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No Paths Are Bound

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Is this a fan translation of Tiān Guān Cì Fú?

No. This is not a fan translation, and this should not be considered canon to TGCF. This story re-tells the events of TGCF with elements of canon divergence, and should be treated as a canon AU


Can I read this story without having read the novels?

That is not recommended. This story covers most of the canon timeline, but it does so in a different order. We pick up from Book Four, and use a linear timeline rather than the novel's flashback system. If you begin this story without having read the novels, you will spoil yourself for most of book four. Also, while most of the fic still uses exposition and explains lore, there are some canon events that are not explained in the story, presuming that you have already read the novels. This will lead to confusion. Furthermore, this story expands heavily on canon lore and inserts new characters, and if you have not read the books, the canon and non canon elements will confuse you.


Can I read this story without reading Mó Dào Zǔ Shī?

Yes. There are no spoilers from Mó Dào Zǔ Shī in this story. That being said, it does include quite a bit of lore from MDZS. However, you do not have to read MDZS to understand this lore, it will be explained within this story. There are also allusions to SVSSS, but beyond understanding the basic premise of that series, you do not need to know anything else. 


Can I print/book bind this story?

Yes. You may print or book bind a copy to have at home, but it may not be used for commercial profit.


Can I translate this story?

If it is credited and I have given you permission, then yes.


Can I create fan content inspired by this story, and if so, can I have it included in the fic?

Yes. I am extremely flattered whenever anyone makes additional content from my writing, and as long as I am credited I do not mind. This includes any form of creative content. If you write a fic inspired by this one and would like it to be listed as a related work, as long as it's clearly derived from this story, it will be approved! I also allow inclusion of my original characters in fan art and stories, as long as it's credited. I also try to link as much fan art inspired by this story within the fic as I can, but I only do so if I have your written permission as the artist. I have had people express that they would like to share fanart from this story but do not have a twitter. If you prefer another platform but would still like to have your artwork included, feel free to leave a link in the comments, or reach out to me at, and I am happy to work with you! It's always an honor to know my writing inspired someone else's creativity, and I'm always happy to celebrate other creators when possible!


Are all of the relationships tagged prevalent in the story?

Hualian is the central couple of this story. However, a significant amount of time is spent focusing and expanding on other characters and relationships. Beefleaf and PeiShui get a lot of screen time once we move into content from Book One onward. FengQing is also prevalent throughout the story. LingHuang does not become relevant until later, but all of these side couples play serious roles within the story, they have their own arcs and individual scenes, and they are not only mentioned briefly, hence why those relationships are tagged.


Should I be concerned about the sexual assault related tags?

This story heavily discusses themes of grooming, child abuse, and sexual assault. There are scenes that depict sexual assault. However, these scenes are always warned for ahead of time within the beginning notes of each chapter, and you do not need to read them to understand the story. If I ever fail to tag something appropriately, please tell me in the comments and I will adjust. It's important to me to make this story as accessible as possible for anyone who wants to take the time to read it! Furthermore, neither Xie Lian nor Hua Cheng are sexually assaulted in this story, nor do they experience Childhood Sexual Abuse, these events are experienced by other characters within the story.




TABLE OF CONTENTS (Will be updated as the Story Continues)

(Offset count by 1 for informational chapter)


Book Four Content: Chapters 1 - 13


The 800 Year Gap: Chapters 14 - 39


Book One Content: Chapters 40 - 62


Book Two Content: Chapters 63 - 65


Book Three Content: Chapters 66 - Current





(Offset count by 1 for informational chapter)

This story has a lot of playlists associated with it that you can listen to while you read if you want! 


First is the official No Paths Are Bound Playlist, which has tracks that correspond to every chapter of the fic, and updates as the story does.

Here's the tracklist, and it's corresponding chapters:

Ch. 1: King, You Found Me

Ch. 2: Through the Eyes of a Child, Ugly, This is How You Fall in Love, July

Ch. 3: Sorrow, Now Comes the Night, Swallowed By the Sea, Saturn, Leaves from the Vine

Ch. 4: Remember Me, It's Quiet Uptown, Dancing With Your Ghost, Echo

Ch. 5: My Mistake, Bad Friend

Ch. 6: Haunted, Gravity

Ch. 7: The Devil Within, Become the Beast, O Death, My Love Will Never Die

Ch. 8: The Archer, Appointments

Ch. 9How Villains Are Made, Paint it Black, If I Killed Someone for You

Ch. 10Glass Heart Hymn, Control

Ch. 11: The Times, They are a-Changin',  Order 66 Theme

Ch. 12: Heavenly Father, Landslide, Stop Crying Your Heart out, Epiphany, Evermore

