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HG stumbled back, hand pressed to her muscular chest.  She gasped, tried to breathe but couldn’t make her lungs work.  ‘Myka?’ she gasped with the last of the breath she had.  She pressed her hand harder against her chest as the pain grew.  Her blue eyes started to water and she dropped to her knees.  She looked up at the silhouette in the doorway.  The silhouette moved towards her and she manged to focus on his face.

  ‘That’s what you get for touching my friend, you bastard,’ Pete said quietly, eyes dark and hateful as he stepped closer and held up the stopped metronome.  He looked at her with eyes full of hate, lips curled in a sneer.


He turned, gasping in surprise as the metronome was snatched from his hands.

HG tried to focus on Myka but the pain was too great and the pounding in her head was blurring her vision.  She needed to breath.  Needed to … god, her heart had stopped!  Her hand pressed flat against her chest, she dropped onto her back as darkness closed in at the edges of her vision.


  Tick.  Tick,  Tick.

Her heart swelled in her chest and she heaved in a breath that was expelled as cry of pain.  She heard someone yelling, maybe crying.  Hands touched her face, her chest, gripped her hands.  She sat up, hands scrabbling at her shirt and pulled it open, lifting her vest and pressing hands to the rhythmic beating beneath the smooth skin.  The relief flooded through her and she fell back, gasping.

Myka heaved a sigh of relief and wiped tears from her eyes, falling back onto her haunches and hanging her head.  She set the metronome on the floor and hung her head for a moment.

  ‘Mykes, what the fuck?’ Pete yelled, confusion and anger warring for control of his trembling body.

She climbed unsteadily to her feet, lifting her hand, ‘Give me a sec …’

Pete didn’t hear her.  His fury was a thunder in his ears. ‘That’s the guy who’s been working for Sykes!  He’s the one who tortured and murdered Regents!’  He stepped towards the prone figure and kicked out, a harsh blow to the ribs that sent Diamond’s body rolling across the floor.

Myka yelled something, grabbed his shoulder and spun him round.  Her fist found the slammed into the side of his mouth and he dropped to one knee, eyes wide and expression stunned.  Myka glared at him before she rushed forward, skidding on her knees, ‘Helena?  God, Helena … are you okay?’

HG grunted and gave a small nod, accepting Myka’s offered hand and climbing to her feet, arm pressed across her stomach to hold her ribs.

  ‘Don’t move!’

They looked up and stared down the barrel of Pete’s gun.  His eyes were wide, scared, ‘Myka …’ he said carefully, ‘… I don’t know what’s going on but …’ he winced as he pressed a thumb to his split lip, ‘… you two are going to stay right there until I figure this out.’


  ‘Pete!  It’s okay …’

  ‘Steve?’ Pete called without looking over his shoulder, ‘You’re okay?’

  ‘Yeah,’ the young agent appeared beside him, hand resting on his forearm, ‘Put the gun down, Pete, there’s something you need to know.’




Helena sat at the large circular table in the B&B and half smiled at the two men opposite.  Pete was sporting a darkening bruise on his lip and chin.  Steve had a slightly older discolouration that ran down the side of his head – the result of a chair and HG’s desire to get her hands on Sykes.  ‘Sorry?’ she said softly, although she wasn’t exactly sure what she was apologising for and she had a matching bruise spreading across her ribs.  Besides, she hadn’t known that Steve was a Warehouse Agent and Pete … well, she couldn’t exactly be held accountable for how Myka had reacted.  Although maybe she could understand his reaction since he had walked into the disused warehouse and seen Marcus Diamond pressing his partner against the wall in an overtly sexual manner.

Steve half smiled back.

Pete grunted.


  ‘Nice to see we’re all getting along,’ Myka sighed as she entered the room and set a tray of coffee and cups on the table.

  ‘A period of adjustment seems to be in order …’ HG sighed, ‘… again.’

Pete crossed his arms, ‘Yeah?  Well what weapon of mass destruction can we expect this time?’

