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Living and Waiting

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It was an absolute mystery to how Hwang Junho hadn't been caught so far. Sure, he'd been able to get a mask and a jumpsuit to disguise himself, but he was feeling in way over his head. He couldn't even tell if the workers were here from their own will or not. Surely this wouldn't be a job you could just hire for? Maybe people were special selected for positions, just like the game players seemed to be.

He'd never seen anything like it. The death, the blood and the way they were killed for stepping out of line. Pink suits were eliminated just as much players, even if they weren't in the games. Lives felt flimsy and uncared for. They were fed little and given long hours to rest, almost to think about everything they'd done. He wanted to cry. He wanted out. He needed to find his brother. Junho had never imaged feeling like this in his life. Broken or maybe breaking.

At night the pink suits notably entered rooms together to be locked in for the night. It was almost strange that they weren't punished for it, but maybe the game ruler thought they deserved some type of comfort. Maybe the rooms had cameras in them and anything that happened was sold somewhere on the dark web for some assholes pleasure. Who really knows.

It was three days in until Junho realized he was sick and tired of sitting in his room alone. Shaking and crying throughout the night. He wanted someone to comfort him, hold him or even just make him focus on anything but this fucked up situation. Would it be alright to ask someone to come to his room? What were the rules of it? He needed- he wanted something so he didn't lose his fucking mind. A hug, a touch, a fucking face to look at.

Two more days after that were torture for him. There was only one more game left at this point and he hadn't been able to break away. There was no down time, no time to be human. He had a gun and picked up body after body. Shot people on cue so he didn't get shot himself. Incinerated them to ash and just went to his room like nothing was effecting him. He was breaking slowly, weeping from it. How could people live like this? Just what had he become a part of? Junho hated it.

Would they get to go back home when it was all over? He still didn't have a chip for the boat ride home and that might be a problem. Or would there just be a new batch of people after this one and the madness of it would never end. Did these death games play through one after another always? He couldn't sleep and he couldn't eat from the stress. Not that they were given much food anyways. He was slowly losing his mind and entire identity to the mask. To wearing a pink jumpsuit.

And then a strange reprieve that came from an aggressive place. While walking to his room a hand appeared from nowhere, feeling his side. Almost measure what he'd be like out of the clothing. Junho didn't protest, why would he? The touch was more contact then he'd had through all of this. Besides dead things. People.

The hand lowered to his ass and squeezed aggressively,  but Junho didn't as much as squeak. He was afraid the contact would leave him. He wasn't a strange to a man having his hands on him anyways. In fact, every sexual experience he'd ever had had been with a man. If this stranger wanted him, then Junho was all for it.

The door to his room opened and he was shoved forward. The hand followed and he didn't even turn to look. Why would he, they were all the same besides maybe what symbol they carried. The door shut them in and clicked locked. There was no getting out until morning now. Junho felt so happy that someone had chosen him for the night he could cry. A week ago this would have seemed so crazy. Now it was all he wanted.

"This is your first games." The male from behind him said. His voice was deeper then Junho's own. Nice to listen to. He wanted to close his eyes and do whatever the other asked of him, as long as he was rewarded with a cuddle at the end. Did that make him pathetic? It wasn't even giving in if he needed it.

Junho turned finally to look at what he was dealing with and to his surprise it was a square. From what he understood there wasn't very many of them and they were very much in charge. Technically he should kill him for that mask. Junho would never though. Not anymore.

"Sir." Junho murmured when he probably should have attacked. He needed guidance, a hand on him, anything to feel like he was still a person. Would this man treat him good? A firm hand holding his muscled body down, having and giving anything he could?

The man reached forward and pulled off Junho's mask and he sucked in a breath. Was he about to die? Outside of this room the removal of a mask was always immediately followed by death. He closed his eyes tight, not wanting to see the bullet that would kill him. Sure, he'd taken the gear off in this room before, but this was a supervisor.  The prospect was scary. Junho didn't want to die here. A gentle touch to his face made him gasp.

"Don't be afraid 29, just tell me your name." The man asked him, pausing to take off his own mask as well. He was a few years older then Junho, probably mid to late 30's. No hair on his face, a strong jaw and a dangerous glint in his eyes. Junho couldn't help but think he was handsome. It was a very weird coincidence that this man was also his type.

Was it okay to say his name? How much was known about the workers here? Would it alarm someone or get him killed? He- he wanted something to be normal. He craved the act of a single fucking normal moment. He wanted this man to call him by name, to remind him of even having one. "Hwang Junho, sir." He admitted, muzzling into the hand still touching his face. Human touch felt so nice.

