku sat at her favorite cafe, sipping some tea that Momo ordered and Izuku had no idea what it was, but she was enthusiastic, so he went with it.

This was Momo's first date, so Izuku planned to pull out all the stops he could. After lunch and tea at the cafe, they would make their way to a movie theater, after that they would go get dinner and go for a walk to get back home, holding hands the whole way. He had a fun night with his puppy planned.

Because of her new ears, she had received a strange look from the owner of the shop who had been delivering tea to the Yaoyorozu family for years, bit the elderly woman just shrugged and gave them the tea they had ordered.

Right as Izuku finished his tea, danger sense began to drive him insane, warning of a threat seconds before he jumped in between Momo and a charging villain with blades coming out of his inner wrist. Izuku simply activated Fierce Gains and let the blade hit his hardened shell, only for it to get lodged in his natural armor.

"Here, let me help you with that." Izuku said, grabbing the man's arm and taking his quirk, immediately getting himself retractable blades in his wrists.

Izuku looked over and noticed four more masked people watching him and activating their quirks. One of them had a head like a hammer, one seemed to just have a strength quirk, one with glowing eyes that seemed to have laser vision, and the last one had water swirling around him.

"I guess we're doing this now. I was trying to have a date, and now my little puppy is going to be sad." Izuku said, the air growing thick as he powered up One For All and Fierce Gains, coating himself in lightning and a hardened shell. "I deem you unworthy of your quirks and your freedom."

Izuku ran forward, rage and hate visible on his face dispite his brilliant smile, and the villains began to wonder why they agreed with a plan to kidnap one of the future top hero's girlfriend.


Shigaraki was pacing around the bar, anxiously waiting to hear from his strike team. There was a report of people seeing Izuku's girlfriends all around, so he planned to kidnap one of the ones from the USJ. He would usually turn to his sensei for guidance, but he had been silent as of late.

Suddenly, he got a notification on his phone that took him to a video, where he saw the object of his hatred, Izuku Midoriya.

"Hey, Shiggy! I have some things of yours." Izuku said before the camera panned down to his strike team, all of which were beaten to the ground. "You interrupted my date, and that is inexcusable. Now I have to spend the day cheering up my poor puppy, but this did do something for me I guess." Izuku said, turning the camera to see his face, furious and pulsing with lightning and green light. "It reminded me that I have some cleaning up to do. You are my father's biggest regret, and I plan on correcting it now that he has passed. Haven't you wondered where All For One is? The quirk he told you he'd give you?" Izuku asked before his eyes glowed brighter and a purple beam shot into the camera, ending the video.

Chapter Text

Izuku was bored with a capital B.

This was the third League of Villains hideout he had attacked after they began moving around and there was still no sign of Handjob.

It had been a week since his date with Momo was interrupted by Shigaraki, and he was honestly getting pretty tired of all of these villains interfering with his life with his pets.

Izuku was halfway through knocking a hulking villain out, beating him to the ground when he got a notification on his phone that sounded like a loud kiss, which was the ringtone assigned to his pets.

"Hey, mind if I get this?" Izuku asked the villain pinned under his foot.

"Hey man, I don't mind, I mean, I'm already beaten, and it's not like I have somewhere to be." The villain said with a shrug.

"Wow, that's weirdly understanding. You know what? We both know that if you run I'll catch you, and you can't actually hurt me. If I let you up, are you going to be chill?" Izuku asked, itching to see what he had received.

"Sure. This is uncomfortable anyway, so why not?" The guy said before Izuku took his foot off his back and helped him up.

Izuku whipped his phone out, preparing to chase the villain just in case, entered his password, HMMTKRR, and opened the message he received from Rumi.

The image he received was a picture, most likely taken by Rykyo, of a topless Rumi blowing him a kiss, which is something that was pretty standard, due to Rumi being proud of her body and reminding Izuku how hot she was whenever the idea struck her. What Izuku wasn't used to was the positive pregnancy test in her hand. '😘🥳😘Guess what we did….' the caption said, causing Izuku to almost drop his phone.

"Hey, not to pry, but is everything alright?" The villain asked, sitting on the ground idly.

"Uh, yeah everything is great. I'm going to be a dad." Izuku said, putting his phone away.

"Oh, shit, congrats man. Hoping for a boy or a girl?" The criminal asked, not even bothering to escape.

"Uh, I don't really know, but I don't understand anything about girls." Izuku said sheepishly.

"Let me give you some advice. If you have a girl, and get out of your depth, follow her mother's lead on pretty much everything. Even if they don't understand the kid, they understand more about them than you do." They guy said, his lips tight as tears began to pool in his eye.

"Huh. That's really good. Do you have a daughter then?" Izuku asked awkwardly.

"Three girls and a boy. Son's young, but 'es got too much of his dumbass dad in em." The guy said, smiling a sad smile as he thought of his children.

"If you have so much to lose, why even run with these assholes?" Izuku asked, getting the impression that the guy he was talking to wasn't like all of the nihilistic villains he had put away so far.

"Honestly? This is my first day. I'm usually a construction worker, but I needed some extra money for my little girl's surgery. Her organs were torn when a super sonic villain hit her with his Quirk on a school trip. They got her stable, but hooked into machines is no way for a little girl to live. There is a surgery they can do, but it's expensive." The guy said, not sure why he was telling this to a random guy who's picture he saw on a dartboard in the hideout.

"Man, I hope I don't regret this." Izuku said as the sirens of the police officers approached to officially arrest the villains.

"Don't regret wha- WHAT THE FUCK!" The guy was cut off as Izuku grabbed him and flew onto the nearest rooftop.

"I'm not a monster. We're going to wait until they round the actual villains up and then you're going to take me to the hospital where they are keeping your daughter. I can help." Izuku said, stopping any arguments with the determined glint in his eyes.

"W-What do you mean you can help?" The man asked, trying not to get his hopes up.

"You haven't really done anything wrong aside from being in the same place as criminals. As for how I can help, my Quirk has a lot of uses, one of which is the ability to share my healing factor. It can regrow an arm, so internal injuries are usually no problem." Izuku said, watching as the police loaded the villains into their prisoner transports.

"You're serious? Wow, the people on the news said you were nice, but… you're a saint, kid." The guy said, unshed tears in his eyes.

"Yeah, don't mention it. Which hospital is it?" Izuku asked, watching as the police drove away.

"The big one, over that way." The guy said, pointing north of their position.

"Alright, I'll fly us there. What's your name, by the way?" Izuku asked, realizing that he had never gotten it.

"Yoshino Tsutomu." The guy said, only for Izuku to lift him up and carry the larger man in his arms.

"Well, Tsutomu, I hope you aren't afraid of heights." Izuku said as he lifted into the air and flew towards the hospital.

"This is bullshit." The guy said as he was carried like a princess by a guy much younger than him.


Tsutomu led Izuku through the winding hallways of the large hospital until they arrived at a room. The door was open and Izuku saw a woman sitting next to the hospital bed, holding the hand of the patient and crying. There were two other girls sitting next to the mother and a young boy playing with toy cars on the floor.

"Gomi?" Tsutomu asked, walking in and putting his hand on his wife's shoulder.

"Yoshi? I thought you said you picked up another shift, why are you here?" The woman asked, her eyes puffy and her cheeks raw after being exposed to the salty tears she had shed.

"Um, hi miss. Your husband got sent home because they didn't need him at the site. We ran into each other and I wanted to help." Izuku said, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

"W-What does he mean?" The woman asked her husband.

"Uh, it's easier to just show you." Izuku said, turning to the little girl. She was hooked into machines that worked in place of her organs and had a mask over her face to make her breath. It hurt him to see her like that, reminding him of his father's final moments. She had soft brown hair and pale skin that was littered with bruises and scratches.

Izuku let his Quirk power up to one hundred percent before dialing it back to one, knowing one hundred would kill most people with even a second of contact, and reached for the little girl before he was stopped by her mother grabbing his arm.

"I know you. You're that kid from the news. What are you going to do to my daughter?" She demanded, her child's fragile state making her jumpy.

"He's going to fix her, Gomi. Let him work, I trust him." Tsutomu said, nodding at the boy who spared him and then offered to help his family.

"One percent." Izuku muttered as he took the child's hand from her mother and let his lightning flow from his arm to hers. The parents watched as the scratches and bruises that the girl had faded without a trace, Izuku's Quirk making short work of any injuries that the girl had and restoring her to perfect health.

"Mommy? Daddy? What's going on?" The little girl asked before she saw Izuku. "One For All! You're the best hero!"

"I'm not a hero quite yet. What's your name?" Izuku asked a second before her mother and father wrapped her in a hug.

"I'm Iori! What's wrong momma? Why are you crying?" Iori asked, oblivious to her situation.

"They are just happy you're okay. Do you like heroes?" Izuku asked, letting the parents hold their daughter.

"Yeah! I wanted to be one, but the doctor said I couldn't because I don't have a Quirk." Iori said, slightly deflating before her eyes widened. "What's your Quirk? Nobody on TV can figure it out."

Izuku smiled fondly at the young girl. "I actually have a couple. I have one that makes me strong, and lets me heal people, like I did for you. The second lets me take Quirks away from the bad guys." Izuku said, a plan forming in his head.

"You can take Quirks?" The parents and the little girl asked, with the patriarch realizing that was almost his fate.

"Yep, but that's the boring part. Fun thing is what I can do when I've got them. You see, I can give the Quirks I take from bad guys and give them to people who deserve them more. You said you wanted to be a hero, right?" Izuku asked, making the girl's blue eyes look at him with hope and excitement.

"You mean it? I can have a Quirk? Which one?" The girl said while her parents were stunned speechless by the kindness of this young man.

"Well, I have a laser vision one that I can't use much, and that can help you be a hero." Izuku suggested, wanting to use his inheritance as a force for good.

"Yeah! That'd be so cool! It doesn't hurt, does it?" The girl asked, suddenly getting nervous.

"You won't feel a thing, assuming your parents are okay with it." Izuku said, looking to Tsutomu and Gomi for approval.

"I-I don't have any issue with it at all. You said it wouldn't hurt, right?" Gomi said, just trying to make sure that her baby girl wouldn't be harmed.

"I could have done it already and none of you would have noticed. Her eyes will get dry if she uses it too long, but she can probably train to go longer." Izuku said, taking the small hand in his once again and transferring the Quirk to the small child.

"I think I feel it. Can I try it?" Iori asked, her eyes passively glowing blue.

"Uh, yeah, hold on." Izuku said before activating Fierce Gains on his hand and holding it up. "Go nuts, kid, you won't hurt me." Izuku said as the girl's eyes grew brighter until they let loose a blue beam of heat at Izuku's hardened hand.

The girl only held it for about three seconds before she stopped and closed her eyes tight, but Izuku knew with training she could go longer. He spent the next couple of hours with the Tsutomu family, taking pictures and helping the girl until she could hold her new Quirk for up to ten seconds. He was about to leave when the News played on the TV, covering a press conference called by none other than his pet bunny.

"Hello, press conferences aren't usually my thing so I'll make this fast. I will be taking a few months break from my hero work for a pretty exciting reason. I'm going to be a mom." Rumi said, getting a lot of questions immediately.

"Who is the father?"

"Is it One For All?"

"How long have you been dating?"

"How long have you been pregnant?"

"What are you thinking for baby names?"

