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He had to

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Yun Lan had been laying in the infirmary bed for three days. Somehow the team had managed to separate him from the Guardian Lantern. He hadn’t been able to move a muscle since. It was as though his muscles had frozen in place.

Everyday someone would come to him and help him lift a hand, bend a leg, return feeling to his body. Overall it had been a pointless endeavour.

He drifted in and out of sleep and the only reason he actually knew how long it had been was because Xiao Guo had told him, trying his best to make him talk.

He didn’t want to talk. He didn’t want to get up.

He was supposed to wait for Shen Wei in the lantern. Wait until he was back on Earth so that Yun Lan could follow.

Even if he could talk what would he say. Thanks for ruining the only chance I had with the man I love. Actually that might be exactly what he would say after giving them an earful about how messing with the Holy Objects was dangerous.

But all he could think about was Shen Wei. His rare smile, the way his house would smell when he cooked, his expression when he got angry. The gentle strength he had that Yun Lan could only hope to aspire to.

Coming out of the lamp meant he had lost any chance he had of seeing that again.

But the team wouldn’t have messed with the Hallows if they had any other choice. So he had to get up.

Even if he didn’t want to he had been trying for days to get up but it was pointless.

Xiao Guo came in today for physical therapy. Another day of pointlessly moving his body. But he wouldn’t give up. Not on his team and not on Shen Wei. He’ll find another way. He had to.