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a twinkle in the night sky, far far away

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“And Cerberus?” Lucifer prompts into his D.D.D. 

“I fed him! Please don’t make me do that again,” Levi wails from the other end of the line. Having taken the call out to a quieter spot on the castle’s balcony, Lucifer can hear the mad click-click of console buttons in the background. 

Levi’s absence from Diavolo’s new years party, permitted in exchange for chores to be done and the House of Lamentation cleaned. Lucifer’s just hoping for the best at this point. Even Belphie’s at the party, although most likely curled up on a couch or fast asleep somewhere behind a curtain. 

The cold wind picks up as Lucifer looks out over the Devildom, its plethora of lights winking back at him from below. The view is quite calming when everything is far away. 

He’s reaching for the coat on his shoulders when he realizes it’s not there, having shrugged it off an hour ago as the heat of a hundred partying bodies had turned the ballroom into a suffocating, alcohol-fuelled furnace. He sighs, adjusting his gloves to stave off the chill creeping up his sleeves. 

Footsteps on the balcony break the silence. The gait is one Lucifer knows like the heartbeat in his chest. An arm slips around his waist from behind, and the warmest body he knows settles against his back. 

“Ah, I found you.” Diavolo’s cheery baritone reverberates through Lucifer’s chest. “What are you doing out here?”

“Just a call.” Lucifer remains unmoving, the familiarity of Diavolo’s presence feeling very much like a second skin. Any thoughts he had of retrieving his coat disappear into the night.

“Oh.” A flute of champagne is thrust under his nose and he feels the fizz of bubbles against his skin. “Can I interest you in a drink?” 

“...Only if you must.” Lucifer’s had a few wines already but this drink looks like it’s courtesy of Devildom’s latest exchange student, brought along from their realm solely for tonight’s occasion. He takes the proffered glass and raises it to his lips. “This ‘new year’ party is a lot of fuss for just another day of the year. Is so much lavishness really necessary?”

“Why not? I thought you knew they do this every year. You should see all the fun they’re having!” 

A begrudging sigh follows. “I suppose, if drunk is the equivalent of fun.”

Diavolo admires his pride demon’s silhouette in the moment Lucifer tilts the flute of champagne back, his lips parting for a sip.The moonlight casts him in an ethereal, otherworldly glow, illuminating every last fine feature of his face. It’s not the first time for this thought and it certainly won’t be the last, and Lucifer is nothing less than breath-taking.

“Hm. It’s very sweet.” 

“It is, isn’t it?” Diavolo nuzzles at his cheek before swooping in to steal a kiss, and that alone tastes just as sweet. The sheer bulk of his broad size shields them enough from prying eyes that Lucifer lets the public display of affection pass unpunished.

“Isn’t the kiss reserved for midnight?” Lucifer asks dryly. He downs more champagne, keeping the flute close to his face.

Diavolo blinks at him, gold eyes wide and eyebrows shooting up into his messy red hair. “So you do know this tradition then.” He grins wide enough for all his teeth to show, much to Lucifer’s dismay. 

“I have something better in mind,” Diavolo tells him, before Lucifer can snipe back a reply. “But you might miss it if you insist on kissing me at midnight.”

He shrugs his large shoulders innocently, and lights from the party make the jewellery adorning him twinkle like the stars above. 

Lucifer has seen that gesture far too many times to trust it any further than he can throw it. But Diavolo’s arms are warm and secure around him, breathing soft enough to lull him into a sense of safety, and that just might make up for the ridiculousness he’s sure he’s about to witness.

“Midnight now,” Diavolo’s voice reminds him, gently and liltingly playful, and fireworks suddenly light up the sky with a thunderous boom. Bursts of colour splash across the canvas of black night. The banquet hall behind them erupts in cheers from humans, angels and demons alike.

Not quite as ridiculous as he had thought, Lucifer supposes, or at least until he squints at the afterimage left behind by the explosive display. 

It’s a little image of himself, outlined in his trademark navy blue, complete with sparkling red eyes and signature grumpy face. 

There might have been more after that, a whole series of Lucifer fireworks even, but he misses them all in favour of a midnight kiss.