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My Dracula

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Soft candlelight welcomes Lucy as she enters hers and Garcia’s darkened room.


His hand gently takes hold of her elbow, as he kisses her bare shoulder. He wraps his arms around her waist, kissing the back of her neck.

“I’ve been thinking about you, Lucy…” he growls in her ear.

He moves one hand down the front of her burgundy dress, so that his fingertips stroke her just above her inner thigh. His other hand moves to her breast, cupping it, squeezing it, and tenderly pinching her nipple.

Lucy leans against him, feeling his chest hair against her exposed back.

He slides his hand to her other breast as he nibbles on her ear.

She feels drugged, under his spell.

Dizzy and light-headed.

She reaches behind her and places her hands on his outer thighs.

Her heart races when she feels that he’s standing behind her, naked.

She slowly runs her fingertips against his skin.

He groans into her ear, turns her around, and pulls her hard against his body.

He growls.

She looks up at him.

His eyes are as dark as night.

His lips part and she squints in the darkness, trying to see what he’s hidden from her for so long.

Her attempt is futile as he guides her towards their bed, his hand firmly on her lower back, making sure that she doesn’t lose her footing.

She touches his chest, all his scars, and the fresh marks beneath his breast where she scratched him with her fingernails last night. She lowers her head and takes his nipple into her mouth, sucking on it, twirling her tongue around it until a low rumble vibrates in his throat.

She slips off her high heel shoes, closes her eyes, and lowers her hand to cup his penis. It’s soft, but after what happened, that’s not unusual, and it doesn’t prevent him from feeling pleasure. His dick is limp in the palm of her hand as she strokes it, giving extra attention to the underside. She lowers herself onto the edge of the bed, and lifts him to her mouth, wrapping his tip with her red lips.

He holds onto her head with both hands, groaning as she stimulates him.

“I want to fuck you, draga…” he groans, reaching down to touch her face. She releases his cock from her mouth and looks up at him. He helps her back to her feet; his grip is hard on her arm. “I want to kiss every inch of…” He bends, kissing her bare shoulder, “… your body… stimulate you so you’re begging me to stop because of the pain, and then fuck you over and over again…”

The throbbing between her legs is unbearable as he places his hand on her lower back, guiding her to lay in their bed.

Her head sinks into his pillow, and she holds onto the back of his head as he lowers his face into her cleavage. “Garcia…” she’s breathless. She meant to come get him, to convince him to attend the bunker Halloween party. She had every intention to drag him out to the common room and make him interact with the rest of the team – even if he wasn’t in costume. But this, what he’s doing to her now, is preferable. She moans his name again as she arches her back against the mattress.

He holds her neck firmly in one hand as he trails the tip of his tongue against the long muscle of her neck. He inhales her, she smells of warm cinnamon. He exhales, opening his mouth to devour her neck, gently sucking her skin with his lips.

He growls, hating himself for what he craves.


Lucy holds her breath; her heart pounding.

Her body tenses; momentarily afraid of what could happen.

He inhales sharply, turns his head, and quickly redirects his mouth to her shoulder. He hooks his thumb underneath the thin rhinestone strap of her dark burgundy dress. He kisses her collarbone.

She exhales.


She trusts him.

He would never bite her without her permission.

His secret is safe with her.

“Look at me, Garcia…” she murmurs. “Let me see you…” She strokes the soft hairs at the base of his neck.

He refuses to look up at her. He doesn’t want her to see him as the monster he’s become, so he conceals it from her when it emerges.

He lowers the front of her dress to expose her breasts. He licks her nipple, flicking it hard with his tongue, “Tell me what you want me to do with my hands,” he mumbles.

Lucy writhes beneath him, wanting only for him to devour her. “Garcia…” She moves to spread her legs as much as she can despite still being in her dress.

He looks at her.

She doesn’t need to say what she wants out loud.

He can hear her thoughts.

He hums in response to her unspoken request, and obeys.

His hand moves without urgency from her shoulder, across her breast, and down the satin fabric of her dress. He gathers her dress in his hand at her thigh, inching it upward so he can easily access her. He groans as she runs her fingers through his hair, cupping his ear, and pulling him towards her mouth. He groans as she kisses his jaw.

All of his senses are intensified.

The soft glow of the candles in the room have become blinding, so he nuzzles his face into her neck. He can hear the pounding of her heart in her chest, and the flow of blood rushing through her veins. He cries out as her hand moves down his chest, the pleasure is almost unbearable. He inhales her, smelling her arousal for him which sends waves of pleasure to his core. His heightened senses are one of the few bonuses he enjoys since being sired by the vampire, Vlad Țepeș, himself.

He’s filled with undying sexual desire, which only heightens his bloodlust.

A craving he refuses to indulge.

He wets his lips and tilts his head back as his fangs elongate – a sensation that can only be described as obscene and arousing. He breathes heavily and the words rumble from the depth of his throat, “I need you, Lucy…”

He carefully nibbles her earlobe with his lips.

He doesn’t want to hurt her.

He kisses her neck, groping her inner thigh, and squeezing her so she cries out – not in pain, but in anticipation of his touch. He lowers his face and kisses between her breasts.

He inhales.

She’s intoxicating.


Lucy gasps when his fingers slide between her legs, gently spreading her. He strokes her, wetting his fingers before slowly inserting them inside her.

She bites her bottom lip.

Closes her eyes.


Relaxing as his fingers press firmly against her as he strokes her silken walls.

She feels forbidden to him when he fucks her slowly.

He’s a monster now.

A thing that should never be this close to Lucy.


But he touches her anyway.

Relishing every inch of her body.

Every moan that escapes her mouth.

He lives with the fear that one day everything they have built together will be taken away.

What happens to them if anyone finds out his secret?

Will he be killed?

Will Lucy lose him forever?

He doesn’t know, but that fear lingers in the back of his mind every day.

He looks into her eyes and watches as she wets her fingertips with her saliva. He holds his breath as she reaches between his legs and gently strokes his soft penis, cupping him, slowly moving her hand to stimulate him.

He closes his eyes, circling her clit with his fingers as she gives extra attention to his balls.

They made love many times before he changed.

And in some ways – fangs excluded – it has been fun relearning how to pleasure each other.

Before, he rarely had any issues getting and keeping an erection, but now that he’s undead, he has no blood flow, and having an erection is impossible. After their first few times trying to make love after returning from Romania, he lied to her, saying that he was no longer interested in sex, and that he would be content giving all sexual pleasure to her, expecting nothing in return.

They fought about this – in a way that a couple keeping their relationship a secret from everybody else fights: quietly, in the middle of the night when everyone else in the bunker was fast asleep.

Then one night, Lucy came to him while he was laying in bed. She laid next to him, and slid her hand down the front of his pants, and started fondling his dick. He tried to stop her, saying that her efforts wouldn’t have any effect on him. But she refused to stop, and told him to relax and to trust her. Within minutes, he felt intense pleasure – more than he ever felt when he was alive – and she continued to handle him gently. Even lowering her mouth to him. Kissing his limp cock, and running her tongue up and down his frenulum. Sucking on his balls, then moving back up to circle her tongue around the head of his penis.

The resulting orgasm was the most intense he had ever experienced. He cried, tears streaming down his face, as he ejaculated into the palm of her hand, thanking her for what she had done.

Ever since then, every sexual encounter between them has been intense.

When aroused, he becomes more alluring to her.

He becomes more powerful.

More… dangerous.

He can read her mind.

He can feel everything she experiences.

