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The Prison

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He sat there shaking, gently rocking himself back and forth in the darkness. He'd lost track of the time he had been down here, the time since the war had ended. He scrubbed the back of his hand over his tired eyes before pulling a face at his own stench. God he needed to shower, or at least wash. Badly. It felt like he had been down here for years, hanging onto life by a slim thread, once the war had been lost. The great Dumbledore had been wrong - he wasn't the last horcrux. No one knew what it was except for Vold-The Dark Lord himself, but then Harry had some doubt in his mind that even the great one knew.
Harry had no idea how he was still alive, he was sure he'd been here longer than days possibly weeks with how long it had been. Starvation wasn't a strange thing to the young wizard he'd grown up with food being taken away as punishment, a plain piece of bred every four days if he was lucky. A shudder tore through his thin body as the memories from his time at the Dursley's flooded to mind, this place just reminded him of there far too much.
The sound of nails scratching against the cold floor pulled him from his thoughts. Harry used his hands to push himself off the floor trying to stand up only for a yelp to tear from his throat as he fell back onto his knees. He opted to crawl over to the bars that held him prisoner "Siri? Remy?" He called out weakly, his voice hoarse with lack of use as he tried to look in the direction he'd thought he heard the sound.
A low growl met Harry's call, filling his small body with hope, though it didn't sound like Padfoot so he simply guessed it was Remus instead. "Oh Remy!" He felt like crying with the moment of hope that he was going to be saved.
A dark cackle filled the air and before the wizard could move back be found himself flying through the air landing back against the stone wall with a crack loud enough for anyone to think broken bones. A cough tore through his body, ripping up his throat bringing up a mixture of dried and flesh blood on the way. The teen didn't even have enough strength to move forward instead just letting the blood dribble down his chin.
"Your mutts are dead Potter, you will do well to remember that. Though I bought you a replacement along, you belong to him now." Voldemort spoke, his red eyes standing out in the dim lit room he moved his hand motioning to a silver grey wolf that was beside him. The wolf’s coat looked like the moonlight itself reflecting off a cool stream with a low glow around it, it was mesmerising. Harry didn't even realise he was staring at the creature before him until he realised it had moved to inside his bars only then did the real danger hit him.
Why was Voldemo-The Dark Lord giving him a gift, he opened his mouth to ask the question but the red eyed man was gone before the words reached his lips.
A great sigh went through his body before he turned his attention back to the wolf. "Are you a real wolf? Or Animagus?" He whispered softly more to himself, than the wolf with blue eyes.
A growl met his question as the wolf snarled it's teeth he was no real wolf, and not completely an Animagus. While he could take his alternate form at will it was only down to being a werewolf. The wolf began to pace the cell looking to the door on occasion before he used a large paw to nudge Harry so he was laying on his front. A whimper escaped Harry's lips as he was moved before it became a gasp as a cold nose began pushing up the rags he had for clothing, the rough tongue of the wolf running over his back healing the wounds before they fully occurred. It was only as Fenrir started to look at the boys skin that he realised he was lucky to have the golden boy, and he was all his. Voldemort had owed him a debt, finally it had been repaid.
Fenrir continued to lick down the boys back ignoring his struggles the lower he got down his back using one large paw to keep the teen still. He gave a deep warning growl, he didn't want to hurt him before he got started.
Teeth cut through Harry's ragged trousers as if they were a hot knife passing through butter. A gasp came from Harry’s lips as he more rapidly tried to escape the wolves hold, begging with whimpers of protest hoping that the wolf wouldn't try anything.
"Please, please no." He began to worry as tears quickly fell.
Harry could feel magic running over his skin, he tried to resist the tingle, but he found himself moving up onto all fours. "No no no!" Harry continued to beg, trying to fight of the magic that was holding him in the position on his hands and knees. His butt was proudly in front of the wolf’s face, almost teasing but Harry didn't want this. He feared what was about to come, he just hoped he was wrong.
An animalistic growl escaped Fenrir when the scent of such a young boy hit his nose, ‘oh he was going to enjoy this one’. He would show his form to the boy, only after he had pounded him and hopefully impregnated the golden boy with his pups.
The large grew wolf quickly mounted on top of Harry wrapping his large forelegs around his ribs, only from this angle did he realise how much larger he was than the boy. Struggling to line himself up, it was on his fifth attempted that he hit his goal and he howled as he forced his slick cock into Harry's dry tight passage. Quickly he began thrusting in and out. He could feel Harry’s tight channel becoming slick with blood as the boy whimpered trying to move his hips away, only tensing up which made it more pleasurable for Fenrir. He nipped Harry's shoulder firmly as a warning for him to stop struggling, when the boy continued his bit more firmly, not yet drawing blood but he wasn't far from it by this point. Suddenly Fenrir slammed his length inside panting, his whole body shaking with his pants, as he could feel his knot growing inside the young wizard. It took only two more ragged thrusts before his knot firmly locked him inside Harry's tight ring, long thick strands of cum escaping out of his penis. His teeth sunk into the young boys shoulder marking him officially as his. As his mate’s blood hit his tongue Fenrir's second orgasm racked through him, more long thick sprays of cum filling the already full back passage of the famous Harry Potter. He knew he wouldn't be moving from inside him anytime soon.
Silent sobs racked the teens body, tears falling thick and fast down his face. When he felt the tingle of magic washing over him again he knew he could try and move away. Harry used to chance to move away before whimpering out loud, he realised the excruciating pain was Fenrir still inside him.
"Let me go, p-please." Harry begged trying to move again which only withdrew a growl from the wolf again, slowly he rose his head looking behind him only to see a glow of magic go over the wolf until there was no longer a wolf locked inside him but very much a man.
Fenrir offered a toothy smile, forcing Harry to lay on his side as he led down spooning the boy from behind.
"Tomorrow you come home with me. You are my bitch now."
Harry gulped visibly as he twisted to look back at the man only then did it really click who he was.
"Fenrir Greyback." Harry gasped, he had just been... Abused by the one man he never wanted to see.