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This party looks like just any other Friday night uni party – loud crappy music, cheap alcohol, drunk, horny students… Even feels bored. He smiles and makes small talk as if on auto pilot with the petite red-haired girl looking up at him with big doe eyes, batting her eyelashes and not so subtly letting the tip of her tongue poke out as she bites the straw in her drink.

He knows that she wants him, she’s made no secret about it from the moment she came up to Even and started to talk to him about… what are they even talking about? He can’t even say. But it doesn’t really matter anyway. She’s hot, she wants Even, and Even knows they’re only playing this game of turning around each other for a little while before he’ll inevitably brings her back to his place or follow her to hers to fuck and then go their seperate ways. 

So he nods and smiles, pretends to be interested in what she’s saying – about her courses this semester or her new roommate who “forgot” to tell her about his daily violin practice when he moved in – while he works out how long he still has to wait to finally kiss her, touch her, and get the fuck out of that party…

When Even mindlessly looks up and scans the crowd, his eyes land on him . He suddenly can’t hear what she’s saying anymore, her words blending and blurring the moment Even notices that this guy is here tonight. He’s never seen him at any party before, only on campus, walking from a building to another at a quick, determined pace. He always seems to have his nose stuck in a book, studying when he’s on his lunch break in the yard, scribbling in a notebook between classes. 

Not that Even has been looking at him that closely.

Or maybe he has.

But the boy is cute, in his nerdy, bookworm way. His green eyes are always as serious as his golden curls are wild under the snapbacks he usually wears, unlike tonight. He’s tall, strong… Okay, he’s more than cute. The guy is really fucking hot. But strangely, Even has never approached him, never tried to hit on him or even just catch his attention across the uni cafeteria or as their paths crossed in a hallway. He’s looked at him from afar, sometimes letting the picture of his pretty face appear behind his closed eyelids when Even was alone in his bed and pushed his hand down his boxers to close it around his cock. He would imagine him kneeling between his legs, lips stretched around him, sucking, taking, until Even would spill all over his own fist.

But no, Even has never dared to go to him before, and try to make this fantasy a reality. Somehow, the guy has always seemed off limits. But right now, he’s here, at this party, with a beer in his hand. He’s on Even’s territory, on familiar ground, and Even is decided to try his luck.

When Even excuses himself, he sees the confused look on the girl’s face who, just like him, must have been thinking that this was a done deal, and clearly doesn’t understand why Even is suddenly escaping their meaningless conversation when they were so close to move it to foreplay.

Even elbows his way through the crowd, but the moment he manages to get to the other side of the living room, the boy had disappeared. He wanders through the apartment, looking for wild curls, a pointy nose, a timid smile… He passes groups of friends drinking, couples making out in dark corners, closed doors vibrating with the sound of people fucking and hopes none of the moans he can hear are his . If someone must make him moan and cry tonight, it will be Even and no-one else.

“Shit, sorry!” 

Someone exclaims as they bump into Even at the corner of a corridor and almost spill their drink on him. Well, not someone. Him

“No need to apologize.” Even smiles when the guy finally looks up at him after checking that he didn’t get any beer on his own shirt. “I was actually looking for you, been searching everywhere.”

“Huh?” He frowns, confused, and this might be the cutest thing Even has ever seen. “Why would you be looking for me, what do you want?”

“To talk to you, get to know you.” Even shrugs and slides against the wall he’s leaning against to get a little closer to the guy who raises an eyebrow but doesn’t move away. “Get you another drink when you’re done with the one you almost spilled on me. I’m Even, by the way.”

“Isak. And I'll stop you right there, I’m not interested,” he answers firmly.

“Ouch!” Even clutches his hand over his heart but can’t help laughing at Isak’s bluntness. “Here I was trying to be friendly… you’re harsh, Isak.”

“Friendly,” Isak scoffs, rolling his eyes at Even. “You were trying to hit on me. Am I wrong?”

“Nah, you got me,” Even sighs, amused. “I was trying to hit on you.”

“Right, well I’m not interested.”

“Not into guys? Okay, I get it…” Even shrugs casually when he feels a pang of disappointment hit him at the thought of never having his chance with Isak, the guy he’s been fantasising about for weeks and weeks.

“Oh no, I am very much into guys.” Isak smirks. “But it’s still a no.”

“Wow. You’re really set on hurting my feelings tonight, aren’t you?”

“I’m sure you’ll get over it.”

“So what's the reason, am I that bad looking?”

Even slides a little closer and can see how Isak’s eyes quickly roam over his face, how he licks his lips before he answers in a weak huff, “You know you’re not.”

“Then what is it? What is so terrible about me that you won’t even let me have a chance to woo you?”

Woo me?” Isak scoffs. “Come on man, cut the bullshit. I know who you are, you don’t woo people, you fuck them and move on to the next. And that’s cool, you do you, but I’m not interested.”

“Oh, I see my reputation precedes me?”

“Yeah, well it shouldn’t be that surprising when you’ve fucked half the campus.”


"Listen, I'm sure plenty of people here tonight would be too happy to be another notch on your bedpost. I'm not." Isak lifts his chin up as he looks right into Even's eyes, proud, defiant. "Nothing will ever happen between you and me, okay?"

"Okay." Even lifts his hand before him, like he's not going to insist any more, before pushing himself off the wall. "I'll be around if you change your mind."

"Don't hold your breath."

"I couldn't baby, you already took it away," Even says as he begins to walk away backwards, not letting Isak get out of his sight.

"Oh my God, that was so fucking corny!" Isak shakes his head.

"You loved it didn't you?"

Isak rolls his eyes and flips Even off for good measure but Even can see the light blush on his cheeks that he is pretty sure has nothing to do with the heat of the room or the alcohol Isak's been drinking.

"See you later." Even winks before turning away from Isak.


Even would have left the party long ago but he stayed, knowing that Isak was still around. He couldn’t resist hangin around a little while longer just to catch his eyes from time to time, often earning an eye roll in return, to hear his laugh echoing through the crowded party, to see him as he talked to his friends or – to Even satisfaction – spurned another guy’s advances. 

But now, Isak is nowhere to be seen anymore. Even has no idea if he’s already left, but he sees no point in staying at that party any longer if Isak’s not around anymore, so he leaves the few people he was hanging out with to their conversation and begins to head out of the apartment. Before he can get to the front door, Even feels someone grab his jacket and stop him in his tracks. 

“What-” Even is ready to protest, annoyed at whoever allowed themselves to just pull him like that but the feeling soon dies down when he finds himself in front of Isak who holds on to Even’s jean jacket and looks up at him with gleaming eyes.

“Where are you going? You’re not leaving are you?”

“Well you kinda disappeared baby, so I didn’t see the point in hanging around anymore.”

“I’m here now,” Isak gets even closer to Even, his voice low and slurred.

“Yeah you are,” Even chuckles. “And you seem pretty drunk.”

“Maybe…” Isak shrugs. “We’re all drunk here anyway.”

“I’m not, I didn’t drink tonight.”

“I maaay be a little bit high too,” Isak whispers, as if he was telling Even a secret. “I was smoking in the bathroom with the guys, Mahdi brought some good shit. So fucking strong!”

“Okay. Maybe that's enough for tonight, don’t you think?”

“Mmm, whatever…” Isak takes a couple of steps, pushing Even back until he has him trapped between the wall and his own body. “I found an empty bedroom and I’m really dying to have you inside me right now,” he purrs against Even’s ear, Isak’s words and warm breath sending a shiver down his spine.

“Not tonight.” Even tilts his head to the side to avoid Isak’s lips when he tries to press them against his own.

“What?” Isak scoffs. “I disappear for five minutes and suddenly you don’t want me anymore?”

“Oh I do want you, baby.” Even sees Isak’s crooked satisfied smile fall when he adds, “But if I must have you I need to be sure that you really want it too.”

"You're not drinking, you don't want to hook up…” Isak rolls his eyes. “What are you, a monk?"

"Not a monk, believe me.” Even softly caresses Isak’s cheek and revels in the way his heavy eyelids flutter at the touch. “But it wouldn't be reasonable."

" Reasonable ? Tsss…” Isak shakes his head, annoyed at Even’s resistance. He wraps his hands behind Even’s neck and looks at him through his long eyelashes. “Come on, I know how badly you want me. You think I haven't seen how you look at me? And I don't mean tonight, I mean, like… all the time."

"You noticed?"

"You're not exactly…” Isak pauses to fight back a hiccup. “...subtle, y'know."

"Well, I caught your attention, didn’t I?"

"Mmh? No, you didn’t. I… I mean you… uh?"

Even laughs at Isak’s embarrassment, dying to kiss away the little pout on his lips. 

"You're so cute."

"Shut up, I'm not cute.” Isak frowns as if Even’s tender words were the worst possible affront. “I'm hot," he counters.

"Oh yes, that too,” Even nods, their noses softly brushing with the movement as Isak is still pressing his body so close to Even’s. “You're really fucking hot, baby"

"Glad you agree.” Isak gives him a smug smile. “So you're hot, I'm hot. What are we still doing chatting here, when we could be fucking there ?” He tilts his head towards the corridor, and probably the bedroom he’s trying to lure Even in.

“You made it very clear earlier that it wouldn’t happen. I don’t want you to do something you’ll regret because you’re high and you’ve had a few drinks.”

