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The monsters kept coming. Yun Lan and Shen Wei had been dropping bodies left and right but it seemed there was no stopping the monsters. Yun Lan shot another monster through the head and it fell to the ground.

There must be a cave somewhere near here where all these monsters were coming from. If they sealed the cave they would be save a lot of trouble.

The team was on their way but it would take them a while before they got there.

“Yun Lan,” he heard a shout and magic passed an inch from his face. He turned to his back, a monster was falling to his knees, dead.

He turns back to Shen Wei. He isn’t there.

“Shen Wei” he calls out. “Where are you Shen Wei?” he shoots two monsters in the head. For the moment there are no more coming. So Yun Lan turns to the cliff face where he last saw Shen Wei. Did he fall off the cliff? “Shen Wei” he calls out again, his gut twisted and heart pumping faster than it ever has, dread seeping into his body.

Suddenly he is pushed into the ground, dirt flying around him. He turns himself over so that he is facing the monster, ready to shoot at its head. The monster swipes at him and the gun is thrown, too far for him to reach. He blocks the monster’s attacking fangs with a hand on its neck, trying to get the monster away from him.

A sword pierces the monster and Shen Wei is standing there, his Black Clocked Envoy outfit donned and ready for a fight.