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The pain in HG’s voice made Myka’s blood run cold.  She watched HG stumble back, hand pressed to her chest.  The flat, muscular chest of Marcus Diamond.  But due to the revealing effects of an artifact, Myka had seen into his eyes and Helena Wells had looked back.  Now, in a wild, mind-bending effect, she saw Helena drop to her knees even though her eyes were watching the tall, well-built man.

Pete walked past her, he was saying something but all she heard was an angry growl.  In his hand he held a … metronome?  The sight of the device made something connect in her mind – something she had read about Johann Maeizel’s Metronome and its tick that timed the beat of a human heart.  But all she heard was silence.  ‘Pete!’ she cried and ran to him, snatching the stilled device from his hands.  ‘Oh, god!’ she sobbed and dropped to her knees beside HG who had fallen onto her back, her near lifeless eyes staring up at nothing.  ‘No, no, no!’ she cried, her trembling fingers set the pendulum going.  The sound of the rhythmic tick was drowned out by her desperate sob, ‘Come on, Helena!  Come back to me!’

She fell back as HG cried out and sat up.  ‘Helena!’ she screamed, disbelieving hands grabbing at her face, stroking her hair and then pressing to her chest, desperate to fil the heart beating within.  She pulled back slightly as HG’s own fevered hands pulled at her clothes, searching for the same thing. 

Myka heaved a sigh of relief and wiped tears from her eyes, falling back onto her haunches and hanging her head.  She set the metronome on the floor and breathed deeply.

  ‘Mykes, what the fuck?’ Pete yelled, confusion and anger warring for control of his trembling body.

She climbed unsteadily to her feet, lifting her hand, ‘Give me a sec …’  Her own heart was racing and she couldn’t catch her breath.  She held her hand up between them to try and calm his anger but it failed.

 ‘That’s the guy who’s been working for Sykes!  He’s the one who tortured and murdered Regents!’  he was yelling and then she couldn’t believe it as she watched Pete step towards HG’s prone figure. 

  ‘No!’ she gasped but got to him too late to stop him from delivering a harsh kick to HG’s ribs and sending her rolling across the floor.

Myka’s anger became an inferno inside her that was both deafening and blinding.  ‘Bastard!’ she yelled with venom and grabbed his shoulder, spinning him to meet her flying fist.  The feel of his flesh beneath her knuckles was horribly satisfying and she felt the inferno inside her quickly fading.  She glared down at Pete’s stunned face, shaking her stinging hand before she ran to Helena.  The ground was rough beneath her skidding knees but none of that mattered.  ‘Helena?’ she half gasped, ‘God, Helena … are you okay?’

Myka winced with her as HG grunted and gave a small nod.  She held her hand out and helped her to get slowly to her feet, teeth gritting as she saw the way HG was holding her ribs.


  ‘Don’t move!’

Myka turned and wasn’t surprised to be staring down the barrel of Pete’s gun. 

His eyes were wide, scared, ‘Myka …’ he said carefully, ‘… I don’t know what’s going on but …’ he winced and she felt a pang of guilty satisfaction as he pressed a thumb to his split lip, ‘… you two are going to stay right there until I figure this out.’


Myka looked over Pete’s shoulder as a slim, familiar figure ran through the door, shouting, ‘Pete!  It’s okay …’

  ‘Steve?’ Pete seemed just as surprised to see the young agent as she was, ‘You’re, okay?’

  ‘Yeah,’ the young agent appeared beside him, hand resting on his forearm, ‘Put the gun down, Pete, there’s something you need to know.’

Pete slowly lowered the gun and Myka released the breath she was holding.  She slipped her arm around HG’s shoulders and lifted her chin with her other hand, staring into the ice blue eyes.  The pair of them managed a small smile.

  ‘That’s Helena Wells,’ Steve announced, his hand on Pete’s shoulder as he pointed at the body of Marcus Diamond.

Pete’s eyes widened and his eyebrows almost disappeared into his hair line.  ‘Are you tripping, man?’

Steve shook his head, ‘I saw it happen … Sykes used the Janus coin to put HG’s mind in Marcus’ body.’

Pete looked between HG and Myka and then back to Steve.  Eventually he holstered his gun and threw his hands in the air, ‘Whatever, man …’ he turned and stalked towards the door mumbling, ‘… I hope Vanessa is a trained psychologist because … man … this is fucked up!’




