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The annoying intruder

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Sanji wore a grin upon his face when he finally chose his human for the evening. Sanji had seen her walking in the park and he followed her home. A young woman. Red hair. Amazing body. Sanji decided that he was going to enjoy her to the fullest, licking across his lower lip as he slowly flew closer to the window of the woman's apartment and he cleared his throat, flapping his wings slowly to keep himself floating up in the air and he slowly came closer. The lights were out, which told Sanji that it was the right time to go into action. Sanji felt excitement rushing through his veins as he slowly lifted his finger up, which slowly opened the window. Sanji was careful not to draw too much attention to himself. For now. Afterwards he was going to get all of her attention.

Sanji let himself into the apartment and closed the window as silently as he possibly could, slowly setting his feet onto the floor and tucked his wings in. He didn't bother hiding his horns and his tail, though. The apartment was small and Sanji narrowed his eyes when he saw the state of it – did really such a beauty live in such a messy apartment? The dishes were lying in the sink and the living room was truly a mess. Then again, that was none of Sanji's concerns when his eyes located a closed door and he felt adrenaline again spreading through his body. Bedroom? Finally, Sanji had waited long enough for this.

Sanji silently made his way over to the door and placed his ear against it. Silence. But he could feel a strong presence coming from the other side of the door and he shuddered. The woman's energy was drawing him in. He was the one that was supposed to do the seduction, but there was something about this human that was different. The energy was different, ever since he set a foot inside of the apartment he could feel that this was supposed to happen. That the human was- Sanji shook his head and then he took a deep breath. He needed to keep his head cool and he slowly rubbed his palms together and grabbed onto the doorknob and slowly pulled on it, letting himself into the room.

The grin upon Sanji's face was wide when he opened the door and saw that he located the woman's bedroom. There was a large bed in the middle of the room and Sanji licked across his lower lip, trying to brace himself. The attraction that he felt for this human was unreal, her energy was sucking him in closer and Sanji couldn't get enough. This was all so thrilling and Sanji couldn't wait till he was finally going to get a taste. He bit into his lower lip and then slowly crept closer to the bed. The woman was lying in it. The lights were still turned on, but they were dimmed and Sanji didn't mind it. He would get to see her face as he'd take her and make her only his.

A little growl escaped past Sanji's lips as he crept closer – a wave of arousal shot right through his body and he couldn't wait anymore. He'd have her pinned down in no time. Panting underneath him, screaming and moaning out his name. Sanji almost moaned out himself and he didn't wait anymore. He knew that he'd have to be as fast as he possibly could and that was why he moved fast. Before she would notice him in there and have the time to react, Sanji quickly extended out his wings, flew up and quickly landed down on top of her, straddling her legs, but as soon as he did that, there was a loud shriek underneath him and Sanji's eyes widened because that was not what he expected.

The voice – it was deeper than it should have been. Sanji yelped out in surprise as well and then his eyes widened when the person quickly sat up and shoved him away. Sanji's jaw dropped when he saw just who he followed back home and he had to blink a few times to really make sure that he was seeing it right because instead of a young beautiful woman, there was a young man sitting underneath him. The man quickly pushed him away, leaned down to grab something from the floor and Sanji yelped when the man was holding a wooden sword against his neck, gritting his teeth and Sanji closed his eyes.

This was a young man, green haired. His eyes were dark. He smelled like strong alcohol, but there was no denying it – it was this energy that turned him on so much before. But... how?! How did this happen?! Sanji was so sure that he followed the redhead back home! Perhaps there was a mistake somewhere. "Who are you?" grunted the man and Sanji quickly opened his eyes when he felt the wooden sword against his skin once more and he shuddered a little bit. Perhaps it was a man, but his energy was delicious and Sanji shuddered.

Oh, no.

Sanji didn't reply and the green haired man gritted his teeth in annoyance. His cheeks were red as he flipped his phone over in a hurry and took off his headphones. The apartment that Sanji barged in so rudely belonged to Roronoa Zoro – a student and a kendo champion. All that Zoro wanted to do after a long day, filled with annoying classes was to unwind a little bit. What he didn't expect was to be attacked in his own apartment and he yelled out loud when someone suddenly jumped on top of him. Zoro always kept his wooden swords with him, so he didn't hesitate to use one as a self defence and his eyes widened when he saw just who or rather what was sitting on top of his bed. Zoro pushed the guy away, but was still holding the sword against his neck, panting hard and uneven.

"Who are you?" hissed Zoro again, eyes travelling up and down and he narrowed his eyes when he saw that the man was wearing wings and horns. Was that a moving tail as well?! Cosplay? "How did you get in here? Did Usopp put you up to this?" asked Zoro and then glared at the blonde, who slowly cracked his eyes open and he narrowed his eyes. He sure did have some interesting eyebrows as well. "Oi, Curlybrows, more talking and less staring," hissed Zoro and Sanji quickly snapped back to reality.

Curly... brows?!

