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Once in a while, tours are offered for the general public at the Ministry of Magic. Today being "All Hallows Eve" there was a special tour of the more esoteric and ancient artifacts. 


Katarina had been invited by Sophia, who was very much interested in the tour. 

Katarina's modus operandi being to invite everyone to any event she was attending, Sophia had also made sure their entire group of friends was present. 


As they all crowded around a small disk with intricate but illegible runes, their tour guide explained that it was believed to be a wish granting device. 


"Of course, we now know that magic can't grant wishes." Had said the tour guide, as he moved them along. 


Katarina stayed behind, seemingly fascinated by the disk. 


 "I wish to live long enough to be an old lady, with a cat on my lap" she said firmly. 


Nothing happened, so she walked along with the group. 


What did happen was all of her friends thinking  "I wish I was a cat on Katarina's lap" and the disk glowing a bright green before disappearing. 



The next few days were chaotic as ministry officials scrambled to fix things. 


Everyone except Katarina had woken up the next morning with kitty ears and kitty tails and kitty instincts. 


Geordo and Keith spent a lot of time literally hissing at each other, yet actively spending time together - Raphael had cried with laughter when he found them napping on one of the student council couches, the perfect picture of a kitten pile  - and loudly and shamelessly demanded to be held and to be petted.


Katarina was way beyond the "embarrassed blushing" and well into "are these boys made of velcro? Is there velcro in this world?" Territory.


She discovered that kitty-Geordo purred and was just as clingy with his brothers as he was with her. (Her inner council concluded that he saw her as a sister and cheered for avoiding doom flags)


She also discovered (along with the entire Claes household) that Keith with kitty ears does the "caterwauling in distress" at 3 am. 

She didn't know who had been more embarrassed, Keith or the maid who had rushed into his room armed with a broom. (She had thought someone had broken in and was ready to defend him.) 


Although in her opinion, Alan was one of the worst ones to deal with. He would yowl, sing, climb everything that could be climbed and chase after birds - at one point he launched himself off of a tree branch and landed on all fours, extremely proud of himself. (Katarina had not been impressed. His look of contrition was adorable but she held firm and scolded him anyways). 


Nicol and Sophia were surprisingly sneaky. They gave the impression of those long haired ragdolls - sweet and gentle, their kitty ears extra fluffy and soft. Yet they couldn't help but make eye contact and dump things off the shelves. Sophia had been apologetic at first, but now would just happily launch tea cups off of tables with no remorse if left unattended.


Nicol was like those cats that just walk all over you and plop down on your lap. 

Katarina had no resistance to it and it caused both Keith and Geordo's ears to twitch in annoyance. 


Sophia was also obsessed with chasing after ribbons and smoothing Katarina's hair. 


Meanwhile, Mary reminded Katarina of a Siamese cat - she became extremely chatty, sassy and was all over Katarina's business. It did make her laugh, the first time kitty Mary walked into the room and all the boys backed off on instinct. *A female cat is either called a Molly or a Queen* she thought. 


Maria, thank goodness, hadn’t changed much when it came to personality. Her hair had become the most adorable cloud of floof, but she was more like a clumsy kitten than anything else. Much easier to keep track of and to handle than some of the other ones. 


Katarina, while feeling so, so confused by it all (and very much out of her depth) hadn’t been able to help herself - they were all extremely cute those days.