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Smut Shots just Because

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"Hey, You ever play doctor when you were little?" You asked with a smirk

" By doctor you mean the game where sneak into a closet with a friend when you were younger to feel each other up?" He asked leaning his chin on his palm

"Yeah, like that."

"Then No, I didn't." He says and goes back to flipping through his work on his desk.

"Hmm, okay" you said leaving the room.

"Hello are you Trafalgar law?" You said walking back in the room wearing his white lab coat, some glasses and a clip board.

Looking up at you he sighed "y/n stop playing around I have to finish this"

"You've been working all day" you whined slamming the clipboard on his desk. "Just take a break real quick" you lean down letting the coat open a bit giving him a peak of what was under.

"Fine" he huffed "are yo-"

"Yay!" You throw yours arms up. Getting back into character you adjust your jacket and your glasses. "Mr. Water Law was it?"

"Why are yo-" you huff and put your hand on your hip staring at him. He sighs "yes, that's me"

"Good come with me" you say walking out of his office with him trailing behind you. You open the door to your bedroom and motion for him to walk in first. He gives you a smirk and a side eye before stepping in with you following and shutting the door behind you.

He stood awkwardly waiting for your instruction.

"Sit down on the bed please"

He waiting a moment before smirking and sitting down the the assigned spot. Sitting across from him on your vanity stool you cross your legs. "It's very nice to see you mister .. Law"

"Likewise doctor, Thank you for agreeing to see me short notice."

"Yes Well, anything for my favorite patient" you smile brightly. "What brings you in today? How are you feeling?"

Sighing he leans back on the bed on his elbows. The top buttons on his shirt unbutton giving you a glimpse at his chest and tattoos. Softly bite your lip opting to bite on the top of your pin when you hear him start talking. "Well you know doc, it's been really difficult these days. Work is crazy but I came to see you because I have this ... big ,little problem..."

"Describe it to me please" you say looking at your clipboard pretending to take notes.

"Deep pressure, frustration, and feeling unreleaved"

"I'm not quick sure I understand.."

"Y/n!" He snaps. You frown a little "sorry, I mean doctor.. It just just feels like there's a lot of pressure built up down there" he says hovering his hands over the crotch of his pants. " and something's backed up, which makes it sore. Look..
with how sad the situation really is It makes you feel blue."

"Have you tried to treat it yourself?"

"Yes.. I have." He sits up "buts it's not the same.. I think.. I need treatment doc"

"Thank you for that. I think I understand what your problem is" you nod pushing your glasses back up on your nose and glancing down to your doodle of stick figures fucking. "I think I can prescribe you something"

"Is it possible I can get a dose before I go? I have to head back to work"

"Before I give you anything I would like to do an evaluation of that's okay"

"Of course, anything you need" he smiles knowingly.

"Great. Undress completely and put this on" you say and throw his robe at him. "I'll be back in a second"


"Okay I'm back, please lay back on the bed. You can leave your feet planted on the floor" you say closing the door and dragging your vanity stool in between his legs to sit. "I'm all out of latex gloves, is that alright?"

He respond with a hum. "Great loosen your robe for me please Mr law" he silently untie the belt that was keeping his robe closed and opened it completely exposing himself to you. "T-thank you" you swallow hard almost loosing character. You see him smirk to himself as he fold his arms behind his head and closes his eyes.

"Mmm" he groans when he feels your hands cup his dick and balls. "Is this where the pressure is?" You ask softly stroking him. "Mhm he nods still not looking at you" this bastard not even paying attention to me.

"O-ohh" his eyes open wide when he feels you lick the tip of his dick. You smirk at his reaction knowing you made the right move "did -did that hurt you? I can stop the exam due to pain"

"N-No keep going. I'm f-fine" he can barley get out as he feels your mouth sinking down onto his dick. You bobbed your head slowly while massaging his balls. You could hear the puffs of air coming out of his mouth each time your swallowed around him. You picked up the pace bobbing faster and quickly lifting your mouth of his dick with a pop making him shiver.

"How was that Mr Law? Did we release fhat pressure yet? " you asked wiping your mouth with your sleeve. He squints at you and says a simple "No" reminding himself not to play with you again because you're just going to tease him. Sitting up on his elbows he looks at his dick which was as hard as a rock then looks up at you tilting his head saying "Not yet. Keep going, Doc."

"Well okay then" you say taking your glasses off. "I think we're going to have to try a different method" ripping to coat open you reveal how nude you were and crawl up the bed stopping to sit on his waist. "Lie back" you command. He listens even though the confusion is written all ove his face when you don't stop crawling up his body. Finally it clicks what was happening when you stood to adjust yourself before squatting  over his face burying his nose and mouth in your cunt.

He wasted no time slurping up everything you offered. What made it so great was how the she reacted to every pleasurable probe of his tongue. He heard the moans and whimpers, it almost sounded like a song.. the sweetest song.. his song that you made just for him. The wetness he felt building up almost made him feel like he was about to drown. "Fuck I'm going to cum" he thought. Rubbing his face side to side he wanted his nose to scrape your clit.. you had to cum before him that was always the rule.

You arch your back so far you could almost reach his dick as you cum all over his face. It seemed never ending but turned him on so much he came soon after. Cum shooting out his dick so fast and hard it landed on your forehead. Groaning you rolled off him and wiped the cum off your face. Quickly you close your lab coat and grab your clipboard.
"I assume the pressure has been release?" You question with a smirk.

Laying in starfish position Law raise a thumb still heavily breathing, baffled that he came from only eating you out.

"I.. like you.. As a doctor babe"

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"k-Kim " you whine. It's been about 30 minutes since you started but he hasn't let you cum once.

"Aht aht" he said landing a slap to your chest. "What are you supposed to be calling me?"

"I- ahh" you moan feeling the vibrator youre sitting on get faster.

"What was that sweet girl?" He cooed in your ear. You wish you could see his face but you agreed to let him fully have his way for once.

"MD!" You shouted.

"That's a little bit better" he kissed on your neck.


"There you go, what a good girl" he praised lowering the volume on the vibrator.

"You know" he said circling around you. "Part of me," he stops, to crouch down next to you "can't believe you're letting me do this."

"But...." He pauses.

"but the other part has been waiting for this." And He really has been. Yeah you let him tie you up and do insane things to you but he never pulled up his good shit. You liked it sensual and he was not going to deny you that. He'll give it to you however your ask and whenever/where you want it and he loves the slow sex. The sweat of it all. The sweet, low whimpers of pleasure that you give back and forth like a secret. But this?

Without even asking you told him you wanted to try something new. He's been rough before but this is a different level of control being given to him. Power, dominance. Your full pleasure and his sitting alone in his hands and his cock strains hard in his pants.

Turning the vibrator off he leaned down to whisper in your ear "Are you sure about this?" He asks again, "you trust me, right?"

You nod and he shakes his head in return, "no, sweetheart, I need to hear you say it."

"Yes.... Master"

"Good girl," he draws out, low and dangerous like the praise given to prey just before the slaughter. Picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder he tossed you like you were weightless onto the bed.

"on your knees." He commands voice getting further and further as he walked across the room.

He's got you to where it seems like you just want to cum, but not quite cock dumb he needed you to cry. He comes up and kneels behind you while your positioned on your knees doing what you were told.

"Hold your hands behind your back," he whispers, lips inches away from your ear, "that's it, beautiful girl, cross your wrists." He praises.

"It's soft." You hum. He gives them a tug and tests their strength with a satisfied grunt.

"Not too tight, right, baby?" He presses a kiss into your shaking head, a whispered "use your Words" into your hairline.

"No..." you trail off before remembering, "...Master."

You took your braids out so your hair was currently in a curly fro, "do I have to put your hair up? I always thought you looked most beautiful natural" MD ask with his fingers ghosting through your hair and caressing your scalp. moaning in response he took it as you liked having your hair out with his hands in it.

"You want to keep the blindfold on?" He ask getting off the bed.

"Not really but it's whatever you want to do Master"

"Mm okay" MD muttered grabbing you by the hair and pulling you towards the edge of the bed. he presses your face into the front of his briefs but when you part your lips to bite at the heft of them, he quickly scolds you.

"Did I tell you to do that?"


His large hand fists in your scalp and he pulls you back, forcing you to look up into his eyes, "No what?"

"No master"

Gently, he sets your head right" I'll take it easy on you tonight, sweetheart, okay?" Laughing, he looks down at you, "I was about to tell you to take my pants off but—" his thumb dragging down your cheek and across your bottom lip, "I forgot you can't."

"You don't have to be gentle with me, Kim ." you say normally.

"I know sweetheart it's just this if our first time doing it my way. I'm not sure how much you can handle"

"Like a said, I'll take whatever you give me" you cooed licking your lips looking up at him through your blindfold.

Pulling you up to him he roughly presses his lips to yours with one hand sliding up the back of your neck into your curls. His other was hastily yanking off his briefs.

Pulling back from the kiss he steps out of his briefs before pulling you back in for one more sensual kiss. He squeezes his fingers in between your closed thighs, to caress your lips. You jerk in your bindings, hating the fact that you couldn't move you hands to help balance yourself. Pulling from the kiss he roughly removed his hand from your semi closed thighs before pushing you down to lay on your back. Your thighs spring open and he waste no time soaking his fingers in your juices before sinking two inside of you. You gasp at the feeling of him wiggling around inside of you.

He dips down to whisper into your ear, "Does this feel good, slut?" his voice low and smooth to match the side of his freshly shaven face that brushed against you. His question is answered by a gush of wetness over his hand which only probed him to add two more stretching you out. His tongue adds to the sensations running through your body by licking a spot behind your ear, and he plants the faintest of kisses.

"MD" you moan in a whiney tone grinding down on his hand.

I'll take that as a yes."

Pulling out two of his fingers only leaving two in you, he moves his body up in between your legs giving him the ability to reach your throat and apply pressure while speeding up the abuse to your cunt. You choke out moans and whines at his assault to your cunt and the lack of oxygen.

He smirks, "Oh how I love hearing it." This sexy psycho is hellbent on throwing your body into overdrive. Your tears are soaking the clothe being used as his blindfold so he slows down, and releases his grip on your throat temporarily to snatch it off.

Blinking your eyes a few times you look up to see him smiling down at you. " there goes my pretty girl" he cooes pushing the front of your fro back and pressing a kiss to your forehead.

"I want you to look at me when you cum" he demands in a soft tone placing his hand back on your throat lightly applying pressure. Your eyebrows furrow and your eyes shoot open when he inserts another finger and picks up the speed up his pumping fingers. Kicking it up a notch his thumb circles your swollen clit, applying various levels of pressure while curling his fingers inside you. A digit hits your G-spot, and just like that, a stream of squirt pours down his wrist.

He slips his fingers out and you whine, he laughed in amusement. He then looks you in the eye as he licks his wrist and up to his fingers humming in satisfaction as if it was the best meal he's ever had.

"You taste good as always my love" he tilts his head with a closed eye smile.

"Let me taste you" you whine eyeing his dick. "Please Master"

"Well if you insist" he said pulling you up to have your face meet his waist. Wasting no time he grips your hair on both sides of your head and slips his cock into your mouth. With not enough drool to lube him, he leans down and spits onto your lips. Now, he plunges it deeper, and you gag when the tip rams into the back of your throat. The sadist he is, he relishes in your gaging leaning his head back with a smile.

"There, there. You're taking me so well!" He tenderly caresses your face, a complete opposite of the way he's swaying his hips fucking into your mouth. Seeing as you're not gagging anymore, his balls start to slap your chin each time he thrust harder and faster trying to shove as much of his dick down your throat as he can. Drool is spilling out of your lips and down your neck, your eyes so heavy with tears you can hardly see.

"So close, princess, I'm so close!" He fists your hair. Your throat closes around his throbbing dick, the suction being what forces him into his climax. His cum goes down you throat with ease as your swallow around him causing him to shudder as he pulls out your mouth.

His eyes glitter from above you, your own blinking to clear the tears"What a good girl you are. Are you tired? You look it." He whispers to you before going to turn off the camera.

"Yeah I am, can you untie me?"

Untying you he made sure to softly rub and kiss every part of you that ached before laying down and pulling the blanket over the both of you. "I'm going to have to edit that video before I post it you know... I can't let everyone see your beautiful face." He said pressing a kiss to your forehead. "And sweetheart, you have got to stop calling me by my name otherwise we'll never be able to do a live steam unless I gag you .. " he chuckled not even noticing you were already sleep before he even started talking.

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You skipped through the door with Bang following behind you holding your shopping bags.

"Thanks for taking me shopping Daddy." You said. "Oh its nothing I love buying you things." He says giving you a playful slap on your butt. Jumping at the feel you spin on your heels facing him, "How about I gave you a thank you gift?" You ask.

"Oh what do you have in mind?" He asked raising a brow. "Its a surprise." You say with a smile. You grab the bags out of his hand, "You sit on the couch and I'll be right back." walking to your room.

"But sweetheart try not to give me to much of a scare you know I'm old." He yelled as he plopped on the couch.

After about ten minutes you stepped out in a sexy red laced lingerie set. He passed a hard gulp as you walked over to him, "So this is how I die because youre trying to give me a heart attack."

You dropped to your knees in front of him, "I just want to show you how much I appreciate you." as you start to unbuckle his pants. "You don't have to do this."

"I know I want to."

You pulled his pants down allowing his member to spring free and stand straight up, "See you say your a old man but what old man has this kind of reaction time." as you started to jerk him off.

His chest heaving up and down, "W-Well with the lingerie and everything your saying you ass is also very ex-"

You cut him off by swallowing him whole, "F-Fuck." He moaned. You started to bob your head up and down enjoying the sound of the room being filled with his moans and slurping noises.

"Mhm." You moaned and bobbed your head faster. "If you keep going like this I'm -" and before he could finish his sentence he came down your throat as you swallowed every bit.

Unlatching your mouth you trailed your tongue all over his trembling member licking up any excess residue. "That was fun daddy." You said with a smile. His chest still heaving up and down, "For you I swear I died and you brought me back to life."

"But you had fun though." You retort.

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"Alright ladies line up! We have some visitors " Madam called.

Scurrying  to line up along side your "sisters" you watch as men come in with swords on their sides or in their hands grabbing the first girl they see and following them to their rooms. You patiently waited for this to be over hoping non of the drunk bastards came and chose you, you were tired and not in the mood for another crazy drunk client.

"I'll take this one" you eyes widen at the man in front of you. He was a muscular man of average height with lightly tanned skin and moss green hair. You glanced at the three swords on his hip and back up to the scar along what once was his left eye. You nodded your head at Madam and grabbed his hand dragging him to your room.

Entering your room you sat on your futon and waited for him to follow. It was an awkward silence as he closed the door saying nothing. The man with the moss green hair deeply sighed and sat his swords aside then layed down on his back with his arms behind his head and eyes closed. You stayed sitting on your knees waiting patiently. You didn't mind this. Some of your clients just didn't like go be lonely and truthfully you hated to ones who wanted sex. They were always drunk and married just trying to get a taste of something younger than their wife. The most disappointing part of it all was that they never lasted longer than a few minutes, could even get you off.

"Hey.." the man spoke , the depth of his voice catching you off guard. "You got any Sake?"

"Yes sir, I'll get you some sir"

"Cut the sir crap, I don't care about that stuff" he waves his hand. You nod and exit to get the sake for him.

Coming back in the room it looks as if he hasn't moved an inch but you know he hears you when he says "welcome back" with his eyes still closed.

"I got your sake si-"

"Call me zoro" he says sitting up and looking at you as you poured a cup of sake handing it to him.

"Have some with me" he says pushing the cup back into your hand and pouring his own. This was the first time a client came and didn't get drunk leaving you to clean up their vomit, trying to force themselves on to you or waste your talent. No man was able to please you but madam said it was your job to do the pleasing, how boring. You figured if you had to take this job to pay off you brothers debt you might as well be able to enjoy it.  This guy was weird though. He just quietly drinking.

"What's a girl like you doing here anyway?"

"Paying off debt" you respond simply and drink the shot of sake in one gulp.

"You like this type of thing?"

"I don't mind it.." you look away.

"Look, I'm not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do. I-"

"I don't mind, it is my job after all. Just tell me what you would like." You say softly.

Finishing off the sake he leans back on his palms. "Okay then .. ride me" he smirked. "I don't normal go to brothels so I don't know what's okay. You do the work".

You smile at his words and crawl over to him yanking at his pants and unbuttoning them. He lifts his hips helping you pull down his pants. You eye his semi hard dick almost drooling at the size of it. This a first thag you're getting a client so hung, you just know you're going to finally get the pleasure you've been begging for. I'll have to fuck him good so he'll come back you think to yourself as you stand and let the flowy mini dress fall off your shoulders to the ground.

You watch Zoro bite his bite lip as you kneel and crawl into his lap straddling him. Softly you run your figures through his hair and stare into his eyes as you use you other hand to grab his dick and slow pump. He twitched at the feeling of your hand grabbing him by surprise before letting out soft grunts with each pump. You could feel the veins in his dick as it became harder in your hand. You broke eye contact to drool onto his dick using your saliva as lube.

Slowly you lift your hips and began to sink down on Zoro's dick moaning softly at the stretch.

"Youre - really tight" he says through clenched teeth.

"I don't normal-ly have clients as big as y-you" you whined finally getting him inside of your far enough for you to bounce.

"Lay back" you say barley above a whisper but loud enough for him to hear you. Laying back Zoro keeps his eyes on your folding his arms behind his head. You slowly bounce up and down on half of his dick to get used to his length. You plant your feet on the floor to get a better bounce, his dick was continuously poking that spot inside of you making you needy and bounce more aggressively. Running your hands up his chest under his shirt you wrap both hands around his neck. His eyes widen at the action and he was he on the verge of fight or flight until he saw the look of pleasure on your face and your teary eyes. Relaxing he let you squeeze tighter as you bounced uncontrollably on his dick. He watched the way your cunt swallow his dick with ease, Everytime you moved up he could see the way you creamed around him. The sight alone was enough to make his dick throb inside of you.

You felt Zoro move and let go of his neck allowing him to sit up. He yanked your hair back and bit your neck making you cry loud enough that the next room over must have heard you. Letting go he stands up carrying you with his dick still inside. He slams you back against a wall in your room and shoved his entire dick into you with long quick deep thrust. He groans feelings you clench around him as you came from that one thrust.

"So the men around here don't satisfy you do they?" Zoro cooed and grips your hips hard.  You could already feel the purple bruises blooming. He pulls his hips back before snapping them forward again and sets a brutal pace. You body jerks against the wall with every thrust. Tears and droll run down your face and you find it hard to breathe. "Z-Zoro" you whine

"Look at you, a mess. Crying and drooling over my dick. " he whispers in your ear. "It's so fucking hot" he could feel the wetness from your cunt dripping down how legs.  He begins to thrust deep and low and grunts as he cums, his dick throbbing as he rolls his hips to a stop finally slumping onto you shoulder.

"Wow that was amazing" he says letting you down carefully.

"Yeah, it really was. You'll come back right?" You ask.

He grabs the bottle of sake and winks at you as he leaves out your room.


Chapter Text

*Quirk : pink sand - can turn self or anything around her into soft pink sand *

"I am here!"

Rolling your eyes you sigh and fold your arms. "Hurry up before I change my mind"

"Fine fine, I promised young Midoriya I'll be back in 20 minutes anyway." He said looking down at you "Are you sure you're going to be okay? I am the number one hero "

"Toshi .. please stop under estimating me"

"Okay but this is an odd way to test your quirk" his bright smile fades a bit. "Atleast no one can see us, this is a little ... much"

"Odd but .. fun" you smirk. "Ready?" You ask wrapping your arms around his neck.

"Yup!" All might says gripping your thighs signaling you to jump. "Wrap your legs around tightly" once he deemed you secure he power jumped straight into the air as high as he could. You would never get used to how over powered he was.

Once at a height he felt was acceptable , he squeezed your ass. "You shaking" he laughed. "We don't have to do this you know."

"No it's fine let's do it" you take in a deep breathe to ready yourself.

"Okay" he simply says before diving straight down towards the abandon building below you "TOOOOOOOSHIII SLOOOW DOOWNNN" you screamed at the top of your lungs.

Laughing at your reaction he flexed and shouted "you wanted to do this and if you succeed you'll be rewarded now FOCUS!"

Looking behind you you notice the building coming closer by the second, you had to focus that was the only way this was gonna work. But you couldn't focus

"Toshi I-I CANT"

"Do it!"


"DO IT NOW Y/N!" He shouted

Your eyes went wide in fear before squeezing them shut waiting for the impact. However it never came. Instead you and all might just kept falling. "Open your eyes" All might whispers softly.

Opening your eyes you notice the building was collapsing the the form of pink sand. "You did it. I'm so proud of you" he said holding you tightly and landing on the ground standing as if you weren't just falling.

Jumping down you look up and watch it rain soft pink sand into you and All might. "I-I did it"

"damn right you did!" He gave a thumbs up. "I'm really proud of you. It's okay to be scared but NEVER doubt your ability" he spoke softly again. "It was also nice to see you scared for once. Very refreshing" he laughs loudly.

"Shut up" you laugh a little hitting his chest. "But , thank you ... for doing this for me"

"I'll do anything to make you happy and to see you succeed. You've grown so strong that I hardly recognize you" He pulls you into a hug. "NOW!" He says pulling your back by the shoulders. "It's time for your reward!" In an instant you were thrown over his shoulder.

"Where are we going?"


"Yesss food! I'm starving!"

"I will be too after this Detroit smash!" He shouts tossing you down onto a bed of the soft pink sand you created. You looked up at him confused while he begin to strip out of his uniform. He pauses when he gets it down to his waist and puts his hands on his hips. "What? Don't act shy on me now y/n! It's time to be PLUS ULTRA!" He says flexing making you laugh.

"You're such a clown come here"

Walking over to you with his big bright smile he kneels into the sand and grabs you by the ankles dragging you to him. Your rubber body suit squeaks when it rubs against itself as All might pushed your legs up behind your head. He glances down to your cunt area and back up at you with a brow raise. "I see you wore the suit with the zipper down the middle" he says tugging at the zipper on the crotch of your suit.

"Couldn't be too sure if I was going to need .. some air " you wink and chuckle at the way all might blushed at your statement. "Don't get shy on me now Toshi" you cooe leaning up and wrapping your arms around his neck. "There's no one within miles of here, rough. me .up" you whisper in his ear, licking the shell and then laying back down in the sand. You lift your legs in the air grabbing your ankles and slowly spreading your legs wide for him.

He swallows hard and tugs at the zipper again before pulling it completely and exposing your shining cunt and ass cheeks. "Y/n ..." he takes a deep breathe "are you sure?"

"Never been more sure toshi"

"Fine, then let's consider this a part of training .. to test your limits"

Slowly he brings to strip out of his uniform slinging it off his shoulders exposing his huge toned chest. He dropped his uniform just below his hips so thag his dick and balls sat out of the suit on the fabric.

"Keep these besutiful legs spread for me baby," he groans, landing a slap with both hands to each thigh, leaving a sting behind that he rubs away with big hand "you know the rules, if you let go of your ankles I'll stop"

You bite your lips and nod you heard with a small whimper of acknowledgment adjusting your hands to grip your ankles tighter.

"Good girl" he says running his fingers up and down the wetness of your cunt. He grabs his dick and rubs in up and down your slit using the wetness to lube up his dick as he pumps it slowly.

You hold your breathe when he leans down using one arm to balance himself as he lines up with your hole. The moment you feel his dick into you moan. It was so much. He was a big guy was a even bigger dick than the average male. He lift his hips every now and then slowly working you open so you can fully fit his length and girth.

"God" he sighed .. "I'll never get tired of this, just having to work you open for me... it's otherworldly. Looking how your sucking me in" he says watching him self slowly thrust an inch into you at a time. Carefully he watched your facial expressions and he began to thrust faster. You closed your eyes tightly feeling him finally bottom out with everything in you you felt as if you couldn't breathe. He held it there for a few moments without moving. You opened you eyes a little to see him staring at you.

"What ?" You huffed

"Look at me, I need you to look at me." You nod your head and beg him to start moving. He wraps his arms around your legs to press you body to him and sits up on his knees. Lifting your body off the ground. He gives you a soft kiss on the lips and starts to bounce you roughly up and down on his dick. You can feel the slapping of his balls against your ass and the way your suit is chaffing behind your knees but the only thing you can focus on was the way All Mights dick felt as if it was bruising your cervix.

Your mouth dropped open and you moaned and cried out your voice echoing the area that was once a building. Everytime he bought you back down into his dick, your juices dripping down his dick and onto his uniform and the sand leave a dark pink spot in the center of the bright pink sand. "Please .. please Toshi " you cried, as he thrust upward into you while bringing your body down onto him. Everytime your bodies met you squirted. More and more liquid shooting out of you.

"Fuck." all might groans as his body stiffen and he cums inside of you. You sigh in relief happy to finally be able to catch your breath.

"Give me a second, we're not done with your training " he said standing up to stretch.

"Tooooshi ..." you whined.

"What ?" He laughed "what kind of trainer would I be if I stoped at your limit?" He jokes walking over to you.

"Now.. on your knees"


Chapter Text

It was official, you finally got Taehyun to agree to a threesome. Not just any threesome but a threesome with your friend Param. Param was a handsome man, pretty actually. It was a shame he was single but he told you he was currently trying to date his trainer. Its been a while since you caught up with him about that but you knew he wouldn't have agreed either if he was in a relationship by now.

You and Param had a history of doing some things back in college  but it was never anything more than him fingering you or you sucking him off for a while. Both of you were afraid to take it any further not knowing how it would affect your friendship. One night you fucked and it was crazy, literally insane and nothing you would expect from sweet innocent Param. You've also tried dating a little but he confessed that he was bisexual and had a crush on this guy on campus to which you understood. Thus you remained friends and that is why you were able to call on him to take part in one of your fantasies like this. You trusted him and hoped Taehyun would too after this.


"Alright , I'm gonna fuck you into this bed and remind you who you belong to" Taehyun says, fingers spreading your folds, feeling how wet you are just from his words

"Do you understand?" He asks and you nod

He slaps your ass harder and you whine, feeling your eyes water

"Use your words baby" He says as he rubs his tip at your entrance

"I understand" You say quickly, "please"

"Be a good girl for me okay?" He says, hissing when he slips further into your pussy and you clench around him, engulfing his dick with your cunt

"I'll be good" You moan, "I'll do anything you want". You whine pushing back against him but he holds your hips in place.

Taehyun was always vocal in bed and loved to tease you but he wasn't this talkative. He was move of a "I can show you better than I can tell you type of person". He clearly was doing this because Param was here and currently watching you.

"You know I trust you right baby?" He says and thrusts hard into you, the sound of skin slapping against skin makes you moan louder, biting the sheet to muffle the noises

"If you don't answer me" He says, stopping to groan when you push back again, fucking yourself onto his dock "I'll stop"

"N-no" you cry out, "please don't stop"

"Then answer me" He smirks, holding your cheeks apart so he can watch his dick disappear in and out of you with each slow stroke

"I know..." you say, yelping when he slaps your ass again "I trust you too."

He smirks, satisfied with your answer because he's holding your hips tightly, knowing it'll leave marks and starts fucking into you hard and fast, pushing you further into the mattress. He looks at Param before pulling out of you quickly and motions for him to come over.

"You know she's not shy" he laughs "on most occasions at least" Param says laughing with him. Your face still fully on the mattress and you were breathing heavy from how hard Taehyung was fucking you. Feeling the bed dip by your head, you open your eyes to see Param smiling down at you,, "I need you to get up beautiful" he cooed brushing your hair out of your face.

Flipping over to lay flat on your back, you immediatley felt thick fingers rubbing slow circles on your clit. Param wasn't giving you what you asked for though, so you rotated your hips trying to get a little more than what he was giving. That earned you a slap to your inner thigh. "Relax my sweet girl.. we got you". Taehyun spoke from behind Param. Removing his fingers, adjusting his position and straightening up so he's standing up infant of you, you sit up on your elbows and admire the sight before you. Two handsome men in all of their glory waiting to treat you to something you've only dreamt of.

Taehyung whispered something to Param making Param look at him before he smashed their lips together. It was so hot and sloppy you could hear Param moan into the kiss and reach to grab Taehyungs dick giving it slow pumps. You watched as you rubbed your clit feeling yourself getting wetter from the hot sight in front of you, who know Taehyung would be into it this much?

With the kiss coming to an end, Param looked back towards you with hooded eyes leaning over to give you a quick peck before asking "Which one of us do you want first?" you starred at them for a while thinking. you didnt want Taehyun to be mad if you chose param but would he be mad? "or do you want us both at the same time" the silence almost became awkward if Taehyun didn't speak up

"y/n .. Param asked you a question"

"I don't know" you muttered out. Getting tired of waiting Taehyun gripped both your thighs pulling you to the end of the bed. "I think I have an idea" he smiles dangerously.

"Come over here" Taehyun motioned to Param. "And you scoot back more onto the bed". You followed directions to move up further onto the bed watching Taehyun turn Param around to face you while getting on to the bed behind him. Param leaned in to give you a sloppy kiss before moving back and laying down pulling your legs over his face for you to straddle his head.

He begins to finger your cunt occasionally licking and nibbling on your clit. . Your hands find their way in his hair, gripping tight as you tried to ride his face and push his face further into you feeling his nose graze your clit

"Paraaam" you whined. He looked you in the eyes a let out a "hmm" against your clit

"Turn around so you can watch" Taehyun demanded. Slowly you rotate your body to sit on Param face while facing Taehyun. There's a sharp slap and Param moans into your cunt. Taehyun is smirking at you like the sex demon he is.

