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Midoriya Izuku's Guide to Escaping Your Home Planet Twice

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Izuku doesn’t know how long he’s been here but at least he knew how he’d gotten here. He’d been on a school trip when he’d paused to look out at the ocean while they waited for the light to change so his group could cross the street. While he was distracted, he was pushed, probably by one of his bullies since they weren’t happy about having to share a group with a quirkless Deku like him. Next thing he knew he’d tumbled down off the sidewalk and wound-up landing in this box.

His landing had jostled the box and caused the lid to slam down. It didn’t land perfectly so it wasn’t air tight and Izuku wouldn’t have to worry about suffocating but he still couldn’t get out. The box was too tall to climb out of and wouldn’t tip over no matter how hard he threw himself into the sides, only jostling slightly at most. Maybe if he wasn’t six, he’d have the height to reach the top and pull himself out or at least the strength knock it over so he could crawl out but he doesn’t, he’s just a little kid.

After calling and making a fuss for hours trying to make his presence known to anyone on the outside without success, he was tired. He tried to stay alert and listen, ready to make as much noise as possible in case he hears anyone arrive nearby, but with nothing to do he eventually tires out and falls asleep. It’s not his fault, kicking up a fuss in a panic for so long is tiring, especially for someone as young as him but because he was asleep, he never notices the box he’s in get quietly moved.

When he wakes up, he panics again and starts kicking up a fuss again in the hopes he didn’t miss any rescuers while he was passed out. This time his kicking and screaming did attract attention as there were actually other people nearby to notice something in this box was very upset. After a moment the lid of the box was lifted and a person Izuku didn’t know peaked in. Their single eye widened and their skin flared a bright color in alarm when they made eye contact with Izuku, immediately jerking back letting the lid slam back down.

Scared, Izuku began crying; all he wanted was to get out of this box and be told what was going on. Luckily, he was only stuck in the box for another 10 minutes before the lid was lifted again and a different person looked in on him. She(?) looked completely different than the last one and said something in a language Izuku didn’t know before reaching in and lifting him out by the back of the shirt. This person was tall, red, and had six arms and six eyes. A mutation quirk maybe?

The person changed to hold him under his arms, a much more secure lift, while still holding him as far from her body as possible and seemed to be studying him. Izuku couldn’t do much but sniffle and wait as tears continued to stream down his face. Soon enough she seemed to come to a decision and looked at the others in the room, giving them some kind of order given how gruff and commanding her voice sounded though Izuku still didn’t know what language she was using. When she looked back at him, she said something to him in that language but use a much softer tone, more akin to something one would use to coo at baby animals.

Izuku was still scared but it at least seemed like anyone was planning on hurting him. It’s not like he could do much even if they were, he’s very small and being held off the ground in a place he’s never been before. Another strange person arrived then with some devices and they tried to stick something round in his ear. Immediately freaking out again, Izuku flailed and wiggled in an attempt not to be subjected to whatever they were planning. All this ended up resulting in was the person holding him not dropping him and instead, using her 4 other arms to hold him still so the other person could do their work.

He was terrified, trembling and crying without the strength to do anything about what was happening. He was being cooed at again in that weird language in a clear attempt to calm him down but it was far too late for that to work as all he could focus on was something round being gently pushed into his ear. It didn’t hurt, so far no one here had done anything that hurt, but it was still scary. The same thing was done to his other ear then the person pressed a few things on the device in their hand and suddenly there was a buzzy-fuzzy feeling starting in his ears then going to his head. It didn’t hurt either but it felt weird and Izuku didn’t like it.

After a moment is started clearing and he became aware he wasn’t being held still anymore, only held up like before, and that the one holding him was speaking to him again. It was different this time though, like the words were changing until-

“-working? Youngling, can you understand now?”

Izuku sniffled but nodded.

“I assume that means you can.” The one holding him seemed relieved. “I’m sorry we scared you, youngling. You will not be harmed here. Do you have a name?”

“Um…” Izuku glanced around, eyes still watery, “my name is Izuku.”

