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November collection of drabbles and short stories

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Autumn was Off's favourite season. The weather was somewhere between warm and chilly, making it perfect for the late afternoon walks. But what he appreciated the most were the colours. Autumn had the most beautiful palette out of all seasons. As a photographer, Off know how to enjoy nature's beauty. It was already the time of the day when he made his usual walk around one of the city's parks, snapping a few photos here and there. 

He aimed his camera around, trying to find the best view of colourful trees when the lens landed at the bottom of the tree trunk. Off's breath hitched. Under the brown plant was sitting a beautiful young man. He was laughing at a tiny white dog running around his stretched legs, chasing falling leaves. Off couldn't help himself and snatched a couple of pictures of the aetheric view. The man must have heard the shutter of his camera because his head snapped in his direction. 

Their eyes met for the second before the man's phone started to ring, destroying the magical moment. Off sighs watching as the man stood up with the mobile attached to his ear, walking away without a second glance. 

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Sometimes Third pondered why he loved Khai so much. Yes, he was tall, handsome, charming, and kind too. But he was useless in a lot of other things. Third was leaning against the door frame, observing his boyfriend running around the kitchen like a chicken without a head, desperately trying to clean up the mess on the counter. The pieces of oranges were scattered around, the liquid from them dripping on the floor.

And all of it because he said, he felt like drinking fresh orange juice. He should have known, Khai would do something stupid. 

Third sighs, shaking his head. Khai was an idiot, but he was his idiot, and he loved him just the way he is. He turned around, walking back to their bedroom, climbing under the still warm covers, waiting for Khai to surprise him with the handmade fresh orange juice. 


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The heat radiating from the bonfire was pleasant on the chill November night. All the Tees were sitting around the small fire, listening to the cracking sound of the wood, nervousness evident in their eyes. Who wouldn't be if Watee was the one calling them for this gathering? 

"Why are you all so stiff?" Watee asked, eyebrow raised in an annoyed manner. 

"We are not." Teedo denied. 

"Yes, we are not." Teedet nodded in agreement, smiling awkwardly at Watee. The owner of the house snickered, looking at his little brother. He unknowingly growled, seeing T-Rex cuddled against Maetee, enjoying the big arms around his waist. 

"Aren't you ashamed?" Watee spoke up, glaring in the couple's direction. 

"Nope." T-Rex giggled, nuzzling into his boyfriend's neck. 

"Why did you call us here anyway?" The tiny human asked, not even sparing glace to his brother. 

"Rude." Maetee spoke up, "But cute." He added, pinching T-Rex's cheek, receiving another snicker from the older man.

"I am dating Maitee," Watee announced as if nothing. To his surprise, the Tees didn't say anything, nor they were shocked. 

"I told you they already knew." Maitee pecked Watee's cheek as their friend's fake gagged at his action. 

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For a whole week was Off returning to the park, where he saw the beautiful man. But the spot was empty no matter in what time he arrived. He sighed deeply, looking at the photo of his pretty angel stored on his phone as he lay mindlessly on the sofa. 

"Peng, are you listening?" Tay poked his shoulder, receiving a frustrated grunt from his friend. 


"Stand up. You are going with me." Tay dragged lethargic Off on his feet. 

"Where?" Off groaned again, tucking his phone into the jean's pocket.

"I told you, Hin's baby cousin is opening bakery today, and you are going with me." Tay pulled at Off's hand, making him stumble in the process. 

"Why?" Off asked, almost annoyed at his best friend's cheerfulness.  

"Because you need a distraction from your so-called angel. And because you like sweets." Tay stated as he dragged him outside of his condo. The ride wasn't that long even though Off was huffing, and puffing to get his peng to know, how much he was annoyed he didn't let him drown in his misery. 

"Stop with that face, or I swear if you scare Gun, I will kick your ass." Tay threatened him before they set their foot inside the cosy looking shop. Off's nose got instantly hit with the alluring smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, his favourite. He sniffed the air, smiling as his mouth watered. 

"Welcome to the Bibi's bakery." The soft voice pulled Off out of his trance. He freezes when his eyes meet with his angel's.  


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The streets of Bangkok were busy as usual with hoards of people hurrying to jobs, schools or shops. The perfect situation for a person like Punn. The young man sitting on the railing near the old buddha statue observed the running groups of humans, choosing the right target. As soon as he spotted the tall, handsome man, dressed in the branded perfectly fitting suit, carrying the small handbag, he knew he was the one. Jumping down, he made his way on the sidewalk, not keeping his eyes from the tall man's back. 

It didn't take too long for the man to stop, to buy a cup of coffee from one of the stalls. Punn sensed the chance. He approached him, stopping at his side, looking curiously at the stall's menu, like any other customer. His small hand skilfully slipped inside the bag, pulling out the wallet and hiding it inside his pocket. The handsome man didn't suspect anything. Punn ordered a cup of caramel macchiato with a huge smile. 