Myka stood outside the doorway with the tray of coffee and cups and tried to steady her breathing.  ‘It’s going to be okay …’ she whispered to herself and wished she could say it louder, maybe she’d believe it then.  Taking a breath, she stepped into the room to find an uncomfortable looking trio. 

Pete grunted in reply to something that HG had said and Steve was smiling, sort of. 

  ‘Nice to see we’re all getting along,’ Myka sighed and set the tray on the table.

  ‘A period of adjustment seems to be in order …’ HG sighed, ‘… again.’

Myka poured herself a coffee as Pete crossed his arms, ‘Yeah?  Well what weapon of mass destruction can we expect this time?’

Myka was glad she hadn’t tried to take a sip of her drink because she would have probably choked on it.  She felt the deep flush run up her neck and cheeks and half glanced at HG who was looking anywhere else but at her.  She heard Steve snigger and glared at him but he didn’t notice as he helped himself to coffee.  Her eyes eventually came to rest on Pete and she braced herself for the expression she would see.  But he just reached over and grabbed an oatie from the plate.  He really was totally oblivious to what he had said and how it had sounded.  She shook her head in equal relief and dismay as she watched him scoff the biscuit in two huge bites.


Artie’s baritone voice preceded him into the room, ‘Johann Maeizel’s Metronome!’  He delivered the folder to the table in with a theatrical wave of his arm and sat down. 

Myka stood to pour him a coffee, watching nervously as Pete and HG both reached for the file at the same time.  Thankfully Pete was the one to back down – although whether it was because he was sparing them all any further confrontation or because Marcus Diamond’s body was still quite an imposing figure, was unclear.

She gave Artie his coffee and then sat down, glancing over and scanning the pages along with HG.  Her eyebrows lowered in a frown at the same time HG said, ‘This can’t be right, Artie.  It says that whoever uses the metronome is tied physically to the person they bring back from the dead … that would mean that whatever happened to Marcus Diamond happened to Sykes and vise versa.’

  ‘Ooo, vise versa, fancy,’ Pete announced in a sing-song voice with hand actions to match, ‘You are HG Wells.’  Myka glared at him across the table but he was unrepentant as he grabbed another oatie.  ‘That can’t be right then, can it?’ he announced in a spray of oatie crumbs, ‘Cos I threw Diamond off a five-storey building and …’ he turned to Steve, ‘… did Sykes have any side-effects from that?’

Steve shook his head, ‘I was with you when it happened but Sykes seemed fine when we got back to the hangar,’ he sipped his coffee then added thoughtfully, ‘And when Emily Lake hit him, Sykes didn’t even flinch.’

  ‘I … she … hit him?’ HG queried and Myka glanced at her.

  ‘Yeah, Marcus was getting …’ his lips curled with distaste, ‘… sexual with her.  She slapped him and he hit her back,’ he couldn’t stop the angry glare that was directed her way, ‘That’s when he killed her – I don’t think he meant to but Marcus is … was, a nasty piece of work.’

Myka hated the way Steve looked at HG.  Hated the way they were all looking at her.  She heard HG say something but didn’t hear it, her attention was fixed on the three men before her.  ‘Okay, enough of this,’ she sighed and reached into her pocket, retrieving the napkin and throwing it on the table, ‘You all need to read this …’

  ‘Spanish?’ Pete asked.

Artie picked it up and scanned the handwriting, ‘Portuguese …’ he looked up at Myka, ‘Translation, please?’

Myka didn’t look at napkin, she didn’t need to, ‘The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden,’

Myka held her breath as they each held the napkin and repeated the phrase.  If she hadn’t been so nervous, she might have found their expression amusing as they dissolved from distrust to confusion to surprise to … well, awe.

  ‘That is damned screwy …’ Pete announced as he leant closer, squinting, ‘… man, that is a mind f –’

  ‘Yes, well,’ Artie interrupted, ‘with regards to the metronome, I would hazard a guess that Sykes used another artifact alongside it to negate that particular downside.  After all, he wouldn’t have wanted to feel whatever his minion did.  Lucky for you,’ he announced and looked over her glasses at HG, ‘the effects seemed to have saved you from sharing Syke’s fate.’

Myka felt her heart race at the thought of what could have happened had Sykes not kept himself distanced from the metronome.  They really would have lost HG forever.  She would have lost her.

  ‘So it would seem,’ HG was saying in reply as she handed Artie the file back.  And then she asked the question that had been troubling Myka since they had left the disused warehouse in Univille, ‘What do the Regents have planned?’