And he can penetrate her mind so that she feels the pleasures she bestows upon him.

It’s not just their sex life that has intensified.

Everything has become… stimulating.

Her back will be to him when he walks into a room, and she’ll feel aroused just because he looks at her with sexual intent. He touches her even in the most innocent way, and her heart aches for him, longing to be with him even though he’s at her side. When they sneak out of the bunker late at night to go on their nightly walks, he holds her hand, and they fall even more in love with each other.

They can never have enough of one another.

He removes his fingers from inside her as he feels she’s on the verge of climaxing.

Lucy breathes deep as he cups her face in his hand and kisses her.

“There are darknesses in life, and there are lights,” he whispers to her, quoting Bram Stoker, “And you are one of the lights, the light of all lights…” He kisses her again, being careful not to open his mouth to her since his fangs have become prominent.

Lucy runs the tip of her finger along the underside of his dick, then applies a slightly firmer hold on him as she rocks her hand against him.

“Draga…” his voice quivers. “Lucy…”

He moves his hand back between her legs, and draws small circles with his finger directly on her clit.

Her body trembles, and she spreads her legs wanting more.

And he kisses her more deeply, more passionately.

She’s careful as she runs her tongue across his teeth, searching... And it’s exhilarating when she feels the sharp tip of his fangs. She knows he’s ashamed of what he has become, but she loves him regardless, and wants for him to allow her to love him even when he emerges as a vampire.

He exhales.


He feels her arousal and excitement as her tongue explores his fangs. It stimulates him, having his fangs touched, but it also terrifies him that he could accidentally puncture her.

When he’s not sexually aroused, he can control when they emerge. But with the way her hand moves, bringing him closer to the edge… sexual arousal goes hand-in-hand with his desire to drink blood.

She moans into his mouth and closes her eyes, enjoying his gentle touch between her legs.

He stops his direct stimulation of her clit, and places two fingers on either side of it, stroking her.

He wishes that he could still penetrate her. He misses the way her walls would crush his hardened cock, squeezing him as he continued to move inside her. But now they resort to other methods of penetration, and he’s learned that Lucy prefers his fingers.

Then his tongue.

They tried using a strap-on once, but neither one of them could stop laughing at the vision of him wearing it, so they discreetly discarded it with the garbage the next day.

A regular vibrator works just fine for the way they enjoy making love.

He lifts his face away from her, and looks down into her eyes.

“I love you, Lucy…”

She smiles.

Then she removes her hand from his penis, and runs her hand through his hair.

He kisses her.

Their tongues intertwine, their lust for each other building.

He opens his mouth wide to deepen their kiss.

Lucy flinches, and draws her hand to her lips.

It’s bleeding.

Garcia closes his eyes; fuck.

He smells her.

A growl rises from his throat.

He smells her blood.

He tastes her, and it rushes through his body, making him feel like he’s on the edge of orgasm.

It takes all his self-control not to press his lips against hers again, to stop himself from tasting her because he knows if he does, his ability to keep himself under control will be lost.


He doesn’t want to hurt her.

“Kiss me, Garcia…” Lucy tells him, running her hand through his hair. “I trust you.”

He shakes his head, refocusing his attention to her centre. He inserts his fingers, curling them to press on her sweet spot.

She bites her bottom lip, arches her back, and grinds her hips slowly against him. She looks at him intently, wanting him to look at her too. “Garcia… please… look at me…”

She’s on the verge of crying, but he still refuses her request.

He presses hard on her G-spot, then pulsates his fingers against it – harder and harder. He feels her walls flutter, and he removes his fingers, and returns attention to her clit. She whines, reaching behind her to grasp onto his pillow.

“Garcia…” she cries.

He rubs his stubble against her breast, prickling her erect nipples.

Then he plunges his fingers inside her again, pressing the palm of his hand against her swollen clit. He applies gentle, exquisite pressure against it, fucking her gently with his hand.

Lucy tilts her head back; her body shudders at his touch. “Moj Drakula…” she hums, pulling gently at his hair. She moans loudly, responding to the way he’s stroking her G-spot.

A smile forms on Garcia’s face when she calls him ‘my Dracula’ in his mother tongue.

Garcia feels small contractions around his fingers. He stops applying pressure and enjoys the way her walls quiver around him. He removes his palm from her clit as her body tenses. He kisses her cheek. “Relax, draga…” He kisses her again, wiping a tear from her face. “I don’t want you to come just yet…”

She arches her back, searching for his touch.

His eyes fall on her neck as she tilts her head back into his pillow.

He hears her heart pounding, her blood flowing, and can still smell the blood on her lip.

There’s a deep ache in his cock that only pounding into her could bring to an end.

But he can’t get hard.

He needs…

His eyes fall on her neck.

He needs blood to flow through him, to reach his penis so that he can get an erection.

“I love you, Garcia…” she whispers, her thumb caressing his jaw. She uses her fingertips to lift his face so he is looking at her. “I love you despite what you’ve become.”

He keeps his mouth closed, feeling his fangs against the inside of his lips.

He’s never let her see them, always concealing them from her when they appear.

Lucy lowers her hand and caresses his bottom lip with her thumb.

“Let me see them,” she purrs.

He shakes his head, “I can’t let you see me as a monster.” He lowers his head, ashamed of who he is.

She hates that with a shake of his head, he has dismissed the one thing Lucy wants to learn to love about him most of all – that which he hates most in himself: who and what he has become.

He’s her lover.

Her best friend.

He’s a man worthy of living a life filled with love and happiness.

He has sacrificed everything for this war with Rittenhouse.

Given his life to save her own.

Lucy closes her eyes as he tenderly massages her clit in slow, tantalizing circles.

She exhales, relaxing into his touch.

But she can’t stop herself from thinking about how this happened to him. How he died, and became one of the undead. How it all happened last month when Rittenhouse took the Mothership to 1475, Romania.


The Bran Castle.

Castelul Bran… Dracula’s Castle.

Vampires weren’t supposed to be real.

They were only supposed to haunt us within our own dark imaginations.

Rittenhouse sent Emma Whitmore there to release Vlad the Impaler – Dracula – from his prison, bringing with her his weapons, and his army. All Hell broke loose inside that castle. Rufus left not an hour before to be with the Lifeboat in case they came running. Garcia kept one arm behind him, feeling that she was still beside him, as he used a medieval sword to fight Dracula’s soldiers. Wyatt shot at them with his modern-day handgun, throwing punches whenever one got too close.

The battle got worse, and Lucy had to throw punches of her own to protect herself and Garcia.

Garcia fought, backing her towards a wooden door that led inside the castle’s tower. He turned, opened the door, kissed her, and pushed her inside the door, slamming it behind her. If it hadn’t been for the fighting outside, she would’ve been surrounded by silence.

She looked up the spiral staircase, and thought if she went up to the top of the tower that she might see if more soldiers were coming, and if Rufus was still heading towards the forest where he landed the time machine. She picked up the front of her dress and ran up the stairs to the room at the top.

He was there.


Vlad the Impaler.

It was terrifying not having control over herself.

To unwillingly relinquish her own freewill to a man so dangerous.

He came to her, and caressed her face, and spoke tenderly to her in a tongue she didn’t understand, but it didn’t matter. She had become intoxicated by him. Aroused. She was terrified when he opened his mouth and she saw his fangs grow before her eyes.

He pressed the palm of his hand against her neck and pushed her head backward.