"The name's Sanji," said the incubus all of the sudden, feeling insulted by the sudden comment about his eyebrows. He did not appreciate that. At all. "You are not a pretty lady, but an annoying guy," he said and Zoro quickly lowered his sword and placed it down, but felt annoyance kicking in.

"Pretty... lady?!" roared Zoro on top of his lungs. “I’m Zoro, not some-”

"Yes. Pretty redhead," said Sanji, not really caring too much for the man’s name at the time, and then crossed his arms on top of his chest. "Where is she?" he asked, still too stubborn to actually admit that he made a mistake. But was it a mistake, really? Zoro arched his brow and then glanced around and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Ah, Nami?" asked Zoro and narrowed his eyes – why was this pervert looking for Nami, anyway? She was his friend and a neighbour, but Zoro wasn't going to tell this to the blonde idiot. He didn't know who he was and Nami never mentioned knowing anyone by that name. Sanji. "Yeah, she's not here," said Zoro and Sanji's jaw dropped.


"I live here alone," said Zoro and Sanji hid his face into his palms and let out a loud groan and he shook his head.

"This is the worst day. Ever," said Sanji and Zoro glared at him. Ah, that was the worst day for him... he said?! "I was finally going to do it. It's bad enough I'm already a laughing stock of the entire village because I’ve never been able to do it, but now you have to come in here and ruin all of my plans," hissed Sanji and glared at the man.

Zoro scowled back at him – how did he even dare to say something like that?! "Hah?!" asked Zoro. "You're the one that broke into my apartment," he said and narrowed his eyes. "Get the hell away from me, you perv," said Zoro and quickly tried to kick Sanji off of his bed, but before he managed to hit him, Sanji flew up and Zoro's eyes widened when he saw the blonde floating above his bed and he blinked a few times. "What the-"

"Watch it, human, you don't know who you're dealing with," said Sanji.

"How are you doing this?"

"Doing what?" asked Sanji, flapping his wings.

Zoro's eyes fell down onto the tail that was slowly moving along with Sanji and he gulped. Wait, was it real? How else could he fly then? Zoro was confused and usually he wouldn't believe in something like this, but there was no denying what he saw in front of his eyes. This flying pervert had wings, horns and a tail. Zoro let curiosity get the best of him and without even thinking about it he reached out with his hand and took a hold of Sanji's tail and pulled on it. Not too hard, but not too gentle either and Sanji let out a loud gasp and a groan of discomfort, his cheeks turning bright red.

"W-where are you touching?!" asked Sanji, surprised by the sheer amount of pleasure that that sent down his spine as well and he glanced down, frowning at the man and Zoro glanced up at him and noticed that the other's cheeks were red.

"It's real," said Zoro.

"Of course it is real, you shithead," said Sanji as he couldn't calm down. At all. Now that he was this close to the green haired man, he couldn't calm down at all, feeling his body craving. For more. It was crazy how much he wanted this man. Why couldn't he be a pretty woman? Sanji gritted his teeth and he licked across his lower lip. "Why is your hair green? It pisses me off, you look like a marimo," said Sanji as he tried to break away from his embarrassment, but he couldn't and Zoro snapped back to reality.

"Why do you have horns and wings?!"

"I'm an incubus, duh," said Sanji and rolled his eyes.

Zoro pressed his lips together. Oh, he heard about those. Never thought they were real. "A sex demon?"

Sanji rolled his eyes. "Well, as I can see you don't really have much of an IQ, let's over simplify it and say yes," said Sanji and then narrowed his eyes.

Zoro was thinking about it. What was a sex demon doing over at his place? Zoro didn't know and he wasn't going to apply logic to any do that because it didn't really make sense. However, he then remembered something and his eyes widened, letting out a small chuckle and Sanji glared. Now, what?! Zoro looked amused and he wouldn't stop grinning. It was just something that Sanji said before – how he was finally going to do it and how he was a laughing stock of the whole village. Did that mean that Sanji, the sex demon, never did... it?! Now, that was hilarious.

"A virgin sex demon?," asked Zoro, just to see what kind of a reaction he'd get from the other one. Perhaps his hunch was wrong, but as soon as he said that, Sanji's cheeks reddened once more.

Sanji's heart started beating much faster and he was beyond pissed off when that stupid marimo said that. It was bad enough that everyone back home were laughing at him, but to have this stupid human do it as well pissed him off even more. Anger was bubbling up within him and even if Sanji had magic powers, all of his logic flew right out of the window and he charged Zoro with all that he got. He pounced at him, pinning him against the bed, forming a first with his hand and just as he was about to strike at him, all of the tossing and turning made Zoro's phone flip to the other side and there was something that caught Sanji's attention. With the corner of his eye he glanced to the side and quickly snatched the phone away from Zoro's hands.

Zoro's cheeks were red when he saw that Sanji had his phone and he tried to get it away, but the pervert was faster than him. "Now, now, what do we have here?" asked Sanji when Zoro's dirty little secret was revealed and he shuddered when he saw the video playing on the phone. Zoro was now pissed off as well.