A familiar voice echoed from the sunroom, ‘That depends on you, Miss Wells,’

Myka watched Mrs Frederic as she stood and approached the table.  She was grateful when Artie offered her the napkin but momentarily disappointed when she shook her head in refusal. 

  ‘My connection to the Warehouse is strong enough for me to see who is really inside that body …’ a tiny hint of a smile played at her lips, ‘… the Warehouse always liked you, Miss Wells,’

HG nodded, ‘I’m just sorry that that wasn’t enough for me back then,’

Myka dipped her head and reached for HG’s hand, squeezing it gently.

  ‘Arthur, we need to talk, come with me, please,’ Mrs Frederic announced.

Myka’s head shot up, ‘If you’re talking about Helena, then I think we should all hear what you have to say.’

  ‘Do you, Agent Berring?’ Mrs Frederic responded as if she were addressing an errant student.

Myka felt a sudden rush of anxiety, she swallowed but managed a nod.

  ‘Interesting,’ the word rolled off her tongue and carried so much meaning that Myka actually felt a cold sweat prickle along her spine.

  ‘What was that about?’ Pete laughed nervously.

Myka turned to HG, eyes wide, ‘You think she knows?’

  ‘Knows what?’ Pete was asking as he looked between the two of them.  Myka looked at him and knew that he saw straight through her.  His eyes suddenly widened, ‘Oh!  What?  You two bumped uglies?’

  ‘Pete!’ Myka admonished even as she felt the flush run up her neck.

  ‘Hey, hey!  You two had chemistry before her change … guess it makes sense that it would carry on,’ he shrugged, ‘And anyways, aint none of my business.  It’s not like I am jealous or anything.’

  ‘You’re lying,’ Steve announced quietly.

Myka looked at him sharply and sensed HG’s interest, ‘He’s a human lie-detector,’

  ‘Well,’ HG took a breath, ‘that must get really annoying,’

  ‘Thank you!’ Pete declared and Myka almost sagged with relief when she saw the tension flood from his body.  For all his many failings, Pete was still an accepting kind of guy.

  ‘Although, it’s unclear which one of us you are actually jealous of,’ HG added.

Myka covered a laughed behind her hand as Steve spluttered into his coffee and looked over the rim of the cup at her. 

  ‘Ah, so Pete’s not the only jealous one,’ HG laughed.

Myka shook her head with dismay as Pete and Steve exchanged glances and made rapid excuses to leave.


Myka was laughing as she stood and started collecting the cups back onto the tray, ‘You’re the devil,’

HG smiled and turned sideways, ‘Oh, darling, I think it’s sweet.  Pete is jealous of me and, despite Diamond’s less than pleasant nature, Steve is jealous of you,’

  ‘Maybe they should start a support group,’ Myka laughed but then gasped as HG grabbed her and pulled her onto her lap.  She turned herself so that she was straddling the thick thighs and slid her hips forward a little.  She enjoyed the sound of HG’s groan and glanced down, eyebrow flicking up as she saw a distinctive bulge.

  ‘It appears that my bi-sexual tendencies have not deserted me,’ HG commented hoarsely.

Myka chuckled and shook her head, ‘And which one took your fancy the most?’

Helena shifted slightly as the swelling in her trousers started to become uncomfortable, ‘Actually, I was unable to choose and so had a flash of … well, both.’

Myka tried to look offended, ‘And was I in this little fantasy anywhere?’

HG nuzzled her neck, ‘Darling, you are always in my fantasies and have been for quite some time.’


  ‘And this was my biggest concern!’

Artie’s voice cut through the pleasant quivers that HG’s neck-nuzzling was causing and she jumped quickly to her feet.

  ‘I had thought a repeat of the Minoan Trident incident would have been my greatest concern but no …’ he continued, looking pointedly between the two of them, ‘… and that’s why Mister Diamond has been booked into a hotel in Featherhead for the weekend,’

  ‘Helena can stay here,’ Myka commented.

  ‘In your room?’ Artie almost squeaked and then cleared his throat, shaking his head, ‘Absolutely not.  Claudia has threatened to move into my quarters at the Warehouse if that happens and that it quite unacceptable!’ he shook his head again and pointed at HG, ‘You, hotel, Featherhead …’ his finger moved to Myka, ‘… you, drive him … her …’ he waved his hands uselessly, ‘Both of you will be back at the Warehouse, nine o clock Monday to meet with the Regents.’

Myka leapt up from the table and pecked Artie on the cheek before heading for the door, ‘I’m just going to grab some things, I’ll be right back.’