She wanted to push him away. To punch him. Kick him. Scream for help. But she was under his spell. He held onto her shoulders firmly as he lowered his face to her neck, and she was powerless to stop him.

Garcia burst into the room, firing six bullets into Dracula, effective in preventing him from biting into her. But the six bullets did nothing, and soon Garcia found himself in a fight to the death with Dracula.

Lucy watched in horror as Dracula threw Garcia across the room with inhuman strength. He pursued Garcia as if he were his prey. Picking him up by his neck with one hand, lifting his feet from the ground.

She tripped over her dress as she struggled to run to Garcia, to save him. But she was too late. Dracula held onto Garcia by the neck and bit into him as hard as he could.

Lucy couldn’t move.

She never wants to hear the sound that came from Garcia’s mouth again as Dracula drained him of his life. But Dracula didn’t kill him; not yet. He did much worse. He grabbed onto the back of Garcia’s head and pressed his mouth against him, where one of Garcia’s previous blows had broken Dracula’s skin.

She stood, paralyzed. Praying that the lore around Dracula and vampires was false. That drinking the blood of a vampire wouldn’t and couldn’t change him.

Garcia was dropped lifelessly to the ground as Dracula jumped from the tower window.

Lucy didn’t care to see if he lived or died.

She only cared about Garcia.

She fell to her knees beside him, and pulled his lifeless body into her lap.

Her cries echoed off the stone walls surrounding them.

She ran her hands over the blood on his neck. She ran them over his face, and his head, trying to will him back to life. She ignored calls from Wyatt as he shouted for her and Garcia to make their location known.

Garcia was dead.

He had no heartbeat.

He had no breath.

She stayed there with him in that tower all night as his body turned cold.

And yet, when she woke the next morning, he was holding her in his arms, keeping her warm in the tower of that castle. She thought it had all been a dream. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, but she cowered away when she felt he had no heartbeat, and that his skin was stone-cold.

He was undead.

A vampire.

Their lives and their relationship were forever changed.

Lucy feels tears sting her eyes as she remembers the heartbreak she felt when she realized what had happened to him. He offered to stay in 1475, to not come back with her to the present day. But even though he had become undead, she couldn’t stand the thought of life without him.

She trembles, feeling Garcia’s hand caressing her shoulder.



“There’s no use in thinking back to what happened on that mission,” he says. “And even if you did go back, there’s risk in being there at the same time as your other self. I wouldn’t be able to go with you, and I don’t trust Wyatt to keep you safe.”

“I know.”

She looks into his eyes. She pulls his mouth to hers and kisses him, teasing his lips with her tongue, but he refuses to open his mouth to her. She sighs. “I wish you would let me see them.”

“I’m not proud of what I’ve become, Lucy.”

She presses her hands to his chest, and rolls him onto his back. She brings the top of her dress to cover her breasts, and gathers up the skirt of her dress so it’s easier to straddle him. She looks at him. His skin is cold, and pale. She leans down and kisses his forehead. “You need to drink,” she caresses his face. “It’s been three days since we snuck out so you could find something to feed on. Are you sure you can’t grab a little something from the fridge?”

“I have no appetite for food I used to enjoy. I don’t even like drinking from innocent animals.” He sighs. “The only time I have a craving is when…” He reaches up and touches her neck. “I’ve been dangerously close to tasting you, Lucy, and I… don’t want to do that.”

“And I told you before if you need a little to get by, that it’s ok. No one would suspect either because I’ve been wearing turtlenecks since we got back, just in case.”

Garcia eyes her dress. It’s a dark burgundy, in some lighting it almost looks black. It has no turtleneck, nor does it have sleeves. It’s held up by thin rhinestone spaghetti straps. He rests his hand on her hips, circling his thumb over the satin fabric.

“If I drank from you – and I won’t – you’d have to change out of this…” He looks at her questioning, “… Halloween costume?”

“Don’t ask who or what I’m supposed to be. I saw the dress and just had to have it, and we haven’t had any formal functions to attend where I could wear it, so I’m wearing it to Rufus and Jiya’s Halloween party tonight.”

He sits up, wrapping his arms around her. Drawing her into him.

He kisses her collarbone.

Lucy moans, forgetting for a moment they were talking about the Halloween party. The reason why she came to Garcia’s room in the first place – to convince him to attend. She sighs. “I love you, Garcia. Nothing will ever change that. And neither one of us knows what can happen to you if you don’t… drink blood, and I don’t want you getting sick, so…” She tilts her head back and points at her neck.

“I’d rather get back to what we were doing…” He says, placing his hand on her lower back, laying her back down on their bed. He crawls on top of her.

He lowers the strap of her dress again, trailing kisses from her collarbone to her breasts. He turns his head and nuzzles his scruff against her skin, then flicks his tongue against her nipple, and whispers, “you like that, don’t you, Lucy?”

She moans her response as he sucks her nipple between his lips, being mindful not to touch her skin with his teeth. His other hand slides between her legs again. He buries his fingers into her folds, and circles her clit. She moves her hips to grind against him, wanting and needing him.

“You’re so wet, draga…”


His tongue continues to play at her nipple. He draws his mouth away from her, then gathers her other breast in his hand and gives it the same attention.

She places her hand on top of his between her legs, and helps him stimulate her. Pressing down on his hand for more pressure. She spreads her legs for him and lets his hand go, now reaching lower to touch him. It breaks her heart that he can no longer get erect for her, but it doesn’t matter. He has assured her that he still feels pleasure – even more intense than before he changed. And she’s learned how to get him off, and she enjoys stroking and fondling his soft penis.

She won’t say it aloud, even though she knows he can hear her every thought, but she misses feeling his hard cock pound deep inside of her. She takes a deep breath as she circles her thumb on his tip, wetting it with his precum.

His body shudders, and he buries his face into her neck and groans loudly. “Predivno je…” he murmurs. “Your touch is exquisite, draga…”

He curls his middle finger gently on her clit, and Lucy cries out. Her hips buck against him as he shifts his position above her so he can plant small kisses on the delicate skin beneath her breast.

Lucy moves her hand to stroke his ass, and his muscles ripple against the palm of her hand with every move he makes.

“Garcia… I… I’m close…” She pants, closing her eyes.

She relaxes and breathes deeply, anticipating him pushing her over the edge.

Garcia removes his hand from between her legs.

And she cries out in frustration.

He winks at her, of course, flashing a wicked smile.

He kisses her forehead as he takes her hand in his. Stroking the palm of her hand with his thumb as he kisses her knuckles. He rolls off of her, settling next to her in the bed.

Lucy is panting as she watches him give all his erotic attention to her hand.

It’s moments like this where she truly believes there’s a Devil in him. She smiles weakly, and says adoringly, “You’re a bastard, you know that, right?”

He smirks, knowing that later he fully intends to bring her walls crashing down. He looks into her eyes and says nothing as he takes her finger into his mouth.

She gasps as she feels the sharp tip of his fang, but it doesn’t draw blood. Her eyes roll back, she’s throbbing between her legs, and all she wants is to come, and he’s doing nothing to get her there. All he’s doing is sucking on her goddamn finger.

She watches him, and her heart aches. One day she will die, and he will be alone. He’ll lose her just as he lost everyone he’s ever loved. And there is one way to prevent that, but she knows that he doesn’t want to do it. He doesn’t want to end her life and make her a vampire. He loves her too much to damn her to eternal life, and she understands that.

He stops.

He hates that he can hear her thoughts.

They say nothing.

Time stops as they stare into each other’s eyes.


He knows that one day he will lose her.