"Give it back," said Zoro and Sanji licked across his lower lip. It wasn't until then that he became very well aware of the fact that he was again sitting on top of the human, straddling his legs. There was something about Zoro's expression that Sanji wanted to see more of. The slight blush. Sanji wanted to see it deepen. But it was more than that – he wanted to feed off of this man. He wanted him. In every way possible. It was maddening how much Sanji wanted him and he cleared his throat. "The phone's mine," said Zoro and quickly snatched the phone away from Sanji and hid it under his pillow.

So, he was watching porn – who cared?! No one!

"Instead of watching such dirty videos," purred Sanji against Zoro's lips and grabbed Zoro's chin and pulled his face closer. Zoro's eyes widened and Sanji chuckled. Oh, such a good reaction – he wanted to see more of it. "Why not trying the real thing?" proposed Sanji and chuckled when he saw the expression on Zoro's face. Of course he didn't really expect Zoro to say yes. Sanji was waiting for the human to freak out. But it was still fun to watch him squirm like that.

Zoro's eyes widened when the blonde said that and his breath shook when he felt Sanji's hot breath against his cheek. Oh, crap, this was dangerous. To try the real thing, he said? Well, Sanji was an incubus, so to him this wouldn't be... it would be fun, right? Zoro couldn't say he wasn't tempted. Perhaps the pervert was annoying, but he was also incredibly hot. Was he making fun of him or did he mean it? Sanji said that he was after sex that evening, so Zoro wouldn't mind- It's been forever, he's been single for almost a year. Seeking out women was annoying, he didn't really- Zoro has been pent up for months now and he licked across his lower lip, Sanji's laughter slowly dying out.

It wasn't like Zoro to say what was going to come out of his mouth next, but he couldn't help it. The blonde was gorgeous, it would have been a crime if he didn't take what the other was offering him and just thinking about it made him feel excited, feeling blood rushing through his veins and he didn't shy away from Sanji's offer. "So, what if I do?" asked Zoro and Sanji's eyes widened, the blue eyes finding Zoro's dark ones and he shuddered and quickly looked away. He never thought that the green haired idiot would even consider- "If I say yes, do you think you'd be able to satisfy me?" he asked, his voice an octave lower, caressing Sanji's ear drums and the incubus swallowed thickly because he couldn't think straight.


"I-I-" stammered Sanji, but his voice died out and he then narrowed his eyes. What if this was Zoro's way of messing with him as well? Perhaps he managed to find out that he was only mocking him before and he managed to recover quickly. He wasn't going to let this marimo win so easily, so he leaned in closer again and then grabbed the back of Zoro's hair and yanked his head back a little bit. Still, the way Zoro reacted made Sanji wonder if the other was truly- "Oh, I'd satisfy you," said Sanji and Zoro's eyes lit up.

"Even if you never-"

"Shut up," said Sanji quickly, annoyance kicking in and he held in his breath. Sanji's eyes travelled up and down and Zoro groaned again as he tried to move, but the blonde one was holding him in place. For now. But Zoro knew that he could have easily flipped them over, turned Sanji around ad- Zoro quickly stopped himself and shook his head. Oh, this was getting dangerous indeed. Zoro dragged his teeth over his lower lip.

"Mm," grunted Zoro and Sanji arched his brows, his breathing getting a little bit laboured. There it was again, that attraction that he felt for the man. It was dragging him in, like a moth to a flame and he couldn't say no. Just the sheer thought of pinning the... no, being pinned down by the man and devoured by that gaze was enough to make him painfully hard against his pants and he cursed under his breath. It was hard to say no, the temptation was too great and he melted right against Zoro's body when he felt the other's hand behind his neck. Gentle, yet strong – enough to remind him who was in control. Would Sanji allow Zoro to take control of him? Was that even a question? Sanji mewled when Zoro came closer.

"Zoro," panted Sanji and Zoro grinned. Sanji was a complete stranger and not a human, but Zoro didn't care. He wasn't the one that would say no to such an opportunity. Plus both of them would benefit from this. And it seemed like they would be more than compatible. Sanji's skin felt feverish to the point of it being uncomfortable. He felt as if he was about to burst on the spot if he wouldn't get what he wanted and that was Zoro. He craved the man, he wanted to be fed. Or eaten. Both. "Kiss me," mewled Sanji against Zoro's lips and the other didn't have to be told twice.

Zoro gulped down before he crushed their lips together. Sanji was waiting there for Zoro to make that first move and then as soon as their lips touched, Sanji let out a low growl. Zoro shuddered and his eyes opened a little bit, peeking through. Sanji's eyes fluttered shut and Zoro wasn't given the time to think because Sanji was kissing him back immediately, deepening the kiss. Sanji licked himself into Zoro's mouth and both of them moaned along. Sanji tasted like cigarettes, meanwhile Sanji was getting drunk on the feeling of being kissed alone. It wasn't his first kiss, but it sure as hell felt like one. Embarrassed by how easily he submitted, Sanji kept on kissing Zoro.