"One at a time! I won't say who the father is, maybe, none of your business, a week, I haven't put much thought into it yet." Rumi said, a tic on her forehead at the annoying reporters.

"Well, I guess I should go. It was really nice meeting all of you, and I hope you get to be a hero, Iomi! Maybe you can work at my agency when you're older." Izuku said, waving as he walked away from the now-happy family.

When he got home, he found most of his pets on the couch, while Momo and Inko made dinner. Inko had taken a liking to Momo, mostly because the young heiress spent the most time with her, and was determined to teach the girl everything she could about cooking.

"Hey Master! We're going to watch Rumi's press conference on TV and tease her, wanna join?" Mina asked while Kyoka got up and gave him a hug, the clingy girl not caring how needy he made her.

"Sure! Kyoka? Would you mind if Rumi sat on my lap? You can snuggle into my side with my arm over you if you want." Izuku asked, kissing her head as he sat down.

"O-Okay. Can you pet my ears at least?" Kyoka asked, her cat ears twitching as she sniffed him.

"Sure, but I get the feeling that Rumi's going to need some special attention to make up for us teasing her. I bet she looks so pretty on TV" Izuku said, starting the teasing off early as he settled into the couch and Rumi grumpily sat on his lap while Kyoka squirmed under his heavy arm and let his hand rest on her head. Izuku ran his hand up Rumi's shirt and rested it on her abs, noticing a slight bump. He realized that even with her accelerated biology making her pregnancies last only three months, she wouldn't be showing if he didn't have multiple offspring growing inside her.

"And we're back! In a moment, we will go over the tape from Mirko's interview, but first we have a special guest who claims to have a special connection to the next symbol of peace, One For All. Let's all give a late night welcome to…. Mt Lady!" The host said, waving her arm to usher in the fan service hero.

"Hi Oketa! It's great to be here!" Mt Lady said, the collar around her neck unnerving all the pets.

"What the hell is that bitch talking about?" Rykyo growled, surprising everyone.

"So I understand that you have a special relationship with One For All?" The interviewer asked, sitting comfortably.

"Of course! I am happy to announce that I am part of his harem! He is very sweet and compassionate." She said, her practiced smile never slipping.

"So that means you can give us an insight on who else he is dating. Now, we know about Ryukyu, but there are already many theories that Mirko is pregnant with One For All's children. Is that something you can confirm or deny for us?" Oketa prodded.

"Well, to be honest, Mirko is kinda obsessed with Master. She was stalking him for a bit, but he got her to stop when he threatened to tell the press. It wouldn't surprise me if she started the rumors so that he would like her, and as for her kids, who knows who got her pregnant, I just know it wasn't Master." Mt. Lady lied.

"So you are saying she was the one telling people that One For All got her pregnant?" Oketa confirmed.

"Who else could it be? She probably just snapped and convinced herself that she slept with him and not whatever weirdo she actually slept with." She said, her acting skills getting their share of use.

"Wow, pretty bold things to accuse such a powerful hero of." The interviewer said, trying to stay neutral.

"Look. It's not Mirko's fault that she doesn't know who the father is. Rabbits have high sex drives, so it makes sense she's a slut." The smug hero said with a smile.

Izuku couldn't remember the last time he felt so much hatred.

Chapter Text

As soon as the words left the attention whore's mouth, Rumi found that Izuku picked her up off him and sat her down where he was sitting.

Most of the pets had seen him angrier than he was now when Kyoka was taken from him, but it was completely new to Kyoka. Her soft, gentle master was sparking with harsh green and purple, his body hardening randomly, the wrist blades he took fully extended a foot out and blackwhip flaring wildly. He had stopped looking like Izuku, and began looking like One For All, the one that all villains would check under their beds at night, just to make sure he wasn't waiting for them, that they would never do nefarious deeds without looking over their shoulders every five seconds.

"That lying BITCH!" He said, his eyes glowing and his face twisted into a nasty snarl. "The AUDACITY! That oversized whore isn't worthy to speak your fucking name, let alone slander it." Izuku said, putting his blades away so he could pull on his jacket.

"What are you doing?" Rumi asked, refusing to let tears fall, and feeling better when she saw how upset he was over her honor being smeared.

"I just want to talk to her." Izuku lied, blackwhip still thrashing around and reacting to his fury.

"Master. You cannot assault a professional hero because of some words, no matter how painful they were for all of us to hear." Rykyo protested, even though she also wanted the bitch's head on a spike.

"Master? That little bitch isn't worth your reputation, and she certainly isn't worth your time. We can deal with what she said later but for now can you just… hold me? Please?" Rumi said, showing a rare glimmer of vulnerability in her eyes and tone, merely wanting the physical reassurance that the bitch was lying and he wasn't going anywhere.

Izuku sighed and let his power fall away from him, releasing his anger but keeping it close for later, and he lifted Rumi into his arms and set her back on his lap, his hands rubbing her abdomen comfortingly. "Ok, little cuddle bunny. C'mere, my good bunny baby mama."

"D-Did you just call me your bunny baby mama?" Rumi said with a bright blush.

"Am I wrong?" Izuku said, his arms wrapped around her and all of his pets began crowding around them, cuddling into Rumi and Izuku.

"As much as I can't wait until you have babies, I'm going to miss these." Himiko said as she rubbed Rumi's abs, making Rumi blush.

"Yeah, but it'll be worth it." Izuku said, softly tracing the lines of her muscles and sending pleasant feelings up and down her nerves. "My cute little bunny rabbit, going to give me a whole litter of bunny babies." Izuku murmured as he nipped at her neck.

Izuku continued to hold Rumi and his pets, and eventually drifted off to sleep with them, slipping into unconsciousness while nuzzling her neck.


Izuku woke up with Rumi squirming around in his lap as she turned to face him, cutely looking up at him before nuzzling his jugular, inhaling his scent deeply.

"Morning." Izuku said, noticing the light streaming through the windows.

"Morning Maaaaster." Rumi said, wrapping her arms and legs around his torso and pulling herself to press into him.

"Someone's friendly this morning. Feeling better about what Mt. Bitch said?" Izuku asked, petting her head as she drank in his scent.

"Hadn't thought about it until you just brought it up." Rumi grumbled, her ears twitching in annoyance.

"Oh, sorry. You shouldn't care about what she says. We both know she has never even seen me in person, and that you are carrying my babies." Izuku said, one arm reaching up to play with her hair and ears while the other rubbed her back and he pressed his lips to her forehead.

"Yeah. I bet they'll want me to come on the show with Mt. Bitchface. Basically, it will turn into me saying that these babies are yours and Mt. Lady saying I'm lying. Damn, I regret not making my collar part of my costume like Ry did." Rumi said, resting her head on his shoulder to simply enjoy his attention while the rest of the girls slept.

"Good morning, Master." Rykyo said, looking up from her position snuggled into their sides where she could chew on Izuku's arm.

"Damn." Rumi said as Izuku shifted her to sit on one of his thighs while Rykyo took the other.

"I am known as Master's pet dragon, I could just start spreading the word that Mt. Lady is lying." Rykyo suggested, kissing her master's cheek and then putting her arm around Rumi's shoulder comfortingly.

"Nah, we're friends, Mt. Lady would just say something about you trying to get Master to take me and seeing this as your chance. That bitch has a big enough fan base that they might start questioning if you lied about it." Rumi sighed. "They won't want Master there, because he can settle it immediately and they want the fuckin' drama. They want us to argue until time is up and then refuse to acknowledge the truth. I'll guess I'll have to play their games until the kids are born and I can rub it in their faces that he is the father. That could be fun."

Rumi sighed as her phone began to ring on the coffee table, specifically the one that Mina was drooling on as she rested her face on it.

"Oi! Pinky! Hand me my phone." Rumi said, reaching her leg out to poke Mina with her toe.

"Huh? Hey Bunny, phone's ringin'." Mina said, handing her the phone and going back to sleep.

"Don't call me bunny." Rumi grumbled, only to receive a light tug on her ear from Izuku.

"Does that apply to me, bunny baby mama?" Izuku murmured against her soft flesh.

"N-No." Rumi blushed before answering the phone. "This is Miruko. Yeah, I figured you'd call. I don't know, an hour? I have some… things to do. Alright, I'll come down in about an hour, make sure that two faced bi- hello? Son of a bitch just hung up on me."

"What did you have to do? You know I'm not letting you do anything rowdy, right?" Izuku said, having been careful not to stimulate her.

"Relax, I just need some more cuddles if I'm going to deal with this bullshit. As much as I want to fight this oversized bimbo, I won't do anything to endanger our babies." Rumi assured him, kissing his pulse.

"Well, I suppose we should get you cuddled then." Izuku said, pulling his dragon and his bunny into his chest and laying back, playfully peppering Rumi's head with kisses.

"Master! Knock it off!" Rumi giggled before covering her mouth. "I did NOT just giggle, got that?"

"Awe, my bunny is so cute when she's trying to be tough. You wouldn't be attracted to me if you could scare me, remember?" Izuku teased, scratching behind her ears and drawing a moan out of the rabbit hero.

"Y-Yeah, fine. Just hold me. Dick." Rumi said, her words contrasted by the soft smile playing on her face.

"Yeah, but you love dick, specifically mine." Izuku joked, getting a playful poke to his ribs in response to his comment.


Rumi hated everything about this, so she refused to dress up. At all. She wore a sports bra under her green One For All shirt, sweatpants, and her comfortable fuzzy slippers. Her long white-blonde hair was gathered into a loose ponytail and she couldn't resist wearing her collar. It was very much like her, having a hardened leather exterior, but had soft synthetic fur on the inside.

She strode into the studio, walking past various staff as they prepared for a live show, until she found the host.

"Hey." Rumi said, cracking the gum that was helping her morning sickness for added effect.

"Oh, Miruko. You are looking… casual." The host, Oketa said, surprised that she wasn't in her hero costume.

"Yeah, I don't really care much for appearances for the sake of appearances. Gonna tell me what we're doing here?" Rumi inquired, not wanting to extend her torture longer than nessesary.

"Oh, um, yes. We will be going live in just a few minutes. I will begin with talking to you alone to give you a chance to rebut what Mt Lady said, then we will bring Mt Lady out to talk with you. Off the record, I'm a fan, and I promise to pretend I don't know, but I'm dying to know. Are they his?" Oketa asked, rolling up her sleeve to reveal a slightly faded Miruko tattoo on her upper forearm positioned above a detailed and fresh One For All tattoo.

Rumi looked around before nodding ever so slightly. "I had a… heat cycle and he helped his little bunny out with it. Tell nobody and I'll introduce you to him."

Oketa had a moment of excitement before she schooled her features to be more professional. "Ok, we'll be starting soon, so go over to that guy in the red shirt, he will tell you when to come in."

Rumi went and stood by the guy in the red shirt, waiting for his signal to go in. An intern accidentally dropped a punch bowl and as the sticky liquid approached her slippers, she wished she wore real shoes. 'Master did carry me here though, so it was worth it. I'll just have to ask Momo for new slippers if these get ruined.'

Right before the punch reached her, the red shirt guy gave her the go ahead and she walked in, lazily flopping onto one of the unoccupied chairs, facing the last empty one that would be used to seat Mt Lady.

"So, Miruko, what do you have to say in response to the things that Mt. Lady said about you yesterday?" Oketa began, using a practiced neutral expression to avoid bias.