That he’ll live on forever without her.

She’ll offer her life to him so they can be together forever, but he won’t take it.

He can’t.

He loves her too much.

He blinks, and the spell is broken.

Lucy closes her eyes and inhales.

She sits up and pulls the strap of her dress back onto her shoulder.

Garcia watches as she goes to a mirror he installed on the wall above their desk.

When she first came into the room, her hair had been put up neatly in a chignon. But now, her hair has come undone. It falls over her shoulders, and she uses her fingers to comb through it, trying to restyle it exactly as Jiya had done for her earlier. She looks at Garcia through the mirror’s reflection as she twists her hair, unable to recreate the look.

She turns around and crosses her arms.

“You ruined my hair,” she teases.

Garcia chuckles as he sits up, setting his bare feet on the cold cement floor.

But the cold no longer bothers him.

Nothing does actually.

Not cold. Not heat.

He no longer feels physical pain.

He doesn’t bleed.

He’s been shot on missions and not known it until Lucy brought it to his attention hours after they returned as he undressed for the night.

He goes to her, and rests both hands on her shoulders. He leans down to whisper into her ear, “Turn around.”

She turns and looks at their reflection in the mirror.

He runs his hands through her hair, gently combing out little knots, and smoothing it.

She wonders, as she watches him masterfully restyle her hair, if it hadn’t been for Rittenhouse, would their paths have ever crossed? Of course, he would still have his wife and daughter, and would be unavailable to her as a lover, but still. If Rittenhouse never existed, were they still meant to become friends? She sighs. If Rittenhouse didn’t exist, she would still believe vampires weren’t real. Instead, she’s in love with one, and he’s in love with her.

Looking at him now as he gathers her hair and manipulates it into a chignon at the base of her neck, Lucy knows that she can’t live this life, or any life, without him. She worries about what would happen if anyone found out what he’s become. Would they take him away from her? Would they run tests on him? Or would they drive a stake through his heart and cut off his head?

“If I have to be killed,” he says, having read her mind. “I want it to be you who does it.”

Their eyes meet in the mirror’s reflection.

He leans down and kisses her cheek.

“Before I’d do that, we’d run away together. Go into hiding. Or…” She bites down on her bottom lip, not wanting to say aloud her thought, but he hears it anyway.

“I’m not going to turn you, draga… I’m not going to damn you to eternal life.”

“I know.”

They share a look.

But he knows that one day she will ask to join him, and he’ll have to refuse her no matter how much she cries for them to spend eternity together.

He kisses her shoulder, and smiles, “You’re beautiful.”

“As are you.”

She turns to face him, gently tugging at his shoulder so he lowers himself to her. She kisses his forehead, then rubs her nose against his.

“I know you don’t want to go to the party, but… could you do it for me?” Lucy asks.

“I don’t have a costume.” He looks down at himself, and asks “Should I go naked?”

Lucy smiles, giving him a look. “You could wear one of your suits. I’m thinking that the suit you wore to San Antonio would compliment my dress?”

He scrunches his face. “That fabric was terribly itchy.”

“Or…” She grins, narrowing her eyes. “Do you still have that black mock turtleneck?”

“The one I wore when Wyatt and I raided the New York Rittenhouse headquarters?”

“Mmmhm…” Lucy mumbles, resting her hands on his bare chest, fondling his grey chest hair.

“I have it.” He looks down at her. “And let me guess… you want me to wear the black cargo pants and boots that I wore that day too?”

Lucy nods her head.

“Admit it, Lucy,” he laughs. “You just want to gawk at me all night.”

“It’s not my fault that the mock turtleneck is tight enough to show off your muscularity, or-” She stops herself, but she knows he heard her thought because he’s shaking his head at her, chuckling. “Oh, shut up, Garcia,” she says playfully.

“So, you like how my nipples penetrate the fabric when I’m cold, huh?”

“I thought the cold doesn’t bother you.”

“It doesn’t, but I’m always cold. My nips are always on display,” he chuckles at how ridiculous those words sound coming from his mouth. “Anyway… people are going to ask what we’re dressed as. Got an answer figured out? I know how Rufus and Jiya can be about Halloween. I’m sure they expect us to show up as, I don’t know… Han and Leia?”

Lucy grins, Jiya did suggest that Lucy dress up as Princess Leia, but because no one knows that she and Garcia are a couple, Jiya didn’t suggest Garcia come as Han Solo. She actually suggested that he dress up as the Monster from Frankenstein, or as Buzz Lightyear.

“I was thinking maybe we could say we’re modern-day versions of Bram Stoker’s Mina Harker, and you, my dear…” she pokes her finger on his chest, “will be my Dracula.” He smiles. “Maybe use this party to test the waters. See how they might react to us acting like a couple together?”

“Are you sure you don’t want to say you’re Lucy Westenra?” He asks. “Dracula devoured Lucy, you know? Fucked her, taking her virginity at night in a garden… might be fun to-”

This time Lucy has read his mind, “We can recreate that later…” She wets her lips, and lowers her eyes. “And when we do… I want it as rough as you can make it, Garcia.” She slides her hand down to fondle him. “I don’t want anyone in this bunker to wonder if we’re together or not.” She kisses his shoulder. “And… just… don’t turn into a were-wolf or anything, you know how in the movie Dracula fucked Lucy as a were-wolf…” She plays nervously with his chest hair. “Do you know if you can do that? Turn into a wolf?”

He shrugs his shoulders. “I… can.” He swallows hard, it’s not easy admitting this to her. “It’s happened on our late-night walks, when I leave you to hunt down an animal to drink its blood.”

He looks away from her, ashamed.

“Can you control your animal urges when you transform?” Lucy whispers, stroking him behind his ear.

He nods, but still can’t raise his eyes to meet hers.

“Ljubavi…” Lucy purrs. “I love you for everything that you are.” She kisses his jaw. “I don’t want you to hide from me.” She pauses. “And now that I know… I don’t want you to be afraid of changing in front of me.”

He looks into her eyes. “And if I scare you?”

“You won’t.”

He pulls her against him, and rests his forehead on hers. “What did I ever do to deserve you, draga?” He kisses her, gathering up the fabric of her dress in his fist at her lower back. He moans. “And… if you want to start hinting to the others that we’re together, I agree. It’s been long enough. And if you want me to fuck you so they can hear us, I’ll do it, but… we could just… tell them, you know?”

“But I want to be naughty, and I know that you’ve been holding back on me… I see it in your eyes, and hear it in the way you breathe when we make love… I don’t want you to hold back on me anymore. I want you to give in to your vampiric instincts and fuck me how you’ve wanted to fuck me since we got back from Romania.”

He nods his head, hearing her silently grant him permission to pin her down, spank her, suck hard at her skin, plunge his fingers into her as hard as he can, and use their vibrator to penetrate her deeper than his fingers can reach. To nuzzle his face into her sex and taste her.

She smiles, thinking to herself.

He raises his brow, looking at Lucy with a smile, “I’m glad you enjoy doing that too, draga.” He winks, having heard her thinking about how much she enjoys giving him oral.

He steps away from her, and goes to their bed, reaching underneath it and pulling out a cardboard box. He retrieves his mock turtleneck and black cargo pants.

Lucy watches as he bends over to step into his pants, neglecting to put on his boxer briefs.

“You have such a nice ass,” she says.

He stands tall, turning to face her.

And she has no shame in lowering her eyes to admire him as he looks at her.

She wets her lips, and goes to him.

