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Blurred Dreams

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The moment Dick sees Stray do a double backflip off a balcony while giving him the finger with both hands, he falls in love. He’s always teased Bruce for how he goes over Catwoman, but now… Now he gets it.

“Wow,” he murmurs.

“Robin!” Bruce snaps.

Dick shakes his head, clears the besotted clouds, and dashes to the balcony railing. It’s too late—all he catches a glimpse of is the end of Stray’s leather tail vanishing around a corner.

“B! He’s split!”

Dick does his best to keep his voice from sounding too adoring, but he can hear a note of questioning in Bruce’s answering grunt.

Aww man, he’s boned.

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty.”

Stray rolls his eyes so dramatically he rolls his whole head and Dick doesn’t even try to stop a grin from spreading across his face.

“Not funny the first time, not funny the hundredth,” Stray drawls. He doesn’t get up and leave though, stays sitting with his legs over the side of the roof, so Dick takes it as invitation to prance closer.

“Why are you doing a brooding impression of a cat on a hot tin roof?”

“You’re so funny, bird boy, anyone ever told you that you should hang up the tights in favour of a stand-up mic?”

“That’s a new one, I have to admit,” Dick retorts and settles next to Stray. He positions himself so that his legs are also dangling over the side and leans back in his hands so he can admire Stray’s profile.

There’s a long, comfortable silence between the two of them. From this high up, if he switches off the analytical part of his brain, Gotham’s lovely. It’s got the fairy lights look that all cities have at night from this height: office lights and car lights and traffic lights combining into flickers that outshine any stars. But it’s not just a generic city—Dick knows the architecture better than he knows the back of his hand, knows every outline of every street, the dimensions of every building.

It settles deep in his heart: no matter how far he goes, Gotham is in his bones.

“What are you doing out here, Stray?” He murmurs into the silence.

Stray sighs. He leans back as well, rolls his head to the side so that he can lock eyes with Dick.

And he… He places his hand so that their fingers intertwine.


“Huh?” Dick asks, mind completely blank with how Stray’s eyes look in this light, how the lights make them sparkle.

“Yes, I’ll go on a date with you.”

“Oh. Oh.”

Dick’s not a blusher, but when the guy that he’s had a crush on since he was fourteen finally agrees to go out with him…

“Oh,” he repeats. He can feel how hot his ears are.

Stray’s face goes soft. “Can I kiss you?” he whispers.

Dick shifts his weight onto the hip closest to Stray, moves over onto his side so that he can bring his free hand up and cup Stray’s beautiful face.

His lips are so soft.