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Halloween Night

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Helena inadvertently passes by the colorful rows of Halloween decorations on the street. It would have been special in the past, but now it wasn't a day she wanted to take care of much. When she saw the children running around in all kinds of costumes because they were already excited, her thought of Christina, only made him feel depressed. Helena, who barely returned home with a slow step with her tired body, heads to the bedroom because she has no appetite despite skipping dinner. In the late evening when the sun has already set, there is no light in the room, so there is dark darkness.

Life after leaving the warehouse was just plain and boring. It was her own life, but it was not the life she wanted. It was just Helena's best choice to avoid danger. As she got closer to the warehouse, she became a threat to other agents. It was a story of Helena's experience as a person who worked in both warehouses in the 19th and 21st centuries, whether she wanted it or not. Especially because Helena has already hurt so much the one person she never wants to hurt. Being as far away as possible was the only thing she could do. Helena, who had left like that, stayed in the name of an "ordinary family" in Boone for a while, but she also did not last long. It was easy to leave Nate, who never understood her after experiencing an artifact commotion. But, Adelaide. Leaving the child, which reminds her of Christina, was as difficult as deciding to stay away from the warehouse. As we broke up, she had to try hard to hold back the tears as she saw the small child who said she would overcome it bravely and asked her to contact her sometimes.

Helena, who swept her face with a dry sigh, lies on the bed. She just fall asleep like this and make a wish to wake up on November 1st. It can't be. Even she wonders if she should take sleeping pills, the idea quickly disappears because moving her body itself is too annoying and difficult. And what comes to mind again is the young Christina. The appearance of dressing up as a witch and eating apples for Halloween. Even after all these years, it is vivid as if it were yesterday. Baby, when can we meet? She can meet her when the day comes when Helena's life is over but it was still not yet, it was a distant future. -unless there was an accident-. The rising longing and loneliness flow through Helena's eyes, leaving a ray of tear. A long time ago, a hole in the chest caused by Christina engraves new pain without being filled yet. Helena closes her eyes, grabbing her chest.

When did I fall asleep? Helena suddenly wakes up and opens her eyes wide. It was a familiar street, a familiar landscape, but it felt different. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what, but anyway, it feels very strange. She look around slowly, and it seems to have been seen somewhere, but on the other hand, it is also unfamiliar.


When she hears a familiar voice there, Helena unconsciously looks back. It was Christina who stood in front of her and called Helena.



Christina jumps in one step and falls into Helena's arms. Helena seems to be hugging because she is tall, but she rubs her face on Helena's chest. Helena is a little puzzled about what this is about, but extends her arms and hugs them tightly.

"Mom, I missed you!”

"Really? My baby grew a lot. Look at how bigger she is than her mother."

Christina smiles and leaves a small kiss on Helena's cheek. Then she comes out of her arms and leads Helena's hand tightly.

"Mom, are you going to do everything you wanted to do with me?"

"Should I?"

Helena is willing to follow Christina. The longing and unexplained pain surrounding the whole body rises along with the caught hand, but she will shake her head slightly and not think deeply.


* * *


Helena couldn't take her eyes off Christina at the theater where she went to see a movie together and at the restaurant where she went to eat something delicious. The reason is unknown, but she keeps looking at it because she feels affectionate. And the feeling of losing something very important. Helena tries to ignore the emptiness and heads to the amusement park where Christina wanted to go the most.

Helena vaguely heard that there was a place like this in the 21st century, but she didn't have time to come. There was no one to come with her. The sun on the ridge turns the sky red, and the colorful lights turn on one by one on the rides below it. Christina walks to the store lined up at the entrance of the park and picks up a headband shaped like a puppy's ear.

"This looks the best fit on you."

Helena tries to refuse considering her age, but when she sees Christina with sparkling eyes and full of anticipation, she eventually bows her head slightly. There are no parents who win over their children, how can she refuse? Christina, who successfully puts on Helena's head, picks up the rabbit's ear-shaped headband next to it and wears it herself. With a satisfactory smile, hold Helena's hand again and head toward the ride.

They ride various rides such as Vikings, roller coasters, and merry-go-rounds, and finally get on the Ferris wheel. The slowly rising Ferris wheel reveals the view of the city little by little and fills the heart with excitement. It's close to midnight, but the city celebrating Halloween is still emitting bright lights without sleeping. Helena looks out for the first time of the window not Christina, it's another night's sight on a plane.

When the Ferris wheel stops and steps on back to the ground, Christina faces Helena's hand.