She runs her hand down his arm, and places it on his hip.

“Every inch of you is mine, Garcia Flynn.”

She rises on her toes and kisses his lips, lingering against them with her mouth closed long enough to elicit a soft moan from deep in his throat.

She steps away from him.


She opens the door, and the awful singing voice of Connor Mason fills the air, “Let’s do the Time Warp again!”

Lucy turns and shares a pained look with Garcia.

Then exits their room.

“I thought being vegan meant that you don’t eat meat,” Wyatt says as he takes a handful of potato chips and puts it into a bowl. He licks his fingers to rid them of the salt before grabbing a handful of cinnamon bears from another bowl.

Lucy watches him with a horrified expression on her face. She decides not to say anything to him, but makes a mental note to tell the others. She responds to his comment instead, “It’s avoiding the consumption of any product, ingestible or not, made from any part of another living being,” Lucy explains.

“And Halloween cookies aren’t vegan?”

“Not the ones Agent Christopher brought from the store.” She smiles at Wyatt. “But the ones Garcia and I made last night, they’re vegan. Made with flaxseed egg.” She smiles and picks up a homemade frosted cookie in the shape of a pumpkin. She eats it.

“Does being vegan ruin your sex life?” he asks. “I mean, what you did to my dick in Hollywood, is that really something a vegan would do? I mean… you did swallow.”

Lucy blinks her eyes. It’s unbelievable what comes out of Wyatt’s mouth sometimes. “Giving oral, and swallowing are consented acts, Wyatt. They’re not forced on the receiver, and aren’t acts of cruelty, so therefore giving head and swallowing semen is ok.” She can’t believe she just explained that to him.

She glances behind her at Garcia.

He’s ousted himself from the group again, and is leaning against the broken pinball machine across the room from everyone else. His arms are stubbornly crossed over his chest as he stands in the shadows.

Wyatt follows her gaze. He rolls his eyes. “I don’t get it,” he says. “Flynn’s looking really pale lately. Is he sick or something?”

She sighs. “Like all of us, he’s stuck in this bunker, and we don’t really get a lot of daylight down here.”

“I haven’t seen him eat anything in weeks either. Only seen him drink some gross looking protein drink every now and then, and poke his fork at the food on his plate.” Wyatt adjusts the cowboy hat on his head. “And he hasn’t had a damn bowl of cereal in ages, and eating that every morning was like a religious ritual to him.”

“I don’t know what to say, Wyatt.”

“He used to eat up all our food, and now… nothing.” Wyatt tilts his head and raises his brow.

“Since when are you worried about Garcia’s well-being?”

“Since you took to calling him Garcia instead of Flynn,” Wyatt answers. “Is there anything you need to tell me about you two?”


“So, who gave you the hickey?” Wyatt eyes her neck, raising his eyebrow.

Lucy quickly covers the side of her neck with her hand, as if that would somehow make Wyatt forget what he saw.

“Look, Luce… I know you’re not messing around with Rufus, and I know you’re not getting busy with Mason, and other than myself, the only other suspect here is Flynn since you and me haven’t been a thing for a couple years, so-”

“A one-night relationship hardly qualifies as us being a thing, Wyatt,” she says with a roll of her eyes before walking away from him.

Garcia watches Lucy as she makes her way over to Rufus and Jiya, who are dressed up as Slimer and a green-slimed Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters. If he felt more welcome on this team, he’d make some stupid remark about the innuendo of their couples’ costume – about how Slimer slimed Venkman in the movie, and what Jiya being covered in green slime with Rufus dressed as Slimer, suggests happened between them. Crude, he knows, and that’s exactly why he keeps his mouth shut.

He looks around.

Agent Christopher is dressed as the fast-food chain clown, Ronald McDonald. And Connor looks ridiculous walking around as C-3PO from Star Wars.

Wyatt is dressed as the outlaw Jesse James – which Garcia thinks is inappropriate considering how traumatized Lucy was after shooting the real Jesse James on a mission three years ago.

He sighs as his gaze rests on Lucy.

She’s gorgeous.

The strap of her dress has fallen down her shoulder, and she’s made no motion to put it back in its place. She had been wearing high heels earlier when she came to his room, but she left them there when she left, so she’s barefoot. Her hair is pulled back in the chignon he styled, and she is sipping on a glass of wine. He smiles as he watches her laugh at something Rufus said.

He closes his eyes and focuses on her, and hears her wishing that he would join them.

He opens his eyes again.

“Look at me,” he whispers.

She turns her head and locks her eyes with his.

Imagine my tongue slowly curling around your clit, he thinks.

Lucy wets her lips and lowers her eyes, feeling the sensations he’s telepathically sending to her.

They’ve both enjoyed this newfound power.

He’s fucked her using only his mind several times since his transformation – always with her consent. He’s laid next to her, and asked her to close her eyes. Then all he has to do is think about what he wants to do to her body, and her breathing becomes labored. And when he focuses on what she feels when he mind-fucks her… he can experience her orgasm with her.

Her chest rises and falls as she breathes hard, trying not to reveal how aroused she’s become as she talks with Rufus and Jiya.

Garcia walks towards her, focusing on making her feel what he wants to do to her. To take her in his arms, dip her, and suckle on her neck as his hand covers her breast. If questioned, he would use the excuse of them being dressed as modern-day versions of Mina Harker and Dracula, and playing out their roles as the characters.

Lucy swallows hard as she watches him come for her.

She’s intoxicated by him.


And he can hear her heart pounding in her chest.

He opens his mouth to breathe, and laps his tongue over his sharp white fangs.

Lucy gasps as he places his hand on the exposed skin of her lower back.

He forcefully pulls her towards him, having every intent to kiss her. He buries his face into the crook of her neck and cries out – anguished – stopping himself short of sinking his fangs into her.

Lucy drops her glass of wine to the floor and it shatters around her bare feet.

She feels his cool breath on her neck and his tears against her skin as he continues to hide who he is from everyone else within the safety of her. His hand grips onto the back of her neck, and he lowers his face to her chest. She wraps her arms around his neck, concerned for him.


She moves her hands to his face, and looks him in the eyes. She takes a step towards him, and recoils as she cuts the bottom of her foot with broken glass.

Garcia’s eyes dilate immediately, smelling the blood on the bottom of her foot.

He says nothing as he sweeps her up into his arms, and carries her out of the common area.

Jiya gives Rufus a look and holds out her hand.

He reluctantly digs into his wallet and hands her a ten-dollar bill.

“I told you.” She giggles.

Wyatt comes to stand next to Rufus. He looks at the two of them, and asks, “Don’t you think they’re taking this Halloween costume thing to the next level? He shouldn’t be… touching her like that.”

Rufus shakes his head at his daft friend, “You really are that oblivious, aren’t you?”

Wyatt doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. He looks in the direction where Garcia carried Lucy, and ponders out loud, “I think I should go help him take care of her foot.”

Without another word, Wyatt heads towards the hallway, but not without grabbing a Halloween cookie from the table.

Rufus turns to Jiya and says, “Looks like he’s in for a rude awakening.”

Garcia uses his back to open the door of the bunker’s medical facility. He enters with Lucy in his arms, and uses his foot to close the door behind them.

Lucy is caressing his jaw, still under his spell, but its effects are fading as her concern for him grows. “Are you ok?” She asks.

He sets her on the exam table and nods his head.

She doesn’t believe him and wishes she had the ability to know what is going through his mind. She rests her ankle above her knee and looks down at the cut on her foot. It’s not bad. She wipes some of the blood with her finger then looks at him as he’s gathering gauze and disinfectant.