Myka was flushing a deep red as she sat down beside HG who had developed a sudden need to look anywhere else in the room but at her.

Steve sniggered and poured himself a coffee while Pete, oblivious to the reactions his comment had generated, plucked an oatie from the plate and ate it in two bites.


  ‘Johann Maeizel’s Metronome!’ Artie declared as he entered the room and rather dramatically dropped a file onto the table before sitting down. 

Myka poured him a coffee as Pete and HG both reached for the file at the same time.  He growled something under his breath and pulled his hand back. 

HG murmured a thanks and then flipped it open, scanning the pages.  Her eyebrows rose, ‘This can’t be right, Artie …’

His bushy eyebrows drew down as she said his name but didn’t interrupt.

  ‘… It says that whoever uses the metronome is tied physically to the person they bring back from the dead …’ she looked up, ‘… that would mean that whatever happened to Marcus Diamond happened to Sykes and vise versa.’

  ‘Ooo, vise versa, fancy,’ Pete announced in a sing-song voice with hand actions to match, ‘You are HG Wells.’

She glared at him and continued to read but could find nothing to disagree with what she had already stated.

  ‘That can’t be right then can it?’ Pete announced in spray of oatie crumbs as he devoured a second one, ‘Cos I threw Diamond off a five storey building and …’ he turned to Steve, ‘… did Sykes have any side-effects from that?’

Steve shook his head, ‘I was with you when it happened but Sykes seemed find when we got back to the hangar,’  he sipped his coffee then added thoughtfully, ‘And when Emily Lake hit him, Sykes didn’t even flinch.’

  ‘I … she … hit him?’ HG queried with a tone of pride.

  ‘Yeah,’ Steve sighed with sad anger and looked her up and down, ‘Marcus was getting …’ his lips curled with distaste, ‘… sexual with her.  She slapped him and he hit her back,’ he couldn’t stop the angry glare that was directed her way, ‘That’s when he killed her – I don’t think he meant to but Marcus is … was, a nasty piece of work.’

  ‘I’m not him,’ HG told him softly but knew that her words were meaningless.

  ‘Okay, enough of this,’ Myka sighed and reached into her pocket, retrieving the napkin and throwing it on the table, ‘You all need to read this …’

  ‘Spanish?’ Pete asked, glancing over as Artie picked it up.

  ‘Portuguese,’ Artie responded and looked up at Myka, ‘Translation, please?’

Myka didn’t need to look at napkin, the words would have been engrained in her mind even without her eidetic memory, ‘The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden,’

They each took it turns to repeat the phrase while holding the napkin and then each, in turn, had an almost identical look of surprise when they looked at Helena.

Pete was the last to look and the first to comment, ‘That is damned screwy …’ he squinted and leaned closer, ‘… man, that is a mind f –’

  ‘Yes, well,’ Artie interrupted, ‘with regards to the metronome, I would hazard a guess that Sykes used another artifact alongside it to negate that particular downside.  After all, he wouldn’t have wanted to feel whatever his minion did.  Lucky for you,’ he announced and looked over her glasses at HG, ‘the effects seemed to have saved you from sharing Syke’s fate.’

  ‘So it would seem,’ she replied with a nod and handed Artie the file back.  She fixed him with a stare, ensuring she had his full attention before asking, ‘What do the Regents have planned?’


  ‘That depends on you, Miss Wells,’ Mrs Fredric announced from her chair in the sunroom.

Steve literally jumped – as the newest member of the team he was still getting used to her sudden appearances.

Mrs Frederic stood and approached the table, shaking her head when Artie offered her the napkin, ‘My connection to the Warehouse is strong enough for me to see who is really inside that body …’ a tiny hint of a smile played at her lips, ‘… the Warehouse always liked you, Miss Wells,’

HG nodded, ‘I’m just sorry that that wasn’t enough for me back then,’

Mrs Frederic studied her and then turned to Artie, ‘Arthur, we need to talk, come with me, please.’