“Ugh, so fucking reasonable .” Isak steps away from Even and almost trips on his own feet.

“Okay, easy.” Even catches him before Isak can fall on his ass. “I think it’s time to get you home. Where are your friends?”

“Dunno.” Isak shrugs. “They’re busy hooking up with chicks or… trying to hook up with chicks.”

“Where do you live?”

“I... don’t... remember?” Isak presses his palms against Even’s chest, looks up at him with a devilish glint in his eyes. “Sooo… maybe we should go to yours instead?”

“Fine,” Even huffs out a laugh as he takes Isak’s hands off him. “If I take you back to mine, do you promise to behave?”

“I promise to be a good boy if that’s what you want from me.” Isak cocks an eyebrow at Even, knowing exactly what his words are doing to him.

“We’re going there to sleep, nothing else.”

“Fine,” Isak groans before stumbling towards the front door of the apartment. Even shakes his head and follows him, his endearment for this boy growing so big in his chest it almost completely stifles his frustration at the thought of having him in his bed tonight without being able to touch him.



The walk to Even’s apartment takes twice as long as it normally would, Isak stumbling along the pavement, clinging to Even’s arm and forcing Even to almost carry him, or stopping dead in his tracks with a pout on his lips because he’s been refused a kiss until Even has to beg Isak to keep moving.

They finally get to his apartment building and slowly make their way up to the fourth floor where Even lives. Isak leans against the wall next to the door of his apartment as Even fishes out his keys from his pocket.

“I can’t wait to see your fuckboy shag pad,” he says with a playful glint in his eyes.

“My what?!” Even snorts.

“Y’know where you bring all these people to fuck… D'you have, like, one of these big mirrors on the ceiling above your bed to watch your performance? Or a dungeon full of leather and whips and kinky shit?”

“No ceiling mirror or kinky dungeon.” Even unlocks the door and opens it to his small student’s apartment. “It’s just a regular flat, sorry to disappoint.”

They get inside the apartment, Isak pressing himself against Even’s back and wrapping his arms around his waist immediately as Even closes the door. 

“I thought we agreed you were gonna behave?” Even pretends to scold him when Isak starts peppering kisses along the side of his neck. “Come on, let's get you to bed.”

“Fucking finally,” Isak murmurs right under Even’s ear where he presses another languid kiss, the tip of his tongue, hot and teasing on Even’s skin.

“Isak…” Even sighs, hoping Isak cannot feel how his skin is shivering under his lips.

Isak groans but he lets Even unwrap his arms and take his hand to lead him to the alcove at the end of the living room where he put his bed.

Isak climbs on the bed and kneels on the mattress right before Even. He quickly gets rid of his black and blue flannel shirt and pulls his white tee-shirt over his head.

Even can't help himself, he comes closer, attracted like a magnet by Isak's exposed skin. He's dying to touch, to run his hand across Isak's toned abs, through his disheveled curls. He’s dying to stroke, to kiss, to lick, to bite. He’s dying to make Isak moan and beg for more but he can’t.

Not tonight.

Not like that.

Isak’s lips curl into a playful smirk that tells Even he knows exactly what’s going through his mind. As if he’d read Even’s thoughts, Isak brings his hand to his chest, runs it across his pecs, down his stomach, until it reaches the waistband of his jeans. He pops the button open and slowly pulls the zipper down. Even can’t tear his eyes away from the trail of light golden hair that disappears under the elastic band of Isak’s boxers, the bulge under the tight black cotton fabric outlining the shape of Isak’s cock. 

“You comin’ to bed?” Isak mumbles as he slowly starts to push his jeans down his hips, slightly swaying on his knees.

“I um…” Even clears his throat, his mouth feels suddenly dry. “Just let me get you a glass of water first, alright?”

“Be quick, I’ll wait for you here.” Isak lets himself fall on the bed and Even hears him squirm out of his pants as he turns around and makes his way to the small open kitchen.

Even fills a tall glass with water and gulps it down. He closes his eyes, trying to calm his breath. If Isak continues to come on to him like that, well, Even’s just gonna have to sleep on the couch. Never mind that it’s way too small for him and that he’ll need to curl up on himself uncomfortably to fit on it. Hell, Even will sleep on the floor if he really must.

Even fills the glass again and returns to the bed where he finds Isak laying across the mattress, wearing nothing but his boxers, his eyes closed, his body lax, one of his arms thrown lazily above his head. What a picture he makes like that, Even thinks, trying to commit it to his memory if this is the one and only time he must have Isak in his bed.

Even puts the glass of water down on the nightstand and leans down close to Isak. “Come on, get under the covers,” he murmurs as he lifts the corner of the duvet. Isak frowns but he follows Even’s guidance and soon, he’s burrowing into one of the pillows as Even tucks him in. Then, when he deems it safe enough after all because Isak is clearly exhausted and done toying with him, Even takes his own clothes off and slides under the covers next to Isak who immediately snuggles up to him, his head coming to rest on Even’s chest.

“You’re good?” Even asks, feeling his heart hammering right under Isak’s cheek.

“Room’s spinnin’,” Isak mumbles.

Even wraps his arms around him, keeps Isak close, safe and comfortable against him. “I’ve got you baby, just go to sleep.”

Isak sighs contentedly as Even gently runs his hand through his hair. “I like it when you call me baby.”

“You do?”


Even presses a soft kiss on Isak's temple, on his forehead, between his closed eyes.

“Good night, baby.”


Even’s first thought when he wakes up finding another person in his bed is usually trying to remember their name and a way to gently wake them up and guide them out of his apartment so he can go on with his day.

But not this morning.

He lies still and watches Isak sleep soundly next to him. Even watches the slow rise and fall of Isak’s chest, his parted lips revealing the small gaps between his teeth, the way his long eyelashes sofly kiss the top of his cheeks.

Even has dreamt of having Isak in his bed for so long but never imagined it would happen like that. When he imagined Isak in his bed, there was nothing but naked skin, sweat and moans. He imagined Isak crying his name as he pushed inside him, their bodies entwined in ecstasy. He imagined grabbing Isak’s hair to guide his lips to his own cock, but not really tenderly stroking it to lull him to sleep. 

He could have had that last night, with someone else. Even could have brought that girl home with the assurance to caress another body, to fuck, to come. But, looking at Isak slightly stirring under the duvet as he begins to wake up, Even realizes he wouldn’t have wanted that night to go any other way.

Or, okay, maybe slightly differently. But not with anybody else.

Isak twists next to Even. He slowly opens one eye and frowns against the sudden attack of the bright morning light. 

“God…” Isak groans, his awakening obviously painful after his excesses of the previous night. He finally opens both his eyes and Even sees the confusion in his cloudy gaze as Isak tries to make up the place he just woke up in.

"Morning sunshine,” Even chirps, lying on his side to face Isak, his head lying on his folded arm. “Sleep well?"

Isak turns his head towards him. He blinks once, twice, and when he finally recognizes Even, his eyes grow comically wide, panic written all over his face.

"Shit!” Isak exclaims as he sits up – much too quickly if the way he grunts and takes his head between his hands is anything to go by.

“That’s not a very nice way to greet the person who welcomed you into their bed last night…”

“What-” Isak winces. He pauses before taking in a couple of long breaths. “Did we...?" he asks, avoiding to meet Even’s gaze.

"No, don't worry, nothing happened.” Even stops teasing him. “You were wasted so I just brought you here to sleep."

“Okay…” Isak nods slowly, his shoulders slumping slightly in relief. “Good.”

"Trust me baby,” Even smirks. “If we had fucked you’d remember it."

"You’re very full of yourself,” Isak scoffs before finally looking back at Even, unable to stop his gaze from wandering across the parts of Even’s body that are not hidden under the covers. His pupils grow imperceptibly larger, darker, but of course Even doesn’t miss it.

"So?” Even shrugs. “I know I'm a good fuck, why should I pretend to be shy about it?"

Isak tries to dismiss Even’s bragging with a laugh but it catches in his throat. He clears it awkwardly, his cheeks tinted by the prettiest blush. He leans over the edge of the bed, offering the picture of his stretched body to Even’s avid gaze as he fumbles through the pockets of his jeans on the floor. Isak retrieves his phone and flips it in his hand, the little composure he managed to regain quickly lost again when he realizes that he can’t turn it on.

Isak looks up at the ceiling and lets out a frustrated sigh. 

“Do you have a charger I could borrow?” He finally asks Even, waving his iPhone.

“Right over here on the nightstand.” Even nods towards the bedside table next to Isak where the glass he brought him the night before still stands, full. “The water is for you by the way, you really need to hydrate yourself after what you drank last night.”

“Thanks,” Isak mumbles lowly as he plugs the charger in his phone. 

He grabs the glass on the nightstand and empties in a few big gulps as he waits for his phone to start.

“Good?” Even asks when Isak lets out a deep, content exhale. 

“Yeah,” Isak puts down the glass. “My head fucking hurts, though.”

The screen of Isak’s phone finally lights up and it instantly starts to buzz in his hand with the rush of notifications that Isak has missed since the night before.

“Your friends?”

“Yeah they freaked out a bit when they couldn't find me last night but apparently someone told them they saw us leave together.” Isak lets the hand holding his phone fall on his lap and pinches the bridge of his nose with the other. “That’s fucking great,” he sighs. “I’m never gonna hear the end of it…”

“Would it be so terrible if they thought you hooked up with me?”