"I want you to watch me babe" he cooes spreading Params legs working him open with his lubed fingers. Hearing Param moan was always angelic. The way he was moaning made you gush dripping down your thighs and on his face. Param was doing the best he could to clean it all up while fingering you simultaneously .

You watched Taehyun move in between Param legs and line himself up to his hole, pushing Params legs into a bent position. He slowly pushed himself l in and you felt the exhale of breath against your inner thigh as Param reacted to the sensation of being filled with something as big as Taehyun. Since you already came you got off of Param's face to watch him and Taehyun. The whole scene was so erotic, you were turned on at the sight of Taehyun and Param. Two hot men doing each other just was interesting to you. Taehyun pulled out and flipped Param over effortlessly so he was on all fours facing you. Param kept his eyes on you, but you noticed he reached his hand underneath him and began to stroke his dick leaning in to press kisses to your thighs. "Fuck," Param swore at Taehyun completely entering him in one thrust.

You keep your eyes on Taehyun deciding to play with yourself matching the speed of your fingers to the speed of his thrusting. "You look so hot, i never thought I would I love watching you play with yourself while I fuck Param. Doesn't she look beautiful?" He ask Param harshly smacking his ass. All Param can do is moan "S-So fucking hot " staring at you watching you play with yourself. Tahyun laces his fingers together around Params neck holding him up and fucking into him at a harsh pace. You reached up to your chest with your free hand and began to pinch and pull on your nipple, moaning lowly.

"L-let me taste you" Param whined. Once Taehyung let him go he slowed down allowing Param to grab your thighs and stuff his face into your cunt. "Fuck... I'm so close," Taehyun moaned, pushing Params face further into your cunt with every harsh thrust. Param barley had time to eat you out between moans opting for lick on your clit in fast motions .

After a few more ragged thrusts, Taehyun body shuddered and stilled as he pulled out and came on Params back while you came on Params face.

Param rolled over and laid on his back breathing heavy, the bed had his cum on it under where he was being fucked..."Taehyun slutted you out huh?" You asked laughing looking at Param.

"Don't .. be mad because he gave me more dick than you" Param said with a chuckle in between breathes.

"And I'll do it again if you don't behave babe" Taehyun yelled from the bathroom.


Chapter Text

You wake up and almost feel your heart leap out of your chest as you see a message written on your wall in blood.

"Please meet at Urahara shop immediately" you read aloud. It clicks and you scream as loud as you can. Kisuke can be such an ass. "P.S if you looked at this message and thought that it was the message of a person before death, you have no sense of humor"

You huff and throw yourself back into bed kicking your legs. "He couldve just woke me up and said this before he left fucking weirdo"

"Y/n .. glad to see you came in today" he says sarcastically.

"Fuck off Urahara, I'm tired" you say flipping him off.

"Yeah I bet you are" he smirks. You look at him read to say something smart back but the sound of little feet against the floorboard and Ururu and Jinta crashing into your back gripping on to you.

"Y/n! " they cried. "We missed you!"

"That jerk said you weren't coming back" Jinta shouted pointing a Kisuke who just held a hand over his heart.

"I mean she was beat up pretty bad .." he says hiding his face with his fan.

"Go to hell Kisuke" you squint your eyes at him.

"Tessai! There you are" he says walking past you ignoring your glare. "I need you and the kids to stay up here and handle the customers. I have to take y/n and show you the new inventory". Tessa I responded with a humm and grabbed the kids off you. You watched as they fought and gave them a sound pout letting them know you'll be back and they had to behave for Tessai. Kisuke rolled his eyes at the way the kids only listened to you.

"Hurry up and go, damn" yoruichi said hopping on the counter in her cat form. "You talk to damn much" . Kisuke winked at her and grabbed your wrist dragging you to the back of the store.

"Kisuke im not lifting boxes with you"

"Who said anything about lifting boxes?" He asked waving a small red heart shaped bottle in your face.

"What the hell is that?"

"Our newest product of course now lay down"

"Kisuke no, what if my skin breaks out" you whine

"It's not now undress and lay down, I didn't make it pretty in here for nothing" he says pulling your shirt over your head. You huff and take your leggings and panties off. and he pushed you down on the futon he prepared for you. You moan at the feeling of the heating pad hitting your stomach making you body vibrate with warmth. I guess I could give in, he is the reason why I'm sore anyway sick fucker.

He covers you with a warm sheet and you close your eyes embracing it. You feel him straddle your thighs and hear the top of the oil pop open. "Actually" he clears his throat "you should take these off too I don't want to get oil on them. There's kids here I don't want them to think anything weird happened back here" he said tugging at your leggings

"Hmm okay, you do it" You huff and lift your hips off the futon for him to slide them off. Instantly he hooks his fingers into your panties and slides both your panties and leggings down. Your eyes shoot open and you almost shout until he hushes you and says "don't worry the door is locked just relax. Tessai and the kids don't have the key for here"

You relax and lay back down. He settled him some comfortably on your legs and popped the cap to the oil back open. "It's supposed to be a warming oil so let me know if you feel weird" he says softly.

His hands were warm compared to the cold skin of your back as he spread the oil across your waist and up both sides of your spine slowly applying pressure every now and again.

"Smells good " you whisper.

"Yeah this one is strawberry flavored" he says lowly pressing him palm into you back a little to hard making your body tense. "Sorry" he says getting up. "Open your legs, my weight is making it hard for you with all the pressure on your spine" you nod and spread your legs feeling the sheet dip as Kisuke kneels in between them. "Yes, this is much better. I'm sorry for last night by the way, maybe I was too rough" Kisuke said as he poured some more oil on your body and started massaging along your spine again.

"It's okay I had fun" you mumble humming contentedly, encouraging Kisuke every time he found a particularly painful spot, and sighing when the tension dissipated.

"It's just, you're so ... and I just can't help myself". You hum to let him know you were listening even though the act of him rubbing and massaging your body had to drifting off. He made sure to pay attention to every vertebrate separately, down to the tailbone, flipping the sheet back and pouring some oil on your ass. You thought nothing of it and let him do him.

He started to massage and knead your butt muscles carefully over the hand prints left from last night until every knot started to dissolve under his finger tips. You moan a bit when his hand slipped between your asscheeks to massage one cheek individually and it didn't go unnoticed.

Leaning his head down he pressed soft kisses to the hand prints on both sides. You eyes shot open when you felt him jiggling your ass by shaking your cheeks. He laughed Everytime it made a clapping sound. You rolled your eyes softly laughing at how childish he could be at times.

Your eyes went wide went you felt your cheeks being spread. You try to get up and turn to look behind you but Kisuke along arms pushed your back down. "Relax, I'm just trying to see something"

"See wha—ah" you moan in between asking when you felt something cold against your asshole. Kisuke was licking your ass. He lets your cheeks go and takes his face from between it enough to bite your asscheek making you shout. "Kisuke we cant.."

"Hush, I just want to see how you were going to react. Also..." he paused. "This oil taste good" he says licking his lips. He goes back to massaging your ass moving down to your legs. You relax under his hands again.

When he felt you were relaxed enough he spread your cheeks again but this time he was lower and locked from you cunt to your ass, his eyes where closed as he pushed his face in between your cheeks, tongue moving and gliding across your entrance. You moaned he licked up and down from your ass to you cunt occasionally sucking on your clit. He shoved his tongue into your cunt and slowly entered a finger into your ass working you open until he can add a second and then a third. Your eyes were rolling back from the amount of pleasure you feel from the wiggling of his tongue, the fingers on your clit and the way he was pumping his three fingers in and out of your ass. You were on the verge of cumming, you had to shove your face into the pillow in fear that the kids, Tessai and yoruichi would hear you but that didn't stop you from lift your hips a little bit and pushing your hips back to fuck his tongue and fingers. Kisuke motor boated your cunt and removed his fingers from your ass, you whined at the lost but jumped at the feeling of something cold enter you.

Kisuke removed his now oily face from in between you cheeks and slapped your ass. "Keep that in until we get home" he smirked smiling at the diamond studded metal butt plug. "Get dressed and meet me in the front" he winks at you walking towards the door. "We have work to do y/n .. this is a store after all"

"Fucking Kisuke" you mutter throwing this pillow across the room after hearing the door slam closed

"Okay but that still doesn't explain why your face is so shiny" You hear Jinta say as you walk to the front of the shop.

"I can smell it from here it smells like strawberries!" Ururu says excitedly

Looking to Tessai who's brows were raised and Yoruichi who was looking anywhere but at Urahara you clear your throat to announce you were in the room.

"Y/n look at his face! He looks a mess" Jinta shouts running to you. You watch as Kisuke touches his face and looks at his hand seeing the oil.

"I- excuse me" he says quickly walking past you.

"Serves you right" you say low enough to for him to hear as he passes you. He smirks and continues walking into the back of the shop clicking the button is his pocket. You jump and Jinta looks at you with concern but you smile at him "I'm okay, just still a little jittery" this fucker.

Chapter Text

The room was filled with the older man grunts as he pumps himself while holding a picture of you. "Oh Y/N sweetheart I wish you were here." He says gripping him self tighter.

You were currently away on business leaving the male bored but also touch starved missing everything about you. The way your plumped lips formed into a smile, the beautiful curvaceous form you held and how his named simply rolled off your tongue.

"Jiraya." He heard you softly cooed. "Oh sweetie its like you're right here with me." He says throwing his head back in ecstasy.

"Jiraya!" You yell. His eyes shot open, "Wait a second." He says slowly turning towards the doorway. There you stood with your arms folded across your chest looking at the older man who had his back towards you.

"Are you jacking off to a picture of me?!" You exclaim. His face grows red in embarrassment, "Look ... I can explain." He says scrambling to his feet. "Nope." Holding a hand in the air stopping him in his tracks, "I'll dish out your punishment now." You say dropping your bag and entering the room. "P-Punishment .. I was just having a little bit of fun." He pleaded.


You shoved him onto the ground while you softly say on the bed removing your heels. His throbbing dick jumped even more at the sight of you, "I'm not sure whats going on but I'm excited to find out."

You glide your foot along his toned thighs stopping at his balls. Slightly rolling your soft feet over them making him hiss at the motion. His dick now standing straight up, "I always knew you were a masochist ... Jiraya you fucking perv." You sneered.

"O-Only for you." He breathes out. You smirk at his response switching your foot to his dick slowly rubbing it with your toes. "I must admit I'm very flattered to be jacking off to me using a simple picture." You cooed.

His breathing picking up even more as your foot pumps faster, "You're amazing you know that." He says staring at you with a flushed face. "I know." You cooed pumping his throbbing dick even faster. "O-Oh Y/N ... I love you." He moaned cuming all over your foot. "Look at the mess you made ... get your ass up so we can shower." You demanded hoping to the restroom.

"Allow me." Jiraya says scooping you up bridal style, "A queen shouldn't have to walk."

You roll your eyes and smile at his words, "Whatever." "Shall we have a round two in the shower?" He asks.

Chapter Text

It was a nice day outside so you and Shunsui decided to sit outside to catch up on some reading. Well more like you read and he fell asleep on your lap while reading.

"A good read wouldn't be complete without a cup of tea and honey." Shunsui said before his nap. You poured some of the honey and used your spoon to mix it together. The sound of the spoon clinking around in the cup awoke the man.

He pulls the hat from over his face, "Your lap is the best pillow." He admires your beauty how the sun reflects off your skin, how your brown orbs glow in the sun light and the way your curls bounce.

"Well look who woke up from their nap." You say taking a sip from your drink. "Well I couldn't help myself this is the best pillow in the house but I want to ask your something."

"Okay." You dragged out. "Can I put honey on your butt and lick it off?" He asked bluntly. "What." dragging it out, "Lets do it." You say with a smirk. He replies back with a smirk and in a instant he scoops you up throwing you over his shoulder and taking the bottle of honey with him.


"A-h." You slightly moaned. He slowly squeezed the bottle letting the sticky liquid fall on your skin. He ran a finger down your spin admiring his work, "You know I always wanted to do this."

"Then what are you waiting for lick." You demanded. Obeying your command he ran his hot tongue along your right cheek while gripping the left. "This tastes way better." He said against your skin.

He grabs the bottle dropping more of the liquid on your left cheek, "A-h." You moan at the feeling of his tongue gliding against your skin. "You know." kneading both of your cheeks in his hands, "This is really turning me on ... I want to put it inside of you." He says giving your ass a harsh slap.

"Shunsui." You moan out, "I'd be offended if you didn't."

You could feel the man smirking behind you as he starts to fumble with his signature flower kimono allowing his member to spring free. He gently slaps it onto your aching cunt making you jump at the feeling. His member hot and throbbing as he slams into you in one motion.

"You swallow me whole every time Y/N." He cooed gripping your hips tighter. You body shudders at the feeling of him ramming your insides while he grips the back of your neck bringing your body into his.

"Tell me whos your daddy." He moaned into your ear. "Y-You." You moaned. Your mind begin to get clouded as he continued to stroke your insides harshly, "Such a good girl you know who exactly daddy is."

His face reddens from seeing you fucked out making his strokes become sloppy, "Daddy!" You moaned loudly as the both of you came together.

You both flop on the bed with him still on top of you, "Can we do that again?" He asks. "Of course but after we changed the sheets." You say pointing to the spilled bottle of honey. "Shit .. that was my fault." He whined. "Yup now you gotta wash the sheets."

Chapter Text

"Come on baby doll, I know you could do better than that" Toji cooed grabbing your hair thrusting violently into your mouth. Tears running down your face as you gag around him. The sound making him stop and looking down at you with what others would think is concern. To you it was the look of annoyance.

"Since when did you gag?" He asked taking his dick out your mouth. You cough and wipe the saliva off your chin. "Since when did you stop caring if I came or not?"

"That's what this is about?" He laughed letting your hair go. "Babe, I was just teasing you a bit and getting you warmed up this morning that was all. You're really still mad about it?"

"Yes I'm still mad you asshat" you say getting off the floor and walking away. Toji jumps up grabs you by the arm and pulls you across his lap.  "What are you doing let go of me" you groan.

"No you're being a brat. So now your get treated like on"

"Toji get tf off -ahh" you shout feeling his large hand connect with your ass.

"What was that baby doll?" You look back at him and see him smirking at you with his hand up as if he's waiting for a response before he continues. You didn't respond wiggling I'm his hold trying to escape.

His palm came down on your ass again with a loud clap echoing in the room. Your breath caught up in your throat as a moan forced its way out. "Stop fighting it like you don't like it babe" he says lowly. Before you could catch your breath again his large hand again came down on ass again ripping another moan out of you. Between each slap you your add he would rub your cheek and massage it to soothe the pain before landing a slap to the other. It felt so good. You would never admit it aloud to him thag you enjoyed the pain and warmth that came from his hand colliding with your ass.

"Looks like you're having fun" he says tugging at the crotch of your panties. "You're dripping"

You look back at him to see him licking his lips staring down at your cunt while holding your panties to the side. "I learn something new about you every day, what a nasty woman you are" he says letting go over your panties, the wetness feeling cool against your hot throbbing cunt.

"I hope you've been keeping count because I have no problem starting over" he says landing another harsh slap to your ass. "What number was that babe?"

"F-four" you shout squeezing your legs together . For the next few minutes you continue to endure the torturous spanking from Toji, with every hit he would glid his fingers across your cunt.  He started spanking you faster and harder. He covered every inch of your ass with stiff swats, alternating cheeks in a steady rhythm. The skin of your ass was slowly growing a red tint.

He moved your panties to the side and thrust his fingers into your soaked cunt. His slow pace made you push back onto his fingers causing him to pull his fingers out and give you the hardest slap by far.
"T-Toji, daddy please " you beg.

'You've been a naughty girl, y/n. A brat, do you know that?"

"Yes, daddy."

"And what happens to naughty bratty girls?"

"They get spanked, daddy."

"Good girl, now what number are we up to?"

"T-ten" you sniffle.

"Alright alright come here" he says lifting you up and pulling your legs around him for you to straddle him. You his when your ass made contact with his lap.  "There's that beautiful face, you done being a brat?"  You nod in response as he wipe your tears.

"Alright, to bad I don't want you to suck me off anymore" he says throwing you off him and onto your back on the bed. " I promise I'll make you cum harder than I ever did before, sounds good?" He asked pressing kisses to your neck and giving love bites.

He throw yours legs open roughly and pulls at the crotch of your panties ripping them clean off. You gasp at the action because he literally rips all of your Panties when he comes over. Before you can complain about it he's pulling you down to the edge of the bed for your hips to meet his. Hold your legs up by pressing his hands into the back of your knees, he used his hips to line his dick up with your cunt. The moment it latched on to your whole he slowly teased it by pushing past your walls a little bit and then slamming his whole length in. You coughed when he shoved everything in as you weren't prepared.

Slowly he thrust in and out of you letting your cunt adjust to his size and you softly moan under him. He winks at you and puts more pressure on your legs as he picks up his pace.

"You feel so good around me baby doll" he moans leaning down to give you a soft kiss. When he sits back up he places one hand around your neck and the other on your shoulder and begins to pound into you. Staring down at you he watches as you're breathing picks up and it looks like your trying to catch your breath. He groans watching the way your breast bounce every time his hips connected to yours.

"Da-daddy" you say in a gargled moan as you cum all over him.

"Just like that babydoll, do it for me one more time, just one more" he breathes heavily. The sweat from his forehead running down his face with his bottom lip tucked between his teeth as he harsh grinding into your cunt. The grip on your neck tighten as he begins to pull you down on to this dick by your shoulder slamming you into hsi thrust. Your eyes roll back and your body shake as you cum again on his dick, clenching down on him tightly.
"If you clench any harder your going to make me nit in you"

"So do it daddy" you moan. Two long and hard thrust later you feel how dick throb inside of you as he came filling you up. Letting go of your throat he collapses on top of you with his dick still inside of you.

"That... was great." He huffed wrapping his arms around your body. "Please, be a brat more often"

Chapter Text

Being married to Ichigo Kurosaki had its ups and downs. Currently you guys were up for good he had just finished his last big mission and was finally home for good causing you to be ecstatic.

"Here you go babe. " You say placing the plate of food in front of him. You gave him a small kiss on the cheek while you grabbed yours. He watches the way your ass jiggles around the kitchen. Since it was morning you were in nothing but a tank top and panties.

He passes a hard gulp, "I missed you and your cooking." as he bites down into his food. Strutting over to the table unaware the affect you had on him, "I missed you too." You say with a smile. "I gotta ask you a question." He says finishing a bite.

"Okay." You dragged out. Cmon dude be a fucking man.

He clears his throat, "You want a divorce don't you." You joke. "What?! Never your the best thing thats ever happened to me!" He declared  loudly. You started to laugh at his declaration of love, "Your fucking with me aren't you?" He questioned settling back into his seat.

"Im sorry I had to ... alright I'll be serious now." You say leaning in. His face grows slightly red, "I want to have kids, I don't have anymore threats looming over us everything is taken care of and I want a little you or me running around."

A giant smile appears across your face while your cheeks start to heat up, "And you promise theres nothing else." You questioned. "I promise." as he grabs your hand. "Okay ... put a baby in me." You say leaning over the table with your cleavage on display.

Standing to his feet he grabs and throws you over his shoulder, "What about the food?" You say giggling. "What ... you thats about to get eaten right now." He says giving you a playful smack on the ass. You yelp at the motion, "Oh Mr. Kurosaki your so nasty." You cooed. "Only for you."


When he said you were going to get eaten he really meant it. He had his face buried deep in your cunt swiveling his tongue all around adding his fingers for more pleasure. "You must've really missed me." He says giving you a kiss on your inner thigh.

You couldn't even respond as your orgasm hit you like a wave. He gives your cunt a small kiss as he starts to climb on top of you, "I love you." You say breathless. "I love you too." He responds crashing your lips together.

He slowly sinks into you the both of you shuddering at the feeling of him stretching you out. You arch your back into his body at the feeling, "So fucking tight." as he wraps his arms around your body.

His strokes start off slow allowing you to adjust to his size. "Has it really been that long." He moaned. You respond with a whimper and nodding head while he continues to stroke deep within you. It felt like you were being ripped in half but you loved every minute of it.

He roughly sticks his tongue down your throat as his strokes become faster filling the room with skin slapping and squelching noises. "Oh god I wanna have your babies !" You moaned. "And I'm going to give them to you." He moaned. His strokes become sloppy as he hits you sweet spot allowing the both of you to cum together.

He slowly lays your body down with him still inside of you, "Holy fuck." He said in between his pants. Pushing your hair aside, he places a soft kiss on your forehead, "Im really going to have your baby." You say wrapping your arms around his neck. You pull him into a kiss, "Y/N please ... if you keep this up you wont get out the bed any time soon."

"Okay ... and." You say bluntly.

Chapter Text

"I missed you so much." He says in between peppering you with kisses. Its been a few months since you seen each other between everything going on in Spade and the fact that you guys have a kid you never had alone time.

Currently you two were in the bathroom hiding from your kid attempting to have a quickie. Scooping you up effortlessly he places you on edge of the sink, "I missed you too." You moaned out. His hot lips trail from your neck to your collarbone, "You always smell so good." He moaned against your skin.

He starts to unbuckle his pants letting them fall to his ankles while he hikes your dress up around your waist. "We have to be quick before someone comes looking for us." You say. "We will just try not to scream so much." He replied. You roll your eyes at his response, "Just get inside of me already." spreading your legs more for him.

"Holy fuck ... I love you so much." He says with a smirk sinking himself in you without warning. The both of your faces scrunch up from feeling him stretch your warm insides as his strokes hit you fast and quick. The small restroom being filled with squelching noises, "This is insane ... your so wet." He says tightening the grip on your waist.

"I-I love you too." You moaned softly. He was stroking into your pelvis with no remorse snapping his hips into yours making them become sloppy. Your eyes start to roll into the back of your head as your orgasms hits you like a wave. The feeling of you clenching tightly around him made him cum in a few more stokes. The both of you panting heavy while he rests his forehead on yours, "I promise I'll be home more." "I know."

A soft knocking on the door startles the both of you, "Mommy ... Daddy." The kid whined. "Well at least we finished on time." Yami said. "Please lets go. We have to go back to being parents." You say with a laugh.

Chapter Text

It dark and you can't see. But you can hear him. His warmth is hovering around you. He pays you every month to come and meet him to do whatever he wants with you. You are blindfolded, picked up and bought to a random location. You're not allowed to take the blindfold off until you're inside the room he has for you. It's always exciting.

This time was a bit different. When you entered the room, as you were taking the blind fold off his hands stopped you. You nodding understanding he wanted to keep it on for some strange reason. You let him undress you and move you around the room and into a position of his choosing. Wordless directions were followed.

Now, all you want to do is reach out to touch him, unfortunately you can't. He has your arms chained up above you while you were on your knee. Taking away your senses of feel and sight, it made goose bump craw up your skin.

"What have we here, long time no see" he purs in your ear making you jump. "Not that I wasn't expecting you. I just wasnt expecting you to look this ... amazing"

You feel him move away from you and your hear shuffling for a while. Assuming he was taking off his clothes you just waited patiently and quietly. Your thinking of all things you could possibly be doing today. Normally he lets you dominate and do what you want but the fact that he switched it up and has your head on your knees made your wetter.

You feel his hand grip your face and tilt up your chin as if he's trying to look into your eyes through the blindfold. "I'm going to need you to be good for me today, I have something I want to try." You nod and say "yes sir" before he lets go of you and walks away again.

""I missed that filthy little mouth of yours." He says gripping your hair with his big hands. "Open up for me, will you?" He purs pulling down one of your lips with his other hand. He starts to smack his dick on your lips and you open your mouth to let it hit your tongue. You swirl your tongue around the tip of his dick, wish you could see him and use your hands to stroke him. Closing your eyes under the blindfold, you started to imagine what he looked like while you were beneath him as he pushes into your mouth. You can see him, lips parted and chest slowly rising up and down as he watches you, you want to put on a good show for him.

Pushing your head forward as far as you can with your arms restrained you swallowed as much of his dick as you could. You moaned when you felt his dick throb in your throat making him groan. He grabs your hair tightly when you start to move back off his dick as if he wanted it to stay in your throat. You bob back and fourth slowly slightly pulling on the chain that was holding your arms up. It was tiring but his moans were your reward. He grips the side of your face and your hair a bit tightly to hold you still as he thrust in and out of your mouth.

"That's good, that's so very good" he moans thrusting faster. You hummed around him. His hips still when his dick was filling into your mouth and pldown your throat. You hear some click and then feel the weight of the chains come down to your sides. You gain feeling back into your arms and slowly slide your mouth of his dick. He takes the blindfold off of you, standing in front of you allowing your eyes to adjust before exposing you to the sun leaking through the curtains of the room.

Once your eyes adjust you take him in, naked abs on display with his hair down. A sight for sore eyes.

"Come on, get up. I want you to finish me off" he says tossing you a tie and walking over to the love seat by the window. He sits down slouching and pats his lap for you to come sit. You roll your shoulders and massage your arms as you get up.

You sit on his lap and look between him and the tie questioning if he really wants this.

He nods and laughs "Don't look at me like that! It's really turning me on" You're making me all... excited!"

"Okay" you shrug tying the tie around his neck. He throws his arms over the back of the couch and leans his head back waiting for you to do your thing. You lift your hips and angle his dick to your cunt, sinking down slowly hissing at the stretch. This man was massive in height and dick size. No matter how many times he demolished your cunt, it could never get used to the way he fit inside you. You waited a bit before your moved so you won't hurt yourself. His dick stayed hard as a rock the whole time as he sat there seemingly uninterested. Sicko.

You plant your feet flat on the couch and lift your hips before slamming them down on him making his breathe get caught in his throat. That's what I thought. The room was filled with wet squelching sounds as you bounce up and down on him. He watch the way your cunt swallowed him up with his mouth open and eyes low. You grabbed the tie wrapping it around your hand and pulling it tightly making him moan. You pulled it hard enough to make his face meet yours, you hit his lip drawing blood watching as his eyes rolled back. When you moved away he pulled you back in kissing you messily and roughly, you could taste his blood in your mouth.

You moan into the kiss bouncing even harder, shuddering Everytime his dick kisses your cervix. The juices from your cunt covered his lap, you cum sliding down his dick. When you pulled away from the kiss he lips the blood from your lips before licking his own.

"Choke me harder, I need more" he begged leaning his head back again with his eyes closed in bliss. You wrapped the tie around your hand as much as you could. Pulling even harder, you thought you might kill him.

"Harder, harder. " he moaned " MORE. YESS". He raised his voice. His hips were lifting off the couch meeting yours. Your knees couldn't take it anymore. You stopped bouncing and let him thrust into you finishing himself off as you choked him. It took a minute for you to noticed he was passed out as his dick throbbed with him cumming inside of you.

You slowly let go of the tie and untied it from around his neck. You ran your fingers over the red line around his throat making his body twitch. He's alive.

Carefully you slid yourself off his dick and out of his lap. You left him as is, ass naked with his arms at his side and head tilted back over the couch.

Once you got dressed you slipped the blindfold over your head and opened the door for his security letting them know you were ready to go. His security guard peaked his head inside and almost panicked seeing Hisokas state.

"Hey" you tap his shoulder. "He's breathing. You can have another guy check on him. Take me home" you say slipping the blindfold over your eyes and putting your hand out for him to take.

Chapter Text

“Its not to tight is it?" You asked checking the hand cuff. Gojo who was currently naked in a starfish position hand cuffed to your bed frame, "No its perfect." He says with a sly smile. "Good."

The black feathered lined robe followed your every movement while you went to grab a riding crop whip off your dresser. You stood at the foot of your bed slowly undressing and letting the robe hit the floor revealing a sexy black lace set. "Are you ready to be punished?" You asked. Instantly the blue eyed male caught a boner letting his member spring right up, "Please punish me." He says with a slightly flushed face.

You contort your face in disgust bringing the whip down on his thigh making him groan in pleasure, "Don't boss me around Satoru don't forget whos in charge." He passed a hard gulp, "Y-Yes mistress." You dragged the cold leather whip up his toned abs stopping right at his harden nipple giving it a light smack letting him his in pleasure.

"Now tell me Satoru have you been a good boy?" You cooed. "I-I have." He moaned. Bringing the whip down on his other nipple, "Liar." His face redden with pleasure, "More ... punish me more." He moaned out. "Your enjoying this aren't?" You questioned. Looking down at the reddened face male your eyes trailed his toned body stopping at his throbbing member that was practically twitching with excitement.

His tip swollen red with pre cum leaking out of it, "You are." as you grind the tip of whip over his swollen head. He hissed at the motion, "I cant help it. You dominating me is such a turn on."

You smirk at his words facing him, "Should I do something about your friend here?" You questioned as you start to jerk him with your free hand. His heavy pants fill the room, "P-Please." He moaned out. "Im glad you've finally been tamed." Sliding your panties and bra off you crawl onto him slightly grabbing squeezing his chin, "Cum before I do and I'll leave you here." "I promise to please you mistress."

"Thats what I want to hear." Aligning him to your hole you slowly sink down onto him the both of you grunting in pleasure. Placing both hands on his thighs giving the man the perfect view of your cunt as you bounce up and down on him. "Fuck .. y-you are a-amazing." He moaned out.