  ‘If you’re talking about Helena,’ Myka announced, ‘then I think we should all hear what you have to say.’

  ‘Do you, Agent Berring?’ Mrs Frederic responded as if she were addressing an errant student.

Myka swallowed and nodded.

  ‘Interesting,’ was the only response before she strolled from the room, Artie at her heels.


  ‘What was that about?’ Pete laughed nervously.

Myka turned to HG, ‘You think she knows?’

  ‘Knows what?’ Pete asked and looked between the two of them, eyes suddenly widening, ‘Oh!  What?  You two bumped uglies?’

  ‘Pete!’ Myka admonished but it wasn’t enough for him to not notice the flush that ran up her neck.

  ‘Hey, hey!  You two had chemistry before …’ he waved at HG, ‘… her change … guess it makes sense that it would carry on,’ he shrugged, ‘And anyways, aint none of my business.  It’s not like I am jealous or anything.’

  ‘You’re lying,’ Steve announced quietly and seemed surprised that he had said it out loud. 

Helena quirked an eyebrow at him.

  ‘He’s a human lie-detector,’ Myka explained.

  ‘Well,’ Helena took a breath, ‘that must get really annoying,’

  ‘Thank you!’ Pete declared and, just like that, he accepted Helena / Marcus.  After all, huge man-child that he was, all it took was for someone to share his point of view and he was as loyal as a little kid looking up to an older sibling.

  ‘Although,’ Helena smiled wryly, ‘it’s unclear which one of us you are actually jealous of.’

Steve spluttered into his coffee and looked over the rim of the cup at Myka.

HG laughed, ‘Ah, so Pete’s not the only jealous one.’

Pete and Steve exchanged glances and made rapid excuses to leave.


Myka was laughing as she stood and started collecting the cups back onto the tray, ‘You’re the devil,’

HG smiled and turned sideways, ‘Oh, darling, I think it’s sweet.  Pete is jealous of me and, despite Diamond’s less than pleasant nature, Steve is jealous of you,’

  ‘Maybe they should start a support group,’ Myka laughed and then gasped as HG grabbed her and pulled her onto her lap.  She turned so that she was straddling the thick thighs and slid her hips forward a little, making HG groan.  She glanced down at the slight bulge and lifted an eyebrow.

HG swallowed, her Adam’s apple bobbing, ‘It appears that my bi-sexual tendencies have not deserted me,’

Myka chuckled and shook her head, ‘And which one took your fancy the most?’

Helena shifted slightly as the swelling in her trousers started to become uncomfortable, ‘Actually, I was unable to choose and so had a flash of … well, both.’

Myka looked offended, ‘And was I in this little fantasy anywhere?’

HG nuzzled her neck, ‘Darling, you are always in my fantasies and have been for quite some time.’


  ‘And this was my biggest concern!’ Artie’s voice cut through the haze of desire and Myka leapt up from HG’s lap who turned to hide her arousal under the table.  Artie tactfully ignored HG’s wince and shifting of clothes, choosing instead to explain, ‘I had thought a repeat of the Minoan Trident incident would have been my greatest concern but no …’ he looked pointedly between the two of them, ‘… and that’s why Mister Diamond has been booked into a hotel in Featherhead for the weekend,’

  ‘Helena can stay here,’ Myka commented.

  ‘In your room?’ Artie almost squeaked and then cleared his throat, shaking his head, ‘Absolutely not.  Claudia has threatened to move into my quarters at the Warehouse if that happens and that it quite unacceptable!’ he shook his head again and pointed at HG, ‘You, hotel, Featherhead …’ his finger moved to Myka, ‘… you, drive him … her …’ he waved his hands uselessly, ‘Both of you will be back at the Warehouse, nine o clock Monday to meet with the Regents.’

Myka leapt up from the table and pecked Artie on the cheek before heading for the door, ‘I’m just going to grab some things, I’ll be right back.’

HG glanced down and sighed, ‘I’ll be right here!’ she called after her.

