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“Are you guys ready yet!?” Ben called from downstairs.

An opening of a door and the sound of footsteps coming towards the staircase was heard, but there was no response.

“Well, I’m taking that as a yes,” he said as he leant against the wall.

Soon enough, the triplets and Leslie appeared at the edge of the stairs.

“We’re ready!” Leslie exclaimed as she started to walk down the stairs, making sure the triplets were holding on to her at all times.

Ben couldn’t help but let out a little laugh when he saw their costumes. All three of the triplets were wearing ghost costumes. However, they didn’t look like the typical costumes that were found on every online shopping site. They looked very makeshift, and the eye and mouth holes were different sizes.

He let out a long belly laugh when he saw Leslie in her costume. This year, they decided to do a couple’s costume. They decided very late, so they bought the first one they could find which was a badly printed PB & J costume.

“Awww, the triplets’ costumes are so cute. Where did you get them?”

Leslie smiled. “Actually, I made them… last minute I might add. Luckily, I found a handful of white bed sheets, so half the job was done. The last part of the job was to cut eye holes out and it was very easy as all I needed was scissors.” She sighed. “And yes, the pumpkin costumes didn’t arrive on time. That’s what I get for shopping online… and trusting the U.S postal service.”

“Well, they’re good costumes, nevertheless. How do you like your costume… or should I say, your half?”

Leslie looked down at her square of toast with a huge dollop of peanut butter in the middle. “It’s very bulky to say the least; I had to carefully manoeuvre my way out of the door, but I love it nevertheless.”

“I’m sure everyone at the party will as well, especially Andy. Now, we should really go now, we don’t want to be late.”

The couple helped the triplets out the door, making sure they wouldn’t bump into anything. After that, they helped each other out as when Ben tried to force himself out, he almost got stuck in the doorway. Leslie was right, the costumes were very bulky.