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Why Not?

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Emma Swan was happy—okay maybe happy wasn’t the right word, but she was content. She was going to Story Brooke University, studying for criminology, she had a good (okay, mediocre) job as a waitress to pay the bills, she had a decent apartment all to herself with no annoying roommates to borrow her clothes, hog the bathroom or eat her food. And she didn’t have a boyfriend, which she was completely okay with—really, who needs a boyfriend with all of the baggage that comes with it anyway? Her life was uncomplicated, quiet, easy. And then, of course the universe decided to throw a curveball at her—no, literally, she was hit in the face by a ball...a football to be precise.

Emma had been dreading today for a while because it was the day the unit above hers would become occupied. She had been spoiled by the previous renter because she’d never heard them or even met them, which made them the perfect neighbor. She didn’t think she’d be so lucky the second time around.

Running late for class, she ran down the steps and out the door into the parking lot. There was a moving truck parked in front, and as she tried to run past it, she didn’t get very far.

So, there she was, lying on the pavement of the parking lot after being thwacked in the head out of nowhere by a football. Her vision was blurry as she looked up toward the bright blue sky. And she was sure she was seeing double, because there were two sets of the same sea-blue eyes looking down at her, two of the same sets of cheekbones carved from stone, and two of the same pair of gorgeous lips asking her questions she couldn’t comprehend at the moment.

Then, her eyes started to focus more clearly, and she realized she was in fact not seeing double, although the two men hunched over her were remarkably similar. One had neatly parted hair, the other had perfectly coifed, rockstar hair. One wore a red plaid shirt with faded jeans and the other wore a leather jacket and black jeans. They were both, however, ridiculously handsome—no, handsome didn’t even begin to cover it. And to top it off, they had a British accent. She might as well have died right then and there, because she knew right off the bat, these two would be the end of her. And either they were identical twins, or she was just going crazy...or both. 

Turned out it was both.

It all started out so innocently, but then again, doesn’t it always?

They both extended a hand to help her up, and of course she took both of them. When she stood up, her head was pounding like she’d been hit on the head with a hammer, so they helped her up the two flights of stairs, and she noted they both had an arm snaked around her waist with their hand still holding hers. 

Even though her head was killing her, she was sure she was dreaming. 

When they arrived at her door, they introduced themselves—the one with the perfectly coifed, rockstar hair and leather jacket was Killian Jones, the one with the neatly parted hair and plaid shirt was Connor Jones—and invited her over for tacos the next night after they had gotten settled in to make up for hitting her in the face with a football. They hadn’t seen her behind the moving truck when they decided to toss around a football in front of the apartment building. Anyway, they each took the hand they were holding and pressed it to their lips, both of their eyes never leaving hers. She felt like a princess from one of those fairytale movies. Maybe Cinderella or Snow White; only this was way better because there were two prince charmings instead of just one. And she was pretty sure she was actually dead at that point because aren’t you supposed to be dead if your heart stops beating and you can no longer breathe?

The next day, she found herself sitting on their couch, which wasn’t that big, and she was all cozy in between the two of them, watching a movie after they ate and were passing a bottle of rum around until it was halfway empty. And yes, thankfully there was alcohol involved so she could use that as an excuse later. She was a flirty drunk...okay, a very flirty drunk. Although, she wasn’t that drunk. She could definitely feel the buzz, though. And apparently it was enough to do some things she might regret in the morning.

On second thought, how the hell do you regret doing the Jones’ brothers? On one hand, you had Connor, who was the shy, gentleman type and of pure innocence (well, up until that night at least). Then there was Killian, who was still a gentleman but a little cockier, his grin was more crooked, and he was just pure sin (but the good kind of sin... the really really good kind. 

If Emma would’ve had a clear, sober mind that night, she probably would have weighed her options first, and at least tried to pick one over the other. But in her current state, that soooo was not happening. On second thought, even if she were sober, it wouldn’t have happened, because why not have both? Why the hell not?

They had told her earlier that they’d moved here from England a few years ago to go to college in the States and they’d transferred to Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Connor had both recently gotten out of long-term relationship and Killian didn’t really do relationships, or at least he claimed, so neither were looking for anything serious, which was perfect because neither was she. Not that she was considering anything at this point. Okay, maybe she was—no, she was definitely —picturing herself in the middle, being fucked by both brothers at the same time. But she never thought it would actually happen.