He comes to her.

He parts his lips to inhale as his eyes fall on the blood on her finger.

His fangs elongate and his eyes are black.

“Come here,” she says, holding her finger out to him. “What if having a small taste helps you?”

He shakes his head. “I can’t, Lucy. I’m too afraid of what might happen if I get a taste of human blood.”

He grabs her wrist, shaking his head.

His every instinct tells him to taste her blood.

But he can’t.

He won’t.

He watches with wide eyes as Lucy sucks the blood from her finger.

He wets his lips as he feels a surge of pleasure building between his legs.

Lucy holds onto the back of his head, and pulls him to her, opening her mouth and kissing him.

He growls into her mouth as their tongues meet.

He can taste her blood.

It’s warm, metallic, and sweet.

Tears stream down his face and he feels relief. And as long as he isn’t biting her, or penetrating her skin with his fangs, this should be all right.

It has to be all right.

He pulls back and looks at her with wild eyes.

She nods her head letting him know he can do whatever he wants to her.

She lies back on the exam table.

He runs his hand slowly up her leg, then holds her with one hand behind the knee. With his other hand, he holds her ankle, lifting her foot up to his mouth.

He inhales the blood on the bottom of her foot.

God damn him.

[ He already has ]

He can’t drink from her.

He cannot do that to the one person he loves most in this world.

He can’t, and he won’t, puncture her skin with his fangs, but… his fingers run through the blood on the arch of her foot… but perhaps it’s safe for him to taste the blood that has already spilled from her.

He presses his lips on the bottom of her foot, covering them with her blood. He refuses to open his mouth while his lips are pressed against her skin out of fear that he might lose control and bite her.

Shivers run up and down Lucy’s body as Garcia tends to her wounded foot. His fingers weave between her toes as he continues pressing his lips against her foot, pulling back to lap away the blood from his lips, only to repeat the action over and over again.

Lucy rests her hands on her chest and gently massages her own breasts, and fondles her nipples above the satin fabric of her dress. She quivers as she feels Garcia take one toe into his mouth, and then another. She hooks her thumbs on the straps of her dress and lowers the top. She opens her eyes and looks down at her breasts. She gently plays with her nipples as she watches Garcia.

His eyes are closed as he sucks on her little toe.

He moves one hand up to massage her ankle.

Lucy lowers her head and runs both her hands down her body.

“Garcia…” she moans his name.


“Take off my dress.”

He stops and only shifts his eyes to look at her.

He releases her foot, and nods his head, but instead of removing her dress, he goes to the door and locks it. He returns to her and gathers the fabric of her dress in his hands as Lucy lifts her hips off the surface of the exam table. He strips the dress from her body, setting it carefully onto the counter. He returns to her, pulling the hem of his mock turtleneck over his head and throwing it to the floor.

Lucy sits up, spreading her legs and pulling Garcia to her. She quickly unbuckles his belt and whips it off before fumbling with the button and zipper of his pants.

“My boots,” his voice is hoarse.

“Take them off.”

He lowers in front of her, and unties his boots.

He removes them as he rises to her. He stops to place his hands on her inner thigh. He gazes at her lower lips with lust in his eyes. She’s already glistening with arousal for him. He runs his tongue across his lips, and lowers his mouth to her centre – doing his best not to scrape or puncture her with his fangs.

Lucy spreads her legs to allow him better access to her. She inches forward so that her ass is right on the edge of the exam table, and she holds onto the back of his head as he licks her slowly from her opening to her clit.

He moves one hand beneath her ass, and uses his other to press between her breasts, pushing her down onto her back. She places her heels on the table, her knees in the air. And he opens his mouth wide to cover her, and he groans – sending waves of pleasurable vibration through her body. He nuzzles his nose against her clit as he penetrates her with the tip of his tongue. Swirling it around the edge of her opening until he hears her begging him to go deeper. And when she commands it, he obliges, opening his mouth wide and extending his tongue inside her.

Her hips buck against his face as he devours her, and he takes extreme pride in hearing her whine as her body writhes from his touch. She’s warm against his cold skin, and tastes sweet, and… he moans, reaching down to stroke his hardening dick as he tastes the sweet metallic flavor of blood on his tongue.

And then it hits him like a rush of blood to his head.

He feels more alive than he has in ages, more powerful and strong. He growls as he removes his tongue from inside her. There’s blood all over his mouth, and he’s taken it in through his fangs.

His body jolts as a powerful surge of the ingested blood fills his cock. He’s rock hard and the blood creates a sensation of sensual waves inside his dick. He feels full as the intense sensations increase. He strokes himself. His hand moves up and down his shaft in fast, hard strokes. He looks at Lucy and she’s watching him with the Devil smiling in her eyes. And she’s touching herself, biting down on her bottom lip as she strokes her own clit.

“Come to me, Garcia…” she purrs.

But he withdraws from her.

Crying out, horrified.

He falls backward onto the floor when he realizes what he’s done.

His fangs retract.

Lucy remains on the table, breathing heavy, and her body writhing from the pleasures he had been giving to her, and what she had been doing to herself.

“Lucy?” He scrambles to his feet, rushing to her side. “I’m sorry… I…”

She sits up, tears streaming down her face.

She looks into his eyes and smiles.

“It’s ok,” she tells him as her hand drifts to take hold of his erection.

He gasps at her touch.

I can’t feel him throbbing… there’s no heartbeat…

“Drinking blood doesn’t bring me life, Lucy,” he explains. “You’ll never feel my heartbeat again,” he says this with sadness in his voice. Before, she would rest her head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat every night before falling asleep. “It’s your blood… I tasted the blood on your foot, and I must have accidentally punctured you when I was giving you oral.” He shakes his head. “I think drinking your blood caused it to disperse throughout my body, going where it is needed to replenish me. In this case, I’m aroused by you, and…”

“Did you bite me or did your fangs scrape my skin hard enough to cut it?” She asks.

“It tasted different. It… felt different. I took your blood through my fangs, draga. I’m so sorry.”

“That won’t turn me, right?” She asks, uncertain if she would be afraid or angry if the answer is yes. Or, perhaps she’d feel relief. She’d be a vampire too, and together they would live forever.

“No. I’d have to drain you, take your life, and you’d have to drink your blood from my body.”

“Then what are you so afraid of, Garcia?” She runs her hand up to his shoulder. “If drinking from me allows you to feel more pleasure, then… why won’t you accept my offer to do it whenever you need it?” She smiles. “Your face already has more color to it now, and I think we both want to…” She lowers her gaze and slides her hand down his abdomen, and then takes his cock in her hand, stroking it. “I think it’s better for you to have fresh human blood in your system. I think it’s what makes you healthy. And if I can help you, let me.”

He lowers his gaze, “I already feel the effects of it weakening.”

Lucy holds his hand and guides him back to the exam table. She sits on its edge, facing him. She places her hands on his waist as she tilts her head to the side. She strokes his neck as she tells him, “Drink from me, Garcia,” her voice quivers.

He takes a deep breath.

He never wanted to drink from her, but each day he learns more about how it is to be a vampire. And if he doesn’t take her life then… he places his hand on her shoulder, stroking her skin with his thumb. He kisses her collarbone. “Promise you’ll stop me if you feel light-headed, or… cold?”

“I promise.”

Garcia places his hand at the base of her neck, and gently caresses his thumb across the front of her throat. He looks into her eyes. “It will hurt, Lucy.”