"The only thing that she said with truth to it was the thing about rabbits having a high sex drive, but I haven't let that corrupt my morals. Everything else she said had no basis in fact." Rumi said, propping her feet up on the table.

"Really? How do you know she was lying about being part of his harem that everyone is talking about." Oketa asked, already knowing the answer, but that was off the books.

"Kinda obvious, isn't it?" Miruko said, touching her collar.

"Well, I was just informed that we are running out of time and we still need to have these two to talk things out! Let's bring in Mt Lady." Oketa said, watching as Mt. Lady came around the corner and sat in her chair.

"Sorry I was running late, Master got a little frisky this morning." Mt Lady said, smiling her most lustful, fan catching smile.

"Well, ladies? Do you have anything you want to say to each other?" Oketa prompted, trying to get the ball going.

"Only that I think her obsession with Master has gone unchecked for too long. I will be filing a restraining order on Master's behalf that states she will have to stay up to one hundred yards away from him at all times." Mt Lady said with a smug smile, goading her to fight. Either she wasn't pregnant and she proved it by fighting, or she was pregnant and the fight removed the only proof that could discredit her without direct involvement with Izuku himself.

Seeing through her taunt, Miruko simply smiled and bit her cheek to avoid the fight. "You are lying, and I will prove it when my babies are born."

"I mean, how can anyone be sure that you are pregnant anyway? Let alone with Master's babies, you probably pass yourself around the streets so your desperate need for sex can be fulfilled." Mt Lady said back, using the same taunt that worked before.

"I have slept with a single person in my entire life, so forgive me if I don't take celibacy advice from someone who's ruined pussy stays the same size when they use their Quirk." Rumi said back, smirking when she saw how much it upset Mt Lady.

"You bitch!" Mt Lady said, her calm and nice facade slipping. "You are just an obsessive whore who tries to take what doesn't belong to her."

"If you aren't obsessed with One For All on some level, how can you call yourself his pet?" Rumi asked, feeling smug with her argument.

"SHUT UP!" Mt Lady screeched before getting out of her chair and running at Rumi, her fist cocked back and aiming for her stomach. She didn't even come within a foot of the rabbit hero, who was trying to cover her body where her babies were, because a flash of green and purple manifested into a being of unbelievable power.

He was standing just the same as when he heard what Mt Lady originally said, his face in a snarl as he let OFA spread within him and he let his anger out a bit and glared at the giantess, making her feel so small. He was angry, as angry as Rumi had ever seen him and it was all directed at the pathetic hero. Grabbing her fist he tossed her away, causing her to land on her ass. "How dare you, you stupid bitch!" He growled at her, the aura of hatred and anger coming off of him making Mt. Lady shiver with fear, she had poked the sleeping bear and was suffering for it.

"The only reason I didn't break you immediately is because my pets wanted to protect my reputation, but when something tries to hurt my loved ones and unborn children, I stop giving a shit." He turned from her and knelt down in front of Rumi putting a hand in her stomach and smiling softly. "Hey, c'mere, little bunny. How are all my bunnies?

"F-Fine." Rumi said shakily. She could have lost her babies in an instant, and that terrified her.

"We're going home." Izuku said, his tone making it clear that he wasn't going to compromise on that. He then turned to the camera and used blackwhip to drag Mt Lady over to him and hold her limp body up. "I want everyone to know. Rumi is MINE. Mt Bitch here was LYING and then she tried to hurt another hero and kill her, MY unborn children. This is the first time I've even been in the same room as her, and I would never accept someone like this." He said before dropping her and turning to Rumi, lifting her into his arms and walking out of the studio.

Chapter Text

Pregnancy sucks.

That's how Rumi was feeling about it at the moment honestly. Her usual clothes weren't fitting her anymore, forcing her into large baggy T-shirts she would normally never even be seen dead in, even if the blow was softened a bit by the fact that the shirts were Izuku's. She would spend the first hour of her day puking her guts out while Izuku held her hair. She was simultaneously unbelievably horny and attention hungry, and speaking of hunger, she wanted to eat the grossest foods of her life, like ketchup and chocolate. She would bawl her eyes out when Izuku did something as small as kissing her on the cheek instead of the mouth that still had a bit of vomit on it. Yeah, it was pretty gross, but it still upset her.

Izuku loved taking care of all of his girls, he loved it as much as hero work, but right now he was watching his little bunny suffer and couldn't help her morning sickness, all he could do was give her some of his power to get her through it.

"Shhhh, it's ok bunny, we'll get through this. You're at six percent, so let me know if you want more." Izuku said soothingly and held her hair and rubbed her back.

"Th-Thanks. I can take care of this myself if you want, I don't want to tie you up like this." Rumi said, wiping her mouth on the paper he gave her.

"Hell no. What kind of man would I be if I didn't even take care of my pregnant girlfriend? I'm not going anywhere. All I have to do today is feed Himiko and talk to Mei but that can all wait until you feel okay" Izuku said, kissing her temple.

"Fuck you're too good. You're going to be such a good da-." Rumi said before getting cut off by her need to retch into the toilet.

"Easy little bunny, we're probably almost done and then we can snuggle while I ask Mei to make me something you'll like." Izuku said soothingly, planting kisses on her while he held her white hair back and played with her soft ears.

Izuku continued to stroke her hair and ears, comforting the rabbit hero. He honestly hated seeing her suffer so much, but he would at least comfort her where he could.

"O-Okay, I think that's all I'm going to lose, lunch wise. You said we'd cuddle, right?" Rumi said, taking the toilet paper he handed her and wiping her mouth off.

"Yeah, c'mere." Izuku said, lifting her up slowly so she didn't get nauseous.

He took her into the living room where Inko greeted her with a fresh cup of tea. "You'll want to hold this tea and smell it, it will help with the nausea, honey." The mother of Izuku said, looking sympathetically at the sickened hero.

"Thank you, Mrs. Midoriya." Rumi said, squirming in Izuku's arms until he was holding her like a baby and then taking the tea from her future mother in law.

"When are you girls going to start calling me mom? Or Inko? Izuku is my baby boy and if you are all his girlfriends, you can't use my name so formally!" Inko cried, making Rumi actually feel a little bad.

"Fine, I didn't mean anything by it, sorry." Rumi said as she inhaled the smell of the tea.

"Just name one of the babies after me and I'll forgive you." Inko said, smiling in a way that said she was only half joking.

Rumi lied contently in his lap, smelling the tea and enjoying the pampering that being pregnant had gotten her. She even didn't mind when Himiko got her breakfast and Izuku had to temporarily stop holding her as he let his vampire feed off of him, but then snuggled into him once again and felt her eyelids grow heavy.

She must have fallen asleep there, because he was gently shaking her awake all of a sudden.

"Hey bunny, time to get up. He said, slowly dragging his teeth over her throat and her pulse, simultaneously sensual and intimate.

"Ugh, you know what that does to me." Rumi whined as her pregnancy spiked her arousal even more than usual. It was something to do with her damn prey instincts, a little fear or something that would make a rabbit afraid always turned her on, so when her 'predator' touched her neck with his teeth, it was a reminder that it would take very little effort for him to simply end her life. She really didn't like admitting that it was a turn on.

"Of course I do, bunny. You love being so scared of me, don't you. My kinky little bunny." Izuku practically purred in her ears, a smile playing on his sadistic lips as he watched her frustration.

"P-Please?" Rumi stuttered in a broken voice.

"What is it you want, little bunny?" Izuku teased in a low voice, his mouth moved to less than an inch away from her soft ear as she sat in his lap, her smaller body dwarfed by him.

"P-Please don't tease me, M-Master. I'm growing your babies for you, so please reward your little bunny and let me c-cum for you." Rumi said, trembling against him.

"You are being so obedient and dutiful lately, I suppose, trying so hard to make my offspring as strong as you can. I guess that does warrant a reward of sorts, so sit still and let your master make his little bunny cum." Izuku murmured in her ear, his hand under her shirt and rubbing her slightly swollen stomach for a moment before dragging it lower and dipping into her panties, running his hand through the small patch of white hair that contrasted her darker skin tone and circling her swollen clit.

"M-MASTER! I'm begging you, please!" Rumi cried as he got closer, but still refrained from touching where she wanted him to desperately.

"Imagine that. The great, strong, powerful Miruko, desperately begging for her orgasm." Izuku mused, tugging on her slight pubic hair to slightly hurt her.

"Only for my Master! I only beg for you, Master! I'm already so close, please just do it!" Rumi cried, his teasing giving her arousal an edge of madness.

"Fine, only because you are so cute when you cum for me." Izuku smirked before biting down on her shoulder just under the necessary force to draw blood and pushing two fingers inside of her at the same time, causing her to cry out and thrash against him as she came violently.

"T-Thank you Master. What did you ask for from Mei?" Rumi asked when she had finished riding out her orgasm.

"Oh, that's a surprise for you, little bunny. You're going to have to wait and see." Izuku said, kissing her head before she turned in his lap to wrap her legs around his torso.

"Fine, keep your secrets." Rumi grumbled as she rested her head on his broad chest and inhaled his scent deeply. "I love you, as a person and as my Master. You really are perfect."

Izuku blushed, something that the pets loved to do because of how unshakeable he was usually after having these girls throw themselves at him, and kissed her deeply. "I love you too."


Rumi was just halfway through her first trimester and was sitting on Izuku's lap when his pet raccoon walked in and proudly held up what looked like a large bag with straps on it.

"Lookie here, Master! I made that thing you asked for! Mei Hatsume's Pregnancy Protection Pouch! It's lightweight, not that you need it to be, bulletproof, waterproof, flame retardant, stain resistant, and has an interchangeable lining, a synthetic fur for winter and lighter silk for warmer climates! The bag will hug it's occupant tightly and take away mobility and press their face into the wearer's chest and can be sealed from the inside to escape danger and even has robotic spider legs to carry them to safety if it gets the command. Did I do good?" Mei presented her 'baby' to Izuku with the enthusiasm of a two year old who was given an energy drink.

"Oh, it's great Mei! I'll try it out now!" Izuku said, holding his pregnant girlfriend in one arm while he used his free arm to pet his raccoon and scratch her ears playfully. "Who's a good trash panda? You are, my good little maniac."

Izuku put Rumi into the pouch and was surprised when it shrunk around her, completely restraining her as he picked up the harness and Mei helped him adjust the straps until Rumi was pressed against his chest where she could bury her face and his scent filled her sensitive nose.

"Mei, did I ever tell you that you're a genius?" Rumi asked from the pouch on Izuku's chest as Kyoka walked in and saw the device with the rabbit inside of it.

"Dibs on the next turn in the kangaroo thing." Kyoka said while admiring Mei's handiwork.


Rumi hated being called 'bunny'.

The reason was because she saw it as patronizing and implying she was nothing but a cute little thing.

Izuku was the exception to this rule, because when he thought of her as a cute little thing, he wasn't wrong from his perspective. She actually kinda liked not having to be tough around him anyway, so when he called her bunny, it was endearing, a reminder that she can be all soft and sweet with him.

That's why when some random guy called her that, she was more than a little pissed, and her hormones were not helping.

They were walking, and by that she was in the pouch and Izuku was walking with her as she relaxed. She honestly loved how it was simultaneously restraining her and letting her be with Izuku, and hadn't forgotten to thank Mei several times for designing it.

They had stopped for food and the guy who took their order smiled fondly at them. "Hey, nice bunny girlfriend. You guys are a cute couple."