Zoro's head was spinning, tasting the bitter taste of cigarettes on Sanji's tongue, but in a way it made sense. Zoro wrapped his arms around Sanji's thinner waist and he pulled him closer. Sanji was still sitting on top of Zoro, but his tail was now wrapped around Zoro's arm, who was holding him close. Zoro grinned when he made that observation and his hand slowly travelled up, touching the place in between Sanji's wings. The reaction he got was marvellous. Sanji wrapped his arms around his neck and hid his face into the crook of his neck, moaning along as Zoro continued exploring, his fingers gently tickling against his wings and Sanji gasped along. If he could, he could tuck his wings away, but he didn't want to. It felt good.

"W-where are you touching, you idiot?" asked Sanji and glanced up, scowling at Zoro.

"You seem to like it," said Zoro with a grin plastered all over his face and Sanji huffed under his breath. "Your tail especially seems to be sensitive," muttered Zoro into his ear and slowly moved his arm back and before Sanji managed to move his tail, Zoro placed his warm palm around it and gently moved his hand, caressing his tail. Sanji arched his back, bit down onto his lower lip to prevent any more embarrassing sounds from escaping past his lips and buried his face back into the crook of Zoro's neck. Zoro chuckled above Sanji, that deep chuckle doing wonders to Sanji's body. He needed more.


"Is it the first time someone touches you like this?" whispered Zoro into Sanji's ear and nipped his earlobe. Sanji sank his teeth into his lower lip, refusing to tell the other the truth, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. Yes, yes, it was. As an incubus it was humiliating. However, eventually, Sanji nodded. But it was finally happening, Sanji's heart was pounding against his ribcage and he couldn't stop shuddering there in Zoro's arms. Zoro's scent and energy were hugging his body, Sanji felt as if he was floating as Marimo continued stroking his tail, the hazier his mind was getting.

It was a turn on that he was the first one to ever lay his hands upon Sanji like this. The sheer fact that Sanji was hard as a rock wasn't a secret – Zoro could feel Sanji's hard cock against his own body. Sanji was desperately moving his hips and Zoro chuckled once more. Usually leather pants were Sanji's favourite pair, but at the moment he despised them. They felt too warm, too tight. Sanji gulped down, feeling the pleasure building up. This was pathetic, he had no stamina. Whatsoever. Sanji's moans were getting louder and Zoro could tell that the other was close... probably? It was so easy, Sanji's body was so responsive. So sensitive.

"Close?" asked Zoro.


"Which feels better – your wings?" asked Zoro and gently touched Sanji's wings. "Or your tail?" he asked and stroked Sanji's tail again. It was no secret, not really. Sanji mewled when Zoro touched his tail and Sanji cracked his eyes open. He was going to come undone. Just like this. And he didn't care.

"My t-tail, yes, Zoro, don't stop," ordered Sanji and Zoro continued stroking Sanji's tail. Sanji's right hand slipped in between his legs and he pressed his palm tightly against his clothed cock. Zoro was enjoying this way too much and he couldn't stop himself from kissing his way down Zoro's neck and sucking in a deep mark to the side of it. Feeling Zoro's teeth on his skin was what did it for Sanji and he came with a loud yelp of Zoro's name on his lips, slowly riding out his orgasm, shivering all over. Zoro chuckled and Sanji was immediately back, scowling at him.

"That was fast," commented Zoro.

"Idiot, it was my first-"

"That was hot," said Zoro and Sanji stopped talking. "But we're not done yet, are we?" asked Zoro and Sanji's heart leaped up to his heart and he shook his head. No, he didn't want this to be over. Not yet. He wanted everything.

"N-no," stammered Sanji.

"Good. Strip then," ordered Zoro and Sanji glared at him.

"You, too, then," said Sanji and Zoro blinked a few times, shrugging as his shirt came flying off in the next second. Sitting now underneath Sanji was a very shirtless Zoro and Sanji had to take a moment to take it in.

"Happy?" asked Zoro and then snorted when he saw the sheer joy and satisfaction written on Sanji's face. "You're drooling, Mr. Pervert Incubus," informed him Zoro and Sanji snapped back, shaking his head and then he narrowed his eyes. Didn't he remember his name?!

"It's Sanji," grumbled Sanji and Zoro didn't listen to him. At least he didn't seem like he did. "Stupid marimo," grumbled Sanji, contuning his little rant and Zoro narrowed his eyes – he liked him a whole lot more before when he wasn't talking. Zoro grabbed Sanji's chin and pulled him face up, closer. "W-what?" asked Sanji, feeling again the stuttering coming back. But he couldn't help it.

"You talk too much," said Zoro and Sanji scowled at him.