“I just…” Isak shakes his head, immediately seeming to regret it. “We didn’t. Okay? I don’t want them to believe something that isn’t true. You’re not gonna tell anybody that we hooked up, right?”

“Of course not,” Even reassures him. “I don’t kiss and tell and I would definitely not lie about it.”

Isak nods, he’s about to add something when his phone starts to buzz with another incoming string of messages. “Shit, now Eskild’s asking why I’m not home.”

“Oh, I see,” Even feels something like a slightly bitter taste in his mouth. “Boyfriend?” he asks casually, or so he hopes. Because he’s not jealous, right? That would be ridiculous.

“No, my roommate,” Isak answers simply as he texts Eskild back, seeming oblivious to Even’s sudden surge of possessiveness.

Even only hums in response, a sense of hope and relief blooming in his chest even if Isak seems intended on assuring Even that he’s not interested now that he’s sober again.

“I should um…” Isak gets out of the bed and picks up his discarded clothes on the floor.

“You can use the bathroom if you want, have a shower or something,” Even offers him before Isak can say he has to go. “I mean, your battery is probably still dead, so… take your time.”

“You’re sure?”

Even was convinced Isak would turn down his offer and go. He only tried his luck because he’s dying to keep him here with him just a little while longer but, strangely, Isak doesn’t seem in such a hurry to leave.

“Yeah, no worries.” He smiles at Isak who’s standing sheepishly at the end of the bed with his clothes bundled in his arms. “There are clean towels in there and you should find some paracetamol in the cabinet near the sink, help yourself.”

“Thanks,” Isak says before heading to the bathroom.

“You’re welcome, baby.”

"Stop doing that.” Isak stops at the bathroom door and turns back around to face Even. His eyebrows are frowned but there is no severity in his gaze, no hardness on the lines of his face. What he asks is not an order, it seems more like a plea.

"Doing what?"

"Calling me baby. "

"I thought you loved it,” Even counters in pretend surprise, a playful smirk on the corner of his lips. “That's what you said last night."

"No, I didn't." Isak shakes his head, but his protest is weak; only a weak attempt at keeping face when Even can see in his eyes that Isak remembers. 

"Oh yes you did,” Even chuckles. “Right after you practically begged me to fuck you on this very bed," he says, patting the empty space next to him on the mattress where Isak was still lying only a few minutes before. 

"I was…” Isak can’t seem to be able to quiet and hide the turmoil that seems to have taken a hold of him. His skin is flushed, and he holds his clothes tightly in front of him, hiding his body in a way that makes Even wonder if he’s not getting hard right there and now, with the only thought of Even fucking him on that bed. Isak opens and closes his mouth in search of something more to say but only settles for a weak, “I was drunk."

"Yeah, you were,” Even confirms. “You're a very cuddly drunk you know… so fucking cute."

"Shut up,” Isak scoffs before rushing through the bathroom door and closing it between him and Even. 

Even falls back on the bed, looking up at the ceiling as he exhales a gleeful and content sigh. He hears Isak shuffling around in the bathroom and after a minute, the stream of the showerhead. Even can’t help picturing Isak there for a moment, naked in his small bathroom, water cascading down his strong body and he has to shake these thoughts out of his head when he realizes he’ll soon be the one with a hard-on. 

He gets out of bed, puts on a tee-shirt and some sweats before heading to the kitchen where he prepares some coffee, puts sliced bread in the toaster and looks for some eggs in the fridge.

A few minutes later, as Even busies himself in front of the stove, he hears Isak get out of the bathroom and walk to the kitchen.

“Hey,” Even turns around with a pan of scrambled eggs that he serves in two plates on the table. “Feeling better?”

“Yeah, I took a paracetamol and the shower was… nice,” Isak answers slowly, following Even’s movements with a puzzled look. “What that?” he asks, taking in the food and coffee Even has set on the table.

“Breakfast.” Even shrugs, earning an eye roll from Isak who obviously knows what it actually is but doesn’t seem to understand Even’s intentions. “Come on, sit down, this should help with your hangover.”

“You really didn’t have to-”

“It’s fine.” Even waves off Isak’s worries. “I was hungry anyway.”

“Thanks.” Isak gives him a small nod before taking a seat at Even’s table. 

They start their breakfast in silence, stealing glances at each other over the brim of their steaming coffee cups. Even feels something stir in his stomach when Isak takes a first mouthful of eggs and lets out an appreciative moan. 

“The eggs are really good,” he praises Even.

“Oh yeah?”

“Mhm.” Isak nods as he takes another bite.

“The secret ingredient is a tablespoon of sour cream,” Even says quietly, as if someone would hear this confidence if he was to speak any louder.

“It’s not exactly a secret if you tell everyone,” Isak sends Even an unimpressed look.

“I don’t. That’s why I usually don’t let the people I sleep with stay for breakfast.”

“So that they don’t steal your eggs recipe?” Isak cocks an eyebrow at Even.


“But you’re telling me?”

“Yes, I’m telling you .”

Isak shakes his head, a small smile unfurling on his lips before he brings them to his cup again. They finish eating in a comfortable silence, only broken by the sound of cars passing by outside and the clinking of their forks against their plates.

“You really never let people stay for breakfast?” Isak eventually asks Even, looking down at the empty mug between his hands.

“No, never.”

“So why did you do all that for me?” Isak looks up, instantly finding Even’s gaze.

“It’s different with you.”

“How so?”

“Well, we didn’t fuck,” Even chuckles, as he leans back in his chair.


“We literally only slept together, nothing else,” Even shrugs before waving at the empty plates and cups on the table. “So this is just a perfectly friendly breakfast.”

“Friendly,” Isak scoffs.

“I told you that I could be friendly last night.”

“You did, yeah.” For the first time this morning, Isak agrees with what Even tells him about the night before, he doesn’t try to deny it or to pretend that he can’t remember what happened. He does remember and he lets Even know that.

“So what happens after you’ve fucked these people?” Isak continues. “How do you throw them out in the morning?”

“I usually don’t really have to. Sometimes they split in the middle of the night after we’re done, or if they’re still here in the morning, I just wait for them to wake up, tell them it was fun and make them understand that I have stuff to do, that's it… They get it and leave.”

“Don’t you ever feel bad about it?”

"Why should I?” Even shrugs, shaking his head slightly. “I don't lie to the people I have sex with, I don't promise them anything. They know I'm not looking for a relationship, that we're here to fuck and that's it. We're all adults wanting the same thing, to have a bit of fun.” He pauses. “I have nothing to be ashamed of."

"I didn't mean that, I-"

"I know, don't stress,” Even reassures him, not wanting any awkwardness to grow between them. He smiles warmly at Isak before getting up and taking the empty plates to the sink. 

“But what happens when they don’t get it?” Isak asks behind him. Even turns around and finds him leaning against the kitchen table, looking back at him. “What happens when they want to stay, when they want more from you?”

“I gently remind them that what happened was just sex, nothing more,” Even answers softly. “I’m never mean with the people I hook-up with. Of course, some people may get the impression that it could be something more, some of them may leave disappointed or upset because they thought it could lead to a date or something… But they don’t leave here with a broken heart.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“You’re right,” Even nods. “I guess I can’t. But I know I don’t play with people’s feelings. I may be a fuckboy as people say, but I’m not cruel.”

A heavy silence stretches between them, taking up all the space in the room, leaving almost no air to breathe. Even has made no secret of the way he feels about Isak, about what he wants from him, but Isak… Isak has rejected him, made Even understand he wanted nothing to do with him before throwing himself at him when alcohol and weed had stripped him of his inhibitions. Now, sober again and in the light of day, he continues to affirm that he doesn’t want Even but he’s still there. He doesn’t try to leave, he stands there immobile in front of Even, looking at him, asking to know more about him, to be let in in his intimacy.

“Why do you care, anyway?”

“I don’t care,” Isak huffs, looking down at his feet. Even follow Isak’s gaze and find its point of focus; a small hole at the top of his sock that seems to be the single most fascinating to him at that moment, as he refuses to look anywhere else, especially not at Even.

“You don’t? You’re asking a lot of questions for someone who doesn’t care.”

“I’m just…” Isak shrugs. “...curious, I don’t know.”

“Curious, right.” Even hums. “I mean, why should you care, uh? In a minute you’ll be out of here and you’ll never have to deal with me again. You’ll go back to your friends to let them know that nothing, absolutely nothing happened between you and me and that nothing ever will, right?”

Isak doesn’t answer, he gazes back up at Even and swallows hard. His breath becomes faster, his cheeks flushed. He doesn’t say a word but his body is unable to hide how Even’s words affect him. 

Even takes a step closer to Isak, then another, and continues. “You can tell them that you resisted my advances, that I came on to you but that it didn’t work, not with you. Because you're not like the others, right? Those who are willing to be another notch on my bedpost. You can tell your friends, and you can tell yourself anything you want, I don’t care. Because I know.”

Even continues to walk closer to Isak who doesn’t make a move to avoid him until they’re standing right before each other. They’re so close that Even can almost feel the vibration of Isak’s heavy shaky breaths, can see how they make his lips tremble. So close that it would only take the smallest push to feel these lips against his own. 

