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I Put a Spell on You

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Aaron Hotchner had never in his life been a patient man. He wanted things done quickly, efficiently, and to his exact specifications. Some might say that he was picky, or expected too much, but Aaron liked to think of himself as professional. Of course, there was nothing professional about waiting for his twenty-six-year-old subordinate to put on lingerie for him.

He’d honestly never meant to start sleeping with a coworker – especially someone he was the boss of – but like everything else in his life, that rule was upended when he met you. You’d walked into the BAU fresh out of grad school and the team had never been the same since. Of course, Aaron could tell you were attracted to him – you didn’t have enough experience as a profiler yet to hide it, and honestly, it excited him. Feeling your eyes drag down his body at one of Dave’s pool parties, the way your gaze always seemed heavy on his hands – he loved the fascination you had with his hands. And, of course, he looked at you just as much, though he liked to think he was much more subtle about the way his eyes traced the curve of your ass and the lines of your smile. Maybe he was just kidding himself and he was as obvious as you about his desire – you had made the first move on him after all. Fuck was he glad you did.

The night you stayed late to work on files with him would be seared into his mind for the rest of time, giggling into his dark office as you spoke quietly about Reid and Morgan’s new prank war that you were messing with. Ever the brat. He didn’t know when you’d migrated so close together, or when he’d rolled his button-up shirt sleeves to his elbows, but he saw the way your eyes lingered on his hands before flicking up to his eyes, the laugh dying in your throat. He saw the desire pulsing in them before you leaned up and captured his lips in a kiss that stalled his heart’s ability to beat, revived only by the grasp of your hand on his thigh. He’d smirked into the kiss then, feeling your grip tighten as his hand came up to smooth along your jaw. It certainly was a late night at the office that night.

Waiting for anything in life was torture, but especially waiting for you to walk out of his bathroom in the new lingerie you’d been telling him about was like waiting for paint to dry on the walls. His hands craved your hips in his grasp, his lips craved your skin, craved your perfect cunt. He was desperate to have you on him, under him, writhing and moaning in pleasure that he and he alone could give you.

“Are you ready?” He called out from his spot on the bed, already stripped down to his boxers as he waited.

“No!” You shouted back with a giggle – a giggle that made him want to bend you over his legs and spank you until your cunt was dripping onto his thighs with your arousal.

“Hurry up, angel,” He said.

Once again, he heard your giggle from the bathroom, making a smirk cement itself on his lips. He could just picture the adorable, giddy expression on your face as you finished getting yourself ready in the lingerie that Aaron’s credit card had paid for.

As soon as you’d told him you were getting him a little treat for Halloween night, Aaron had handed over his card and thought nothing of it, telling you to spend whatever was necessary to make your treat possible. Jack was spending the night at the Lamontagne’s so he and Henry could trade candies long into the night, which meant Aaron could jump your bones and make you scream as loud as he wanted. 

“Okay!” You called from the bathroom. “I’m ready.”

Aaron leaned back on his hands with his legs spread casually as he kept his eyes trained on the door for you to make your entrance. The anticipation was killing him, he knew you’d be coming out wearing something absolutely delicious that he’d be dying to rip off of you, and he wasn’t in the mood to pretend like he was patient tonight.

“Happy Halloween,” You grinned, pushing the door open as you walked slowly out, wearing dark red lingerie that crissed and crossed and made you look absolutely sinful.

The smirk on Aaron’s face grew as you settled onto his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck as he adjusted the devil horn headband, so it was sitting correctly on your pretty little head. He snapped one of the straps on your lingerie, making you whine with the sting and twinge of pleasure that he knew coursed through you at that. He could only imagine how fucking wet the crotch of your little panties was now, your needy cunt dripping at the lust Aaron was sure was in his eyes at the look of you in that sexy lingerie.

“My angel,” He hummed, leaning in skim his lips over your collarbone, his grip dropping to your hips to shift your needy center over his crotch. “Dressed like a devil. Are you going to play mean tricks on me tonight, angel?”

