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Akiba's Wind Will Blow Tomorrow

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Hope can be found in troubled times. Akihabara had recovered when the global financial crash of 2008 happened, and that was without an invading force from another dimension. Hosomichi had found himself an erstwhile robot pilot, and of the girls he partnered with, the first one he had struck a connection with was Rin. A spunky redhead who loved anime and tokusatsu, enough to keep several pieces of contraband merchandise tucked away. Rin had said when she was a kid, she wanted to get a guest role on a tokusatsu series, but never landed the part before the invasion began. She was more of a collector than an artist.

“There’s no reason to give up now!” Rin said, standing in the Arahabaki base. “From Daicon IV and Dai-Nippon, the legend of Evangelion was born! Akiba wasn’t just a land of selling, it was a land of creating! And those vestiges still remain to this day!”

“Rin, I feel like these battles are taking more out of me than you,” said Hosomichi. “We’ve nearly exhausted my JAM Project playlist.”

Commander Balzack spoke up from the control room. “And that is why I am initiating the newest plan! Hosomichi, you’ve got potential, but if we had a way to store up passion inside our Battery Girls before they loaded into the Garanndolls, we’d stand a fighting chance. A boundless passion that can last before and beyond the battlefield!”

“Deep emotional bonds can be forged in two ways,” said Kagurazaka, approaching the podium. “Shared interests and sex. You’re an otaku at heart, Hosomichi. The way you’ve been looking at Rin speaks for itself.”

“This is a prime chance,” said Rin. “I don’t want Shark-01 to be piloted by a wizard who never had his cherry popped. I’ll gladly give you my virginity. Put those host skills of yours to use.”

“Hosts don’t actually have sex with their clients! I’m not a gigolo,” said Hosomichi. “And where are we going to do it? Everything in this base is focused on the Garann.”

“Fear not! There is a way!” said Balzac. He pressed a button on the control panel in front of him, opening up a wall to reveal a room decorated with Zaburn merchandise, including a standee. It was the sort of thing often used at hotel collaborations to get kids to stay. Once the method of powering the Garanns was known, Balzac had created this secret room, dubbing it the Tokyo Dome City of Sex. “The Charging Bed has a one way glass installed.”

“Isn’t that just exhibitionism?” asked Hosomichi.

“Let’s go!” Rin said. She dragged him into the room. Compared to the chilly base, the room was warmer, with soft lighting and a collection of lubes and sex toys hidden in the bedside tables, compeltely at odds with the hero merchandise lining the room. Obtaining all of this had been difficult, but it was important to keep Rin’s spirits up. Her passion was absolutely necessary.

Hosomichi removed his top, leaving only his pants on. As expected of a host, he had a body that was slim, but had a nice definition. The sort of ikemen build common to tokusatsu heroes that Rin admired so much. Rin drew closer to him, rubbing her head against his pecs and moving her fingertip around his nipples, getting a feel for exactly how in shape he was. Rin had been so caught up in the heat of battle that she never thought she’d lose her virginity, but she had a fondness for Hosomichi.

Rin removed her jacket and dropped her skirt. She was now in her underwear. They were light blue, similar in color to the pilot suit she wore when powering the Garanndoll. While Rin wasn’t busty, she was in good shape. Rin unhooked her bra, covering her breasts with her palms before Hosomichi had a chance to see them. He looked Rin in the eyes, speaking in his smoothest seductive voice.

“It’s not the size that’s important. You’re beautiful in my eyes,” he said. Rin clenched her hands into fists, pulling them away from her breasts. Her nipples had a reddish-pink shade to them, and were fully erect, mostly out of nervousness, at the moment. Rin moved her hands towards Hosomichi’s belt, unbuckling it and pulling his pants down. As his underwear came into view, the shape of his bulge on the other side made Rin blush. It was dawning on her exactly what she was getting herself into.