The grip on his thighs tighten your bounces become harsher hitting that familiar sweet spot, "I swear I can feel you hitting my womb." You cried out. The room filled with skin slapping noises as you both cum together, the orgasm so intense made the man legs quiver. "That was fucking awesome." He panted out. "I knew you was going to be this." You reply slowly sliding off him.

Grabbing the cuff keys off your dresser you start to unlock them, "What can I say babe I'm a masochist." You side eye him picking up all your discarded lingerie while he grabbed your wrist, "Where you going? Its your turn now." Effortlessly picking you up tossing you on the bed, "Gojo come on I want to shower." "Back to my last name. I'll just have to make you scream my name then."

Chapter Text

"What are you doing? Work?" You ask as you slowly slide yourself into his lap and wrap and arm around his neck. 


"Looking at color schemes," he says softly tilting  the laptop toward you and showing you what's caught his eye. "Like these colors?"


"Yeah.. it's not bad. I like the grey and black."


"Not the orange and black?"


"I don't like orange," you state firmly. He hums turning his attention back to the screen. " We just have to show the painters the colo-"


"I was thinking we could paint the place ourselves ." He shrugs. 


"That's sounds fun. Especially watching you painting in overalls," you  smile as you  lean in closer. "With nothing underneath? Yeah... I really like the sound of that. But I don't think we'd get much work done huh?" 


Turning to face you he gives you a quick peck grabbing your hips and pushing you to stand up. "Come let's go buy the paint." He says offering you his hand to hold. 



"I'm kind of sad they didn't have the shade of grey we wanted. I was really looking forward to seeing you in those overalls " you pout undressing and throwing your shorts and shirt into the laundry room.


"We're still painting" Uta says "But I also have a surprise for you. Do you trust me? "


"Of course I trust you " you whisper as your brows curve in confusion. 


"Great" he says walking to you and gently placing a blindfold over your eyes. Your my mind immediately starts racing with anticipation, you don't know what the surprise is and it's rare for Uta to try to surprise you. Oh god he's not going to finally eat me right?! You internally panic for a moment as he leads you to where ever the surprise is. 


"If you don't like it let me know okay?" He says stopping your trip. You hear shuffling but can't make out what it is. 


"Uta" you sigh. "I'll love whatever it is because you thought of this for me" 


"I wanted to surprise you with something special but now I just can't. I can but .. well it's hard to have you naked like this and think about...waiting to touch you" he says coming closer to you licking your neck and wrapping his arms around you from behind . He presses you into his body, the warmth of his breath on your neck making your knees buckle. 


"Can I Atleast see what the surprise is?"


"Sure, I need you to lay down first" he says letting you go and grabbing your hand. You let him drag you and gently push you down onto the floor which confused you. You thought you were going to be in your bedroom.  


You lay there stiff as a board, mind racing with the many things he could be doing to you. 


"Remember how I said we were still painting?" He spoke from above you




"Well" he says popping what you assume to be a cap open.  "I bought this online a while ago and figure it'll be nice to have " he pauses and something soft and wet runs across your chest "a live canvas" 


You smile and lift the blindfold to see him twirling a paint brush in between his fingers. "Body paint?" You question. He hums in agreement and you smile wider.  "I love this!" You reach up pulling his face down to you peppering him with kisses. 


"You weren't supposed to peek," he says lowly. You notice you were in the empty room in your arpartment that you had yet to furnish laying on top of some kind of white tarp. You pick up the jar reading the label.  It's edible. you smirk at him knowingly and his face flushes. "Just .. let me do this okay?"


"Fine, fine" you giggle childishly putting the jar back and straighting got out your body on the floor and slide the blindfold back over your eyes. 


"You can leave it off now that you know the surprise."


"I still want to be surprised...where you put it," you whispers. "Please.....". He doesn't say anything and you take it as he was okay with it. You feel him straddle your legs and slowly trace your body with the brush. You arch up towards him at the soft motions he made with the brush as he began to stimulate sensitive areas. Your skin covered with shiver bumps, nipples hardening from the cold air and wetness from the paint. 


As he slowly trails the brush lower, the bristles begin to teasingyour cunt lingering between your thighs. Uta's ears perk up at the sound of your soft pleasured moans as he feist on your body with just his eyes. He didn't know how much longer he could wait before he had to have you. 


The brush leaves your body for a moment before it makes contact with your skin again as he draws lines across your stomach and circles your nipples. 


"Uta" you call. "I .. want to paint you too" . He lifts himself off your legs and you take the blind fold off. He's already as nude as you when he lays down beside you and closes his eyes waiting. 


Dipping your hand in the jar of body paint you plant your hands on his chest and feel him shiver. You slide your hands across his chest coating him in paint. Once his chest was fully covered you used the pool of paint on his chest to glide your hands down from his chest to his thighs, spreading them and settling your self in between them. 


You rub his pelvis making sure to never touch his dick. Although he layed still with his eyes closed, his dick twitched with anticipation each time you were close enough to touch it. You grip the base and his brows furrow. But that's all you did before slowly removing your hands rubbing paint into his thighs. Your lean down ghosting your breathe over his dick watching his face carefully. He was twitching trying hard not to buck into your face. You open your mouth letting your tongue roll out to lick the tip, swirling your tongue around it and sucking it into your mouth no further than the tip before pulling off of it with a pop and sliding your hands back up his body. 


When you reached his chest Utas eyes snapped open and his tail grabs you by the arms quickly pinning you to the wall. 


"Why must you tease me?" He ask standing and walking toward you pinned body. "You don't like it when I tease you right?" He says as two more parts of his tail attach itself to your legs spreading them against the wall. 


"Look at you" he says pressing his body to yours and putting his face into your neck. "This turns you on doesn't it?" He whispers in your ear. "Seeing me like this? "


You swallow hard with your heart pumping in your chest. Uta has never used his tail like this before. Normally when you tease him he'll use it to tease your cunt but today he used it to bound you. 


"Answer me" he says softly as palms your breath with your nipples resting better his fingers.


"Yes, I-I like seeing you like this" you moan when he squeezes his fingers together pinching your nipple. 


"Naughty naughty y/n. The mask you wear.. it's beautiful. No one would even know you were this naughty woman dripping from being pinned up by my tail" he cooes sliding his hand down your body to your cunt. 


Softly he rubs your clit making your moan lowly. Not satisfied with the reaction he uses his tail to spread your legs wider and licks his fingertips before circling your clit again. Every moan he got out of made him rub faster. You wish you could throw your head back. Occasionally forgetting and hitting your head against the wall. You were dripping in his fingers as he looked you in the eye while he toyed with you. You jerked in the grasp of his tail but couldn't move an inch. 


Clamping his mouth around your nipple his slowed down his assault to your clit as twirled his tongue around your nipple still staring up at you. Your mouth hung open as your circled your hips into his palm, trying to reach the orgasm he wouldn't let you have. He bit down on your nipple making your cry out and shiver cumming into his hand. 


Moving his hand from your cunt he pulls away from your nipple and licks the cum off his fingers. "You taste way better than the paint" he says staring at his hand as if he wish he had more. 


Pressing his body into you again he smashed his lips into yours roughly and sloppily kissing you as he thrusting two fingers inside of your cunt groaning at how warm and squishy it felt.  He quickly thrust his fingers into you curling them up into your walls making you moan and beg into the kisses he gave you.


"U-uta.. baby please " you cried.


"One more and I'll let you go" he said between kisses.


You nod as tears fell from your eyes. The sounds of his hand slapping against your wet cunt as he quickly added a finger thrusting them at a insanely fast pace fell deaf on your ears as your squirt around his fingers dripping from his hand to the floor.


"That's not what I wanted.. come on you can do it" he says licking down your body to your cunt. Latching his mouth around your clot he sucked and flicked it with his tongue as he continues his assault with his fingers. 


"Ba-baby oh my god" you whine as your cunt clenches and spasms around his fingers and your thighs quake trying to force themselves closed as you cum for the second time.  Slowly Uta stands completely and eases his wet fingers out your cunt making your body twitch. Bringing them up to his mouth he licks your cum and juices off with a hum. You watch his dick twitch as your chest heaves trying to catch your breath. 


"I'm not satisfied. Let's go shower" he says releasing from the grip of his tail and catching you in his arms throwing you over his shoulder.


"I want to do body painting again" You whisper as you dangle with your arms hitting his back.

Chapter Text

"How long has it been?" He asked. Peppering your body with kisses that trailed down your stomach leaving behind goosebumps. "A f-few days." You moaned out. Hooking his teeth around the rim of your panties slowly pulling them down allowing the cold air hit your hot cunt.

Dipping a finger into you with no warning making you arch your back, "You're fucking soaked. You missed me?" Staring into his dark purple eyes all you did nod your head up and down. Adding his thumb he begins to circle your clit at the same pace, "Cmon now Y/N use yours words." He cooed. "Y-Yes." You moaned out cuming on his fingers.

Your chest heaving up and down while he slides his fingers out of you, "Was that so hard to say? You know I've missed you too." The man was telling no lies between Bonten business and ducking the police you guys hardly spent any time together, he was going to make sure he took advantage of it.

"You do?" You asked. Gently grabbing your chin he gives it a small squeeze, "You questioning my loyalty? Fine then I'll just show you." He leans his fast down into your cunt swirling his tongue all around allowing you to let out a spree of moans. That familiar tingling feeling was building up until he stopped.

Your eyes shot open while he placed your legs on his shoulders giving your thighs a squeeze as he slides into you. A slight blush hits his face, "Your thighs are always my favorite part." He praised slamming into you. "A-h." You moaned out. The man intended to show you rather than tell you how he felt.

Suddenly he pulls out of you dipping his head into your cunt once more lapping up all your juices. "You taste fucking fantastic." He moaned into your cunt. As if on cue your orgasm hit you like a boulder causing you to squirt on his face, your hands go to your mouth "Im sorry ... it just happened."

Lapping his tongue around his mouth attempting to clean your dripping essence off his face the man smiled, "No that was amazing."

Sitting up to his knees he gently rubbed his redden tip over your cunt giving it the perfect lubrication. "W-Why" You moaned out as he slide into you. That blissful feeling of being stretched out made you feel like it was the two of you on a cloud of ecstasy, "B-Because I missed you." He groaned into your ear.

Latching his lips with yours he picked up his pace filling your shared room with squelching noises. "O-h." You moaned out. This would be you third orgasms and your vision was becoming hazy with lust, pulling up to look into your eyes. "Look at you being all fucked out." He praised as he continued to pound into your cunt.

His strokes were getting sloppy and the man knew he was on the brink of cuming deep within you. "F-Fuck." He stuttered shooting ropes of his seed into you. Collapsing on top of you as you both attempt to catch your breath, "Did I prove it to you?" He asked. "Yes." "Oh looks like someone is using their words now." He retorts. "Shut up." "To soon?" "Yeah too soon."

Chapter Text

"I mean it's only right that I thank you .. right?" You say softly with a pout. "I mean you got h-"

"Oh no, you don't have to. I'm just glad I was in the right place at the right time." He smiles offering you his hand "I'm Yaga, Masamichi YagaI work over at Tokyo Jujustu High.."

"Y/n L/n from the Kyoto school. I'm here for training at Tokyo Jujustu High." You say shaking his hand. He's really handsome for a older guy. "Well I was supposed to" you laugh taking your hand back. "Today was my first day and I'm already late. "

"You had a good reason. I'm sure the principal would understand you were busy taking care of these curses before they attacked innocent people. I can't imagine him being hard on you for that" he says fixing his glasses.

A period of silence passes with you both just staring at each other admiring each other's looks. His voice was familiar to you but you couldn't figure out where you heard it.

"Well , I should be off. Don't want to be any later than I already am. " you say shyly looking away from the man. "Maybe I'll see you around?"

"Yeah .. maybe you will" he smirked watching you walk off. She's beautiful.

"P-please stop teasing me" you whine as Masamichi teases your clit with his tip.

"Won't you look at that, you have manners now huh baby girl?" He snickers. "I don't know though, " he says using his tip to poke at your hole spreading your lips. "You've been being a brat all day. Don't I always give you want you want?" He asked

"Y-yes" you whine spreading your legs wider.

"And don't I always make time for you?"

"Yes" you cried as he puts his weight on your legs pushing them into your chest.

"Then why" he pushes his tip through your walls "could you wait until ... daddy was done with work?" He ask as he slowly pushes his whole dick into you with his balls hitting your ass. Your legs tense as he held it there unmoving leaving from the first few times that his girth was too much for your body. He leaned his whole upper body down on your legs and grabs your chin. "You could've got use caught princess, luckily it was just Panda that walked in"

"I-I'm sorry" you say softly. He pressed a soft kiss to your eyes doing what he called "kissing your tears away" before giving you a sweet and sloppy kiss. Your legs relaxed while you were too busy being distracted by his warm chest ontop of you , his big hand gripping your chin and the way his tongue swirled in your mouth. Carefully he pulled his hips back and forth slowly opening you up and getting your juices flowing around his dick before he ruined you.

Pulling away from the kiss, he kept his face close to yours noses brushing against each other while you stared into each other eyes. "Like away, keep your eyes on me baby girl" he whispers sliding his hands down to your throat. He lightly wrapped them around your throat as his gave you slowly deep strokes. He could feel your breathe against his skin with every heavy thrust. You moaned softly and bit your lip trying to keep your eyes on him like he asked.

As his pace picked up. You reached up to grab your ankles. The eye contact never faulted as he being to slam into you with deep fast strokes. He uses one hand to slide back up to your face and dips two fingers into your mouth so your no longer biting your lip. Your moan gets louder with each thrust of his hips.

He stops for a brief moment and pulls out of you.  Pushing his self up and freeing your legs from his weight. He stands at the edge of the bed and pulls your down to meet him adjusting you enough so one leg is up on his shoulder and the other is to the side allowing him to watch himself go in and out of you.

Your eyes roll back as he sinks back inside of you stretching you once again. Immediately thrusting like a starved man.  "Mm! Fuck! Yes papa bear , just like that!" You moan.

Your moans and the new nickname lit a fire in him, he moves your leg off his shoulder and places both hands on your shoulders pounding into you while bring you down onto his dick.

"You're so good to me, taking me like this. Fuck. I am the luckiest man alive" he groans throwing his head back loving the way your cunt gripped his dick so tightly.  "You're mine. I'll protect you. Keep you safe." He said through gritted teeth.

"Yes - yes I'm yours, all yours " you moan breathlessly. Sweat beading on his body. He takes his hands off your shoulders leaning on the bed, his big body caging you in. He dips down and kisses you while  stroking harshly, you body jolting with every snap of his hips.  You wrapped your leg around his hips and arms around his neck pulling him back down onto you. He could feel your body trembling and the wet spot under you as he put a knee up on the bed.

He let out a low hum that came from his chest, "Cum for me baby. Please. Cum for papa. Cum on papa bears dick"

You nod quickly with breathing coming out hard as you came with your eyes rolling back with Yaga still thrusting roughly into you. His strokes into deep long strokes again as he felt your cunt squeeze and clench down on him.

"Oh fuck" he grunted cumming right after you. "I wasn't ready" he whined. You giggled and kissed his nose. He rolls off you and lays beside you.  Staring up at the sealing.

"I can never last long when you squeeze me like that" he says breathlessly. "You know I'm old, I'm trying to give you a good time"

"I always have a good time with you"

"And papa bear?" He turns on his side to look at you. "That's new .. don't call me anything else but that from now on" he winks at you. "Unless panda is around" you laugh at his statement as he rambled about how panda would be grossed out hearing that especially after what he walked in on today.

"Sorry , I just missed you and was back from Kyoto so .."

"So you mad me made , got us caught, and drained my stamina when we got home."

"Yeah pretty much and you're not the only one tired my legs feel like noodles"

"Oh well I guess that means we can't go to the mall then" he shrugs getting up and walking to his bathroom. "I mean that's fine I could just give you the money and you go on your own ti-"

"Wait!" You say falling when you try to stand up. "I can walk, let's go" I can get way more if he comes with me! he laughs coming back and scooping you up.

"So tomorrow , let's fuck on top of money, I've always wanted to do that"


Chapter Text

You were late. This client in particular was very impatient regularly, just the thoughts of his whining about waiting sent a thrilling chill up your spine. He was your favorite client out of all the men who booked you this year, everything he did excited you. But the most exciting thing was how he got off.

Unlocking the door you slowly walk through the dark hall heels clicking against the floor, echoing in the silence. It's hard to say what got you into this but it's easy to say it's a altetnstivd form of therapy, not just for you but for your clients as well. It's hard to put it into words what being a dominatrix is like, but it's almost like an alternative form of therapy. Some people use meditation or work out to de-stress, you used your job.

You reached the door at the end of the long hall, slowly opening it wide enough to slip in and quietly close to behind you.

"You're late" he says calmly.

"Why are the lights off " you ask.

"YOURE LATE!" He growls caging your body with you back against the door.

"Well hello to you too Shuu. I'm aware, calm down. You said you wanted to learn to control your Kagune right? You're loosing Control Shuu". He sighs and puts it away.

"Mistress.. i-I thought you weren't coming.." he says softly. "I thought you forgot about me"

"Aw my perfect boy, I'll never forget about you. I told you you're my favorite" you coe palming his face. "Go get ready." You say pushing him away from you. "I want to try something a little different this time, if you don't feel comfortable let me know okay?"
His eyes glowed darkly as nodded and he turned away from you.


Moans echoed around the room, bound  by the wrists with his arms raised above his head Shuu hissed and moan as you repeadiatey spanked him with the riding crop.

"Who's my good boy?" you ask trailing the riding crop up and down his spine.

"I-I am" he replies with a moan as his dick twitches and he tries to find some balance with only his toes touching the floor.

"You love being my good boy don't you?" You ask landing another smack to his ass with the riding crop.

"Ahh- I do. Mistress I really do" he moans as his dick twitches and he cums on the floor

"Not bad... Are you ready?" You ask softly gentle trail your fingertips along his nude body making sure to avoid the abused his ass as you circled his frame. His breathing shallow as he quickly nodded and turned his head to watch you walk around him.

"Look at you, you look beautiful"you whisper into his ear and hear him softly moan. You using your riding crop to flick the nipple clamp dangling from his nipples making him groan and buck upward. His eyes scanned over your body staring at the way your breast were stuffed into the leather corset.

"Like what you see?" You ask sliding on your leather gloves.

"M-mistress touch me,"

"Are you demanding me?" You ask slipping blindfold over his eyes. Once secured you harshly slapp his thigh with the riding crop making him throw his head back and yank at the restraints.

"N-Ahhh-ohhh " he moans as cum drips out of his tip. His legs trembling and hips bucking upward.

"Already? I expected you to hold out a little longer. You like this don't you?" you squeal excitedly watching his body spasm from his orgasm. You wait for his body to relax before touching him again, his dick still as hard as it was before he came. Kinky.

You pick up flogger excited to see his reaction when he feels it.  The blow from the flogger heavy hitting his skin with a thud. You let the ends drag over his skin, inflaming him. He's wordlessly babbling wnd trembling.

"What was that Shuu?"

"I want to c-cum" he moans with his tongue hanging out drooling sliding down his chest.

"Too bad" you smile at him grabbing his dick with your cold gloves hand "You'll cum when I feel like you deserve it" You say slipping a cock ring over his tip and down to the base of his dick. He bucks his hips trying to get some friction from your hand around him.

"If you wanted a handjob that's all you had to say" you smile sinisterly using his pre cum as lube slowly stroking his dick.

"Yessss" he moan throwing his head back. Wearing gloves made it easy for your hand to slip over his dick but he craved your warmth. His dick was hot in your hand you could feel it through your gloves. You alternative between fast and slow strokes enjoying the sound of his moans and groans. Shuu tried his hardest to thrust into your hand but constantly faltered due to him not having any really stability to do so.

When he found a position that allowed him to buck into your hand in sync with your strokes you stopped and watching him tremble and whine.

"Nnngh, wha-a—" he snapped his head up to look at your whining. His heart was stuck this his face and his chest was heaving. The movement of his body, twitching of his dick and bead of precum at the tip let you know he had a dry orgasm.

"Easy there baby, I'm just trying to take my times. Stop being so eager" you cooed pressing a kiss to his hip. Calming himself down he prepared himself for you to continue but the moment you touched his dick he bucked up into your fist.

Shuu moans and pants, he desperately wanted to cum. He couldnt hold back and the dry orgasms were only turning him on even more. . A rare frustrated cry from his throat comes out, and his ghoul eyes appear when when you start to stroke his dick again.

"M-mistress p-please" he begs. "I can't take it anymore, I feel like I'm going to explode" he moans body writhing in your hold. You decide to be sympathetic and take the cock ring off. The moment it slips over his tip he sighs as if he finally stopped holding his breath. Cum leaking and oozing out of his tip like a waterfall and his eyes roll back into his head . He's yanking and tugging on the restraints in full euphoria at finally being abojt to release his cum. You watch in awe knowing that he enjoyed this.

"Ahhh fuck- mistress. Shit" he moans lowly as the cum finally starts to stop and only little drops of cum still collect at the tip eventually falling to the floor with the rest. You swipe your fingers over his tip making him flinch and shove your fingers into his mouth. He moans around you fingers dick jumping gladly tasting his self.

Satisfied with his reaction you start to loosing his restraint "ready for the next part? " you say licking the sweat off his neck. God I love this job.

Chapter Text

previously in part 1


What?" He laughed "what kind of trainer would I be if I stopped at your limit?" He jokes walking over to you. 


"Now.. on your knees"




You look up at him assuming he was going to laugh and say just kidding but he wasn't. His smile faded and he placed his hands on his hips. "Don't make this training harder than it has to be y/n I still didn't reach my limit yet!" He flexes. You roll your eyes and get in your knees in front of him waiting for him to move. Instead of moving he just laughs. 


You immediately understand and turn over with your ass in the air and face down in the sand. "Happy?" You ask arching your back and wiggling your ass to make it clap. 


"Is that your way of teasing me?" He smiles brighter. You hum in agreement feeling him approach your body with each heavy step. Slowly you see his large shadow hovering over your body, slowly getting smaller has he kneels behind you. You turn your body a bit to look at him as he aims to thrust into you and misses with his dick sliding through your folds hitting your clit. You shift to try to help him line up and get inside of you, but he presses down on your neck to keep you in place. Your body jolting with surprise when he latched and fully thrust into you. 


"How?  .. how do you manage to be so wet still? He asks breathlessly in between painfully slow thrust. You get annoyed at how slow he was thrusting and begging to push back onto him at the pace you wanted. He steadied himself placing his hands on your hips thrust in unison with you. Your moans echoed bounce off the half walls of the building.


"Fu-ck Toshi right there" you moan as you meet his hips halfway. The strength of his thrust making everything from your ass to your thighs jiggle and clap together. His hands massage your ass, squishing and gripping the fat as he pulls you back to him. He halts his movement and gently pats your shoulder.


You look back at him and he motions for you to get up. You obey and get up on hands and knees not bothering to wipe the sand off your face. Once you're up he carefully placed his hands on your shoulders and begins to harshly pound into you. Your hands grip the sand trying to ground yourself as he fucks you open but it's spilling through your fingers while your juices are drooling down your legs. You can't help the way you were shaking and


"Toshi-I I-I can't "


"It's alright, we're almost there." Pulling you back to his chest and animalistic growl vibrates from his chest through your body making you clench.  His hips harshly smacking against your ass as you whine and moan with your eyes closed tightly. His hand cums up and cups your breast while the old bounces with every thrust as you squirt, and his dick slides out of you. Thighs trembling, he slips his dick between them slowly thrusting until you were okay to continue.


A cold drop of water hits your chest contracting with how hot your skin was, making you open your eyes It was raining. 


His thrust start to slow down and you assume it's because of the rain. "No, no toshi baby.. put it back in. Fuck the rain" you cry out.   


He wraps his arms around your waist and buries his face in your neck sucking in a deep breath and you feel his form deflating. 


"I'm sorry," he says so low you could barely hear him. "I'm at my limit sooner than I thought, I'm sorry"


"There's nothing to be sorry about" you say turning your head to lean on his and cupping his face. "I told you your hot regardless" you say kissing the top of his head. You shimmy out of his arms and turn around to face a now deflated and disappointed all might. Small might. "Besides I haven't reached my limit yet right?" You smirk at him grabbing his arm and pulling him down in the sand in your place. 


Before he could object you straddle him. 


"Y/n... you don't h-" 


"Shut up Toshi" you say playfully as you run your hands down his chest stopping at his injury. He turns his head to look away from you. You lean down kissing the spot that makes him so self-conscious "you'll always be the number one hero to me" you say earning you a soft smile from him. His dick jumps under you making you smirk.


"Hearing that turns you on doesn't it?" You coo 


"Among other things..." he says smacking both hands on your ass making you hiss. Even in his small form he still was heavy handed as hell.  


"Mmmmm I see " you moan while lowering yourself down onto his dick. 


"Turn around" he says softly. You ready yourself to turn around but not without admiring how he looks on the moment. His hair wet and flat in the now wet bright pink sand. He looked beautiful. 


Once you had your back to him you grabbed his dick and positioned it to your cunt again sliding back down on him. You decided to give him all you had, if he was at his limit you should be too. The rain stopped thankfully so you weren't going to be too wet when you were done.


Slowly you grinded on him feeling his dick twitch inside of you. He was so eager after being so distraught. 


Carefully you lifted your hips and slammed yourself back down on him. You turned around to make sure he was okay, and he gave you a thumbs up while biting his lip. You chuckled and arched your back, lifting your hips again. This time when you dropped down he thrust up a little making you squeal and clench around him. 


From this angle his dick felt bigger. His form may have changed but his dick was still as long and thick as it was the earlier. He was Long, thick and warm. The curve of his dick hitting ever sweet spot you had as you started to find your pace, lightly bouncing up and down but not letting your ass meet his hips.  As you bounced faster your body started to tremble and shake. His dick slips out and he grabs it rubbing your clit with it making you squirt on his thighs. 


"O-Oh fuck, there you go" he groans. He slips back inside of you easily with how sloppy wet your cunt is, and you slide back down onto him throwing your head back moaning and swearing at how full and good he feels inside of you. 


"You okay?" He asks massaging your ass. 


"Mmhm" you nod leaning forward to continue riding him. You lift your hips and slam them down onto him making him cough. You internally panic and start to turn around, but he pushes you forward and your back with your ass in the air.


"I AM STILL HERE!" He shouts throwing his arms up in the air slamming himself into you balls slapping your clit. 


"Yes" you cry out feeling his hands on your back to keep you in place as he rams into you. 


"To-To fuuuck" you drag out as he's sloppily pounding into you. The weight of his hands on your bag pushing you further into the ground. You're going to be sore, but you don't care this is the best sore you'll ever have. 


You clench around him every time his balls slap your clit making you gush around him. Every thrust feels like he's getting deeper and deeper inside of you. 


"H-How...How do you feel so fucking good every t-time?" He says between thrust.  You're gasping for air unable to let out a sound between every jolt of your body from his aggressive assault to your cunt. You felt as if you couldn't think anymore the only thing on your mind was how close you were to cumming. 


"Shit shit shit" he grunts as feels your cunt fluttering around him. Your body starts to feel hot, and your breathing got heavy as you came with your cunt twitching around him while he overstimulated you're with his thrust and balls. 


"Toshi please .. ahhh" you cried when you finally caught you breathe. He groans chest pressing into your back as his dick starts to twitch and throb inside of you. He groans and trembles as he cums deep inside of you laying on top of you with his nails digging into the skin of your back.


"Ow," you say softly. He realizes what he did and jumped off you pulling out with a slipping wet sound. His dick slapped against his thigh as he sat back watching you stiffly sit up with cum dripping out of you. 


"Shower at my place?" He asked rubbing the back of his neck.


"Dinner and dessert included?" You ask raising a brow.


"Depends on what's on the menu" he smiles handing you your clothes. 


Me duh. You laugh to yourself as you get dressed.——-

Chapter Text

Captain Smoker

"Why am I writing this shit for you again?" Law sighed as he filled put the prescriptions form. "Cause I'll arrest your ass. Now give it." Smoker retorted. Law cut his eyes at the older male as he handed him the prescription, "Don't ask me for shit else. You should be lucky she even wants your old ass." "She does and thats why I'm balls deep inside her every night." And with that he left. "Old bastard." Law thought.

"Am I really doing this shit? Fuck me ... shes just so young ... but she so damn hot. I'm a weak man when it comes to her." Deep in thought the older gentle man made his way to your shared home.


The both of you sat on the couch after you finished cooking dinner but your head was throbbing. "Hey big daddy." You whine. "Hm." "Do you have any aspirin?" "Yeah its some in the the medicine cabinet in the restroom." "Okay." You say standing to your feet.

He side eyes your ass giving it a playfully slap as you walked away. "Now where is it?" You quietly say. You see the various bottles before you, I keep forgetting hes old. But he has the sex drive of a guy in his twenties.

Your eyes spot a bottle that held a fresh label printed on it, "These gotta be it. He did say he needed to make a few stops before he got home." Opening the bottle you poured the pill into your hand popping it into your mouth with no hesitation.

"I hope this works." You say exiting the room. As if magic appeared your headache disappeared being replaced with a burning sensation growing in the pit of your stomach. "The hell?" You say confused. You sat down on the bed as the sensation grew even more, "Baby girl are you okay?" He asked standing the doorway.

The man was shirtless abs on full display with his cigar hanging out his mouth making you pass a hard gulp. Damn I have the sudden urge to really ride his dick. "Im fine but you should come over here." As you spread your legs further being on full display for the man, "Don't have to tell me twice."