“Izz- Izeku” The person tried to repeat the word but it was foreign and took a few tries to get something close enough. “Iz’ku? Iz’ku.”

Iz’ku was said with a hard z then the ku was spoken fast and sharp.

“Close enough.” Izuku agreed; it wasn’t perfect but Izuku was fine with letting her use that since it was clearly so hard for her.

“How old are you, Iz’ku?”

“Oh. Um… I’m six years old.” Izuku said. “Who are you? Where am I? What did you got put in my ear? I- I don’t know what’s happening.”

“I am Captain X’nra of the Star Dust Bandits and we are on my crew’s main ship.” Captain X’nra answered, “and all we did was put in universal translators. They read the language center of your brain to remove the language barriers between us. Nothing more than that.”

“Can I go home now?”

For some reason, that made everyone in the room exchange looks.

“I will not say you can not be returned but it will not be quickly. We did not mean to take you and we must now follow proper rules for it to be decided if return is possible.” Captain explained. “More explanation will happen later. For now, we will have you cared for.”

What Izuku got from that was that this was an accident but he’ll be able to go home eventually. If they were on a ship maybe they were out in the ocean and that’s why it’ll take a while. They were also going to take care of him? For who knows how long he’ll be stuck here? Just like that? Don’t they know he’s just a quirkless Deku?

Before he could say anything the captain brought him closer and changed how she held him to be more like how his mom would carry him. He was now in a more proper, better supported hold that let him hold on to the captain and look over her shoulder. From there he was carried out of the room and he allowed himself to simply look around while they walked. Everything around him was metal from the wall to the ceiling to the floors. The hallways were wide, the ceilings were tall, and everyone they passed seemed perfectly happy.

Apparently, what was happening next was “feed the small child” because soon they were in the dining area and he was being sat at a table and introduced to some new people who worked the kitchen. They proceeded to have a heated discussion about what a child his age is supposed eat, eventually settling on something easy and filling. Izuku isn’t sure exactly what he was given, it looked like a smoothie but was swirly purple and blue, but he still drank it. No one has harmed him yet and the last time he ate was before he’d left for school so he hadn’t eaten in a long time. As it turned out, the smoothie tasted amazing, though the flavor was nothing like he’d ever had before. The captain kept encouraging him to drink all of the very big glass he was given, mentioning something about him not weighing enough to match his size.

While he sipped the drink, it was really tasty, other people would come speak to Captain X’nra or the captain would give call people over and give orders. For some reason, no one was mean to him. No one glared at him or showed disdain or annoyance. He got a few curious or (to a lesser extent) warry looks, but they all seemed to decide if the captain was fine with him then they should be too. Was it because every person here looked so different from each other (and from anyone Izuku had ever seen) or was it because they didn’t know he’s quirkless? Is he being dishonest by not telling them? That’s usually the first thing people ask about and at school saying your quirk is always part of introductions… but no one had even brought up quirks yet.

“Um…” Izuku messed with his straw.

Captain X’nra looked at him. “Yes, youngling?”

“…I’m quirkless.” Izuku waited for things to change, that always makes things change, but when nothing happened, he looked up at the captain only to find her looking… confused.

“What does that mean?” She asked when it became clear Izuku wasn’t going to elaborate.

“I- I don’t have a quirk and I’ll never get one.”

“What is a quirk?” The word was said awkwardly, as if foreign.

“Um, you know… the powers most everyone in the whole entire world has?” Izuku asked, confused. “Like- like how one of my classmates has wings or how kacchan can make explosions in his palms. Almost no one is born without them anymore. Did you really not know?”

“I see. So a quirk is some unique ability determined at birth? It is not something you choose for yourself.” Captain said.

“Y-yeah. Basically...” Izuku looked down at his empty glass. “But mine never showed up and the doctor said I won’t ever get one.”

The Captain looked thoughtful. “Why would that matter? Surely these quirks can be nothing more than one detail among many.”

Izuku was about to reply then paused and actually thought about it.

