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Just a One Shot

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Carol looked around the upscale hotel bar.  There was a time when it had been a subdued place for an elegant tête à tête or clandestine rendezvous.  Where old money brokered deals with a handshake and the clink of fine crystal holding Kentucky barrel aged bourbon. Where waiters unobtrusively knew how to make sure a patron wanted for nothing without intruding.  The room was still elegant with its mahogany and brass and velvet, but the ambience had changed since the young men who had saved the world from fascism came back and opened a new line of attack with America’s proud consumerism as their weapon of choice.  The bar was raucously filled with Wall Streeters and Madison Avenuers and the young women who followed in their wake hoping to snag a prize.  The boisterousness was jarring to those with memories of gentility and decorum.

She wondered why Abby had suggested they meet here.  They hadn’t been here for months.  Back when she was starting to think of leaving Harge.  Back when she realized her mind and heart were as corseted as her body.  Back when she realized she would lose her mind if she stayed.  Abby had been her rock during the long months of painfully extricating herself from Harge’s steel reinforced netting.  Abby held her on course when Harge’s attacks would have her questioning her mothering.  Never her love for her daughter.  Never that, but without Abby she would have been alone swimming against the tide of Aird expectations. 

And then there was Therese.  What would she have done without Abby during their months apart?  Living in that house where all the warmth had leaked out when Rindy left.  Never being warm no matter the number of roaring fireplaces or layers of clothing or glasses of rye.  She knew in her heart of hearts that she would not be where she was now if not for Abby.  So why couldn’t she share an evening with her without longing to be home with Therese?  She surreptitiously glanced at her watch.  It was only 9:15. Too early to suggest calling it a night and too late to have every possible moment with Therese.

“You’re thinking about Therese, aren’t you”?

“What? No. I mean…”

“Carol, don’t even with me.  No one, and I mean no one, knows you like I do.  Since your evening at the Ritz and her moving in a few weeks later, you have been persona non grata.”

Carol spluttered, “Abby, I have not been in exile”.

“Well, maybe I didn’t use the term correctly, but you have been AWOL except for work and home with Therese.  I gave you two some time to get past the honeymoon phase but honestly, Carol, you need to come up for air.”

Carol didn’t know what to say.  She knew she’d neglected her friend, but she honestly couldn’t help herself.  She was so ravenous for Therese that any time spent apart was agonizing.  She was actually embarrassed for herself with how much she needed, wanted Therese.  And it wasn’t just the intimacy of how their bodies craved contact…she needed to be with Therese.  Hear her talk and laugh and hum. Watch her brush her hair, and fiddle with her camera equipment, and contort her face when reading something she didn’t agree with or understand.  Smell her perfume when she walked by and her earthiness after making love to her.  Touch her.  She had to stay within arm’s reach of her when they were together.  A stroke of her cheek.  Fingers threading through her hair.  A head resting on her shoulder.  Tasting.  She couldn’t think about that right now.  Not in public.

“All right.  I can see this evening is pointless.  Go home.  Call me when you can carry on a conversation.” 

Carol blushed.  “I’m sorry, Abby.  Maybe we can get lunch next week.”

“Fine. Fine.  Don’t worry about it.  You know I’m just jealous.  Of both of you.  I want what you have, and I want my friend back.”

Carol gave Abby’s hand a squeeze and a quick peck on the cheek before leaving.

“Lunch.  Next week.  I promise.”


Carol walked into the dark entry way of their apartment and saw a dim light in the living room.  She took off her heels and walked in quietly thinking Therese might have fallen asleep on the couch.   Instead, she found a note on the coffee table.

“I hope you had a good time catching up with Abby.  I’m sorry, but I was so tired I’ve gone to bed.  Please wake me when you get home.  I want to see you.  Love, T.”

Carol walked into their bedroom and found Therese lying naked facing the other side of the room.  Therese was deeply and peacefully asleep.  The sheet was pushed down to cover her lower hip and legs.  They had joked that Therese was so naturally warm blooded that she might spontaneously combust when she hit menopause and had the dreaded hot flashes.  Carol stood looking at the body she loved.  People knew Therese as a shy, petite young lady.  Only she knew that her Therese was a voracious explorer looking for every delectable delight she could find on Carol’s body.  Only she knew how brave Therese was in her total surrender of body and soul to her.  Only they knew their joining was almost visionary in its transport. 

Carol joined Therese in her bareness and wrapped around her loosely so she could touch her favorite spot on the landscape of Therese’s body.  The small of her back.  Carol gently moved the back of her fingers down Therese’s spine through the dip and then up the swell.  She did this lightly so she wouldn’t disturb her but even in her sleep Therese turned to Carol.  Their bodies wrapped and entwined naturally by instinct.  Carol continued to graze Therese’s back and Therese hummed approval.  Tomorrow would bring passion and fire but tonight was contentment and safety.