The older man starts to fumble with his belt as he starts to slip his shoes off. Suddenly you appear before him fully undressed, "Your taking to long big daddy let me help." You whined.

You start to unbuckle his belt as he stared down at your naked form, "Your taking charge today?" "I am. I need it now more than ever." You say ripping his belt out of the loop. The hells gotten into her.


"Ah it feels so good big daddy." You moaned out. This was you guys second round swiveling your hips in a circle as you continued to bounce onto his dick, "Shit." He hisses. I'm about to fucking explode. Placing hands on his chest you begin to bounce even harder, "Ah." You both moan as you both came together.

The both of you panting hard, "Whats gotten into you?" He asked. "Big daddy I want some more." Getting off him you got on all fours wiggling your ass in the air, "P-Please fill me up again."

His eyes widen at your words, "Okay I'll give you what you want." Standing to his feet he dragged your body to the edge of the bed admiring your cum filled cunt, "No whining remember." Landing a harsh slap to your ass when he didn't get a response, "Yes big daddy now please. I-I need it."

He lines himself against your hold teasing it with his tip as he slowly sinks into you for a third time. "Shit. Your always so fucking tight." He grunted. Tightening the grip on your waist he starts stroking your insides making you cry out each time, "More big daddy."

"More? Alright." He places a foot onto the bed as he starts to strokes your insides at a face pace, "Yes. It feels so good." "Look at you. Creaming all on my dick just like the sweet baby girl you are." Picking up his pace again filling the room with squelching noises coming your dripping cunt, "F-Fuck." He moaned out cumming into you once more.

He slowly pull out watching the cum slowly spill out as your body spasm on the bed, "So good." You mumbled.


You laid in bed with your head on his chest, "I think those aspirins were expired or something. I took one and it made me horny as shit." His eyes grow wide, "Baby girl that was viagra." He shouts. "Viagra what the hell?! Why would you get that." You say lifting your head to face him. "Well I ... I felt like I couldn't keep up." He mumbles.

"Big daddy we just had sex like three times and I was the only one on viagra." "Huh I guess I don't need it." "You think?!"

Chapter Text

"Any plans when you get out of here Bolt?" A guard. Known avid criminal Johnny Bolt was being released today and it had been a long eight months for the man.

"Nothing much I plan on fucking my Teddy bear all day." The buzzer rang signaling for the carbon steel door to open, "Teddy bear?" He questioned.

The door slowly opened and there you were smooth brown skin, thick hips, lips plump and shiny with lip gloss sucking you a red lollipop propped against a two door truck. "Yeah there she is."

"Hi baby." You exclaimed. Dressed in a lime green tube top a pair of bell bottom jeans that hugged your waist and a pair of white shoes. "Yeah you guys wont be seeing me anytime soon." Johnny said. The door closes behind him as you ran and jumped in his arms, "Been a good girl?" "Only for you." You reply pulling him into a kiss.

Pulling away from him, "Lets get out here." You say. "Don't have to tell me twice." He says putting you down. "Can you drive though baby? I'm tired." You whined. "Yeah why the hell not." You toss him the keys and enter the car pulling off heading towards your apartment, "Here you gonna need this." You say handing him a cigarette.

He takes it with ease snapping his fingers to light it, "What do you mean?" He says side eyeing you. You lean over to the drivers side, "You'll see." You start to unbuckle his pants and slowly unzip his pants pulling his dick out, hissing through his teeth from being touch starved for months.

"Oh your being naughty girl teddy bear." He praised. "I just missed it." You say. Leaning down you gave it a long sensual lick making it twitch with excitement, "S-Shit take it easy on me. I don't want us to cr-" He was cut off by you swallowing him whole making him swerve the car a bit,"Warn me first. I don't want us to die in a car acc-"

"H-Holy s-shit." He moaned out. Swirling and swiveling your tongue all around his throbbing dick you could tell the man was reaching his limit. Tightening his grip on the steering wheel until his fist turned white, "Oh ... j-just you wait til we-"

"A-h." He moans out cumming right down your throat. Swallowing every drop you swiveled your tongue around cleaning up any left over residue and pulled it out of your mouth making a popping noise. "Im sorry. What did you say?" You say wiping the sides of your mouth. He let out a small chuckle, "You just wait."


The both of you burst through the door in a intense make out session with him closing the door with his foot. Pulling out of his embrace you pulled off your top and walked up stairs as he watched in awe. Stopping in the middle of the stairs you slowly stripped out of your pants bending over giving him a full display of your ass and cunt.

"Come on I have a surprise for you." You cooed continuing your journey to your room. In a instant he rips off his clothes running after you entering the room to bed met with your naked form sitting on the bed legs crossed twirling a pair of fuzzy handcuffs on your finger.

"Oh your being a very naughty girl." "I thought this time you could have your own personally prisoner." Taking the cuff out of your hand he slaps them on your wrist, "Lay back now." "Yes sir." Throwing your body back he slips out of his briefs letting his already harden dick spring free, "You know what happens to naughty girls?"

Teasing your cunt with his tip you buck your hips into his grasp trying to get any type of friction. "Answer me." Teasing your hole with his tip, "N-No sir." You mumbled. "I can't hear you. Be a good girl now and I'll reward you." Sticking his dick in just a bit just edge you on, "No sir." You yelled.

A smirk appeared across his appeared, "They get fucked into the bed." And in a instant he fully sinked into you with no warning make you moan out his name throwing your bound hands above your head. "So fucking tight." He huffed. Stroking your insides at lively pace turning you into a moaning mess.

"Taking me so well YN. You really have been a good girl." He praised. Placing both of your legs onto his shoulders giving your thighs the tightest squeeze never letting up from his rapid pace. Warm tears prick your eyes from the abuse your cunt was taking, "Don't cry now. This what you wanted."

Reaching down he wipes the stray tear from your eye you couldn't even respond because the man was right this was exactly what you wanted. His strokes became sloppy as the room filled with squelching noise like a porno. That burning sensation you haven't felt in a while was building up in your stomach, "F-uck I'm going to fill you up all damn night.

With that last praise you became unraveled as you moaned out his name creaming all over him making the man follow shortly after. "Shit." He huffed out pushing his hair back. "We're fucking all night aren't we?" You say. "Of course I have months to catch up on. I told you I'm filling you up all night."

Chapter Text

You sigh on the way home wishing your man didn’t have to work today and could’ve came with you. Even without him saying anything it was always better to have him there silently next to you as you got your nails done. The woman would all stare in awe surprised at a man patiently sitting there waiting for his woman to be done and paying as you left.

“I hope he likes them” you sigh slamming the car door and walking towards your home.

“Babe!” You shout closing the door behind you, “you home yet?”

“Yeah, I’m in my office” he spoke calmly. Excitedly you throw your bags down and run up the stairs bussing through the door of his office to see him sitting as his desk with a mug to his lips as he was reading a book.

"Look daddy, I got my nails done to match your tie this time" you gush holding out you hand in front of you as you sat on his lap.

"Mmm, nice" he hums uninterestedly.

"Babe, " you sigh off his lap and onto your knees in front of him. "I want you to tell me you to like them, I got them done especially for you" you pout looking up at him.

"Okay" he sighs putting his book down.

You slide your hands up his thighs and further up until you reach the button and zipper of his slacks. He quickly puts his book down finally realizing what you were doing lifting his hips so you can tug his pants and his boxers down enough for his dick to hang out.

It always amazing you how blessed he his with his dick a tad bit longer than your face and so thick you have a hard time wrapping your hand around it.  You look up at him from between his legs as you spit into your palm, listening to him deeply inhale and exhale as you grabbed the base of his dick slowly.

You stroke him painfully slow, feeling his dick throbbing and twitching in your hold.

"Y/- y/n" he whines lowly eyes wide pleading for you to pick up the pace. While keeping eye contact with him you slide the tip into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it. Slowly you slide your mouth down a bit below the tip  lightly sucking on it before popping off.

"Babe .." he groans letting out the breathe he was holding. You smirk and continue stroke him slowly leaning over letting your drool slide down his dick to the base where your hand rested.

"Kento, all I asked was for you to tell me you like them. I didn't even ask for you to come with me. Atleast tell  me their pretty. " you pout spreading the drooling all over his dick picking up the pace of your strokes. You bring your mouth back to his dick sliding our mouth all the way down into your mouth with your nose being tickled by his blonde little hairs.

"Aaahh-fu, yes princess they're pretty." He moans. You swallow around him and pop off his dick again to smile at home.

"Are they really?" You ask teasing him licking down his dick to his balls enjoying the look of distress on his face.

"Fuuuuuck y/n god damn" he grunts leaning standing up making you fall back a bit. Grabbing your hair he leans down pressing a rough kiss to your lips before standing up straight. "Open up" he says lowly tapping his dick on your lips. You adjust your self to be in a more comfortable position  on your knees and pace your hands on his thighs opening your mouth wide ready to take him.

Tightening his grip on your hair he slowly slides his dick into your mouth.  You closed your mouth smiling around it and moaned, pressing your tongue against the bottom of his and letting the vibrations flow through him.

"fuck ahh, that feels so good, your mouth feels fucking amazing." Nanami pants out sinking further into your mouth. You look up feeling your chest warm and cunt clinch at the sight of his blissful face while he slowly pulls his hips back and sink back into your mouth to the base a few times to check your gag reflex. When you didn’t gag he added his other hand to your hair gripping as hard as he could to mee you still while he eagerly thrusted into your mouth.

The wet sounds and sloppy 'glurks' from your throat only egged him on more as he thrust faster into your mouth with his head held back and balls slapping your chin. You nails dig into his thighs as tears prickle the corners of your eye Everytime he hits the back of your throat but you refuse to stop him. Seeing him like this, so out of character and rough, always turns you on. You blink back the tears humming around his dick feeling his legs trembling under you hands.

“Goddamn, babe-ah” he moans looking down at your now tear stained face taking notice of the drool dripping down your chin onto your dress. “You’re so beautiful. You- your nails are amazing. The-they match my tie—ah” he says between thrust.

When he pulls his hips back you quickly slide you hand up grabbing his dick to stroke and bob your head in unison with his thrust.

“Fuck , fuck, I’m going to—ah” he groans as he cums in your mouth hips stuttering feeling you swallow as you stroke and suck ever drop out of him. Once you finally release him from your mouth you lick the tip swirling you tongue around him making him shiver and let him go. You don’t bother to wipe your face, squeezing your legs together feeling your juices smear on your inner thighs too focused on how you’re going to get him to the bedroom to fuck on him.


Nanami sits back down and reaches forward slipping his fingers into your hair at the back of your neck pulling you forward into a soft kiss forcing you to straddle him. Pulling away from the kiss he looks down and back up at you.

“What?” You ask looking away shyly.

“You’re not wearing anyway panties, I can feel how soaked you are “ he smirks caressing your cheek. “Bed or desk?” You ask biting you lip.


Chapter Text

Its been another long mission for the Sound Hashira and he was ready to come home to you. The other three wives were gone for the day but it didn't bother the man because you were his favorite.

Smooth brown skin that he wanted to sink his teeth into, a nice slim waist that paired perfectly with your wide hips and plump ass. To him you were absolutely perfect the perfect woman hes been searching for that had natural child baring hips.

Entering your shared home he slips off his shoes and chucks his swords to the ground off his back. "YN ... sweetie daddys home." Hearing a pair of heels in the distance as you strut in wearing a French maid outfit that exposed your entire back said that held nothing but a black lace thong.

"Bonjour mon amour." You cooed waving at him with a feather duster in your hand. A smirk appears on his, "Is this for me?" "Oui." You respond in French. The man could feel the erection growing in his pants although you were saying basic words it sounded so sensual rolling off your tongue.

You begin to walk away heading to the kitchen with the giant man following behind. Ass cheeks giggling with each step making him tightly bite his lips. Arriving in the kitchen, "Please have a seat at the table." Listening to you the man sits down fully man spreading as his eyes watched you slowly bend over to open the oven.

"I made cookies." You say. Turning around to face him the man was towering over you, "We'll eat those later."

Taking the tray of cookies out of your hand he gently sits them on the counter, easily scooping you up he walks over the table placing you down. "Its only right I give you thanks for dressing up for me." He says.

Lifting one leg up he gives it a quick peck sliding off one of your heels and doing the same to the other. Spreading your legs open giving him a eye full of your dripping cunt, "I can tell your soaked just by looking at it."

"I dont kno- ... A-h" You words were cut off by a moan. He placed a soft kiss right over your clothed cunt, sticking two fingers into the rim of your thong he rips it off. "I'll get you some more." He says right into your cunt.

His hot breath sending shivers down your spin as he starts to give you sweet long licks. "Mhm." He moaned. Fingers gripping onto the wooden as he starts to pick up his pace ripping moans out of your mouth.

Giving your thigh a harsh slap, "Why are you holding back?" "I-I'm not." You answer in between breaths. "What you scared they're going to walk in on us? Its nobody here but you and me." He says. You relax at his words as he goes back to attacking your cunt slurping and swiveling his tongue all around.

The orgasm was approaching you fast making your eyes become hazy, this was a the most adventurous the two of you have ever gotten. "Cum on daddys face." He demanded. Tightening the hold on your thigh his tongue starts to attack your clit, making you do exactly what he said.

"O-Oh daddy." You moaned out cumming all over his face. Body quivering as he pecks your inner thigh standing between them, "Good girl." The haziness unclogging your vision as you see him standing before you with a painful bulge.

"Look at how excited you got me. What are you gonna do about?" You passed a hard gulp, "Are you going to take care of daddy?" The only response you could muster was a head nod.

Chapter Text

In one motion he removes his uniform settling into a nearby kitchen chair. His fully erected dick twitching with excitement ready to ruin your inside. "Come here." Obeying his command you walk over as he reaches around to untie your costume, "You didn't like it?" You pout.

"No ... of course not. Daddy loved it ... but these." The costume drops to the floor, "I love these more." He eagerly wraps his mouth around your bare breasts pulling you into his lap. "D-Daddy." You moaned. Dick twitching harder feeling your hot cunt against it, grinding against his desperate for any type of friction.

Unlatching from your breast making a popping sound, "Is this what you want?" He asks teasing your hole with his tip. "Yes please." You whined grinding yours hips even more. Leaning in his plants a long kiss up your neck as he slowly sinks you down onto him. Hands clenching tightly to his shoulders you lets out moans at the feeling of every inch.

"Shit." He hissed finally pushes you all the way down. "A-h." You moaned out. "Come on." Landing a harsh slap on your ass, "Move your hips." A slight tear fell out of your eye as your start to slowly move up and down, you could already feel the orgasm building up but you were determined to hold out.

The feeling of being stretched out by your husband always felt blissful and you made sure you were going to enjoy every moment. Placing his large hands onto your waist he starts to move at the same pace. Filling the kitchen with your moans mixed in with his grunts.

Pulling you into a rough kiss wrapping one arm around your waist he starts to stroke your insides from the bottom. Capturing all of your loud moans in his mouth, you tried to keep up with the mans pace but his grip held you in place. Vision becoming cloudy as that orgasmic was building up once again.

"I don't think I can hold on anymore." You thought.

"Go ahead so we can cum together." He says staring right into your eyes. Just like the good wife you are you did as he said they both of you moaning out as he filled you up with seed. Panting like a dog you lean onto his chest as he softly rubbed your back.

"That was fucking ... amazing." He panted. Slowly sliding out you he scoops you up in one arm making you wrap your arms around his neck, "Let go bathe." You say. "Yes and then round two." He says walking off. "Wait." Spinning on his heels walking to the tray of chocolate chip cookies, "Cant forget these." He muffled with one shoved in his mouth.

Grabbing the tray with his free hand he continues on with the journey to your joint bath and possibly a second round.

Chapter Text

"Woman!" He shouted. 


"What?!" You shout back waiting for him to walk into the room he had you locked in. 


"Are you not afraid of me!?"


"No" you squint at him, "why should I be?" You asked crossing your arms. 


He smirked and starts to transform, two additional eyes appear along with two extra arms. He holds them out stretched wide in front of you. "How about now?"


"No.. not even a little bit"  you plainly stare at him. "If anything .. I think you're hot" you coo hoping it'll get him to let you out.


"Are you serious?" The mouth on his stomach says sounding slightly defeated.


"Ohh, I didn't know you had that" you say seductively. "I could do a lot with that. Where else do you have a tongue hot stuff?" You ask winking at him. 


"My hands," he says showing you. "But that's besides the point, know your place! Your my hostage so act like one"


"But I willingly came with you daddy" you pout.


"I'm about to take you back and get someone else you're insane" he growls


"No, daddy pl- I mean uh" you start to stutter over your words and become embarassed turning your back to him.


"What was that human?"


"N-nothing" you mumble.


"Because to me" he says suddenly appearing in front of you. "It sounded like you called me daddy" he smiles showing all of his teeth crawling over you caging you to the floor. Not letting him intimidate you you cross your arms and look away.


"What? You're scared now?" He chuckles.


"No, I'm actually turned on" you say confidently.


"Is that so?" He ask opening your legs and dragging your body down so your hips meet his. "Don't tell me you got kidnapped on purpose so I can fuck you" he says lowly into your ear. "Did you?"


"If I say yes, will you fuck me?" You ask trying to stare into his eyes but not knowing with pair to look at.


"Beg!" He growls slamming your body to the floor with one hand around your neck. 


"Oh please Mr Sukuna, king of curses . Will

You please fuck me? Right here ? On this floor?" You beg in a moaning manner biting your lip looking straight up at him.


"Well, if your begging like that how could I say now?" He smiles using one hand to run his fingers through his hair. I done stroked his fucking ego. You roll you eyes at him.  He lets go of your neck and shrugs off his robe. You watch drooling at his abs and the thickness of his dick thighs.  I thought he would have two dicks.. too bad. 


"Strip or I'm ripping your clothes" he says gruffly. Immediately you nod slipping your dress over your head revealing your nude body. 


"No, panties?" He ask tilting his head to the side licking his lips.


"Nope, I heard you were coming today" you wink at him making him laugh. 


"You're the most deranged  human I've ever met"


"Thank you" you smile warmly. "Now fuck me Mr King of curses ". Taking back by the demand he roughing slams you back down to the floor by your throat with his hand gripping tighter than it was the first time.  


"You don't demand shit here, understand?" He whispers in your ear biting the lobe drawing blood. You whimper nodding completely aroused and squirming in his hold. 


"Good" he grins lifting one of your legs up to his shoulder and pushing the other out spreading you as wide as he can. He licks his lips at the sight of your cunt glistening and lightly scrapes his nails along your lips before pinching your clit making you yelp and arch off the floor. 


You felt the tip of his dick sliding up and down your cunt teasing your clit, you moaned softly at sensation, surprised at how gentle he was being. 

His grip on your neck tightened as he lined his self with your hole and completely thrusted into you in one powerful thrust. The impact so strong and burning so good years prickled the corners of your eyes as a soundness moan was ripped from your throat. 


"Don't cry now, you said you want me to fuck you right?" He laughs menacingly. You nod in agreement.


Loosing his grip on your neck he slowly pulls out halfway and snaps his hips forward into your roughly making you body slid across the floor a bit. Wrapping a arm around the leg on your shoulder he uses two arms to grab your hips and pull you back down to him making sure not an inch of his dick was peaking out of you. 


Keeping that gripping on you he began to quickly pounded  into you throwing all his weight into each thrust. "Ahh. Su-sukuna- fuck" you moan with you eyes rolled back. 


"Shut up" he says through gritted teeth as he sticks two of his fingers in your mouth. You shuttered at the feeling of hanging his hands everywhere at the same time. 


Leaning into you he pulls you down into his thrust groaning at how tight your clamping down on him. "Don't you dare cum into I say so human" he spat fucking into you harder. Your moans being ignored over squelching sounds from your cunt. "Fuck, I might have to keep you here forever" he moans loosing his composure.


"Yes , yes keep me fuck" you whine muttered by his fingers which he pushes further into your mouth making you gag around them.


"Mmm that sound" he says letting go of your neck and hips straightening up "music to my ears" he places his palm over you clit and the mouth on his hand starts to nibble at your clit lightly switching between sucking and licking. His fingers start to fuck into your mouth as he bends the legs that was on his shoulder and places your toes in his mouth swirling his tongue around them.


You couldn't take it anymore. So many different feelings and sensation flowing through your body. Biting down on his fingers he hissed and bites your toes making you gasp out in pain as you cunt twitches and you cum. 


"I told you not to cum!" The mouth on his stomach says in anger as he continues to thrust and swirl his tongue around and between your toes.  The mouth in his hand was pressing soft kisses to you clit sending you into over stimulation.


"Pl-please sukuna ,I'm sorry" you cry around his fingers


"I don't think you are" he grins sticking his fingers as far as he could feeling your cunt and boy trembling as you gag around them. "You like this don't you" he says in between harsh thrust. 


All you can do is nod as he puts you foot down and grabs your hips again. Roughly he lifts you up with only your shoulders on the floor and starts to ram into you at a almost inhumane pace. You feel as though your body is going to exploded. Your juices dripping down your cunt onto his thighs as you're full blown crying and moaning around his fingers muttering muffled "yes's" as you cum for the second time. 


"Oh fuck, that's what I'm taking about" he moans as he give you one last harsh thrust, hitting your cervix so hard your body folds inward at the pain, and pulls out cumming on your stomach. 


The amount of cum he let out is more than the average human male. I'm your dazed state you wonder how long it's been since he's actually had sex. Dropping your body down on the floor you grown at the impact and watch him grab his robe to redress. 


"Ahh that was great" you stretch "I went to stay here forever if your going to fuck me like that"


"No" he says throwing you nudes body over his shoulder "I'm taking you back I need another hostage, you enjoy being here."


"Awe, can I Atleast come back to visit sometimes?"


"No" he says smacking your ass but you miss the smirk on his face.

Chapter Text

In the very back of the club, in a golden throne, sat a highly uninterested and unimpressed Muzan, watching over all the horny demons drooling and slobbering over his dancers.


"let us dance for you my lord" one of the Succubus says scrolling into his section with a few other dancers surrounding him.


"please don't" he huffs lowly leaning his face on his fist as the grind and shake their hips to the entirety of the song. Not sparing them a glance the next song starts. *play the song* 


"alright you horny fuckers, lets welcome back out newest addition. Remember, don't fucking try to eat her. Yeah I'm looking at you koganai!" the announcer shouted over the music.


His eyes widen immediately at the way the demons roared upon your arrival. You walk out slowly but confidently. Keeping a neutral face no matter how ugly the demons around the stage were. 


"Akaza, Who is that?" he ask grimacing as straighten his posture in his seat as he watched you slowly circle the pole, smiling and waving at the roaring demons.


"A new human my lord.  She was sacrificed by her family as a offering, you probably don't remember but you told me you didnt want to see her and to put her to work. S-so i bought her here."


"Interesting" he hummed carefully watching you. The beat drops and you flip up onto the pole hanging upside down. You legs lock around it as you leg go effortlessly swinging around the pole.  Shes a natural. 


You grip the pole releasing your legs holding a upside down split position before flipping back over and twisting tour body quickly around the pole to the bottom landing in a split.


"Oh wow shes good" Akaza mumbles. As the crowd shout nearly as loud as the music. 


"Mhm" Muzan mumbles intensely watching you. You crawl to edge of the stage jiggling your ass for the demons in the opposite side of you as you run your hand one demons horns letting him stuff your thong with money. 


Suddenly Muzan stands and starts to make his way over to you. The music in the club becoming muffled as he pushes past demons, visiters, dancers and who ever else was in his way as he made his way to you. 


Walking up the the stage he pulled up a chair sitting directly in-front of you watching the way grind and sway your hips to the music. Looking over your shoulder you catch his eyes. Slowly taking off your bra you toss it into the crowd, now long gone. Turning around you seductively strut towards the pole crouching down and shaking your ass. You wink at him as you slide off the stage onto the floor.


It was like his own private show, he didn't care that other demons were around. His focus was on you as everything around him became a blur.  Keeping eye contact as you crawled to him placing your hands on the chair in between his spread legs slithering up to your full height in your 6 inch heels. 


"Ive seen you watching me" you whisper turning around bending over to give him a good view of your ass. "Its okay you can touch me sir" you say loud enough for him to hear you.


His hands immediately begin to roam your body sliding up from your thick thighs to your ass. Placing a hand on either cheek he jiggles them. You giggle and stand up straight feeling his hands roam higher over your curves as you swirl around and straddle his lap. 


He slides down slouching a bit in the seat and spreads his legs wider as you begin to grind down on him to the beat. His hands rested on your hips loosely as his eyes were focused on the way your chest bounced with every arch of your back. Secretly  loving the way your human hands feel as you caress his chest. He could feel his dick getting hard. Looking up at your face he could tell you felt it, you eyes were closed, bottom lip sucked in between your teeth and you were grinding harder. Riding him through his clothes.



He grabs you by the back of your neck halting your movements pulling you down so he can whisper in your ear. "If I take you from here you're not coming back , you'll be mine. You'll only dance for me" he groans slapping your ass. "You'll never see the light if day again" he says through his teeth sliding his hand through your hair and tugging hard enough to make your back arch. "Youll love your humanity"


Your laugh sends him into a frenzy. He's ready to up and leave with you now. You lean in to whisper back licking the shell of his ear. "At this point, does it even matter? Ive been loosing a lot of things these days" You bite his earlobe and his hand immediately connects with your throat. 


"Don't do that" he says sternly. You smile and nod as he lets go.  You slid off his lap grabbing his hand yank softly for him to follow you. He questions who you are to give him orders but his dick is so hard he saves it for later. For another time, for after he's buried balls deep in you. Tightening the grip on your hand he yanks you into his chest and pulls you in the direction of his office.



"Yes, right there" you moan as he pound into you with your legs spread wide chained to the wall behind you.


"Quiet" he says in a irritated tone pressing his hand further down onto your throat. Your moans were hardly audible as you continuously squirted and creamed around him. Feeling lightheaded you knew if you came again like this you'll pass out.


Other than a few huffs hear and there he continued to relentlessly pound into you hardly breaking a sweat. He loosened his the pressure to you throat, not quite ready to snap your neck, he needed you alive for a little longer. You deemed yourself useful with the way you cunt was speaking to him through every thrust. 


Feeling himself about to cum he slows down his stroke, wanting to hold of for a long as he could.  You moan loudly and clench around him as he pinches your nipples. Slapping them and watching your chest bounce he smiles a bit before fucking into you roughly once again 


Your face stained with tear and runny mascara drives him to keep going, he wants you to, to submjt to him.




"Lord Muzan" 


"I said quiet" he looks down ready to smack you chest again but you're not there. Confused he looks up to see money flying in the air with twirling around the pole upside down again. The music suddenly louder than it appeared to be a few moments ago makes him clench his hand into a fist. 


The succubus were still poorly dancing around him silently beginning for his attention knowing their boundaries. He watches you reach the bottom placing your hands on the floor and flipping into a handstand and dropping down into a split smiling brightly. It was as if you were happy here, as your forgot you were a sacrifice to him.


"Lord Muzan did you hear me?" Akuza ask leaning just a bit closer but not close enough to piss Muzan off.


"Yeah" he lies standing up fixing his pants. Brushing past Akuza he looks back at you for a second before continuing on "Send her to my office after her shift is over"



Chapter Text

Rob was used to people coming and going in his life. It didnt matter who it was, family, friend, lover etc. he never cared. However, there was something about you that made him care. Maybe it was because you were so innocent and beautiful, or the way other men looked at you when you went out together. It could've have been how he felt when you walked out on him a few days ago for being caught with another women and threatening to find a new man. The couldn't be a new man in your life because he was your man and you belonged to him.

After days of you ignoring him, he ended up on your doorstep with flowers in his hands as he apologized, begging on his knees for you not to leave him. He couldn't bare to see you with anyone else, he'll kill any man who touches you. But that wasn't enough. Tired of your whining he shoved his way into your apartment, flowers long forgotten as he fucked you into forgiving him.

Fucking you for hours knocked you out. Hw stayed up staring at your sleeping body . He needed to make sure when you wake up in the morning you wouldn't ask him to leave. How could he stay in your life forever.

Now, Rob has never thought or even wanted kids but if thats what it took to have you in his life forever, he'll endure how ever many little creatures. You threatened to find someone else, How else could he make sure everyone knew you belong to him? Saying it was one thing but to have you walking around with your stomach swollen from carrying HIS spawn. Now that would keep any man away.

Of course he could kill every man that looked at you, but you'll get mad and leave again and thats the last thing he wants.

You shift away from him in your sleep laying on your back. The blanket falls down exposing your chest to him. Softly running his hands over your chest he groans lowly at the thought of him fucking into you with your belly swollen with his child made him, how big and swollen your chest will be filled with milk for the child.  If you were awake you would hear the gears turning in his head as he thought of ways to convince you to let him breed you.

After all, you did say you didn't want children.

The next morning, he popped tiny holes in all the condoms. He knew how careful you were when it came to your ovulation days. Making him wear a condom knowing he rather be balls deep and raw inside of you. He never knew when those days came so just incase, he put holes in every single condom he had.

After doing some late night internet surfing he learning about raw honey being a aphrodisiac. Ordering some to come overnight from amazon that was expected to come by 6pm today which was perfect timing for everything he had planned.

"Where are you going ?" You voice came out dryly as you walked back into bedroom watching him hurriedly get dressed.

"I have to run home. Ill be back later tonight to pick you up. Dress nice" he says kissing your forehead and flying out the door behind you.

