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Rebuilding Together

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It was all supposed to be so simple, now that Calamity Ganon was defeated. Zelda would travel and work alongside Link and any other allies she could gather to help rebuild Hyrule from the ravages of the Calamity. It was more than just their goal; it was also their duty to atone for their failures of many years ago. It certainly wouldn’t be an easy life, but it would be a productive one, where her path every day was easy to understand.

So why, Goddess why, did all those budding feelings she had for Link have to come surging back after a century the moment her eyes fell upon him once more, to ruin that simplicity with the messiness of emotions? And it didn’t merely return, but instead grew more intense with every step they took together until it was a conflagration pent-up desire far beyond the spark that had initially been lit all those years ago, one that threatened to entirely consume her.

Zelda tried to pour that frustration into the rebuilding, but it only made the pain sting even worse than before. Especially once she came to realise just how much the world had moved on in the years since the fall of the Kingdom. She was no longer the Princess, not to the people who were separated by multiple generations from that past. Instead, she was that pretty girl who just happened to be named after that princess. The thought that she was that same princess simply slipped the mind of all but a few. Only one person remained that truly knew her, and could ever truly know her. That person was Link.

Despite his lack of verbal communication, Zelda was certain that Link felt the same. Not just because of their shared goals and memories, either. There were the hints. Such as the way he smiled at her, only to shy away when Zelda smiled back. Or when, on the road, as night fell he’d prepare their camp to have them sleeping just slightly too close together for it to be platonic. And the displays of his physique when he went shirtless to swim, subtly going beyond mere practicality to show off what he had. How he’d make Zelda feel safe even with all the elements against them, all without saying a word. The tender way he’d treat any injury she received, no matter how superficial and no matter how much Zelda told him that she was fine. Even when Link scavenged for food, he seemed to go out of his way to find the thickest, firmest, most appealing mushrooms, bananas, carrots and more.

Okay, that last one was probably just the feverish imagination of Zelda’s increasingly lust-addled, Link-obsessed mind, but it made sense to her at the time, damn it!

It was no longer enough to merely journey together. It couldn’t be them anymore. It had to be us. But there was no way Zelda could ever confess directly to Link. As much as her title of princess now mattered so little without a Kingdom to bestow any legitimacy upon the word, she still retained all the demure, courtly training that simply made it improper for her to proposition a mere knight like that. Rather than fight against that, Zelda decided she’d instead try to convince Link to make the first move.

It didn’t work. Showing more skin. Bending over at opportune moments to show off what Zelda knew she had. Clinging to him just a little too tightly while on horseback. None of it coaxed the confession she so desperately wanted to hear from Link, as reticent as ever.

By the time they’d returned from a trip to the Zora domain, stumbling through the doorway into Link’s Hateno home, Zelda had reached her absolute limit. All that teasing she had been doing had only made Link tease her more in return, or at least it certainly felt like that. Like a destructive whirlwind, it had only cycled in on itself until the frustration grew into an unrelenting storm. One more unbearable day without Link pouncing at her, or at least confessing to her, and she was going to lose her damn mind. It was in that tired moment, when the rational part of her mind that would normally scream at her that it was uncouth to ask if Link loved her was buried beneath a fog of exhaustion and lust, that she decided to make her move.

Just as Link had retired to his bed, a slap of hands against the mattress beneath roused him to attention, flipping over and opening his eyes, gasping at Zelda’s unexpected presence. Usually, they slept in separate rooms, as was only proper, and a routine that had become so typical that any difference from it set his mind at full alert. Was Zelda in trouble? It was the only reason she’d be here right now, Link thought.

“Z-Zelda!? What is it?” It was the most words she’d gotten out of Link so far that day.

“Damn it, Link, we can’t keep doing this.” Zelda balled her fists into the bedsheets, prompting Link to sit up attentively. “We can’t just ignore these feelings just because we don’t want to admit them!”

“Feelings? I don’t understand, what are you talking about Zelda?”

Leaning in closer to Link, Zelda placed her hand upon his face, eliciting a nervous swallow from the knight. Steeling herself, Zelda prepared to say the fated words, and declare her love, only to back down at the last second. There was a better way. Put Link on the spot. Make him say it first. “Do you love me?”

Link’s face lit up with a blush as he turned away from Zelda. “I... Uh... Yeah, I do, but - ” He stammered.

“I love you too, Link, damn it!” Zelda said, capturing Link’s attention once more and leaning in even closer. His lips were right there, ever enticing. “Why didn’t we just tell each other earlier?”