Punn walked happily, satisfied with his catch as he sipped from his coffee. Taking a few turns, he arrived at the old building. He made sure no one was following him before he went inside. Sitting down on the worn-out couch, he spread today's trophies on the wooden box. He took the leather thick-looking wallet in his hand, twirling it a few times in his palm. The weight of it made him smile. He carefully opened it, getting shocked to see its content. No money inside, no credit card. Only a collection of different IDs with the same face but with various names. 

"I believe it's mine." The deep voice startled him. Punn's head spun around, spotting the man he robbed just a few minutes ago. He gulped, thinking how could he get caught like this. 

"I must say, you are pretty good. I didn't sense a thing when your hand slipped inside my bag." The man said, smirking as he observed Punn's terrified face. 

"Don't worry. I have a proposal for you." He spoke again, leaning closer to the confused man, taking one of his hands in his. 

"Work with me. I could use skilled hands like yours." The tall guy winked, kissing his knuckles in a flirty way. 

"What I get out of it?" Punn woke up from the daze, pulling his arm from the man's grip. 

"You can spice up your current life and make more money when you are at it, Punn." The handsome stranger grinned. Punn was beyond stunned he knew his name. 

"How do you know my name?" He asked, dumbfounded. 

"I have my ways." The guy answered, sending him a grin. 

"What do you think?" 

Punn pondered. What was better? Live every day scared to be caught and jailed or go with the attractive man, and make more money? 

"At least tell me your name before we go." He stood up, handing the wallet to the taller man.

"Thawin. But you can call me honey." 

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Pick stood in front of the door, guarding it before he heard a soft click of the lock. His deep grey fur shifted as his mighty wolf body moved swiftly towards the other wolf. Din was already waiting for him in his wolf form. The young alpha's maroon fur covered the right amount of muscles. He was more agile, but Pick was more experienced and hopefully stronger too. 

Their bodies collide, jaws clashing, claws scraping against each other. The growling of two alphas echoed through the room. Pick could sense Rome's fear through the walls, and he was determined to end this fight as soon as possible. The brown wolf used Pick's momentary distraction, burying his fangs in his shoulder blade. The overwhelming pain shot through the attacked alpha, making him howl in distress. He jumped away, bumping into the counter. He glared at Din. The younger wolf was smirking his way, mouth coloured with his blood. 

Pick was beyond angry. The distress his tiny omega was emitting was getting stronger. He howled loudly, pouring his remaining strength into the attack. He crashed into the other alpha, making him stumble and fall. Pick's fangs gleamed in the light before they slid into the Din's flesh. A painful cry escaped from his rival. He tried to wriggle out, but Pick's grip on his neck only tightened. Pick growled one more time before Din's body softened under him. He let go, checking the latter was still breathing before he limped back to the door. He could taste Din's blood, and his shoulder hurt a lot, but he didn't care. His Rome was safe, and it was all he needed. 

Lifting his pawn, he scratched the wood, howling tenderly to let Rome know it was him. After a while, the door opened, revealing a crying and shivering boy. 

"P'Pick?" He sniffed, kneeling to the alphas level. Pick nuzzled his nose into the omega's stomach, sighing as the tiredness overwhelmed him. He felt how Rome's hand caressed his bloody fur before he slipped into unconsciousness. 

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A gentle breeze caressed Khai's pale cheeks as he walked through the lonely road. The sun was about to set, painting the sky with shades of orange and red. Returning home after the long day at work was hard, but today it appeared even harder. He sights, taking his phone out of jean's pocket, hesitating. No message, not like he anticipated to get one anyway. 

Lonely, that was the right word to describe his house. It didn't feel like home anymore. Khai tossed the keys in the bowl, toeing off his shoes, dragging himself inside the empty apartment. He was about to switch on the lights when he spotted a dark shadow lying on the sofa. His eyebrow furrowed. He stepped closer to the furniture. His heart skipped a beat when he spotted his favourite person fast asleep. 

"Third?" Khai whispered, kneeling next to his lover, confused yet happy. He was supposed to come home from the business trip in the next two days. He watched Third slowly open his eyes, sending him a tired smile. 

"I am home, Khai." Third mumbled. 

"Welcome home, Third," Khai answered, his eyes glistening with unshed tears, as he lowered his head to kiss his boyfriend welcome. 


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He could smell them from the end of the hall. The decaying bodies slowly roam through the empty corridors, making him shiver. He was alone, hiding inside the abandoned classroom. The sound of shuffling feet and angry growling was getting closer. He was scared, stuffing his tiny body under the teacher's desk, as he spotted the pale, bloody corpse passing slowly by the classroom window. He flinched, bumping his head against the wood surface. The low noise echoed through the room, making the undead turn his way. His eyes widened, placing his hand on his mouth, trying not to make a sound. It was too late. The rotting corpse banged on the door, calling the others his way. Tears started to stream down his face as he watched the last barricade that kept him alive fall. They were coming for him, and he screamed. 

"Wake up, Babi." Off spoked up, trying to shake the sleeping man lying beside him. 

