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November with OffGun! (Drabbles & Short stories)

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Rome placed his hands on his hips, bending his back a little backward to stretch his muscles after 30 minutes of raking the piled-up leaves on their backyard. He sighed and glared at the wooden fence separating his and his neighbor’s house.


“Rome, are you done?” Pick asked, his face all red. Rome quickly noticed this and dropped the leaf rake before running to his fiancé with a worried face. Pick had to clear his throat when Rome suddenly grabbed his face and brought it down to his level, inspecting his face.




When Rome realized what he was doing, he sighed with a smile on his face before giving Pick a kiss on the forehead.


“You’re all red and sweaty. Did you really have a shouting session with our neighbors?” Rome asked, letting go of Pick’s face. The taller male looked away, slightly embarrassed as he nodded. “Aish, P’Pick!” Rome exclaimed at the response, hitting his lover’s arm.


“How could I not?! They dumped all their stupid leaves in our backyard. How are you not mad at that? Plus, I told you I could just dump it back to theirs but you offered to just throw it yourself.” Pick pouted, crossing his arms.


The younger one giggled, turning back to look at the pile of leaves behind them. “I told you it’s okay, P’Pick. I mean, I’m also annoyed but it’s… whatever.”


Pick jutted his lips out at his fiancé’s response but sighed and nodded either way. “Okay… but! If they do this again--”

I’ll tell them off.” Rome cut him off, a mean expression on his face. Pick chuckled at the sight and gave his partner a kiss.