"Mom... I'm sorry."

"Hmm? What are you sorry about, honey?"

"I left you alone and left first, so I'm sorry."

Helena tries to ask what that means, but headaches flock to the images that come to mind one by one, making her speechless. Christina, who is just born, and Christina, who is a little older. And on the day she was murdered. The appearance where life was extinguished as if sleeping quietly with white clothes colored all red. No matter how much Helena went back in the time machine, she couldn't change the past. And she was bronzed with pain, hatred, and vengeance. And even though it was in the past, she tried to end the world with the Minoan trident. The memory of the pain is revived, and tears flow uncontrollably as soon as the fact that this is a dream touches her mind. She thought herself got used to it. She thought herself got better.

"The time you struggled because of me was so heartbreaking."

"No... No, sweetie. It's... It's not your fault."

"As I saw you in such pain, I was sorry that there was nothing I could do for you. So, it was late, but I visited you now. For the first and last time."

Christina looks at Helena, who is deeply buried on her face due to the pain of that time, and holds her trembling hands together. At the touch, Helena lowers her head without realizing it, and their hands are getting wet with tears.

"Myka Bering. Go back to her, mom. You and her want each other more than anyone else.”

"I don't know..."

"I want you to let go of me and be happy now. I'm not saying forget about me, but follow your happiness. Because you deserve to be happy."

Be happy. The word she hasn't heard in a long time leaves Helena with a small echo. When she thought that all hope in life had disappeared after losing Christina. It was Micah who made her feel the feeling of happiness again. In the 21st century, when Helena was lonely without anyone, Myka became happy and hopeful for Helena.

"It's my last request. That you go back to Myka. And being happy with her for the rest of your life.”

Helena looks nodding. After more than a hundred years, we met after a very long time, so how can I reject her request? Ding- When a clear bell rings somewhere, Christina shows a little sad face.

"Now, it's time for me to go back."

"Baby, can you just stay?”

At that desperate remark, Christina raises Helena's hands, which she held with both hands, and puts it on Helena's chest. The heartbeat, which beats vigorously, spreads throughout the body on the palm.

"I'll always be here, in your heart mom. So you don't have to worry. I'll be watching from your side.”

Christina leaves a small kiss on Helena's hand and hugs her again like as she first met her. Her shoulders quickly turn wet into Helena's tears, and she repeats countless words to Helena that not worry because Christina will be watching her. Helena closes her eyes, feels Christina with her whole body, and tries to imprint her in memory. Helena's eyes open when the bell, which rang twice and three times, finally rings for the twelfth time.

Helena sigh when she sees the familiar bedroom with a dim moonlight. As expected, it was a dream. However, she still has a vivid feeling on her chest that Christina touched. And tears still flow tearfully around the eyes. Wiping off the tears, Helena bumps out of bed. It's not time for this here. To grant Christina's last request, Helena runs out of the house and gets into the car.


* * *


When she arrived at B&B driving for more than 10 hours, Halloween had already passed and the first day of November. Helena pulls over and slowly walks around the corner of B&B. She doesn't think it's a good idea to pass by the front door now that everyone is sleeping. And when she sees a familiar person sitting on the balcony of the restaurant, she approaches with an overwhelming heart. The shadow, who was looking at the sky in deep thought, looks back as she can feel the presence.



Standing a few steps away, Helena smiles at Myka. Myka rubs her eyes and looks again because she wants to see something in vain. However, Helena's appearance does not disappear and continues to stand there. When asked what's going on here, Helena sighs, habitually squeezes a locket on her chest, and speaks slowly.

"You know, yesterday was Halloween. It was probably a dream, but I met Christina, who became an adult. I've said to you once that before. Don't walk away from your truth. Myka, I was constantly running away. From the only truth in my heart. In order not to let me run away anymore, Christina gave me strength so that I could find the truth in my heart."

Myka smiles at the words. Even if Helena didn't say it, but Myka could tell that the truth was herself. Myka, who leaped out of her seat and approached Helena, hugs her in her arms. Cold energy comes in from the chilly air, but soon it slowly melts into each other's body temperature.

"It's late, but... I'm back, Darling."

"Will you promise me not to run away?"

"I promise. I'm sorry I was too late.”

Don't be sorry, silly. Myka smiles and kisses Helena. Although it's the first kiss with Myka, the sense of familiarity and longing is that Helena finally feels at home. She was gone too far away, but in the end, her step stops at home.


I missed you, Darling.