Emma was bored with the movie, so she looked over at Connor, who smiled at her, sending butterflies to her stomach. She looked away from him and tried to contain herself; she tried for all of two seconds. Then her hand went to his knee, and she didn’t realize what she was doing until she did it. She could feel him stiffen underneath her touch as her hand went higher until she reached his thigh. He started leaning in closer to her until his breath was in her ear and she could feel desire pooling in her belly. She slowly tilted her head back to find his lips until they were on hers. His tongue tasted a mixture of rum and sweetness as she lifted her hand to his thick, dark hair, threading her fingers through it and pulling him in closer.

That’s when she could feel the burn of jealous eyes on her—the eyes of his brother as he watched from behind her—setting her skin ablaze. 

So, what did she do? 

Well, she turned around to kiss him too, of course. Because why not?

His tongue tasted different than his brother’s, like a mixture of rum and spices and he was surprisingly more eager. As their mouths were hot and hungry on each other, she felt Connor press his body to her back, snaking his arms around her, his lips caressing her neck as he waited his turn again. She alternated between the two gorgeous brothers until she couldn’t tell which one she was even kissing, and either they put on a really good front, or they really didn’t mind sharing her. She chose to believe the latter.

The only sounds she could hear were their groans and heavy breathing, the smacking of her lips on theirs and the swapping of tongues as she dueled with each of them for dominance. She was absolutely certain at that point she had died and gone to heaven.

In a lustful haze, she somehow managed to escape the hold they had on her, and her head was spinning (not from the alcohol) as she walked around the couch and gave them a seductive grin before she went into one of the bedrooms, their eyes following behind her. She thought maybe they would start arguing and decide on which one would join her, but before she could even get to the bed, they were both stumbling over each other’s feet through the door. They both approached her, fighting each other for her front. 

When Emma grabbed Connor by his shirt collar, Killian whined as he went to her back. His hands went to her hips, and he pressed his erection to her ass as Connor gripped her waist, his rock-hard member pressed to her center. She couldn’t believe she was actually doing this or that they were even willing to do this. Well, willing wasn’t the right word. They wanted to do this. She could see it in both pairs of eyes.

“Such a naughty lass, wanting both of us,” Killian spoke, the deep lilt of his accent sending heat to her core.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back as he kissed her neck. “Mmhmmm,” she managed, not actually able to form words.

“What do you think we should do to her, brother?”

Connor lifted his lips to her ear and whispered, “I bet she’s soaking wet for us. I can’t wait to taste her.”

“Oh fuck...” she moaned and bucked her hips, feeling both of their arousals as she ground into them.

“She’s a greedy little lass,” Killian breathed as his hands went to her center, rubbing Emma through her jeans.

Connor’s hands slithered under her top and over her bra, his thumbs grazing her nipples, making them hard. She moaned and continued to rock her hips, seeking friction from both of them as their fingers groped and kneaded her skin through her clothing. Killian pulled off her shirt and Connor tugged her pants down as she kicked off her shoes to step out of her jeans. As she stood between them in a black lacey bra and panties, their hands were all over her. Killian caressed her smooth, slim stomach as Connor cupped her firmly toned ass.

“So beautiful, isn’t she?” Killian asked his brother.

“Aye. Bloody gorgeous.” 

Their voices were pure sex as they spoke.

Her heart was pounding as Connor kissed the tops of her breasts, slid the straps down her arms and unlatched her bra, letting the dainty fabric fall from her milky skin. At the same time, Killian knelt down and pulled down her panties until the scrap of black lace hit the floor. His hot breaths ghosted over her skin as his lips left a trail of kisses down the curves of her ass. 

“So bloody gorgeous,” Connor groaned as his dilated eyes glazed over her body before taking her stiff nipples in between his teeth. He sucked on them hard as Killian parted her thighs and reached a hand to her clit, feeling a pool of arousal dripping down her leg.

“Bloody hell, she’s fucking soaked, brother.” He slid his index in easily, coating his finger as he thrust into her.

“Little minx.”