"As if you're the one to talk," said Sanji and started angrily undoing his shirt, quickly pulling it over his head and then he sighed under his breath. Was this going to shut the human up? Zoro's eyes sparked up, but there was still something that he wanted Sanji to do. "There, I'm shirtless too, so if you don't mind-"

Sanji's voice trailed off when Zoro groaned and pulled his face closer. "You better put that mouth to a much better use," said Sanji and Zoro narrowed his eyes. Zoro glanced down and Sanji's eyes widened because it wasn't really rocket science what Zoro was talking about. Sanji swallowed, feeling his entire body heating up and he gulped down. Hard. Shit. Did he want to? Hell, yes. But he had never... Zoro would make fun of him. Again. "If you can handle it," said Zoro and wrapped his fingers around Sanji's wrist, guiding his hand lower and he grinned when he saw Sanji's eyes widen as he placed his palm against his own erection.

Zoro was hard. And big.

"Of course I can, dumbass," said Sanji and withdrew his hand away. "I'll satisfy you plenty," he said and Zoro tried not to laugh. Sanji sure as hell knew how to run his mouth well, but he wasn't really... persuasive about it. His cheeks were bright red. "So much to the point you'll never be able to be satisfied by anyone else," he said and Zoro grinned.

"Carry on then," said Zoro and leaned back against the pillows. "Impress me."

Sanji gritted his teeth and glanced down. His heart was pounding in his chest, his hands were shaky, but this was something that he wanted to do. Thankfully, Zoro didn't make any comments as Sanji's shaky fingers were slowly pulling down his sweat pants and a little grin spread across Zoro's lips when Sanji pulled down his pants and shuddered. Sanji hooked his thumb under the hem of Zoro's boxers and slowly pulled those off too – he decided that it was enough stalling already, feeling his mouth water as soon as he pulled Zoro's boxers off and he heard the other's hitched breath, looking up and he gulped once again.

Zoro's dark eyes were watching him, waiting, begging to continue and the blonde one felt a jolt of excitement spreading all around his body. His cheeks were red, his entire body on fire when he finally looked down and his eyes widened. Zoro was huge. Sanji licked across his lower lip and he heard Zoro's deep chuckle once more. "Cat got your tongue?" teased Zoro and Sanji scowled at him.

"S-shut up, you're ruining the mood," huffed Sanji under his breath and decided to make Zoro shut up all on his own. Clumsily, he slowly kissed his way down Zoro's chest and he grinned when he got some sort of a response – Zoro's breathing was much faster by the time he reached his lower stomach and Sanji felt his throat getting dry. Zoro's cock was laying hot and heavy, hard against his stomach and Sanji moaned at the sight.

God, he wanted it so much.

Even if it was Sanji's first time he didn't shy away and Zoro liked that about him. He huffed through his nose when he felt Sanji slowly wrapping his fingers around the base of his cock. Sanji moved his hands in a few lazy, slow jerks just to see if Zoro was going to react and he did. Zoro sank his teeth into his lower lip and gave Sanji a little nod. Finally Sanji dipped his head down and then did what he thought would feel good. He swirled his tongue around the tip of it and slowly took some of it deeper into his mouth, exhaling through his nose and looked up.

Zoro threw his head back, buried his fingers into Sanji's hair and gave him another nod. "Keep going," ordered Zoro and Sanji shuddered. Deep, low controlling voice. Sanji wanted to obey and he continued, slowly bobbing his head as he tried to take Zoro as deep as he could, gagging a few times, but it felt good. Sanji was moving his hand as well, trying to mimic what he saw in the video that Zoro was watching before, moaning along. Sucking the human off was such a turn off, feeling his own member harden once more.

Zoro was holding back his breath the entire time. Sanji was clumsy, but Zoro didn't make a comment about it. His technique lacked, but just seeing Sanji try his best was a turn on enough for Zoro. The pleasure was slowly building up and he hissed, quickly pulling out of Sanji's mouth as he didn't want the fun to end too soon and Sanji slowly looked up, wiping his mouth. His lips were swollen, his jaw feeling a little bit numb and he bit his lower lip – it didn't feel good? Sanji felt disappointed and he glanced down, his wings sadly drooping down as well and Zoro cursed under his breath. Why was the sex demon so cute?! Zoro's cheeks reddened and Sanji slowly straightened himself up.

"Didn't feel good?" asked Sanji.

"It felt too good," said Zoro and Sanji was again in good spirits. "I don't want things to be over too soon, I wanna fuck you properly," said Zoro and pulled Sanji closer again. Sanji had to admit that he loved how dirty the human talked. It was endearing and he gulped. "That is if you'll let me," said Zoro. He needed Sanji's consent and Sanji melted up against Zoro, kissing him hard before he gave him a reply.

"Please," said Sanji and Zoro cursed under his breath, thanking the gods above that Sanji missed the apartment and came to him instead of Nami.

"Please, what?" teased Zoro and Sanji grumbled under his breath.

"Fuck me," finally said Sanji despite the flush upon his cheeks and Zoro laughed softly. For an incubus Sanji sure was shy.