   ‘I’ll be right here!’ she heard HG call after her.


Myka wasn’t paying much attention to the clothes she was grabbing – she was too excited.  God, she felt like a teenager going on a first date.  Except she didn’t want a movie and popcorn, she wanted to skip right past all that and replace her teenage excitement with some very adult arousal.  She forced herself to focus as she chose suitable attire for meeting the Regents on Monday morning.  If they could drive straight to the Warehouse from Featherhead on Monday then that would mean they would have more time for … she swallowed and quickly zipped the bag shut.





Myka was stunned by the room they were shown into.  She looked around while HG tipped the bellhop.  As the door closed behind him, Myka announced excitedly, ‘I find it hard to believe that Artie or the Regents would have sprung for a suite!’ She made her way into the bathroom and called smiled broadly at the size of the bath, ‘There’s an en-suite swimming pool!’  She went back into the main room, ‘Want to take a couple of laps of the pool with me?’  She made of point of swinging her hips as she walked towards HG, ‘I know you got us an upgrade.’  She smiled as she reached up and slowly began to unbutton HG’s shirt.

  ‘I may have made a quick phone call while I was stuck at that table, waiting for things to subside,’ she commented.

Myka’s gave a small pout, ‘I was quite sorry to see that things had …’ she slid her hand lower and stroked the front of HG’s trousers, ‘… not a permeant issue, I hope.’

HG closed her eyes for an instant as a pleasant shiver ran through her body, ‘Very temporary, I’m sure, darling.’

The voice wasn’t hers.  This body wasn’t hers.  But it was her.  Whatever attraction and connection she had felt for HG, she felt it now and it had found HG.  The person before her was the person she had wanted, needed, for so long.  Myka lifted to force her lips against HG’s, revelling at the feel of their tongues dancing, sending electric bolts of pleasure through them both. 

Then suddenly HG’s hands were gripping the neckline of her t-shirt and the sound of tearing material was accompanied by a sudden chill across her breasts and stomach. She gasped in delight and felt herself get suddenly wet.

  ‘I’m sorry, darling,’ HG growled, ‘I am having some difficulty controlling myself when my ...’ she cleared her throat, ‘… ardour rises.’

Myka really didn’t need an apology and she smiled sexily.  She had to lift onto her toes to plant kisses up and down HG’s neck before she whispered, ‘There will be plenty of time for slow and gentle …’ she moved and kissed the other side of her neck, nibbling an earlobe before whispering, ‘I can take hard and fast until you gain control of your …’ her tongue flicked the lobe, ‘… ardour.’

The growl reverberated through both their chests and HG stepped back, yanking the tattered t-shirt from Myka and quickly unfastening her bra.  HG’s strong hands quickly stripped the rest of her clothes and Myka stood, quivering gently, as HG stepped back.  HG’s eyes were filled with wonder as she looked up and down her naked body – Myka had never felt so adored.  HG quickly shed own clothes and Myka couldn’t help but wince at the sight of the bruise across her ribs.

  ‘I can hardly feel it,’ HG told her and stepped forward, grabbing Myka’s buttocks and pulling her close.  Their skin met with a fusion of heat that made Myka’s heart pound. 

She jumped and was caught easily.  She groaned as she wrapped her long legs around HG’s hips, felt a hard cock pressing against her stomach and lower down.  She wrapped her arms around HG’s neck and groaned against as fingers dug into her.  HG carried her to the bed and they fell onto it.  ‘Fuck!’ Myka cried in surprise, her back arching as HG slid easily into her the moment their bodies hit the mattress.  She felt her back arch but was trapped by HG’s muscular body pressing down on her.  She kept her legs wrapped around HG’s waist and lifted her hips, grinding her pelvis tightly against her downward thrust.  God it felt good.  HG’s cock was so hot and hard inside her.  Her mind, usually so analytical, took a respite in favour of just savouring the feel of it.  She didn’t question.  She didn’t consider the bizarreness of it.  She just lifted her hips to meet every downward thrust and felt her eyes tearing with the sheer delight of the pleasurable connection. 

HG was fucking her hard and she loved it.  There would be time for slow and gentle, she knew that.  But right now she sensed the need in this new body.  A need that was a manifestation of everything that had grown between them.  She knew that HG had felt it too.  That attraction that went so much deeper than just sexual appeal.  HG’s betrayal and Myka’s forgiveness had only deepened that connection.  And now HG was in a body that needed to use all of the strength and power it had to continue to fulfil those desires.  And Myka felt it too.  This wasn’t the time for gentle.  This was a catharsis of sorts.  She wanted to fuck the hurt and fear away.  She wanted to scream and writhe and shed the past like a skin.  They both did.  This was both a start and an end for both of them.  And it was hard and sweaty and perfect in all its pounding desire.