“I know,” she says with tears in her eyes.

He looks at her and curls back his lips, allowing her to see his fangs as they elongate.

She swallows hard, unable to take her eyes off of him.

She places her fingertips on his chin, and caresses his lips with her thumb. “Can I touch them?” Her voice is meek.

Her heart pounds in her chest when he nods his head.

She holds her breath as his lips part.

She carefully touches one of his fangs with her fingertip. It feels as smooth as silk, and it’s as white as porcelain. He purrs at her touch, and she wonders if he feels any pleasure from her touch.

He nods his head, “I do… it’s the strangest feeling, Lucy…” He swallows, trying not to be overcome with emotion. “Sensual…” He inhales deeply. “Erotic…”

He looks at her, wanting her to feel what he feels as she caresses his other fang.

Feel what I feel

Lucy’s body trembles and tears sting her eyes. She’s overcome with an emotion so intense that she falls forward into him, collapsing in his arms. She shakes her head and looks up at him, crying. Is this what you feel?

“It is,” he answers softly.

She whimpers against his chest, and whispers, “I love you so much, Garcia…” She closes her eyes and silently tells him, drink from me now, my love

He runs his hand over the top of her head and she looks up at him.

He holds her chin as he lowers his mouth to hers.

He kisses her so gently that she can barely feel his lips pressing against hers. He pulls away and kisses her forehead, her eyelid… cheekbone… He traces the outline of her ear with his thumb as he lowers his face into the crook of her neck.

She trembles at his touch, and tears stream down her face.

She cries out as he grasps tightly onto the back of her neck to hold her in place.

He hisses as her heartbeat pounds in his ears, her blood roaring through her veins. He kisses her neck more roughly, and her entire body tenses at his touch.

She’s scared, but despite that she’s still repeating in her mind for him to do this. To drink from her so that he regains his strength.

He runs his tongue against the long muscle of her neck, then tenderly kisses it, all the while massaging the back of her neck with his thumb.

And only when she has completely relaxed into his touch does he nuzzle his nose beneath her ear. He whispers, “I love you, Lucy…”

He tilts his head back.

Opens his mouth.

And sinks his fangs into her neck.

Her body shudders, tensing as blood drains from her body into his.

Then she relaxes, falling limp in his arms.

He holds onto her tight, supporting her as he drinks from her. He maintains a strong hold on the back of her neck, not allowing her any movement so she doesn’t cause any more damage to where he’s penetrated her skin. He closes his eyes as tears stream down his face. Her blood flows into his fangs and then spreads warmth as it travels throughout his body.

She’s sobbing, crying out his name.

He knows this hurts her.

He can feel her pain.

Feel what I feel, draga… feel my pleasure…

Lucy’s eyes open and she gasps.

“Oh my God…” she sobs.

Her body quivers in his arms as her body experiences the intense sexual pleasure that is ripping through his body. She wraps her arms around him as he slowly removes his fangs from her neck.

And she’s kissing him, not caring that she can taste her own blood on his lips, and in his mouth. Her fingernails scratch hard against the back of his neck. She wraps her legs around his waist and presses him against her. She cries out as her muscles violently contract. Her orgasm is so intense that she hears nothing but the ringing in her ears, and sees nothing but blackness as she falls backward onto the exam table.


Garcia nods his head, and helps push her farther back on the table so that he can join her. He runs his hands all over her body. Groping her, squeezing her delicate skin, licking her, sucking on her nipples. Leaving traces of her blood from his mouth all over her.

Give in to your sexual desires, Garcia…

He rolls her onto her side and spanks her ass.

She moans as he massages where he hit her. His mouth is at her neck again. His tongue licking where he punctured her with his fangs. He reaches in front of her and places his hand on her inner thigh, pulling her leg upward so he can touch her.

He presses hard against her swollen clit with his middle finger, and she cries out. He rubs her firmly, covering her with his hand. He gently pats his hand against her clit.

She breathes deep, and relaxes, moving her hips, lifting herself trying to make contact with his hand again.

He slaps her clit lightly as he nibbles on her ear. She groans, writhing at the sensation. He slaps her again, and again – each time harder than the last. She thrusts her hips against him, arching her back. Her arms reaching behind her, wrapping around the back of his neck.

“Harder…” she pants.

He slowly circles her clit with his fingers, kissing her jaw. He raises his hand from between her legs and slaps her again, harder. She slams her back against him, and thrusts her hips violently into his hand. She squeals as she tries to turn onto her stomach. She bites down on her own arm to muffle her screams. He slaps her once more with the same intensity, and gently massages her clit as her legs squeeze together. He feels her muscles pulsating against his hand as she orgasms.

“Roll onto your back, draga…” he murmurs into her ear.

She nods her head, looking at him with tears streaming down her face.

“Did I hurt you?” He asks, kissing away her tears.

She shakes her head and takes his face with both her hands, and draws him against her, kissing him. His chest presses against hers as her hands grope onto the back of his head, her fingers pulling and tugging on his hair. He groans into her mouth as their tongues intertwine.

Then she pushes at his chest as hard as she can.

“Stand,” she commands him.

He moves off of the exam table and stands in front of her.

She lowers herself to her knees in front of him and runs both hands up and down his quad muscles, then lowers them to his calves, and then his ankles. She looks up at him as she places her lips around the tip of his penis. His body jerks as her tongue circles the head, and her hands move up the back of his legs until she’s holding onto his ass.

“Lucy…” he moans, “please… use your hands on me…”

She inserts an inch more of him into her mouth. She moans as she moves her hands from his ass to cup his balls, and the other to slowly stroke his shaft with her fingertips.

Garcia looks down and watches as Lucy opens her mouth wide, and moves her head up and down to give him pleasure. His dick slips in and out of her mouth, and he places his hands on her head, running his fingers through her hair.

She removes him from her mouth to breathe.

He watches as she tenderly wraps her hand around him, licking precum from his tip. She looks up at him and smiles, then rubs the tip against her cheek. She carefully lifts him, and places a soft kiss on his balls. She gently tends to his shaft with her fingertips.

“I love feeling you hard again,” she murmurs as she kisses his tip. “I love the way you feel in my mouth…”

Garcia closes his eyes and thrusts his hips forward, searching out the contact he so desperately desires. “Wet your hand, draga… I want it smooth.”

She makes eye contact with him as she slowly licks her hand. She takes hold of his shaft and moves her hand against it. “Is that good?” She purrs.

“Mmm…” he groans, “… ‘s good…”

She holds his shaft then slowly inserts his dick into her mouth. She hums, closing her eyes as he begins to thrust against her face. She moves her hand and her lips up and down his penis, and reaches up with her other hand to play with his nipple. She traces the hardened tip of her tongue against the underside of his dick. When she reaches his head, she flicks her tongue hard against him.

His body trembles, and his knees buckle.

“Lu…” he pants, “Lucy…”

She looks up at him.

His mouth is open and his fangs have extended again.

She licks him, then stops.

She remains on her knees, and massages his shaft as it begins to soften.

“Do you need more?” She asks, referring to blood.

“I shouldn’t…”

He looks down at her apologetically.

She runs her fingertips along the front of his legs, and through his pubic hair as she stands.

“Here,” she says, holding out her finger. “Just drink a little.”

He takes hold of her wrist, tenderly massaging her skin.

