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You're My Romance Option

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Ever since their first in real life meeting, Gavreel spent every day trying to convince Cairo to move into his shared condo. He knew it was highly unlikely because his baby had said the family wanted to move to the country. But, what they shared was truly special and worth exploring. So Gav had asked Cai’s oldest brother and his mother for a video call. He told them how he got a job as delivery driver, while Cairo made quite a bit of money from streaming. Also, how they would save money by splitting the rent three ways. Gavreel made sure to look Cairo’s mom directly in the eye when he said he loved her son with all his heart. Her eyes seemed to lighten up at that. Both agreed as long as they maintain good grades in college.

Moving during a pandemic had been a struggle. They were exhausted after each drive to get Cairo’s life in boxes. But as Gav watched pictures of himself be replaced with pictures of them, lava lamps casting neon on his Jordans and Cairo’s headbands hanging from every doorknob. A big part of his heart filled with warmth. It was the beginning of August when he could count every eyelash on Cai’s beautiful face as they slept in each other’s arms.

Mid-August, Gavreel made his very first mistake. There had been a new online game Cairo couldn't stop talking about called Valor of Night. It was online mmo with a very cool trailer, stellar reviews that had every streamer on twitch buzzing:

“Baby…” Gav asked as he stepped out of the shower: “How much is it?”
“Er…” Cairo spat out toothpaste in the sink. He took his sweet time cleaning his mouth and twirled his toothbrush in his fingers: “It's a lot, Gav. I know we’re saving. I can get it later when it's cheaper.”
Gav saw Cai quickly try to hide his frown with a cute smile that always made his heart speed up. But that happiness didn't reach his eyes. So once Cai was in the bedroom, he quickly preordered the game on his phone and texted his boss for more hours. Wednesday night, Valor of Night went into Cai’s PS4 immediately after their searing hot makeout session. Now, a week and a half later, Gav was jealous...of a game. His boyfriend ate, slept and went to the bathroom with his headset on. Some mornings, he would wake up to Cai pounding his keyboard when he lost a boss fight. Not only that, Cai would stream Valor for hours! Sure his subscribers and followers we’re thrilled- it showed in their donations and bits. But Gavreel just wanted one night where his boyfriend wasn’t consumed in a fantasy world.
When the weekend came, Gav decided to take it off. He wanted to clean their condo, get some weight training in and hopefully, eat Cai’s ass out like it was his job. Gav’s morning workout was intense; his whole body covered in sweat. All those endorphins were still pumping through his veins when Gav walked into their bedroom. Cai was on his stomach splayed out on their bed with his eyes transfixed on the screen. Both thumbs flew from button to button on his controller as Cai spoke into the mic on his headset:

“C’mon guys. We have one more cave then we can all level up and craft better armor. These trolls are level 15 so they should be easy kills.” Cai encouraged his online friends gently. But Gav barely heard it, because his boyfriend’s boxers had ridden up to reveal a tiny bit of cheek that was paler than his thighs. Their bed dipped as he sat down next to Cai. Slowly, his hand touched Cai’s calf for a quick massage before trailing up to that butt he dreamed about:

“Oi! Gav!” Cai whipped his head around to see Gav’s hand inside his underwear groping him: “What are you doing?” he whisper yelled as his friends began to ask if he was okay over his headset.
“Shhh, baby.”

Cai immediately felt his face flush when he witnessed his boyfriend’s eyes darken, that nickname said in a low tone and his hands… Cairo shivered as Gav squeezed him again. His friends’ avatars were waiting for him by the cave they were supposed to loot so he started to get back into the game:
“Stop distracting me. You’re supposed to be the Angel of- uhh!” Cai covered his headset’s mic with his hand before a tiny moan escaped him. He whipped his head around again to see Gav was now groping him with both of his strong hands: “Gavreel!”
“Baby…” His muscular boyfriend sweetly answered, dimpled on display: “Pay attention to your game. Your friends are waiting.”

Cai muttered a curse under his breath then focused on the tv once more. He was filled with determination. No matter how Gav touched him, he was gonna complete this quest!
"Sorry, guys. My boyfriend was telling me some...thing.."

Gav chuckled as Cairo got quiet and lifted his hips. Gav didn't expect that response- his stomach flipped around as he pulled Cairo's shorts & boxers off. His beautiful gamer's ears were a bit pink as Gav began to place light kisses over each cheek:

"Oh, baby. I missed worshipping you so much." Gav murmured low so the headset didn't pick up on it. Cairo looked over his shoulder, pupils dilated before remembering his guild & whipping his eyes back to the TV.
Dutifully, Gav took both cheeks in hand, shaking them gently before spreading them. Cairo's cute hole winked at him which was all he needed. He thrusted his tongue into Cairo over and over kissing & sucking till drool rolled down his chin. Cai tried to get away but also closer- biting his lip to keep from moaning into his headset:

"Mmm baby." Gav's breath ghosting over his hole, causing Cairo to shiver and hump their bed a bit. Every minute or so, Gav would stop eating Cai out to nip or kiss his thighs. He reached under to rub his boyfriends balls and dripping precum over their duvet.

Cai felt like he was going mad. His hands shook whenever Gav's magic tongue swirled or when those callused hands gripped his ass. He could barely keep his eyes open to make sure his wizard character actually healed the others. Every nerve ending tingled, skin flushed with heat. God, he was so turned on but all his moans were swallowed. No way Cai was gonna let friends in on their sex life.