"BUNNY? CUTE? Master, let me go, I want to beat the shit out of this normie!" She yelled, her pregnancy making her far more upset than the usual annoyance.

"He didn't mean anything by it, now be a good bunny and hide." Izuku said, using the term he designated to mean she was burying her head in his chest to calm down.

Rumi grumbled as she simply buried her face into his chest and he took their food. "We really need to get your headphones, bunny."


James 'Jimmy' Wolka was mindlessly scrolling his phone. He was working at his local burger place, but was allowed to play on his phone when there weren't any customers. There was a lot of news about the new hero in Japan, some guy named One For All. Honestly, the guy looked too young if you asked him, even if he wasn't even more than a couple years older than the Japanese teenager.

Suddenly, the very person who was on his phone landed right outside the small shop and threw the door open, rushing to the counter.

"Hey man, I need a cheeseburger and fries, to go and as fresh as possible." Izuku said, fidgeting in impatience.

"Uh yeah sure. Aren't you that guy from Japan?" Jimmy asked as he put the order in the machine.

"Yeah. Pregnant Girlfriend wanted an American cheeseburger." Izuku said, his heavy breathing implying that he came as fast as he could.

"Huh, congratulations. Boy or Girl?" Jimmy asked while Izuku's food was being made.

"I'm having multiple, and she wants it to be a surprise." Izuku said before his order was completed. It was a simple order, and the restaurant was done with it fast and had it in a bag for him. "Thanks man!" Izuku called as he took off back towards Japan at top speed, pushing his quirk as hard as he could and getting home in about five minutes, shattering the fuck out of the sound barrier by going approximately 100 times faster than it.

He slowed to a stop and landed with a roll, throwing the door to One For Hall open and proudly holding the fast food back out to his rabbit girlfriend, only to sweat drop when he saw the empty bowl in her hands.

"Hey, I got really hungry for egg drop soup all of a sudden and Inko made me some. You're not mad, are you?" She asked, tears threatening to spill from her eyes and her ears down to reflect her emotions.

Izuku just sighed and tossed the bag on the table before sitting next to his pregnant girlfriend on the couch. "Of course not. I don't mind, I promise." Izuku said, pulling her into a hug and petting her ears in an attempt to placate her emotions that had become more exaggerated during her pregnancy.

"You're just saying that. You hate me now, don't you? I'm such an insufferable little bitch." Rumi said, only to get pinned to the couch and kissed within an inch of her life. She was just beginning her third trimester and the third month of her pregnancy, so Izuku was careful not to put weight on her extended stomach as he held her still.

"Listen to me, little bunny. I am not mad, and I love you as much as I have this entire time. If you asked me to circle the world just for the fun of it, I wouldn't hesitate. I don't mind wasting a five minute trip to America as long as you're happy." Izuku said, scratching behind her ears and pulling her up and into his lap.

Right as they got comfortable, there was a knock at the door. Rather than asking anyone else to get it, Izuku simply let out a groan and kissed Rumi's lips before setting her on the couch and getting up and answering the door.

Standing outside was a literal eldritch god.

Nedzu was standing with a pleasant smile on his face while holding his signature cup of tea. Izuku hadn't interacted with the infamous principal of UA very much, but he was honestly a little scared of him, which was funny when he thought about it. One For All, the powerful and unstoppable successor of All Might, was scared of a small mouse-like man, but Izuku knew there was more than one type of power.

"Hello, Midoriya! I was hoping to speak with you about the upcoming final exams. I have a favor to ask of you." Nedzu said cheerfully as he sipped his tea and filled Izuku with dread.

Chapter Text

Kyoka, Tsu, Mina, and Momo stood with the rest of the Hero Course classes, minus Izuku and seemingly one person from 1B.

Izuku's pets were crowded together, with 1B and the rest of 1A making their own groups while they waited for their final test's instructions.

Kyoka had been on edge all day and no one could figure out why, quizzing the girl until Izuku flew in and dropped next to the group with a blue eyed horned girl in his arms.

"Hey girls, this is Pony and she doesn't speak much Japanese. She got lost on the way so I had to help her." Izuku introduced before noticing Kyoka wasn't hugging him. "Are you okay, Kitten?"

"I heard what the principal asked you to do. I'm scared. I really don't want to fight you." Kyoka said, looking down. Logically, she knew she was safe as long as he was around, but fear is anything but rational.

"You know I'm the test." Izuku said, stepping towards her and pulling her into his chest. He was relieved that she didn't shy away from him, that would have made him stop the test immediately. "Listen to me, Kitten. You know I love you girls, and I would never hurt you. Tell you what, whoever lands a hit on me gets extra special treatment tonight, I'll fuck you however you want, even if it takes me until morning. Deal?" Izuku asked, kissing the top of her head and using his hands to rub her ears, eliciting soft purrs from the cat-girl.

"O-Okay Master. Good luck kiss?" Kyoka asked, twirling her jack around her finger like she did when she was shy or nervous.

"I will always give you girls kisses." Izuku promised as he leaned down and pressed his lips to Kyoka's, filling her stomach with butterflies before going through and kissing his other three pets who would be participating in the final exam.

Izuku then said something in English to Pony and flew off to his starting position, readying himself for a fight.

"Hello, your name is Pony! It is cake to meet me!" The girl said in broken Japanese before scrunching her brow and trying again. "Hello, I'm Pony, it is good to know you!"

"'Hello, I am Momo. We can speak English if you want."' Momo said in English, which she had been learning from a young age because of how much business is done in America and England. She had actually hoped to take a trip to America with Izuku at some point.

"'Oh thank goodness, I was worried the only English speaker was that hot dude."' Pony said, causing a slight blush to color her cheeks.


"What about the fuckin nerd?" Bakugo asked, his rivalry with the annoying hero continuing.


One of the boys from 1B wasted no time walking out in front. "Come with me, 1B! We will expose 1A as the trash they are when we beat their best student. Hell, we'll do it without them!"

"Don't be an idiot, Monama. If we're hunting the next symbol of peace, we should at least take the people who train with him." A girl with spiky orange hair said after slapping him aside the head with an enlarged hand.

"Fine! At least 1A will make good cannon fodder. Follow me to victory!" Monama said, dramatically pointing forward and walking towards the city center.

All of the first year hero class followed him, with Bakugo pushing to the front so that he could walk shoulder to shoulder with the self appointed leader. He figured that if that guy had so much confidence with such a weak frame, he must have one hell of a Quirk.

"The plan is simple; all of you will attack him and distract him while I make a copy of his Quirk, and then we will overpower him with his quirk and the others in his grade. The golden boy has no chance!" Monama crowed pridefully as they approached the city square and most of the Hero Course were filled with bravado. They were the best of the best, the creme of the crop. They could beat a lone guy their age, no matter how strong he seemed.

All of their confidence abandoned them when they turned the corner and saw what awaited them.

Izuku floated in the air, arms spread as he hovered with his wrist blades fully extended, purple and green lightning crackling off him and his body hardened like Kirishima's. He had inky black tentacles writhing from his back and his eyes glowed with power.

"So, you are the best they could muster? Come then, little mice. Come challenge the incarnation of your demise." His voice boomed, chilling the spines of some, and igniting the nerves of others.

"UNBREAKABLE!" Kirishima shouted, surprising his class by charging Izuku first. He had noticed that Izuku's attack on him during the sports festival had hardened him, teaching his Quirk how to defend him like a vaccine does to a human body. Ever since then, his Quirk had a second awakening, growing harder and letting him move easier. He was now a tank, but he was a tank charging a mountain.

"Then break against me!" Izuku shouted as he hardened his own body with fifty percent of One For All backing it up, sending Kirishima flying with a backhand into a building, dropping it on top of him.

"DIE!" Bakugo screamed as he launched himself at his childhood punching bag. In a sense, he felt pride in how far Izuku had come, but not enough to overcome his inferiority complex.

"PATHETIC!" Izuku growled as he took a full blast to the face and didn't even flinch, his harsh grin and glare not wavering for a moment.

Izuku used blackwhip to restrain Bakugou and threw him before he heard the rumbling of rocks moving in the direction of the fallen building. 'Kirishima is still going. What a fucking beast.' he thought before his distraction allowed Bakugo to break free and the girl with vines coming from her head to wrap them around him as Kaminari charged his quirk.

"INDISCRIMINATE SHOCK!" He shouted as electricity flowed from him, into the vines, and ultimately into Izuku's body.

"Ugh, that hurts." Izuku said as the lightning tensed his every muscle. Izuku simply flexed his arms and pushed outwards, snapping the thick vines and then responding by wrapping the girl who made them in blackwhip.

Suddenly, a loud boom sounded and he was hit in the chest by a cannonball, courtesy of Momo. "You'll need a little more firepower, hero." Izuku said before he felt a hand on his exposed neck.

"ARRRRGH!" Monama screamed as he stumbled away from the hero, his head pounding. "RETREAT!"

Rather than arguing, all of the students began to run, with the exception of Kirishima who grappled Izuku. "RUN, I GOT HIM!"

"An endearing attempt, I'll give you that much." Izuku said, looking at his quirk and getting genuinely surprised by what he saw. Kirishima's quirk wasn't simply a quirk that allowed him to harden his skin, but also grew more powerful as he took more and more damage. What doesn't kill him, makes him tougher.

"Damn son! We'll really need to train together some time." Izuku said before throwing Kirishima ahead of the others. Let them group up, it would be a good lesson.

"Midoriya, time to take it up a notch. Please adjust Power Loader's Power Limiter from fifty percent to seventy five and wait until they return. They all are seeming to pass, so let's see how far they can go. Anything to report?"

"Uh yeah, Kirishima is a lot stronger than previously thought. I'll explain later" Izuku said as he dialed back the limiter. He could break it if he really wanted to, but it kept him from using too much power by accident.


The group of aspiring heroes got to a building and hid inside of it, breathing heavily. As soon as he recovered, Monama pointed an accusing finger at Izuku's pets.

"You girls knew we would lose, you know about his quirks!" Monama shouted before touching his head in pain.

"Quirks? He has two?" A girl with a mushroom-like haircut asked, fidgeting nervously.

"More than two! He can steal Quirks!" Monama screamed before getting a chop on his neck.

"Don't be an idiot, Monama. That's ridiculous." Kendo said, even though she had her doubts in what he said.

"He's right. Kero." Tsu said bluntly while she thought about their time in the woods.

"So you're saying he can take Quirks. Permanently. How many total?" Kendo asked nervously.

"There is no limit. He can also see a quirk and understand it completely before deciding if he wants it. He can give them away too." Mina piped up, remembering what Mei had gotten as a gift.

"I guess that explains a lot. How can we even beat that?" Kendo asked, trying to wrap her mind around such a thing.

"The hard guy seems to be effective. Pikachu over there and Shiozaki using their Quirks together seemed to work." Monama said, his shock leaving him and being replaced with a determination to win.

"I don't think this is about beating him. Kero." Tsu said.

"What do you mean?" Momo asked her, her brow furrowing.

"I've seen him fight before, and I don't think that they would make our grade depend solely on beating him. He is practically unstoppable, ask Kirishima. Kero." Tsu said, gesturing to the guy who was hardening himself intermittently and talking to Tetsutetsu.

"Well Kirishima, was it?" Monama asked, not enjoying needing the help of a 1A student.

