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The first time Stiles saw Derek all time didn’t stop, the world didn’t seem brighter, and he definitely didn’t feel safer. But what do you expect when you accidently hit a brooding stranger in the back alley of a club?

Stiles had been angrily flailing his arms around at the phone, because his brother had decided to leave the scene early with a new ‘friend’ in tow. While Stiles usually doesn’t care how more often his brother gets laid than he does (not that Stiles gets laid, period.), his brother usually has the courtesy of letting him know first before ditching him. It was during his angry rant that he failed to notice the lone figure in the shadows, and it wasn’t until Stiles’s hands were making contact with a very solid body that Stiles saw the man.

Surprised and taken off guard, Stiles flailed his arms some more and dropped his phone. “Aww man! Couldn’t you have made some noise? You know to let me know that you were standing there?”

The tall figure just scowled at him.

“I know, I should have been paying attention, but couldn’t you have, you know, maybe not been in the shadows? Unless that’s where you like to hang out and mug defenseless citizens, which in that case you should know that you have the look down. You weren’t planning on robbing me were you? Because I feel the need to let you know that, your jacket looks far more expensive than anything I have on me and at home. What? Don’t judge me with your eyebrows!”

The brooding man in leather only huffed, angrily rolled his eyes, and began walking away.

“Hey! rude! You don’t just walk away after having scared 10 years off of someone’s life! At least tell me your name so I know who to curse while on my death bed!”

The man stopped, turned, and sent Stiles an incredulous look.

“Ok, I can see how that would make you not want to give me your name, but if it makes you feel better...I’m Stiles. Don’t scrunch your eyebrows at me! That is my name! I don’t have a weird name that belonged to my grandfather, that I was then cursed with. Stiles is totally my name.”

Leather Jacket looked skywards, as if to ask the heavens why this was happening to him. He then loudly sighed, “My name is Derek.” With that Derek turned around and quickly exited the alley.

So their first meeting wasn’t exactly ideal, but then again their second one wasn’t either.


It was a few days after their first encounter that the two were unfortunate enough to run into each other once more. Unfortunate, because after Stiles’ slight alcohol confidence, it was really really awkward on Stiles’s end.

He rubbed his short buzzed hair with his left hand as he sheepishly waved at Derek. “Hey, what are the odds that you need to get your caffeine fix at the Starbucks I happen to work at? Seriously what are the odds of that?”

Derek doesn’t deign to answer that question, keeping his angry gaze on Stiles.

“There you go, judging me with your eyebrows again. Are you going to tell me your order, or are your eyebrows going to spell it out for you?” Stiles can’t help the laugh that escapes him at his own joke.

Derek’s eyebrows further squish against the other, before Derek growls out “Grande cafe americano.” Pays in cash, and doesn’t stay long enough to get his change.

Stiles obnoxiously leans over the counter and yells “Thanks for the tip!”

Derek pointedly ignores Stiles. Derek’s mind starts wandering off to the reason why he was here in the first place. When “Sourpuss a.k.a. Broody Eyebrows, Grande Cafe Americano” and a sharp cackle comes from the cashier, it jolts Derek back to the present. Derek’s scowl comes back full force, takes his drink off the counter, and heads towards a table. Derek is a TA and currently waiting for a student from one of his classes, Dave; who was now running late. Derek didn’t really mind, he was more nervous to finally be one on one with the guy he’d been staring at since the semester had started. Dave was slim, but well toned; had pale, and lightly freckled skin; spikey soft bed hair; and had a mouth on him that had Derek thinking lascivious thoughts.

So lost in his thoughts, he was startled as Dave dropped down in front of him, waving his hands to get Derek’s attention.

“Woah man, who’s the lucky person? I haven’t seen that look on a guy since my brother spoke of his beloved Lydia.” Derek was helpless to stop the slight flush that rose into his cheeks. He cleared his throat and the two began talking about the semester project. Each student had a 20 page paper that had to be approved of before it was started, and was due the week of finals. It was mostly a drag, because the professor would eventually make him and the other teacher assistant do the work, but it gave him the excuse to meet up with Dave. They got down to talking logistics. When the first portion of the paper was due, how often Dave could seek his assistance (Derek would have prefered as often as possible, and preferably on a date, but Dave said it would probably be weekly or less.) They talked about how many resources were a minimum and how much were too many. It was as they were coming to a close that Dave noticed Derek’s coffee cup. Upon reading the name, he burst out laughing. “Broody eyebrows? Oh my god, that’s hilarious, because you totally have some intense eyebrows.”

“That’s exactly why I named him that!”

Derek and Dave both looked up at once. Derek’s annoyance with this Stiles rose, who did he think he was? He was interrupting his time with Dave, and why was he hugging Dave?

