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  ‘People don’t just disappear!’ Helena cried, throwing her hands in the air, ‘At least – not from you!’

Claudia tipped her head slightly to the side, ‘HG – I can’t find what isn’t there!  Nikolas has disappeared off the grid.  I’ve got mines set up all over the place.  As soon as he pops up and triggers one, we’ll nail his arse to the wall, k?’

Helena paused in her pacing, eyebrows lifting, ‘Nail his what to the what?’

  ‘It’s an expression, Helena,’ Myka laughed as she held the door to the umbilicus open, ‘Come on.’

Helena spun, her look of confusion deepening, ‘Pardon?’

  ‘I said … come on …’ she nodded at the passageway behind her, ‘You have been on Claudia’s case for days.’

  ‘Am I the only one who is concerned that we have a lunatic out there who has almost killed both of us … twice!’

  ‘Uh, HG, I think the count is higher for Myka if you count the bomb at Leena’s.’

  ‘Not helping,’ Myka laughed softly at the young woman before turning her focus back on Helena, ‘I mean it, come on!’

  ‘Ooooo,’ Claudia cheered, ‘Give a girl a ring and she gets all bossy!’

  ‘Myka,’ Helena said, forcing herself to stay calm while at the same time ignoring Claudia, ‘I can’t just wait for him to come after us again.’

  ‘Good – so you know where is?’

  ‘No …’

  ‘But you have an idea?’

  ‘No …’

  ‘But you know what he’s planning?’

  ‘Myka!’ Helena sighed, hands on her hips.

  ‘And that …’ she waved her hand at the gesture, ‘… is not going to work.  So shift your butt and let Claudia get on with her other work.’




Helena twisted her head from side to side as she let the hot water beat against her shoulders.  She might have been willing to continue to argue with Myka but now that she was away from the Warehouse and beneath the wonder-invention that was a power shower, she couldn’t recall why she wanted to.

It was with some reluctance that she stepped from beneath the water and wrapped a large towel around her chest, using the corner to rub at her hair.  She stepped from the large bathroom into the huge bedroom with its impressively sized bed.  It reminded her of bedrooms from her, adventurous, youth.  She had enjoyed the company of many a young man, or woman, or both, in such a bed.  She had been surprised when Mrs Frederic had told her that she and Myka would be sharing a room while the B&B was being repaired … or rebuilt, more to the point.  The appearance of a ring on Myka’s finger had certainly gone a long way to announcing to the world that they were a couple but she hadn’t expected the Regents to be so accommodating.  Although Mrs Frederic’s cryptic comment that ‘They weren’t … initially …’ had been something that Helena had meant to follow up on.

She was standing, staring out of the window when she sensed Myka come up behind her.  Perhaps she had become so familiar with her scent, or some clue in the sound of soft footsteps – but Helena always knew when Myka was close.  It was like a magnetic pull that she didn’t know was there until it was being tugged by her proximity.

  ‘Hi, darling,’ she whispered without turning.

Something appeared in front of her eyes and she moved back, pressing into Myka who chuckled softly as she pulled the silky material around her head, knotting it gently.  Helena exhaled as a deep sigh, hands reaching behind her to hold Myka’s hips when the sudden loss of her vision made her feel unbalanced.

The towel dropped to the floor and Helena tried to remember if she had seen anyone standing in the garden outside the window.  The thought that someone might see them sent a shiver of excitement through her.

Myka’s lips found the juncture between her shoulder and neck and she actually felt her knees go weak.  Hands slipped beneath her arms, encircling her in a warm, familiar embrace.  Soft fingers traced feint lines across her breasts, the back of a hand brushing over her suddenly hard nipples.

A hand slipped down, fingers sliding through hers and squeezing gently.  Helena felt a sudden flash of anxiety as she was turned around – a hundred years trapped in darkness was not easily forgotten. 

  ‘Trust me …’ Myka whispered, sensing her unease and then her lips were pressing so gently to hers, fingers squeezing her hand, that all else was forgotten.