Ch. 13: Cover My Eyes, Best of Me, Found/Tonight, Wait for Me (Reprise)

Ch. 14: Eye of the Needle, Bloody Tears (epic version), Don't Get in My Way, Trials

Ch. 15: Maps, Wolves

Ch. 16: Hunt You Down, The Waltz of the Bone King, The Devil's Whisper

Ch. 17: Bad Dreams, Jenny of Old Stones 

Ch. 18: Holy, Tolerate It, The Last Butterfly

Ch. 19: True North

Ch. 20: Smoke Signals

Ch. 21: Bad Moon Rising

Ch. 22: New Years Day

Ch. 23: All Too Well (10 Minute Version)

Ch. 24: Blood On My Name

Ch. 25: Comes and Goes (in waves)

Ch. 26: Dear Friend Across the River

Ch. 27: Come Away to the Water

Ch. 28: Let You Down, Survivor

Ch. 29: Dark in My Imagination, Iron

Ch. 30: Graveyard

Ch. 31: A Sky Full of Song

Ch. 32: For What it's Worth

Ch. 33: The Chain, Look Who's Inside Again

Ch. 34: Wanderer's Lullaby, Stories

Ch. 35: I'm Trying (Not Friends)

Ch. 36: Ba Sing Se

Ch. 37: Wu Ji

Ch. 38: Shang-Chi Main Theme, Blackest Crow

Ch. 39: Something I Need, Thus Always to Tyrants

Ch. 40: Immortal

Ch. 41: Yi Hua Yi Jian, Fall on Me

Ch. 42: Crazier Things

Ch. 43Ghost

Ch. 44: Death Wish

Ch. 45: When You Were Young, Hold Me While You Wait

Ch. 46: Sociopath

Ch. 47: I Hope You're Happy

Ch. 48: 1000 Times

Ch. 49: Falling

Ch. 50: All That You Are

Ch. 51: The Hills

Ch. 52: She Used to be Mine, The Night We Met

Ch. 53: Chaos is a Ladder

Ch. 54: The Wondersmith and his Sons, The Home We Made

Ch. 55: The Devil is a Gentleman

Ch. 56: The Beast

Ch. 57: Flames

Ch. 58: Nothing is as it Seems

Ch. 59: Runaway

Ch. 60: Who Are You

Ch. 61: Body Bag, Wasteland, Baby!

Ch. 62: Happier than Ever - Edit, Let Me Go

Ch. 63: Good Girl Winnie Foster

Ch. 64: Run, Perfect - Stripped

Ch. 65: Greek Tragedy, Mercury

Ch. 66: Autumn

Ch. 67: Epic III, Fairytales

Ch. 68: Yellow, Infinity, Through Heaven's Eyes

Ch. 69: I Scared All My Friends Away, When the Party's Over, 85%

Ch. 70: Tear in My Heart

Ch. 71: Animal

Ch. 72:   Afterglow, Heavenly, Turn out the Lights

Ch. 73: To the Gallows

Ch. 74: Wonder

Ch. 75:   Strawberry Blonde, Burn Butcher Burn

Ch. 76: Suspiria

Ch. 77: No Time to Die

Ch. 78:   For the First Time in Forever (reprise)

Ch. 79: Swan Lake - Epic Trailer Version

Ch. 80: Never Let Me Go

Ch. 81: Enemy, Ready As I'll Ever Be, Double Crossed 

Ch. 82: I Was Wrong

Ch. 83: The Confrontation, The Last Agni Kai, Dear Theodosia 

Ch. 84:   Surface Pressure, Older than I Am, Adelaide

Ch. 85: Drown, Casualty, Trauma, Waste This, Monster, Illicit Affairs, Favorite Crime

Ch. 86: The Successor, Xion, Goodbye, What Could Have Been, Requiem, Dear Theodosia (reprise)

Ch. 87: Hear Me Roar, Light of the Seven, Losing Your Memory, If I Die Young, Arms Tonite

Ch. 88: Meet Me In the Woods, High

Ch. 89: Better Man, Hold My Girl, [ Wen Qing ] Woodland

Ch. 90: The Mask

Ch. 91: Angels (Acoustic), i wanna be your girlfriend

Ch. 92: The Kids Aren't Alright, Ways to Go, Lotta True Crime 

Ch. 93: Bastards, Dear John, I Think I'm OKAY




Then, there are playlists that correspond to specific arcs within the story:


Then, there are playlists for relationships within the story.

Finally, there are playlists for characters within the story.