You huff and throw yourself on the bed as your front door slams closed "why wont he leave me alone if he wants to fuck other people!?" you screamed into your pillow.

Rob called and told you he would be there around 8. You take one last look at yourself in the mirror.  Admiring the way you chest and ass looked in the red satin dress.

"It 8 fucking 10 sweetheart, I'm sure I told you ill be here at 8 on the dot" you hear his neutral voice as your apartment door closes.

Carefully running out your room so you dont fall in your heels you see him sitting on your couch with his legs crossed.

"How'd you get in?"

"You look amazing as also, lets go" he stands up taking your coat off the hook holding it open for you to slip into.


"You didnt have to rent out a whole restaurant for the night" you say lowly as the waiter came over with your meals.

"I did, you deserve it" he says rubbing his thumb over your hand.

Quietly, he watched you eat your honey glazed salmon made specially with the royal honey he bought specifically for you. When you claimed to be full he made sure to feed you the last few bites, scooping up some of the left over honey with each piece.

A few glasses of wine and 30 minutes later, By the time dessert came around, you mostly picked at it claiming to be full again. He noticed the way you were subtly squirming in your seat.

You felt hot and weird. You knew it wasn't the cheesecake that turned you on. Bastard must have drugged me again. You place a hand between your legs cupping your cunt, every nerve in you itching to rub you clit to ease the fire burning in you.

"R-rob." You say swallowing hard. "What did you give me? Is it that pink pussycat again?"

"No, I ate the same thing as you babe" He gives you a closed eye smile.  "Why whats wrong"

"I-i feel- aahh" you moan when your nipples brush against the table when you lean in to whisper to him.  Biting your lip you look around the restaurant to make sure no one was a around. On shaky legs you walk over to his side of the table. He pushes his chair out welcoming you into his lap. You glance at his lap seeing his dick rock hard through his white pants. Straddling him, you lean your back onto the table sliding your dress up.

"R-rob i need you" you whine softly.

Eagerly he stands and your wrap you legs around him. Laying you down on the table he throws the plates off with the crashing to the floor.

Smashing his lips to yours you  throw his hat off his head somewhere to be found later.

"Excuse me did you wa-"

"Fuck off" Rob snaps at the waiter as he unbuttons his pants pulling his rock hard dick out. He grips your thighs dragging you down the table until your ass is hanging off. Sliding your panties to the side he whistles as how wet you are rubbing his thumb of your clit.

"Please .. " you cry from the teasing.

"Please what?" He ask playfully.

"P-Please put you dick in me already " you snap annoying at his tone.

"Now thats not how youre supposed to ask y/n" he coees rubbing the tip of his dick through your lips.

"Stop teasing me or im going to go fuck the wai- ohh ahh"  slamming himself fully inside of you he hisses with his held tilted back at the way your warmth feels. He didn't even need to prep you, you was so wet he slipped right in. Slowly he drags his dick back and forth through you walls.

"You're going go fuck who?" He ask leaning down to press kisses and suck on your neck as he slowly thrust into you.

"No-no one" you moan.

"That's what in thought" he says picking up his pace.

"More" you demand.

"Oh, she wants more?" He cooes thrusting harder into you feeling your cunt clench around him.

"Yes, yes , yes" you cry out.

Slamming into you, your moans, the sound of the table creaking under you, glass breaking, skin slapping and squelching could be heard throughout the restaurant m. The tip of his dick kissing your cervix with every thrust making your body jerk in his hold.


"Im going to make you so full tonight" he groans "youre going to have my baby"

"N-no no baby" you moan.

"Oh then maybe i should stop"

"No daddy, dont stop please im so close " you cry

"But you dont want my baby" he says stopping his thrust. "Thats to bad"  he says pulling out running his hand down your body brushing over your clit.

  "I-im sorry , please" you beg tugging him back towards you. How could he resist when you begged so sweetly?

Tugging you off the table to your feet, he turned you around slamming you face down onto the table burying himself back into you. You moan echoed around the restaurant as you gripped the table trying to keep yourself up as he rammed into.

"You begged me because deep don't you want to have my baby, don't you?" He ask through gritted teeth gripping your throat tightly. You couldn't focus. This man was trying fuck a baby into you and you're on the verge of cumming.

"Yes yes daddy i want to have your baby" you cried out drooling on the table as you came. He felt you cunt clench around him and landed a hard smack
to your ass strokes never faltering. Your juices sliding down your legs as you squirted around him.

"That's it, princess, give in to me." He hummed "you're going look so beautiful swollen with my child. Ill give you whatever you want.. whenever"


Feeling his dick twitching your snapped back into reality. "Rob  p-pull out"

"Thats right, Beg, beg me to cum in you"  he grunts not even hearing you as he  tightened the hand on your throat cumming you with shallow thrust.

When he finally filled you with his cum you with his cum, your cunt quivering around him, you felt the heat from earlier subside momentarily as you came for a third time.

Sighing in relief  as he pulled out you felt his cum sliding out your cunt between your thighs. You tell yourself to remember to take a plan b when you get home. That is until you start to feel hot again.

"B-babe," you mumbled "i need more"

"Anything for you" he says throwing your over his shoulder and carrying you out of the restaurant. He was taking you home with him. No condoms or no plan b's insight.

It didnt matter how long it took he was going to fuck you until his baby was in you even if it took all night if it meant you'll be with him forever.

Chapter Text

Finally settling into bed after a long day of  chaos, you stare into the darkness at your ceiling. You cant help but think of the handsome stranger you met outside the grocery store. He helped you today. 


Leaving the store you slipped on the ice when running for a bus and landed on your arm dislocating it. You vision blurred due to the unbearable pain and you could hear the gasp other others as people crowded around you. 


A man came to your aid, the pain radiating in your arm was ignored as his figure hovered over tou asking if you were okay. He looked angelic almost. The most beautiful man you've ever seen. Words caught in your throat with your eyes wide as you stared at him. Hissing once he moved to help you up.


"Get out of the way, she needs a doctor" he said softly scooping you in his arms and walking past the crowd of people.


"Y-you don't have to do this" you say barley above a whisper itches you reach out and touch him to see if he's real. maybe this was a dream.. or you died hitting your head in the concrete. 


"Hush, I'm talking you to get some medical attention that I unfortunately cannot provide" he says staring straight ahead.


"Thank you," you mumble remaining quiet until you reached the nearest emergency room.


One he sat you down to speak with a nurse and was out of your sight, you came to your senses. the pain radiating in your arm hitting you like a truck all over again and you eventually passed out with the pain.  When you woke the handsome stranger was gone. Which made sense, you shouldn't have expected him to stay in the first place.


Regardless of your dislocated arm, you wouldn't have today going any other way. You just wished you got name. His name. Hopefully you'll run into him someday at the same store.


"I would just like to thank him" you shrug shutting your eyes. "Maybe suck his dick or buy him a gift" you chuckle softly letting the darkness swallow you.




"Glad to see they took well care of your Darling" 


That sounds like .. no it cant be. You peel your eyes open and sit up looking around.  You breath out in relief seeing that you were still in your room. "Im tripping, it must have a been a nightmare" you chuckle with you hand on your chest feeling your heart calm.


"A nightmare? Oh dear. I didn't mean to scare you" the same voice spoke making you snap your head up to watch him emerge from the dark corner of your room. 


It was him. The handsome stranger. Dressed in a suit that looked to be made for a butler. The longer you stared the more you noticed the dark wings spread out behind him.


"This has to be a dream" you say softly. "This cant be real" 


"I in-fact, am very real." In an instant his body was hovering over your pushing you back down into the mattress. "You wished to see me, you summoned me, so I came.. to you" his shining pink eyes met yours, the moonlight seeping from your window illuminating his form above you. "Dont worry, I'm not going to hurt you"


"W-what are you? whats your name?" 


"Well, to you I am a demon, currently and incubus. And My name? Truthfully, i am to be called whatever you like. I am whom ever you want me to be." He pauses and looks a way. "In this life ive been called Sebastian for many years.. however that name died with my master"


"Sebastian fits you.."


"Then that is what you shall call me" he chuckles. Grabbing your wrist and pinning them above your head he leans down breath kissing the shell of your ear. "Now tell me, why did you summon me here?"


"I-i wanted to thank you ....f-for earlier. You helped me"


"I see, i shall let you thank me with your body" he says ripping the blanket from you. Exposing your nude lower half.  "You were expecting this. I could  smell you before I even arrived"


"W-what? No what are you talking about?" You cup your cunt feeling the wetness seeping through your fingers. I cant let him know what I was thinking about.


"Oh but i do know" you jump as you feel his breath on your neck and arms wrap around your waist from behind you. Taking your hands from your cunt and placing them behind your head. 


"When did you.."


"When did I what?" He asked now in front of you dragging you to the end of your bed and spreading your legs as wide as they would go, admiring your cunt glistening in the moon lit room.


"You smell wonderful" he deeply inhales the scent on your cunt and smirks deviously at you. Using his mouth he bites the tip of his glove on his left hand slowly pulling it off. Revealing his long slender fingers.


He softly slides his fingers along you cunt making you jolt. Sticking his fingers into his mouth he hums.


"You taste as sweet as you smell. Keep your hands up behind your head will you?" Voice caught in your throat you just nodded. You didn't want to embarrass yourself in front of the man who clouded your thoughts all day and night. 


You felt the tip of his tongue swipe across your clit, causing you to gasp as a shiver was sent through your body. Looking down at him, he waited until you held eye contact with him to swirl his tongue around your clit sucking it into his mouth. 


Your moans and cries fell on deaf ears as his cold tongue rapidly flicked your clit. Gripping fistfuls of the sheets as your chest with the skilled touch of his tongue. This is way better than my fingers.  His gloved hand pushed you thigh further out of the way as he slips the tips of his cold slender fingers into your cunt. Teasing you, he goes back to fiercely sucking your clit while sliding two fingers in and bringing them all the way back out. Clenching around nothing with your thighs quaking. You desperately ached for release. 


The moment he slid his fingers back in you thrust you hips up trying to get more than just the tip of them into you. To hit that sweet spot. You cry out feeling him slip in a third finger sliding them to the base of his hand, reaching spots that your toys and hook ups couldn't tickle with their dick.


"Looks like you've been touch starved" he smirks eyes glinting as he brushes his hair of his face while he thrust his fingers faster into you.  Feeling you clench around his fingers he dips back down to rapidly flick your clit with his tongue again. Your legs threatening to close around his head. Placing his gloved hand back on your thigh he keeps your legs from snapping shut as you cum dripping down his hand and on your bed.


"Yes , yes, let it all out for me" he spoke softly still pumping his fingers into you carrying you through your orgasm.


  Your chest heaving up and down rapidly as you drag your hands over your face wiping away your drool. "Good," he said, his eyes never leaving your body, as he licked your juices from his hand "so good." He tongued to lick you cum from your cunt and thighs "cleaning you up".


"Feel free to call for me again, ill be more than happy to have another taste of you" you sit up and watch as his wings reappear and wrap around him 


"Sebastian W- Wait" you call out. Struggling to get up out the bed so you can grab him. You fall to the floor and hiss on instinct remembering your arm was dislocated. When you felt no pain you opened you eyes confused. He flashes you a gentle smile and disappears into the dark corner of your room. You look at you arm, no cast and no sling. What the fuck is going on.



Gasping, you quickly sit up in your bed feeling the sharp pain in your arm. You grab your arm, looking around the room for Sebastian. Realizing no one else was there you shake your head sliding from under the covers. I must be fucking crazy.


Walking to the bathroom. You feel the stickiness between your legs. Running your hand between your legs you feel the wetness of your cunt and familiar stickiness of your cum. Eyes wide you run back to your flip the covers back to see the wet stain on the sheets. 


"A wet dream are you kidding me?! Ouch" you groans after slamming your hand on the wall forgetting what happened to your arm. Oblivious to the winged stranger watching from outside your window. Pink orbs glowing in the darkness. 


Chapter Text

"I guess its my lucky day" Gin says caging you to the wall. "I've waited so long to catch you alone. You're the perfect prey... and I've always wanted a pet"

Thats how it all started. All it took was for him to catch you alone and sink his claws into you, putting you under a never ending spell of lust.

To Gin, you were his pet, a play thing,a cock sleeve, his cum dump. And you were more than happy to be just that ... except for right now.

With the new assignment from Aizen, he had you boarded up in his office with him. Naked and tied up so you wouldn't bother him with how needy you are. But also so he could admire your body and how your chubbiness flowed out over the tightly tied ropes.

Your constantly whining made his eye twitch in annoyance. In your defense, he did leave you with you legs spread wide and arms behind your back on the cold leather couch. You couldn't touch yourself, the least he could do was show you some type of attention.

"G-Gin, pretty please" you cried, moaning slightly from the way the rope grazes your nipples Everytime your back arched.

"Give me a minute y/n" he says through gritted teeth. "Be patient for me and you'll be rewarded like the good girl you always are" he says giving you a closed eye smile.

You nod biting your lip. If he wasn't going to give you some type of release this rope damn sure would. Making sure he wasn't watching you, you experimentally arched your back again feeling the rope slowly side across your nipples. You eyes rolled back as a shiver was sent up your spin. This could work.

Arching your back again you felt your cunt gush and the leather under you begin to dampen as the rope continuously grazed your nipple. As ridiculous as you may have looked, you continued to arch your back for the friction, feeling yourself get more aroused by the second. No longer caring if you were caught as little moans and whimpers slipped out the closer you came to your orgasm.

From the corner of his eye, Gin watched you come undone with your head throw back , eye clenched closed and button lip tucked between you teeth. Your body trembled as he could clearly see the cum dripping out of your twitching cunt.

Your was chest heaving, hot body contrasting with the coolness of the leather. You smiled to yourself learning a new way to make yourself cum, who knew your nipples were so sensitive?

"You're truly like a bitch in heat"

Opening your eyes you see Gin leaning over you with his arms on either side of you caging you to the couch. "You couldnt wait for me? Hmm?" he pulls at your overly sensitive nipples, pinching and tugging making you silently scream.

"I-uh .." your brain couldn't form words. Annoyed at the black of an answer he received from you, he slaps your cunt making you squeal.

"Since we're so impatient to be fucked like a whore," he says scooping you up and carrying you over to his desk. "I'll give you dick.. " you watch eyes sparkling as he slides his pants and briefs down. He angles it to your cunt and slides you down off the desk and onto him.

"Now, you better not move or this is all you'll get today" swallowing hard you nod. You groans lowly feeling your cunt clench as if it wanted to swallow him whole. This should be easy, he'll give in.

He didn't. The first few times you squirmed trying to get frictions he got annoyed roughly yanking your head back for you to look in his eyes as he degraded you.

After a while he made you stand, you whined at the lost of contact but it was just for him to turn you around so your back was to his chest, slamming you back down on his dick, you came instantly. The nerve burning through your body as you tried to catch your breath. You juices sliding down his thighs. He bit your shoulder as you cunt convulsed around him. Didn't he really need to finish his work right now? Glancing at the pile of unfinished work, yes. Yes he did need to finish but that didn't stop him from standing and slamming your face to the desk.

The sound of skin slapping and your breathless moans filled the room. "This is what you wanted isn't it?!" He practically shouted. Lifting one leg up onto the desk he begin to ram into you yanking you back to meet his hips by your bound hands.

You nodded vigorously as drool seeped out of you mouth. Tears started to prick the corners of your eyes. He always filled you so perfectly, rubbing along the spots inside you that made you forget how to breathe. He pulled all the way out, admiring your cream coating his dick and how slippery it was. Slamming back in balls slapping at your clit. He wanted to break you.

He didn't understand how no matter how rough and cruel he was to you, you continued to come back to him. Like a loyal dog.

The desk scraped against the floor as it moved a inch every-time he thrust into you. Feeling you squeeze him made his thrust falter. Annoyed he harshly smacked your ass only for you to grip
him tighter. "What a good girl, waiting for permission. Go ahead, Come on, Y/N." He purred. "Cum for me."

A silent scream caught in your throat. Your eyes rolled back your orgasm washed over. Gin groaned when your spasmed around him, tightening to the point where he could hardly move. He snapped his hips once, twice and one finally time gritted teeth before putting out, throwing you to your knees and cumming on your face.

Gin had to hold on to the desk to make sure he didn't fall onto of you. Looking into your dazed fucked out eyes. Kneeling beside you, he cuts the rope letting kt fall from your body. You stand on wobbly legs rubbing your wrist licking the cum from your lips and places you could reach. He fixed his clothes and sat back down pulling his desk to him where it belong. Looking up at your fucked out form he smacks your ass.

"Go clean yourself up, ill come find you when I'm done"


Chapter Text

The Boar Hat. A bar owned and founded by Meliodas. And at the moment everyone was in there respective rooms passed out from drinking while you were bent over the bar with a towel stuffed in your mouth.


15 minutes ago


Quietly you sweep up the broken glass left around the bar from the chaotic night. It was a miracle that you were able to usher everyone to bed before they passed out leaving more of a mess to clean.

 Dumping the last bit of broken glass in the trash you hear snickering. Whipping your head around, you don't see anyone and shrug it off assuming the bit of alcohol you drunk had you hearing things. I should sneak into Bans again tonight, I'm sure he's up waiting for me.


Grabbing a towel from the kitchen pantry you feel a presence behind you, looming over you. Whipping around to only see nothing, again. Brushing it off to your nerves and anxiety from all the silence, you softly make your way back to the bar and start to move things off the counter.  This time hearing shuffling behind you. Alright, I know Im

Not crazy. 


Annoyed, you throw down the towel, ready to whip whoever's ass for trying to scare you.  The moment you whip your head around, your arm is grabbed tightly and your face is onto the bartop.  Feeling the heat of his shirtless chest on your back, his teeth nip at your ear. "Its alright" he slurred "i-its just me". Ban.


"You scared me!" You whisper shouted.


"I know, you looked so cute. I couldn't help but tease you a little" he hums letting your arm go but still pressing his body to yours keeping you pinned to the bartop.  Lacing his fingers with yours you paces them on top of the bar as he starts to press kisses to you neck.




"Come on i'll be quick this time" 


"No, we almost got caught last time"


"Exactly babe, almost. Now come on" he coees flipping up your skirt and gripping your ass with his large hands.  "Ive been waiting all night for you." Using his foot he spreads your legs wide. You arch your back in his hold feeling his hands slide into the waistband of your panties.  "Atta girl" he praised. 


Grabbing the unused towel that you took from the pantry, he  yanks your head back pulling you in to a sloppy heated kiss, a mine of saliva between you cut as he stuff the towel in your mouth. "keep you hands up here for me. And don't lift your head, or ill stop" he said sternly disappearing behind you. Like the obedient sweet angel you claimed to be, you stayed still feeling your panties slide down your legs as you stepped out of them. The cool air on your cunt making you shiver as Ban slipped your panties into his pocket back pocket


Sliding his hands up your thighs to your ass he spread your cheeks. Cunt glistening in the little bit of light peaking through the window. His tongue swiped over his bottom lip, "It's beautiful" he feigned a tear. 


Your eyes roll to the back of your head as Ban slowly entered the tip of his finger into your throbbing wet cunt. A quiet gasp escaped you at the feel of his long finger dip in and out you a few times before two thick fingers evaded you. He couldn't help but groan at the feel of your tight cunt squeezing his fingers as he slowly pumped in and out of you,  watching how you were getting wetter. 


Muffled sounds were coming from your mouth as Ban thrust his fingers into you faster. "What was that baby?I didn't quite understand" he teases. 


You stomp your foot a few times before you legs started to tremble and your cumming on his two fingers.


"Oh you could do better than that," he coeed rewarding you with a third finger. Spreading your legs wider, he lets go of your ass cheek, biting it and landing a harsh smack making you let out a muffled shout. 


Proud of the reactions hes getting from you, he curved his fingers down, ramming into  your sweet spot. You just needed to come one more time, he need to you be stretched out for him. He's been waiting to have you split on his dick from the moment you walked out your room in that shorr skirt. 


You let out a muffled cry, as he used his other hand to reach around rubbing circles into your clit. Music to his ears. Tears were rolling down the side of your face clouding your vision as your orgasm crashed on you, legs threatening to give out. 


Your muffled moans growing louder as Ban continued to thrust into you enjoying the way your cunt repeatedly clenched around his fingers, wishing it was his dick. 


Once your moans quieted, he slowly slipped out his fingers, sucking your cum and juices off of them. Placing his hands back on your ass, he spreads your cheeks apart and buries his face into your cunt, sucking you dry, licking you clean and overstimulating you. 


Your hands tightly gripped the edge of the bar as hile tongue swirled around your clit and back up to dice deep into your hole, you were going to cum again if he kept it up. 


He could clearly hear your muffled coice chanting his name, egging him on to continue. Eyes closed in bliss, you were the best meal he's had all day.



You feel him abruptly stop, keeping your eyes clenched shut as your cunt spazzed from how close you were to cumming.


"Oh ... hey captain" Ban stands wiping his mouth his fingers. You snap open your eyes to see Meliodas leaning on the doorway with a knowing smirk. You go into shock the towel falling out your mouth as you pushed yourself up from the bar. Wobbly legs barley holding you up as you wiped your tear stained face to look presentable.


"Hey .. looks like I was right"


"Meliodas i-"you say as you push yourself up legs feeling wobbly.


"No need to explain, ive been hearing you for a while now. Just to see it with my own eyes .." he said putting his hand on his chin. "King owes me some money..." he mumbles.


"Anyway good night" he waves walking toward his room. You waited until you heard his room close to punch Ban in the chest.


"You asshole!"


"Hey hey, youre to blame if anything you heard him. He's been hearing you, that means everybody heard you 'ban ban ban'"  he laughs as he imitates your moans.


You huff and roll your ears pushing past him. 


"Where do you think you're going? We're not done" he says pulling you back and throwing you over his shoulder.


"That was just the appetizer babe"

Chapter Text

He was tired.


Flowers and shattered glass scattered across the floor. Finally returning from the 5 month long business trip,  Naoya found his once shared home empty. This isnt wasnt he needed right now. Sitting his things down, carefully walked through the place that was seemly untouched since the day he left. 


Shirtless, Naoya sat in the darkness of his empty home. The glow from the cigarette tucked between his lips and the light from his phone illuminated the room. His leg bounced as he strolled through your social media. He didn't think you had the balls to do it, but you did, you ultimately him left again. You haven't contacted him once since he left. He figured you were just being a brat, he thought he trained you well. 


'Oh don't you look happy', He thought scrolling through your most recent photos. You never smiled like that with him. Chuckling he takes a long drag from the cigarette, choking as his eyes caught the glimpse of another man in your photo. 


You cropped the photo so all anyone could see is neck down. Smart girl.  As he continues to scroll he comes across a picture of you holding a bouquet of roses, dated a month from tomorrow. "Happy 2 month anniversary, isnt he the best" the caption read. He scoffs, Naoya knows you don't like roses but you look ethereal, like this is one of the happiest moments of your life. Scrolling through the comments he narrows his eyes as he catches a "cant wait till we go back".  He didn't bother clicking on the profile, I didn't matter if that was your little friend... he'll soon become irrelevant just like the rest of them. 


Ironically, you just so happen to have brrn standing in-front of a restaurant his company just took over, he did need to pay it visit. Ashing out his cigarettes, Naoya cant help but to laugh at how convenient the situation was. He could kill two birds with one stone in a days times. Checking out the business for any possible- must needed changes and for you.  To remind you that hes still here. To make you aware of his presence, that you apparently forgot about. He needs to make it clear he's solidified in your life.


Double tapping the photo he locks his phone.





The flower. Your new favorite place and currently your monthly anniversary spot for you and your new beau. With Naoya out of the picture, you felt lighter.  You were constantly stressed and worried about him ruining your relationships but things have been great this time around. He was away on "business" doing god knows what and you weren't going to sit around waiting for him to come back only to repeat the same cycle.  


Naoya was sweet and caring to you, open and carefree. You can used to be able to see the love in his eyes but the last time you saw him they were only coldness and distance. 


He cheats and leaves, You move on, he comes back, insisting he's changed, you believe him and hes back to the misogynistic asshat  weeks later. You wont fall for it again. 


So when you finally look up from your menu to look at your boyfriend as he spoke to you, your heart drops into your ass as familiar feelings being to swirl through your body.  His voice falls on deaf ears as no more than 6ft away stood Naoya, with his eyes dead set on you. He smiles when he realizes you see him and motion for you to come to him with his fingers. Clearing your throat, you excuse yourself saying you needed to go to the restroom. 


You reach Naoya but he doesnt say anything, he just turns and walks down the corridor. Looking to see your boyfriends back still facing you, you follow him. Passing the chaotic kitchen, you follow him into what you could assume is a office. Wordlessly he points over his shoulder at the door and a man you could only assume is the manager runs out in fear, you jump at the sound of the door slamming behind him.


In seconds Naoya's hands snake around your waist, he tucks his head into the crook of your neck deeply inhaling your scent, internally seething because you smell like something other than him. 


"i missed you princess" he sighs into your neck, his breathe sending a warm shiver up your spine. "I see you're out with another one of your little friends"


"hes not my friend hes my boyfriend " you retort pealing yourself from his hold. 


"Right" he chuckles licking his teeth. "Anyway, Im back and better so you can tell your friend you're leaving, and we can go home" he says walking to the desk. 


Narrowing your eyes, you cant believe this fucker. He called you back here just to waste your time. Sucking your teeth you turn and head to the door. "Go to hell Naoya" you say not even bothering to spare him another glance. As you turned the knob cracking the door open, his large frame comes up behind you  slamming it shut and pressing you to the door. 


"What did I say before I left y/n?" He asked through gritted teeth. His patience was running thin with you, why couldn't you just do what he says like you always do? Keep you eyes focused on the door in front of you, you don't respond. Internally telling yourself if you ignore him he'll let you go, he doesnt care about you anyway. 


"Y/n!" He shouts gripping your face and roughly turning your head for you to look up at him. "What .. did . I say before i left?"


You just looked at him. Becoming more enraged by the second he takes a deep breathe before leaning in and whispering. "I told you not to give me shit away, surely you remember."  You don't know why hut you feel guilty. Your eyes begin to water as you feel yourself going back down the dark hole you crawled out of, feeling the need to explain, to tell him you didnt fuck anyone else. To tell him that deep deep you missed him too. 


Sucking in a sharp breath looks your in your watery eyes. His breathe fans over your lips and thats all it tastes for him to smash his lips to yours. You turn in his hold with you back again the door not breaking the needy kiss. He slightly crotches down to lift you hooking your legs over his arms as he starts to attack your neck. 


Your mini skirt rids up exposing your black lace panties. The air was cool in contrast the the amount of hear radiating from your cunt. Your head was spinning as Naoya licked from your collarbone up your neck to your ear. Your boyfriend long forgotten, as you feel Naoya fumbling with his belt and buttons on his pants.


His dick springs free , using one hand to slide your panties to the side, hes instantly rubbing his tip through your slippery folds. You hold your breath ready and waiting for him to be inside of you already. The moment his tip dips inside, you let out a shake moan. Pulling his hips back he teases you with his tip for a bit before slamming hisself into you soft warm cave. "Oh, what a greedly little cunt you have, swallowing me up like this" he groans. 


The familiar sting that came with the way he stretched your cunt was present but the pleasure and overwhelming feeling of his heavy balls slapping against your ass as he immediately fucks into you at a rough pace felt even better. He adjust your body so only the top of your back is on the door as the rest of you is being held up by your ass as he dips his nails into your skin while sloppily pounds into you .  A loud groan rips its way out of your chest,  hiccupping as your breathe is forced out of your lungs.


"You like that, fucking slut" He asks voice horse. "Fucking me while your so called boyfriend is out there waiting for you, do you have no shame y/n?" He chuckles as he bites his lip. Wrapping your legs around his waist he lifts your body of the door and carries you over to the desk, knocking everything off and laying your body down. Lifting his shirt he tucks it in his mouth as he being to pound into you again. 


Your mouths echo off the wall, getting louder with each thrust. "You're being to loud dummy" His hand slides up and wraps around your neck immediately shutting you up. 


Heavy breathe and small whimpers could be heard in the room as he continued to harshly snap his hips and fuck into you like a dog in heat.  His hand starts to clench painfully around you throat, you felt your breathing become restricted, you were lightheaded. 


"Does that fucker fuck you this good y/n?!" He grunts with a scowl on his face. Tears begin to slide down the sides of your face as you felt you cunt spazzing with your orgasm. A silently cry falling from your gaped lips as he kept fucking into you now pinching at your swollen clit. 


"You fucked another man on me, you goddamn bitch," He hisses squeezing your throat tighter. "I fucking love you, I give you everything you ask for and the moment I leave for work you think you're free"  he grunts. "Fr-free to fuck whoever you want" his hips been to stutter and you feel his dick throbbing. You eyes are blurred from the non stop tears as your second orgasm ripped through you.


"You mine, always will be." He groans as his dick throbs and he fills you with his cum. Releasing his grip from your throat, you immediately reach your hand up to rub your neck. Its like he was trying to kill me, you thought as you felt him slide your panties back into place.


You sit up on the desk and already see him reaching for the door knob. "Enjoy the rest of your little date, I'll see you at home later." He smirks over his shoulder. His face becomes serious for a moment before saying "dont make me have to come find you again" and slamming the door behind him.


Its too embarrassing to face  your date,  atleast 40 minutes have passed your hair was a mess, make up ruined and you had Naoya's cum inside of you.  You needed to sneak out. 'Maybe going back home to Naoya would be so bad' You smile to yourself, he did just say he loves you.