His dick was bigger than she’d thought. Longer than average, with a nice color to the head and a good weight in his balls. Rin’s first crush had been on the stuntman who portrayed Zaburn in an old stage show, and she had been at the right height to get a good look at his crotch. Seeing Hosomichi’s was calling forth those memories. Rin stood in awe as his cock cast a shadow across her face, her heart beating fast and wondering what to do next.

“I’ll try some foreplay,” Rin said. The True Army had been stamping down on pornographic materials, so all the old things she had for references, from doujinshi to porn videos to eroge, were all things she had only seen in passing. Rin licked along the underside of Hosomchi’s dick. He smelled somewhat like soap, but with traces of his natural masculine scent popping through.

Rin kept licking while holding his dick in her fingers, running her digits along the shaft and helping to lube it up. She moved her tongue across his balls, delighting the squishiness of his sack. There was something in old otaku media about semen that gave it an almost magical feeling. It defiled but it also empowered, a contradiction that Rin’s brain was trying to figure out. Had the world not changed so radically overnight, she might have been emceeing a Zaburn stage show or attending Comiket. Living a normal otaku life.

Hosomichi moved to the edge of the bed, sitting down and giving Rin more room to work with his dick. She took his cockhead into her lips, sucking on the tip and rolling her tongue around his glans. Rin was treating this gently, until Hosomichi adjusted his glasses and looked down at her. “Where’s that same passion you bring to battle? If you keep acting this timid, I’m never going to cum. Suck harder and sloppier... please.”

Rin’s eyes sparkled as her mouth kept holding tightly onto his dick. Her fellatio became bolder and sloppier, the slurping sounds rising in volume as she sucked him off with all of her might. Rin moved her hands across his dick, using light touches from her fingers to keep him twitching while wrapping them around his balls. Hosomichi had always been the one in control when he was working the club, but Rin had overwhelmed him through the sheer energy of her young libido.

As Rin bent over on the side of the bed, she was giving the mechanics a clear view of her panties on the other side of the glass wall. The enclosed room filled with wet sounds as Rin licked Hosmochi’s cock, running her tongue up from his balls all the way to his shaft. She covered him in a layer of saliva, tasting the sweat and musk that had gathered around his cock after being inside his clothes all day. The more she breathed in that scent, the more Rin felt her body start to react. Her basest instincts, her desire to reproduce, were awakening within her.

Then she took it into her mouth. The length of his cock spread across her tongue, occasionally moving into her cheeks as Rin moved it around inside her wet, warm mouth. Hosomichi pushed slightly past her tongue, stopping just short of her throat. Rin closed her lips, taking his dick all the way up to the base inside her mouth. She squealed happily, her cheeks hot and red as she fellated him. Hosomichi wanted to hold back, to let her enjoyment last a while longer, but he couldn’t stand this incredible sucking for much longer.

She felt it first in her nipples. Those tips were fully erect, twitching on their own as they became hard. Near the crotch of Rin’s panties, another small bump emerged. Her clit was erect, and right below it a flood of pussy juice was filling her panties. She admired Hosomichi from the moment she heard Zaburn’s theme song playing on his phone, but she had never thought it would on a sexual level. As she licked and sucked his dick, Rin looked up into his eyes.

“You can cum in my mouth anytime,” said Rin.

“Don’t spit it out,” said Hosomichi, looking down at Rin with an affected cockiness he had picked up from his job. Rin moved her head up and down on his dick, her sucking becoming more forceful in response to his words. The inner hero that lurked within Hosomichi was coming to the surface, and that turned on Rin more than anything.

Rin stopped moving her tongue around his mouth. It was throbbing hard, the precum leaking from the glans becoming replaced with actual semen. Hosmichi grunted, thrusting his cock into Rin’s mouth, and firing off his load. It had been a long time since he’d masturbated, much less had sex, and awakening that eroticism in him made for a large, thick load that was almost more than Rin’s mouth could handle. She clamped her lips tightly, trying not to spill a drop as Hosomichi’s jizz came hard.