"Papii." Gun sobbed as soon as his eyes opened, launching himself inside his boyfriend's arms. 

"It's alright Papii is here." The taller man tightened his grip on the younger, kissing every inch of his tear-stained face. 

"They were here, and  they wanted to eat me." Gun cried, clutching Off's shirt. 

"Papi won't let them take you." He whispered, laying them back down and pulling trembling Gun further to his chest. 

"And I won't let you watch a horror movie with Krist and New again." He muttered more to himself. 

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Pick groaned as his whole body felt heavy. The sharp ache in his shoulder was still there, but it wasn't as painful as before. He stirred, opening his eyes, realizing he wasn't in his wolf form anymore. Pick sits up, looking around, finding out he was lying in front of the door he passed out earlier covered with a blanket. It was Rome's work for sure. Pick stood up, anxiety taking over him as he couldn't spot the tiny omega anywhere. He quickly glanced at the other alpha to make sure he remained unconscious before searching for Rome. 

It only takes a few steps, and he finds the tiny omega sitting on the floor in front of the stairs. 

"Rome," Pick spoke up, coaching down in front of the younger.

"P'Pick?" Rome whispered, peeking at him through the tear-stained eyelashes.

"Come here." He pulled Rome in his embrace, letting him bury his pale face in his naked chest. 

"It's over. He won't hurt you anymore." Pick whisper in his ear, releasing pheromones to soothe him. 

"I was scared," Rome mumbled, unknowingly brushing his lips against his bare skin. Pick's inner alpha growled excitedly, sending shivers down his spine. 

"I know." Pick answered as he tried to ignore his alpha. The last thing he wanted was to frighten Rome with his feelings even more. 

"Is P'Din..." 

"He's alive. But don't worry, I won't let him near you again." 

Rome nodded, pulling away from the taller man, blushing and looking away shyly as he realized he was half-naked. Pick frowned, not understanding the younger's sudden change of attitude. 

"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" He panicked, grabbing Rome and turning him around, looking for any possible injury. 

"Naked," Rome muttered, still avoiding to look at the alpha.

"Naked?" Pick didn't understand, waiting for further explanation. 

"Naked," Rome repeated, glancing at Pick's chest and back at the floor. 

"Shit. Sorry Rome." Pick's eyes widened, not knowing what to do. The sudden groan pulled them out of their little bubble, making Pick stand up and hide Rome behind him. Din was waking up, and Pick was ready to kick him out of the building and his omega's life forever. 

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Khai was sitting on the couch watching a random movie while waiting for his boyfriend to come home. During the last half a year, Third and Two developed a habit to go drinking by themselves. They didn't let anyone join them as they wanted to gossip and probably badmouth him and Un. 

He was about to fall asleep on the sofa when the doorbell rang. He quickly blinked away the sleepiness and went to open the door. 

"What the fuck." He cursed as the small body fell right into his arms. 

"Khai." The body giggled, slurring out his name. 

"What, Third?" Khai answered curiously. 

"Did you see how I fell for you?" Third giggle again, clinging to him as he barely manages to stand on his feet. Khai's eyes widened. It always surprised him how cute and clingy Third gets when he's drunk. 

"You are cute." Khai chuckled, caressing Third's flushed cheek, picking him up bridal style. 

"And you." Third, hiccuped. 

"You are an apple of my eye." The tiny man giggled more, launching his body forward, kissing Khai's neck sloppily. 

"Let's get you in the bed." Khai shook his head, smiling as he walked inside their shared apartment with cutely murmuring Third in his arms.  


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Accepting Thawin's offer was the best decision Punn ever made. He had a roof over his head, was making more than a decent amount of money and had a very sexy man pinning after him. He hesitated when the stranger took him to the large modern looking villa with him. The two-story building almost took his breath away. For the boy grown up on the street, it was something surreal. The first time he learned Thawin scammed people richer than he could imagine, he felt scared and excited at the same time. 

His first task was to switch the flash drive. The holder of the device wasn't much older than Thawin. He was working for one of these conglomerates in the account division. It wasn't hard for Punn to follow him around. The said man was the easiest target Punn ever encountered. His daily living pattern was the same. Work, lunch, and grocery shopping, nothing more. Punn find the man boring. After a discussion with Thawin, including flirting and a short makeout session, they decided on the day for the exchange. 

Punn followed the accountant to the supermarket, observing him from the side, waiting for the right time. He hummed in satisfaction when the chance occurred. He spotted two hyperactive childer running in their direction. Punn moved quickly, stepping into the two children's way, letting them bump into him and his target. Their baskets fell on the floor, spilling their content on the floor. Punn faked a horrified face, immediately kneeling and starting to tidy up the mess. The accountant was kneeling beside him, cursing the two misbehaving kids and their incompetent mother, not noticing Punn's skilled hand in his bag, exchanging the flash drivers. 

When Punn arrived back, Thawin was already waiting for him with the fancy dinner on the table. 

They harvest quite a big amount from the company that day. 

