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Glyph Monado

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It was a new day at Hexside as the students were assembled at the front of the school for a field trip to ancient ruins new the hand of the Titan. The one that was most excited, was the girl in the multicolored uniform. Luz Noceda, human student, was so excited to see more parts of the Boiling Isles and learn more about the magic here. It would be another step to become the first human witch of the demon realm!

"Are you excited for this Luz?" Willow asked.

"Heck yeah, I'm excited! The only place I've been that wasn't Bonesborough is the Knee!" Luz said with excitement.

"Willow, have you told her about the legend of the hand?" Gus asked.

"The Legend of the Hand?" Luz asked in curiosity.

"Oh yeah! There's a legend surrounding the hand, spread around since before Belos' rule!" Willow said as she turned to Luz. "Since you're so excited for the field trip, we can tell you along that way."

"Okay!" Luz said, as they climb on the carriage.

"Gus, if you can provide visual aid." Willow said to him as the trio sat together.

"With pleasure." Gus said, drawing a blue spell circle to cast the visual illusion.

"Long ago, before the Coven System, witches used magic without order. Without purpose. Creating and doing all sorts of amazing things." Willow said as the circle showed dark figures performing magic.

"One such thing, was the Monado blade, capable of being wielded by someone with immense magical prowess and a strong heart." Willow said, "But those that claim to have seen it, have said that it has laid dormant, waiting for the right person to use it. Other's say it is just a simple myth from the Savage Ages. But legend says, that one day, one of the strongest witches to ever live will find it, and bring a new era of peace."

"Wow, who made it?" Luz asked.


"I can take it from here."

Luz looked over and saw Boscha.

"You see, Round Ears, the blade was created by my great-great-great-great grandfather. He left all his notes and maps about it."

"Really?!" Luz said in shock!

"Yep! I even committed to memory where it was last located from the maps. Myth or not, I'm gonna check it out, Hex, maybe I'll be the one witch by legend to wield it." Boscha said, confident and arrogant.

Luz knew she had to see that blade. No matter what.

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The bus arrived at the hand and the students exited for the tour. Luz silently decided to stick close to Boscha and follow her if she strayed from the group. If she was telling the truth about the location, Luz could just follow her right to the Monado. When the tour was over, she noticed Boscha slip away, which led to her slip away.

'This is it!' Luz thought as she followed Boscha, staying 10 steps behind her.

Boscha took several turns and eventually found herself at a cave.

"If granddad's notes are accurate, the hiding place of the Monado should be in this cave." Boscha said as she remembers another thing from the notes. "But what did he mean by, "only the symbols of magic shall reveal the way?" The only symbols I can think of are the coven symbols but they didn't exist back them."

"Symbols?" Luz whispered before gasping, the answer coming to her instantly, "The glyphs!"

Luz was a little too loud, because Boscha heard something and looked around.

"Who's there?"

Luz quickly hid behind a stalagmite as she held her breath, trying not to make any noise.

"I know I heard something. If you don't come out, I'll find you myself!" Boscha said, moving to draw a spell circle over her third eye.

She shut the eye before opening it, revealing it to be black and white now.

'Always thought this x-ray would be good for more than peaking.' Boscha thought as she looked around.

Luz came out, knowing there is no way to get out of this.

"I knew I shouldn't have left the invisibility glyph at home."

"You?!" Boscha said in shock, undoing her x-ray spell.

"Me." Luz said nervously, waving to Boscha.

"Why are you here!?"

Boscha didn't expect or want Luz to be here! She would just get in the way of her getting to the Monado!

"I saw you slip away and I assumed you would be going for the Monado." Luz said, looking away as she traced her foot in the dirt.

Boscha wanted to get angry, but in reality, she isn't opposed to Luz being here.

"Fine, you can come."

"Really?! Yay!" Luz cheered.

"But you follow me and stay out of the way." Boscha said to her. "I'm still trying to figure out what the riddle my grandfather left."

"That? Oh, I already figured it out." Luz said with a smile.

"What? How?"

"Because what he meant by symbols, he meant the original glyphs of the isles. The source of magic before the bile sacks." Luz said as she reached into her pocket, pulling out all four spell glyphs. "The building blocks of magic itself!"

"What? So, all this time, these have been around?" Boscha asked, staring down at the glyphs as they began to glow.

"It's working! We can use the glyphs to find the Monado!" Luz said as she began wavering them in front of her, seeing the glow fade or increase depending on the direction!

"This way!" Luz said.

'If this girl dies and doesn't kiss me, I'll kill her.' Boscha thought, 'Why do I have to have a crush on her?'

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Following Luz, the triclops saw an opening reveal itself as the glyphs flashed at it! The path to the Monado was here all along, hidden in plain sight!

"It's right through here." Luz said.

"How did he manage to keep this place hidden for almost three centuries?" Boscha asked.

"I don't know. Maybe it's because people don't know about the spell glyphs or he kept it hidden from specific people." Luz suggested to Boscha.

"Well, let's go." Boscha said, "My grandpa's sword is there. We need to get it."

"And we should hurry before everyone notices we're gone and comes looking." Luz said to Boscha as they hurried into the cave opening.

"I'm pretty sure we'll be fine for bringing back a historical legend." Boscha said, not nervous about getting in trouble.

'She may act like a jerk sometimes, but I always admired her confidence.' Luz thought to as the glyphs continued to lead them to the Monado.

The two walked into a large underground cave, with water so blue it was glowing, along with a large force field, with a red sword floating in it.