Artie’s eyes widened and he grumbled something under his breath before hurrying out of the room.




  ‘I find it hard to believe that Artie or the Regents would have sprung for a suite!’ Myka gasped excitedly as she toured the huge open plan living area and bedroom.  She found her way to the bathroom and called, ‘There’s an en-suite swimming pool!’

HG chuckled, ‘I find it hard to believe that I’m not back on the Janus coin …’ she mumbled and dropped Myka’s bag on the bed.  She turned as Myka appeared in bathroom doorway.

  ‘Want to take a couple of laps of the pool with me?’ she asked and slowly, sexily walked to where HG was standing.  ‘I know you got us an upgrade,’ she said softly and began to unbutton her shirt.

HG watched her slim fingers moving down the buttons, ‘I may have made a quick phone call while I was stuck at that table, waiting for things to subside.’

Myka’s eyes narrowed and she gave a small pout, ‘I was quite sorry to see that things had …’ her hand slipped lower and stroked the front of HG’s trousers, ‘… not a permeant issue, I hope.’

HG closed her eyes for an instant as a pleasant shiver ran through her body, ‘Very temporary, I’m sure, darling.’

Myka’s lips were scorching against hers and their tongues met with a near electric bolt of pleasure that made them both groan.  HG’s hands reached up between them and gripped the neck line of Myka’s t-shirt, ripping it open.  Myka gasped and looked down at the torn material and her exposed breasts, lifted by a black bra.

  ‘I’m sorry, darling,’ HG growled, ‘I am having some difficulty controlling myself when my ...’ she cleared her throat, ‘… ardour rises.’

Myka smiled sexily and leant forward to plant kisses up and down HG’s neck before she whispered, ‘There will be plenty of time for slow and gentle …’ she moved and kissed the other side of her neck, nibbling an earlobe before whispering, ‘I can take hard and fast until you gain control of your …’ her tongue flicked the lobe, ‘… ardour.’

The growl reverberated through both their chests and HG stepped back, yanking the tattered t-shirt from Myka and quickly unfastening her bra.  Her strong hands quickly stripped her Myka’s lower clothes and she stepped back, staring at her for a moment.  Her own clothes were quickly shed a moment later and Myka winced at the bruise that spread across her ribs.

  ‘I can hardly feel it,’ HG told her and then stepped forward, grabbing Myka’s buttocks and pulling her close.  Myka jumped and she caught her easily, her long legs wrapping around her hips.  Her hard cock was pushed between her stomach and Myka’s core, making them both groan at the wet, hard heat.  HG gripped her tightly, fingers digging into her buttocks as Myka’s arms wrapped around her neck.  HG carried her to the bed and they fell onto it, a small adjustment as they fell and HG slid easily into Myka’s welcoming  pussy as they hit the mattress.

  ‘Fuck!’ Myka cried in surprise, her back arching as far as it could with HG’s muscular body pressing down on her.  She kept her legs wrapped around HG’s waist and lifted her hips, grinding her pelvis tightly against her downward thrust.  HG gritted her teeth and lifted herself on one arm, twisting so she could get her hand to Myka’s breast.  She thrust forcefully, her own passions driving her on.  God she wanted to slow down.  God she wanted to make love to Myka with all the gentle passion she deserved but she just had to trust that the time would come.  Right now she was at a slave to this new body’s whims and it was demanding that she fulfil every desire that she had harboured for so long.  She had wanted Myka since the first moment she had seen her.  Had desired her with an almost painful need that was new and exciting.  She had fantasied so often about her, had brought herself to climax over and over again as she imagined the feel of Myka’s slim fingers instead of her own.  And now here she was, sliding her thick cock into her – no, not sliding, pounding – with bruising, desperate thrusts.  Her fingers gripped Myka’s breast and she gritted her teeth.  She wanted to wait.  Wanted to hold off until Myka was ready. 

