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Tasty Little Treat

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Louis knew it was coming the moment the woman looked up at him. The sudden gleam in her eyes and the drop of her jaw was the same expression he had already seen eleven times that day and many many more in his 19 years of life. He braced himself for what was to come, hoping this one would keep her voice down.

“Oh my god! Look at you!” the woman said excitedly. “Aren't you the sweetest thing I have ever seen?”

“Thank you ma'am. What can I get you?” Louis asked, trying to end the show before it really started.

“Darla! Darla please come here and look at him!”


A bright blonde joined the redhead in front of Louis and they sighed at the same time. The women were both betas. He could tell due to their total lack of pheromones. He picked up absolutely no scent from either of them. Didn’t stop them from falling all over the omega though.

“I cannot with him! Look at those shining blue eyes.”

“And that cute button nose.”

“Oh his hair is perfect too.”

“Sweetheart you are absolutely precious,” the blonde, Darla, said.

Louis smiled sweetly and again asked what they wanted to order. Five minutes of verbal admiration and two mocha lattes later Louis was finally able to assist the next customer who just so happened to be his roommate, Zayn.

“How many does that make?” Zayn asked.

“Twelve. Twelve proclamations of how cute and adorable I am,” Louis solemnly answered.

It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate the compliments, he did. They were all very flattering and he found himself blushing a few times a day, but it just happened so much. Last time he checked, he had gotten all A's in his A-Levels, and wasn't some primary school squirt. 

“Well it's your fault for being such a delicious and tiny omega.”

“Excuse me Malik, but I was born this way.”

“Okay Lady Gaga. Now it's time to go so hang up that apron.”

Louis let out an exasperated sigh and pulled his apron off, grabbing his backpack from the back room.

“At what time did you get in today? I left at eight this morning and you still weren't back,” he asked Zayn when they started their fifteen-minute walk to their dorm.

“Oh, like two hours ago.”

“Jesus Zayn. You missed classes again?”

“I took an executive day off, whatevs.”

“Where were you anyway?”

“I hooked up with possibly the most gorgeous alpha I have ever in my life seen. God, he had this sexy shaggy brown hair and these green eyes… I swear I felt penetrated even before I really was just from the way those eyes looked at me. He's tall, lean, and tattoos… Bro you know that I don’t swoon over people, but my fuck this guy was flawless.”

“That’s great Zayn. I'm really happy for you.”

“And his cock—”

“No! Nope, I do not need to know,” Louis stopped him before he could continue. “I believe you when you say he was gorgeous.”

“Awe, I'm sorry. I forgot about your teeny weeny virgin omega ears.”

“Trust me, they stopped being virgin the very same day I moved in with you. I'm just not in the mood to hear about someone else’s penis.”

“Did you actually just cringe when you said the word penis? Louis, you have one. I've walked in on you wanking it multiple times,” Zayn said as if saying this that out loud in public was perfectly okay.

“Wow, I'm pretty sure you couldn’t have said that any louder. I'm sorry!” he called out to the mother speed walking away from them with her daughter.

“I'm just saying that you need to lighten up.”

“I'm light enough. You told me the other day when you wrestled me away from my desk. Your exact words were ‘holy fuck you're light!’”

“That’s not what I meant smartass.”

“This is just the way I am Zayn. You know school is my priority.”

“And I admire that, but Lou you go from our dorm to class to the coffee shop and back to the dorm every day.”

“That’s not true. I went to the library yesterday.”

Zayn face-palmed.

“I swear I would punch you in the face if you weren't so fucking cute. We are going out tonight.”

“No. I have to study for a test.”

Zayn stopped him.

“When exactly is this test?” Louis mumbled his answer, Zayn not understanding him. “Come again?”


“Ha! You're coming out with me. Harry owns a club and we’ll spend all night in VIP.”

“No Zayn.”

“Yes. I refuse to let you spend another Friday night cuddling your textbooks.”

“Zayn, it's just not my type of scene.”

“Shut it. No excuses. Plus, I want you to meet Harry. Your opinion matters Lou.”

Louis sighed as a wicked smile formed on Zayn's face. He knew that was all it was going to take for Louis to say yes. Zayn was Louis' best friend and he had supported Louis through all his educational meltdowns (all of which had successful conclusions) so the least he could do was support him with his alpha or whatever.


“Fucking right!”

Somehow the same mother and daughter from before ended up walking nearby and this time the mother grumbled a ‘no manners these kids’. Louis couldn’t help but laugh because while the daughter used one hand to hold onto her mother, the other was busy digging for treasure up her nose.


“Absolutely not. No. Turn around and pick something else out,” Zayn says when Louis turns around.