Led gently to the bed, Myka encouraged her to lie down on her front, arms crossed beneath in front of her, cheek resting on her forearms.  Nails traced lines down her back and legs, make her quiver gently.  Senses heightened by the darkness, she moaned softly into her arms.

Something light, and so soft, ran down her spine and across her buttocks.  Beneath the blindfold her eyelids fluttered at the gentle strokes that ran up and down her thighs before circling her buttocks again.  The feather … she assumed … continued a slow, dancing journey over her skin.  Part of her longed to take the blindfold off, to watch Myka and drink in the sight  of her.  But she didn’t move – the sensations were too wonderful to lose.

Time became an abstract concept … she was sure it was passing but she was living purely in the here and now.  She felt her skin flushing with gentle arousal, her breaths deepening.

A hand on her hip and she had rolled over before fully realising that she had.  Her back arched as the feather slid between her breasts and down her stomach, stroking gently  at the very top of her curled hair before sliding down her right thigh and then back up her left, bypassing her pubis and stroking back up and around each nipple in turn.

The feather lifted from her skin and was gone, leaving behind ghostly trails of where it had touched.

The sound of shifting clothing made Helena smile with anticipation and she was quickly rewarded by the feel of smooth, naked thighs pressing against her sides.  She lifted her head as Myka’s lips found hers and she moaned as her tongue slid into her welcoming mouth.  When Myka broke the kiss, her held fell back onto the pillow.  Helena felt a sudden heat over her stomach and realised, with a grin, that Myka had gone from kneeling, to sitting on her.  She could feel how hot and aroused she was.

  ‘Myka …’ Helena breathed but then gasped loudly when something cold touched her lips.

  ‘Sssssshhh …’ she heard Myka whisper as the trail of cold across her lips left a wet line in its wake. 

Helena quivered as the ice cube was run across her jaw and down her neck.  She tipped her head back into the pillow as goosebumps rose in response.  The cold slid across her collar bone and round, sliding gently over her throat and then her breastbone.  She hissed through gritted teeth as the cold slid between and then over her breasts.  Her nipples, already hard, swelled all the more beneath its touch.  Helena groaned, her hands lifting from the bed to grip Myka’s hips.

  ‘No … no …’ Myka chuckled but there was a firmness to her voice that made Helena’s heart flutter as she dropped her hands back to the bed.

The ice cube circled each nipple again but then disappeared and Helena held her breath, wondering excitedly where it would touch next.

A cold heat suddenly enveloped her nipple and she gave a small cry, arching her back.  Myka’s mouth had closed fully over the tip of her breast, her tongue chasing the ice cube around her nipple.  She sucked gently, lifted her head and moved to the other side.  Helena groaned in delight, grabbing her hips again as she pushed herself up into Myka’s centre.

A muffled groan and Myka leant back.  Helena gasped as the ice cube was placed in her navel.  ‘If that falls out …’ Myka commented but didn’t follow it up.  Instead she gently took Helena’s hands and lifted them.  Material, as smooth as what was covered Helena’s eyes, slowly encircled her wrists.  Helena shivered in delight and as a result of the thin trail of ice water that was running down her side.  Myka leant forward, guiding Helena’s hands above her head.  ‘You need to learn to let go …’ she whispered between gentle kisses, ‘… sometimes its good to have someone else …’ her lips, her tongue, her teeth played at Helena’s neck and ear, ‘… take control …’

  ‘Oh, darling …’ Helena sighed, lips curling into a smile, ‘… I am yours …’

Lips traced a hungry line down her neck to her breasts, ‘Yes, you are …’ she mumbled around a nipple before she rolled to the side.

The ice cube was slowly drawn around her navel and Helena held her breath as it was slowly pushed lower.  ‘Oh …’ she gasped, shuddering as it slid through her dark, tightly curled hair and then down between her lips.  The heat of her core made her wetter from the ice cube, creating the most incredible sensation that she actually whimpered. 