"Uh yeah. When I was grappling with him I saw a device on his neck that said fifty percent. I think it's a limiter." Kirishima said, scratching the back of his head nervously.

"So the golden boy wasn't even fighting at his best? How arrogant of him." Monama said before Shoto cut him off.

"Correction. He was beating all of us while capped at half power. We should exercise caution. Maybe we can lower the power limiter and beat him that way. Shiozaki, Kirishima, and I will incapacitate him while someone lowers it until we can defeat him." Shoto said cooly, figuring that beating him would be beneficial and possibly somehow important to getting soba. 'mmmm soba.'

"That's all well and good I suppose. For a 1A student."


Izuku sat on a bench playing on his phone and chatting with Rumi while he waited.


HungryWolf: Whatcha doing, cutie?

BunnyBabyMama: sitting around and watching TV with Himiko. Can't wait to be a hero again, so I better not love your kids so much that I take a longer break lmao

HungryWolf: I see you've been playing around with the nicknames on the chat

BunnyBabyMama: Yeah, I figured it was accurate. By the way, should I be worried about Himiko drinking our kids' blood? She's been making comments about how she could go for a snack and licking her lips while looking at me

HungryWolf: she's just horny, don't worry. Maybe you should be. She might have a pregnancy kink. I don't know what the best move is here.

BunnyBabyMama: I might tease her a bit, but there's not much that I can do blown up like a balloon.

HungryWolf: I'll have to fuck her when I get home. Or I could get Mina's help with it. If you tease her don't push her too far


Izuku stood up as the small group of heroes that were meant to subdue him approached, smirking as Kirishima charged him and tried to grapple with him again, but Izuku was much stronger this time.

Kirishima played his part, holding Izuku while Ibara wrapped her vines around him and a shock was unleashed, stunning him greatly. Izuku didn't notice the invisible girl adjusting his limiter, but he did notice when Kirishima began to make him have to try.

"DIE!" Bakugo screamed as he attacked, blasting Izuku back slightly.

"Did all of you get stronger all of a sudden?" Izuku asked before realizing what happened. "Well, guess you guys don't need the training wheels then." Izuku's eyes began to glow and his body began to spark with lightning before the limiter began raising as he forced his power into his body until it hit one hundred percent and it broke, the air palpable as the full power of One For All was released.

Izuku wasted no time, throwing a vicious punch into Kirishima's chest and sending him through several buildings. After that, Izuku was coated in his armor and sparking while he floated into the air.

"Behold my power, little her- oh shit, I have to take this." Izuku said before taking out his phone. "What's wrong, bunny? Now? Shit, let me wrap this up and I'll get over there with the other girls. Just breath bunn- OH FUCK, THAT WAS A CHEAP SHOT!" Izuku screamed when a horn buried itself in his side.

"'Sorry Izuku, but I had to take my chance!"' Pony said in English, her face in her hands.

"'Its fine."' "Kyo, Mo, Tsu, Mina, we got to go, the babies are coming." Izuku said, wrapping all of his pets in blackwhip and flying to the hospital.




*Badass soundtrack*
All Might: I'm sorry, you cannot be a hero
Izuku: *Jumping off a building, tears in his eyes*
Doctor: *on the phone* I'm afraid you cannot visit quite yet, Mrs. Midoriya. We are now one week into your son's coma, and he shows no sign of waking up.
Nurse: Doctor? You might want to take a look at this!
Izuku: *opens eyes widely* Where the hell am I now?
Izuku: *strikes All Might's weak spot in a hospital parking lot before planting his foot on his chest* Do you really think I need your power?
Kirishima: So what's your Quirk?
Izuku: I don't have one, kid.
Kirishima: oh
Izuku: heh. Fist Of Flowing Water…
Announcer: coming soon, a new story by SoullordKronos, with review work done by Thecurlyone4ever and NomNom


Chapter Text

While Izuku and his pets from the hero course were on their way to the hospital, it was Rykyo's job to get the pregnant girl, Inko, and Mei to the hospital. Rumi was doing very well about not panicking, meanwhile Inko was panicking to an extreme degree.

"Where are the blankets? WE NEED BLANKETS!" Inko shouted hysterically while scrambling around the house. She looked like a headless chicken, running around like a mad woman.

"Inko, beautiful, strong mother of the man I love. We don't need blankets." Rumi said while keeping her breathing even. She had just got off the phone with Izuku and he would be taking the girls that were with him to the hospital they had agreed upon while Rykyo would take her, Inko, Himiko, and Mei. Rykyo had been ready to go for a few minutes and Himiko was due back with Mei any second, but rather than helping Rumi get her pants on (stupid pregnancy) she was trying to gather blankets like they were going into a nuclear bunker.

"What? Oh, right. What are you doing with your pants around your ankles, we have to go!" Inko said as she set the gathered blankets on the couch.

Rumi looked at Inko with a deadpan stare. "Gee Inko….I never would have thought of putting pants on.."

"You really should! We. Have. To. GO! Oh my goodness you need help!" She said, practically diving to help the bunny hero work her pants up her legs.

Rumi rolled her eyes at her…mother in law? Future mother in law? "Inko, please just try and relax, stressing out will do no good in this situation."

"I WAS IN LABOR WITH IZU FOR FORTY HOURS!" Inko shouted, mania dancing in her watery eyes. Forty hours of blood, tears and pain. She would never wish it on her worst enemy.

"W-What? It can take that long? I thought it was just a quick walk in, sit down, squeeze out some kids, and call it a day! I don't want to spend forty hours giving birth! I'm having more than one!" Rumi screamed, her ears and tail twitching violently.

At that moment the door busted open followed by the sight of a manic looking Hatsume. "AND YOU WON'T HAVE TO WITH THIS BABY!" She tells while holding what looks like the same gun that turned the pets to animal hybrids.

"Mei baby? What is that?" Inko asked with concern written across her features.

Hatsume smiled and giggled with manic glee. "This is the Anti-Labor gun! I started making it as soon as Rumi told everyone she was pregnant." She skipped over to the bunny.

"If this is correct that you will feel absolutely no pain at all during your labor and it should make the babies come out easier." Smirking at the bunny. "Want to try it out?"

Rumi looked at Hatsume and nodded. "Anything to try and not deal with the pain."

Hatsume nodded and pressed a button on the gun before aiming it at the bunny. "OK firing in 3….2….1" as soon as she pulled the trigger…nothing happened.

"What th…" before Mei could say anything the damn thing caught on fire.

"YOU WERE GOING TO SHOOT MY BABIES WITH AN UNTESTED DEVICE!" Rumi screamed before doubling over in pain. "Fuck it, we need to go. Maybe you'll have it done by the time Momo is pregnant, because I'm not doing this shit again!" Rumi said, fully knowing she'd take it back the second another heat hit her.

The group of women all went outside and got on the transformed dragon hero's back and held on, causing Rykyo to launch herself and her passengers into the air and begin flying through the sky towards the hospital.

Rumi groaned and whimpered as the pain hit her again. "I want Master…where is he?" She whimpered into Inko's shoulder.

"Shhhh, it's alright dear. Izu is at the hospital now and he will personally carry you to the birthing room. I'd like to see literally anyone try to stop him." Ink cooed in her ear while softly stroking it, helping with the pain slightly.

Soon enough they reached the Hospital and saw Izuku and the other pets. "See Rumi there he is." Inko said, pointing at her son.

"Bunny!" Izuku shouted as he ran over and scooped her in his arms, immediately channeling as much of his Quirk as she could take. When he was done powering her up, the pain was still there. In the way that a cup of coffee in the ocean is still there. "Shhhh, it's okay Bunny, I'm here. I promise that I won't stop helping you with my Quirk, even for a second. Okay? C'mon, I already got you a room, so let's get you laid down."

"Th-Thank you, Master. I love you so fucking much." Rumi said as he carried her through the hallway.

"Language!" Momo and Inko said at the same time. Izuku looked at them with a glance that contained amused chastising.

"I'm in fucking labor! I'll fucking say whatever the fuck I want to! Fuckity Fuck FUCK!" She screeched.

"Bunny? Be a good girl and watch your language for me." Izuku said with a smirk as he nipped the tip of her ear.

"I'll be good, but I want a lot of cuddles after this." Rumi said in a small voice.

"That can be easily arranged, my beautiful bunny." Izuku cooed into her ear before setting her onto the bed, his hand sliding along her form to her hand, where he let her grip it tightly. "It's ok, I'm not going anywhere, bunny." He said while maintaining fifteen percent of his Quirk for her.

A young, fresh-faced nurse walked into the room and her eyes widened. "OMGEEEE IT'S ONE FOR ALL AND MIRUKO! AND I GET TO HELP DELIVER YOUR BABIES!"

"Yes yes we are them, but now is not the time for that. Please help my bunny with her delivery." Izuku said with a small edge to his tone.

"You call her your bunny? That's soooo cute!" The girl squealed before a certain school nurse walked in and bonked her head with her trademark cane.

"Knock it off, Kyania! Sorry about her, Midoriya. She's a bit of an airhead." Recovery Girl said as she put a blood pressure monitor on Rumi's finger. "I've delivered seventy six babies in my career, you're in safe hands."

After making sure Rumi was hooked up the heart monitor and Blood/Oxygen meter she took some basic readings. "Heart rate is one hundred and ten beats per minute, blood pressure is ninety four over seventy five." She wrote down the numbers.

"Very good numbers Rumi, though being a professional hero you would be in peak health." Recovery girl stated before pulling a radio out of her pocket. "I need one more nurse and ten CCs of morphine in room one hundred for the pain."

"To be fair, Recovery girl, I think those numbers are as good as they seem to be because of Izuku's Quirk helping dull the pain." Rumi said as she winced. "Well I did say dull not remove."

Recovery girl nodded as the door opened and the new nurse, another woman, but this time a bit older and more professional, walked in with the morphine and scrubs for Izuku to wear.

"Ok everyone besides Izuku has to leave, sorry just standard hospital procedures. After the babies have been born and checked over you can come in and see them." The veteran rescue hero said, disappointing all the girls except Inko, who already knew about the rule and was the first out the door.

Inko got outside the room and immediately was upset. "What do you want, you damn vulture?" She shouted at the paparazzi that was camped out in the hallway.

"A picture of this door?" The guy with a camera tried, only to get the camera smacked out of his hand by a small purse full of marbles she kept for self defense.

"Go away!" Inko said as she crushed the camera under her foot and all the unoccupied chairs and benches in the hallway began to rise into the air.

"Jeez lady, I'm goin' alright? No need to get rough." He said, holding his hands up and walking backwards in surrender to the raging grandma.

The time waiting in the hallway was like purgatory. Inko and Rykyo paced constantly, Momo had random items generating off of her skin periodically, Kyoka was sharing her music with Tsu and Mei while Mina and Himiko excitedly talked about possible babies. "What if they have a son with cute little green bunny ears! What will their Quirks be?" They asked each other, chattering like small animals.

"Will I get to be their mom too? Will they call me Mother or Mom? I just hope they don't call me Momo, or worse, Yaoyorozu." Momo muttered. Of all of the girls, she probably was the one who wanted to be a mom the most.

Recovery Girl interrupted their various activities by coming out with a bright smile. "Are you ready to meet the babies?" She said before narrowly dodging a stampede of excited women.

When they walked in, they let out a mandatory and subconscious squeal. Izuku was holding two identical girls who looked like carbon copies of Rumi, but with green streaks in their eyes and Rumi was holding two identical boys who looked like their father, but without the freckles and with seemingly oversized fluffy green bunny ears on their heads.

