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November collection of drabbles and short stories

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Pick was leaning on the doorframe, observing his mate changing the straw in the bunny cottage. He was so focused on his task he didn't realize the other's presence. It's was three months since they got mated, and Pick couldn't be happier. Din showed up a few weeks later, only to get chased out. Now that Rome is officially his omega, he has no right to go after him. 

Rome talked him into helping him in the clinic, taking care of the smaller animals and paperwork for him. The small omega especially liked the fluffy bunnies for some od reason. 

"You are staring," Rome spoke up, not even sparing glace to his alpha. 

"I can't?" Pick retired, chuckling as Rome's nose scrunched in annoyance. 

"No. Come here and help me." The omega commanded, pointing at the bunnies hopping in the playpen. 

"Your wish is my command." Pick laughed, kneeling beside him, taking the tiny animal in his hand and putting it gently in the newly made cot. 

"They are cute." Rome giggled, watching the bunnies getting settled in their new home. 

"You are cuter." Pick pinched his cheek before kissing him. The alpha stood up, offering his hand to the shorter male.

"I still can stand up on my own." Rome hissed but took Pick's hand anyway. 

"I know. I am training when our little bean will get bigger." Pick smiled, pulling the omega in the tender hug. 

"Silly," Rome whispered, snuggling closer to his alpha.