“What's wrong with it?”

“Louis we are going to a club. You cannot wear a fucking sweater to a club.”

“But it's really comfortable. Plus, I kind of had a big dinner and my tummy is a little puffy.”

“Your tummy is delectable.”

“Zayn isn't it enough that I'm actually going? Please let me wear what I want.”

“Fine,” Zayn gives in. “But don’t complain if you get hot.”

“Okay, I won't.”

“Your arse looks good by the way, but then again when doesn’t it? Your body is so perfect Lou. Curvy, supple, so fucking yummy,” Zayn practically moans, using his entire hand to squeeze Louis' bum.

“Honestly, I'd ask for a restraining order against you if you weren't my best mate.” Louis picks up his glasses. “Should I…”

“No!” Zayn says before Louis could finish.

Louis rolls his eyes and grabs his contacts case, popping the lenses in, before running his hands through his feathery hair. Zayn is telling him Harry's downstairs by the time he's finished.

His palms start to sweat when he sees the sleek Cadillac waiting, Zayn bouncing with each step he took towards it. When Louis opened the back door of the Cadillac, he could see why Zayn was so excited. Harry was beyond beautiful. Like ‘holy mother fucking shit’ beautiful.

“Hey babes,” he said to the omegas, smiling kindly at Louis. He reached a hand back to him. “The name’s Harry.”


“You were right Z, he is pretty.”

Louis was glad the lights had faded off so Harry couldn’t see the blush on his cheeks.

“Told ya. Now I need a drink.”

“Bottles are already waiting. We’re going to have fun tonight Louis. I think you're really going to hit it off with my mate Liam,” Harry says. “He's also an alpha.”

Louis was going to kill Zayn if this was his way of setting him up with someone. Louis had manners though so he gave Harry a nod through the rearview mirror.

“Cool. Looking forward to it,” he says quietly.

Harry smiles back at him and grabs Zayn's hand, holding it the rest of the drive. They're soon pulling up to the club and Louis is surprised to see how long the line outside is.

“Wow, that’s a lot of people,” he comments.

“Don’t worry about the line babe.”

The valet takes Harry's car and he has to admit it feels pretty good to walk straight into the club. Zayn grabs Louis' hand as they make their way through the mass of dancing bodies, not wanting to lose the precious omega before they got to VIP. He would get eaten alive in this crowd.

“Thanks Jarvis,” Harry said as a brawn man unclipped the velvet rope for them. “I see Liam, come on.”

“Do you know Liam?” Louis asked Zayn.

“Met him last night. Gorgeous too.”

“Did you bring me here to hook me up with him?”

“I don’t know… maybe?”

“I hate you.”

“Heyyyyyy! Hazz my man!”

The greeting came from what Louis could call a beast of an alpha. There were muscles. Pretty muscles. Muscles Louis wanted to touch. Then there was his height. He was north of six feet, at least eight inches taller than Louis. And his face. Holy fuck his face. Louis was suddenly excited to meet him. He wanted to get to know this work of art and he was mentally thanking Zayn.

“What's up Li? You remember Zayn, right?”

“How could I forget such a pretty face?” Liam said as he smacked a kiss on Zayn's cheek. He was clearly drunk.

“And this is Louis.”

Liam looked Louis up and down and laughed, actually laughed.

“Are you wearing a sweater? Oh wow. Where’d you guys find this one? Church?”

Louis' cheeks turned red for the second time that night, but this time it was of sheer embarrassment.

“Be nice. He's the omega friend I told you about.”

“You're an omega and you came dressed like that to a club?”


“Got an arse on ya though.” Liam gave Louis' ass a hard smack leaving Louis appalled… and turned on, but appalled no less. “Tasty little treat I'd say.”

“Take it easy man,” Harry said.

Liam shrugged and finished off his beer before carelessly dropping it on an expensive looking glass table.

“Well, you guys have fun. Hope this isn't the last time I see that arse,” he said with a wink before walking off.

“Sorry about that Lou. He's kind of forward.”

“Yeah, um, it's fine. I just… I'm going to go to the bathroom.”

“It's straight ahead.”

Louis zigzagged through the crowd and walked into the nicest bathroom he had ever seen. He didn’t have any time to really marvel though because of how uncomfortably tight his jeans suddenly were.

Why though? Liam was a sleaze. He degraded Louis within seconds of meeting him and touched him without any permission.

He was an asshole. Louis hated him. He wanted to punch his chiseled chest with his tiny fists and scream at him. Then again, he wanted to run his hands down his chest and scream as he pounded into him with what was sure to be a massive cock. He felt dirty yet exhilarated.

He hated Liam Payne, but good god did he want him.