Emma couldn’t even pretend to care that they knew how much she wanted them. She was too much in a lustful haze as she felt Killian’s fingers fucking her and Connor’s warm tongue licking her nipples. After he was done exploring her breasts, Connor left a sinful trail of kisses down her stomach as he knelt before her. His lips were caressing the soft skin of her nub as Killian rose and slipped his fingers into his mouth, sucking off her essence.

“Mmmmm, bloody incredible. Taste her brother.” Killian pressed kisses to her back and neck, wrapping his arm around her as Connor lifted her leg and hauled it over his shoulder. His hand found her milky thigh, his fingers lightly massaging her skin as he let out a hot breath and circled his tongue around her entrance.

Emma moved her hips wantonly, encouraging him to sink his tongue inside of her. “Please...”

“Please what, love?” Connor asked her.

“Fuck me with your tongue. Please.” Her voice was throaty and shattered but she didn’t give a fuck.

He chuckled, his voice reverberating through her core. “As you wish, darling.”

As soon as his tongue was on her, he started lapping up her slit like a kitten starving for milk. Emma moaned and Killian held her securely as she bucked her hips into Connor’s ministrations.

“Oh god...”

“Tell me how that feels, love,” Killian whispered in her ear as he left soft kisses there.

“Soooo good. Don’t stop, Connor. Oh please don’t stop.” 

Connor’s tongue was tender and warm on her sensitive flesh as Emma closed her eyes, relishing in the attention they were giving her.

Connor entered a finger inside of her as he ate into her, and Emma could feel her orgasm building.

“Just like that...oh my god!”

He crooked his finger, hitting that spot inside of her that made her see stars as he started sucking her clit into his mouth. Emma screamed in pleasure as her orgasm possessed her completely. 

Her body turned to mush as he gave his final licks before he carefully removed his finger. He stood up, and before he could lick her venom off, Emma took his hand and smirked as she sucked it off herself.

Connor looked in awe as his dark, hooded eyes watched her lick his finger clean.

“She’s a bloody fucking Marvel,” Killian managed as he watched from behind. “I can’t wait to fuck that sweet pussy of hers.”

As they fought over who would take her first, Emma freed herself from their hold and knelt on the bed. She started touching herself as they watched, teasing her nipples between her fingers. When the brothers started to move, she stopped them.

“Clothes off first, boys. Then you can have me.” When she inserted a finger into her wet heat as her other hand kneaded her breast, she had never seen anyone undress as fast as the Jones brothers did in that moment. She moaned as she flicked her clit and added another finger. 

Killian was the first to rid himself of the offending clothing, and she became even more aroused when she saw their naked forms. Both had a dark patch of chest hair and a thin trail leading her eyes to their ripped abs and down to their long, thick, throbbing cocks. 

Good. Fucking. Lord. 

She licked her lips and couldn’t wait to feel them both inside of her, but she decided to tease them first before she let them on the bed.

Emma rode her fingers, bucking her hips, making herself come. When she looked up at them, they were both stroking themselves as they watched. She then released her fingers and beckoned them both over with a finger and a come-hither stare. 

Killian was the first to climb up on the bed, and he knelt before her, but Connor shoved him when he got next to him, both of them snarling at each other. Emma’s skin heated; she loved the feeling of both of them fighting over her.

Connor took her finger in his mouth, sucking off her essence until it was clean, and Killian took her hand from him, licking off the other finger.

Their eyes continued to ogle her like she was the most beautiful creature they had ever laid eyes on. “Such gorgeous tits,” Killian breathed.

“Aye. Agreed, brother.”

They both took a nipple into their mouths, sucking and nipping with their teeth and Emma’s hands went to the back of their heads, encouraging them as she closed her eyes. Killian started fingering her as they sucked on her breasts, and Connor reached behind, gently fingering her puckered hole. She relished the feeling of having their tongues and teeth and hands on her at the same time.

“Oh god...please...I need both of you...”

“Not yet, love. We’re just getting warmed up,” Killian breathed as he released her nipple. “I want you to suck my brother off while I fuck you from behind.”

“Ooohhh,” she moaned as they released her, and Killian reached into the drawer of his nightstand to pull out some condoms, ripping one open. He rolled it on and took his spot behind her.