It was salty and bitter, with a thick consistency. Once it had filled Rin’s mouth, Hosomichi pulled away, his dick still dripping with semen and saliva. Rin showed him her tongue covered in white, before swallowing it with a loud gulp. The aftertaste lingered in her mouth, yet the warmth that filled her stomach shortly after was pleasant. The tingling in her lower body intensified. Rin wanted Hosomichi to take her virginity. Her body was crying out for it. She just wanted to set the mood first.

“Just a moment!” Rin said.

Rin stripped off her skirt and panties, becoming naked in the room. The mechanics, on the other side of the glass, leered at her butt as she bent over on the shelves, looking for a piece of merchandise that wasn’t a sex toy, but would help her be mentally prepared more than anything she could find at an adult store. The sounds of plastic rattling about echoed in the room. Rin held the item aloft.

It was a wrist-worn device decorated in shades of blue, with a strap that fit comfortably about her waist. Several buttons were lined up along the bottom. Hosomichi recognized this as the DX Zaburn Brace, the transformation device of Rin’s favorite hero. How Arahabaki had found one was anyone’s guess. Listings for items related to otaku culture, even those aimed at kids like Zaburn, had been scrubbed from auction sites. The only way to get them was underground markets.

“Change Zaburn!” Rin said, pressing the button in the center. The lights in the middle glowed, with the sound of water splashing playing from the device’s speakers. She looked into Hosomichi’s eyes with a newfound determination. “I’m ready!”

Her head rested against the pillow. Rin spread her legs, revealing her pussy. She had smooth red pubes lining the top, drawing attention to the curves of her pubic mound. Following what she had learned in the banned materials, Rin spread open her pussy, exposing her dripping pink insides. Hosomichi looked around, embarrassed. Hosting required girls to think of him as someone who was sensual, but not sexual. Rin was being sexual, her idea of sensuality more attuned to hot blooded hero manga than anything else. It was off base from what Hosomichi was accustomed to.

“What are you waiting for? Charge me up!” Rin said.

“I can’t go quickly with something like this! Think about the guy’s feelings, too!” said Hosomichi.

He approached Rin, walking on his knees. Hosomichi ran his cock along her slit, covering it in her juices. His glans brushed through her pubes, tickling his cockhead. With a gentle push, he slid the cockhead inside Rin, spreading open her lips and breaking through her hymen. Rin winced a little, but as Hosomichi pushed further in, she relaxed. His warmth and her warmth were blending together, the two of them so close they could feel each other’s hearts beating.

Hosomichi was now all the way in. He looked into Rin’s eyes, waiting for her response. “How does it feel?” he asked. “You’re really slippery and warm. I’ve never been inside a girl before.”

“The shape of your dick... it’s good,” Rin said. “I thought my first time would be more romantic, not that this isn’t... You can start moving.”

“Begin Operation Giga Charge!” shouted Commander Balzac just outside the room.

Hosomichi slid his dick through Rin, moving in and out with a sloppy squelching sound. Rin’s pussy closed tightly around him, hitting the sides of his shaft and drawing him further in. As Hosomichi watched Rin hold the Zaburn Brace close to her heart, he realized he hadn’t asked about a condom. Or if it was a safe day. He was doing Rin raw, and she was accepting it without problem. This was more responsibility than he was ready to handle.

Rin let out a moan. Her cute voice that had first greeted him when he sat in Shark-One’s cockpit was now moaning erotically, responding to his dick. He picked up the pace a little more, going harder on Rin’s pussy. More love juice ran down her thighs and down his dick. Hosomichi grabbed onto Rin’s breast with his hand, kneading and massaging it while he thrust inside her. As Rin’s nipple brushed against his fingers, he noticed that she had gotten hard, her tips standing at attention, sensitive to his touch.

“Don’t think about them watching, don’t think about them watching...” Hosomichi said as he continued thrusting inside Rin.

“I always imagined Zaburn would be a gentle lover,” Rin said. “Thanks for making that fantasy come true.”

“Am I really like Zaburn?” asked Hosomichi.

“Maybe not, but you have the same heroic spirit,” said Rin. “And the heart of a hero is a very sexy thing.”