It was weird… everyone always talked like quirks were so important, like they were the most important, but no one ever explained why. It’s not like he hasn’t wondered why Kacchan gets to pick on everyone just because his quirk is cool. Only two years ago he was treated the same as everyone else, then everyone started getting their quirks and he didn’t. Suddenly everything was different, immediately different, like a switch was flipped the exact moment the word quirkless was said. He loves quirks, probably more than most people do, but no matter how much he loves them he can’t actually explain why they matter so much more than everything else or why he’s suddenly useless for not having one.

Like the captain said, in the end, aren’t quirks just one aspect of a person out of many? Isn’t his lack of quirk just one small detail about him? A powerful quirk on its own only gets you so far and most of the time it won’t even matter what quirk you have because only very specialized fields, like heroics, are even allowed to use their quirks. Why should it matter he doesn’t have one?

“I… I don’t know why it matters so much.” Izuku finally admitted.

“That’s fine, youngling.” The captain assured. “No one here will think it matters much at all. It’s what you do that holds value, not what you are.”

That… that sounded nice. Still there was one thing that was bothering him and the captain hasn’t been annoyed with his talking and questions yet so he might as well ask.

“Captain, why don’t you know about quirks?”

The captain hummed. “Have you noticed the wide variety of people here?”

Izuku nodded. “Uh-huh.”

“Do you know why we are all so very different?”

“I thought it was your quirks but you don’t know what quirks are so…” Izuku tried to think of an answer that didn’t involve quirks but couldn’t come up with anything. As a six-year-old his knowledge and world view are a rather limited.

“I did not wish to overwhelm you but you seem the curious type, one who thinks hard about every question.” The captain said, remaining patient. “So let me ask, where do you think we are, youngling?”

“You said we were on a ship so I thought maybe the ocean. If we were at sea, it would probably take a while to get back.” Izuku pondered, starting up a mutter storm. “I’ve never been on a boat but I’m pretty sure boats are supposed to rock when on the water. Mama said the rocking makes her feel sick so it must rock enough to be felt but this place doesn’t rock like that. This place seems pretty big though so it’s too big to feel the rocking? But no big ships go near the beach I was at so that can’t be it…. Actually, I don’t think any boats visit that beach since it’s full of trash… and we already have a harbor…. So, I’m probably not on a boat, am I? but what’s a ship that’s not a boat?”

Most people get annoyed when he mutters, he’s not mastered being quiet about it yet, but the captain seemed genuinely delighted with his ability to talk himself to logical conclusions despite his limited knowledge.

“You are very clever.” Captain X’nra said. “I will show you the answer and you can ask any questions you like.”

“You really don’t mind me asking questions?” Izuku asked hopefully, already used to people shutting him down.

“Of course. How will you learn anything if you don’t ask questions?”

Izuku beamed. He hasn’t been here long, he’s surrounded by strangers, and he’s probably far from home but despite that he feels… safe. Everyone here has been nice to him, nicer than people usually are, and Captain lets him talk and ask his questions without getting mad. Also! The captain doesn’t care that he’s quirkless! She said no one else would care either and he really hopes she’s right.

A short while later, Izuku found himself back in the captain’s arms getting carried to another room to be given the answer of where exactly he is. That’s how he ended up staring out a window into the vastness of space just trying to comprehend it on any level. He was having a lot of trouble trying to reconcile the fact he’s no longer on earth and the fact that, while it’s scary, for some reason he still feels pretty safe. The captain, who he’s now realizing must be an alien, has been very understanding about how terrifying this must be for him.

“If,” Izuku sniffled, “if I’m in space how am I ever gonna get home?”

“Oh Iz’ku, you are not the first accidental stow away to find themselves so far from home.” Captain X’nra assured. “There are guidelines in place for things like this and an entire organization whose sole purpose is to help misplaced people be returned home or find a new home.”

Izuku looked at the captain. “There is?”