She bent down and started stroking Connor’s hard shaft as Killian grabbed her hips and teased her entrance with his velvety tip. Connor tilted his head back as his fingers threaded through her blonde locks. She removed her hand and licked a strip up his long length, making him shudder as her emerald eyes locked with his stormy blue ones. Her lips lightly sucked the pre-cum from his head as Killian slowly entered her, stretching her walls, letting her adjust to his size before he thrust hard into her. Emma yelped in pleasure as Killian pounded into her with no mercy. She took Connor’s cock in her mouth, taking him all the way in as both of the brothers rocked their hips into her. Each of their movements spurred on the other as they found a smooth rhythm.

“So tight.” Killian groaned as his fingers gripped her tightly.

Emma cupped Connor’s balls and gave him a firm squeeze as he buried himself in her mouth.

“Fuck! Your mouth is so fucking hot, love,” he groaned.

She sped up her ministrations, swirling her tongue around his member as she sucked him hard. They sped up the pace and Emma was the first to come, sending the brothers over the edge, all three of them moaning loudly. Emma’s movements came to a halt as Connor spurted his hot seed down her throat and Killian emptied his, his thrusts firmer and harder before slowing to a halt.

The three of them fell into a boneless pile as they recovered their breathing and came down from their highs. 

After a few minutes, Emma pulled Killian in for a deep kiss as she laid snug between them. Their tongues met as she was pressed up against him. He groaned against her kiss-swollen lips, and she could feel his cock coming to life, riling her up again. Connor peppered her shoulders and back with kisses as he became fully erect against her ass. He then pulled her chin, turning her around to face him, stealing her lips from his brother.

“Oi!” Killian growled as Emma sighed into the kiss and reached for his shaft to silence him. He rocked his hips into her touch as Connor played with her nipples and Killian fondled her ass. Emma released both of them and sat up on her knees as she pulled them to her, urging them both to take her.

Killian knelt in front of her as Connor got behind her, both of them pressing kisses to her soft skin. 

Killian’s lips were in her ear as he spoke in a deep, sultry voice. “You want us to both fuck you at the same time, love?”

Emma nodded her head, biting her bottom lip. “God, yes.”

He opened the drawer again and reached for the lube and two condoms, handing one to his brother, along with the lube. Connor squeezed the bottle of lube, coating his fingers and brought them to her hole as Killian finger fucked her cunt. Emma moaned as Connor slowly entered a finger, stretching her before he added another one. As the brothers both stroked themselves, Emma pulled Killian into a passionate kiss, feeling his chest hair on her breasts as her fingers sifted through his dark, tousled locks. Connor added a third finger, slowly pushing it in and out until she was ready for him. She waited in agonizing anticipation as they donned the condoms. Connor poured more lube on his fingers, coating himself and her opening before he grabbed her hips and nudged her back entrance, slowly making his way in.

Her tight walls started expanding around him, making her hiss. He gently thrust into her, and she slowly backed her hips onto him. Killian pressed his velvety head to her front and grabbed her small frame as he slid inside of her. Emma reached for his shoulders for purchase and braced herself, biting her bottom lip. Both men groaned in unison as they slowly worked themselves into her, claiming every inch until they were fully seated inside. She had never felt pleasure like this before as she rocked her hips against them, and they filled her completely. Their bodies smacked together as the brothers held her up securely and soon she felt her walls fluttering around Killian’s cock.

“Oh yes! Sooo good. I’m coming...”

“That’s it, love. Let us make you come.” They were both whispering in her ear, encouraging her, making her skin tingle.

“You love being fucked by both of us, don’t you, darling?”

“God yes...oooh...” Emma found her sweet release as the brothers chased their orgasms behind her and the room was filled with loud screams and groans and heavy panting.

“Bloody hell...”

“Fucking marvelous.”

She heard them speak but didn’t know which brother said what as she sank into their arms, completely sated.

Killian and Connor gently laid her back onto the mattress before they removed their condoms and got up to dispose of them. They came back, laying at each side of her, wrapping their arms around her frame. Emma didn’t plan to sleep over, but she couldn’t even think about moving from her current state.

They drifted off to sleep, and when they woke in the morning, they all agreed their amazing night together was a one-time thing and that Emma would remain friends with them, pretending it never happened.

Emma’s now laughing at their previous declarations while she’s currently being fucked by the two brothers after being with them almost every night for a month.

Because why not? 

As long as they both want her, she just can’t think of a good enough reason to stay away. 

But then again, she was never good at making decisions.