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We Fell in Love

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“You will be split into pairs for the duration of the show”
The producer is giving a speech as the six contestants sit around a campfire. The steady rumble of the flames really seems to set the tone for the days ahead. Jess looks over to Kerry, hopeful that she may get paired with her friend. They did the same series of taskmaster together and generally got on quite well, it would be nice to work on the same team rather than against each other again.
The first team is announced as Ed and Lou. The two look delighted and Jess can’t help but laugh at the way Ed exaggeratedly pretends he doesn’t want to be with their hyperactive friend but she can tell he’s thrilled. She keeps her eyes on Kerry and the other woman smiles at her. Jess feels her heart swell when the next team is announced as Kerry and….. not her. She lets out a sigh and when they announce her teammate, she looks to Jamali to find he’s not even been paying attention. Oh, great. She’s on a team with a guy who can’t be bothered to even take part. This is going to be a drag…