"C'mere," said Zoro against Sanji's lips and the other kissed him once again, moaning along when he felt Zoro's strong arms around his waist and he wrapped his legs around Zoro when the other spun them around and pinned Sanji against the mattress. Finally, as Zoro pressed down against Sanji's body he could feel something poking him against his thigh and he glanced down. Sanji was hard again. Zoro placed his palm against Sanji's clothed erection and enjoyed the little shudder and a moan that escaped past Sanji's lips. "Did sucking me off turn you on so much?" whispered Zoro into the other's ear and Sanji swallowed.


No bitching? No grumbling? Zoro was impressed and he laughed softly. Sanji's heart leaped up to his throat when Zoro kissed him again, gasping when he felt Zoro's tongue brushing up against his own and he allowed Zoro's kiss to completely wreck him, nodding when Zoro asked him if he could take off his pants. Sanji tucked his wings in now that he was lying on his back, but his tail had made it around Zoro's leg and when Zoro made that observation, he grinned and Sanji quickly unwrapped his tail away from Zoro.

Sanji's heart was pounding when he felt the human's hands travelling all over his body and he tried his best to suppress back the embarrassing moans that were fearing to spill out of his mouth with every Zoro's touch. Every place that Zoro touched felt good – and Sanji only craved more. Zoro chuckled when he saw Sanji's face as he finally wrapped his fingers around Sanji's hard cock and stroked it a few times, Sanji moaning out his name over and over again. Zoro licked across his lower lip. Sanji was very vocal. It only made his imagination run wilder and Zoro's eyes widened when he heard Sanji's little growl.

"Zoro... more," panted Sanji against Zoro's lips and Zoro grinned, nodding.

"Turn around for me," said Zoro and Sanji gulped, but nodded and slowly turned around, lying on his stomach and his toes curled as his cock was suddenly trapped between the sheets and his own body. Sanji felt Zoro hovering on top of him and he narrowed his eyes when Zoro leaned over to the drawer, taking something out of it and he moaned when he saw a small bottle. Sanji fisted the sheets underneath him when Zoro was back on top of him, whispering into his ear.

"Lift your hips, spread your legs," said Zoro and Sanji gulped, but did as he was told, only to realise that the position he found himself in was rather-

"Oi, fucker, I'm not putting my ass out for display for-" started Sanji bitching again, but soon stopped when he felt Zoro closer and he bit onto his lower lip instead. Sanji was supporting himself on top of the pillows, his face overheating once again. Zoro moaned along when he saw Sanji. Legs spread for him, his heavy member leaking, begging to be touched and- Zoro couldn't wait to be buried inside of Sanji, to fuck him into oblivion. "Stop staring," roared Sanji and hid his face into the pillow. As much as he enjoyed the look on Zoro's face, he was also embarrassed.

"For a sex demon, you're easily embarrassed," said Zoro after he managed to stop staring.

"I'm not-"

"Oh, please," said Zoro. Sanji didn't like Zoro – he was too cocky, arrogant and... Oh, fuck, what was that? Something hot and wet... Was that...? Sanji looked around over his shoulder and shuddered. Yes. It was.

Zoro was leaning down, in between his legs and Sanji let out a low moan when he felt Zoro's tongue again against his entrance, cursing out loud and he closed his eyes tightly. Sanji was beyond embarrassed that having Zoro lick him there felt this good, biting down into his forearm when he heard Zoro's low chuckle behind him. As Zoro was prepping Sanji, he tried to show him all of the pleasures that were out there. Zoro wanted Sanji to remember this forever. Also, he couldn't resist. Sanji was driving him mad, getting addicted to him already and something told him that he would be seeing more of him. God, he hoped at least.

"Z-Zoro, what the hell... don't lick-"

"Do you dislike it?," asked Zoro and Sanji shook his head.

“No, f-feels good,” finally confessed Sanji and Zoro held Sanji's cheeks open and Sanji arched his back when he felt Zoro's tongue slipping inside. "Fuck," cursed Sanji and almost sobbed when Zoro decided to add in a finger as well.

Zoro took his time as he ate Sanji out, slowly prepping him, adding a second finger as well, curling his fingers inside, pushing them deeper and when Sanji let out a growl he knew that he found the spot. Sanji's eyes shot open, quickly pressing a hand upon his lips because he didn't like the sound that he had made. But it felt so good, Zoro touched something that felt so, so amazing. And he wanted more, so he pushed his hips down onto Zoro's fingers.

Sanji's tail was flailing around like crazy and when Zoro's fingers hit his prostate again, Sanji untucked his wings without even knowing it himself. He was that far gone, slowly moving his hips, meeting up with Zoro's movements and Zoro was barely holding back. Just seeing Sanji fuck himself on his fingers like that was probably enough to push him over the edge. The fact that Sanji's tail was wrapped around his wrist, encouraging him to keep going was that much of a turn on. The incubus felt so tight and hot inside. Zoro knew that he wouldn't last long.

