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I'd Suffer Hell if You'd Tell Me What You'd Do to Me Tonight

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Being the son of a Bene Gesserit, Paul was hyper-aware of those around him. As far back as he could remember, Paul could differentiate members of the house by their steps or breathing patterns. He had a way of sensing people's moods. Some people were easier to read than others, but he would always glean an impression of emotions from them. Even the stony-faced Gurney Halleck was not immune to Paul's power.

Only one person stood out from all others.

Duncan Idaho was special for many reasons. His skill with a sword was legendary. His charm and diplomacy were admirable. It also didn't hurt that his face was a work of art and his body looked like it could have been carved from stone. All of this was true.

For Paul, though, it was more than all of that. His tie to Duncan ran deeper than anyone else he had ever encountered. Paul felt Duncan from kilometers away, felt him like they were standing next to each other. Near or far, Paul knew Duncan's emotions. He knew when Duncan won a victory, when something was troubling him, or when he felt lonely. It was as if their souls had intertwined. Anything one felt reverberated in the other.

That was why Paul sat in the palace's hangar on Caladan, awaiting Duncan's return. When Duncan hit the planet's atmosphere, Paul felt it like a fire started in his belly, a mix of joy and longing. He had almost ran to the bay even though there was plenty of time before Duncan landed. Paul wanted to look calm and collected when Ducan walked out of the spaceship, not frazzled and out of breath.

Duncan bounded off of the ship and picked Paul up in a swirling embrace. Paul loved it when he did things like this. Being the only son of the great Duke Leto Atreides weighed heavily on Paul but when he was in Duncan’s arms, safe and lifted like he weighed nothing, Paul became at peace with the universe.

Of course, they had other things to discuss, important business to go over before they could forget about their duties. Paul spoke of going to Arrakis on the first wave with Duncan. It pained him to know that Duncan would be in peril and Paul would be star systems away. Plus, there were the dreams to keep in mind. Were they a vision of things to pass? Duncan slain and a girl whispering to him about the desert planet that would become his new home.

When Paul mentioned the girl, Duncan’s demeanor never swayed from his normal outward appearance, but Paul felt the jealously and hesitancy. They both knew there was a point when their relationship may have to end because of duty and honor. Paul would give up the House of Atreides in a second if it meant he could have Duncan forever. Duncan would never allow it. He thought Paul’s title was too important, his role in the universe too great to abandon for someone like him. Duncan would disappear before letting Paul run away from his responsibilities. Though Paul doubted he could ever love another while Duncan’s heart beat in his firm chest. Paul couldn’t imagine finding anyone that eclipsed what he felt for Duncan, let alone the deep connection they shared.
Paul pushed those thoughts from his head, tried to keep those emotions from flowing to Duncan. He didn’t need to worry about such things today. Right now, they had each other, and that was enough. It would have to be.

Much later, after all the formalities that afforded a returning hero like the great Duncan Idaho, Paul stood in his room and unbuttoned his coat. The door opened quietly; he didn’t need to turn his head to know that it was Duncan sneaking in. It never ceased to amaze him how a man that large could move like a shadow, unknown to anyone around him. Well, everyone except for Paul.

Duncan closed and secured the door after him. He smiled at Paul, that cocky half-grin that made Paul’s pulse quicken. Duncan held an unopened bottle of wine.

“Am I bothering the young Duke?” Duncan said, walking behind Paul.

“That depends on why you are interrupting me. My time is valuable.”

“I came to quench your thirst, my lord.”

Paul smiled. Both of them gave off waves of excitement.

Duncan ran his hands down Paul’s arms. Those hands were so big and strong, Paul knew they could crush him if they wanted to. Lips, chapped but soft, kissed the back of Paul’s neck and ran a trail down to where his collar bone peeked out of his shirt. Paul’s breath caught in his throat. It was a feeling so good he could never get used to it.

Paul had missed Duncan. They were friends. Paul depended on Duncan for his personal safety and security. All of those aspects of their relationship were wonderful, but this was the part he savored the most. Paul wished they could be intimate, open, and free like this all the time.

Turning into Duncan’s embrace, Paul faced him. Being this close to Duncan was awe-inspiring. The eyes, the cheekbones, the mouth, it was a lot to take in. A person faint of heart may not survive it. Paul pulled Duncan’s face down to meet his own, so he could kiss him properly after so long apart.

“Since you are a good kisser, you can stay,” Paul said.

He backed away, taking his shirt off.

Duncan kept his eyes glued on Paul, raking over his body, as he sat down in a large armless chair. Opening the wine, he took a large pull off of the bottle and removed his own shirt before relaxing in the chair.

Paul thought maybe in another life Duncan was a duke and Paul would have been his advisor or concubine. Duncan looked like a painting of what a king should be, all strength and uncompromising power.

“Come over here,” Duncan said. “So that I may entertain you.”

Laughing, Paul walked to Duncan and straddled his legs, settling himself in Duncan’s lap. He grabbed the wine bottle and took a few long drinks, letting the heat blossom in his chest. Duncan grabbed the bottle and followed Paul’s lead before putting the bottle on the floor.