Chapter Text

"A-atsu please" you beg, eyes clouded with tears threatening to fall. Hes been edging you for almost an hour.

"There, there" he coos softly "Our little star here is camera shy so be nice to her" he coos as uses his fingers to spread the lips of your cunt for the camera. "She's play as my one and only assistant today, and yet she isn't fulfilling her duties"

"I’m trying!" You shout through gritted teeth as he plunges his fingers back into your sopping cunt.  Thrusting his fingers in a twisting motion, your eyes roll back as you bring your legs up, grabbing your curling toes - spreading yourself wider for him.

"Look at our greedy little star, gripping my fingers so tightly. Show I let her cum?" He asks to the fake audience as he thrust and twist his fingers faster.

"Y-yes" you swallow hard "Atsu- please" you nearly cry as your orgasm is so close you begin to hold your breath.

"Not yet you say?" He asks playfully. Your eyes snap open breathes caught in your throat as he rips his fingers out, denying you of yet another orgasm. Your cunt spasm around nothing and you finally let out the breath you've been holding in a loud, almost painful shriek.  Legs snapping closed as your body rolls onto its side.

Compress could do nothing but chuckle at your miserable form as he walks over to his tripod and places his phone between the holders.

"Just hold out for me a little longer mmkay?" He says softly pressing a kiss to your forehead out of sight from the camera.  You nod wiping your tears, hiccupping as you let him pull you up to sit on his clothe lap. Throwing your legs over his

You glance at the way the camera was set up, close to the floor but angled where one could only see your breast down to your exposed cunt. You whine feeling his gloves hand gently wrap around your neck, pulling you back into his chest.

Your eyes flutter shut as he lightly runs the tips of his ungloved fingers over the lips of your cunt, purposely avoiding your precious pearl - as he would call it. 

"Isn't she a true beauty? No one is more worthy of the lead role!"

You wiggle your hips just a little hoping he'll accidentally touch your clit. All you needed was a little pressure and it'll send you over the edge. You would've did it yourself, omit the fact your promised to cooperate.

As you continued to wiggle your hips while he blabbered to his mock audience. His voice begins to fall on deaf ears. Every few seconds his shirt sleeve lightly brushed against your clit, and every-time that light touch bought you closer to the sweet release you were craving.

His hand on your throat tightened. "It seems our star forgot her lines" Compress spoke in a neutral but low voice as his fingertips left your cunt and his heavy hand came down on you. The powerful slap sent your right where you wanted to be, your body folding, legs trembling wishing they could snap closed as you came, squirt on the floor.

"NOW THATS SOME GREAT FOOTAGE" He shouts in excitement as you trembled in his lap. "More, give them more" he chants rubbing your clit with painful yet pleasurable haste sending you into overstimulation as you squirted again with a strangled cry.

"Get on your knees for me," he gently guided you down to the floor before reaching over to grab his phone. He sat his phone aside for a moment as he stood up and unbuckled his belt. You knew the drill, often doing this off camera. You wait patiently for him to circle behind you, carefully securing your arms behind your back. Confirming it wasn't painful for you, he came back around, standing in front of you, unbuttoning his pants and letting them drop to his ankles, followed by his brief, both of which he ends up kicking off. 

You felt a little bad, all the whining and crying tour did, his dick has been hard the entire time. Kudos to Atsu for having some restraint. Picking up his phone he starts yet another video- maybe even continuing the original one if that was even possible. Cupping your chin, he tilts your head up, plush lips glistening in the lighting.

"For our neck trick, our star and my lovely assistant won’t be needing or using her hands." Letting go of your chin he grabs his dick tipping it onto your lips l.

"Open your mouth and look at me." He whispers. You looked beautiful to him, face still damp from crying still remained and the desperate, teary-eyed look on you face left him wanting nothing more but to make you cry again.  Doing as told, you are opening your mouth - looking up at him through your wet lashes. Sticking your tongue out you licked along the bottom of his dick letting drool fall from the sides of your mouth. Licking back up, you wrap your lips around his tip keeping eye contact as you slowly slide down to the base feeling him poke at the back of your throat.

It was hard for him to keep his eyes open as you slowly bobbed you head up and swallowing all of him each time you went back down.  His grip on his phone tightened, he was shocked - surprised even getting more and more excited by each bob of your head as you begin to move faster.  Your eyes flutter closed as he hummed around him sending vibrations through his body up his spine.

"L-ladies and gentlemen, we're having some technical issues and w-will be needing to e-end the show early ...see you s-fuck it" he groaned tossing his phone behind him. He growled, gripping your hair and yanking you back off him pressing a rough kiss to your lips.

You hardly get the chance to gasp for air when he pulls away before he’s pushing your head back down to his dick. To avoid gagging you breathe heavily through your nose and let him use your mouth. Thrusting his hips up, his moans echo through the room along with the nasty squelching sounds escaping your mouth. Tears and Drool dripping down to your chest making your golden skin shine under the lighting. To him, this is the most beautiful you've ever looked while he used you. 

He looks so hot, pupils blown wide as he stares down at you as he fucks into your mouth simultaneously with your head bobbing. You feel yourself dripping down your thighs and accidentally swallow around him- that sends him to his end. Throat gripping him almost just as your cunt would and he’s Cumming down your throat, but you don't stop bobbing your head. Swallowing his cum, you squint your eyes, if his dick wasn't in your mouth her would be able see the devious smile on your lips as you aim to send him into overstimulation just as he did you.

He's twitching, hardly able to get a word out as you keep bobbing and sucking. Finally getting a good grip on your hair again, he yanks you back rougher than earlier - letting out a relieved sigh.  You bite your lip to hide your smile as he catches his breathe.

Helping you off the floor he releases your arms from his makeshift restraints. "Want to watch the videos? Dare I say, I do make a great director"



Chapter Text

"You don't think this is a ... bit much?" You question. Scanning the empty restaurant of the hotel the both of you were staying in. 


"Nothing is ever to much for you." He replies. Gently grabbing your hand to give it a kiss and lead you to the table. It was you guys anniversary and the aristocrat the man was you were going to be wined and dined. And hopefully sixty nined later on in the bed room. 


The waiter comes with the appetizers and another with a bottle of white wine. "Please enjoy." The waiters say in unison. Leaving the two of you to enjoy your evening, "I hope you like everything. I know you're not into the whole flashy thing ... I just wanted tonight to be perfect." 


Face heating up at his words, "Of course tonight will be perfect ... Im with you thats all I care about." You replied. Gently grabbing the wine glass and bringing it towards the man to do a cheers, "To many more years." "Til death do us part." He says clinking his glass against yours. 


The both of you sip together. Taking in the sight of the whole romantic settling your brown orbs onto the mans form. How good he looked in his suit, wearing no hat and his blonde hair slicked back making him look even more attractive than he usually does. This whole intimate setting was making you think of an idea and ... turning you on at the same time.


Something risky that you guys have never done before but its your anniversary. There is no perfect time sitting the wine glass down you 'accidentally knock over your fork', "I'll get it honey .. don't worry about it." He says. Attempting to spring into action only to be stopped by your words, "No .. its fine I got it."


"Okay." He replies slowly sitting down.The man digs back into his food unaware of your intentions. Lifting the table cloth as you crawled towards the mans crotch. Running your hands up his thighs as he jumped at the action, "Wh-What at you doing?" You didn't reply just placing one of your fingers against your lips and pulling his seat closer to the table. 


"YN .. baby this is-" He was cut off by you pulling down his zipper. Thankfully he wore boxers so it'll be easier to give him this impromptu oral session. "You know for a man .. who was caught off guard ... your dick is already hard." You whisper as you pulled it out through the small hole. "We-Well .. I couldn't help it-" 


His words were cut off by you giving it a slow sensual lick. He slightly shuddered, "This is .. you don't have to .." You loved Sabo he was so sweet and caring ... but sometimes too sweet. And this was something not so sweet you wanted to do for him. Wasting no time you wrapped those plump lips he loved so much around him. Head bobbing up and making sure to let no saliva drip out and stain his expensive suit. 


He was at a loss for word hand covering his flushed face as you continued to draw his orgasm out. You could sense he was holding back assuming he didn't wanted to cum in a public place. "We-We're going to caught." He panted.


How .. its just us here? You thought. 


 You trailed your hands up his thighs giving them a slow massage. He loved this the feel of your soft hands caressing his toned body. This always sent him over the edge, "Mhm." You moaned. Mouth going all the way down onto him as he shot his sticky seed straight down your throat. 


He was a panting mess from the overwhelming orgasm, "That .. was cruel." Tongue lapping over any reside licking the mans dick clean, "Aw .. Im sorry. I just wanted to do something spontaneous for you." You say. Fixing the man pants and crawling back to your seat, grabbing a nearby napkin gently cleaning your lips. Then going through your clutch grabbing your lips gloss and reapply it. 


The man watching in aw he was truly in love, "Oh ... just you wait .. until we get back to the our room." He says lowly. 


Digging into your food that was still hot unaware what was waiting for you once you guys finished with dinner. 

Chapter Text

It was one of those days. One of those days that just never seemed to fucking end with some form of chaos and the former pro hero Endeavor couldn't take it anymore. He was mentally prepared to suit up at any moment and continue to show the world that he still had it and could protect them no matter how much he's aged unlike someone (All might). Coughing into his fist he watched the news in horror. The new generations of heroes and villains were reckless. On the verge of bursting into to flames while watching the hero current #2 Dynamite blow building to bite as he chased after minor villains.


"Relax" Shoto sighed coming up behind his dad with Fuyumi following behind him. "We came to see how you were and your about to burn a hole through the couch" he deadpanned as he sat down on the couch furthest from his father who looked ready to combust. 


"Daddy is just stressed that's all" Fuyumi said sitting next to Enji making his expression soften.


"Daddy" Shoto quotes playfully mocking Fuyumi with small smile earning a giggle from her. "... Needs some ass or something. What are you stressed for? You're retired" he continued going back to his normal straight face as he sips his tea.  Fuyumi gasp lightly slapping Shoto on the head, opening her mouth to apologize to her dad for her younger brother. 


"No. It's fine" Enji holds up his hand. Crossing his arms, staring at the television oblivious to Shoto and Fuyumi staring at him. Maybe I do need to get laid. 




His hand slid up and down his dick as he imagined being buried in a cunt. Specifically, his new golden skinned neighbor, he's only ran into her once, but he can't get her face out of his mind.  A few breathy moans fall off his lips as he felt coming close finishing at the thought of her on her knees before him, begging for his cum. With a choked breath, he desperately thrust into his hand, vision blurring as he came. 


With furrowed brows, Enji watched as his semen follows down the drain of the shower. Sighing, he stepped back letting the water follow over his head and down his body.


Hopping out the shower, he takes a moment to look at himself in the foggy mirror. Wiping the fog away he grimaced at his reflection. "SHOTOOOOOOOOOOOOO" he shouts as his body burst into flames. Shutting his eyes, he takes a deep breath to calm himself, patting the towel -now engulfed in flames.


"I can't believe I defiled myself thinking that was the solution" he mumbled walking to his bedroom. After jacking off in the shower, he did not feel the slightest bit better. Maybe I should try to get out there and find someone to give the ass Shoto claims I need. 


He briefly looks out his bedroom window, eyes focusing on his beautiful neighbor in her garden. Its 10:30.. what are you doing out there? Spacing out, he hardly notices the way you spotted him in the window shirtless. Not until you smiled and waved at him. He blinks body stiffening with guilt as he recalls his shower session filled with thoughts of you and he quickly snatches the curtains closed, missing the way your eyes light up with desire. 


Sighing, he gets into bed- embarrassed. Staring up at the ceiling, he wondered what your quirk was. Could you read his thoughts? Did you know what he did in the shower? Do you know how he craves you?


Shaking off his anxieties, Enji decides not to worry about it, about you. Maybe Shoto was right, he did need to get laid, he was pent up. However, he doesn't want that to overpower his will to atone and continue striving to be a better father - now that he has more time on his hands. Irritated with his thoughts he sucks in a deep breath and tucks his arm behind his head, closing his eyes. It takes a few minutes but jacking off might've helped him as he drifts off into a deep slumber.




With a gasp, he eyed snapped open to reveal his office at his agency. Looking around, he spotted things that have been placed before retirement, like the black leather couch he bought when he heard Shoto say he liked it. This must be a dream. 


Looking down, he noticed he wasn't in his hero uniform but rather a button down and slacks. Panic begins to settle in as he watches a pair of beautifully manicured hands appear from under his desk and slide up his legs to his crotch.  Pushing his seat back, he finds the source of the hands. His beautiful neighbor. Definitely a dream.


"What's wrong?" You ask from underneath the desk with your head tilted to the side to appear innocent. His breathe was caught in his throat as you crawled from under the desk towards him revealing yourself in nothing but a bra with your breast spilling out, a pencil skirt with your ass hanging out and garter belt attached to your thigh highs with your thighs spilling over like a can of biscuits. But what really caught his attention was the diamond studded collar around your neck that read "Enji T.". Is my imagination this strong? 


"W-hat- h-how?" He stammered over his words swallowing thickly as you reached for her belt buckle. 


"Shhh. Mr. Todoroki. You need to relax, and you called me here to help you. I want to help you sir" you coo pulling his dick out. Your tongue darted out tasting him. He choked out a moan from feeling something other than his hand. You grabbed the base as you slowly closed your mouth around the tip. He arched in his seat, bucking his his up uncontrollably -clearly touch starved- until his dick reached the back of your throat. 


"W-wait!" He shouts stopping you. "This feels too real" 


You bat your eyelashes with his dick in your mouth as he stares down at you. Your mouth doesn't move but he can hear your voice, like it's in his head. "It's your dream, I beg you, do whatever you want to me Enji"


Placing his overly large hands on either side of your face, he begins to thrust into your mouth slowly, salivating from the realization that you don't have a gag reflex.  Enji slid his feet slightly apart to ground himself before slipping his hand through your braids as he felt you sucking and swallowing in between every shallow thrust into your mouth.  You were sucking his climax out if him with hardly any effort.  Trembling moans fell from his lips when you hollowed your cheeks and squeezed his balls hard making his legs buckle. He tightly grips a handful your braids pulling his dick free from your sinful mouth and cums on your face.


You closed your eyes, happily accepting the warm liquid he gave you. Listening to him grunt and groan as he came to a complete finish, letting go of your hair and slumping back into his seat. You open your eyes, waiting for him to look at you as you still kneeled before him.  The moment he realized you were still in-front of him, you stuck out your unusually long tongue and licked the cum from every corner of your face with a devious smile - listening to him panting, dick jumping in excitement as you savored his taste.


"You're right, it is a dream" he smiles like a maniac. I'm going to take what I can get, who knows if I'll be able to get this close to her. At least I can have her in my dream .. even if it's just once. 


Standing up from his seat his pants fall to his ankles. You stick your tongue out expecting for him to fuck your face, he grabs you by the collar and throws you across his desk. Your eyes glow with lust as you get on your knees, spreading your legs wide and laying your chest on the desk with your ass in the air, shocking Enji.


"What are you waiting for? Come fuck me" he burst into flames at your tone. who did you think you were talking to him that way? Wasting no time, he grabs the crotch part of your panties burning them off your body and sheathed himself fully inside you with one slow thrust. 


"You feel so good" he moans with a shudder, running his warm hands up your back pushing you down. You feel the heat from his flaming pubes on your ass, but you don't mind, he could burn you to a crisp if it meant he'll still be fucking your corpse. 


Your eyes roll back, and tongue falls out as Enji starts fucking into you, pushing up your smaller than average skirt. Without warning his hand comes down and smacks your ass, heating up just a bit past comfort—you cry out in pleasure and pain. He's hitting all your sweet spots as he thrust into you faster and all you can feel is the heat from his body smothering you, while your cunt is struggling to adjust to the thickness of his dick.


His dick coming almost all the way out of you before slamming in back again and again — and the pleasure is so overwhelming you simply focus your vision, eyes crossing.  A cold glob of saliva plops onto your exposed asshole and before you can process what might happen, Enji shoves in a thick finger, thrusting in unison with his thrust into your cunt. 


"Yes, fuck me faster Enji!" You cry out. he grunts in response adding a second finger to your ass and relentlessly starts ramming his hips into your ass, his rhythm unsteadies, feeling overstimulated from watching your ass bounce every time you pushed back against him. Feeling overwhelmed from the sight of your cunt creaming around him and juices sliding down dripping on the desk and on the floor from his balls. 


"Dammit" he shouts voice laced with disappointment. You feel his dick twitching as he starts moving weakly and in shallow thrusts. His warmth starts over filling your insides as he cums for the second time, inside of you. 


Out of breath, he pulls out- a sloppy wet sound echoing in the now quiet room. He may be tired, but you're not done. You're here to drain him. You've been smelling his desire from the moment you moved in. 


You flip over, sitting on the desk. You spread your legs wide, leaning back and propping your feet on the desk. "Enji..." you coo. "Look at the mess you made" spreading the folds of your cunt Enji watched as his cum leaks out of you and on his desk.


"Oh? Did that turn you on?" You whisper from behind him wrapping your arms around his neck. Confused and turned on, Enji swallowed and nodded. Looking back only to find you gone again but on the couch. Silently you motion for him to come to you with a single finger. As if in a trace, he kicks of his pants and quickly makes his way to the couch. You push him down on it and straddle him.  You grab his dick and slowly slide down to the base feeling your clit rub against his pelvis letting out a small moan. You bite your lip and experimentally lift your hips and slam them back down, watching Enji's face contort with pleasure. 


Giggling sadistically, start to steadily bounce up and down on Enji's dick.  Squelching and queefing sounds coming from your cunt with the evidence of your last round leaking out onto his lap. Sliding your hands up your body you knead your breast, pinching and pulling at your nipples, putting on a show for him. 


He places his hands on your hips watching you enjoy yourself with his dick. Eyes closed and moaning like a bitch in heat. He swore he saw tiny horns appear on your head and your teeth did look a bit sharper. Maybe it was the post climactic fog messing with his head, maybe it was his dream turning into a nightmare. When you opened your eyes to look at him, he saw your pupils changed, from normal to heart shaped. The horns were definitely there, but that didn't make his dick any less hard.  It was a dream after all, and he wants his fill of you before he wakes up and goes back to being the old man next door.


Gripping your hips tighter, he starts to slam you down on his dick, you have to grip the back of the couch for balance as he's ripping orgasm out of orgasm out of you.  Your appetite for sex had begun to outweigh your appetite for the energy you needed to survive, and you couldn't care less. Though, All the squirting, the way his dick remained hard through all of this, even now with his brows furrowed as he impaled you on his dick, the smell, it made you want more, you needed more. And you knew what that more was


Placing small soft kisses to his neck as you bounce up and down, you feel a vein.  Sticking your tongue out you lightly lick the vein and bite down sinking your fangs into his neck. Enji groans almost animalistic as his dick began to throb cumming for the third time, eyes closed, and mouth gaped open as you sucked him dry. You pull off his neck swirling his blood around his neck over the bite mark with the tips of your fingers


"Far better than I expected, neighbor. I didn't think you could keep up; I might come back for seconds" you whisper licking his blood from your fingers. 


"W-we can keep going" He huffs trying to catch his breathe


"I'm sorry love" you fake pout with a laugh as you cup his face "it's time to wake up" bumping your foreheads together, "I'll see you soon"




Gasping for air, Enji sat up seeing the sun peeking into his bedroom through the sheer curtains. Looking at his phone the time read 6:30am, he slept through the whole night for once. It really was a dream, shit. Lifting the blanket, he eyes his lap in disgust seeing is soiled briefs. 


Stripping out of them he heads the bathroom rubbing his aching neck.  Eyes closed he begins his morning routine, sleep still clear in his eyes as he reaches for his toothbrush. His heart nearly stops at the slight of blood smeared on his hand. Looking in the mirror, he sees a trail of red on his neck, moving closer he makes out the faint bite mark. Instantly, his dick gets hard again at the sight of the mark and memories of his dream.  Groaning he gets into the shower prepared to cure his erection, hoping it'll lure you back to him, assuming that's what enticed you in the first place - for another round.

Chapter Text

To say your human sexuality professor was hot is an absolute understatement. The concept of beauty is ever changing depending on the person, time and place, theres no real definition. However, you were convinced, Professor Gojo was the Epitome of Beauty. 


The way his pale blue eyes sparkled as he glared at your dazed out form from above his glasses. How his voice echoed around the room when he called out your name causing the entire class to turn and look at you. Why doesn't he like me? You halfway laugh as you sink into your seat in embarrassment for the 5th time this week. 


"Ms L/n! I'm going to need you to stay after class" He must get off on embarrassing me.  


"Yes sir" you salute earning a laugh from your peers and a scoff from the professor. Sighing you opened your book and found the page of today's lesson. You already knew it all, of course. You've been studying hard to get on his good side after all.




As class ended you stayed seated while everyone else disappeared through the door. The light footsteps of Your professor making his way over to you made you sink further into your seat and look down at your plush thighs as best as you could over your insanely large breast while your heart hammered in your chest.


Slamming his hand down on your desk, you jump in your seat. He must be really mad. 


"You're very pretty you know, despite being an idiot and all." He says in the most tender tone you've ever heard from him. You finally look up from your lap to meet his eyes to be met with eyes of a hungered beast. You shift in your seat as you analyzed his face, cunt clenching on nothing. He's so handsome. 


"Im sure, you know you're failing this class Y/n" a shiver went down your spine from the way your name rolled off his tongue. "Of course, I want nothing more than to give you ..." he leans closer to whisper in your ear. "A D, but .. " he giggles a little top giddy as he begins walking back to his desk. "Thats only if you want to work for it"


"Yes! I'll work for it! What it takes!" You stand and shout, following after him before you can even process the words that came out of your mouth. 


"Good to hear" he smiles brightly. As you approach him he cups your chin, "I'll like to offer from private tutoring session with me. Beginning now. Get on your knees on the desk" he demands, smile long gone as he glares. 


Tilting your head in confusion you up just stare up at him batting your eyes as if you didn't even hear him.  Clicking his teeth, in a swift motion he yanks you toward him, flips you around and slams your face to his desk. 


"If at any point you're uncomfortable or would rather take the F. Let me know" he says low enough for you to hear.


Pulling up his chair, he sits behind you as your ass is in the air with your body laying over his desk.  He runs his hands up your thighs flipping your skirt back to expose your Victoria secret panties that barley cover your cunt. Pulling them to the side he teases your cunt a bit before dipping in two fingers Making you melt into the desk. Rolled back and mouth gaped open, you relish in the pleasure you're receiving from someone other than yourself.


The handle of the door to the classroom rattles and your eyes snap open. You forgot where you were for a moment. 


"Professor Go- the door. We're going to get caught" you huff gripping his hand to pull his fingers out of you. As he thrust faster into you. Body moving faster than your brain you lift a leg onto the desk to spread yourself wider. 


"Dont worry" he chuckles lightly t" its locked from the outside." You nod pushing yourself back into his hands and start riding his fingers, covering your mouth to help bite back your moans in hopes the students outside the door. Your Orgasm so close you could taste it.


"Now, A person who engages in the scientific study of sexual behavior is known as a ...?"


"Ahhh - huh??" Your brows knit together as the pressure in your core builds up.  Ignoring the odd question you continue to ride his fingers seconds away from your orgasm, cunt squeezing his fingers like a vice grip. 


Roughly, Professor Gojo smacked your ass and snatches out his fingers leaving your body twitching uncontrollably as your orgasm was ripped away from you. Drool pooling on the table under you as you cried out in desperation. 


"Did you think you were LETTING me finger you for a D?" He lets out a hearty laugh making you turn around, teary eyes glaring at him. "Sweet heart, your beautiful and your body is banging. But lets make something clear.." Leaning over you he roughly grips your face. "If you want to pass this class, if you want to cum, you're going to answer these questions correctly or you're going to be shaking for the three hours" he laughs looking down at his watch.



Chapter Text

He was like a lion stalking its prey as he slowly crept up to your "unsuspecting" figure. Sitting at the bar, you subtly chatted with the people around you, downing shots with strangers. You were so buzzed, his calculated steps, his presence creeping up on you, went unnoticed.

As your new friends slowly made their way back to the dance floor, leaving you alone, you continued to drink- leaning your chin in your palm. In his last few steps, he noticed You seemed still lost in thought.  He was close enough where he could smell your perfume, overpowering the scent of the cigar that was between his lips. It was time for the attack.

Carefully, he gently placed his hand on you back and like the predator he always pretended to be- for your excitement. He slides into the seat next to your trailing his hand from your back to your thigh, ordering himself a drink.

The bartender, pretending to wipe off the counters, watched from a distance. Not sure whether he should intervene, unsure if you knew the man who approached you so confidently. You smiled politely letting you know you were safe.

You watch as he stares straight ahead, gulping his drink with his hand still firmly placed on your thigh. You open your mouth to speak, quickly shutting it when his eyes avert to look at you.

Slowly, he sits his glass down - turning to face you. You feel his breath ghost over the shell of your ear as he exhales, sending a shiver down your spine. "Run" is all he says as he pats your thigh softly, returning to his previous position.

At first it takes you a few seconds to process what he said. Eyes darting from him to the seemly overworked bartender. You quickly grab your clutch, sliding off the stool and bolt toward the exit - ignorant to the people you've ran into. Disregarding the handful eyes watching you as you ran to the exit.

Once you were damn near out of his sight. Taiju finished off his drink with an excited yet almost concerning chuckle. Standing he neatly returns his shirt into his dress pants and pays for both of your drinks leaving a healthy tip for the tender. "You didn't see anything" he deadpanned scaring the bartender who could only respond with a nod.  He's sure he gave you enough time, slowly following your footsteps.


Closing the door behind him, he started to search the suite for you - finding a trail of clothes instead that lead to the balcony. Sliding the door open he is welcomed by the sight of your nude body kneeling on the ground, waiting for him.

"Took you long enough" you pant, reaching out and yanking him to you by his belt.

Quickly you unbuckle his belt, fingers quickly unbuttoning his pants and sliding them down enough for you to pull his dick out of his briefs. As you lean in to run your tongue along it, cold air hit your cunt making your moan softly.

"That's a good girl" He moaned. "Hungry slut!"

"That's a good girl" He moaned. "Hungry slut!" He places a hand on the back of your head and pushed his dick as far as it could go, holding it there for a while and blocking your airway. When he lets go his dick falls from your lips leaving you coughing and gasping for air.

He stares down at you, his emotionless face making you feel as if he was calling you pathetic. Not having any of that, you quickly got yourself together and opened your mouth waiting for him to enter. He stared for a while until a wide grin stretched across his face.

"Damn" he chuckles "you'll die for this dick, won't you? You'll let me have you anywhere if I wanted it, huh? Greedy bitch"

Grabbing you by the hair, nails scraping your scalp, he immediately buried himself in the warmth of your mouth, throwing his head back. With no regard for your health, fucked your face with greed - balls slapping your chin, tears rolling down your face and drool dripping onto the floor.

"Get up." He pulled out shrugging his suit jacket off. Still on your knees trying to catch your breath you nod, having yet to move. Hand wrapped around his dick he pumps it, watching you, still not following directions. Annoyed- he hissed grabbing your arm and yanking you to your feet.

"You can be a real bitch, a fucking brat, making me wait, it's annoying but it's turning me on even more" he growls pushing your back to the edge of the balcony. You grip on to the handle as you feel your feet leaving the floor. Titling your head back you see the city lights, even upside down it was beautiful, you were in awe- forgetting where you were until a hand clamp around your throat.

Shit," he swears, sinking into you, balls deep, watching your eyes close with pleasure. You grip the railing to remind yourself that this is your reality and not some dream, a fucked-up dream when Taiju fucks on you the balcony for anyone to see.

"Eyes on me or I'll fucking throw you off, I fucking m-mean it "his threat falters as he starts fucking you deep and slow.  You smile at his reaction. How could you take him serious when he can't even threaten you properly?

He throws one leg over his shoulder, gripping your neck just a bit tighter.  Turning your face of amusement into a face of sin. Your moans echo in the night air as he pulls your body to meet his thrust.

"You can be a real bitch you know, it's annoying but you're so fucking hot" he whines while dipping his head down into the crook of your neck. Harsh smacks echo over the balcony, you can hear people talking somewhere around you, but neither of you care. that only fuels him to fuck you harder, biting down into your shoulder making you scream. He wanted someone to see you and he knew you wanted the same. Why else would you have lured him out here?

Admiring his work to your shoulder, his grip on your neck loses just a little, allowing you to breathe just a bit easier. His eyes bore into yours as he continues to fuck into you, feeling your clenching around him like you never wanted to let go. The white ring around his dick was clear with the light but of light provided by the night sky letting him know you came At least twice by now. Kinky bitch. He bites his lip using his free hand to rub your clit.

Your cry out, throwing your head back. The Leg on his shoulder starts to tremble, he pressed a gentle kiss to it.  However, His words contradicted the sweet motion, "That's it," he whispers. "That's it, you nasty bitch. Cum. cum on this dick! Make me fucking cum or I'm fucking throwing you off.."  He growls feeling his own orgasm coming.

You nod, chanting his name, hearing him hiss from the way your cunt was trying to drain the life out of him. He slaps your clit, and your body starts to shake as clear liquid spills out of you "Oh -f-fuck Tai!" You shout as cum for the third time.

"Fuck yeaaahhh" he swears - panting, slowing his thrust and swirling his hips, dick throbbing inside of your as he cums deep in you.