"Zoro, Zoro," was moaning Sanji louder. It wasn't enough. Fingers felt good, but he wanted more and he could tell that Zoro wanted too. Sanji was feeding off of his energy and he wasn't satisfied. Not completely. Neither was Zoro. "More... more, please, I need you deeper... more-"

"Shit," cursed Zoro under his breath and nodded. He had spent enough time preparing Sanji long enough, he seemed loose enough. And he'd go slow. Somehow.

"Fuck me," stammered Sanji against the pillow and stuffed his face with it, mewling when Zoro slipped his fingers out and Sanji moaned along when he heard Zoro undoing the bottle cap once again. "Hurry up," whined Sanji, who couldn't hold back anymore and Zoro nodded.

"Y-yes, I can't hold on much longer," said Zoro, lubing himself up, stroking himself a few times before he lined himself up with Sanji's entrance. "Spread your cheeks for me," said Zoro and he knew that Sanji would obey. That was something that he learned – Sanji loved to obey him. As much as Sanji wanted to protest he couldn't. He reached behind with his hands and slowly did as he was told. Zoro grinned. "Here you go, your reward," said Zoro and slowly pushed in the tip, gritting his teeth. Sanji's eyes widened and he gripped the sheets underneath him again. "Tell me if it hurts," whispered Zoro and Sanji's ear. "I'll pull out," he said and Sanji's heart skipped a beat. Zoro was actually a nice-

"Fuck, Zoro," stammered Sanji and Zoro pulled out a bit before pushing himself inside again. It took a while, but Zoro was finally fully seated inside of Sanji and was trying his best not to move. It was almost impossible, but he gave Sanji all the time that he needed to get used to having him inside. Sanji was so hot and tight, Zoro was breathing hard and uneven. It took all of the will power that he had to not snap his hips and fuck himself into the heat of Sanji's body.

Sanji was panting hard, keeping his eyes barely open as he was slowly getting used to the feeling. Of being so full and stretched. It was a new feeling, but the stretch felt satisfying. He was shaking all over, wondering why Zoro wasn't moving. "Are you alright?" heard Sanji from somewhere above. Zoro's voice was anything but collected. Breaking. Shuddering. Panting.


"Y-yes," whispered Sanji and gasped when he felt Zoro's hands roaming around his body. Zoro wanted to distract Sanji from any possible discomfort he could be feeling. That was why Zoro stroked Sanji's wings, the blonde one arching his back. "Z-Zoro," gasped Sanji, wishing for Zoro to finally start moving. He wanted more. Zoro's other hand was now stroking his tail and Sanji sobbed out in pleasure. "Move, for fuck's sake, start moving, you moron," almost yelled Sanji and Zoro grinned.

Well, that was all that he needed.

Zoro pressed a little kiss onto Sanji's left wing as he slowly snapped his snaps forwards and Sanji moaned out because... finally. Sanji made such pretty, delicious sounds. Zoro cleared his throat, slowly dropped his hands lower, gripping onto Sanji's hips as he slowly snapped his hips again, picking up a slow pace at start, clenching his jaw as he allowed the tightness and warmth of Sanji's body overtake him completely. Gripping into Sanji's sides tightly, he picked up a little bit faster pace and Sanji arched his back.

Sanji wanted even faster and his eyes shot wide open when he felt Zoro kissing in between his wings. He flapped with them, making Zoro laugh in the process and he shook his head. "Too much, Zoro, I can't," grunted Sanji, closing his eyes and he allowed the pleasure to overcome him completely, completely submitting to Zoro. Zoro's energy was no joke and he was completely helpless against it. "More," groaned Sanji and Zoro grinned. "Harder, Zoro, do it harder," he said, moving his own hips and Zoro grunted.

"You're so fucking tight," grunted Zoro into Sanji's ear, nipping his nape and then he picked up a faster pace. He didn't care if he wasn't going to last long. Judging by how much Sanji was tightening around him and moaning loudly his name, neither would he. Zoro proudly grinned into Sanji's nape.

Zoro changed angles a few times with his thrusts and there was one particularly good and deep thrust which managed to hit Sanji's prostate dead on. "T-there, right there, do that again," gasped Sanji breathlessly and Zoro chuckled. "Stop laughing, idiot," whined Sanji and Zoro dropped his hand lower, wrapping his hand around Sanji's tail. "N-no, not my tail," sobbed Sanji and Zoro sucked a little mark into the side of Sanji's neck, marking him as his own.

"You don't like it?" asked Zoro with a grin on his face as he continued stroking Sanji's tail and Sanji shook his head.

"No," mumbled Sanji and Zoro laughed. That was clearly a lie.

"Ah," said Zoro and then let go of Sanji's tail and Sanji let out a loud mewl and a groan of disappointment. No, he wanted Zoro to keep stroking his tail as he pounded into him. Zoro closed his eyes as he continued pounding into Sanji. He wasn't going to last much longer, he could feel the pleasure building up. Sanji continued moaning out his name, his tail flailing around like crazy and he sobbed as he looked around.