"Girls, Mom. I want you to meet Hisashi, Yoichi, Nina and Inko. My two sets of twins." Izuku said with pride in his smile as he watched his mom snatch up a box of tissues that she would be emptying.

Rumi smiled at her sons, nuzzling into them to take in their scents. "They smell just like you, Master." Rumi said while looking up at Izuku with nothing but love in her eyes for the man.

"Rumi, Izuku, those babies are so beautiful." Inko said between sobs as she went directly for her second box of tissues. "I have grand babiesssss!!" She wailed.

"Thanks, Inko. Maybe we should have brought those blankets, we could have saved the hospital some tissues." Rumi joked.

"Blankets? Why would you need blankets?" Izuku asked with a furrowed brow.

"IZUKU! I'm your mom! You are supposed to be on my side!" Inko wailed as her face turned beet red.

"What side? I just want to know about the blankets!" Izuku cried out in exasperation.

With all the noise being made the newborns started to wake up and whimper,causing everyone to shut up immediately. "OK let's not do this, let the babies and my beautiful bunny rest." Izuku smiled and kissed the foreheads of his daughters before rocking them back to sleep.

What the group didn't realize was that the reporter who Inko scared away wasn't a reporter at all.


It has been one week since the first picture of the quadruplets was released to the world and social media had been absolutely overwhelmed by the cuteness. #BunnyBabies had been trending on chirper, the platform made by the hero Birdman, the whole time as the different pets continued to release images of the little fuzz balls to the public. The world was enamored by the babies. The boys had longer, fluffier ears that didn't move as much, and the girls had smaller ears that completely reflected their emotions.

Izuku had to be practically torn away from his kids to go to classes, but he felt safe in the knowledge that his babies were being watched over by his mom with his original Quirk, Himiko and her bloodlust, and Rumi, who even a week after giving birth was able to kick the shit out of most heroes.

Little did he know as he went to class that his home was under surveillance by a corrupt government department.

"This is Raider Command, Papa Bear and Momma Bears Make, Sound, Frog, and ET have left with him. Repeat, the cave is vulnerable."

"Acknowledged, Raider Command, Raider Two moving to tranquilize Momma Rabbit."

As the men moved into position Rumi smiled at her lovely kits as she managed to get them to sleep for a nap. As she turned around she felt two pricks in her neck. "Ouch..w..wh…" before she could understand what was happening she collapsed on the floor.

"Tranquilizing successful, moving to target."

"This is Raider Command, Raider One you are clear to assist in retrieving the cubs."

"This is Raider One, Cubs are in custody, moving to exfil."

Chapter Text

It was supposed to be a simple job.

Hawks and the newbie who's name he didn't even bother to remember were supposed to go in, snatch up four babies, deposit them in the 'institution', and get paid for their time by the HPSC.

As soon as the other guy had the kids in his arms, his quirk giving him an extra pair of the appendages, the lights in the house shut off completely, plunging them into darkness.

"Hehehe! What do we have here?" A girl asked from somewhere in the dark home.

"Who are you! Show yourself, right URK!" The guy with the babies began, only for a squelching sound to come from him, Hawks blanching with horror as he was covered in a warm spray of what he knew to be his accomplice's blood.

"Awe, they die so easily!" The psychotic girl giggled as Hawks heard the pitter patter of her feet running around the room.

Himiko eventually lunged at the professional hero with a knife, but he used his quirk to stop her and send her flying across the room and into the wall, hearing her crumple to the ground, at least unconscious.

He groped around until he found a light switch and turned it on, almost vomiting when he saw the guy who's name he didn't even know nearly decapitated with the amount of stabs with a large kitchen knife that his neck had received. Intell said the house should have been empty aside from Miruko! The babies weren't even in the room anymore and for all he knew, Miruko had woken up and taken them away!

"Fuck this." He muttered, not wanting to tangle with the number three hero when he barely had a standing in the upper echelons of the hero world. He was popular and relatively strong, but everyone was scared of Miruko.

Hawks turned and felt his blood run cold when he heard the front door begin to open.

"Hey bunny? Are you doing okay? Danger Sense is going nuts and it was the last day anyway so I cut cla- who the fuck are you?" The walking force of destruction asked him, his underlying fury coming dangerously close to the surface.

Blackwhip shot out of Izuku's chest and wrapped around his throat. "Where are my bunnies?" He asked, his voice terrifying Hawks as his rage broke through slightly.

Hawks tried to summon his feathers to save him, only to watch in horror as his red wings slowly turned green and attached themselves to Izuku's back, not his.

"You have attacked my home, hurt my vampire, and attempted to take away my children! I should kill you where you stand…but my concern is not for you." Izuku growled, the combination of blackwhip and Hawk's wings making Izuku look like some angel of vengeance.

Letting go of Hawks he looked at the now quikless man. "Leave and never show your face again." He growled as he turned to look at Rumi, unconscious on the other side of the room.

Seeing Izuku was distracted, Hawks pulled the gun off the other man who Himiko had killed and pressed the muzzle to her head. "I can't do that, Midoriya, I came for the kids and I will leave with them or she dies." Hawks said, panicking and looking for any option of escape.

The temperature seemed to drop several degrees at that moment as Izuku turned to Hawks with a look that promised pain and suffering. "I gave you a chance….one chance to leave with your life and you throw it away…for what!?" Izuku growled at this man, this insect that dared to threaten his beloved pet.

Hawks the cold grips of fear wrap around him as the gun wrenched itself out of his hand.

"Did you know that if your heart just stopped it would take you almost a full minute to die, very painful as your body tries to restart the heart.." Izuku's eyes flash green as he uses a Powerful telekinesis Quirk he had managed to nab from a villian on his last outing with his pets, to grab ahold of Hawks heart and stop it from beating.

Hawks started gasping for air like a fish out of the ocean. "Wait….please…." He begged as he fell to the floor gasping and writhing in pain. "Begging will do you no good, you squandered your chance.." With one final squeeze by Izuku Hawks drew his last breath.

Glaring at the now still body of the former hero, he quickly ran to his bunny, checking her pulse and making sure she was alive. He had never felt more relieved than after getting strong pulses from both of his beloved girls.


Izuku called All Might and Nedzu immediately after getting his girls laid down on his bed and finding his mother. He found her guarding the babies she had snatched up with her quirk and actually hit him with a cast iron pan before she realized who it was and wrapped him in a hug.

The former number one and the eldritch god arrived at his door shortly after with a team of police who helped take care of the corpses of the two invaders. Izuku showed them his wrist blades and told the police that he was the one who killed both of them. He didn't want anyone bothering his little vampire.

"Well, I guess defending your loved ones isn't wrong, but did you know they were operatives for the HPSC? They both have high ranking IDs." A detective said as she held up the key cards.

"Two high ranking agents of the HPSC? I think we know who was responsible for this." Yagi muttered, knowing that the HPSC had its flaws, but baby snatching? This was a crusade that he would follow his pupil to the ends of the earth to complete.

"Are you sure this is a fight you want, Midoriya?" Nedzu asked, sending texts to various contacts in his phone in preparation.

"They drew first blood, not me. I'm not destroying society, because this is just cutting out a tumor." Izuku said with a determined glint in his eye before an equally pissed off Rumi walked over with her daughters with Inko trailing behind with the boys.

"We talking about who did this? I want to stomp their fuckin-" Rumi ranted before Izuku pulled her and his babies into a hug, the young children having no idea the emotional turmoil their mother had recently gone through, but seeming to be upset just because their mom was.

"Why don't we not say things that the nice police can't ignore, bunny? We have to be smart against it. Any ideas, Nedzu? You seem to have a good understanding of… well, everything." Izuku asked the principal of UA as he took Nina from Rumi and began rocking the baby gently.

“I am gathering my allies as we speak. What you two should do is go on television, a talk show, preferably, and introduce my new studen- I mean your new children. Endear the world to them so the revelation that they were almost taken from you hits the public even harder. I will also need access to a large amount of funds to make a system to replace the HPSC, but the money that was left behind by your father will more than suffice, in fact, I doubt you'll even notice a difference in your account. When we do replace the commission, it is imperative that we offer current heroes their current rankings within the system and the same amount of pay. I will need you to fully endorse the new system. Also do you have any ideas about names for the new organization?” Nedzu asked, seeming to have put far too much thought into this to have been thinking of it just now.

Izuku was silent in thought for a while before just shrugging. “What about ‘The Hero Association’? It fits pretty well, and honestly I don’t think many people even knew what HPSC even stood for.”

Nedzu continued to work on his phone and cackle with glee while Izuku noticed a distinct lack of his blood crazed girlfriend. He carried Nina away while Rumi held baby Inko, Adult Inko held Hisashi and let Yagi hold Yoichi. ‘Heh, he’s holding One For All again.’ Izuku thought as his mentor held his son with a small smile on his angular face.

Izuku found Himiko in his bedroom’s bathroom with her cheeks red and her eyes puffy. He immediately made use of the new Quirk and formed a cradle with the green feathers for his daughter to rest on while he checked on his little vampire.

"Himi? Come here, shhh it's ok." Izuku said as he pulled her into his chest and let her simply cry. He realized why she was so upset, she just killed someone. Izuku brought the feather-cradle closer to her and tilted her head to look at the baby girl, who he lifted and handed to Himiko.

"See this little baby? She's so cute isn't she?" Izuku asked as Himiko took the baby and held her the way she saw Inko doing it. She had, of course, held all of the babies before, but she had just used those same hands to end a life. "Himiko, my babies are still with us because of you. You are still my good girl. I love you and nothing you can do will change that. Okay?"

"Y-Yeah. She's so small and light. D-Do you think they'll call me mom?" Himiko asked hopefully while nuzzling the baby's fluffy ear.

Izuku let out a light chuckle and patted her head. "I'm sure they will. All you girls are going to be great moms." Izuku said. "I'm going to go make a phone call, can you take care of my baby for me while I'm gone?"

"You can count on me, Master!" Himiko said, smiling down at the baby.


Oketa's day was pretty shitty so far.

Her producers were breathing down her neck because views dropped by a little bit after her last segment, they wanted a segment about One For All and his Quirk, which no one even knew what it was, and they also wanted a segment with each of the girls he was dating in it, as well as him, and on top of all that they wanted a tour of their house.

Yeah, they were assholes.

Her musings were interrupted by her phone going off, reporting an unknown number.

"Hey, you got Oketa from channel eight! I currently can't come to the phone, or I'm just screening your call! Please tell me who you are and what you are calling about!" Her voicemail said. She didn't get to many prank calls, but one too many people asking for her nudes tended to make her suspicious.

"Hey Oketa! I don't know if you remember me but I kinda crashed your show? Uh, I think you know me as One For All? Anyway-" Izuku was cut off by Oketa literally diving for the phone and picking it up.

"One For All? Yes, how can I help you?" She said, her breathing ragged.

"Well, I don't know if you knew this, but me and Miruko recently had two sets of twins-" Izuku began.

"Really? That's great! Could I get a statement about them, preferably their names?" She asked, pulling out her notepad.

"Well, I was actually calling to see if you had a time soon where Rumi, the kids, and I could come on your show? I understand if you're busy with tonight's sho-" Izuku was cut off before he could even finish his sentence.