The man paused briefly and his eyes twinged a bit weirdly. Something might have struck Junho as wrong if he was paying more attention. "Junho, you're very cute. I've noticed no ones been taking care of you throughout the week. Has no one offered or were you waiting for someone special?" The man teases him, thumb slowly massaging Junho's cheek. Leaving warmth and satisfaction where it touches.

It was weird to be asked that when they were already locked in for the night. Junho didn't care. It was so nice to touch and talk to someone else. He shivered for it, ached for more. "I- I was nervous." That wasn't even a lie. He'd been interested and wanting someone to offer since he realized what was happening.

"And are you nervous now?" The guy asked, undoing the zipper to Junho's pink jump suit, pulling it down slowly. Junho let it happen, just like he'd let everything else happen. This was real, he was choosing this, this man wanted to touch him. He felt more alive then he had for an entire week. Maybe even his entire life.

"Yes." Junho still squeaked and then bit his lip in embarrassment. What if the touching stopped? What if the square supervisor just left because he had more authority and Junho was annoying him? He whimpered. He wanted the man to stay, to have him, to just be with him.

The man laughed a bit, and smiled at him. All teeth and hunger. "It's okay Junho, I'm here now." He offers a bit kindly and then twists it. "I'll come here every night from now on, as long as you promise to be faithful." It almost sweet the way he speaks, but also condescending. Junho doesn't mind it.

His brain feels scared and fried. He's tired of crying himself to sleep and curling up for comfort. He needs this hand, this touch and this authority. The hell that this place is, has done awful things to his mind. Junho had been here just less then a week now and knows that there will never be a way back to who he once was. He'd never not see these childishly painted halls, painted bright colors and smeared with blood.

"I will." He says automatically, ready for anything consistent or real he can get. "Every night. I'll be yours." It's probably wrong it give in so easily, but he needs this. His mind feels drugged or broken and all he can think of is how much that touch to his face meant to him. He wants that every night. "Even in the day, when I have my mask back on. I'll be yours."

"If you're good for me Junho, it'll be good for you too. Do you know why there are so many circles compared to triangles or squares?" He takes his hand through Junho's hair, petting roughly. Pulling and rearranging to his own want and delight.

"No sir." Junho says back, relaxing and liking the feeling of his hair being played with. It so nice. Even the sharp tugs, it tingle his scalp. When was the last time someone had played with his hair like this? Maybe never.

"They're expendable. You die at the end if your not recommended to move forward." He says simply and Junho finally tenses. Oh, was this a trap? He was having a hard time focusing but it almost felt like a trap. He didn't know what to say. The man continued, despite Junho's dumb silence. "That's why there's hundreds of you. For every ten worthless assholes, there's only going to be one good one. Maybe less."

"Mmh?" That was more of a moan then a response, but the man had chosen to pull his hair when he was trying to think. All thought very promptly left his head. Why were they having a serious and scary conversation? He just wanted to be held.

"Your brother is watching over you Junho." He said simply, but Junho's mind shot off fireworks. Forget the pleasure of touch, that had been all he'd ever wanted to hear! His brother was alive? Here somewhere in a position of power? That was good! Great even! Junho wanted to see him so bad! He-

This man knew exactly who he was. He must know he's an intruder. Junho was probably in danger. What could he do now though? Was this the end? If his brother was watching over him, then would it all be fine?

"He told me I should have you, that you needed a firm hand and guidance." The man continued to speak. Junho listened to every word letting them sink into his skin. "Is that what you crave Junho? To be good for someone?" The tone was definitely teasing, like this man didn't care at all that Junho was afraid for his life.

"I just wanted to find my brother." Junho insists, not pulling away from the hand that's petting him. Letting the other hand just peal the pink jump suit off of him. He had just his boxers on underneath. The person he stolen the clothing off in the beginning had had an undershirt, but it had been stained red and he hadn't wanted to take it.

"And he's noticed Junho. He'll come see you as soon as he can, but in the meantime you'll be mine. In fact, even when he's with you, you'll be mine." The man said, once again pulling at his hair. With the jump suit on the ground, he tugged at Junho's boxers next.

That- Junho was so happy. His brother would come and see him soon! That was all he could have ever asked for. He just had to wait a bit more, be good for just this one man. It was so easy. Absolution on an easy platter. Naked, unafraid and ready, Junho nodded happily. "Yes sir."

He didn't regret it.