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Rome looked at his watch a hundred times today, sighing as he waited for his boyfriend. Pick was late, as always. He wouldn't mind it any other day, but today was his birthday, and Rome was looking forward to eating dinner with him in their favourite restaurant. Their reservation will expire in a half-hour, but if Pick arrives now, they will be able to make it in time. But he didn't. And to Rome's anger, he didn't appear till three hours later with yellow chrysanthemums and a plush teddy in hand. 

"Rome, I am sorry," Pick whispered guiltily, handing him the bouquet. Rome frowned, eying the flowers in his boyfriend's hand. He understood Pick was sorry for missing their dinner, and for making him wait, but the flowers were confusing him. 

"Happy Birthday." Pick smiled, handing him the teddy, leaning forward to kiss him. Rome dodged his attempt, looking him in the eyes. 

"Do you even know what these flowers mean?" Rome asked, still frowning. 

"Devoted Love?" Pick answered unsurely. Rome sight in relief only his boyfriend could get confused with flower language.  

"No. It means neglected love." Rome corrected him, observing Pick's shocked face. 

"Shit, I am sorry, love. I thought I bought the right one." Pick panicked. He grabbed the flowers from Rome's hand's,  throwing them out. 

"You are cute, Pick." Rome giggled. 

"But it doesn't mean I forgive you for being late," Ha added, glaring at Pick. The older man laughed, wrapping his arms around Rome's slim waist. 

"So, tell me, how can I make it up to you?" Pick whispered seductively into smaller's ear, licking its tip. 

"Show me how much you love me?" Rome whispered back before he connected their lips in a heated kiss. 

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Off was facing the cutest human being walking on earth as they were sitting at the table placed in the corner of the cozy cafe. He couldn't move, feeling like in the dream.

"P'Tay, I think your friend is broken," Gun spoke up, blinking confusedly Off's way. 

"He sure is." Tay laughed, poking his friend on the shoulder. 

"What's with him?" New, who was sitting quietly by Tay's side till now, asked his boyfriend. 

"I think he found his angel. Am I right, peng?" Tay smirked, receiving an absentminded nod from him. 

"I don't see any angel here." Gun tilted his head to the side, pouting. The soft gasp escaped from Off as his brain couldn't take the small bakers adorableness. 

"That's it. You take care of this idiot. We are going. I am done with his stupidity." Tay rolled his eyes, dragging his boyfriend away from the shop, leaving perplexed Gun with Off alone. 

"P'Off?" Gun called out his name softly, making him wake up from the daze. 

"Cute." He uttered before he realized it. 

"Thank you." Gun smiled shyly. His pouty cheeks were painted with a slight shade of red, making Off's smile wider.  

"Did P'Off find an angel here?" Gun asked timidly, fidgeting nervously on his chair. 

"Did I?" Off couldn't help but tease the tiny human being. He was so cute while pouting. 

"Mean." Gun puffed, turning around, ready to walk back to the counter and leave the handsome man alone. Off panicked, grabbing the sleeve of baker's shirt, causing him to look back at him. 

"I was just joking." He apologised. 

"Is this adorable angel willing to go with me on a date?" Biting nervously at his lower lip, Off took the courage to ask, anticipating an answer. 

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The atmosphere in the room was tense. Rome was hiding behind Pick's body, peeking from time to time, observing groaning alpha lying on the floor. He shifted back into his human form. The bite marks on his neck from Pick were quite visible as the blood still flowed out of it. The young werewolf alpha struggled to stand up, but he managed somehow. 

Pick tensed, ready to pounce on him if it was necessary.

"Chill, man." Din spoked up with a heavy breath. 

"You win, for now, but be rest assured I am not giving up that easily." He added, looking at the pair with hatred. 

"Until that small shit isn't mated, I still have right to go after him."

Pick growled in annoyance. It was true. An unmated omega was taken as available in their society, and Pick couldn't do anything about it. Technically he could, but he didn't want to force Rome to bond with him. To be with him permanently, as his other half.

"Bye, Rome. See you soon." Din grinned as winking at the tiny omega before leaving the building. The alpha breath out angrily, wanting to go after that damned dog again, when he felt the two little arms wrapped around his waist. He had no idea Rome's hands were this soft until they made contact with his bare skin. His alpha howled in pleasure, causing the tiny werewolf to be startled. 

"I am sorry, Rome." Pick turned around, wrapping the petite omega in his arms.

"Did I scare you?"He asked, concerned.

"No," Rome whispered, burying his face into the Pick's bare chest. 

"You won't let him take me, right?" Rome sobbed, clutching at the taller's waist. 

"No one will take you away from me." Pick answered, thinking of the way to keep Din away from Rome. 

"But how? He has the right." Rome cried more. 

"I will kill him if I had to," Pick responded, tightening his hold on the tiny fragile guy. They fell into the sudden silence. Rome seemed to think of something as he was snuggled into his embrace while crying. 

"P'Pick don't want to be mated with Rome?" The tiny omega mumbled, brushing his lips lightly on the alpha's skin, making him shiver. 