“Yes, youngling. We will be heading to the nearest embassy and once we’re there they will evaluate the situation and make sure you get home should it be deemed safe.” The captain explained. “It’s quiet a distance away, unfortunately, so you’ll be stuck here for a while but we will get you there.”

“Why can’t you bring me back? I mean, you had to land on my planet to get me, right? Wouldn’t that be faster?” Izuku asked.

“It might, but your planet is rated as hostile and all interaction is banned. My crew was only on your planet because they had no choice but to land to make emergency repairs. Even that is only allowed if they do not interact with anyone or anything there and leave as soon as possible.” Captain X’nra explained patiently. “Taking anything or anyone from your planet was not allowed and, had my crew checked their cargo before reloading it like they were supposed to, you would have been found and left on your planet where you belonged.”

“Oh,” Izuku looked back out the window, “am I gonna get you in trouble?”

“No, my crew not checking their cargo like they were supposed to is what’s getting us in trouble.” The captain corrected. “You had no control over the situation and can not be blamed for the consequences of it.”

What? That doesn’t make sense. He’s always blamed for other people’s mistakes so, Izuku proceeded to insist. “But… you’ll only get in trouble because I’m here.”

The captain gave him a weird look. “You are only here because someone didn’t do their job. That isn’t your fault.”

“Ok…” Izuku didn’t quite believe her but wasn’t going to argue.

“Come on, Iz’ku, let’s get you settled.”


It didn’t take very long for Izuku to decide being here on the spaceship really wasn’t so bad even if they were bandits. Everyone continued to be nice to him, he was fed regularly, and was over all well taken care of. They gave him a nice place to sleep and even had some clothes made for him. It was nice, and like the captain had said the first day, no one cared that he was quirkless. In fact, his quirkless status was such a non-issue here he sometimes forgot about it entirely. No one on Earth ever let him forget that he was quirkless even for a moment.

The captain kept him updated every day on how much longer it’d be until they reached the embassy, making sure he was well informed and didn’t feel trapped or tricked. It was a long trip for sure. Warps gates can get a ship from one star system to another but only in certain areas depending on size so the ship has to take them the rest of the way on its own. Luckily hyper speed is a thing so the journey is more like a couple weeks than years. Normally they’d stop the main ship to send the smaller ships docked inside to explore passing planets, interspersing long trips with adventure and profit. Right now, however, their only mission is to get him home so they don’t stop.

While on the ship he was never really by himself. Someone was always around to watch him and make sure he doesn’t get hurt but it never felt oppressive or like he was bothering whoever was watching him. On the contrary they usually seemed happy to have a little buddy with them who would ask them questions and be impressed by them just doing their jobs. They’d tote Izuku around and explain what they were doing while they were doing it as Izuku asked questions and got really invested in all of it. Izuku loved learning and for once in his life he could ask as many questions as he wanted without being punished for it.

Fairly quickly it became apparent Izuku learns fast when he’s actually encouraged instead of being treated like he’s stupid. Soon enough he got confident enough to ask questions about the people in the crew and their cultures as well as how things function out in space as a whole. The sentient AI that lives in the ship was very helpful in explaining space law and history while various crew members were usually more than happy to talk about their own planets or just their favorite planets. They’d tell stories of adventures they’d been on or folk tales from their home cultures and with most of the crew being from different planets there were plenty of stories to go around. They’d play with him too, both games he was familiar with like tag and hide and seek and games from their planets that Izuku was more than excited to learn. It was so much fun and he finally felt accepted for once in his life.

When he wasn’t learning, playing games, or listening to stories, Izuku found he liked watching the stars. There was no light pollution in space so he could see everything that’d been block out by the city lights at home. Even at hyper speed it was beautiful and he was kinda sad he’d probably never be able to see it again once he’s sent back. This along with the feeling of acceptance only added to the guilty inside that he’d been trying to ignore. It wasn’t that he’d done anything wrong, it was simply that he didn’t really miss home like he knew he was supposed to. Once he got over the initial scariness of being in space, he found he didn’t miss Earth at all.