Lucy bites down on her lip as he raises her fingertip to his mouth. She inhales sharply as his fang punctures the tip. She watches him as he sips blood from her. His eyelids flutter, and he inhales deeply from his nose. She moves closer to him. She places soft kisses on his breast, taking his nipple between her lips and flicking it with her tongue.

He groans.

And she can feel once more his cock hardening against her thigh.

He removes her finger from his mouth and releases her wrist. He looks her in the eyes, lowering his hand to trail along the edge of her pubic hair. “Hoću najzad da te osetim,” he purrs, then translates in a whisper, “I want to feel you…” He slides his hand between her legs, and dips his fingers into her wet folds.

“And I want to feel you, Garcia…”

She feels like she’s a sixteen-year-old virgin again as she weaves her fingers through his pubic hair, sliding her hand down to wrap around his erection.

Something in their dynamic has changed since she gave him permission to drink from her. In that act, she has given him life. She steps backward towards the exam table. She climbs up onto it and lays down. He crawls on top of her, trailing kisses from her hip to her breasts, and then her mouth.

“Ja sam sada tvoje srce, Garcia… tvoj život...” she says, kissing him back. She holds onto the back of his head, and whispers, “I am now your heart, and your life…” She gently reaches down between them and curls her hand around the base of his dick. “Mmm… ljubav moja… I want you inside me…” She nibbles on his earlobe.

“Give me your arm,” he whispers, taking hold of her by her elbow.

He kisses the thin skin at the crook of her elbow before pinning it down above her head. He curls his fingers through hers and kisses her. He turns his head to study her arm. He looks into her eyes and allows her to watch again as he reveals his fangs to her.

This is who he is, and he shouldn’t be ashamed when he’s with her.

He kisses the inside of her forearm, then rubs his stubble against it. He needs to bite her where it won’t be easily visible to others.

She winces as his fangs puncture her skin just above her armpit. The shallow depth of his bite doesn’t hurt as much as when he bit into her neck. In fact, the sensation of him drinking from her now is pleasurable.

She uses her free hand to reach down to stroke him and as he drinks from her, his erection becomes harder. His fangs retract and her blood drips from his mouth, falling onto her chest.

“Garcia…” she moans. “Fuck me.”

She squeezes her hand hard around his shaft.

He cries out for her.

He lets go of her hand, closes his eyes, and places both hands on either side of her shoulders. He hovers over her as she takes hold of the base of his penis.

She spreads her legs and guides him into her.

He groans long and hard as he slowly pushes deep into her body.

Lucy lets out an anguished cry when he reaches down to touch her clit. She gropes onto his arms as her hips move in tandem with each of his thrusts. She touches his lips with her fingers, and he opens his mouth to her, sucking on her fingers. His fangs still very prominent, and she thinks that sexual arousal triggers his bloodlust – for very obvious reasons.

“Mmm…” he grunts. “It does.” He confirms what she was thinking. He lowers his head and sucks at her nipple, causing her to squirm beneath him. “I feel you’re close, draga… if…” He lowers his head into her neck and groans loudly. He thrusts hard into her, then pulls back, and thrusts against her again. “If… you want to… I want to watch you touch yourself.”

Lucy wraps her legs around his lower back, moving her heel to his ass and pressing him against her. She wets her fingers in her mouth and then lowers her hand so she can stroke her clit. Her strokes are slow and deliberate, and then fast and rough.

She groans as she arches her back, and instinctively, Garcia places his hand underneath her, holding onto her so that she doesn’t fall from the table onto the floor.

“Me… top…” she heaves.

He nods his head, sliding his dick out of her so they can switch positions on this small exam table. He lies down, stroking his shaft with two fingers as she spreads her legs around him, straddling him. He raises his knees into the air, and Lucy leans back against them, giving him a good view of her core.

She touches her breasts, pinching and twisting her own nipples as he watches. Her ass rests against his erection so all he can do is watch as Lucy touches her clit with her middle finger. She strokes herself fast. She starts to move against him, her ass rubbing against his cock.

Garcia groans as she roughly gropes her breast with one hand. He moves his hands up and down her thighs, and her waist, and her lower back. Then around to squeeze both of her breasts in his hands, rolling her hardened nipples between his fingers.

She cries out his name, and collapses on him.

Her head rests on his chest.

“Did you come?” He asks.

She shakes her head.


“Spread your legs, draga,” he tells her.

He reaches down and takes hold of his dick, and she lifts herself off him and helps him insert it inside her. She lowers onto him, relishing the sensation of his dick sinking deep within her. She grinds against him. Slow at first, but quickly picking up her pace.

He rolls her clit between his fingers and she whimpers, leaning forward to hover above him. He lifts his head and takes her nipple between his lips, flicking it with his tongue.

Now she’s thrusting against him, and his dick is sliding in and out of her.

She places her hands on his chest and lifts her hips and them slams them down against him, over and over again. Her breasts are bouncing, and her moans grow louder and louder.

Garcia strokes her clit hard and fast, as he lifts his hips to meet her every thrust.

He tilts his head back as he feels a warmth spread over his cold body.

His cock twitches inside her, and he knows he won’t last much longer.

Lucy cries out as her walls violently crash down around his cock. She takes a deep breath and relaxes into her orgasm, riding it out while continuing to thrust against him. He feels her juices soak them both between her legs.

His abdomen spasms and heat rushes to his dick.

And then he explodes within her, and it feels like a fucking gunshot has ripped through him.

He squeezes his eyes shut and cries out her name, lifting himself up to her, grabbing her hard and kissing her. He rocks with her as he pours into her, his hot cum filling her, and seeping down onto their thighs. His body trembles as she wraps her arms around him.

He cries.

He feels safe in her arms.



And loved.

Their bodies slow, and Garcia lowers himself back against the exam table. He wraps his arms around Lucy and holds her close to him.

She sighs, resting her head over his heart.

She hears nothing.

“Moj Drakula…” she murmurs, “… my Garcia…”

She kisses his chest then yawns.

Garcia closes his eyes and listens for her thoughts.

He hears nothing.

She’s fallen asleep.

If he wanted to, he could enter her dreams. But she’s been through a lot tonight, they both have, and she deserves her rest.

He stays with her like this for a while longer, then carefully gets off the table. He doesn’t bother to put on clothes because he knows that would wake her. So, naked, he picks her up in his arms. He looks down at her with soft eyes and kisses her temple.

He carries her to the door.

He’s startled when he sees Wyatt leaning on the wall across from the room. He glares at Garcia as he takes in the sight of Garcia and Lucy’s nudity.

“Sounds like you two take vampire roleplaying seriously,” he sneers. “How’s her foot?” He asks, stepping towards them. He looks closely at Lucy and sees blood smeared all over her body. “Did you hurt her?”

Garcia shakes his head. “I would never hurt her, Wyatt. I love her.”

Still asleep in his arms, Lucy curls against him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Garcia gives Wyatt a look, and without saying another word, he walks away.

He carefully sets Lucy down in their bed, and covers her with a blanket. He runs his hand over the top of her head and places a soft kiss on her forehead.

Then he sits down in the old, uncomfortable chair in the corner of the room.

He watches her.

The rise and fall of her chest as she breathes.

The way she rolls onto her side, curling the blankets in the palm of her hand.

She made him feel more alive tonight than he has since they returned from Romania. But he can’t drink from her every time they make love. He knows it would take its toll on her body. It would weaken her, slowly killing her. And he needs her to remain the Lucy he fell in love with. The Lucy who smiles from ear-to-ear, who laughs at the top of her lungs.

He cannot and will not take her life.

He loves her too goddamn much.