"Oh, Rome. You have no idea how much I want you to be mine." Pick breath out to make himself calm.

"But I don't want to force you. You can have anyone, Rome." He added. 

"Rome likes P'Pick. Rome wants to be with him." The omega muttered. Pick's smile grew larger. He was happy. He pulled away from him a little, taking his chin between his fingers and forcing him to look at him. 

"Pick likes Rome too. But is Rome certain he wants to be with Pick?" He asked to be sure. It only took a nod and a cute pout from the smaller man for him to act. Pick bow down, locking their lips together. His eyes turned golden as he allowed his alpha to take over, letting him create the life-lasting bond with the omega in his arms. 

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Maetee woke up covered in sweat once again. He was breathing heavily, as the fear from the bad dream still lingered. He turned around in the bed, frowning a little as his eyes didn't find the tiny body that was supposed to be next to him. Right, T-Rex had to go on the Uni trip with his classmates. 

"He will come back tomorrow." He whispered, assuring himself as he tried to close his eyes once again. 

The morning came, but Maetee didn't have the strength to move out of the bed just yet. He was still tired as he kept on waking up. The door of their room suddenly burst open, revealing the little ball of sunshine that was his boyfriend T-Rex. 

"Maetee!" He yelled, jumping on the lying man, hugging him as his life depended on it.

"I missed you." He announced, kissing him, almost vibrating from happiness. 

"I missed you too." Maetee smiled, wrapping his arms around T-Rex's waist. At least he wanted to do it, but he got stopped with the backpack his cute lover still had on his back. T-Rex sit up on taller's lap, taking off the bag and starting rummaging through it. Maetee observed T-Rex's cute pouting face, and he immediately felt better. Just the mere presence of his petite boyfriend could make his fear's go away. 

"Here." T-Rex smiled, shoving the small velvet pouch into Maetee's hands, making him snap out of the daze.

"For me?" He asked, getting a shy nod from T-Rex. Maetee curiously opened the fabric, pulling out the bracelet made of pearly coloured beads with the Amber drop in the middle.  

"The monk in the shrine told me it's for good luck and protection from evil." T-Rex explained, his cheeks painted with light pink.

"It's beautiful. Thank you." Maetee beamed, pulling his boyfriend closer and kissing him soundly. 


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"Shh." The voice whispered. 

"You can't wake him up yet." The voice mumbled again, trying to mute the groaning as much as he could. 

"Khai?" Third spoke up, stumbling out of bed, still groggy from the sleep. He followed the rustling sound that was coming out of the living room. 

"What are you doing?" He asked his husband, who was crouching down beside the sofa, shielding whatever he was talking to from his view. 

"Oh, you are awake?" Khai smiled, his eyes fidgeting. 

"Can you tell me what are you doing?" Third rubbed the sleepiness from his eyes, waiting for Khai's answer. The tall man was about to speak when the small white ball of fur emerge from behind him and ran towards the shocked Third. The pup was barking, wriggling its tail cutely, waiting for the short man to pick it up.

"Happy anniversary?" Khai smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck, expecting Third to scold him. The said man took the tiny creature in his arms before walking towards his kneeling husband. 

"She's so cute. Thank you, Khai." Third smiled, helping Khai stand up. 

"Happy aniverasy, I love you." The petite man added as he kissed his dumbfounded husband. 


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"You sure it will work?" Gun asked New doubtfully. 

"Certainly." New nodded, handing the paper to the petite actor. 

"So I only need to write the name, put it under my pillow when the equinox strikes midnight and say my wish?" Gun asked again, eying the taller man suspiciously. 

"You don't trust your best friend?" New faked a hurt face. Gun shook his head, taking the piece of paper from him, carefully writing the name on it. 

"I swear, if Papii rejects me, I am going to kill you." Gun threatened his friend. 

"Why would I reject you?" The deep voice spoke up from behind the duo. Gun gulped, slowly turning around, his eyes meeting with grinning Off. 

Chapter Text

"So, will you tell me?" Off asked as he sat beside his partner. New disappeared as soon as the older man made his way towards them, leaving his anxious friend behind. 

"Gun wanted to ask." He paused.

"Gun was afraid." He started again, looking around to find a good excuse. 

"Gun wanted to ask Papii if he wants to try cookies, Gun made. But they are too crisp, and Gun was afraid." The actor stuttered, avoiding looking at the taller man. Off was silent for a while, observing the younger before leaning closer. His smirk grew when the Gun's cheeks turned redder. 

"Oh, and I hoped you would confess to me." Off faked disappointment. 

"Papii would like that?" Gun asked, shocked by Off's statement. 

"Papii would love for Gun to confess his love for me." The older confirmed, smiling as he watched Gun thinking. 

"So if Gun says he loves Papii so much and wants him to be his boyfriend, Papii won't be mad?" The tiny actor spoke up, fidgeting shyly.

