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What we do in the shadows

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Normally Zhao Yunlan is able to sleep through an earthquake, especially after a week from hell like the last one, so the first thing he thinks after startling awake to a dark bedroom is that something has to be wrong. A glance reassures him that Shen Wei is still sleeping soundly beside him. Inhaling deeply, he starts to lean back into the pillows, when he notices his  full bladder screaming for attention, apparently the reason for his waking. With a soft groan, Zhao Yunlan turns and gets out of bed, careful not to shift the mattress and rouse Shen Wei after all. 

He doesn't turn on the light in the living room, feeling his way in the dark towards the bathroom. After washing his hands, he silently closes the bathroom door behind him and makes to walk the same way back, when his toe collides with something hard, almost making him trip. Cursing and rubbing his toe on the other calf, he fumbles for the lightswitch to see what obstacle Da Qing has left in the way, when the dim living room lights turn on - revealing a figure sitting on the sofa, not an arm's length away, staring at him. The sight startles him so badly that he recoils, stubbed toe forgotten, only barely catching himself on the wall. He doesn’t scream, but it’s a close thing.

The figure - white bathrobe, silver hair and an icy stare - looks unimpressed, not moving an inch, watching him in silence.

“Ye Zun,” he wheezes, his heart still beating violently and his breathing panting, “what on earth are you doing here, fucks sake, turn on a light.”

The other doesn’t answer, only keeps staring, unblinking and intense. Zhao Yunlan has to suppress a shiver, then deliberately straightens. “You should go to sleep,” he declares, but before he can add anything, Ye Zun looks away and shakes his head slightly.

“Can’t,” he mumbles, and Zhao Yunlan feels a wave of strange exasperated fondness.

“Hey,” he tries for a soft tone, “if you have nightmares, I can-” He breaks off at the other’s menacing stare, closing his mouth so fast he almost bites his tongue.

“No,” Ye Zun says with emphasis, and Zhao Yunlan nods meekly. 

“Okay then. But you still have to go to bed some time, you know.” 

“Yeah, but…” Ye Zun clears his throat, not looking at Zhao Yunlan. “Not right now.”

Zhao Yunlan opens his mouth to voice a protest, he knows Shen Wei wouldn’t want his little brother to brood in the darkness alone, when the pillow on Ye Zun’s lap suddenly moves. Raising his head, Da Qing says sleepily, “Can you go away now, I want to sleep,” and turns to snuggle back into the other’s lap.

Zhao Yunlan is stunned for a second, then bites his bottom lip hard to suppress the gale of laughter that threatens to burst from him at the sight. Ye Zun turns to glare at him, but doesn’t say anything. With a barely suppressed giggle, Zhao Yunlan turns towards the bedroom, nodding to the two on the sofa, his face in a wide grin.