  ‘It’s okay!’ Myka gasped, head tipped back, neck exposed.  She had sensed HG’s attempt at restraint but there was no need and she needed release almost as much.  ‘It’s okay!’ she gasped again, ‘Please … God, please!’

HG swallowed, ungritted her teeth and slipped her hand lower.  Myka’s legs fell from her back as she opened herself wider.  Myka’s cry as her finger found her clitoris was too much and she felt her cock swell and spurt.  She growled and rubbed furiously at the bud of nerves, making Myka’s eyes widen as she cried out, fingernails digging into the flesh of her shoulders.  She writhed with her, their bodies convulsing crazily until they both fell limp and breathless.


At some point HG had rolled onto her side and they lay, chest to chest, legs entwined, staring at each other.  Myka was smiling softly and HG asked why.  A flick of her eyebrows and Myka responded in a whisper, ‘I see you …’

Helena frowned and laughed, ‘Darling?’

  ‘When we …’ she flushed and smiled again, ‘… at the height of it, when you’re about to climax … I see you.’


Myka nodded, ‘It’s strangely wonderful and hard to explain but … it’s you I see when I …’ she moved her lips to HG’s as an end to her statement.  A shiver ran through them both and Myka pressed harder against her.  ‘Do you need a little longer?’ she asked.

  ‘I do …’ HG replied, ‘… but …’ her hand slipped lower and between Myka’s thighs.  Her fingers were thick and Myka groaned loudly as she slid two into her soaking entrance.  The feel of her come inside Myka was a pleasant accompaniment for both of them and Myka was soon cresting and thrusting her hips in time with her fingers.  HG crooked them, pressed gently against Myka’s g-spot and bit down on her neck as she climaxed in a gush of mixed fluid.


They dozed pleasantly, relaxed and wrapped in the warmth of the other’s body.  But it wasn’t long before a slight shift of Myka’s body sent her skin sliding across HG’s soft cock.  She gasped and her eyes flickered open, just as Myka made the same movement again, this time far more intentional.  HG smiled into the kiss that followed and then chuckled softly as Myka rolled her onto her back.  Hands traced lines over her chest and then her nails left thin white lines on her skin that made her hiss through her teeth.

  ‘Too much?’ Myka asked.

  ‘On the contrary, darling,’ HG replied, ‘I have always been rather partial to a scratch or bite … giving or receiving.’

Myka shuddered and slowly twisted until she was laying alongside HG, her head lifting over her quickly hardening penis.  Her lips closed over the dome and HG hissed again, hands reaching for Myka and pulling her over her body.  Myka settled herself over HG’s face, dropping her wet labia onto an eager tongue as her mouth slid down the thick, trembling shaft.  The mixture of tastes made HG’s head swim as she slowly slid her tongue into her, her hands stroking and pinching her buttocks.  It was hard to concentrate on what she was doing when Myka’s deft mouth was working wonders for her swelling cock.  She settled with licking up and down the groove of her sex, promising  herself that she would do more when there were less arousing distractions.  Myka seemed content enough with what she was doing and they pleasured each other for several, long, delightful minutes.

With a groan, Myka lifted herself free and spun round.  As she did, HG moved until her feet could reach the floor.  Her cock was hard and swollen again and Myka seemed proud of what her ministrations had accomplished.  So proud in fact, that she clearly felt justified in moving over the hard cock and sliding firmly down it, using her fingers to spread her labia as she did so.  Once settled with the cock deep inside her, she rocked her hips back and forth, ensuring that the hardness pressed at all the right places inside.

  ‘Enjoying yourself?’ HG asked with consternation.

  ‘Very much so,’ Myka responded without opening her eyes.

