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I kissed a boy (maybe two)

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Ryuu has been lamenting the lack of ‘juicy talk’ for at least half a day now, and even Yumoto – usually uninterested in what he consideres ‘boring talk for the grown-ups’ – is starting to pick up that perhaps it isn’t so boring, after all. He does express his raising interest by stating that he loves juice, which sounds horrifyingly like a double meaning placed in the context of Ryuu’s unstoppable innuendos, so Io takes charge of the situation and declares that fine, they’ll have some quality gossip time, but Ryuu can only ask one question each.

Ryuu ends up quite disappointed. 

Between the questions he knows the answers to first hand (and Io hardly ever blushes anyway), the general lack of enthusiasm coming from En, and Atsushi’s boring, polite honesty, there’s isn’t anything that juicy. Yumoto doesn’t count, being so young, and if he did have something to talk about, well, that’s one gossip Ryuu would gladly skip over.

« Uhm, Ryuu. » Atsushi asks him quietly, while the others have already taken up their usual spots in the sauna « Can I ask you something about kissing? »

« Of course! You know I am an expert. » Ryuu cheers up immediately.

« Does it count as one kiss if there are, uhm, more people involved? Or is it two kisses? »

«  What. » Ryuu bursts into laughter « Like, kissing two people at the same time? I have no idea, but don't worry, I doubt you’ll ever come across such a problem. »

For a moment, Atsushi gets lost in the memory of the last time they went stargazing. It isn't an activity they often undertake all together, dragging En-chan out of his bed after dawn is more like an epic quest. But Atsushi used his best puppy eyes, plus, stargazing is one of the few things that makes Kin-chan really excited and not even En can resist his flushed cheeks and sparkling eyes. Atsushi’s face is still sore from smiling too much, and he’s pretty sure there’s a permanent shape in the grass that looks like the three of them cuddling close, because they stayed there for hours.

That time, he must have made an especially cute face at some point, because both his boyfriends leaned down to kiss him at the same time. It did not work out particularly well, and yet, that did not stop them from bursting into laughter and trying again and again.

Atsushi grins to himself.

He is not quite sure how to call that one kiss yet, but he has no doubt there will be many more to follow.