“No,” You breathed, shamelessly working yourself over Aaron’s growing erection in his boxers.

“No?” You shook your head. “Even dressed as a devil you want to be a good girl for me?”

“Always wanna be your good girl, daddy,” You panted as you ground yourself on him.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of you – not that he ever wanted to, but seeing you like this was doing things to him that he couldn’t even explain. His sweet little angel looked so corrupted and yet still so innocent as his hands slid up to cup your tits through the lingerie and hear you whine out a moan at his fingers pinching your sensitive nipples through the soft material covering them.

“So fucking needy already,” He murmured, kissing your jaw.

“No, I’m not,” You pouted, making Aaron’s smirk grow wider.



“You mean you’re not a needy little slut, already begging to get fucked like a whore?”

You said nothing, simply choosing to focus on the feeling of your greedy cunt dragging over his clothed dick. Aaron’s hand came up to grab your jaw, savoring the whimper you let out as he guided you to look into his eyes.

“Are you going to answer me?” Again, you only whimpered in response, too focused on the pleasure you were getting from grinding on him. “And here I thought you were going to be my good girl all night.”

Ignoring the sounds of your disappointed whines, Aaron wrenched you off his lap and stood from the bed. He dragged you over to the closet doors and kneeled before you, seeing the reflection of his action in the mirrors that covered the doors. Aaron watched the excitement grow in your eyes as he slid the panties of your lingerie down to your ankles and let his hand drift up your thigh to grip your ass tightly. As if he were going to reward you for being such a brat. Of course, the second the loud slap of his large hand on your bare ass rang out through the bedroom alongside your yelp at the contact, he knew that you had realized you weren’t getting praised. 

“Daddy,” You whimpered.

“Come here, sweet girl,” Aaron said, pushing his boxers down his thighs and feeling his cock spring free of the material.

You let him tug you down into his lap once more, just shy of his cock and facing the mirror. He wanted you to see what a mess you were for him, to see what a needy little cock whore his angel turned into when he had his hands on you. Aaron hooked your legs open with his own, spreading you wide and willing for him.

“Look at you,” His voice, rough and whispered directly in your ear, made a small whine pour out of your mouth. The sound made the corners of his lips curl up into a smirk as his hand moved from brushing over your tit, down your stomach to cup your wet, hot cunt. “Look at your messy cunt, angel, so needy for me.”

“Daddy,” You moaned as Aaron’s fingers moved in slow, tantalizing circles over your clit.

“Yes, sweet girl?”

“Want you,” You breathed out, bucking your hips into his touch, his finger sliding down to your dripping hole. “Want you so so bad.”


“Mhm,” You whined as Aaron’s fingers dipped into cunt. “’m your needy slut.”

“I know, angel,” Aaron grinned, watching your lips lift into a smile when he kissed the side of your head. “My very, very good needy little slut.”

Pulling his fingers from your cunt, Aaron lifted them to your lips. You opened wide for him like a good girl and greedily sucked his fingers slick with your juices into your mouth, moaning around the digits like you did when he slipped his cock between your perfect lips.

“You wanna get fucked, angel?” He asked. You nodded your confirmation excitedly, lifting your hips at his urging.

A gasp ripped from your throat as Aaron used his free hand to line the tip of his cock up with your entrance and drop you onto the thick rod, filling you to the brin. He was mesmerized by the sight of his dick disappearing instantly into your slutty hole, your cunt swallowing his dick like you needed it. Maybe you did.

“Daddy,” You gasped when Aaron pulled his fingers from your mouth to hold your hips with both hands.

“Daddy fills you up nice and full, hm?” Aaron murmured in your ear, using his grip on your hips to lift you up to the tip of his dick and slam you back down.

“Mhm,” You moaned, letting your head fall back onto his shoulder as your eyes fluttered shut. “So, so full, daddy.”