"DOES THE SECOND SEGMENT TONIGHT WORK FOR YOU?" The host said, almost able to taste the ratings. Also, she'd get to talk with her two favorite heroes and their babies!

"D-Don't you have someone else lined up?" Izuku asked, a little taken aback by her enthusiasm.

"Nah, we just had a pro hero that was paying for some exposure and a montage of cute animals. This is way better than animals! Wait, does Miruko count as half an animal? Oooooh, do your babies have bunny ears?" Oketa asked excitedly.

"I guess you'll find out tonight. I'll go tell Ru- Miruko. Goodbye." Izuku said, hanging up as Oketa added his number to her phone and called her most involved producer.

"Hello? Yes sir, I have an interview with One For All for segment two! He'll be bringing Miruko and more importantly, their quadruplets! Yes, they had two sets of identical twins!" Oketa reported excitedly. Who knows, maybe she could secure another interview about the stuff they actually wanted to know, like the Quirk and number and identities of his pet harem members.

Chapter Text

Izuku had never had so many eyes on him at a time. He almost wished he was back fighting his entire class, if they had the power of All Might. But he had to do this, for his babies and the future babies he would have.

"Now, please help me welcome my very special guests: One For All, Miruko, and their babies!" Oketa said, gesturing to Izuku who was holding the boys while his bunny held their daughters.

Izuku had left his new wings on the roof of the building so he could call them to shelter his babies if necessary. He had discovered through experimentation during his wait for time to go that he could harden his new feathers, but not himself at the same time.

Izuku walked out, following Rumi's lead as she smiled at the crowd and walked to the couch opposite Oketa with careful and precise steps.

Sitting down with his bunny and his kids, he smiled softly at the reporter and camera. "Thank you for having us here tonight. We thought it was about time for the public to get to know our babies."

"And I am ever so thankful for that because they saw just cuteness personified." Oketa said while putting both hands on her cheeks. The two sets of twins looked at the bright lights and many people in the room with curious looks. "So what are their names?"

"Well the boys are Hisashi and Yoichi, The girls are Inko and Nina." The young children reacting to their names being spoken by their father, looking around for him.

"And they got their mom's fluffy ears! They are so cute!" Oketa squealed before composing herself and cleared her throat. "Anyway, One For All, can I call you One? Anyway, everyone is wondering so much about you. Would you be comfortable talking about yourself?"

"Uh, yeah I guess that's alright. What questions do you have?" Izuku asked, smiling and cooing a bit as Hisashi smiled up at him with that adorable open mouth smile infants do, his fluffy green ears twitching happily as he looked up at his father.

"Well, first, what exactly is your Quirk? We have footage of you flying, using super speed, super strength, laser vision, and many other abilities. One could even call you a super man at this point." Oketa said, said footage being pulled up on the screen.

"Well, I guess there's no real reason to keep it secret. I guess the easiest way to explain it would be to start at the beginning." Izuku began, leaving out personal things like his intimacy with his pets and that his father was evil, but explaining his Quirks up until that morning.

".....Well, that is certainly a story. So let me get this straight, you grew up Quirkless, then you got a Quirk, saved your first girlfriend, saved your mom, changed schools, got your second girlfriend, met All Might, got his Quirk and recommendation, got the best score of your class in an apprehension test, got two more girlfriends, saved your class, got a fifth girlfriend, won the sports festival, got Miruko as your sixth girlfriend, then Ryukyu, then your fifth girlfriend was kidnapped, you got her back, got a new quirk that lets you give and take quirks, got Miruko pregnant, and had four babies with her, who were born a little while ago. Did I miss anything?" Oketa recapped, slightly wide eyes.

Izuku smiled and shook his head, "No you seemed to have covered everything. Oh, also my babies were almost kidnapped this morning by a pro hero."

At those words, the crowd and live audience went into an uproar. Who would dare try to steal such beautiful bundles of fluffy love and joy?

"Everyone please calm yourselves, I'm sure One For All will be happy to enlighten us as to what happened." Oketa said as she turned to the pair.

"Yes, as I said this morning after I had left to go to my classes a pair of men, one being the pro hero Hawks, attempted to kidnap my babies. They subdued my bunny and my first girlfriend before one of my secondary quirks activated, a type of warning for danger." Izuku took a sip of water and continued.

"I ran as fast as I could back to my home just in time to see one of the men about to harm my girlfriend." Izuku paused and took a deep breath to center himself. "I am somewhat ashamed to say I lost control and killed him.."

He paused as the room went completely silent in shock.

"I'm sorry you…you killed them?" Oketa asked, eyes wide with fear.

"Yes, and I understand the fear in your eyes but tell me this if you saw your children, your pride and joys, being taken and the mother of said children hurt would you stay calm?"

"Fuck, I never even seen these kids before and I want to resurrect this little baby stealing bitch and kill his ass a second time." A guy with blond hair, well built muscles, the beginnings of facial hair, and a mad glint in his eye that reminded Izuku of Himiko if she went too long without feeding.

Izuku couldn't hold back a smirk at the man's comment. "Glad to know! Heh, now I almost want someone like you to guard them or something." He joked, happy the man cared about his kids and defused the situation a bit.

Meanwhile, Jin's fractured mind only had several thoughts being voiced. 'He-He wants me to help protect his kids' 'I should never leave their side' 'I should never get close' 'Why don't I kill all the fuckers who tried to take them?'

"Well, I'm sure we all understand why you did what you did. Now, I think we need to continue with the interview." Oketa interjected, trying to get back on track.


Izuku sighed as he stepped into his house, Rumi hanging off his back while his babies were flown in a cocoon of feathers.

"Rumi, my sweet, adorable little bunny. Would you put the babies down for a nap? I'll give you so many cuddles tonight, but you are so much better at it than me." Izuku said, kissing Rumi after he dropped off him while Kyoka hugged him around the waist and Tsu took Rumi's place.

"Master? We missed you. C-Can you give your kitten a kiss? And Tsu wants you to make her cum." Kyoka asked as she tapped her jacks together.

"Of course my kitten, you've been a good girl for all of this." Izuku said as he leaned down and kissed his kitten with burning passion, his tongue invading her mouth to dominate her.

Izuku eventually ended the kiss, leaving a dazed Kyoka in his wake before setting Tsu down and turning to his froggy. "Strip." He said simply, standing close to tower over her a little bit.

Tsu practically ripped her clothes off and spread her legs widely. "I need to cum, Master. Kero." Tsu whimpered, her tongue already out.

Izuku grabbed her tongue harshly and looped it around her throat, then he continued to restrain her with it until she was completely immobilized by her own tongue.

"Awe, my poor little froggy is a little tongue tied, huh?" Izuku teased as he pinched and tugged on her nipple.

Tsu was already close as he reached for her pussy, his hands barely touching it when the doorbell rang.

"Uo haph to be kiphing me!" Tsu screamed as Izuku pulled his hand away.

"Be a good girl and wait for a bit while I check the door. Then I'm fucking your froggy ass until you can't walk." Izuku said, slapping her ass and drawing a yelp out of her.

"Yeph phir." She whimpered, only to realize that her elongated tongue vibrated against her pussy when she spoke.

Izuku walked over to the door and opened it, halfway expecting Nedzu or a wannabe invader, and saw Pony smiling up at him.

"'Hi Izuku! I'm here to collect my prize from the final exam. I would have come earlier, but I figured that you had too much going on with the pregnancy and the break-in." Pony said in English, stepping forward to get by him.

"'Prize? What do you mean?"' Izuku asked, his brow scrunched.

"'Well, you said it in Japanese, but you told us you'd fuck us if we could hit you. I did."' Pony said, trying half heartedly to push past him. "C'mon, you have to fuck me…Daddy."

Before she could get any further though, Izuku grabbed her by her horns and pulled her to him. "You think you can just waltz in here and expect to be pleased?" He growled as he pinned her to the wall.

Pony gasped and bitbit her bottom lip as she felt her pussy get instantly soaked. "I'm sorry daddy, I was such a bad girl and I need to be punished." She said in a cutesy voice.

"Oh you're going to be punished all right…strip and kneel." He ordered as he let her go, shutting and locking the door behind him. "I am going to finish fucking my little froggy, and if I see you move even an inch I swear your punishment will be much worse." He whispered in her ear. She'd get a daddy alright, but not without punishment for misbehaving.

At this point, he had none of the surprise he had before upon acquiring a new girlfriend. Just another girl for him to love enough to fight anyone to keep them safe.

Izuku turned back to Tsu. "Sorry, little froggy, we had a bit of an unexpected visitor. Now bend over the arm of the couch and spread those pretty legs of yours for me."

Tsu moved as fast as she could to comply, her arms still tied behind her with her tongue. She bent over and was immediately thrust into by her Master and then choked with her own tongue while he roughly fucked her brains out.

"Do you like that, you dirty little froggy bitch? You love getting your tight little pussy stretched by me, you won't even be able to walk after this, and I may decide you need your asshole fucked later while you just sit the and ribbit, unable to even move these sinful legs." Izuku growled in her ear, his voice driving her insane.

Izuku continued to fuck her until she had cum for the eighth time that night before pulling out and fucking her thighs, his musky cock rubbing against the portion of her tongue he had placed there until it shot cum.

"Good froggy. Now lay down and nap while I teach this naughty girl some manners." Izuku said, untying her and using her tongue to clean them up and putting her tongue back in her mouth for her.

"Thank you, Master. Can I have a kiss and a blanket, sir?" She asked needily.

"Of course, froggy. Good girls get rewards." Izuku said, kissing her and nipping her bottom lip and wrapping her up in a blanket. "My good, pretty little froggy."

Pony let out a little eep when he turned to her, his intense green eyes locked onto her baby blue ones. "'Awe, you didn't move even a little, did you baby girl?'" He asked, stroking her face gently with his powerful hands.

'"N-No Daddy. You said good girls get rewards, right?'" Pony asked as she looked up to him.

'"That's right baby girl, they do. Now since it's your first time, tell me what you want daddy to do."' He said as he rubbed his hands over her body, memorizing every curve and bump on her American body.

'"I want to sit on Daddy's cock please, show you this cowgirl can ride a stallion!"' She said as she wiggled her hips and tail.

'"Well then daddy will make that happen my cowgirl.'" Izuku smiled and pulled her close, picking her up and kissing her. Reaching behind her, he gripped her ass for support as he rubbed his cock tip against her dripping pussy.

"'Th-Thank you Daddy. Can you lay down for me, please?'" She asked, wanting to make her new 'Daddy' feel good.

Suddenly, Momo walked in holding her phone. "'Hello Master! Kyoka said you were he- oh, did you get a new pet?'" She asked, walking over to get a better look at the girl.

'"M-Mommy? Can you help me take Daddy's cock for the first time?" Pony said upon seeing the very curvy girl who was much taller than her and spoke English.

Momo hesitated for a moment, but couldn't deny the rush she felt when Pony called her Mommy. "O-Of course, baby. I'll just hold you while you lower yourself and breastfeed you while you are bouncing on Daddy's cock. Does that sound good?" Momo asked as she cupped Pony's thick ass cheeks and helped slide her down Izuku's massive dick.

"'Y-Yes Mommy. Mommy's milk and Daddy's cock sounds so good.'" Pony moaned as she took another half inch.

'"Ugh, that's it baby, you can take it all.'" Izuku groaned as Momo lowered their 'baby girl' down on him.

