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This Is Where the Light Does Not Shine

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Odin’s head was spinning.

The world felt laughably calm, and chaotic at the same time.  The honks of the passing cars grated harshly on his ears.  

The world felt so different, and it was.  It was different, now.  Everything was no longer the same.

“You can’t play anymore,” they had told him.  “You’re out.  Forever.  Maybe you should consider coaching, or trying out a different major.  But that head wound is pretty severe.”

So, naturally, Odin had gone and gotten wasted after he “healed.”

But he would never be healed, would he?  He’s out.  Forever.  Suddenly he feels unnatural hatred for the red light in front of him, stopping him.  Why was the world out to stop him?  He was in his early thirties, still young, with an amazing career, with a wife and a one year old child.  Why in the world did everything have to happen to him?

Odin’s foot pressed down on the accelerator, as if if he drove fast enough he could fly right up to the red light and crash into it, silencing its annoying scream.  

What happened next was more of a whirlwind, a rush of adrenaline pushing the alcohol out of his brain and blood out of his veins.  His eyesight was a blur, and there was something... wet trickling down his face.

He later found out that it had taken surgery to get Frigga’s favorite bobbing sunflower that ran on solar energy out of his eye and that he was lucky it hadn’t gone deeper and skewered his brain.


The child was silent.  Odin found that strange; shouldn’t it be crying?  Shouldn’t it be screaming, protesting, trying to escape, just as Thor had whenever he was in his crib.  But no; the little child, son of illegal immigrants who should have been unrefined, uneducated, lay on the mattress and stared up at Odin with eyes that seemed to far surpass the intelligence that a normal months old baby could have possessed.

Odin felt his heart clenching and fell to his knees beside the bed.  How could he have deprived this child of his parents in a drunken stupor?  He was about to curse his bad luck, then stopped and cursed himself instead.

The words he spoke next were not planned at all.

“I will adopt him.”