"Papii won't be mad. Papii would be the happiest man alive to have Gun as his boyfriend." Off answered, leaning even closer to Gun, placing a soft kiss at his plump lips. 

Chapter Text

Rome was humming happily, packing a few things in his backpack, for a sleepover at Thirds. He was so looking forward to it. Their small Friday escapes always made him feel better. Third was like a big brother to him, a brother he never had. Running out of his dorm with no care in the world, he didn't spot the familiar car parked in front of the building. 

"Rome." The well-known voice called him, stopping him from running. The short man turned around, facing trouble-looking Pick. 

"P'Pick?" Rome asked confusedly. They weren't supposed to meet today. He was sure to tell him he was busy. 

"What happened? Why are you here?" Rome kept on asking, fidgeting as he needed to leave. 

"Chill out, shorty. I wanted to talk with you." Pick spoke up, moving closer to the nervous boy.

"I am in a hurry. We can talk tomorrow." Rome retort, turning his back at his senior. 

"Do you really have a date?" The taller man asked. The angry tone shocked him. 

"Not your business." Rome snarled.

"Please, Rome." Pick grabbed his arm, stopping him from leaving. 

"Just this once, P'Pick." Rome sighs in defeat, guiding Pick to his dorm, texting Third to apologise in the process. 

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Off was standing on the balcony, letting the autumnal breeze caress his face. He sighs, looking over his shoulder at the packed luggage standing near his bed. Tomorrow, he will be in a house full of people. He will have to interact with them. It's not like he minds that much, but being the oldest had its disadvantages. 

"Papii?" The soft voice coming from behind him make him snap out of his thoughts. 

"Why are you out there? Come here." The shorter man pulled him inside the warm room. 

"Sit." Gun pushed the older man on the sofa and placed himself on his lap right away. 

"You are thinking way too much." The tiny actor cuddled closer, letting Off wrap his long arms around his waist. 

"I know, but you won't be there with me." Off huffed, burying his nose in Gun's fluffy hair. 

"You can do it, Papii. It's just for three days. Gun will wait for you here." The younger spoke up, tenderly stroking his boyfriend's back. 

"I don't think I can do it. I am too old for shows like these," Off muttered, tightening the grip on his boyfriend. 

"You are not. Just be yourself and have fun. You are the best, Papii. Gun is proud of you." The petite man pulled away slightly, kissing his lover in assurance.

"It will pass quicker than you think" He added, smiling as he received the pout from Off. 

"I hope so. I will miss you." Off sulked, pecking the shorter man's full lips. 

"Silly Papii." Gun laughed.

"Gun will miss you too." He added before cuddling his lover again. 

Chapter Text

Yes. The tiny baker said yes to the date, and Off was beyond happy. But the original happiness got replaced by anxiety and nervousness. Where should he take the cute angel? Cafe? He's a baker. Why would he want to go to a similar environment? A picnic would be good if he knew how to cook and wouldn't be chilly autumn. Strolling around the mall would be too weird and a restaurant too fancy. 

Off was lost, he didn't think, that planning a perfect date would be this hard. He plopped on the sofa, hiding his head in his palm in despair. Would it be too daring to invite Gun to his house for a movie and dinner? He was overthinking again when his phone beeped. 

"P'Off, would you mind if we have our date in my apartment?" Off's eyes almost pop out while reading the message from Gun. 

"I don't have a babysitter for Bibi." Another text pops up, making him smile. So he will meet his daughter this soon. 

"I don't mind, as long as you won't cancel it. Do I need to bring anything?" He took the courage to ask. He waited for the answer, biting his lower lip anxiously. 

"No, just bring yourself." Off grinned happily. 

"I forgot to ask. Do you eat apple pie?" 

"I can eat anything. Even you." He pushed the send button, realizing too late what he wrote. His hands tremble, knowing he fuck up a big-time, waiting for Gun to cancel their date. The adorable baker must think he's a pervert now. His phone vibrated, and Off was afraid to look at it. He braced himself, peeking at the screen.


He sighs in relief. It meant the date was still valid, right?

Chapter Text

The omega's hot skin against him, passionate kisses, the heat pulling him deeper into the tightness, the low moans driving him to the limit, his alpha taking over, biting the tiny boy in his embrace was not the dream. Pick smiled, brushing his nose against Rome's uncovered nape, placing the butterfly kisses against the fresh mating mark on the sleeping omega's shoulder. He was still in a daze after the turmoil of feelings he went through. He was tired, sleepy, yet happy. Pick never thought he would have the cutest mate in the world. Scooting even closer to the warm naked body, he inhaled their mixed scents, swearing it would be his favourite from now on. 

Pick sighs as his mind travels to the younger alpha, knowing he won't be able to take Rome away from him. Maybe he could even be thankful for that Din to treat his precious baby like trash, leading him to his arms. 

"Stop thinking, start sleeping," Rome mumbled sleepily, receiving a chuckle from him. 

"You sleep, love. You must be exhausted." He pointed out. 

"P'Pick." Rome squeaked, burying his head under the covers. 