HG let her continue, enjoying the sight of her swaying breasts and the droplets of sweat that ran between them.  Myka started to move faster and her breath hitched.  Teeth gritted, she slipped her hand between her legs, a finger seeking out her clitoris.  But HG suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away.  Myka’s eyes opened in surprise as HG sat up and helped her to wrap her legs around her waist.  Then, hands gripping her thighs, HG shuffled to the end of the bed and stood up.  The sound that Myka meant was a surprise to them both but quickly forgotten as Helena carried her easily towards the bathroom.  Myka groaned as the act of walking made HG’s cock move pleasantly within her.  HG stopped when she reached the open door and moved so that Myka was leaning against the frame.  She gasped, hands reaching above and behind her to grip the wood as HG leant back as well.  The angle of her cock inside her made Myka cry out, lips trembling.  When HG was braced, the impressive muscles of this body more than capable of holding the y-like position in the doorway, she gently stroked Myka’s buttocks and whispered, ‘Let your legs go,’

Myka’s eyes widened with sudden nervousness but the confidence she saw on HG’s face was enough and she slowly uncrossed her ankles.  HG’s hands found her thighs as her legs dropped and Myka groaned in disbelief as the weight of her body and hanging legs pulled her down onto HG.

  ‘Oh … my god …’ she whispered, ‘… that feels …’ she sighed, eyes fluttering, ‘… incredible ….’

HG smiled proudly and lifted a thumb to her lips, sucking it gently to wet it before pushing firmly against Myka’s clitoris.  She cried out, jolting up and then falling back down.

  ‘Ah!  Yes!’

HG chuckled and pulled her thumb back before doing the same thing with the same result.  Each press of her thumb forced Myka to lift slightly and then quicky fall back.  The movement of the cock inside her was slight but the angle and the depth more than made up for it. 

Myka whimpered and tossed her head, fingernails scratching the paintwork of the door frame.  Her breasts rippled as she quivered and moaned.  HG was keeping her thumb pressed to her clitoris now, making tiny circular movements.  Myka was biting her bottom lip, eyes screwed tightly shut.

  ‘Can you come like this?’ HG asked.

Myka nodded vehemently, ‘God, yes!’

  ‘Very well then,’ HG smiled and increased the pressure and speed of her thumb.

  ‘Oh … oh … oh!’ Myka panted, hips rocking uncontrollably, ‘Oh god!  Don’t stop!  Yes …’

HG couldn’t help but think that Myka’s vocalisation was the most incredible thing she had ever heard, ‘Tell me …’ she whispered.

  ‘I need to … oh … right there .. there … ah, I’m going to come … I’m … I’m … ah!  Yes!  Yes!  God!  Fuck … fuck … fuuuuuck!

HG shuddered, the ripples driving Myka fully over the edge as multiple orgasms slammed through her body.  She was still shuddering through them when HG straightened and pushed her body against Myka’s.  She bent her knees and thrust up, lifting Myka’s feet from the floor with every thrust. 

  ‘Tell me …’ Myka whispered breathlessly.

  ‘I .. oh god, darling, the feel of you around me … it’s … so fucking good …’ she growled and her lips bit into Myka’s shoulder, making her cry out in desire.

  ‘Yes!  Fuck me … talk to me!’

HG grunted and barely lifted her lips from Myka’s skin as she said, ‘You are hot … and wet … you are so beautiful … I … oh, Myka … I could die right now …’ she groaned and pulled back slightly, forcing her hips up and forward.  Her eyes screwed tightly shut and mouth open as she grabbed Myka’s hips and fucked her hard and furiously.  ‘Myka!’ she yelled, ‘Ah!  God!’  Her orgasm erupted from her and she heard herself shout but the sound was lost to the sound of Myka’s wonderful cries.


HG was standing – more slumped – against the door frame a few minutes later as she watched Myka filling the impressive sized bath.

  ‘This is going to take forever,’ Myka laughed as she poured a generous amount of bubble bath under the flowing tap.

  ‘That’s good,’ HG sighed as she gave in and slid to the floor, ‘Because I’m not moving for a while …’


It was a while later that HG slid into the bath with a decadent groan and leant back, closing her eyes.  ‘My god,’ she whispered, ‘If we had had these when I was at Warehouse Twelve, I would never have voluntarily gone into the Bronzer,’

  ‘And where would that leave us?’ Myka asked softly as she leant against HG’s chest and rested her head back against shoulder.