The fact of the matter was, on Earth he had no friends and everyone hated him just because he was quirkless. They were mean to him, made fun of him, and hurt him and his things. The teachers and other adults treated him like a burden and an annoyance or, at worst, like he had some disease. Worst of all though, he didn’t get peace at home either. It wasn’t that Inko was cruel to him or ignored him, she actually had the opposite problem. Ever since he was diagnosed as quirkless she changed to becoming more and more protective to the point she acts like a simple paper cut will shatter him like glass. She quit playing with him, instead insisting he do safe thing like color, and had already started taking him to the park less and less while fretting over the mere possibility of him getting a scrape more and more.

He loved his mother, he did, but she was getting suffocating. He had to beg for a month to get her to let him go on the school trip at all and still she almost didn’t let him. After disappearing for so long like this, she’s probably never ever going to let him even leave the house ever again. He misses the times before they found out he was quirkless when she’d actually play with him and they’d do fun things without her treating him like he’s fragile and incapable. He never realized how bad it all was until he actually was treated right. Now that he’s gotten a taste of being treated like he’s not just capable but has inherent value, he can’t stand the thought of going back.

At six years old, Izuku wasn’t very good at hiding his feelings on this. It wasn’t a total surprise to the crew when he finally expressed that he didn’t particularly want to go home. They’d already picked up he wasn’t treated well on his home planet, his confusion toward genuine kindness was telling, so his complete lack of homesickness was just confirmation. Izuku thought about asking them not to send him home at all, but he didn’t want to get them in more trouble. They were too nice for him to be selfish like that.

The crew didn’t seem particularly worried about it which confused Izuku until they actually reached the embassy where he was given a bit more clarification. When they said the embassy would determine if it was safe for Izuku to be returned, they hadn’t been talking about their own safety. The embassy agents are well versed in returning people safely without endangering themselves; returning Izuku wouldn’t have been an issue for them at all. The person whose safety they were referring to was Izuku’s.

Children as young as Izuku don’t just end up unaccompanied on a strange spaceship if they’re well cared for. It’s possible that he does have a loving home to return to, sure, freak accidents happen but generally speaking this type of situation usually happens to people in bad situations. Assessing these situations and handling them to the benefit of the child is part of the embassy’s entire purpose. Once this was explained, Izuku managed to find the courage to tell the embassy agent how he got treated back home as well as how he doesn’t particularly miss his planet and how nice the ship’s crew was.

It didn’t take long after the agent interviewed with the crew to determine that it wasn’t safe for Izuku to return to Earth. Clearly, they weren’t caring for him correctly there and it would be unacceptable to put a child back into that situation. Instead, they register Izuku as “abandoned by home planet” which essentially strips Earth of any claim to him. He’s still a citizen of Earth but cosmic law trumps planetary law so even if he ever does go back, Earth can’t keep him.

Now that he was free, Captain X’nra and the rest of the crew were happy to put a claim on him instead. If he accepted, he’d be one of them and grow up on the ship to eventually live and work with them; if he didn’t the embassy would still make sure he ends up in good hands. Izuku, obviously chose to stay with the crew, as if he would ever choose otherwise. After a long day, he left the embassy as a citizen of the greater cosmos with an allegiance to the Star Dust Bandits.

Now, Izuku didn’t have a big problem with being a bandit like one might expect. This is mostly due to the fact that bandits weren’t criminals; instead, they were just another part of the space economy. Smaller colonies and planets often can’t afford the high price of buying and transporting resources across space so they hire people like the Star Dust Bandits to steal and transport the needed resources instead at a discount. This deal gets the colonies what they need to survive at a rate they can afford, the bandits get paid and get to use anything valuable they swiped on job as a bonus, and the planets being stolen from get to justify charging the planets that can afford it high prices. Everyone wins and no harm is done as the theft is expected and accounted for. That’s just one type of job they’ll do of course but it exemplifies what they’re about. Theft for the benefit of everyone.

It also helps that Izuku was six, so teaching him a new way of doing things wasn’t the most difficult thing in the world.