"What? Am I not right?" Pick tease the petite man again. 

"You are mean." Rome pouted, peeking from behind the covers at his alpha.

"Sorry, love." Pick apologized, packing the younger's cheek, as he snuggled closer. 

"Let's both sleep." He added.

"Good night, my alpha," Rome whispered before falling asleep. Pick's face lit up with pride. Right he was Rome's alpha, and Rome was his omega, only his. 


Chapter Text

"I think I am going to throw up." Third groaned, clutching his stomach as he leaned more into his boyfriend. 

"Just a little bit more," Khai spoke up, holding the struggling man in his arms. They were currently on the way to the filming location for the new project. Khai was glaring at Two and Bone from the minute he saw their transport, silently preying his cute boyfriend would survive the ride. Third didn't take well overly moving objects always getting sick while riding them. 

"I am sorry, Third. I didn't know the cars couldn't go through." Two apologized a thousand times already, gulping down the invisible saliva, as he received another death glare from Khai. 

"Yeah, we didn't think you get sick on a hayride too." Bone added, moving away from Khai's reach. 

"Fuck you." Third manage to curse before he hurriedly bends over the rail emptying his stomach.

Chapter Text

It was a late peaceful afternoon, with the gentle breeze blowing and gently playing with the fallen leaves. The Tees were sitting inside the warm living room watching some sappy drama when the painful shriek echoed through the yard. The group ran outside, finding the smallest of them sitting in the middle of the pile of leaves, crying his eyes out. Maetee was the first one to move closer to the younger, embracing him in the warm hug. 

"What happened?" Maetee asked, concerned, pulling slightly from the sobbing boy, observing the tiny trail of blood running down his forehead. 

"Blood." Teedo gasped, pointing at T-Rex's head.

"I am going to get a first-aid kit," Maitee announced before leaving. 

"I am getting Teedo out." Teedet rolled his eyes, dragging their pale friend away. 

"T-Rex?" Watee crouches down beside the two, looking at his crying brother. 

"I was on my way back home." T-Rex wailed, burying his aching head in the crook of Maetee's neck. 

"I didn't see the rake and stepped on it." He added, letting the tears flow down even more. Maetee's hand automatically travelled on his back, making soothing circles. 

"Teedet!" Watee yelled, petting his brother's head in a comforting manner before standing up. 

"What?" A confused Teedet peeked from the door.

"Why did you leave the rake lying around?!" Watee stomped his way towards the taller man. 

"I did not. Teedo was helping me with the leaves." Teedet pointed at the Teedo, hiding behind him. 

"Sorry." Teedet squeaked, running away from the raging landlord. 

"It hurts." T-Rex cried.

"I know. Let's get you inside." Maetee picked up the clingy baby, carrying him inside the house to treat his wound. 


Chapter Text

Exhausted, that's how Gun felt. Filming so many projects at the same time drained all of his energy. He was so looking towards two free days without the schedule and how he will hibernate through it. Tomorrow, he won't step outside his comfy bed. 

The constant knocking on his door woke Gun up. He groaned, forcing himself to abandon the warmth nest to open the damned wood.  He was so ready to kill the person behind them. He swings the door open, getting startled by the sudden warmth hug. 

"Thank's God, you are alive." The person who holds him sighs in relief. 

"What happened, Papii?" Gun asked, confused, letting the older man pick him up, carrying him back inside the house. 

"You weren't answering your phone. I thought, something happened to you." Off said as he walked inside the bedroom with Gun attached to him like a tiny cute koala. 

"I am sorry, Papii. I didn't hear the phone ringing. I was sleeping." Gun answered, snuggling closer to the other. 

"No, I am sorry. You must have been tired from all of the filmings." Off manoeuvre them in the bed, allowing the shorter man to use him as a personal mattress, and cover them with the blanket. 

"It's alright. But you could have used the key instead of banging on the door so loudly." Gun giggled, burying his nose in the crook of Off's neck, inhaling the baby scent.

"I panicked and forgot I have it." Off, laughed.

"Silly." Gun managed to mutter before falling asleep. 

"Good night, baby." Off smiled, kissing Gun's forehead, before closing his eyes. 

Chapter Text

The thick fog was still lingering inside the apartment, rolling over the furniture, making it hard to see through. The group of four stood in the doorway, observing the disaster. 

"It was a stupid idea." Third scowled.

"I thought it would work." Khai shrugs, wrapping his long arms around the shorter boy's slim waist, pulling him to his chest.

"We all thought so." Bone agreed, defending his friend. 

"I did not. Who makes the fog experiment inside the house, anyway?" Two sided with Third. 

"Stop bickering." Third rolled his eyes, turning towards his boyfriend. 

"Khai, I am not sleeping inside this." Third pouted, waiting for Khai's answer. The taller man was quiet for a while before looking at Two and Bone. 

"You two take care of the mess. I am taking my baby to the spa hotel." He pointed at their friend's. 