Finally, Izuku felt her soft pelvis press against his and then Momo sat behind her on Izuku's thighs and leaned her back into her bust.

'"Good baby, taking all of Daddy's cock like that. It's so good, isn't it?"' Momo asked as she offered her leaking nipple to her new baby girl. She had been able to lactate after making the adjustments to the Animalizer, and she loves the increase in attention, as well as her Master's soft caresses when her nipples grew too sore.

'"Yes Mommy. Your nipples are so sweet, Mommy, I promise to be you and Daddy's good girl forever and ever.'" Pony said before lifting herself and dropping on Izuku, Momo's breast milk flowing into her mouth.


Jin strolled out of the last HPSC building with a tune in his heart and a jerry can in his hand, whistling happily.

"Teach you to fuck with those kids." Jin said in his black and grey bodysuit, tossing a lit match into the gas trail and laughing maniacally as the building exploded.

Chapter Text

Izuku awoke the next day with a wet, sucking feeling on his cock from somewhere in the sleep pile.

"Who's doing that?" He asked, bucking his hips to make them gag a bit.

"M-Morning, master." Kyoka said from his side, woken up by his thrust and enjoying her morning head petting and Izuku's rubbing of her ears.

"Morning Kitten. Be a good girl and find out who's sucking my cock without permission, okay?" Izuku said, kissing her lips while his two biters struggled to keep their teeth sunk into him.

"Okay Master. C-Can I help her?" Kyoka asked, turning around on all fours to look near his dick and figure out who is doing it among the girls piled around it.

Noticing her cute tail going back and forth, Izuku gave it a slight tug, enjoying the yelp she released as a result of his teasing.

"How about I give you a different reward for being such a good kitty for me?" He asked, using her own soft tail to tickle and tease at her exposed pussy.

"W-Would you use your c-cock to make your little kitten cum?" She shyly asked.

"Of course silly, unless you wanted to be the first girl to get fucked with blackwhip." Izuku teased as he continued to tickle her exposed entrance.

'That is NOT what my Quirk is for!' Banjo shouted in his mind.

'You fuckin perv, you aren't allowed to see my girls naked! Nana, kick his ass and I'll come dominate you.' Izuku said, satisfied to hear his cries of pain.

"N-No, I don't think I want that. Rumi or Mina probably would love it though." Kyoka said, looking absolutely adorable with her cat ears and her shy blush as her dark eyes stole glances at his nude torso.

"Awe, my shy little kitty likes my body, huh? Why don't you come rest your face on my abs? I'll take care of the little thief." Izuku said, prompting the neko girl to shyly slip her tongue between her lips and use her rough tongue to drag along the crevices between his abdominal muscles, tasting her master's sweat.

"Th-Thank you Master. You taste g-good." Kyoka said shyly, enjoying the way he tasted. She honestly loved the effects of the Animalizer. It made her senses more powerful, making the smell of him permeate her nose and the taste of his body tantalizing her tongue.

"You're welcome, little kitten. I promise that I will be playing with your cute little body later tonight, okay? Now, I'm going to have a talk with a naughty girl who thinks she can suck without permission." Izuku said, scratching behind her fluffy ears while she continued her laps with her small, rough tongue.

Izuku cleared his throat and growled at the unknown girl. "I suggest you stop and come out to explain yourself before I get upset."

Slowly, Momo meekly crawled up with an ashamed look on her face. "I-I am so sorry, Master, I just really wanted to make you happy. Y-You aren't going to punish your puppy, are you? I-I promise that I just wanted to make you feel good!"

"I really don't want to punish you, and I guess you just wanted to be a good girl. How about instead of you making a mess down there, you come up here?" Izuku asked, smiling down at the girl who was looking up at him past her dog ears.

Momo looked at the two blondes that always slept near his neck with their teeth sunk into his flesh, then his stomach and chest which was occupied by his kitten, then back to Izuku's face.

"M-Master? Where am I supposed to go?" Momo asked, noticing he was practically buried in girls from his shoulders down.

"Awe, I forgot how innocent you are. I want you to sit on my face, sweetheart." Izuku said with a simple smirk. He loved the way she blushed and looked away even if she was obviously enjoying the idea.

"A-Are you sure? What if I hurt you? I-I have a rather large posterior and my thighs are also very sizable." Momo said, her tail wagging behind her as she blushed.

"Trust me, puppy. I am well aware of your ass and thighs. I guess you are just shy, because my clever little puppy definitely knows that I'm tough enough to take her sitting on my face, right?" Izuku teased as he looked at the puppy girl.

"Y-Yes, I suppose so. You promise that you won't let me suffocate you?" Momo asked, shyly making her way over to him.

"I promise. Now come here." Izuku said with a smile as he watched Momo put a leg on either side of his head and slowly lowered herself down onto his face with a bright red blush.

Izuku enjoyed the taste of the young heiress, as well as her little whimpers and moans as he gently took her apart with his tongue while Kyoka enjoyed his abs.

"Ooh! Master, that feels g-great!" Momo cried out as she felt his tongue flicking around and between her folds while his nose ground into her clit.

Izuku simply smirked up at the girl on top of him as she came, squeezing his head in her thighs as she finished and putting a pleasant pressure on his head.

As soon as she came down from her high, she realized how tightly she was holding his head between her thick thighs and immediately shot up on shaky legs, only for blackwhip to coil around her waist and bring her back down to his face.

"A-Again? B-But I crushed your head!" Momo said with an incredibly fierce blush.

Izuku responded by continuing to make her cum all over him all over again, making her squeeze his head again to show that she wasn't really able to hurt him.

"O-Okay, thank you Master. I feel that you should stop though, I would like to avoid overstimulation." Momo whimpered quietly, receiving a shudder-inducing kiss to her nether lips before blackwhip released her.

"That's a good puppy. We should get up, I'm expecting a letter and we only have a few days until the summer camp starts." Izuku said with a sigh. He knew he was a busy guy, and that was unavoidable, but he truly cherished the times when he could lay in bed and cuddle with a bunch of girls.

Ryuko sat up from her position with her sharp teeth clamped down on his collarbone, watching the teeth marks she left in the flesh and bone fic themselves automatically. On some level, she wished his Quirk would ignore it so that she could leave her mark on him, but she knew that was unlikely.

"Good morning, Master. I have to prepare for my day, but I would like a kiss first." She said shyly, not meeting his eyes as he smiled and leaned to crush his lips against hers and channel around ten percent of One For All into her, giving her the energy she would need for the rest of the day.

"Have a good day, dragonling. I think that Rumi still wants to be home with the babies today, so give me a call if you get bored or lonely." Izuku said, smiling brightly at the slightly blushing heroine.

"You're damn right I'm staying home. I'm blowing patrols off until at least our little brats can crawl." Rumi said, walking in and nursing Hisashi and Yoichi. "The little brats'll suck me dry at this rate, I definitely deserve some of that lightning stuff you do, babe."

"Heh, I'll give you as much as you want as soon as you admit our babies are adorable." Izuku teased, shaking Himiko awake and causing her to pull her fangs out of his lower neck, licking the blood off them with a content smile.

"Fine. Our babies are fucking cute, okay? Now, Bunny Mama needs a little pick-me-up." Rumi said, puckering and unpuckering her lips for a kiss.

Izuku just smirked and got up, walking over to his children and their mother, softly stroking the babies' heads while he planted a gentle kiss on Rumi's lips and channeled fifteen percent to the rabbit hero, who moaned when she felt the power course through her.

Izuku noticed dark circles around her eyes fade as he acted like a human battery, realizing she must have stayed up with the babies all night.

"You know, you're really a great mom." Izuku commented as he took Hisashi from his bunny and let the boy grab his finger.

The young boy experimentally squeezed his father's finger, hearing cracks and pops as well as Izuku's gasp of pain as his finger was crushed.

"Hey Izuku? Did our kid just crush your finger?" Rumi asked, looking down at the innocent child giggling as he held his father's broken finger.

"Y-Yeah. C'mon, let go buddy, daddy needs his finger back so I can heal it." Izuku said, putting the boy into a bed of green feathers and prying the child's powerful hand off of him.

"I-If they already have super strength, how many other Quirks will they get?" Rumi asked, looking down at Yoichi, who sneezed and sparked with familiar green and purple lightning and Rumi felt about the equivalent of one percent flow into her from her baby.

"Who knows? For all I know, they'll get all the Quirks I had when we conceived them. Who knows what exposure to One For All did while they were in the womb as well." Izuku marveled as his giggling baby's eyes glowed brightly.

"That is mildly concerning. Anyway, I am off to work, Master. Would you walk me outside?" Rykyo asked him, already in her hero costume.

Izuku simply smiled and handed his baby boy to Momo, who was watching in interest as she cooed at the small child, and then held his dragon's hand to walk with her out to UA's gate, only to be met with chaos when they got there.

People were running around psychotically, windows were shattered, random people were shouting and fighting. It looked like the beginning of an apocalypse.

Izuku wasted no time slapping the metal square on his chest and grunted as the nanobot suit spread across his body and ate away his underwear, leaving him in his hero suit. He didn't like using his raccoon's unfinished invention because it was a bitch to get off, requiring the use of Mina's acid. He was hoping she'd finish it eventually, but for now it was good in a pinch.

"EVERYONE! CALM. THE. FUCK. DOWN!" He roared, shocking the whole population to freeze in fear of Izuku. "Somebody explain what is going on. NOW!"

A man stepped forward and shouted "The hero commission is no more! There was an attack on all the buildings last night and the heroes don't know what to do!"

"Fuck. Okay, I need you to help keep people calm while I go talk to Nedzu, dragonling. Be a good girl for me and I promise a special reward later." Izuku said, scratching under her chin before he took off towards the principal's office.

When he got there, he found his mentor, the rat god himself, and a man with green and yellow hair in a finely pressed suit. All three men were on two different phones with a laptop or desktop computer on.

"Ah! Young Midoriya, I take it you heard about the tragedy last night? We are dealing with the fallout, but it seems the unknown assailant was very thorough and decimated all the servers and records! Luckily, we have been preparing our own systems for the takeover. It just seems that we need to move up the change. We are talking to the government, several of the donation companies that collected for the hero commission, and now we could use your help! I think I have a spare phone around here somewhere." All Might said, searching his pockets for a phone and almost dropping the laptop off his awkwardly lanky legs.

Izuku wasted no time helping where he could. He was making calls, sending emails, and filling out forms while the other three men did the same.

After hours, Izuku let out a sigh of relief as they completed their work, the hours stretching into the early evening. The new 'Hero Association' was completely in place.

They would be offering all heroes their previous rankings, and they wouldn't make them test for their licenses again. In addition, the number of agencies were limited to forty-seven, the number of prefectures in Japan, each headed up by a high ranking hero. This was to ensure that the heroes would get to any catastrophe in Japan. Instead of a board made up of businessmen who only cares about a bottom line, it would be made up of retired heroes with a representative from the police and an elected representative for the common people. At first, it would be bankrolled by Izuku's effectively infinite fortune, but would eventually be wholly paid for by donations.

As a tired Izuku began to leave, intent on rewarding his dragon as promised and then holding his babies before he goes to sleep, only to feel a hand on his shoulder.

Turning to the man who was helping his mentor and principal, Izuku looked at him inquisitively.

"Hello, Midoriya, I don't think we've been properly introduced. My name is Mirai Sasaki, and I would like to have a word with you." The man said with a slight bow.