You let go of the railing leaning back in exhaustion. Taiju let's your legs down and you almost fall- if he didn't grab you in time. Laughing off the nerves you thank him and hear the neighbor gasp. Embarrassed you jog into the suite with him following behind.

"Fucking perv" he mutters fixing his pants. "Ay sweetheart! I can Fucking throw you off if that's what you want but don't go trying to end your life on your own! Crazy bitch"


Chapter Text

A wedding anniversary is supposed to be between two lovers who are deeply in love. But for you ... your wedding anniversary was a bit different. Different how you say ... well you have three husbands. Each one different than the last.

First theres Uzui Tengen , the lovable giant. Uzui adored everything about you. He loved to run his hands all over your body and could care less on who didn't like it. Sure the flashy man was a bit taken back when you prosed the idea of having three husbands but he'll gladly do anything to see those plump lips curve into a smile.

Next we have Kyoujuro Rengoku, the mom of your threesome or father if you will. The man loved to do housework and cater to his wife. Bringing her breakfast in bed, making her afternoon tea, and withering her into the depths of pleasure. Sharing you didn't bother him not one bit he as long as you were in his life.

Last but certainly not least was Tomioka Giyu, the nonchalant one out of the group. Sure the man looked mean on the outside but on the inside he was as soft as a teddy bear. This was a side he only showed to you hes a man of few words but alot of action. And you loved every ounce of him from those cold blue eyes to his one worded responses ... it was such a turn on.

Since it was you four anniversary the men decided that it should be dedicated to their beautiful wife. So there you were belly filled with the delicious food prepared by Kyoujuro while Uzi massaged your feet and Kyojuro on your shoulders. Giyu, the nonchalant he was decided to go train he knew that you guys would be alone soon he can wait til then.

"You know you guys don't have to do all this ... really you guys have did enough for today." You spoke. Rengoku digged into your shoulders even more making you let out a satisfied groan, "Non sense my love. We haven't even made it to dessert." "Yeah and I've been waiting all day." Uzui complained.

Eyes rolling at what the man was referring to, "You always want dessert thats your problem." You snapped. His large hands traveling up your smooth brown skin stopping right at your thigh, "How can I not." The man bit down onto his bottom lip as his mind became cloudy with lustful thoughts.

Breath hitched in your throat as you tried your best not to react to his words. Rengoku slaps the man's hand off your thigh, "Stop being greedy. Dessert is almost ready." He starts. Turning to you with a warm smile, "And I'll see you." Leaning into your face, "In the bed room."

He gave you a soft peck on the cheek leaving Uzui and you all alone. "Ow .. they're always calling me greedy." He spoke. The large man rubbing his sore hand as he looked at you. He couldn't hold back anymore that curvaceous figure of yours was calling out to him. Similar to a sweet melody that he couldn't get his mind off.

Standing to his full six foot six height as he easily scooped you up. Tossing your form over his shoulders causing you to let out a yelp, "Shh .. you want us to get caught." The man tip toes to you guys room while you dangled over his shoulders deep in thought. This isn't gonna end well for me


The bedroom filled squelching noises coming from your cunt while Uzui dug his fingers into your curling hair. The man had you on all fours pounding into your poor cunt while you tried to muffle your moan so the others wouldn't hear.

The grip in your hair tighten as he brought your back into his chest, "Don't be quiet I want to hear your moans." He groaned. The man strokes never let up as a moan escaped your lips, "Yes .. thats it." He praised. Eyes closed shut as you both withered away in pleasure. Until the bedroom door opened to reveal Rengoku standing there with a platter filled with assorted cup cakes.

"Well I guess we won't be needing these." He spoke. The both of you halting your movements as the three of you just stare at one another, "You ... just couldn't wait." "Well you took forever in the kitchen." Tengen retort. "I had just left ! Tomioka you need to come see this." He yelled.

"Im sorry." You spoke. Putting on your best pouty face as the man crouched down before you. Gently cupping your chin, "You .. my love can do no wrong. I blame your greedy husband." Uzui made a face at his words as you three heard Giyu's footsteps approaching. He stopped at the door way, "Seriously what the fuck."

"I know." Rengoku said. Standing to his height as he starts to unbutton his shirt, "If you wanted all three of your holes filled. You should've just said that." Giyu casually states. Entering the bed room closing the door with his foot while you passed a hard gulp, "Just hurry up. She keeps clenching around me." Uzui groaned.

Large hand coming right down on your ass, "Shut up." Rengoku and Giyu say in unison.


"I don't see why I had to switch positions." Uzui complained. "Because you're a greedy bastard. Now either you fill up her ass or I will." Giyu retort. The man stood in front of you while Rengoku was in the middle of pounding you from the bottom as you rode him. "Ah .." You moaned out.

"I would filled all three if you guys didn't interrupt us." He mumbled. He settled behind you while Rengoku's hands traveled all over your body, "Yes ... my love cum all over me." He praised. Giyu smacked his lips at his words, "Show off." He mumbled. The man watched with intensity with a stiff dick as both of your holes were preparing to be filled.

Tengen teased your asshole with his tip, "If it hurts to much I'll stop." You could only muster a head nod while he let out a low chuckle his lips placing a soft kiss onto your neck as he slowly sunk into you. Eyes shutting while a lone tear fell and a breathless moan escaped your plump lips. "Fuck." Tengen groaned. Shuddering from the clenching coming from your stuffed hole.

His strokes started off slow as he gradually start to match Rengoku's pace. No matter how many times these men stretched you out it always felt like it was the first time all over again. A hand traveling to your neck as it started to squeeze which caused you to open them. Brown orbs stand right into Giyu's, "Don't close your eyes now ... this is what you wanted.

The mans dick was twitching with excitement he loved to see your fucked out face. Gripping onto his base giving it a few much needed strokes. Pushing your head down as you came face to face with dick, the tip red as if it was angry. Tapping it onto your lips allowing the precum to coat it like lip gloss, "Open up."

Doing as your were told mouth opening to its furthest degree as strings of saliva decorated your guys, "Shit." He cursed. Mouth being stretched as Giyu pushed himself into your mouth until his tip reaches the back of your throat. Cunt clenching out of sheer pleasure that was radiating through your body. Literally having all three holes was blissful.

All of your bodies were in synch with each other room filled with a mixture of moans. The squelching noises coming from your cunt was like a symphony to all three men, their beautiful wife filled with pleasure. Her brown skin glistening with sweat, tears spilling out of your eyes, curly locs all over your head. A sight they enjoyed seeing over and over.

Cunt clamping down onto Rengoku, "If .. you keep doing that I'm going to cum." He pant. His face flushed with lust while his hands rested upon your waist, "Not if I do it first." Uziu and Giyu grunted. The grip to your waist tightened as all three men sped their pace up. Giyu face fucking you while the other two pounded your poor cunt and asshole.

Moans escaping from your throat which only sent shockwaves through your body. The rough strokes sending you straight into ecstasy. Cunt clenching on final time as all three men filled each hole with their sticky seed. It felt as if you were going into overdrive as your cunt spasm uncontrollably and you squirted all over Rengoku, "Beautiful." He praised.

Al three men watched as the clear liquid coated all over Rengoku, "Lucky." Giyu quietly spoke. "Such a good girl." Tengen praised. Giyu slowly slid his now soft dick out of your mouth leaving a string of saliva between you two. "Are you okay?" He asked. The only thing your fucked out brain could muster was, "Happy ... Anniversary." You pant.

Chapter Text

Frantically, Bokuto ran around the dimly lit room lighting lavender scented candles- Goofy smile on his face and all. Was it a special occasion? Not necessarily, actually today was a rather shitty day for him, no one interacted with him.. it was boring. But today? today his favorite customer was coming. 


A small knock come from the door, and he raise his golden eyes to see who it is. His breath gets caught in his throat.  He felt like he saw his life flash before his eyes. He couldn't even tell if his heart was beating as he stared at the small smile stretched across your golden face. Admiring the way your curls frame your face and how your brown eyes shined as if you were just as happy to see him as he were you. 


You made him want to run away. To take you in his arms and leave his job. To take you home with him and keep you forever.  Maybe it would be possible if he had the confidence to ask you out. 


His eyes trailed down from your smile to your curves. He figured asking you out would be a bad idea, he was your masseuse, it would be inappropriate even with the few compliments you gave - which he took as flirting. Therefore, he kept his mouth shut- and besides, maybe you were just being nice because he's seen your naked. But he couldn't deny the fact that he considered it. 


As He continued to carefully scan the clothe body of the woman who had him clutch his chest, the way your breast pressed into your shirt, you wide hips that complimented your waistline and the bit of pudge on your stomach. You were beautiful. You were perfect. 


"How have you been Ko? It's been a few weeks since I've been by. I hope you didn't miss me too much" you giggle patting his chest as you walked by. 


"Of course, I miss you," he sealed hard closing the door behind you. "I-I miss all my clients when they don't visit for a while"


"Awe" you pout, "and I thought I just had a special place in your heart" you you're your chest feigning hurt.


He opens his mouth to say something, but nothing comes out making you bend over, leaning on the table laughing, "I'm sorry, I'll stop messing with you."


"I'll let you get undressed." He says with a blank face, leaving the room. I should've said something back why'd I get stupid?! Stupid brain!  He groans in the hallway slapping his head 


You shrug off his odd behavior and get nude, laying down on the table waiting for him to come in. Before entering he knocks softly and cracks the door open with a soft "ready". You shout a confident yes and he slips through the crack of the door breathe hitching at the sight of your exposed skin. 


Before you know it, you're closing your eyes and sighing in bliss as he rubs oil across your back. His large hands doing wonders for you as you vented about the rough week you hand. He responded every now and then with small hums- not really listening because he was too mesmerized by the way your golden skin contrasted his pale hands, the way the oil had you nearly glowing, you were built like a goddess. Although Bokuto zoned out, his hands ensured he did his job, paying extra attention to tense spots, kneading them, and pressing his thumbs into the muscle, being careful, afraid he would break you if he put his weight into it.


"Beautiful..." Bokuto lowly praised as his hands followed along your curves down to your covered bum. 


"What was that?" You asked.


"Uh-nothing, ready to turn over" 


You hum, flipping around on the table holding the thin sheet to your chest to avoid exposing yourself - he swallows thickly at the sight of your erect nipples poking through the sheet and averts his gaze while taking his shirt off. 


Sliding onto the table behind you, he pulls you back to his chest letting you slump against him, comfortably listening to his heavy breathing watching warm oil pour into his hand. 


"Ready?" Bokuto asked pointing to the tip of the sheet. You smile and nod, appreciative that he always made sure to get confirmation before doing anything. 


Cool air hits your skin as the sheet is pushed down to your waist- his warm hands start slowly, rubbing your waist, caressing, and massaging the oil into your pudge. You exhale softly as his hands lightly make their way up your body to your breast. Moaning lowly when he starts to knead them, unfortunately avoiding your nipples. 


"Feels good?" He chuckles lightly as he continues to knead your breast slowly. You nod - afraid to let your voice out, you might beg him to do more with those magic hands. 


"Good" he says proudly, sliding his hands up to clamp around your neck. It was only for a moment; but it was enough to make you squirm in his hold- his hand, your throat -it was a perfect fit. You let out a frustrated groan when his hands leave your throat, continuing over your shoulders and back down your sides to your waist. 


"Lift your legs for me really quick" he says in a husky voice that has your cunt twitching. You don't hesitate to follow his direction- you trusted him.  Carefully lifting your legs, he grips under your knees and spreads them over the sides of the table. His hand are then back on your waist, rubbing slowly and making his way to your hips and thighs. 


Relaxing in his hold once again, you feel his hands sinking lower down your body and into the crevasses of your thighs. You hold your breath, hoping he's finally going to touch the spot you've been craving to feel him this most- until he retracts his hands running them back to your hips.  Exhaling, you tilt your head back looking up at him, biting your lip- what if he thought you were weird for what you were about to say?


"You could- oh!" You yelp in shock as his fingers lightly glide over the puffy lips of your cunt. 


"S-sorry" Bokuto stutters, fingers settled on your cunt. He eyes you, asking without asking if this is okay.  You melt, feeling his dominance - almost breaking out into a small smile just off knowing he wants to touch you in your most intimate places, 


"You can keep going" you say in a small voice. Without any other words, he continues to run his oiled hands down your body into the crevasses of your thighs once again. Unbeknownst to him, being too focused on your body - his dick was pressing into you back, hard as a rock. 


Gently, he spreads the lips of your cunt, rubbing up and down building up your anticipation. Once again you're holding your breathe, nerves getting to you. You dare to wiggle your hips for his hand to make contact with your clit: but you will yourself to be patient for him.


A single finger drags along your clit, already plump with arousal and in want of attention. With tiny motions, he massages the hood back and forth and setting your nerves on fire with every stroke. Your head falls back onto your shoulder as you rotate your hips with every swirl of your clit. 


Sliding his hand down, palm pressing into your clit, Two fingers caress your entrance before pressing inside. teasing you with just the tips a few times. In one smooth motion, he shoves them in deep and curls them up in, as if he already knew the spot he was looking for. His other hands snake up your body, pinching your nipple making your back arch and continues its way to your throat. 


"That's it, pretty girl. Go ahead and relax" he coos when he hears your breathe hitch and how you spread your legs wider for him once his hand makes contact with your throat. Lightly squeezing your throat, he pulls you back into his chest, leaning over you just enough to see how swollen your clit was under his palm. Licking his lips, he pulls his fingers out of your cunt spreading your juices around your lips and clit before dipping them back in.


"So pretty, I'm going to make sure I take care of you okay?" He asks, not expecting an answer. Looking down at your face, his chest tightened. Even with your eyes closed, even with the sweat beading on your forehead, even with the way your mouth was hanging open and the way you were moaning like a bitch in heat - like you were touch starved- he still thought you were the most beautiful person he's ever seen. It only makes him swell with pride knowing he got to see you like this - even if it was a part of his job, you were moaning because pleasure he's currently giving you. 


You've waited for this moment for so long, your cunt had waited for this moment for so long- it was overwhelmed you. Your walls clamp around his fingers as he picks up the pace making sure his palm grazes your pearl. You've been holding back from cumming since the moment his fingers entered you.


"K-K-ko- "you try to warn him through moans.


"I know, I know. Let it out pretty girl. It's okay" Bokuto says softly letting go of your throat, kneading your breast instead and talking you through your orgasm -still slowly pumping into you as you soaked the table under you. 


"Good job" he praised making you blush, fingers sliding out of your quivering hole to circle your clit once more- relishing in the moment in case he never gets to have this again. 


Sliding from behind you he goes to the sink- regrettably washing his hands. The silence has you gnawing on your bottom lip. Would it be awkward to ask now? It's now or never y/n!


"H-Hey," you huff sitting up on the table trying to fix your now disheveled hair. "I know this if your job and all but .. god this is awkward.... would you like to go out sometime?" 


Reading to burst at the seam, his eyes light up as he clears his throat to calm himself "I'd love that" he smiles brightly. Maybe I'll taste her next time.

Chapter Text

Your vision is spotty, black dots coming and going as your eyes try to adjust, struggling to open - breaking yourself out of what you thought was your peaceful slumber.


As your vision becomes clear, your barley able to make out where you were. Panicking in the dark room once you notice the position you were in - bent over a soft cushioned pole - with your wrist changed to another beam below and your ankles doing the same, the position felt like you were stretching. 


It reminded you of something you would see in a playground when you were a kid- it was like an adult jungle gym. Your heart hammered in your chest when tugged on the bounds unable to break free. Cool air blows onto your cunt making you yelp. 


"Relax" a familiar voice echoes. You turn your head every which way you can to find him, you needed to see him. You needed that piece of mind, but it was too dark to see anything. That same voice chuckles and a light flickers on - neon purple, your favorite color. Looking between your legs you can see your beau, in a throne like chair with his legs crossed- and a foreign instrument on his lap. 


Sensing your confusion, he pushes himself up, throwing the loose part of the instrument over his shoulder and trails toward you. 


Lightly running his fingers up your thigh as he makes his way around the trap. Crouching to the level of your face, palming your cheek. "You asked me to show you what my wildest fantasy was babe.. did you forget?" Levi asks softy staring into your eyes. 


"I-I - your right." You huff. "But why do you have all of this stuff? "you ask putting your head down to look between your legs at the room. The walls had everything from rope, to sticks with dildos attached to them end of them, chains, and paddles. You could faintly make out what looked to be other traps similar to the one you were currently in. 


"This is my own personal dungeon" he chuckles softly. Looking back up to Levi you bite you lip a little nervous, you weren't dumb- but you wanted an explanation. How did you get here? Was this a part of his house? More importantly, who else has been down here?


"I know what you're thinking" he snaps you out of your thought pressing his lips to your forehead. "No one else has been down here. This is mine and mine alone, something - apart of me - that I wanted to share with the right person. "he starts "I told you .. I had a particular job in the past that.. taught me, made me who I am today. This is basically that job"


"So, you're a dominatrix?"


"No." He laughs. "That's not what the men are called .. but" he pauses. "If you want to continue ... you can call me Master" Levi says with a hint of playfulness. 


"Okay... Master" you giggle a bit thinking you sounded silly. "But one question, how did I get here? The last thing I remember is that we were eating din- did you drug me?!"


"I wouldn't say .. drugged. It was just a little


Something to make it easier to bring you down here. I'll explain more later. Please can we start..?" He points to his visible erection ready to burst through his pants. 


You nod, he presses a kiss to your lips and gets up. You watch his feet walk behind you, taking slow and steady breathes not knowing what to expect. 


"Since this is your first time I'm going to take it easy on you" you could tell he was smiling from his voice, you just wished to see his face to confirm. you were glad he trusted you and you could participate in something he loved, he never failed to surprise you with the thin- 


"Ahh" you moan, shuddering when you feel Levi's fingers gliding up and down your cunt, followed many loose tendrils on the instrument running over your lower back and ass. "This .. is called a flogger. It's for spankings. Is it alright if I spank you y/n? "Levi asks allowing the soft material to drag up your back,, between your shoulder blades and back down your spine, finally lightly grazing your quivering cunt.


"Y-yes Master"


"Good girl. You remember our safe word right?" You hum in agreement. "Good now count to ten and remember ... shout the safe word if I hurt you at any mo.. ment" he says through gritted teeth as he brings the flogger down to connect with your ass. The light sting makes your body jolt, bouncing on the tips of your toes, you let out wordless whines. "One!"


You continued to count as Levi reared the flogger back and brought it down on your ass, each echoing crack louder than the last. You cried out, counting through gritted teeth as the sting and ache morphed into pleasure, leaving tingles in your stomach and cunt. You jerked forward and squirmed with every bit of impact to your quickly tendering skin, voice strained with pain and absolute need. "T-ten!" You gasp after the last hit ending up being most powerful. 


If you could- you would collapse as the quivering and shaky mess you current were. Your breaths coming out as thick pants, waiting for Levi to say something. His footstep sound louder than normal as he makes he was around to your front, lifting your head by your chin, "you did good sweetheart. I'll reward you now"


Unzipping his pants, his painfully hard dick fly's out, slapping you in the face. "Open up" Levi groans angling his dick to your mouth. Slipping past your lips and sliding in as far as he could, bottoming out in your mouth. Once he felt your breath on his pelvis, he leans over massaging your ass. You groan in pain, still sore from the spanking, while he tries to sooth you with his hands- slowly thrusting into your mouth. 


"I'm so proud of you" he praises, reaching down past your ass to your nearly dripping cunt. "You liked being spanked don't you? My good girl" he hisses, rubbing slow circles onto your clit. You moan around him making his knees buckle. Pulling his hand back - he sticks two fingers into his mouth, coating them in his saliva and pressing them into your entrance.  You can hear Levi sharply inhale, probably from the way you feel around his fingers. 


Your body tensed as the pads of his fingers brush against the sponge spot full of nerves inside you. You're already so wet tag the sounds of it are filling the room, squelching echoing, blending into the sounds of Levi's heavy breaths and your muffled moans. Too eager, pupils blown, Levi starts to thrust into your mouth at a faster pace. You swirled your tongue around him as best as you could, suckling lightly, breathing through you nose whenever you could - though you felt lightheaded. 


Levi pulled his fingers out before inserting them back in, sliding in with ease and a newfound pace. Your legs tremble from the abuse to your cunt with his long slender fingers. No long sucking, your mouth hung open as drool pooled down from your mouth to the floor. 


Tears running down your face, nose runny, and eyes rolled back you let out almost inhumane moan- thanks to Levi's dick in your throat- clenching around his fingers and cumming harder than you've ever had.  The way your throat spams with your continuous moans and cries has Levi breaking the skin of his lip with his teeth- cumming deep in your mouth. 


You feel his fingers slid out of your cunt wetness spread along your still stinging ass cheeks as Levi backs up, now limp dick slipping from your mouth. Your head drops and you hang there like a dead body making him laugh "Wasn't bad for a first timer, Welcome to the world of Bdsm My Love"

Chapter Text

You were embarrassed.

It's too embarrassing to face your date now, at least 40 minutes have passed your hair was a mess, make up ruined and you had Naoya's cum dripping out from inside of you. You needed to sneak out. 'Maybe going back home to Naoya would be so bad' You smile to yourself; he did just say he loves you.


Fixing your hair and straightening your clothes, you come into direct contact with your date the moment you step out of the door.

"Your ex was it?" He asks with a look of disappointment on his face. "You talked all that trash' about him and how he treated you- but the moment, the moment he appears you run off and fuck him.. EMBARASSING ME!" He shouts.

"I- .." you didn't even know what to say, the kitchen staff slowing down their work to be nosey and Naoya's cum was pooling in your panties while your date was yelling at you for cheating.

"Don't say anything!" He shouts holding his hand up "d-don't .. say anything" you pressed your lips together and patiently waited for him to calm down. "I'm leaving. When he hurts you again -Don't call me, don't text me, don't look for me- until you know for sure that you want me... I don't know what you thought but I'm not someone who's going to be convenient for you when you and your man are on a break. I'm not the guy who's going to come clean up the mess some other guy made if you're just going to keep running back to him." With that, he turned and walked away without waiting for a response.

You felt bad but also a little happy? Should you feel guilty that you cheated on your boyfriend with the man you despised most? Yes you should. Did you though? Not really because Naoya came and proved something to you, he proved you would never be able to leave each other alone. That he loves you just as much as you love him and seeing each other with someone else, happy with someone else - was just something you couldn't handle.


You had to catch a taxi back to your place, just to get your car so you can head to Naoya's. You took some essentials that were no longer there. You figured he threw most of your stuff out once he got back anyway.

You found yourself at his apartment door. So many memories flooded back, it made you afraid to even knock. He needs to move, this place.. isn't good for your mental health. You couldn't help but internally panic -What if he asked you why you came? what if another woman opened the door? What if this is some sort of sick joke because he refused to let you be happy? - no, he asked you to come home. He said he loved and missed you. You huff, taking a deep breath and shaking off your anxieties, knocking on the door. Hardly a second later the door flies open with Naoya dressed in slacks and a button down with the sleeves rolled up.

"Welcome home, I've been waiting for you" he smiles down at you moving aside to let you in. You walk in, scanning the place. It's been a while since you been there, but it doesn't look like anything has changed- then again, he was away for a while.

Coming up behind you, he pressed your back to his chest snaking a hand around your throat. "You made the right choice coming home Y/n. I missed you" he breathes leaning down to press kisses to your neck, sliding your purse off your shoulder and throwing it to the floor.

You melt in his hold, feeling goosebumps prick your skin from his warmth. "Couch or bed?" He asked whispering into your neck.


"You heard me, couch or bed? Hurry up or I'll decide for you".

You pause for a moment, mind running a mile a minute over the possible positions you can do on the bed vs the couch and vice versa. Before you know it his hand is off your throat and he's turning you around throwing you over his shoulder. "You're taking too long, dummie" he chuckles lowly settling you down on the kitchen island.

Pushing you to lay back, he spreads your legs laughing to himself at the dampness of your panties l- knowing it's his cum just simmering and pour out of your heat. "You broke it off with that loser right?" Naoya asks as he tugs at your panties, pulling them up making them glide across your clit a few times.

"Yes" you gasp from the stimulation. He's such a sicko, getting off on knowing you were with someone else. Cool air sweeps over your cunt as he pulls your panties to the side, sliding your body down the island just a bit to meet his hips. "That loser didn't deserve you anyway. "he says angling his dick to your awaiting hole. "Your mine, you were made for me. Every part of you is for me.." he groans as he slips into your sticky cunt.

Your back arches off the countertop as he thrust into you, holding your panties to the side, and swiping your cunt with his thumb. "Tell me you missed me, tell me you didn't want to leave" he demands, grunting with each thrust kissing your sweet spot. Your eyes are rolling back and your unable to even form words.

His hand comes up and slaps you, making you clench around him. "Y/n! Answer me! Answer me now. Tell me I'm the only one who can satisfy you! "

"Na-Naoya! You're the only one that can satisfy me" you cry out.

He smirks and slaps you again "Say it again". Looking down and watching the way your cunt twitches, you are creaming around him as you sob choking over your words from how hard he's fucking into you. "I love you, you crazy bitch. Don't you dare leave me again. I don't care what happens you better be here"

"O-kay okay! I love you too" you shout in a forced breath feeling him cum inside you for the second time that day. He pulls out with a sloppy wet sound, slapping your thigh and throwing you back over shoulder heading to shower.

That night, after fucking you three more times, between the shower and the bedroom, Naoya laid passed out snuggled into your back. With all you been through, you couldn't deny how homey it felt to be there again - and that's why you continued to come back day after day to the point where you were basically living together again. You hardly even spent the night in your own home. Whenever you tried to, he would call you and demand you came and stayed the night again. It was cute, you missed this Naoya- it reminded you of how he was in the beginning.

The one thing that bugged you- was the way his phone continuously buzzed at night keeping you up, wondering who it was. He assured you was work related when you asked about it, you wanted to trust him- you did trust him- he hasn't given you a reason not to as of late and that's why you were going to surprise him today with his Kare-Raisu from his favorite restaurant for lunch.

You exit the elevator on the floor to his office, it's been a while since you been here, but everyone has greeted you politely, even the bitchy secretary who always gave you a problem. She smiled at you and told you Naoya was in his office, just had finished a meeting. You figured it was about time the bitch knew her place. Strutting past her with your hips swaying, breast bouncing. If you were lucky Naoya might even fuck you over his desk. You salivate at the thought of him fucking you stupid and letting that bitch hear you.

Internally laughing like a maniac, you smile- smoothing out your dress before opening the door to his office. At first glance it appears to be empty, that is until you hear muffled moans coming from the left of you.

You take a deep breath and slam the door close.

"Oh my gosh! who is that??? "

"Shut up and put your head back down" Naoya says laughing like a maniac putting his leg up as he was fucking into some random woman in the lounge chair in his office. You fold your arms, knowing he's aware of your presence but doesn't stop fucking into the woman who's head he had a foot on to keep her face buried in the cushions.

"I didn't think you would actually come here" he laughs not even bothering to look at you. "You bought me lunch? How cute" he smiles finally looking you way amused at the face you were making "Aw don't look at me like that. You were here and she was willing to throw this trashy pussy at me."

Your face contorts into disgust "fuck you Naoya"

"Babe, W-We can talk about it when I get home" he doesn't even look a bit ashamed. He didn't even bother to stop fucking her with you standing there.

"Sure" you say emotionlessly and quickly leave the suite- not without seeing the smirk on the bitch secretary face as you walked to the elevator. Maybe she knew and wanted him to get caught, that's why she didn't say anything. Maybe she thought this would break you, jokes on her, nothing Naoya does can hurt you anymore- you've had enough.

Wiping around you strut to her desk, leaning over giving her a clear view of your cleavage, "Hey.. Karen was it?" You smirk.

"It's Risa .. Mrs. Zenin was it?" She asked returning your smirk. What a bitch

"That's right Rosa.. Mrs. Zenin." You say picking up a pen from its holder and twirling it between your fingers "I need Mr. Hiromi's number .. business related of course"

Chapter Text

It’s been two days since you found out about Levi’s secret former profession and needless to say- you were itching to find out what else he was capable of doing to you.

Your mind went wild with the thought of possible contraptions and machinery he had down there. You even went to so low to be sneaky and watch BDSM porn while he ran out to handle some things- letting it swallow you for hours.

It was so bad you didn’t hear him come home. You didn’t hear the keys being thrown into the key jar you had in the doorway. You didn’t hear his footsteps leading him to where you were - headphones in and eyes glued to your screen as you laid back on the couch eating popcorn like it was some movie. You didn’t hear the sadistic chuckle that left his lips when his eyes caught what you were watching.

All saw was your phone being snatched out of your hands- thrown behind him, the bowl you had tucked into your being snatched from your reach and your body being hoisted over his shoulder as he carried you towards his basement.

“Welcome back” you say nervously,

“Welcome indeed ..” he responds landing a slap to your ass.

And that’s how you ended up here ..

Laid out bare before him with your legs gaped open, on some type of table that had ropes connected to it. Hands wrist tied to your ankles. The collar around your neck had a little red heart dangling from it read “Levi” looked to be his handwriting.

“You like it? I got it specially made for you.” He speaks as he is moving around your body tightening the ropes. “I never thought I’ll get the chance to use it .. “

You playfully roll your eyes at his statement, someday you would’ve found this place even if he didn’t get drunk and tell you about it.

“Open up” Levi commands, placing a red and black leather dildo shaped ball gag into your mouth and snapping it closed behind your head. Unfortunately, it wasn’t big enough to make you gag but enough to make anything you say incoherent. You secretly enjoyed your speech and movement restricted - more fun with it than expected and for once you felt vulnerable .