Myka moved, firm hands pushing her thighs apart and Helena felt her weight on the bed between them. 

  ‘Oh Christ!’ Helena suddenly cried as Myka’s lips closed over her clitoris, the ice cube in her mouth once more.  She suckled gently, opening her lips slightly to let the melted ice water run down her pussy and seep between her buttocks.  Helena was in ecstasy – head pushed back,  mouth open, loosely bound hands gripping the vertical bars of the headboard.  But then Myka’s mouth moved lower and her tongue was easing into her, pushing the ice cube ahead of it.  Her climax hit hard and fast with no warning other than a sudden tremor that ran up her thighs like a wave.  She cried out, convulsing, pushing hard against Myka’s mouth.  Lights exploded in the darkness as her head swam and her ears rang – but the pleasure didn’t stop.  Her orgasm just kept building.  Blissful wave after wave flowed over and through her.  At some point she realised that Myka was using her fingers, the ice cube long since gone.  The realisation that it was slim, beautiful fingers pressing into her, touching that spot made her cry out, made her grip the headboard so tight that she was in danger of bending the metal bar.

She didn’t know when Myka finally released her from the climactic whirlwind but she found herself panting and alone in the darkness.  Her hands, fingers cramped around the bar, slowly unfurled and dropped limply above her head.  She moaned and sighed, fought hard to catch her breath and so desperately wanted to feel Myka near her.  To have her hold her and press her lips to hers.  To wrap her up in her arms until the quivers eased.

Hands touched her hips and she was flipped over, pulled onto her knees.  Unable to hold herself up, she just about managed to pull her hands under her before her chest fell.  She felt her pussy opening, wet and hot as something firm was slid in.  She gasped and whimpered as she was stretched and filled.  Myka’s hot thighs pressed against the back of her own as her hands kneaded her buttocks.  The phallus inside her moved slowly – inching out of her before slowly gliding back in.  Her teeth bit against her arm as she groaned and felt her juices running down her inner thighs.  Blind and in darkness, her senses hyper-intensified, it felt wonderfully huge as her pussy eagerly sucked it in.

Suddenly the phallus was gone from inside her and she had to fight down a groan of disappointment.  But then firm hands were forcing her to sit up and she felt Myka sliding beneath her.  She allowed herself to be moved into position, the tip of the phallus pressing so wonderfully at her entrance.  Hands rested on her shoulders and encouraged her to sink down onto it.  She cried out in delight.  Myka’s hands fell from her shoulders and she rested her bound wrists rested against her stomach.  Lifting herself, she held for a moment before plunging back down.  She was only allowed a few wonderful strokes before she felt Myka shift and she was pulled her forward until she felt her breasts squashed against Myka’s.  She buried her face in Myka’s neck, gasping and groaning as she thrust into her. 

  ‘Not yet …’ Myka told her firmly when Helena’s gasps became small cries but she didn’t slow down or ease her thrusts to help her.

Helena gritted her teeth, shaking her head against Myka’s shoulder.  It was too much – she couldn’t possibly hold off, ‘Please … darling …’

  ‘Not yet!’ Myka commanded, her voice sending a bolt of desire straight through her making her hiss through gritted teeth. 

Myka suddenly sat up and Helena cried out in surprise as she was tipped backwards, the angle of the phallus inside her changing to an even more pleasurable one.  She felt the bonds at her wrists being held and she let herself relax, trusting Myka to not let her fall.  Suddenly a pressure at her clitoris made her sob and she felt a small spray of juice explode from her.  ‘Myka!’ she groaned.

  ‘You may come for me now!’ Myka announced breathlessly.

The words galvanised her and she rocked her hips, slamming back and forth, screaming Myka’s name as fingers were rubbed vigorously across her clit. 

When here climax finally ebbed, she fell sideways.  Myka was upon her in an instant, rolling her onto her back.  Hot, musky, soaking lips dropped down onto her mouth and she moaned in the darkness as her tongue and lips made Myka moan and sigh and eventually scream.