Time passed and Izuku grew, embracing his new life fully. He learned to speak universal common so he wouldn’t have to solely rely on his translators and he taught his crew to speak human as no one else in the universe knew it making a great secret code. He helped out wherever he could with his options expanding as he got older and learned more things and was never made to feel excluded or lesser.

Izuku wasn’t allowed on missions for several years so he mostly stayed on the main ship which was huge its self; it had to be huge to house so many people, meet all their needs, and hold all the smaller ships they use for missions. However, Izuku wasn’t confined to the main ship all the time. The crew took him to festivals and markets with them, letting him experience other planets first hand without the danger, and honestly? Izuku was instantly in love with travel.

How could anyone ever live with being stuck in one place, in one town, on one planet, when there was entire universes out there just waiting to be explored! There was so much to learn, so much to experience, so many people to meet and things to do. The choices and opportunities were limitless. Izuku was no longer trapped in the confines of what other humans think he should be allowed to try based of factors that don’t even matter. Out here he can reach for just about any goal he believes he can achieve, or at the very thinks is worth trying, and be met with guidance and support. Never would he have gotten that back on Earth.

As he got older, he started training and helping preform maintenance on their ships. If he ever wanted to go on missions, he needed survival training and to learn 3 kinds of combat: hand to hand, combat with short range weapon, and the use of a plasma gun. Sure, space is generally peaceful and carefully regulated to stay that way, but that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Wild predators are a thing even while off planet and even if theft is accounted for doesn’t mean people won’t defend against it. In addition, just because space is regulated to keep the peace doesn’t mean there aren’t actual criminals out there, the violent or malicious kind that get outcasted for inhumane acts and inciting wars. In short, it’s paramount anyone going out in space to be able to defend themselves and their crew mates.

When he was decent enough with repairs, the crew took him out and let him pick a junked ship. If he could put it back to working order, they’d teach him to pilot it. Izuku worked so hard on the one person racing cruiser he’d chosen and eventually had it running well enough to pass a safety inspection so, as promised, he was taught how to fly it. As it turned out, Izuku adored piloting, especially when he was piloting his cruiser. His ship was small and fast, being a racing ship and all, perfect for quick maneuvers and fancy flying. Like everything else, he threw himself fully into learning the skill and continued to improve on his ship’s build, making it better, faster, sleeker, more efficient.

Finally, he was deemed ready, he finally stared going on missions with his crew. It was great and well suited to both his strategic mind and his desire to be apart of something bigger. He’s a helper at heart after all and after actually meeting the people they deliver stolen resources to, the fringe colonies on space stations and asteroids, small planets with too little to go around, Izuku couldn’t say he’s ever felt more fulfilled. It may not be saving people the way he’d wanted to on Earth, but lives are being saved all the same.

Of course, with the gaining of so much there was some loss. Over time, his memories of earth faded more. He forgot what his mother looked like, who Kacchan was, and heroes with their names and quirks weren’t worth keeping track of. Universal Common became more natural to speak than any human language had been, though he remained bilingual, and his thoughts rarely trailed back to his first six years. He knew very little of his home world to begin with being as young as he’d been and all so really very little to miss or hold on to. He was happy to let the memories fade away. After all, why should he care for a place that treated him so poorly that he wasn’t even upset when he found himself light years away from the planet its self?

After almost a full decade in space, as far as Izuku was concerned, traveling the stars with his crew is where he belongs. This is his home, these people are is his family, and he never ever wants to go back to Earth. He never will either, not if he has any say in it.

Currently they’re one star system over from his original one. They have a mission at the nearby Andromeda Citadel to steal a certain object of value during an upcoming celebration. The princess is trying to get out of an arranged marriage and stealing the symbol of betrothal will stall preparations long enough for her to get out. Plus, it’s supposedly worth a fuck ton of cash not to mention all the other valuables just lying around the wealthiest facility in that star system and who are they to argue with that profit?

Izuku can’t wait to see it.