Gav sat back on heels noting how Cai was trying so hard to be quiet. But that simply won't do, he smirked as his plan started to form. Gav spread his boyfriends legs then asked innocently: "On your knees for me, please."

Cairo turned to see a grinning Gav shimmy out his gym shorts. He had seen his boyfriend naked so many times but never got sick of all that tan muscle with dusty line of hair leading to a perfect dick:

"Caimazing! Cai! Oi, youre getting killed!" Prime Cruz shouted through his headset. Cai whipped his head back to the TV to see two trolls throwing rock after rock while his wizard just stood there. Crap! He had to focus!

Gav watched amused while Cairo snapped back into action. Then leaned forward, arranging Cai till his ass was in the air & legs were spread. He grabbed their lube out of the bedside table, squeezing a lot over Cairo's hole:

“...Baby, its cold.” Cairo whispered, hand closed over his headset mic for good measure:
“It’ll warm up, baby, give me a sec.” He bent down to kiss his boyfriend’s lower back. Slick sounds got louder as Gav fingered Cai’s ass and got himself off with his other hand. Cairo felt himself get even harder each time a finger was added; stretching, pressing inside him. His whole body warm & strung tight while he valiantly tried to remember his combos for magical spells.

Gavreel noticed Cairo thrusting back to take his fingers deeper. He felt his entire body heat up. Nobody would ever believe his sweet, innocent gamer loved fingers wiggling inside of him. Extensions of whats to come. Gav would never grow tired of those breathy moans trying to escape from Cairo's full lips. Everything about him was so sexy (even when he was moody) Gavreel was so surrendered to their love:

"Baby…" he panted out; withdrawing wet fingers. Shallowly, Gav rubbed his dick along his boyfriend's slick hole: "Can I put it in?"

At that question, 'CAVE CLEARED' popped up in huge bold letters on their TV. Cairo flipped on his back so fast, Gav was speechless. His controller was flung to the otherside of the bed; headset crooked on his head. Cairo looked him in the eye--pupils gone, face flushed with want:
"My angel, ….now. Fuck me now." On instinct, Cairo drew legs to chest. He gripped under his knees to hold that position which had Gav feeling so primal in his want.

As if overcome, Gav pressed his hard dick to Cairo's hole and slowly thrusted. He watched for any discomfort in his love's face but Cairo's jaw was slack. Gav grunted as he was fully encased in slick tight heat. He prayed he wouldnt cum right there. Gav leaned down & Cairo's arms wrapped around his neck so they could kiss deeply--swallowing each other's moans.

Before they met in real life, Gav would dream about Cairo often. How soft his hair would feel in his hand. Did he like his nipples touch? Would he be loud or bite back his pleasure? Did he dream about getting away or getting close? How did he feel about him? Those thoughts floated through his mind as he stroked himself to a stubborn, beautiful man he fell for over a computer screen.

"Baby, love you. Love you so much...ohmygod…" Cairo murmered, wrapping his legs around his boyfriend's waist. Gav kissed all over Cai's face, smiling big before kissing his lips:

"Not as much as I love you." Gav moved his hips back before thrusting faster, deeper. Cairo cried out in pleasure as his angel fucked him and stroked him till pre cum rolled down that strong fist. Looking up, Gav's brow was creased his concentration- needing Cairo to cum first but his dimpled smile was so fucking smug.

"You take me so good, baby. I'm so addicted to you. Cant believe youre mine, baby. God, fuck-" Gav muttered so sweetly, his muscled body pressing them to their soft bed then rocking deeper. Cairo kissed him to shut him up before grabbing his ass. Gavreel groaned loud, thrusting quickly till his boyfriend arched his back.

Cairo felt all that heat rushed to his dick as he gripped Gav's curls so he didnt fly apart by the sheer force of cumming. He came hot and wet between their stomachs as stars blinked behind his eyes. Holy fuck, he hadn't cum that hard last night. Gav licked his pleasure off his hand:

"Mmm you look so good when you cum all over me, baby…" They kissed, swapping spit and cum between them. Post orgasm buzz rushed along his body, Cairo grew impatient. He rolled his hips--squeezing around Gav's dick inside him:

"Want you to cum too…" Cairo whispered into their kiss. They had gotten tested routinely since moving in since they were exclusive. Turns out, he got so turned on by Gav cumming inside him without a condom. The thought of it got him semi hard again.

Gavreel moved slower but deeper; needing to build their pleasure again. He mouthed over Cairo's hard little nipples as his love rubbed along his sides. Cairo's little keens, 'love you's, and moans filled their room as he felt all that heat rushed to dick. Cheeky little Cairo had spit on his hand then slipped a finger inside Gav as he came hard. That white hot feeling of letting go pour into the love of his life. He was safe here-- inside their home and inside Cairo. Centered. Complete.

There was such ease to it. Gav enjoyed the quiet of laying on Cairo as he got his hair played with. Every once in awhile, his gamer would kiss his forehead:

"I cant believe you did that while I was raiding online." Cairo murmured against Gav's cheek. Gav slowly pulled out before plugging Cairo up with his fingers, feeling his cum remain inside his man's tight little hole: "Anyone could hear us."

A voice crackled over Cairo's headset just then:

"Uh, Caimazing….you didnt mute, bro."