“I know how you were dying to have me inside you last night, these were your words,” Even murmurs, the whole room now reduced to the minuscule distance remaining between their bodies. “I’ll remember how you begged me to fuck you during that party, how you tried to kiss me, touch me when I brought you here, how you took your clothes off for me and laid on my bed. I’ll never forget how you offered yourself to me, all I had to do was to take you. But don’t worry, that will stay between you and me… baby.”

For a fleeting second, Even wonders if this is the moment Isak is going to finally storm off. His gaze is made unreadable by the conflict that seems to occur in his mind as he looks at Even, as he takes in his words.

But it only lasts a second.

When this second has passed, Isak reaches for Even, he wraps his hand around the back of his neck and pulls him to his lips. He kisses him, messy and urgent, all needy moans and hungry tongue from the start. He kisses him with the same sort of pent up longing and want Even has carried inside him since the first time he saw Isak on campus. And Even respond to his kiss with the same fervour. 

Even wraps his hands around the back of Isak’s thighs and lifts him on the kitchen table. Isak goes willingly and the moment he’s seating there, he spreads his legs for Even, invites him closer. Even grabs his hips, pulls Isak to the very edge of the table until he can press their crotches together, feel how hard Isak is through the tight fabric of his jeans.

Isak pants as Even grinds against him and sucks on his neck, his fingers keeping a tight grip on Even’s hair.

“Even…” he whimpers before pulling on the hem of his shirt, seeming desperate to touch more skin. Even unlocks his lips from Isak’s neck and lets him get rid of his shirt first before Isak pulls his own over his head until he’s all bare skin and dishevel curls just like the night before. Except that this time, Even can touch, he can stroke Isak’s skin, he can kiss, lick, he can suck on the pink buds of his nipple and feel them grow harder against his tongue. “God, Even!”

“Tell me that you want me.” Even leans back, until he and Isak are only barely touching anymore. He can’t help revelling in the way Isak whines the moment Even deprives him of the touch of his skin, how eager and drunk in lust he looks, eyes blown dark and lips shiny from kissing Even’s.  “I want to hear you say it.”

"I want you… so fucking bad.” Isak reaches for him, lets his gaze and his hands roam Even’s body as if it was the most precious thing. “I've wanted you for so long," he finally confesses.

"Me too baby,” Even exhales, diving back for Isak’s lips. “Me too.”

Isak clings to him, kisses along Even’s jaw. He bites the lobe of his ear before giving it a slow, smoothing lick and whispers – his voice hoarse, his breath warm and wet against Even’s skin, “I’m dying to have you inside me.”


Even wraps Isak’s legs around his waist and lifts him from the table. In a few staggering strides, his lips never leaving Isak’s, Even reaches his bed where they both fall in a heap of entwined limbs and joyful laughs.

They quickly rid each other of his pants and briefs, hands shaking with anticipation as they pop off buttons, unzip and pull on waistbands to finally reveal each other’s body in their full and unapologetic nakedness. 

“God, you’re so hot,” Even pants as he takes in Isak’s spread out body, his red lips and heaving chest, his strong legs spread out for him, his cock, lying thick and hard across his toned stomach.

Even can’t help himself, can’t wait any longer and takes his in his hand, gives Isak a few tugs. He feels so soft and hard against his palm, fits so perfectly in Even’s fist.

“Even – aah! – fuck!” Isak pants and writhe on the bed, in Even’s grip.

Even leans down, slots himself between Isak's thighs covers him from head to toe. Without stopping the movement of his hand he presses his mouth against Isak’s again, sucks on his bottom lip and swallows the strings of moans and profanities that each pump of his fist pulls out of Isak. 

Bringing his hand lower, Even massages Isak’s balls, rubs across his perineum and finally, he slowly, softly, draws circles around his rim, feeling Isak’s entire body tense and tremble under his own.

“God,” Isak whimpers, bucking his hips as he chases Even’s touch, begs for more.

“You want that baby?” Even purrs against his lips. “Wanna feel me inside you?”

“Yeah,” Isak nods before capturing Even’s lips again, moaning inside his mouth when Even presses just slightly more firmly. “Yes!”

“Okay, I’ve got you.” Even opens the drawer of his bedside table, he grabs a few condoms that he puts on top of it and finds his bottle of lube.

Kneeling between his thighs, Even spreads one of Isak’s legs with his left hand, his ass cheeks with the other and looks down at his hole, all pink, tight and waiting for him.

“Mmm so fucking pretty,” he groals as he begins to rub his lubed up fingers across Isak’s entrance and feels him tremble under his touch.

He presses more firmly until the tip of one finger passes the firm ring of muscle, pushing a strangled moan out of Isak’s throat.

“You good?”

“Yeah,” Isak nods, all glassy eyes and red bitten lips. “Feels good…”

Even moves his finger slowly, relaxing Isak’s rim until he can slide it deeper and begins to thrust inside Isak whose moans are getting louder with every push.

“Fuck! More – ah! aah! – gimme more.”

Even slings Isak’s right leg over his shoulder, lifting Isak’s hips slowly and giving him more access. He brings his mouth to the inside of Isak’s thighs as he adds another finger, filling him more. Even kisses and sucks on the soft, sensitive skin as he thrust inside Isak and curls his fingers until he finds the small bump that has Isak writhing on the mattress and crying out Even’s name. He presses his lips more firmy on Isak’s thigh, sucks veraciously and bites Isak’s quivering flesh. Even wants to leave lasting marks on his skin so that anyone who would undress Isak after him and get between his legs, would know that he was there and wrecked Isak for any other guy. He wants them to know that Isak was his, entirely his, if only for a moment. 

"Even, please Even…"

"Yes, baby?" Even answers between kisses and bites, softening the movement of his hand and now only slightly brushing Isak’s spot just enough to keep him on the edge.

"Fuck me, please Even just-"

Even lets Isak’s legs slide down from his shoulder and leans down to kiss him. When he slowly pulls his fingers out, Isak whimpers against his lips and licks more desperately into his mouth.

“Eager, huh?” Even chuckles as he wipes his lubed up fingers on the sheets and grabs a condom, the rustle of the wrapper making his stomach clench and blood rush to his crotch with how much he wants Isak.

“Stop acting fucking smug and just give me your cock.” Isak bites on Even’s bottom lips, already swollen after he all but devoured him.

Even leans back, looking at Isak with raised eyebrows. They hold each other’s defiant gaze for a moment, before bursting out laughing at the same time. Even kisses Isak again, he runs his tongue across his blinding smile and lets the vibrations of his laugh ripple on his skin. It’s never been like that before, Even thinks. Sex had never been so light and fun as well as incredibly fucking hot. He’s never felt that with any of the people he’s hooked up with, never felt the need to connect beyond the coalescence of their bodies. But making Isak laugh, it only makes Even want him even more.

“Your wish is my command,” Even murmurs against Isak’s lips, as he rolls a condom down his cock, engorged with scalding blood and aching with want. 

He lubes himself up, letting out a small whimper with the relief of a few tugs of his hand and places himself against Isak’s rim.

“You ready?”

“Yeah.” Isak’s voice is shaky, his whole body tensed in anticipation.

Even pushes in and they both gasp in each other's mouth when the head of his cock breaches through the tight ring of Isak’s entrance. Isak lets out a frustrated whimper when Even pulls out so he slides back in, deeper this time. He begins to roll his hips in a slow languid movement, taking more and more of Isak with every thrust, making him moan louder and grip Even’s shoulders tighter, until he finally bottoms out.

“Fuck Even!” Isak whimpers, holding out to him as if he would fall without the anchor of Even’s body against his own. “You’re so big, so fucking… aah !”

“You feel so good baby, so tight.” Even starts to move, thrusting in and out of Isak’s ass, the heat of Isak’s body setting a fire in the pit of his stomach. “God, I can’t believe I get to have you like that, to feel you up, fuck you good.”

“Yes! Yes!”

“I love it when you moan like that baby, come on let me hear you.” Even kneels back up and raises Isak’s thighs against his chest like he did earlier when he opened him up. He holds Isak’s legs spread against him, fingers digging into Isak’s strong thigh, his hips slightly lifted from the mattress, allowing Even to take him even deeper and quickens the pace of his thrusts.

“Oh God! Ah! Aaaah !” Isak’s moans and cries mixed with the slapping of Even’s hips against his ass are making Even’s head spin. He angles his thrusts just right to hit Isak’s prostate and make him shout even louder until all he can hear, all he can feel, all he can think about is Isak, Isak alone, Isak’s pleasure. Nothing else exists, nothing else matters.

“Even! Even I’m so close...” Isak grips at the sheet with one hand, at the headboard with the other, his eyes tightly shut as his orgasm is building inside him. “Please touch me.”

“You wanna come baby?” Even wraps one of Isak’s legs around his hip, runs his hand up his thigh until his fingers are only mere centimeters away from Isak’s cock – hard, red and spilling cum as it bounces on Isak’s stomach with the force of Even’s thrusts. “You want me to make you feel good?”

Isak doesn’t even answer, he seems too out of it, too lost in his own pleasure to be able to form a proper response with words. His pants only get heavier, his little whine more desperate as Even moves his hand closer to his crotch until he can take Isak’s cock in his hand. Isak feels even harder, even more thick against Even’s palm than earlier. His cock is so wet with the precum leaking from the tip that Even can set a fast pace from the start, his fist moving in an easy slide all along Isak’s length.