With that, their lips met. Slow and experimental at first, just the slightest touch, the skin barely brushing before they both recoiled with the thought, ‘are we really doing this?’ Even that most transient contact was enough for Zelda to know that this was right. They were meant to be, and acting more by instinct now than by rational thought, Zelda kissed Link again. The second time was deeper, more passionate, her lips pressing firmly up against Link as she sunk into his embrace. His muscular arm wrapped around her waist conveyed all those years of combat training through its strength. That was more like it, much closer to what a true kiss was meant to be, but Zelda already wanted more. Pushing her tongue up against Link’s lips, they parted, and soon they danced against each other, Zelda practically drinking from him as they sought out as much tender sensation as they could extract.

Pulling away from the kiss, gasping for air, they leaned against each other for purchase. With her ear at Link’s chest, Zelda could hear the thundering, excited pace of his heart. Basking in the company of Link was enough for the moment, at least until Link decided to break the calm.

“So, uh... We should do more, I suppose? Another kiss?” Link said. That wouldn’t do. He was still too reserved, or perhaps stubborn, to state his true desires.

“Link, I’ve waited too fucking long to stick to just that. We’re going to do it all.” Zelda began prying her fingers beneath the hem of Link’s shorts. “You want to do it as well, right?”

“Do it?”

Zelda pouted. Sure, they’d just come back from a rather long and tiring trek, but this level of bone-headedness from Link exceeded all her expectations. Either that or he was trying to tease her by making her state it more directly. “Goddess take me... Sex, Link. That’s what I mean. Now, are we going to or not?”

“Yeah, o-okay, it’s just so sudden a suggestion.” Link said, stumbling over his words as Zelda dug her fingers deeper under his loose shorts, tugging at them at the limit of what force would still hold them up to emphasise the need for an adequate response to her question. Bringing his hand to cradle Zelda’s face, Link planted a kiss upon her flushed cheek, then moved his lips closer to her ear. “Let’s do it.”

Finally, the words she needed to hear from her lovely, yet naive knight. Taking a step back so she could take in the full view of what she was about to uncover, she swallowed before pulling Link’s shorts down. With enough of the confining fabric out the way, Zelda’s eyes flew wide as her prize sprung into view. She had a vague image of what this would be like, and on the occasional lonely night had even touched herself to the thought of what might be hidden beneath Link’s clothing, but all those fantasies could not do the real thing justice. Instinctively, as if pulled in by Magnesis, she reached out to it, clenching her fingers around the head only for Link to wince under her touch.

“Ack!” Link said, grabbing at Zelda’s wrist. “Softer, Zelda.”

Zelda sighed as she relaxed her grip, saddened in her own inexperience. Despite the élan with which she had dragged things this far, finally presented with the real deal, she was totally lost for what to do. Pausing to recompose, she decided that cautious experimentation would be necessary.

Returning her attention once more to Link’s cock, Zelda carefully wrapped her fingers around its length, getting used to the combination of softer skin atop the steely firmness that lay just beneath the surface. Link gasped at Zelda’s touch, this time with a satisfied tone rather than a shocked one, spurring Zelda to bring her other hand to it as well. She let her fingertips dance across it, gauging if any area was more sensitive than the others by Link’s reaction, quickly learning which parts drew a deeper breath or hitch from him when she lingered on it.

It wasn’t enough. Of course it wasn’t. Zelda knew she was naive about many things involving this, but one thing she did know was that Link was perfectly capable of using his own hands. This wasn’t special. She shuffled onto her knees, then, with his cock still in hand, she leaned forward until her lips were barely an inch above the surface, so close to it that the nervous breathing against the skin caused Link to shudder under her.

“May I?” Zelda whispered, looking up to Link before repeating the request, louder the second time.

Link placed his hand atop her head, providing all the encouragement Zelda needed to continue. She brought her lips down to Link, placing a kiss atop the tip of his cock, and getting a much better reaction from it than anything she managed with her hands. Then, opening wide, she brought them down around that tip, spurred on by the low rasp from above until she had brought perhaps a third of it into her. With that, she paused, basking in the intimacy of Link being so wonderfully inside her, even if it was just her mouth.

“Mmhf” Zelda’s voice was muffled by cock, so she pulled back, releasing him with a wet pop. “Is this good?”

“Y-yeah, you can keep going. Please.”

As Zelda continued testing and teasing, she grew bolder with every moment that passed. There was no better way she could demonstrate her love. Though she’d managed less than half of it inside the hot, wet confines of her mouth, leaving the rest to her hand, she was confident that was more than enough.  The increasingly vocal declarations of approval, stifled though they may be by Link trying to bury them against his forearm, were plenty proof of that. “Zelda, I-I’m!” Link stumbled over his words between the sharp gasps.

Releasing Link from her mouth with a grin, she switched her focus to running her hands up and down the saliva-coated length of his cock to bring him to his climax. Bucking against Zelda’s grip, Link came. Strength leaving him, he fell back into the sheets, muffling gasps into his forearm as cum ran in streams down his cock before pooling where Zelda’s fingers were wrapped around him.