“How was your trip?” Paul asked.

Duncan shrugged. “Better than expected, not as good as we hoped. Just trying to keep everything safe for my boy.”

“Did you miss me?” Paul asked.

Even though he knew the answer he never tired of hearing it.

Duncan’s hand rested on Paul’s upper leg, thumb idly rubbing the innermost part of this thigh.

“Every second of every day is for you.”

Beyond the waves of love and happiness, Paul felt the fiery ball of lust building between the two of them. Paul wonders which one of them sparked it first, but the way it rolls back-and-forth means they are both adding to it.

Picking up Duncan’s free hand, Paul kissed the palm and each fingertip. He knew that Duncan’s entire purpose in life had become taking care of Paul. But here, like this, was finally Paul’s turn to take care of Duncan. Paul put Duncan’s hand on his cheek like Duncan enjoyed doing, but left it close to his mouth to continue to touch.

“What were you doing while I was gone?” Duncan asked while watching Paul’s lips trace the edge of his hand.

“Brooding and pinning for you, of course.”

The other man chuckled under Paul.

“I worked on the Voice,” Paul continued. “I think I’m getting better at it, not perfect but better.”

“Really?” Duncan asked. “You want to try it out on me?”

Paul stared at Duncan. Why would he want that? Maybe during a training session, it could be another tool for Paul’s unique arsenal, but it seemed a little out of place during their personal time. Then a wave of excitement and arousal rushed over Paul.

“You want me to boss you around?” Paul smiled. “Would that turn you on?”

“Let me make one thing clear, just watching you breathe makes me crazy. It is a good thing I have such self-control, otherwise, I would suck your cock in front of the entire House of Atreides,” Duncan said, leaning closer to Paul. “But having you make me feel helpless, completely under your control? Damn. And I know I could trust you to never hurt me or push me too far.”

Paul couldn’t deny the heat that flashed through him at those words. Knowing Paul was an important figure because of his birth differed from earning the respect and power of such a position. Sometimes he questioned his worthiness and wondered if he deserved everything he had been born into. Maybe he couldn’t live up to it. So, for someone like Duncan, let alone the man himself, to willingly give such power over to Paul made him feel heady and warm.

Leave it Duncan to make a feared thing like the Voice into something kinky.

“Does nothing scare you, Duncan?”

“One thing, but the rest is just fun.”

Paul bit his lip, trying not to laugh.

“I can’t say no to you,” Paul sighed. “So I will do it but only to bring you pleasure, nothing else.”

Taking a last drink of wine, Paul stood up and walked over to his bed. He cleared his throat and focused his mind. He hummed for a moment to find the right pitch. Normally, it took him a few times to get the sound right, but he didn’t want to look like a fool in front of Duncan.

“Come to me!” Paul said in a voice that vibrated over to the other man.

Duncan stared at him but did not move. Damn.

“Come to me!” Paul said again, voice lower and full.

This time Duncan moved without blinking, going straight to Paul like the pull of a magnet. He stopped just short of running into Paul.

“How do you feel?” Paul asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

Duncan blinked and twisted around like he wasn’t entirely sure how he got there. Then he smiled at Paul, full and bright.

“Real good,” he said.

“Good,” Paul said.

“You going to stick something up my ass tonight, my lord?” Duncan asked through lidded eyes.

“Hmm, that depends on how well you serve me,” Paul said with a smirk. “You want another?”

“Mmm, yeah.”

Arousal washed over him and Paul noticed how dark Duncan’s eyes had become, pupils blown. Paul dragged his hand down Duncan’s firm chest, enjoying the firm muscles under his hand. Going lower, he pulled at Duncan’s pants until they fell to the floor, his hard cock springing free.

“On your knees!” Pau commanded.

Duncan dropped in a flash. When he snapped back into reality, he steadied himself by putting his hands on Paul’s waist. Rubbing his face along Paul’s defined hip, stubble scraping the sensitive skin. Ducan made a small moaning sound muffled by Paul’s body.

“Oh, Paul,” Duncan said, his voice wrecked and raw.

Paul said nothing. He bit back his own moan, trying to salvage what self-control he had left. Duncan pawed at Paul’s pants until they slipped off. Paul’s erection barely felt the coolness of the room before the heat of Duncan’s mouth engulfed it.

Entwining his fingers in Duncan’s hair, Paul held his head in place as he thrust forward. Paul watched as Duncan sucked and licked with expert ease. Duncan rolled his eyes up to meet Paul’s. The love, the passion was too much. Paul’s orgasm hit him from out of nowhere and he came hard down Duncan’s throat.

Standing up, Duncan kissed him deeply, sharing Paul’s taste with him. The mix of them together was bitter yet infinitely sweet. Yet his lust was not satisfied, he felt just as aroused as he had when Duncan walked into the room earlier.

Paul shoved Duncan back down onto the bed. Climbing over him, Paul kissed Duncan before moving down his body. First, he stopped to nip at the sensitive spot under Duncan’s ear. Then he trailed light kisses down Duncan’s throat and chest. He knew Duncan loved a soft touch. That is until he was ready for more.