It only takes a few swift strokes before Isak is coming all over his abs and chest in long, white spurts, his ass clenching so hard around Even’s dick that he’s forced to stay still – which Even doesn’t mind, so entranced by the view of Isak’s body arching on his bed as he reaches ecstasy, mouth open and cock pulsing in Even’s hand as he rides the wave of his orgasm, than he forgets about his own needs for a moment.

Even presses a gentle kiss on Isak’s knee before bringing his leg down, from his chest to the mattress. He leans down to kiss Isak who struggles to find his breath. He kisses his parted lips and his neck where he can feel Isak’s pulse race against his lips. “You’re so hot when you come,” Even purrs against Isak’s skin, the thought reminding him that he’s still fully hard inside Isak and dying to also get some release.

Isak must feel that – maybe in the way Even’s voice cracks slightly or the way his body quivers between his own arms – because a second later, he pushes Even deeper inside him with his leg still wrapped around Even’s hips.

“I wanna see you come too,” Isak whines with the movement of Isak’s cock inside him, as he must begin to feel sensitive after his orgasm. “Want you to come inside me.”

“Yeah?” Even resumes the movement of his hips, slowly at first to make sure he’s not hurting Isak. “Does that feel okay?”

“Yes.” Isak pulls him down by the neck, he licks inside Even’s mouth, all wet and filthy. “Feels good.”

With Isak’s assurance and the firmness of his touch, Even lets go. He pounds faster, harder, lets the heat of Isak’s body enfolds him, the sound of his high moans guide him in his race for his own release. Even comes his head buried in the crook of Isak’s neck, groaning and panting as Isak clings onto him as tightly as vine, his arms around Even’s shoulders and his leg still circling his waist.

Even crashes down on Isak’s body. He can feel Isak's come, warm and tacky under his own belly, but he couldn’t care less if they make a mess. He takes a second to find his breath, then slowly pulls out, shushing Isak and pressing soft pecks on his cheeks and temple when he whines in discomfort.

“Sorry baby,” he murmurs with a final kiss before getting rid of the condom and grabbing a few tissues from the box lying on the floor next to his bed.


Even gently cleans them both of the cum and lube spread on their skin before plopping down next to Isak on the bed and curling up to him. He nuzzles Isak’s neck, breathe in the musky scent of his skin, let the strong mix of sweat and sex fill his lungs until he’s feeling lightheaded.

“That was fucking incredible…”

“Yeah, it was.”

They lay there in silence, skin to skin, basking in the afterglow of their orgasms. But after a few minutes of this quiet bliss, Even feels Isak’s body tensing beside his own.

“So um…” Isak seems to waver before he clears his throat, his voice more assured, even almost casual when he continues. “I guess this is the moment you’re gonna gently make me understand that it’s time for me to go?”

“No.” Even slowly shakes his head, his nose brushing Isak’s neck with his movement, and presses his body closer to Isak’s. “You can stay if you want.”

“Do you want me to stay?”

Even tilts his head up to meet Isak’s green eyes and at that moment, he thinks that he would let Isak stay here forever if he wanted to. “Yes, I do.”



“Yeah, I’ll stay.”


They stay cuddled up together until they can’t continue to ignore that they’re all sweaty and covered in dried cum, and they have to get up and move to the bathroom to take a shower. When they’re clean, skin fresh and dry, Even lends Isak some sweats so that he feels more comfortable, in a silent agreement that he’s here to stay a while longer. Even looks at Isak putting one of his pair of grey sweatpants and his favourite hoodie – the blue one that is a bit frayed from being worn so much but so soft and warm it feels like a hug – and the picture makes his chest swell with a warm tenderness he doesn't quite know how to silence. Or if he even wants to.

“What?” Isak frowns when he notices Even looking at him.

“Nothing.” Even shrugs, walks up to him. He slowly zip up Isak’s (or his) hoodie and presses a soft peck on Isak’s lips. “You’re cute.”

Isak rolls his eyes but his cheeks turn pink at the compliment.

They move to the couch and snuggle up together, legs entwined, lips to lips in a soft embrace.

“Would you be down to smoke,” Even asks as he gets out a joint from a small wooden box on his coffee table, “or was yesterday enough?” He smirks and Isak understands right away that Even pictures the rather pathetic state he was in when Even had to drag him here after they left the party.

“I’m fine,” he scoffs with another eye roll. “Just light it up.”

Even does and takes a first drag before passing the joint to Isak. They continue this back and forth as they talk about nothing and everything. This time, Even listens carefully when it is Isak who tells him about his courses this semester and the absolute lack of filter of his roommate Eskild. He asks questions, wants to know more. And when Isak asks him questions in return about uni, about his friends, about the little cartoons that are pinned on his walls, Even lets him in like he has never let anyone in so close and so fast before.

“Do you want to listen to some music?” Even asks, walking to his computer on the other side of the room and instantly missing the contact of Isak's body against him.

“Yeah, sure.”

“What do you like?”

“I like 90’s hip-hop, I’m a big N.W.A. fan.”

“Nice!” Even files the information amongst all the things that are starting to make Isak fucking irresistible.

“I like it…” Isak bobs his head to the rhythm of the track Even’s put on. “Who’s that?” he asks Even when he plops down next to him on the couch.

“Who’s that?” Even leans back to look at Isak with exaggeratedly wide, disbelieving eyes. “Who’s that?! I'm sorry, did I hear you right?”

“Come on, don’t be a fucking snob. Just tell me who it is…”

“I can’t believe it…” Even shakes his head at a very unimpressed Isak. “Okay that’s it. I’m sorry, but I think it’s time for you to go now.” Even pretends to try and push Isak away from him which results in a silly brawl that only brings Isak closer until he’s half sitting on Even’s lap.

“Fuck off!” Isak laughs while he pulls his phone from a pocket of his sweats. “I’ll just ask shazam… N.Y. State of Mind , Nas. Nas?” He repeats the name, trying to gauge Even’s reaction as he tests different pronunciations. But all Even gives him is an endeared smile at his awkward attempts.

So fucking cute...

“Oh my God you’ve really never heard of Nas… Illmatic is only THE greatest hip-hop album of all times!”

“Okay, I'll admit it’s really good.” Isak concedes before properly climbing on Even’s laps to kiss him. Isak is clearly aiming to divert his attention and put an end to his teasing by moving his lips languidly against Even’s and licking into his mouth, but Even doesn’t mind one bit and certainly doesn’t try to protest.

“Alright, I’ll forgive you this time.”

“Oh you forgive me, uh?”

Even hums and holds Isak’s closer. “Yeah, but only because you have the hottest ass and I just can’t be mad at you when I have my hands on it.”

“Jesus, you’re fucking ridiculous...”

Isak leans in, brings their lips together, curved and buzzing with smiles and giggles. They kiss slowly, tenderly and hold each other close. Isak’s hands are on Even’s cheeks, his neck while Even’s own caress Isak’s ass, his thighs and his back above the soft cotton of his sweats. The weight of Isak’s body, the sweetness of his touch, the effect of the weed they just smoked that makes everything a bit more fuzzy and soft around the edges… It all feels so good, so comfortable. Even doesn’t try to push beyond these kisses and caresses, and neither does Isak. They both seem to know that there’s no need to rush, that they have time.

Right now, this is enough. More than enough.

They only emerge from their buddle of tenderness when they realise how dark the sky has turned outside and Isak’s stomach begins to growl. 

“What?” Isak protests when Even snorts with laughter at the sound. “Weed makes me hungry.”

“Me too.” Even gives Isak’s lips a quick peck. “Wanna get pizza?”

“Yeah, sounds good.”

They kiss again, forget their plans to eat for a few minutes before reluctantly leaving the couch and the warmth of their embrace to move to the kitchen. 

Even leans against the table, his phone lying next to him ready to order when they’ll have made their choice. He observes Isak as he takes time to study the long menu of a local pizza place that Even has put up on the fridge with a little magnet. 

“Please tell me you’re not a Hawaian pizza kind of guy.”

“You have a problem with Hawaian pizza?” Isak asks, his eyes still set on the menu.

“Some things in this world are sacred, Isak. You don’t put fucking pineapple on a pizza.”

Isak scoffs, he turns to Even and crosses his arms over his chest. “So you’re a pizza snob too, uh?”

“I guess I am.”

“What if I told you that Hawaian is my favourite kind of pizza?” He walks over to Even, cocking an eyebrow at him in challenge. “Would it be worse than me not knowing who Nas was?”

Even pretends to ponder the question for a second. “Probably, yes.” 

“Would my hot ass still be able to save me?”

Isak takes another couple of steps until he can press his body against Even’s, a smug smile on his lips when Even’s hands instantly come to his ass. Each round and firm cheek fit perfectly in Even’s hand. He caresses and kneads them as he holds Isak’s playful gaze.

“Mmm... yeah, definitely.”

Even leans in to capture Isak’s lips with own. They make out against the kitchen table until Even forgets what they were here for, until the rest of the world begins to fade away again, everything blurred and distant, every sensation muffled except for the soft touch of Isak’s fingers on the back of his neck, the faint taste of weed on his tongue, the content hum he lets out when Even suck on his bottom lip.

“Even,” Isak murmurs, slightly breathless.


“Hawaian pizza is fucking disgusting.”

“Oh, thank God!”

They kiss again, the vibrations of their laughs rolling from Even’s chest to Isak’s, from Isak’s lips to Even’s.