"You heard him." Third smirked at the two stunned men, letting Khai drag him away from their shared apartment. 


Chapter Text

Off was nervous, standing in front of Gun's apartment, pondering if he should just run away and let the younger know he was ill or something. After a while, he hesitatingly rang the bell, waiting. He heard the footsteps coming closer, and the door opened soon after, revealing Gun. He was smiling, showing pretty dimples as he let Off enter. He looked so beautiful, Off, almost forgot to breathe. 

"For me?" Gun asked, pointing at the flowers he was holding. 

"Yes." Off stuttered, handing the bouquet to the shorter man. 

"They are beautiful. Thank you." Gun smiled again, leading him deeper inside the apartment. They went into the dining area connected with the kitchen. Gun let him sit at the table as he went to put the flowers in the vase. 

"I didn't know what would you like to eat. So I made a lasagna. Everyone likes lasagna." Gun spoke up from the kitchen desk, evidently nervous as much as Off. 

 "Should I make something different? " he asked when he didn't get any answer. 

"No, it's okay. I was just distracted by your cuteness." Off uttered, observing Gun's cheeks turning a bright shade of red. He was about to say another cheesy pick-up line when the tiny creature made its entrance into the room. The white ball of fur skipped closer to him, letting go of the soft toy she was crunching, sniffing his leg before barking, waiting to get picked up. 

"What an adorable daughter I have." Off laughed, taking the puppy in his arms. 

"Hi, I am your new daddy. What's your name, baby?" He added, peeking curiously at Gun. The younger man was looking at him with wide eyes, his face red like a tomato. 

"Bibi," Gun whispered, turning around to take out their meal from the oven. 

"Look, Bibi. Mammy is adorable, don't you think?" Off bounced the animal in his arms, pointing at its owner. 


Chapter Text

Being excited was an understatement. Gun was vibrating happiness from all his body parts. He was in School Rangers with his Papii after a long time, and they were in the same team too. He couldn't stop himself from smiling all the time.

He was busy playing with White, Leo and Nanon around the set, glancing at Papi from time to time. Off seems calm most of the time, so he continued to be in his cuddly self. The game with the boxes was the worst. He tried his best, but he kept on losing, and when he saw the disappointed expression on his partner's face, he was sorry.

They didn't get punished, but he was sad even after the filming. Gun was sitting quietly on the sofa at one of the GMM's resting rooms, pouting. 

"Gun? " Off spoke up from beside him. Gun didn't even spot him walking in. 

"I know you are not alright, so didn't try to tell me otherwise." The older took his hand, intertwined their fingers and placed their connected palms on his lap. 

"You are mad at me," Gun whispered, glancing away from him. 

"Why would I be?" 

"I saw the look you gave me. You were mad and disappointed I lost again." Gun continues. He heard Off sighs before he felt a warm hand on his face that made him turn around. 

"Look at me, baby. I am not mad nor disappointed." Off said, receiving another pout from the tiny man. 

"I was jealous."

"Jealous?" Gun asked confusedly. 

"You were playing around with others and forgot about me." Off confessed. 

"I would never forget about you, Papi." Gun smiled, leaning closer before placing a soft, shy kiss on his lips. 

Chapter Text

They watched the stack of papers getting swallowed by the fire. The evidence that could point to them burned to ashes in the old fireplace. Thawin was holding Punn in his arms, grinning as the younger snuggled to him. They took the most of what this town could give them, and it was time to move somewhere else. Thawin had already chosen their next destination, far away from here. Punn didn't complain, he was happy to be by this man side, bathing in his affection, and of course, in the fortune, they made together.  Tomorrow he will no longer be Punn, and Thawin won't be Thawin. They come up with new names for each other. 

Before they have to move again, they will be Bright and Liftoil. 

Chapter Text

Pick was leaning on the doorframe, observing his mate changing the straw in the bunny cottage. He was so focused on his task he didn't realize the other's presence. It's was three months since they got mated, and Pick couldn't be happier. Din showed up a few weeks later, only to get chased out. Now that Rome is officially his omega, he has no right to go after him. 

Rome talked him into helping him in the clinic, taking care of the smaller animals and paperwork for him. The small omega especially liked the fluffy bunnies for some od reason. 

"You are staring," Rome spoke up, not even sparing glace to his alpha. 

"I can't?" Pick retired, chuckling as Rome's nose scrunched in annoyance. 

"No. Come here and help me." The omega commanded, pointing at the bunnies hopping in the playpen. 

"Your wish is my command." Pick laughed, kneeling beside him, taking the tiny animal in his hand and putting it gently in the newly made cot. 

"They are cute." Rome giggled, watching the bunnies getting settled in their new home. 

"You are cuter." Pick pinched his cheek before kissing him. The alpha stood up, offering his hand to the shorter male.

"I still can stand up on my own." Rome hissed but took Pick's hand anyway. 

"I know. I am training when our little bean will get bigger." Pick smiled, pulling the omega in the tender hug. 

"Silly," Rome whispered, snuggling closer to his alpha.