Silently you watched as Levi lightly runs his fingers down your body softly tracing the outside curve of your breasts cupping them in his hands. A low groan escapes his throat when he flicks your nipples and watches your back arch of the wooden table, running his hands down your curves as he makes his way to stand Infront of you.

Eyes glued to the way your cunt twitches and leaks before him. Kneeling to eye level with you core, his hand ghost over your cunt lightly flicking your clit, soaking his fingertips in your juices. "Did you get that wet from just watching porn? Or were you thinking about me doing those things to you?”

You squirm, a muffled “you” slips past your lips making him smirk. Reaching to the left he picks up and object, spits on your cunt and using his other hand you spread it along your lips - mixing with your sticky juices. You wiggle your hips letting out muffled whines and huffs - hoping it’ll convince him you were ready and to stop toying with you.

“Impatient as always” he says lowly eyes finally lifting from your cunt to your teary eyes. A small smirk and a chuckle are all you get before he runs his tongue up your slit to your pearl, sucking softly. Your head falls back, once tensed muscle now relaxed with the pleasure you’re receiving.

Pulling off your clit with a pop, you tilt you head up to find out why he’s stopped. Muffled curse words flying out your mouth, pissed about your delayed orgasm.

“Shut up and count” is all Levi says before clicking on his object. A low buzzing noise you know all too well from you many lonely night before meeting him. It was a vibrating wand. But this one was a big different. Industrial maybe, it didn’t take batteries rather it had a thick black cord connected to it for power.

Licking the tips of his fingers he runs them over your cunt one of time before he shoves two of his slender fingers in and pressing the wand to your clit. Immediately you feel the previous orgasm you had pending building back up. The wand more powerful than any toy you’ve ever played with. You sob at the stimulation, drool running down your chin from the gag as you can no longer focus on how to breathe or swallow. Levi groans when he easily slips in a third finger, watching the way you suck him in as your juices flow out.

Your muffled moans and screams increase in volume as you approach with high with Levi fingers filling into you. And just as you feel the cord in your core reading to snap, he snatches the wand away and pulls it fingers out. Watching the clear liquid shoot out of you, chest heaving and you’re screeching as if the air has left your lungs. He smirks watching your abused empty hole quivers and pulsates.

“Count” Levi demands, hardly giving you time for your soul to return to your body before pressing the wand back to your clit. two fingers easily slipping back in, he pumps into you at a fast pace, standing to wrap the arm with the wand around your legs to steady you continuously swirling hips. You were over stimulated. It hurt so good. Regardless of your cries and tears, you didn’t want him to stop, and he knew that.

“We’ll be done when we get to three” he says softly “I know you can do it princess, go head and let this second one out for Daddy”.

You breathe get caught in your throat and once again the clear liquid is shooting out of you soaking the table under you, but he doesn’t remove the wand or his fingers. “Two” you incoherently shout. He’s still pumping them into you. Your eyes are rolled back, palm burning from digging your nails into you. This was more intense than the first time. You feel three crawling up you back, your spine feels chilly while your lower half feels warm, hot.

“Hold it!” Levi shouts tossing the wand to the floor, and quickly pulling out his leaking dick, every tear, every scream, every sob has his dick ready to explode. He nearly came in his pants; he was going to come from simply getting you off. But he’s selfish, he wants to cum with you even if it means it hurts you to hold it.

“Don’t you dare cum yet.” He growls as he slips inside of you, arms wrapped around your bound limbs as he pounds away chasing his own orgasm. Your eyes clouded with tears, crying out to Levi hoping he understood through the slobbering that you couldn’t take it anymore.

Third orgasm ripping right through you, a blood curling scream escapes your body, and you yell “three” as best as you could. Levi laughs looking down watching the white cum coat his dick as he’s steadily thrusting into you digging his nails into your thighs. “Such a good girl for me,” he groans. “So, fucking good, look at that” praises fucking his cum into you, and lightly rubbing your clit making your body twitch. Small sniffles escaping you as he pulls out and a gritty “fuck” falls from his lips.

“I wish you could see yourself; you look so fucking wrecked.. just for me” Levi says tucking his self-back into his briefs and walking over to unclasp your gag. You swallow slowly and blink back tears.

“You okay?” He asks tenderly. you sniffle and nod and he move to untie your limps. “Let’s go take a bath, you messy girl. Why didn’t you tell me you were a squirter?” He asked with a laugh helping you stretch your limbs

“I didn’t know..” you quietly respond voice hoarse from all the screaming you’ve done. “Can we try that next time?”

He looks in the direction of where you’re pointing and winks “Of course”.

Chapter Text

Metal clanking, Bed creaking- grunts and soft moans echoed around the sunlit room. 


"You gotta do better than that if you want me to cum, snookums' "Shigure taunts you as best as he could with you bouncing on his dick.


The chains to the handcuffs constantly clanging against the metal headboard each time your hips came down on him. Riding was no joke your legs ached BAD- but the man insisted you couldn't dom him, he made fun of your whines and cries from taking all 9 inches of him -he had the weird obsession with your being in submissive positions - not giving you the chance to show off your skills. 


"Oh, are you getting tired hmm Snookie wookie?" he asks cooing playfully as you slow down legs trembling and arching from how long you've been riding him- he had to be holding back. "Just cuff me and I'll take care of you. I'll have you crying out 'Oh Shigure' in no time" he winked. 


Gritting your teeth, you grab your panties and stuff them in his mouth like a low "shut up". You can tell he was saying something to piss you off even further with the way his body shook with laughter. 


Having enough of his ignorance - you decide to show him that tonight you're not here to boost his ego and pretend your inexperienced; he's going to see the real y/n. Placing your palms on his chest and raise yourself off his dick to position your feet flat on the bed. 


His eyes gone wide - his muffled speech clearly questioning what you're doing is cut short when you slam yourself back down on him panties falling out his mouth with his groan. You sit there flexing your cunt around him waiting for him to catch his breath. "Snookums', what- who taught you this?"


"Don't worry about it, I promise you'll be cumming in no time" you return his wink and stuff your panties even further into his mouth this time. 


Ensuring he was properly gagged - you take your hands off his chest and lean back a bit placing them on his thighs- lifting your hip ever so slightly and slamming down again and again. 


Shigure's muffled grunts and groans were music to your ears- you were bruising his ego. Seeing him like this was a turn on. Submissive Shigure- a sight to see honestly, no one would believe you if you told them. You kept your eyes on him as you continuously bounced up and down on his dick - soppy wet sounds mixed with the moans and groans of Shigure who's eyes were closed in ecstasy. 


"Oh wow, what a good puppy you've been for me Shigu" You coo leaning forward running your hands up and down his chest and torso.  "I think you deserve a reward, yeah?" 


He nods rapidly, face flushed red as he patiently waited for your next move.


You place a soft gentle kiss to his forehead and your hands are back on his chest, riding faster- harder. Shigure opens his eyes - awestruck as he watched the way your cunt repeatedly swallowed the 9 inches he claimed you couldn't take. So drunk in your cunt that he didn't notice your hands snaking their way to his neck, softly wrapping both around his throat. 


His eyes avert to yours- that were already staring down into him. He wished he could smile at you- caress you- even touch you now. You looked beautiful riding him. He wishes he could tell you- but you gagged him.


As your legs trembled and you felt your oncoming orgasm - you slowed down to delay it just a bit not wanting to cum before him. In that moment - to Shigure- your smile turned sinister as your grip on his throat tightened to the point you were nearly cutting his oxygen. We're you trying to kill him? ; Of course not, but you knew the sick fuck would get off on being choked. 


With his chest heaving and him breathing rapidly through his nose- you went back to your original pace of riding but adding more focus. Making sure to slam your hips down hard enough to make your ass jiggle and clap against his pelvis. 


His groan and whine getting louder with each slam of your hips- so you choke him harder. Feeling his dick throb inside of you and with the last slam of your hips you lift yourself completely off him, releasing your grip from his throat and listening to him try to gasp for air while still being gagged with your panties as hot ropes of his cum hit your back with every thrust of his hips. 


Being the nice woman that you were - you took the panties from his mouth - trail of saliva connected as you toss them behind you


"Oh- oh fuck- shit" he whines as he's coming down from his high. "Why'd you do that Snookums'? Daddy almost had a heart attack. I thought my heart was going to stop" he chuckles. "That was fun but come on- uncuff me no so I can return the favor"


"Hmmmm ... No" you smirk inching your way up to sit on his face. He was your sub today – you were taming your dog, poor things been acting out.

Chapter Text

What was supposed to be a romantic soothing night with Iwa massaging the knots out of your aching muscles, turned into episode of late-night origami with Y/n and Hajime.

You were literally folded. Legs pressed to your chest, his hands around your throat gripping ever so tightly as he’s restlessly ramming his girthy dick into your cunt. Eyes crossed and glazed with lust - your moans came out whiny every time he hit your spongey spot.

“Iwa- “you cry out cumming for the third time you only be ignored and have his grip on your throat tighten. He leans into it putting so much pressure- you just know it’s going to leave another mark.

“Open your mouth” he whispers in your ear, slowing his strokes and pressing kisses down your jaw. Like clockwork, the moment your eyes met again, Hajime pauses his strokes watching your mouth fall open.

He stared for a while in admiration- his hands around your throat, your eyes watery while he was buried as deep as he could be inside of you, but you still looked beautiful- and you were his.. to ruin. Brow’s furrowing, he focuses on the task at hand.

Your tongue hanging out while you patiently waited make his dick jump. You close your eyes ready to slow as a glob of spit plops down on your tongue. Maybe it was from how horny you were, but it tasted sweet …
“Don’t swallow until I cum” he grunted. You nod vigorously not giving away the fact that your almost swallowed. He deserved it- he deserved to cum you had yours already, several times.
You hallow your cheeks, and squeeze your eyes shut as Hajime continuously rammed into you. Legs limp in the air with him pressing kisses to your ankle. You just knew you were going to swallow before he came, he was going to punish you too.

He lets your leg go caging you under him, breath sending a chill down your spine as he bites down on your shoulder. “I’m so close- hang on for me, don’t swallow yet baby” he moans lowly. Hips stuttering, rutting into you like a dog in heat. You feel his dick throbbing you, guttural moan escaping him. You wait patiently lulling in the feeling of him filling in you. He sits up and pecks your cheek, pulling out with a wet pop.
“Go ahead and swallow baby” he coos with a lustful smirk. You do as told and stick your tongue out to show him.

“Mm, that’s my girl. Come get that ass up in the air for me” he slaps your thigh and grabs your arm flipping you over. You lift your hips, chest flat on the bed just how he likes it; and he waste no time sinking into you.

Slow, steady but strong strokes is what you get. His hands are rubbing and caressing every part of your body that he can reach. His balls lightly slapping your clit, your cunt makes this sickening squelching sound each time his hips meet your ass; you just know the wet spot under you is his cum seeping out.

You reach a hand under your body and lightly grab Iwa’s balls, fondling them in your palm. He groans and slams into you making your body jump- immediately picking up his pace. Hands on your back pressing you down into the bed, Hajime continues to roughly fuck into you though you never stop playing with his balls. Your cunt was speaking to him, puffs of air forcing its way through with every thrust, the squelching overpowering your whimpers.
Still fucking into you, you feel his balls tighten in your grasp, dick throbbing and again, he’s filling you up- fucking his cum into you. Exhausted from both rounds he falls back onto the bed leaving you in your bent over position. You don’t think you can move. Iwa knows you can’t, so he pulls your leg from under your body, and you fall in your stomach.

“Come over here, ride me”

Chapter Text

You were never a morning person. Meian knew that. You would whine and beg for a few extra minutes not even bothering notice the hint of neediness that you loved oh so much, in his voice. So he started taking care of his morning "problems" on his own. With that said, you weren't surprised at the scene in the living room.


Leaning on the doorframe you watched Meian. Slouched down on the couch, eyes shut, and shirt tucked into his mouth whimpering. Your heart hammered in your chest as you watched his large hand sliding up and down his length.


Pretty pink tip just oozing with precum. He cracks an eye open and waves you over. Cunt throbbing as you lightly pad over to him kneeling in between his legs.

You watch closely; the way he furrows his brows, how tight he was gripping his dick as he teases himself with fast and slow strokes, his deep yet desperate whimpers. You wanted to help.


You lightly cup hips balls making him tense, massaging lightly until he relaxes the muscles of his thighs. He watches you, never faltering in his strokes, confusion slightly spread over his face.


You stare up at him while leaning in to lick his balls. The shit falls from his mouth and he smiles at you. 


"Good morning nasty girl"


"Morning daddy" you say sucking off his halls with a pop. "I see you were having fun without me"


"I just didn't want to wake you" he says biting his lip. "But since you're up, stay right there"


You nod and lick from his balls up to his dick. He let go and watched as you licked up to the tip and back down to his balls sucking both into your mouth.

Wrapping his hand back around himself, he strokes at a steady pace while you swirl your tongue over his balls in your mouth. You feel his balls tighten, and you suck off with a pop. Sticking your tongue out as you wait.


He chuckles lowly before a pussy throbbing moan slips from his lips. Cum shoots out and you get excited and turned on as spirts landing on your face and your tongue, the rest dripping down his length to the base.

"You look beautiful" he says breathlessly.


"So do you" you wink, licking up the cum that dripping down to his balls. Licking your way up to his tip, slowly wrapping your plump lips around it, and sinking down as far as you can get him in your throat.


"Alright enough, please" he whines trying to pull you off from sucking him dry. He can overstimulate you but can't take it himself.


"Fine" you pout whipping the saliva from the sides of your mouth. Standing to your feet you flop down onto the couch next to him. Throwing one leg over his and spread yourself wide. "Come get your breakfast"


"Don't mind if I do"

Chapter Text

Due to unfortunate events and an obvious set up. You were stuck in the passenger seat of the car that belonged none other than Keigo. I was hard to put a label on your relationship, but it wasn't .. great. You fuck, you fight... it was never ending. But you swore the last time was the last time. You couldn't keep doing this, it was toxic.

Just your luck, your friends would get "too drunk" and leave the bar early asking him to take you up home. You didn't even understand why he came. You shared the same friend group, but you figured with the last fight, he'll just go away or disappear. Instead, it was like he constantly craved your attention, constantly popping up, hanging with your friend group more than normal, attending events he called stupid. It didn't make any sense. Not to mention he always looked good. It was like he did anything to get close to you, anything to draw you back to him.

"Sweetheart, you don't have to press yourself to the door I'm not going to hurt you" he chuckles at your clearly irritated frame, arms crossed, and body basically glued to the door.

"Fuck you" you spat "and your taste in music is still shit" you say facing the window

"You're always so feisty when you drink. Be careful or I might get turned on"

You snap your head in his direction to give his the most disgusting look your face could muster and even still it made his heart melt.

"I'm joking I'm joking" he throws his hands up. "But put your seat belt on at least"

You do as he says quickly so he could stop talking to you and turn back to look out the window. You noticed once he pulls off he changed the music. Brent faiyaz .. your favorite .. bitch.

Eyes closed You don't even notice the car slowing down, peaking an eye open just as he came to a complete stop. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"I wanna talk to you, I miss you babe" Keigo says
taking the keys out the ignition.

"Turn the car back on"

"Not until you say you missed me too" he says giving a goofy smile

"Fuck you. Take me home"

"Oops," he says tossing the keys into the back of the car. "Looks like I lost the keys"

"I hate you" you huff rolling your eyes climbing over the seat to get the keys. From the angle your bent, Keigo swore you did it on purpose for him to see the red thong under your skirt.

He tugs it from your cunt and notices the dampness of the fabric, letting it snap back onto your cunt making you whimper. "Since when did you start wear thongs babe? Your new man asked you to do that?"

"I don't have a new man"

"So, this is for me then?" He asks with a devious glint in his eyes

"No now move so I can get up I have your fucking
keys" you groan. Internally begging for self-control.
Unfortunately, he pulled you into his lap. You could feel the bulge of his already hard dick pressing into your ass cheek. You bit your lip relishing in the memories of his girth length sinking into you often in the backseat of this car.

"K-Keigo, let me go please"

"I can feel how wet you are through my pants y/n"

"I said we were done; I'm not fucking you no more"
"You don't have to .. tonight" he says pressing a kiss to your nape. "Just let me help you out, one last time.. I swear"

"You said that last time" you rolled your eyes

"Y/n come on, you're soaking my lap here, do you want to do this or not?"

You sat and pretended to think about it knowing you were going to say yes. You wanted him to throw you into the back seat and ram you with everything he has.
You turn and nod at him.

"Words .. I need words you know that" he says gripping your chin, thumb swiping over your bottom lip

"Fuck me Keigo"


"No? What the fu- "

He takes one of your legs and puts it up on the dashboard with your back pressed into his chest. Running his hands up your thighs and whispering "I miss you" softly in your ear.

You choke on your words when you try to say it back from warmth of his breath on your neck. Slowly Keigo pulls your thing aside, lightly slapping your cunt. You throw your head back on his shoulder, the coldness from his rings kisses your clit every time he brushed a finger over your folds.

Rubbing his hand down your folds, letting his palm press into your clit, he slips a finger into you. You moan and wiggle your hips, he almost moaned with you, missing the way your insides feel. "You're so wet," Keigo purred, "so sexy." He can't help but to add a second finger, spreading them. stretching you out as he slowly drags them in and out along your walls.
You grab his hand, stopping him for only a moment. Just to turn to lean on the door for a more comfortable position. Keigo felt his heart stop, he was so into it he thought he would cum from just his fingers being in you.

With this new position, Keigo quickly licked his fingers and slipped them back in you. Swiping his thumb over your clit. He looks up at you, mouth hung up and eyes low. Smirking, he starts to press kisses to your neck lightly sucking.

"You know, you never told me if you missed me" he says slowly stroking your walls.

"Yes Kei- I missed you" you moan. If telling him what he wanted to hear was going to get you off then so be it.

"Say it again" he groans into your neck as he adds a third finger

"I-I missed you" he thrust his fingers in faster clit long forgotten. Smashing his lips into yours, you could hardly kiss back between moans.

Your knees shook, feeling your orgasm approach, leaning your head down as you moaned out a muffled "Oh, fuck!" squirting out all over his fingers, hearing it fall to the leather seats of his car.

"There's my sweet girl" he coos still thrusting his fingers into you. "But you know what I want"
You whine and wiggle your hips, feeling spent. Muffling your moans again by a kiss, he starts to thrust his fingering into you again but faster. Curling them up into your spongey spot.

"You coming home with me tonight right?"
"Yes, yes Kei" you moan breathless "I'll come over jus- "you words cut off with a moan as you came for the second time.

"Damn girl, you're going to ruin my seats" he laughs sticking his fingers in your mouth to let you taste yourself. Thrusting his fingers in and out, hissing at the way your tongue swirls around his fingers.

"Come on, we can finish when we get to my place" he says sliding you off him and into the wet passenger seat. You quickly shuffle through the glove compartment for napkins, embarrassed.

A knock on the window makes you both look at each other, red and white lights flashing behind the car. Clearing his throat, Keigo rolls down the window and smiles.

"Good evening officers, were fine, this one over here just made a little mess, had to pull over and clear he- it up" Asshole.


Chapter Text

Arms trap you, back to his chest. With his chin resting over your shoulder as you read your book. You didn't mind his hands wondering, gentle touches and lingering palms on your breast. He was obsessed. He had to be always touching them in some way.
Images of his face being buried in them constantly flashes through his mind whenever he sees them bouncing as your skip past him daily. Images of the way they bounce while he fucks into you, lulling in your sweet sweet mewls. How the fit perfectly in his hands, he selfishly wanted them bigger, so big to where he would carry them for you as you walked. It was his favorite part of your body.

His dick was hard just thinking about it. Did you feel it? Of course, you did. But Vulcan didn't care, you knew what you were doing when you wore that skimpy outfit and plopped into his lap. But He always wondered what it would feel like to have his dick between you breast. Would you let him fuck them the way he fucks you? Thick throbbing at the thought.

Hands still roam your body with a soft touch that's both appreciative and yet desperate. With his gentle caressing you nearly dozed off. And you would've been soundlessly napping with your back against his chest. IF his erection wasn't stabbing you in the back and if he with a death grip on your right tit.

Gently, Vulcan runs his other hand down your side into t the curve of your upper thigh, fingers grazing your cunt. "Babe.. "Vulcan calls to you. "I want to try something"

You agree in seconds, ready to be stuffed after a long chaotic day with company 8. He pushes you off his lap to stand. Gentle laying you down across the bed and slipping in between your thighs - grinding himself into you. Hands running up your shirt he immediately starts Thumbing over your nipples, he breathes out a groan as they perk up under his touch. As if in a hurry, he starts tugging your shirt of your body. Lips quickly attaching themselves to your nipple. Tongue swirling around your nipple, he grazes it with his teeth as he pulls off to attack the other.

Vulcan pulls off with a pop and sits on his knees -thinking for a moment, eventually pulling you up and motioning you to kneel on the floor in front of him.

"Good girl" he praised kissing your forehead. Lifting his hips only a little to slide his pants down and have his dick spring out. "Open your mouth"

And just as you do, he slaps he heavy dick on your tongue. "Make me cum with your tits babe" he says I'm a heavy breath as he grips them, pulling you forward by the breast to wrap around him. Feeling your breast around his dick felt better than he imagined, letting out a relieved sigh.

you place your hands on his adding more pressure, pressing your breast around him as you let a glob of saliva fall from your mouth down the valley of your breast, a form of lube if you must. Slowly you glide your breast up and down Vulcans dick. His head falls back in pleasure, lowly groaning, and spewing cuss word after cuss word. Tongue hanging out to lick at his tip whenever you glide your breast down to the base.
Vulcans head was spinning, he slipped his hands from being tangled with yours to help him keep his balance as he leaned back on the bed. You were doing all the work for him, and it was with your wonderful tits that he loved oh so much. He could feel himself on the verge of cumming, your big brown eyes staring up at him as you like at his tip.

Letting go of your breast, the fell from around him and you swallow him down to the base. Vulcan shudders and whines at the loss of contact but enjoying the way your throat squeezes him. You bring yourself back up to the tip, smothering his dick wet dick between your breast once again but this time he is thrusting up into them. Dick slipping through with ease as his hips went to work while he chased his orgasm.

"Feels so good," he mutters mindless. "Fucking your tits. Fuck. They're so beautiful, you're so— beautiful, fuck." He grunts as he cums on and in between your breast. You let him shallowly thrust up into them until he falls back into the bed, heavily breathing. "That was great, better than I ever imagined" eyes closed and a goofy smile on his face.

"Mmhm" you hum. "So ... my turn and then we nap?"

"Huh?" Vulcan eyes snap open at hearing 'your turn' to see you standing over him, and your beautiful cunt just waiting to be eaten.


Chapter Text

Suna wasn't a man of much emotion or reaction, but the one thing that could always make him break character was you. Breathe caught in your throat, you knew what was coming - it was unfortunate that you didn't have the will to explain yourself before he stood up and dragged you away.

"Mhm and tell me why you were flirting with him?" He asks large hand leaving a stinging slap across your ass echoing in the now empty restaurant bathroom.

Hands getting tighter around your throat as he pulls your back to him. "I asked you a question" he snarls

"I- wasnt flirting" you stumble over your words, mindlessly babbling every time his dick curved into a sweet spot. "I-I swear"

"Fucking liar, I saw you" Suna snaps through gritted teeth, thrusting so hard your breast bounced out of the top of your dress. As he let your throat go, you fell onto the sink, steadying yourself, trembling leg with 6 inch heels did not make a great pair.

Not giving you a chance to catch a breath he arches your back- chest flat on the sink and tugs on your curls ; picking your head up and making you watch - through teary eyes- as he relentlessly takes his anger out on your cunt.

You had to admit. Seeing Rin riled up, swelling with jealousy was the best. He fucked you like a whore while also being the love of your life - But you'll never admit that. Cunt clenching from the few facial expressions you could see on his face through the mirror. Slanted eyes and a devious smile.... He wouldn't.

"Rin, please" you begged through choked whines. "What if someone comes?"

"Don't you want Samu to see you? To watch you get fucked stupid?"

"N-no" you whine again pleading with your ankles on fire. But your whining was in vain when that familiar flash of light reflected in the mirror.

"Be a good girl and cum again for Samu babe" he cooed. You would roll your eyes irritation if they weren't rolling back in pleasure from the consistent spanking. Suna's dick was perfect to you. It kissed and poked at spots you didn't even know could be reached. Fucking into you so hard barely letting himself halfway out before he thrusts again, slamming his hips with so much force..

Every time you came you felt as if you couldn't breathe any more, not that he would let you. You were a mess like he wanted. How dare you embarrass him by making him break character?

"Now tell Samu you're my whore" he says angling the camera to the mirror.

"I-m your whore Rin" you sniffle.

"Good girl" he praises tossing his phone into the sink. Resting both arms on your shoulders, he relentlessly pounds into you grunting lowly as he pulled you into each thrust watching your ass clap. Ball tightening, he held back for as long as he could just to torture you. But now his goal was to fuck you so full of his cum you couldn't bat an eye without it leaking out of you.

You felt his dick throbbing and muttered for him to pull out, but how could he with how tight you squeezed him? Milking him while he fucked you stupid.

Pulling out with a sloppy wet sound, he bent to slide your panties back up your body, spotting some of his cum on your inner thigh. Swiping it up with a finger and pushing it into your cunt with the rest.

Twitching and trembling you make yourself look presentable while Rin watched the video he recorded behind you. "Your not actually going to send that right?" You asked but all you got was a simple shrug. He knew better.

"You think you're still going to be able to flirt and fuck around when you're pregnant?" He asks with a devious smirk as you held in to him exiting the bathroom

"Pregnant?? Please" you chuckle. "I'm sure that's not going to stop anybody from flirting with me Rinrin" you bop his nose and struct - as best as you can- off to sit beside a twin who just watched you get fucked.


Chapter Text

Kei was bitchier than usual today. The store was empty, and it was a slow day, but he became irritated with the occasional customers that came and went. Every so often taking a smoke break, leaving you in the store alone. The hell was wrong with him?

Locking the door to the store, you change the sign to closed and walk to the back. You needed to get to the bottom of this. His moodiness made the air feel suffocating.

Patiently, you sit in the back room tapping your fingers on the table until you heard the creak of the back door open, and slam shut.

Keishin dragging footsteps and unnecessarily loud sigh reaches the doorway, and he doesn't even notice you in the room. Standing, the chair skids across the floor making him whip around and stare with wide eyes. "Shit, you scared me" he says barley above a whisper, turning back around to grab his apron.

"What's up with you today?" You ask genuine concerned but also annoyed.

"Y/n, don't start" Keishin sighs without looking back at you. You suck your teeth and walk up behind him putting your arms around his waist.

"Kei" you coo. "I know when somethings bothering you, why won't you tell me"

"It's nothing, come on we have to work"

"If it's nothing. Then why is your dick so hard?" You smile palming him through his sweats. "Are you .. pent up?"

He breathes in heavily and looks down watching your hand glide up and down his clothed dick. "Well ... I guess not. Come on let's go reopen the store in case we get customers" you say pulling away.

"Yeah" he says lowly catching your wrist, "I'm a little pent up"

You smile widely from behind him, sliding a hand up his shirt to pinch his nipples. Keishin hisses but then his knees buckle as your other hand slips into his pants to grab his dick and pull it out. "Spit" you command holding your hand out.

When you feel the warm saliva hit your palm, you gently grab Keishin's dick and lightly stroke, using the saliva as lubricant. You feel his chest heaving under your other hand while you twiddle with his nipples. His deep sighs and furrowed brows tell you that this was desperately needed; and you get it, it's different when someone else gets you off.

"Feeling better?" You ask stills lowly stroking and received a short but deep gutted groan followed by a "Mhm" in response. "Turn around"

Keishin does as you say, turning around to face you, face completely flushed. You pin him to the wall behind him pressing your knee between the space in his legs. His head falls on your shoulder as you attack his neck with kisses and light bites, stroking him again but this time just a bit faster.

You switch between slow and fast strokes to tease him a bit, leaving him whimpering softly whenever you stop to change speeds. It was adorable. But his frustration and eagerness to cum was taking over as he begin to timidly fuck into your fist, as if he was afraid you would stop. Which you did.

"Y/n.." Keishin whispered desperately "I'm so close".

"Ask nicely" you smile and bat your lashes. He hesitates for a moment, figuring if you were going to get him off he could just finish it himself. But you tracing your thumb over his tip overrides his brain.
"P-please" he huffs through gritted teeth, "help me finish, I need to cum y/n. I'm so, so close."

You press a quick kiss to his cheek and use his precum to lube up his dick, stroking and twisting your wrist, feeling his tough exterior crumble as he's now audibly moaning like a bitch in heat. You slide your hand up his shirt and pinch his nipple, twisting it - his squeal was music to your ears.

You smile - watching him thrust into your fist as ropes of cum coated your fingers. His body jerks as you slide you hand off staring down at the cum.

"Uh.. sorry I should've warned yo-"he shuts his mouth swallowing hard and turning beet red as you dip your fingers into your mouth, suck his cum off.

"Not bad.. but You should lay off the cigarettes." You shrug walking to the sink to wash your hands. "Go clean up, I'll reopen the store" you say nearly skipping away while Keishin just stood there with his dick hanging over the ban of his sweats. He's definitely going to come to work angry more often if it meant you were going to be THIS concerned.