“Keep your eyes on us, angel,” Aaron whispered. When you lifted your head once more, he praised, “That’s my good girl. Being so good and taking my cock so well.”

A sweet smile spread on your lips at the praise as you reached down to take one of Aaron’s big hands in your little one to bring it up to your neck. He knew immediately what you wanted, grinning as he grasped your neck in a way that wouldn’t hurt you, but would make you feel that much better while he pounded into your sweet cunt.

“You like it when daddy chokes you, sweet girl?” Aaron asked, hearing you moan something that sounded like, “yes, daddy” in response.

Every sweet little sound that poured from your lips went straight to Aaron’s dick inside of you. He groaned in your ear, squeezing your throat slightly as he felt himself getting close to filling you up nice and full of his cum. Judging from the way your hips circled over his, Aaron could tell you were close too. Your eyes trained on the spot in the mirror where Aaron’s cock pounded relentlessly into your tight cunt, the wet slapping noises ringing out into the room around you.

“Daddy, ‘m close,” You murmured lightly. “So, so close, daddy.”

“What a good girl,” Aaron mumbled, kissing below your ear. “Do you want to rub that pretty little clit, or do you want daddy to do it for you?”

“Please,” You gasped. “Please rub my clit, daddy.”

“Okay,” Aaron grinned. “Since you asked so nicely.”

The hand left on your hip slid forward slightly to dip between your thighs, landing on that little bundle of nerves that made you jerk your hips forward at the barest touch. You cried out at the feeling of his fingers on your clit, your pussy walls fluttering around Aaron’s cock and making him groan.

“My girl,” He murmured. “Can’t even manage to rub your clit by yourself, need your daddy to do it for you. Fucked you out so hard I’ve ruined you for anyone else, even those pretty fingers of yours. Gonna cum for me?”

“Please,” You panted, fucking yourself on his dick. “Please, wanna cum.”

“Then cum, angel,” Aaron grinned. “Cum all over my cock.”

Your head tossed back in ecstasy as a shout of “Daddy!” left your mouth, your cunt clenching down around Aaron’s cock while his hand did the same to your throat. Cursing under his breath, the squeeze of your climax around him pushing Aaron that much closer to shooting his load up into you. He rubbed your sensitive little clit throughout your orgasm, making it last as long as possible until he too came from the feeling of you coming undone around him.

“Fuck, (y/n),” Aaron groaned loudly, his eyes squeezing shut as you laid your head back against his shoulder. “So good for me, such a good fucking girl.”

Panting out the remnants of his own orgasm, Aaron eased his hand open and moved it from your throat to wrap around your waist. He listened to the little whimpers and moans as every movement of you on top of him stimulated your sensitive pussy. Eventually, Aaron cracked his eyes open to see you, pupils blown with lust, chest heaving with heavy breaths and making your tits wiggle in that sinful lingerie.

“How are you, angel?” He asked softly, kissing your cheek.

“Good,” You giggled. “How do you feel?”

“Amazing,” Aaron smiled at you through the mirror. “Always feel amazing with you in my arms, (y/n).”

Turning your head to him with a little smile, you leaned up to capture Aaron’s lips in a soft kiss. Your hand was warm against his cheek where it rested gently, your thumb stroking along his cheekbone as you kissed.

“Can we take a bath?” You asked softly, breaking the kiss with your words.

“Of course,” Aaron said, kissing your forehead. “Anything you want.”

Gently, Aaron helped you up off his lap, grinning proudly at the sight of his cum dripping down your legs. When he stood from his own spot on the floor, he tugged you into his arms, tilting your head up with a gentle grip on your chin so he could kiss you softly once more.

“Happy Halloween, my angel,” He murmured. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” You giggled.

As Aaron watched you snatch your discarded panties from the floor with a grin and scamper into the bathroom with him close behind you, he knew any tricks played on him could never matter when he had the sweetest treat of all with you in his life.