The pizza gets there more than an hour later because they continue to make out in the tiny kitchen and forget to order. But after they finally eat, they move to Even’s bed where they settle comfortably to watch a film on his computer.

“Romeo+Juliet? Seriously?!” Isak scoffs as he scrolls through the long list of movies filed in Even’s computer.

“What?” Even shrugs, Isak’s head bouncing where it lies on Even’s shoulder. “It’s my favourite movie.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No, I love Luhrmann’s films.”

“I didn’t take you for the super cheesy over the top romance type of guy.”

“Romeo and Juliet, cheesy?” Even protests. “It’s the most tragic love story ever told.”

“Well, I didn’t think you were the tragic love story type of guy either, so…”

“Oh? And what type of guy do you take me for, uh?” Even looks down at Isak, cocking his eyebrow at him in an amused challenge. “Ah yes, I know. A fuckboy who brings innocent lovesick fools to his kinky dungeon, am I right?”

“Shut up,” Isak snorts at the memory of his silly drunken rambling.

Their gazes lock for a moment, their mouths only a breath away from each other. Even licks his lips slowly, catching Isak’s darkening eyes. “Make me.”

In an instant, Isak is kissing him, lips moving perfectly against his own, tongue sliding in Even’s mouth just when he craves for more, as if this single day together was all they had needed to understand each other’s desires instantly, for their bodies to work in perfect unison.

Even’s computer is put down on the floor, any film they were supposed to be watching quickly forgotten. They rush to rid each other of their clothes until no barriere is left between their bodies as Isak lies on top of Even. 

Even pants into their kiss, he pants as Isak’s mouth travels down on his body. His lips and tongue exploring and worshiping every bit of skin on Even’s neck, his chest, his stomach. Even feels Isak warm breath on his dick and then, the wet heat of his mouth around his balls as he sucks on each of them.


Isak wraps his hand around his cock, he strokes him slowly, swiping his thumb across the tip on an upward slide as he continues to mouth at Even’s balls. 

“Pass me a condom,” Isak instructs, his lips brushing the base of Even’s dick and making a new rush of blood flow to his crotch.

Even looks down to the picture that he has dreamt about so many times before, the image he has gotten himself off to on more lonely nights than he can count – Isak lying between his legs, cheeks flushed, lips red and ready to take him, eyes blown in lust. “Um… yeah.” 

Isak smirks at Even’s sudden confusion. He can see how flustered Even is, must know what effect he makes like that, the tip of his tongue at the base of Even’s shaft in a tantalizing promise.

Isak rolls the condom on his dick and Even sighs at the reprieve the tight latex gives him for a moment when he was this close to coming just from feeling Isak’s lips near his cock like an inexperienced teenager. But that reprieve only lasts a second. He feels Isak’s tongue along his shaft and his lips around the head before Isak takes him in his mouth completely, the pretty curve of his Cupid’s bow stretching around the girth of Even’s cock just like in his most intense wet dreams.

“Oh God!” Even grabs Isak’s golden curls but he doesn’t need to guide him in any way, Isak sucking and bobbing his head just right, hollowing his cheeks and moaning around Even’s cock, driving him absolutely delirious with how good he makes him feel. “Yeah, just like that. Fuck!”

Isak’s hands are on his hips, pinning Even down on his mattress, powerless to Isak’s will. Even cannot do anything else other than surrender. When Isak looks up at him, pupils dark and scorching, Even comes so hard that everything blurs around him for a moment. He can’t see, he can’t hear. He can only feel Isak’s tongue pressed on his pulsing cock, his soft lips circling him, the grounding pressure of Isak’s palms on his hips.

When Even finally comes to, he feels Isak moving above him and only slowly opens his eyes when he hears the sound of skin rubbing skin followed by Isak moaning. 

“Fucking hell, baby…”

Isak is straddling him, looking at Even’s languid body, his spent cock with a hand around his own and Even’s can’t help the small whimper that escapes his lips at the sight.

Even brings his hands to Isak’s thighs on each side of his waist, caresses the soft skin covered in fuzzy blond hair, then moves to Isak’s hips, his ass. “Fuck!” Isak moans when Even lets his long fingers run along his crack. “Yes, yes!”

Even brings his hand to Isak’s mouth, presenting two fingers before Isak’s lips that instantly open for him. “Come on, make them wet for me baby,” Even groans as he slides his fingers inside Isak’s mouth who licks them voraciously. If Even had not come just minutes ago, he most surely would right there, just from the sight of Isak sucking on his fingers while he gets himself off. With a small moan, Isak release Even’s fingers from his mouth, covered with his spit.

Even presses them at Isak’s rim, seeing how it makes Isak’s cock pulse in his hand, the tip red and dripping with pre-cum. He pushes in easily, Isak still open and wet from when he fucked him earlier. “Oh God! Even, just-” 

Even pumps in and out a few times before aiming for Isak’s spot, pressing and rubbing until he feels Isak come all over his stomach and his chest in thick white spurts.

Isak crashes next to him heavily, lying on his back, his shoulder to Even’s as he tries to find his breath. “Holy shit…”

"I know," Even chuckles.

Even gets rid of the condom and grabs a tee-shirt on the floor to clean them both. When he lies back down on the bed, Isak comes to find his place on Even’s chest again, as naturally as if they had laid like that a hundred, a thousand times before.

“Fuck, I don’t think I can move…” Isak exhales.

“Then don’t.” Even pulls the duvet over their tired and sated bodies, holds Isak closer. “Let’s just sleep.”

In the silence of the room, Even hears Isak’s breath get slower, deeper. Then, in the midst of this soft lullaby, Isak murmurs. “You kissed me last night, before I fell asleep.”


“Kiss me like that again.”

Just like the night before, Even presses a soft kiss on Isak's temple, on his forehead, between his closed eyes. He adds a kiss on the small beauty spot above his upper lip and a last one on his mouth, feeling Isak’s sweet smile against his lips.


When he wakes up, Even doesn’t find Isak with him in the bed like he did the previous morning. He feels around the mattress but doesn’t feel another body next to him; and when he opens his eyes, he sees that the other side of the bed is empty. 

Even’s immediate thought is that Isak left. He must have woken up before Even and decided to leave his bed discreetly without waking Even up and then to get out of his apartment without a word. Even is starting to feel a wave of sadness and solitude starting to wash all over him when he spots Isak’s blue flannel shirt hanging on a chair, his sneakers near the front door and then, hears noise coming from the bathroom.

Even gets out of bed and puts on a pair of sweatpants before making his way to the bathroom. He pushes the door open and finds Isak standing in front of the sink, a white towel wrapped around his hips. When Isak hears Even come in, he puts down the spare toothbrush Even has given him the day before and leans down to rinse his mouth before locking his eyes with Even through the bathroom mirror. “Hey.” He smiles.

“Morning.” Even walks up to Isak. He wraps his arms around his waist and presses his chest against his back. “I thought you’d left,” he murmurs against Isak’s skin before kissing his shoulder.

“I was just here.”

“Mhmm…” Even’s mouth run along Isak’s broad shoulder, over the constellations of his freckles, then up the column of his neck until Isak turns his head to meet Even’s lips with his own in a tender kiss that tastes fresh and minty like Even’s toothpaste.

Even rests his chin on the curve of Isak’s neck and looks at his reflection in the mirror, a crooked smile pulling at his lips. 

“What?” Isak frowns. 

“Remember the other night when you asked me if I had a big mirror on the ceiling above my bed?”

“Oh my God,” Isak sighs. “You’re really not gonna let me get away with any of the stupid shit I said when I was wasted, are you?”

“Stupid shit? I don’t know baby, you seemed really keen on the idea…”

“What? No I wasn’t.” Isak scoffs, his cheeks slowly turning a darker pink.

“Oh yes you were, I could see your eyes glimmering with excitement. Is that something you’d like? To fuck in front of a mirror and watch?”

“No. Yeah, maybe… I don’t know,” Isak mumbles awkwardly, avoiding Even’s intense stare through the mirror.

“I think you do.” Even caresses Isak’s stomach, then palms the bulge growing under the towel, squeezing lightly. “You’re getting hard just talking about it,”he murmurs, pressing his own hard-on against Isak’s ass.

“Fuck…” Isak’s head falls back on Even’s shoulder. He cranes his neck, reaches behind for Even’s neck and guides him to his lips, his fingers slightly pulling at the hair on Even’s nape, his tongue pushing between Even’s lips, swirling around his own hungrily. 

Even slides his hand from Isak’s crotch to his ass, he pulls the towel a little higher and caresses the back of Isak’s thigh with the other. Isak instinctively spreads his legs just slightly, revealing the bruises that Even made on his skin the day before. Even looks down, he smiles at the way Isak makes room for him, for his touch. He reaches for the red, sometimes almost purple marks on the inside of his thighs, circles this one, presses on that one slightly. He admires his works, the patterns and colors he’s left on the white canvas of Isak’s skin.

“Sorry about that.”

“No you’re not,” Isak scoffs, cocking an eyebrow at Even when he looks up at him through the mirror.

“You’re right, I'm not."

Even smiles, his hand running higher on Isak’s thighs until it slides under the towel to reach the warmth between his legs. His fingers brush across Isak’s perineum, along his crack, eliciting a small whimper to escape his lips. He pushes a little bit more, fingers sliding between Isak’s cheeks until he finds his rim and gently circles it.