  ‘It’s okay!’ Myka gasped, head tipped back, neck exposed as she suddenly felt HG’s sudden concern that this wasn’t what she wanted.  Because, God, she wanted it.  She needed this and she was so close.  ‘It’s okay!’ she gasped again, ‘Please … God, please!’

She felt HG’s hand slide between them and she let her legs fall from her back.  She opened herself wider and then cried out as a rough finger found her clitoris.  Her orgasm was an intense wall of pleasure that made her cry out in abandon.  She felt HG’s hot come inside her and she cried out again and then again as HG rubbed furiously at her clitoris.  Suddenly Myka’s eyes widened and her fingernails dug into the flesh of HG’s shoulders as she screamed.  They writhed together, bodies convulsing crazily until they both fell limp and breathless.


Myka didn’t know when it happened but she found herself laying on her side, staring at HG, their legs entwined.  Myka couldn’t stop the smile that creased her lips.

  ‘That’s a lovely smile,’ HG said softly, ‘Is there a particular reason for it, darling?’

Myka blinked slowly and lifted her eyebrows before responding in a whisper, ‘I see you …’

HG frowned and laughed, ‘Darling?’

  ‘When we …’ she flushed and smiled again, ‘… at the height of it, when you’re about to climax … I see you.’


Myka nodded, knew she would never find the words to convey what she wanted to but still knew that she had to try, ‘It’s strangely wonderful and hard to explain but … it’s you I see when I …’ she gave up and moved her lips to HG’s, hoping that would help to carry her point across.  If it did, it was lost beneath the shiver ran through them both.  Myka felt her pussy warm and she pressed harder against her.  ‘Do you need a little longer?’

  ‘I do …’ HG replied, ‘… but …’ her hand slipped lower and between Myka’s thighs before Myka could feel any disappointment.  Myka had dreamt of HG’s slim fingers sliding into her.  She had often watched her tinkering on one device or another, during her time at the Warehouse, and had marvelled at the woman’s dexterity.  But now those fingers were thick and rough – and very, very pleasurable as they slid into her.  Myka quivered at the feel of the fingers sliding easily amongst the hot fluids inside her.  It was an unusual and very pleasant sensation.  Myka was soon cresting and thrusting her hips in time with her fingers.  Then suddenly HG crooked her fingers and pressed them gently against her insides.  Oh God – no one had ever touched her there!  Myka climaxed in a gush of mixed fluid as she felt HG’s teeth grazing her neck.


They dozed pleasantly, relaxed and wrapped in the warmth of the other’s body.  Myka moved slightly, her skin sliding across HG’s soft cock.  She heard HG gasp and made a point of making the same movement again.  As he did, she lifted herself to capture HG’s lips and felt her smile against them.  Myka rolled HG onto her back and loved the way her soft chuckle flowed across her skin.  She ran her hands over her well-developed chest and left thin white lines with her nails.  ‘Too much?’ she asked when HG hissed through her teeth.

Her reply made Myka shiver with future anticipation, ‘On the contrary, darling, I have always been rather partial to a scratch or bite … giving or receiving.’

Myka moved until she was laying alongside HG and lifted her mouth over her quickly hardening penis.  There was nothing strange about it.  She sensed her.  It was HG that hissed in delight as she closed her lips over the smooth dome.  Myka allowed herself to be pulled round until she was settled herself over HG’s face.  The feel of her thick tongue sliding between her wet labia lips drove her mouth down the thick, trembling shaft.  She took the cock as deep as she could, using her tongue to work the shaft.  Then she intermittently tightened and relaxed her lips as she slowly pulled up, using her teeth to gently tease the sensitive ridge at the top.  She plunged back down again and sucked hard, enjoying the taste of both of them.  HG’s tongue felt so good against her pussy and she thought that she was about to come again but HG settled into a smooth rhythm of licks that calmed her desires in a way that was so much more pleasurable. 

Eternal minutes passed and Myka could feel her arousal growing beyond what she could cope with.  She groaned and lifted herself up and around, waiting until HG had moved to the edge of the bed before climbing over her thighs.  She smiled with satisfaction at the now hard and swollen cock and wasted no time in sliding firmly down it, using her fingers to spread her labia as she did so.  She closed her eyes and rocked her hips back and forth, ensuring that the hardness pressed at all the right places inside.