Turning his attention on Duncan’s left nipple, Paul bit down hard on it. A cry escaped Duncan’s mouth before Paul could soothe the pain with gentle sucking and licking. He repeated the process on the right nipple until he felt Duncan pant.

Back to the gentle kisses, Paul worked his way down to Duncan’s straining cock. Immediately, he licked at the moisture gathered on the tip then slid his tongue down the shaft. He grazed his teeth under the sensitive head, resulting in a strangled moan from Duncan.

“Stroke your cock!” Paul ordered.

Duncan obeyed, a few strokes in he stared down at Paul but kept his furious pace. Paul twirled his tongue over the tip. Duncan came hard into Paul's open mouth, some of Duncan's seed spilling across Paul's face and dripping down on the bed. Paul wanted his entire bed to smell like Duncan. He wanted his whole body covered in it, wanted to reek of Duncan’s scent. He wanted everyone to know from here to Arakis that they were fucking.

"You sure know how to welcome a guy home," Duncan said, after catching his breath.

"I'm not finished with you yet, my love," Paul said, taking in the debauched sight that Duncan made. "That was just the first course. Now roll over."

"I don't think I heard that last part."

Rolling his eyes, Paul couldn't help but smile.

"You are pretty demanding for someone who wants to serve."

"I just know what I want."

"And a mortal like me could never deny you," Paul said. "Roll over!"

This time he flipped over quickly, letting out a moan a second later. Leaning forward, Paul gripped Duncan’s ass and pulled the ample cheeks apart. Without giving Duncan time to adjust, Paul dove forward to lick at his entrance. Duncan made incoherent words, babbling as Paul dipped his tongue inside. He sucked gently on the rim before ramming before licking over it again. Letting the saliva drip from his mouth, Paul fucked his tongue in and out of Duncan. The other man moaned uncontrollably and thrust back onto Paul’s face.

Pulling away, Paul wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and admired his work. Duncan rolled over and stared at Paul.

“Who knew you had such a wicked tongue?” Duncan asked.

“I blame you,” Paul said. “I wouldn’t be so good at it if you didn’t look so hot when you are wrecked like this.”

Duncan laughed. “The things you do to me.”

Hopping off the bed, Paul went to the cabinet near his bed and grabbed the jar of oil he kept there. He climbed back on, laying against Duncan’s side. Popping the lid open, he poured the cool oil over Duncan’s stomach. The liquid settled into the curves of Duncan’s abdomen and dripped down the sides. Paul ran his fingers through it, loving the way the oil made his skin glisten. Once his fingers were coated, he lowered them down and slid one slowly inside of Duncan. Already slightly loosened from his tongue, Paul could work a second finger in quickly. He loved the tightness and heat. Pulling in and out, he felt his cock get harder just from the feeling on his digits.

Duncan had never been more beautiful, his hair splayed under him and his eyes on Paul. Powerful muscles all over twisted and contracted when Paul brushed against the sweet spot buried inside. Suddenly Duncan sat up, pushing his face against Paul’s chest and biting angry red marks all over his pristine skin. It reminded Paul that his lover was a mighty warrior who could take whatever he wanted, but let Paul do what he wanted to him.

Sitting up, Duncan coated his fingers in the oil and reached for Paul, going right for his ass. Paul stayed on his side but opened his legs wider. He pulled his hand back from the hot bliss of Duncan when he was penetrated by those skilled digits. Paul’s mind felt fuzzy with how wonderful it felt having Duncan inside of him. The other man kissed down Paul’s neck. Every moment showed how much he wanted to be connected to Paul in every sense of the word.

“Are you ready?” Duncan’s voice was deeper than Paul had ever heard it.

“For what?” Paul gasped.

“To ride me.”

Flipping them over, Duncan pulled Paul on top of him. Without hesitation, Paul grabbed Duncan’s cock and lined it up under him. Sinking down, he took it all in as fast as possible. He needed to be consumed by the other man, have his body and soul taken over. The stretch brought tears to the corners of his eyes but he savored each pain. This made it real and something he could remember.

“You are so beautiful,” Duncan said, touching every piece of his body.

Paul rocked his body back and forth, Duncan’s cock grazing against his prostate with each movement. A finger found its way into Paul’s mouth, sucking it he felt connected to Duncan, finally filled up. His mind went blank. The universe boiled down to where he ended and Duncan started. Nothing else was important, just Duncan’s cock inside him was all he needed to survive.

When Duncan’s hand gripped his hip, squeezing tight enough to bruise the skin, Paul couldn’t hold back anymore. A fire built in his gut spread out all the way to his fingers and toes. It released in a white heat shooting out of his dick, covering them both.

Laying down on top of Duncan, Paul let out a sigh of contentment. He felt Duncan’s release dripping out of him, but that made him feel even happier. Duncan’s arm encircled him and they kissed lazily.

"What do you want, Paul?"

"To never be without you."

“Only death would keep me from you. Anything less would face the wrath of my sword.”

But death was what his visions told him. It was the only thing he feared would come to pass.