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I Insist

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Ciel sat by, watching through the open door as Mey-Rin dropped a stack of  imported china plates, squealing an “oh my!” as they shattered. He sniffed in distaste as smoke drifted in from the kitchen, and flinched slightly upon hearing the booming crash of another statue breaking. He glanced over towards the corner of the eloquent drawing room at Tanaka, sipping his tea.

Sighing, he leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms as he called for Sebastian.

As Sebastian arrived, he caught Ciel’s eyes and bowed, “I’ll attend to it immediately, Master.”

Nodding, Ciel closed his eyes until he was sure that his butler had left the room and was at least out of hearing distance. He opened his eyes and stood, walking past Tanaka and out of the door.

He stopped several feet behind Mey-Rin, who was still scavenging for any undamaged plates in the pile of glass shards.

“Mey-Rin, your hand is bleeding,” he said in a monotone, sounding bored and somewhat annoyed. The maid yelped, jumping up and spinning around, head angled down more to hide her blush than out of respect.

“Y-Young Master! I didn't see you there!” His eyes skipped down to the pile of glass shards.

“I’m sorry sir! I was just carrying these new china plates to put them away, yes I was! And Pluto was sitting over there, and—“ the ginger waved one hand, gesturing somewhere behind her. “But I didn't see him and I ran into him and then I…” she frowned, looking back at the ground.

Ciel, frowned, unconcerned with the expensive china plates whose remains lay at his feet. “Mey-Rin, if you need new glasses I—“

“NO! I mean—no thanks! I like these ones just fine, sir!” She stumbled over her words, blushing even more and cast her eyes as far away from her Master as possible.

“I insist, there is already another pair or two with much stronger correction that I had made just for you—“

She blushed even harder despite herself. She had been about to interrupt—a sure yelling at from Sebastian—and assure the young boy that she was fine, but stopped herself when he said that he had them made for her. He had said that he had them made, not we, and they were  just for her! She was flattered, pleased that Ciel cared for her, or at least that she could pretend he did.

He stopped, watching as she looked away from the floor and dared to glance into his deep pools of cerulean for just a split second before—

“MEY-RIN!” The stammering maid jerked her head around and found her face almost buried in the chest of the head butler. She raised her head up a few inches until she could see Sebastian’s burgundy eyes glaring at her down the bridge of his nose. She immediately stumbled backwards, bumping an indifferent Ciel, who only looked at the butler with a raised eyebrow.

“Mey-Rin, I need the servants in the kitchen,” Sebastian  said, glancing down at her with distaste, eyes momentarily flashing red.

“A-ah! Yes sir Mister Sebastian!” Clumsily she pulled herself back up and dusted off her maid’s uniform. Adjusting her cracked glasses, she started on her way, sparing Ciel a glance once Sebastian had him distracted.

“Tanaka is in the drawing room,” Ciel brushed past Sebastian, heading in the general direction of his study. Behind his back the uniformed man raised an eyebrow at the behavior of his young charge.


Bored restless of his work, the young Earl rested his head on his hand as he doodled on a spare sheet. Hearing a knock at the door, he raised his head,  covering the doodled-on paper with the work.

Within moments his faithful butler was by his side, serving him tea and a slice of apple and raisin pie. Sebastian studied his emotionless face before remarking,

“Young Master, may I inquire about the reasons behind your sudden interest in Mey-Rin?”

He smirked, knowing that his obscure bluntness had struck a nerve when Ciel’s eyebrow twitched.

“I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about. If you are referring to the events that occurred this morning, however, I simply heard the crash of the plates, as she was in the hallway outside of mine. It’s clear that in order to continue her service without killing herself or someone else she will need a stronger pair of glasses. I was offering to exchange the weaker, cracked ones she has now for new, stronger ones when you arrived.”

With a knowing smirk Sebastian placed the dirty dishes on the cart, “Mhhm.” He began wheeling to the door of the room, before turning to a now-glaring Ciel and asking “Do you need anything else, my Lord? Or will that be all for now?”

In response the bluenette only huffed and continued working, not even bothering to look at the triumphant butler. As soon as said servant was clear of the room, Ciel leaned back in his chair, staring at the ceiling and releasing a long sigh. Gently, he placed the tips of his fingers on his forehead and sighed again, eyebrows furrowing in annoyance.

Why couldn’t that devious butler ever mind his own business?

He had no right or reason to assume that it was anything other than coincidence that Ciel had been talking to Mey-Rin of all the servants, after all she was just outside the room and it made sense as he had to ask her about the new glasses anyways and—Why was he getting all worked up over nothing? Sebastian was simply being Sebastian and it wasn’t like he had any particular reason to strike up a conversation with her personally other than just the convenience of her location.

Deciding to ignore the implications behind his butler’s question, Ciel shifted the letter that sat on the desk before him, absently rereading it, not even noticing when his mind drifted back to thoughts regarding the brief conversation he had with a certain red-headed maid.


Less than an hour later four of the five Phantomhive servants stumbled into the room, the three responsible for the morning’s commotion stopping in front of the young Earl’s desk, heads bowed. Tanaka sat in the corner, sans tea.

“Do you need something?” The cold, indifferent and chilling voice sliced the air and anyone who had not met the boy could not have guessed that he was capable of such an imposing and authoritive tone. 

“Uhm, about this morning sir…” Finny began, raising his head up ever the slightest, eyes flickering between the finely polished mahogany wood desk and the eyes of the boy sitting behind it.

“We’re, uh, sorry for the damage we caused, yeah?”

“It was an accident, yes it was!” Mey-Rin and Bard both chimed in, all three of them looking earnestly at the Earl, but respectfully avoiding his eyes directly.

“Honestly, it astounds me how you can say these things like it doesn’t happen almost daily,” Ciel rolled his eyes and Tanaka could be heard chuckling from the corner of the room.

“But no matter, these things are easily dealt with. You’re all forgiven.”