“Fuck, you’re still loose from yesterday.” Even groans when he feels how supple the muscle is to his touch. “Can you still feel me inside you?”

“Yeah,” Isak exhales in a shaky breath.

“Wanna feel me again?”


Isak cranes his neck again to reach Even’s lips, moaning inside his mouth when Even presses his finger pad just a little more against his entrance, just enough to key him up with the anticipation of having Even inside him again.

When Isak’s whimpers become more demanding and desperate, Even lets go of him, pressing a quick peck on his cheeks before looking through a small cabinet for a condom and a bottle of lube.

“Do you have that stuff everywhere in your flat?” Isak teases him, his gaze both amused and burning through Even with want.

“Well, this is my fuckboy shag pad after all…” He winks at Isak in the mirror when he stands behind him again, earning an eye roll in return.

Even slides his lubes up fingers under his towel once more. He pushes inside easily, one finger, then two. He slides them in and out, massages Isak’s walls, curling them to find his spot on every other thrust.

“Now, please Even.” Isak begs, his chest heaving up and down. “Fuck me.”

“Yeah? You’re ready?” Even lips are at his neck, teeth slightly scraping at the sensitive skin, making Isak tremble under his lips, between his hands.

Their eyes lock over the mirror, dark, firm and wanting. “Yes.” Isak nods.

Even withdraw his fingers to quickly work on taking off his sweats and rolling a condom down his cock. He lubes himself up and wipes his wet fingers on the towel around Isak hips before yanking it off in a swift pull and throwing it down on the ground.

He takes in the sight of Isak’s body entirely offered to his avid contemplation – in the mirror, the reflection of his chest, pink nipple round and hard, his toned abs, the trail of golden hair running from his navel to his crotch, his dick, hard and shiny with precum; and before him, his strong back and broad shoulders, his round ass and long legs, open for Even.

Isak spreads his legs a little wider, his hands grab on to the sink, as if he was bracing himself. He arches his back slightly, pushes his ass back against Even’s erection as he looks at him through the mirror. His mouth falls open when Even presses the head of his cock against his rim, his knuckles turning white as he grips the sink tighter.

Even pushes in, he buries himself deep inside Isak, fills him up completely in one long slide.

Aaah! God!” Isak shut his eyes tightly when Even takes him, starts to move inside him slowly at first, then faster, faster, deeper. 

“Open your eyes, baby.” Even wraps one arm around Isak’s chest, supporting him when he sees his arms beginning to tremble against the force of his thrusts. Isak does, he opens his eyes and meets the reflection of Even’s gaze. “Look how fucking gorgeous you are when you’re taking my cock, so hot, so hard for me. Fuck!”

“Even,” Isak moans, his eyes roaming the scene playing across the mirror with a veracious intensity. “Fuck, you feel so good. I’m so close, I’m- ah! ah!

“Touch yourself for me,” Even pants in Isak’s ear, before sucking on his neck right on that spot that has Isak’s skin covering in goosebumps. Isak continues to hang on to the sink with one hand and brings the other to his rock hard cock, biting his already red bottom lip when he starts to stroke himself. Even tear his eyes away from Isak’s scorching gaze only to bring them lower to the hypnotic sight of Isak’s dripping hard-on sliding in and out the tight tunnel of Isak’s fist. “Yeah, like that.” He groans. “Fuck, watching you get off yesterday was the sexiest think I had ever seen. You’re so hot...”

Isak’s movements get faster, more erratic, he looks like he’s starting to lose control, to let himself be overflowed by his own pleasure, pushing back against Even’s cock to take him deeper. Even feels Isak clench around him, he hears him shout his name followed by a string of yes-yes-fuck-yes! , sees Isak’s dick pulse in his hand before he shoots all over his hand, and over the sink.

When Even releases his hold around his chest, Isak leans over the cabinet, his arms giving out, not able to hold him up anymore. Even pushes between Isak’s shoulderblades with the palm of his hand until Isak is completely bending over, one cheek pressed on his forearm. He caresses the long slope of his back, from the nape of his neck to the small of his back, and then grabs his hips with both hands, holding Isak still as he resumes pounding into him. 

Even looks down at Isak’s ass, hot and firm around him, his hole, pink and shiny, deliciously stretched where Even slides in and out of Isak, the flesh of his cheeks, trembling each time Even’s hips slap Isak’s ass as he thrusts back in. The heady sound of skin hitting skin, of Isak’s moans reverberating between the tiled walls are making Even’s head spin. He pounds harder, faster into Isak until he comes, burying himself deep inside of him.

Even slowly pulls out and throws the condom in the bathroom bin. He picks up the towel he threw on the floor earlier, dampens it with some warm water and wipes it over Isak’s skin first, then his own, until they’re both clean of come and lube.

Even gently lifts Isak back up, pulls him against his body, lets him lean back against his chest and wraps his arms around him again. Isak hands come to his arms, crossed too in a tight embrace. They gaze at each other’s reflection, smile at the image they make like that.

“So, did you like that?” Even’s nuzzles Isak’s neck; mouth at his ear. “Watching yourself?”

“Yeah, that was really hot…”

“Good,” Even holds him, cheek to cheek. “I'll have a huge ceiling mirror put up above my bed just for you then.” He wiggles his brows at Isak.

“Fuck off…” He laughs, turns around between Even’s arms and to kiss him.

“Now we both got to live out our fantasies.” Even threads his fingers through Isak’s hair, tucks a damp curl behind his ear. 

“What was yours?”

“To see you between my legs, your pretty lips wrapped around my cock” Even dives in for Isak’s lips. He slides his tongue between these lips, Isak sucks on it and moans as if he loved nothing having Even in his mouth.

“And?” Isak smirks when he breaks their kiss and leaves Even panting. “Was it as good as you imagined?” 

“My imagination didn’t even come close to what you did to me, baby. You’re fucking incredible…”

When they grow hard again, after making out some more in the middle of the small bathroom, Even sinks down on his knees. This time, he’s the one looking up at Isak as he fills his mouth, grabs his hair, slides his cock between Even’s lips before coming in warm spurts down his throat – and the view is just as glorious.

With the taste of Isak’s cum on his tongue and the heady sound of his moans, it only takes Even a few quick strokes along his cock before he also comes all over the cold tiled floor. 

After that, he shoos Isak away from the bathroom with a small slap on his ass and stays behind to take a shower and clean up the mess they’ve made.


When Even gets out of the bathroom, he finds Isak sitting on his small couch, biting the nail of his right thumb as he looks out the window. Isak gets up the moment he notices Even’s presence. He has put on his own clothes again, instead of the comfortable sweats that Even had lent him the day before. As much as Even loves to see Isak in this tight pair of jeans that perfectly hug his strong thighs and round ass, he feels a pang of disappointment, because he knows what that means.

“I um,” Isak takes a slow step toward Even. “I think I should go.”

“Oh, okay.”

“I didn’t plan on being out so long. I have some work to do for uni and Eskild has sent me about a million texts asking me where I was,” Isak says in a chuckle but there is no real joy in his voice. “So…”

“Yeah of course, no need to explain, it’s cool.” Even smiles, but he is sure there isn’t any joy on his lips either.

They stand there for a moment, not knowing what to say. They don’t make a move to get closer to the other, to touch each other like they have done all weekend. It seems like a spell has been broken, turning them back into strangers who don’t know how to act around each other when only minutes ago they were as intimate as two human beings can be. And not only because they were flesh to flesh, Even buried deep inside Isak’s body, swallowing each other moans; but because they were still sharing the complicity of two people who had laughed together, talked for hours, and fallen asleep sharing kisses that didn’t ask for more in return than the other’s tenderness.

But that complicity is gone now, and soon Isak will be too.

“Just, hold on a second.” Even grabs a tee-shirt lying around, one that is not covered with a mix of their dried cum and puts it on, catching the way Isak’s gaze discreetly follows his movements. When he’s fully clothed, they move to the entrance of the apartment without a word, Even opens the front door and watches Isak pass before him to cross the threshold. 

“So, um…” Isak turns back to Even. “I had fun.”

Isak says that lightly, casually with a small smile on his face. He throws this tiny harmless word – fun – at Even not seeming to realise that it feels like a bullet hitting him at full speed and lodging itself in his chest, right on the left where his flesh beats, right where Isak has laid his head the past two nights.

“Yeah me too, that was…” If Even was sincere, he would say that it was probably one of the best weekends he’s ever had and that he wishes it would never end. He would say that he had never felt this way before about anybody else and beg Isak not to leave just yet or to promise to come back to him. But Even is not ready – not ready to show himself bare and declare a sentiment he’s not even sure to understand, not ready to feel the sting of Isak's rejection again, not ready to have his heart stomped on if all this was to Isak was… “That was fun.”

Isak nods slowly. For a moment, he looks like he is going to add something, he opens and closes his mouth again, he hesitates.

Then he looks around at the end of the corridor, the staircase leading out of Even’s building. He takes a deep breath and brings his gaze to Even again. With a final small single nod, he renounces.

“Bye, Even.”

Isak takes a first step towards the stairs but Even catches him before he can get away, he grabs his wrist and pulls Isak back to him.