  ‘I’d have found my way to you somehow,’ she whispered in reply as she idly piled suds on Myka’s breasts.

Myka laughed softly and closed her eyes.   After a few silent minutes she asked, ‘How are you so … adept …’

HG have a small shrug, ‘My mind was always running faster than everyone around me and I was lucky enough to be born in the era of invention …’ she stopped and opened one eye.  She looked down at Myka who was looking up at her, ‘… you didn’t mean generally, did you?’

Myka shook her head and settled back into her original position, ‘Sexually,’ she clarified, ‘How do you know how to … you know … do what you do?’

  ‘As a woman?  Or a man?’

Myka slapped her thigh, sloshing water over the edge of the bath, ‘Stop making this difficult.  I’m asking how you know what to do in … that body.’

  ‘Oh, you mean – how did I make you squeal?’

  ‘I did not squeal!’ Myka gasped indignantly.

  ‘Darling, when I lifted you up off the bed, sitting astride – I have to admit – my rather impressive manhood, you squealed.’

  ‘Your ego is the same in either gender then,’ Myka commented dryly.

HG pursed her lips thoughtfully, ‘I’ve never made anybody squeal before …’

  ‘It was a cry of surprise!’ Myka laughed, ‘You were scooping me up in the air and –’

  ‘Not by a grappling hook this time?’ HG laughed loudly.

  ‘Stop it!’ Myka giggled.

  ‘Seems I always have the right tool to sweep you off your feet,’ she laughed and then yelped when Myka reached beneath and pinched the fleshy sack between her legs.

  ‘Now, that was a squeal,’ Myka laughed.

  ‘Was not,’ HG grumbled.

Myka shook her head and laughed, ‘Are you going to answer my question?’

  ‘That depends … are you going to admit that you –’

  ‘No!’ Myka cut in firmly, ‘Now answer the damn question!’

  ‘Fine,’ HG sighed, ‘I was hoping to convince you that my sexual prowess was simply an innate ability but truthfully …’ she pulled at her bottom lip, ‘… I might have used my Time Machine to pop back into the body of a gentleman … who shagged his way around Victorian London for twenty-two hours and nineteen minutes.’

Myka spun, sloshing more water over the sides, ‘When?’ she gasped.

HG smiled broadly, ‘When I was at Warehouse Thirteen, a week or so before we sent you and Pete back into Jack and Rebecca’s bodies.  You and Pete were out on that retrieval in Spain, Artie was doing something with the Regents and Claudia was visiting her brother.  I was …’ she smiled gleefully, ‘… not on that unsuccessful retrieval in Boston.’

  ‘Seriously?’ Myka was stunned.

  ‘I actually think that the reason my Time Machine struggled so much for power later was because I used quite a lot of the stored back up.’

  ‘Pete and I’s minds were almost lost forever because you popped back for a Victorian booty-call?’ Myka cried.

HG was unrepentant, ‘It was your fault, darling.’

 ‘My fault?’

  ‘Well, yes,’ HG pouted and it should have looked strange on that face but Myka could only see Helena.  Her fingers came up and traced a circle around Myka’s nipple, ‘I was so turned on all the time being around you … it was driving me crazy.’

  ‘You should have brought a vibrator,’ Myka commented.

  ‘I did … didn’t help,’ HG shrugged, ‘But I did meet a rather attractive young woman in my old London … beautiful she was, raven-haired, dark eyes like ink wells – actually, I think she was a writer.’

Myka’s mouth dropped open and she floundered for something to say, eventually settling on, ‘You have to be kidding me!’

HG shook her head, ‘I’ve always felt rather sorry for George Marsh, he was the talk of the town after that but never quite lived up to expectation.  And the worst part, he didn’t remember a thing about the wild sex he had with that dark-haired beauty,’ she sighed, ‘Such a shame because between them, they learnt a few things.’