"My tail," whined Sanji.

"Hmm?" asked Zoro.

"Touch it, please, touch it again," said Sanji and Zoro laughed. Sanji sure as hell changed his mind quickly.

"Though you didn't like it," said Zoro and Sanji shook his head.

"F-feels too good, I just... Oh, yes, yes, Zoro, fuck, " started Sanji, but then Zoro stroked his tail again and he couldn't form a coherent sentence anymore. It felt too good, pleasure was building up and he was close. Zoro was as well, he could sense it, getting addicted to that feeling. It was too good.

"I'm close," whispered Zoro.

"Inside, I-I want-" heard himself say Sanji, but stopped once he realised that it was probably too embarrassing. It only stirred Zoro up even more, rolling his hips even faster, wrapping his arms around Sanji and he pulled him closer.

"Fuck, you know how to stir me up," whispered Zoro and cursed. "Want me to fill you up?" asked Zoro and Sanji nodded frantically.

"I want it, yes, yes, Zoro, please, " was begging Sanji for it over and over again and Zoro couldn't hold back anymore.

"I'm coming, Sanji," whispered Zoro, biting Sanji's shoulder as his every muscle tensed up, slowly riding out his orgasm and Sanji yelped loudly, coming all over the sheets as well. Untouched. The way that Zoro said his name, being held so close and Zoro biting him – he was pushed over the edge himself, shaking like crazy in Zoro's arms.

Sanji felt satisfied, well-fed and... tired. So tired that he didn't really understand the words that Zoro was whispering into his ear. All that he saw was black.

The next time that Sanji was aware of his surroundings was several hours later. By then the sun was already shining brightly and his jaw dropped when he realised that he had spent more time with Zoro than he anticipated. The events of the last evening started replying in his head and he whined, slowly rolling onto his stomach. His cheeks were red and he glanced around. The room was empty. Where was Marimo?! Perhaps it was better that he already left. Sanji clicked with his head and then a little smile spread across his face.

Last evening, it was... not that bad and-

What the hell was that smell? Sanji perked up and narrowed his eyes when he could smell something that was definitely burning and he cocked his head to the side. It was coming from outside of the bedroom, so he lazily wrapped himself in a sheet, too tired to bother putting on his clothes, and slowly made his way to the source of the smell. Walking was... a challenge, his hips feeling quite sore and he groaned along. When he stepped into Zoro's kitchen, he soon found the source of the smell and his jaw dropped.

"What are you doing?" asked Sanji and Zoro jumped when he was suddenly spoken to.

"O-oh, right, you're still here," said Zoro and eyed Sanji. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, " said Sanji, his cheeks red again. "What are you burning?"

"I'm making breakfast," said Zoro and Sanji blinked a few times and slowly came closer, looking inside of Zoro's pan and what once used to resemble an egg. Sanji was offended by Zoro's cooking abilities and he shuddered. "What?" grumbled Zoro.

"I'm offended by this," said Sanji and pointed to the burnt food.

"Piss off," said Zoro, but before he knew it, Sanji snatched the pan away from him and shoved Zoro out of the way. He was going to show Zoro what real food looked like. "Oi, give it back, what do you think you're doing?" asked Zoro as Sanji opened up the fridge and wrinkled his nose.

"Making you a less offensive breakfast," said Sanji. "Where's all the food? Why is there only beer in here?" deadpanned Sanji and Zoro stepped closer.

"There is food in there too," barked Zoro back.

"Hmph," said Sanji, took two eggs and returned over to the counter. Zoro was confused – what was the sex demon doing? Cooking for him, suddenly? Zoro was grumbling under his breath, but he sat back down and watched Sanji by the counter. Well, that wasn't so bad. Sanji could feel Zoro's eyes on him and suddenly the green haired man was standing behind him, wrapping his arms around him and pulling himself closer.

"You know," whispered Zoro. "This isn't so bad," he said as he nuzzled into the side of Sanji's neck and took in a deep breath, observing the marks he left on there the previous evening. They looked lovely. "Up for round two? You need to eat too, right?" asked Zoro.

Sanji found it hard to focus on cooking when he had Zoro doing that behind him. "Please, I'm trying to focus," said Sanji and pinched Zoro's hand.


"Later we're going shopping," announced Sanji.

"Excuse me?"

"You need some proper food in your fridge," he said and Zoro rolled his eyes.

"My fridge's fine," said Zoro under his breath and then narrowed his eyes, crossing his arms on top of his chest. But that meant that Sanji would stay? "So, round two after the shopping?" asked Zoro, half joking.

Sanji's cheeks reddened and he glanced around. "If you behave," was all that Sanji said and then turned around. Sanji's heart skipped another beat as he tried to focus – what was he doing? Sanji didn't want to leave. At least not yet. And like Zoro said - he needed to eat as well. 

Sanji didn't know what he was getting himself into, but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't eager to find out.