“Isak.” Even pauses only for an instant before he cradles Isak’s cheeks and presses their lips together. Isak lets out a small whimper and for an instant, Even is afraid that he shouldn’t have, that whatever they shared this weekend was over and that his touch, his kisses, weren’t welcome or wanted anymore. But soon, Isak’s hands are on his shoulders, pulling him closer, his lips moving against Even’s, parting to ask for more. They kiss across the border that now separates them, Even in his apartment, Isak in the corridor. When Even breaks their kiss, he keeps Isak’s face between the palms of his hands a moment longer. He takes in Isak closed eyelids, his long lashes fluttering against his flushed cheekbones, his parted lips, pink and shiny from their kiss. Even stokes his cheeks as Isak opens his eyes, set them on Even. “Bye.”

Even closes the door of his apartment the moment Isak begins to walk away. He doesn’t want to see him leave. He doesn’t want to hear his steps resonate in the stairway, getting fainter and further away floor after floor, or the loud bang of the building’s front door when Isak would swing it close behind him.

Even has always felt so much relief and tranquility the moment his hook-ups passed the door and left his apartment, when he was left on his own, body spent and thoughts quieter for a while. Even had always reveled in this newfound solitude. But today, his body feels cold, his thoughts are whirling and he has never felt more alone.

Even spends the rest of the day wandering around his apartment, trying to make sense of what happened between him and Isak. He doesn’t know how to name this, but it meant something to him. From the moment Even kissed Isak’s temple and held him while he fell asleep, when he cooked for him just to keep Isak close a while longer, when they touched, when they talked; it meant something. 

Even wonders if he should have told Isak before he left.

But how could he? 

He told Isak that he never promised anything to the people he slept with, that he never played with their feelings. How could he have confessed something he couldn’t even name?

Maybe Even should have let Isak go away on Saturday morning right after they woke up. He should haven’t tried to make him stay, shouldn’t have gotten that close, shouldn’t have made him stay another night after they had fucked. Even had played with his own feelings, had tricked his own heart into thinking that this was anything more than an extended one night stand.

When Even goes to bed that night, he can’t fall asleep.

His bed feels too big and empty, the sheets are cold against his skin. He misses the contact of Isak’s body next to him on the mattress, the warmth of Isak’s skin against his own. Even misses the slow, calming rhythm of Isak’s breath, the way he curled up against him, the grounding weight of Isak’s head on his chest. His lips are aching to kiss him, to kiss his temple, his forehead, the space between his closed eyes, his smile.

On the nightstand, Even’s phone buzzes with a new notification. He grabs it and squints at the screen when it lights up in the darkness of the room. 

Even’s heart leaps in his chest when he recognizes the small icon of a new Facebook friend request at the top of the screen.

It’s got to be Isak. 

Isak was thinking about him too, missed him, looked for him.

Even opens the notification and this time, he feels his heart sink when he sees that the friend request doesn’t come from Isak. He sees the name of a girl he doesn’t know and it takes him a minute to recognize the face on the profile picture.

Even sighs, right when a new message pops up. He opens it.


Hei Even

this is Anna, we met on Friday night remember? I got your contact via Espen who’s my friend Lise’s boyfriend. I hope it’s okay. Seems like we already have some friends in common :))

Anyway, I had a really good time with you the other night and I feel like you did too so I thought maybe we could pick up where we left things? We could go grab a drink or something, just hit me up <3



Even stares at the message until his screen goes black again.

Three days ago, he would have already accepted her friend request and messaged her back. He would have invited her to a bar or even directly to his place if he had felt a little bold and felt that he didn’t need to go through the whole night out charade with her. Then, he would have turned off his phone and fell asleep content with the anticipation of meeting someone who wanted him, with the assurance of an easy hoop-up.

But Even doesn’t want that. He’s not interested in seeing that girl again, he doesn’t want to sleep with her or with any other stranger he’ll never talk to again from the moment they'll part.

He wants Isak. All of him. He wants his laugh, his kisses, he wants his tenderness and the warmth of his body under these sheets.

Even unlocks his phone, he deletes her message and rejects her friend request.

Then, he looks for Isak. Between the people he saw him with on campus, and those Isak seemed to know at the party on Friday night, it’s not too difficult to find his Facebook profile through a common friend of a friend.

Even opens a new conversation and stares at the blank space, his thumbs hovering over the keyboard. He doesn’t know what this is, what he feels for Isak. But he knows what it is not. Before he can think too much of it, Even quickly types.


you were not just another notch on my bedpost


Even feels his heart hammering in his chest as he watches the message pop on the screen, sent. He keeps his finger pad on the screen to keep it on. He states at his words and begins to think that he should just delete it and forget about the whole thing but after only a minute, he sees the small bubble next to his message indicating that Isak has seen his message.

Even waits.

Nothing comes, no answer, no typing bubble showing that Isak is writing back. Only the miniature of his profile picture next to Even’s message, the green dot showing that Isak is still online, and his silence.

Did Even really play himself by letting Isak get close? Did he see something there that he thought meant more than a bit of fun , when Isak had already moved on?

Even should probably leave it there before it hurts too much, but he has to know. He has to ask.


was I?


Isak must have been staring back at Even’s message because this time, he writes back immediately. Two short answers, not even a second apart.



of course not


Even feels like a ton has been lifted from his chest, he feels his ribs expand and more air flowing in his lungs. He laughs. Alone in his bed that doesn’t feel quite so cold anymore, Even looks at his phone and he laughs.

It meant something.


goodnight, baby


On Monday, Even leaves the classroom where he had his last lecture of the day and heads to one the science buildings. Thanks to weeks of distant observation and a little bit of asking around, Even knows that Isak has his last class of the day right there and will soon be also done for the day. Even is standing right in front of the entrance, he looks at his watch every other minute, getting more restless as more time passes.

The large entrance doors open and close, letting groups of students in and out, some of them look at Even seeming confused as to why he just stands there. Even is getting so nervous that he contemplates turning around and leaving for a second, but the thought and his fear are washed away the moment he sees Isak get out of the building with a group of classmates. He seems to be in an animated conversation until the moment he notices Even there. 

Isak stops talking, he frowns and looks around him as if he was looking for the real reason of Even’s presence here, so when his gaze returns to him, Even smiles and tilts his head to the side, discreetly beckoning Isak to come to him.

Isak excuses himself and waves his friends goodbye before he almost hesitantly walks to Even.

“Halla,” Even greets him when Isak finally stands before him, his backpack hanging from his right shoulder.

“What are you doing here?”

Even gives a quick nod to the building Isak just exited. “Waiting for my boyfriend to finish his lecture.”

Isak all but barks out a surprised laugh before cocking an eyebrow at Even who smiles at him, relieved by Isak’s seemingly amused reaction. “Oh yeah? You’ve got a boyfriend now?”

“Not exactly. We haven't talked about it yet, I’ll have to ask him, but um…” Even shrugs before letting his gaze drop on the ground, his bravado starting to abandon him. “I’m pretty sure I’d make a shitty boyfriend so I’m not convinced he’ll say yes.”

“Why would you make a shitty boyfriend?”

“Well, I'm not exactly the relationship type…” Even looks back up at Isak, encouraged by the softness of his voice. “He practically called me a fuckboy the first time we met.”

“Ouch!” Isak chuckles. “That’s not very nice”

“But he was right. I’m afraid I wouldn’t know how to do that, being a good boyfriend. I’m not always very reliable or easy to live with.”

“Mmm, yeah, that sounds pretty bad…” Isak scrunch up his nose, teasing, and Even feels the urge to kiss it and make Isak laugh. “But you must have some assets too, right?” Isak continues, taking a step closer to Even. “Someone told me you were an amazing fuck and that you made some sick scrambled eggs.”

“That’s true.”


“But is it enough? I think I really like him… a lot. And I don’t want to fuck it up.”

“Maybe you will fuck up sometimes, but you know what? Maybe he will, too. You can’t know that now.” Isak comes even closer, so close he now has to slightly tilt his head up to meet Even’s eyes. “But it would be a shame not to try, don’t you think? You and him should just take things one day at a time and not worry too much about what may or may not happen.”

“That sounds chill.” Even smiles, his entire body buzzing with how close Isak is, how much closer he wants to feel him.

“Completely chill.” Isak confirms, his lips curved up in a sweet smile of his own. “If he likes you too, I don’t see why this should go wrong.”

“I hope he likes me too.”

Isak looks up at him, he nods vigorously and they both laugh at the silliness of their conversation. Isak lets his backpack fall from his shoulder to wrap his arms around Even’s neck and pull him to his lips. Isak’s bag lands with a loud thump followed by the ruffling of sheets of paper scattering on the floor but he doesn’t seem to care, doesn’t let go of Even for a second. Even doesn’t let go of Isak either, he embraces him and kisses him, shutting away the stares he feels on them and the voices wondering what’s the deal between the two of them .

He doesn’t care. All that matters is that Isak is here in his arms, holding him close and smiling into their kiss as if nothing could make him happier at that moment than the idea of being with Even.

“Hei,” Isak murmurs when they break their kiss, Even softly brushing their noses together.

“Hei.” Even can’t resist and presses a small peck on the tip of Isak’s nose, earning the softest giggle.

“I hope your boyfriend didn’t see us or you definitely blew up your chances.” Isak smirks, teasing Even by dragging their silly game a little longer.

“Shut up...”

Isak looks at Even, challenge and pure want in his eyes. He wets his lips with a slow swipe of his tongue.

“Make me.”