  ‘Enjoying yourself?’ HG asked.

  ‘Very much so,’ she responded without opening her eyes.  In the darkness she lost herself to the rocking motion and the feel of HG’s cock stroking her deeply.  She savoured the gentle movements for as long as she could, knowing that when she started to rock faster, harder, her climax would be quick to follow. 

And then she was moving quicker.  There was no moment of decision, no sudden need.  There was just the instinct and the desire.  And it felt so fucking good.  All she needed was … she reached her hand down, searching between her lips.  But then her wrist was grabbed and pulled away.  She almost yanked her hand back – she was so close!  But then her eyes widened in surprise as HG sat up and guided her legs around her waist before shuffling closer to the edge of the bed.  Myka wasn’t entirely sure what the noise that escaped her was but suddenly she was being lifted and carried across the room.  A voice in her mind chuckled at the realisation that HG seemed to enjoy making use of this body’s strength to carry her at every opportunity.  But then the voice quietened as she fully enjoyed the feel of HG’s cock moving inside her as she walked.

Myka gasped as she felt the doorframe press against her back and she reached up to grab the wood above her.  She stared in disbelief as HG slowly leant backwards and then she cried out in pleasure at the way her body angle pressed her cock against her inner walls.  Her lips trembled and she thought she would climax right there and then but HG’s words unnerved her, ‘Let your legs go,’

She felt her eyes widen with sudden nervousness and she wanted to argue but the confidence she saw on HG’s face was enough.  Holding her breath, she slowly uncrossed her ankles.  Oh god! a voice screamed in her mind as she groaned in disbelief.  The weight of her body and hanging legs pulled her down onto HG, forcing her cock as deep as it could.  There was something wonderfully submissive about hanging there like this and she could feel her orgasm quickly building.  ‘Oh … my god …’ she whispered, ‘… that feels …’ she sighed, eyes fluttering, ‘… incredible ….’  A wet thumb suddenly pushed firmly against her clitoris and she cried out, jolting up and then falling back down.  ‘Ah!  Yes!’  She heard HG chuckle and knew that she would do it again and again and she quivered with anticipation.  Myka whimpered and tossed her head, fingernails scratching the paintwork of the door frame.  After several presses, HG kept her thumb pressed to her clitoris and started to make tiny circular movements.  Myka bit her bottom lip, eyes screwed tightly shut.

  ‘Can you come like this?’ HG asked.

Myka nodded vehemently, she felt light-headed and needed to come so very badly.  ‘God, yes!’

  ‘Very well then,’ HG smiled and increased the pressure and speed of her thumb.

  ‘Oh … oh … oh!’ Myka panted, hips rocking uncontrollably, ‘Oh god!  Don’t stop!  Yes …’  The feel of her thumb, the pressing of her cock – it was incredible yet bordered on very nearly unbearable.

  ‘Tell me …’ HG whispered.

Myka had never been one for dirty talk but suddenly the sound of her voice, the sound of her own need was an erotic accompaniment that had her climaxing within seconds, ‘I need to … oh … right there ... there … ah, I’m going to come … I’m … I’m … ah!  Yes!  Yes!  God!  Fuck … fuck … fuuuuuck!

Myka lost herself to the pleasure.  She felt her body writhing, convulsing.  She crested over and over again.  Orgasm after orgasm.  It was incredible and mind-blowing.

She had barely regained her senses when she felt her feet being lifted from the floor with every forceful thrust of HG’s hips.  And suddenly she needed to hear HG, ‘Tell me …’ she whispered breathlessly.

  ‘I ... oh god, darling, the feel of you around me … it’s … so fucking good …’

Her growl was followed by teeth as she bit into Myka’s shoulder, making her cry out in desire.  ‘Yes!’ Myka screamed, ‘Fuck me … talk to me!’

HG grunted and barely lifted her lips from Myka’s skin as she said, ‘You are hot … and wet … you are so beautiful … I … oh, Myka … I could die right now …’ she groaned and pulled back slightly, forcing her hips up and forward. 

Myka was lost the pleasure once more as she was fucked hard and furiously. 

‘Myka!’ she heard HG yell, ‘Ah!  God!’ 

Myka screamed and shuddered as she felt HG’s cock swell and spurt inside her and she felt tears stinging her eyes and her lips trembled.  She stared at Helena and lost herself in the beautiful woman before her.