“I see you have had the pleasure of meeting my brother.” Dave laughed as he fondly shook his head at Stiles.

It was then that Derek took in Stiles’s features. Dave and Stiles looked a lot like each other, and yet again not. Dave’s hair was longer, his arms far more toned, and carried himself with more confidence, but they looked almost like “Twins?”

Stiles and Dave both smiled at the same time, it was a little off putting seeing the two move in a synchronized manner.

“Congratulations Sourpuss, you have 20/20 vision.”

Dave rolls his eyes. “Stiles don’t be mean.”

Stiles mouth hangs open, looking at his brother like he betrayed him “I’m not being mean, but he saw me the other night, and then this morning. And not once did he notice our similarities.” He sends Derek an accusing glance.

“Stiles he’s only a TA for one of my classes, it’s not like he’s memorizing my features or something. That would be a little weird right?” At Dave’s words Derek can’t stop the awkwardness that rises within him, because that is exactly what Derek has been doing in class.

Stiles shoots Derek a suspicious look. “Yeah, not studying your features. Please, everyone likes you.”

Dave throws his brother a smug look. “I’m just the more attractive of the two, what can I say.”

Stils grumbles, turns a large smile towards Derek. “Hey ‘Teacher Assistant,’ you want to know what Dave is short for?” Derek’s interest is piqued, he didn’t know Dave was short for a longer name.

Before Stiles can say any more, Dave stumbles out of his chair quickly trying to stop Stiles from revealing his name. “You say one more word Stiles and I’ll tell everyone, what your real name is. At least I can shorten mine.”

Stiles flails his arms around. “Ok ok ok, just never repeat that name in front of me. Anyway, I need to get back to work, then have to go to a study group. See you at home. Later Eyebrows!” With that Stiles saunters off, or tried to because a second later he seems to stumble on seemingly nothing.


“Remember the Grecian god come to life, I told you about? I saw him again today.”

Scott beams at Stiles from the computer monitor “That’s great! Did you talk to him. Like a real person, this time?”

Stiles groans “If by normal you mean my brain to mouth filter completely stopped working, then yes.”

“Dude! What happened?”

Stiles sags into his seat, a look of total rejection crossing his face. “I talked too much and gave him a nickname, one that describes him rather accurately if I do say so myself, but I can see how ‘Sourpuss’ isn’t ideal. For my troubles I got the eyebrow frown of doom.”


“I know and that’s not the worst part. Derek is in Dave’s class, and he totally wants Dave. I totally didn’t believe the teacher assistant, looking out for my students speech. I mean come on! We look exactly alike, so why couldn’t he have liked me?”

“How do you know that he likes Dave? Did Dave tell you? Was he on a date with Dave when you saw him at Starbucks?”

“Well no, but everyone likes Dave better than me.”

“Not me.” Scott’s face is completely serious. This is why Scott was his best friend. Because even when he jokingly was self deprecating, Scott will always have his back. Scott’s remark had been so genuine Stiles couldn’t help but smile.

“Aww Scotty, that’s why you’re the best! Well next time I might not be such a dick. How about you? How was your date?”

Scott’s face broke out into a dopey smile. “It went really well, we had dinner, walked around and she let me hold her hand. I even got to give her a kiss when we said goodbye.” Stiles’ smile could have competed with Scott’s. They both had had bad luck with dating, but Allison was Scott’s dream girl. It had taken Scott months to build up the courage, but Scott had finally asked her out. They both had smiled shyly at each other after she had said yes. Stiles couldn’t have been happier for his friend.

“That’s my boy! Good for you Scott, look at you first date and already kissing. Next thing you know, you’ll be mac-ing it up.”

Scott groans and covers his face. “Seriously? What does that even mean? ‘macking it up’ Have you been watching those 90’s tv shows again?”

“Of course! Television has pretty much died. Really, Grey’s Anatomy, everyone is doing everyone; Gossip Girl, bunch of teenage rich kids doing everyone; Teen Mom, real life teenagers doing everyone…etcetera. Even the cartoons were better back then! Plus ‘macking’ is completely still in, just like ‘totes’ and ‘that’s da bomb!”

Scott is not refusing to even meet Stiles’ gaze. “No one even uses those sayings anymore.”

“What? I’m totes offended, that you think macking it up between your girl and yourself is not going to happen, because I think you’re da bomb. See completely relevant to this day and age, because it’s the bee’s knees.”

Scott just kept groaning about Stiles’ needing to watch things made in this millennium or else he was going to start sounding like parents when they talked. Stiles kept talking in ‘hip’ terms, to further tease Scott.