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Surprise attack

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Mokuba was in the kitchen laughing with Yugi and Yami when they heard yelling then a splash. All three of them ran out to the pool, looking at the sight in front of them. Kaiba was standing by the pool, looking at Joey who was currently in the pool, staring up the brunet with blood leaking down his face.

“Now I’m going to have to have the whole pool drained.” Kaiba was saying to him, turning when he heard shouting.

“Seto!!!” Mokuba said, grabbing his brother by the sleeve and pulling him away while Yugi and Yami helped Joey out of the pool.

“What happened?” Mokuba asked him, and Kaiba shrugged.

“Why is he bleeding?” Mokuba asked, looking over at Joey. Yugi had given him a towel to wipe off the blood.

“Because he’s an idiot.” Kaiba replied calmly, watching the scene in front of him with mild interest.

“Being an idiot doesn’t make someone’s nose explode.” Mokuba said, looking at his brother’s hands.

“Well, it’s a relatively new health problem.” Kaiba responded, trying to hide the scratches on his right hand.

“Seto..” Mokuba warned, glaring at his brother.

“I have work to do. Let me know when they leave.” Seto glared at the three men by his pool before turning and walking back inside. Mokuba sighed, looking at his friends.

“Sorry Joey, are you ok?” The vice president asked, kneeling down by the pool.

“Yea, I’m fine. Your brother’s just an idiot sometimes.” Joey said, smiling reassuringly at Mokuba with blood dripping down his face.

“I know.” The younger boy sighed, pouting internally.

“So, what else do we need to discuss?” The blond asked, trying to change the subject.

“I think we got most of the details for the tournament ironed out. Why don’t we have lunch and we can go over them while we eat?” Yugi suggested, looking at his friends.

“Good idea. Maybe some food will help us get things figured out.” Joey said, his stomach growling in agreement. “Just keep your brother away from me please.” Mokuba nodded in agreement, dragging the three boys inside for lunch.


Later that night Kaiba was typing on his laptop in bed when he heard soft footsteps on his balcony. Not even bothering to look up, he kept typing as someone came to his bedside, shedding his clothes before climbing into bed next to the brunet.

“How’s your face?” Kaiba asked, smirking.

“Hurts.” Joey said, touching his nose. Finally, Kaiba finished his email, turning to look at the blond.

“Nice black eye.” Kaiba said, leaning over to kiss the blond gently on his eye.

“I don’t know why you have to be such an asshole all the time.” Joey complained, closing his eyes and moaning a little as Kaiba stroked his sore eye.

“You don’t complain about my asshole when you’re screwing it.” Kaiba purred, kissing Joey’s eye again. “Besides, I thought you got off on pain.”

“Not when you’re being a jerk.” Joey muttered, pulling away a little.

“Mmm.” Kaiba said, finally stopping stroking Joey’s eye. “That’s what you get for mouthing off to me Wheeler.”

“I asked you to be my boyfriend. I don’t think that can be considered mouthing off in polite circles.” Joey countered, narrowing his eyes.

“I thought you didn’t want anyone to know we’re sleeping together.” Kaiba commented lightly, pulling off his reading glasses and placing them on his bed side table along with his laptop.

“Well, I thought about it, and realized that I’m tired of sneaking around. I like you Seto Kaiba, and I want to tell people I like you.” Joey retorted, running his fingers down Kaiba’s side.

“Don’t make me punch you again Wheeler.” Kaiba threatened, pointing firmly at the other male.

“I wouldn’t dream of it snookum’s.” Joey purred, climbing on top of Kaiba and running his fingers through the brunet’s hair.

“If I agree to this, then you can’t call me pet names.” Kaiba growled, closing his eyes while Joey continued to stroke his hair.

“Whatever you say babe.” Joey smirked, feeling Kaiba’s breath hitched in his throat.

“Boyfriend?” He asked, leaning down to almost kiss Kaiba.

“Boyfriend.” The brunet confirmed, lifting his head up to gently touch Joey’s lips.