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Remember You Are Loved

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Remember You Are Loved

They trudged into their home and set down their bags as  the place was dark and silent.


Eddie helped Buck down the hall towards their bedroom as Bobby followed along behind them both. They'd almost lost him, again. 


Buck was letting Eddie guide him due to the exhaustion alone. He was lucky the damage was minor but he'd still be out for a bit as he rested up. They were lucky that it hadn't been worse. Buck could have been closer to the explosion, there could have been shrapnel, or if they'd been unable to get him out. Bobby tried not to dwell and needed to make sure they didn't either.


It had been the compounding of smaller events that led to a near catastrophe for them all. Buck had been closest to the blast and was knocked through a wall while the rest of them were more spread out and Eddie was a step behind him unable to catch or stop him.


Eddie was immediately the first to start digging Buck out from under the debris as Ravi found that they're equipment wasn't working right. The fire was barely put out; Bobby was furious for information being withheld that could have gotten his people killed.


He'd had his hands full getting to the bottom of it all while Eddie kept them all updated. Bobby got they're a short while before Buck was finally able to be released.


Eddie was helping Buck to get changed as Bobby made up their bed for the night. The addition of Eddie had been both a freight and a delight. Together they all helped in balancing each other out.


While Bobby changed himself Eddie pulled Buck into bed and settled him into the middle to be between them for the night.


"Are you guys angry at me for getting hurt again?" Buck asked as Bobby was about to get it.






They both replied softly to him.


"I- can't help thinking it,"


"Buck," Bobby says while Eddie straps around him from behind.


"We aren't mad at you, I promise," he kissed his neck.


"We're angry at the situation which none of us had any control over and we all worked together to get everyone out safely. It wasn't your choice," Bobby said while brushing his hand through Buck's hair and kissing him.


"Thank you. I'm sorry, I just- my brain gets to thinking and-"


"And we'll keep on telling you the truth to help you believe it," Eddie whispered into his ear.


Bobby joined them under the covers and switched off the light.


His eyes met Eddie's over Buck's trying to get comfortable as he pulled Bobby in closer and settled happily between them with Eddie's arm around him.


Eddie had a feeling what Bobby was thinking but would talk to him in a while as they might have trouble getting to sleep or he'd ask him in the morning.


Buck was snoring slightly. Bobby waited to make sure he was truly asleep before talking to Eddie.


"I think he needs a reminder,"


"Could definitely use one," Eddie agreed with a nod.


They had the alarm set. 


Bobby was pulled under after a while before Eddie joined them.




Buck awoke kisses and having his cock played with, it was starting to leak. He opened his eyes to see both of the men that he loved above him.


He smiled up at them.




"Do you feel up to some fun, Buck? Bobby asked as Eddie placed his hand in his stomach.


"I'd never say no to that. Yeah, I feel a lot better than I did last night," Buck replied as Eddie pulled him up into a kiss.


Bobby took the opportunity to tease Buck's neck with nips and kisses at the same time.


"We want you to relax, okay Buck? Bobby said, getting a nod as he brushes his forehead with Eddie's own. 


"Words Buck, he asked you a question baby," Eddie said.


"Yes sir. I love you, I love you,"


Buck reached back for Bobby's hand as Eddie continued to kiss him. With Eddie and Bobby blanketing his front and back, Buck should have felt cut off, locked in but he didn't; it was the opposite; he was safely held, free to fall into their waiting arms.


Buck turned to follow Bobby's hand as Eddie began teasing his hold with lube that Buck heard. Bobby got his fill of kisses from Buck as Eddie worked his hole.


Buck gasped into Bobby's mouth as Eddie kissed his thigh and abs as he continued his actions.


Bobby started to jerk Buck's cock after Eddie silently gave him lube to use on Buck.


He chased the dual sensations back and forth as Eddie and Bobby pulled him apart.


Buck came on the bed as they both told him how good he was for them and that he was theirs.


They moved Buck easily as he was still in his orgasm's hold. He was moved to lie back down again with his head in Bobby's lap as Eddie started to alternate using his tongue as well as his fingers on Buck's ass.


Bobby told Buck to open up for him and let him hold his cock in his mouth as he was moaning and sucking around it while Eddie got him ready.


Buck kept Bobby warm like he knew and didn't have to be told but he still received praise for it. He looked up at Bobby and then down at Eddie. He was so lucky to have them.


"Almost there, Buck. Just a little more, don't want you hurting too much. But it'll still give you a little reminder until we're back," Eddie said.


Bobby was petting through Buck's hair as he tried not to nuzzle into his balls or rub his stubble against Bobby's thighs.


Finally Buck felt as Eddie was starting to tease his hole with his dick.


"Uh, fuck," Buck said around Bobby still in his mouth.


"Shh. We've got ya, Buck" Bobby told him.


They really did.


Buck felt Eddie when he stayed to sink in and sucked on Bobby's cock in sudden surprise. With Eddie ready at Buck's ass Bobby finally started to fuck into Buck's mouth gently, every so slow.


Eddie gave sight thrusts and worked their hips together as Buck was getting close again. His next thrust was a long pull out before he dove in deeply for Buck.


Buck worked with Eddie as he came inside of him. Bobby kept going until he finally came down Buck's throat filling him up.


He took both in while his dick was getting hard again and felt as they touched and held him like he was precious, cherished.


They kept Buck there between them as Eddie jerked him off with them both still inside him.


After his second orgasm and staying there a little longer they pulled Buck up to hold him between them once more. He clung to Bobby while Eddie took to his back, keeping him covered by them both. Bobby broke the kiss to let Eddie taste Bobby in Buck's mouth and share Buck's own come with Bobby.


"We've got a while before we've gotta leave. You two go take a shower while I start on breakfast," Bobby kissed Buck once more before leaving them.


Eddie was sharing Buck's taste with himself before getting him up to clean them. Bobby was a lot less messy and wouldn't need much before being ready to cook.


Buck would still feel them for a while even after they had to leave for work in the middle of the day and he got Christopher. He'd have a nice day off and see them again the next day so they could all spend some time together.