With a proud grin on her face from successfully getting Link to cum under her caresses, Zelda flung her clothing haphazardly across the floor before joining Link atop the bed. Sliding up next to Link, she pressed up against him with her naked body, indulging in the warmth of his skin against her own as calm returned to the room. Sure, sometimes on a particularly bitter night she’d lean into him by the fire, but nothing could compare to the comfort of resting against him like this. An arm wrapped around her only amplified the comfort even further.

“So, was it good?” Zelda said, nuzzling her head up against Link’s broad shoulder.

“Yeah, but...” Link looked down, and Zelda’s gaze followed. Between his legs, he was already hard again, and all that unquenched lust within Zelda came to the forefront once more.

“Well, I guess we better deal with that too.” Zelda giggled as Link looked back at her, dumbfounded. “Come on, Link. Did you really think we’d stop it here? No chance.”

More shuffling and a flurry as Link’s remaining clothing was tossed aside, and Zelda found herself pinned underneath Link as their lips met once more. As intoxicating as feeling his erection pressing up against her was, and as much as it made her burn up with lust and want it inside her, for now, she didn’t want to break the kiss. Just the sensation of Link’s weight above her, and his increasingly bold grasps and touches at her other sensitive spaces, was plenty wonderful enough. She almost wanted to just hold it at this, forever. Almost.

He was just inches away from being inside her, yet still holding back, declining to take the offering that had been perfectly laid out for him. It was as if he believed refusing to make the obvious next move and fuck her was some sort of Knightly duty even after any sort of meaning behind their titles had long since vanished. Even after what they’d just done together. She sighed, resigning herself to taking the initiative once more.

Zelda pulled back from the kiss, grabbing at his shoulders before he could go in for another. “Link?”


“Are you going to fuck me or not?”

After a moment of hesitation, and Link finally got the hint. Grabbing the base of his length, he pressed the tip just barely against Zelda’s entrance. At the sudden pressure, Zelda tensed up, holding her breath in anticipation of what was imminent. So, so close, and then, it begun, as the tip of Link’s cock slowly parted her sopping entrance. With the first inch inside of her, Link paused, and Zelda allowed herself to breathe again.

Link felt amazing inside her, but she already wanted more. She pushed up with her hips to meet him, encouraging him to continue pushing into her, inch by divine inch with agonizing slowness. He rubbed up against sensitive spots that Zelda never knew she had, until all she could manage was to let out a low, needy whimper against Link’s neck. And, finally, Link was entirely inside her, leaving them both breathless and clinging to each other. It was all so overwhelming, and all so right.

Zelda was barely able to string a sentence together in her mind, difficult to think amidst the haze of lust and with Link so completely around and inside her. “Keep g-going...” She mumbled as she wrapped her legs around Link.

Responding with clumsy, inexperienced motions, Link pulled away from her until just the last inch remained inside her, and then fell down on top of her. Over and over, each time their movements and breathing became more ragged and desperate as they both chased after their limit in each other’s arms. Clinging to Link, Zelda wrapped herself around him in every way possible, kissing him with rasping moans against his lips.

“More!” Zelda cried out, desperate to feel all that Link had to give. There was no need for any courtly dignity or restraint now, not when she was already so close. “Don’t hold back f-for my sake.”

That was all the encouragement Link needed to pick up the pace, with frantic desire more than making up for inexperience. His hips slapped down into her with each thrust, forcefully pushing her down against the mattress before bouncing up again for the next cycle. All that Zelda could feel was Link. His weight above her, his skin against her, his arms pinning her, and his cock inside her. It was the perfect expression of their love for each other. The culmination of months of anticipation on their travels.

“I-I...” Zelda mumbled between broken moans.

Link didn’t need Zelda to say any more to understand. “Me too...”

Neither of them could last long against the searing sensations of sharing their first time together. With one last unsteady bottoming out inside Zelda, they came. Link collapsed atop Zelda, buried firmly in her, rope after rope of his cum stuffing her pussy to the brim. Beneath him, Link’s eyes were clamped shut, a breathy moan leaking from her lips as her climax washed over her.

Then, with the blinding moment passing, they wordlessly held each other, breathing deeply as they cooled down. It was enough to just feel Link’s warmth against her right now, satisfied sighs and mumbles punctuating the gasps for air. There was no need for any talking, just being like this, with Link still inside her, was all the communication she wanted. What their relationship would be from here on. When they’d next do it. Perhaps even planning a date. All that could wait for the morning after. Summoning up her last reserves of strength, she brought an arm around Link’s shoulder, dragging him down for one last deep kiss before sleep overcame them.