“Stop stealing my lines,” said Hosomichi playfully. He leaned down, moving in to kiss Rin. Two otaku making out was awkward, but Hosomichi had faked it long enough that he was able to fool Rin, even as his glasses fogged up. As their tongues crossed, Hosomichi got harder and thicker inside Rin, spreading open her pussy more. Their kiss was brief. When it stopped, Rin was blushing bright red.

“Tha-that kiss doesn’t count! It was for the Garanndoll!” said Rin. Hosomichi moved, pulling his erect cock out of Rin. She wanted him to keep fucking her, but was too embarrassed to look him in the eyes now. Rin adjusted her position, getting on all fours and raising her butt in the air.

He had seen Rin’s butt through the visor when the two of them were driving Shark-One. In her cosplay outfit, which was a skintight pilot suit, he had realized Rin had a perky butt that was shoved directly in his face. Seeing it without the plugsuit only confirmed what he already knew. Rin had a great ass. Her sopping wet pussy and puckering butthole were in full view, waiting for Hosomichi to start pounding her again. He shoved his dick back in her pussy, resuming their sex.

“I won’t be charged if you don’t cum inside me,” said Rin. “I forgot to tell you it’s a safe day.”

“Say that earlier!” Hosomichi said.

“It slipped my mind! I was too excited about you taking my virginity,” said Rin. “Are you close to cumming?”

“Yeah,” Hosomichi said. “Your pussy’s squeezing me tight. My endurance is reaching its limit.”

“You’ll need to train. If we’re going to reclaim Akiba from the True Army, you’ll need to charge me with your cock until we win. I believe in you, Hosomichi! And your dick.”

“I won’t let you down,” Hosomichi said, hastening the pace of his thrusts. “Rin! I’m going to...”

“Inside me!” she shouted.

Hosomichi grabbed onto Rin’s wrist, pulling her upper body up from the bed. His finger brushed across the Zaburn Brace, activating the toy’s sounds right as the two of them reached climax. Over the lights and sounds of a hero’s transformation, Rin felt Hosomichi fill her pussy. He sprayed a thick load inside her, filling her folds until her pussy could hold no more. It seeped out from the gaps between her lips and his cock, rolling down onto her thighs.

Rin let him stay inside her, gently squeezing him with her pelvic muscles. As they lay in bed, naked and basking in the aftermath of the heat spreading across their bodies, Hosomichi spooned Rin from behind. His dick was no longer inside her, instead resting comfortably between her ass cheeks while his hands were on her chest and stomach, rubbing her as their sticky, sweaty skin brushed against each other. He could smell Rin’s body odor at this distance, and it was wonderful. He wondered what it would be like after she climbed out of that pilot suit.

“Neither of us are virgins anymore,” said Rin. “It’s kinda unreal.”

“I hope our first time isn’t ruined by the one who suggested it,” said Hosomichi. Rin didn’t care at all. She had wanted to do it with Hosomichi as much as she wanted to fight to protect Akiba. Killing two birds with one stone was fine with her. They were only able to enjoy this quiet for a few brief moments. The alarm sounded. The True Army was sending their troops once again.

Hosomichi and Rin hurriedly got dressed, with Rin changing into her cosplay pilot suit. As she slid it past her crotch, she shook. Hosomichi’s cum was inside her, and she would be feeling that lingering warmth through the fight and beyond. It still felt like his dick was inside her, though that sensation rapidly faded. Hosomichi, his clothes disheveled, climbed into the cockpit as the Illusory Mist washed over the Garann, transforming it into Shark-One.

The passion meter was overcharged. Rin was operating at 171% capacity, far in excess of what she normally had. Shark-One was shining with a hero’s aura, overflowing with so much power that if it didn’t use its twin blades to launch an attack, the robot risked overheating. With Rin’s digital avatar floating alongside him, Hosomichi and Rin charged into battle. Hayate wondered what had changed so much from their last encounter. She wanted that kind of connection, too.

The fires of passion are still burning bright. Viva otaku! Viva subculture! Viva Akihabara!