"Woah, this place is amazing." Luz said, looking at her reflection.

The glow of the water gave the room, and them, a faint blue glow. The two paused as the glow spread throughout the cave as the force field slowly faded away.

"Boscha, is that it?" Luz asked in awe but was cautious, not wanting to repeat her first adventure to the "Crystal Lake."

"Hex, yeah it is. That's THE Monado." Boscha said with awe, her eyes sparking at the sight of the sword.

Boscha walked up and grabbed it.

"Now, let's... get... going!"

She pulled on it, but it wouldn't move. The triclops tried again and pulled harder but the sword wouldn't budge from its floating spot!

"Urgh! Why won't you move?!" Boscha grunted out in frustration!

"Well, I don't want to say it but…. maybe you're not the destined witch?" Luz asked carefully, remembering the story and comparing it another legend from Earth.

"Then why don't you try it?" Boscha asked, letting go of the sword. Luz shrugged, what's the worst that can happen? Luz walked up and put a hand on its handle and pulled it. To her surprise, it came out. Boscha gasped as Luz held the sword with ease, not believing that a human could be the wielded of the Monado.

"B-But how? You can't do magic!" Boscha said in shock.

"I know….but I use…the glyphs." Luz said, pulling out the glyphs from her pocket and see them glowing again.

Suddenly, the Monado began to glow as well with the glyphs floating from Luz's hand and into the hollow opening in it. So, each glyph flashed in the hole in the sword before it went back to normal.

"What. The. Hex?" Boscha asked, she grabbed Luz's hand and started pulling her, "We're going back and when we get back to Bonesborough, we're looking through my grandfather's notes!"

"Boscha, I'm sorry that you aren't the one-"

"I'm not mad about that, I'm honestly happy for you, but if there's one thing you can't do, is understand how that works. I'm going to help you figure this out."

Luz wasn't expecting this but she was thankful for the help. How else was she to use this magic sword?

"But what about the others? Can I at least tell my friends? And how am I supposed to carry it?" Luz asked as she lifted the Monado up.

Almost like on command, the Monado gave off a flash of light before it shrank down to the size of a house key on a necklace chain.

"Oh! Instant jewelry!" Luz said as she quickly put it around her neck.

"How do I look?" Luz asked, moving her arms up, causing the water to freeze.

the two looked at what she did.

"You... you just froze water." Boscha said, "Have your eyes always been bright blue?"

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"T-t-the last glyph on this was an ice glyph, right?" Luz asked.

"Yeah." Boscha said as she looked at the necklace, noticing the glowing center. "It's also on your necklace. Guess the Monado lets you use the elements to some extent without wielding the sword."

"This is awesome! I wonder what else I can do!"

"We can figure it out later. We need to get back before the bus leaves us behind." Boscha said, reminding Luz they needed to go.

"Oh, right! Let's go!" Luz said as they continued out of the cave.

The two make it back before anyone seemed to notice them missing.

"Come to my house tomorrow." Boscha whispered, handing Luz a note with her address.

Luz nodded to Boscha as Amity glanced at them, noticing the note passing and the new necklace.

'What's going on with them?' Amity thought with narrowed eyes.

Amity walked up to Boscha.

"What are you doing with Luz?" Amity demanded.

"I'm not doing anything with the human." Boscha denied to the Blight.

"Then what was that note you handed her?" Amity asked, narrowing her eyes at Boscha.

"Well would you believe the human found the Monado and I offered to help he with my great x4 grandfather's notes?" Boscha said with the sound of sarcasm but she knew it was the truth.

Hopefully that would be enough to throw off Amity and allow her to get closer with Luz through training.

'You might not see it but I'm not giving up on that cute human yet.' Boscha thought.

"If one thing happens to her, I will use her head as a grudgby ball." Amity threatened.

"Like you have the stomach for that." Boscha said, walking away to the bus.

"You'd be surprised what I would do to keep her safe."

Amity glared at the triclops as she walked over to Luz, who was talking with Gus and Willow while showing off her necklace. Where did she get that necklace to begin with?

"Hey, Luz, where did you get the necklace?" Amity asked.

"I, uh, found it in my pocket."

"You found it in your pocket?" Amity questions, turning to Gus and Willow.

"She says the pervious student must've left it and she didn't notice until now." Willow said to her rekindled friend.

Amity didn't look convinced, but didn't press for details. She'll just have to wait and see what's up about it later. Though, it did look suspiciously like the Monado from the legend. They made it back to Bonesborough and Luz went to the address of Boscha's house.

'I know she said come to her house tomorrow but I just want to learn about the Monado now!' Luz thought with excitement as she practically ran to Boscha's house.

Though, this didn't go unnoticed by her friends as Luz went in the exact OPPOSITE direction of the owl house.

"Should we do something?" Willow asked.

"Let's go follow her, we all know she'll get into some kind of trouble."

Nodding to Amity, Gus and Willow followed the Blight girl as she led them after Luz.

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Luz knocked on the door and Boscha opened it.

"Y-y-you're here. I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow."

"I know and I'm sorry but I was just so excited! I want to learn more about the Monado and you're the best expert I know." Luz said to Boscha.

Boscha's skin hid her blush.

"W-w-well, come in."

Luz smiled and walked in as her friends watched from the bushes, shocked and a bit heartbroken at the sight!

'No! Titan no! This can't be real!' Amity thought.

"There has to be a reason." Willow said, "There has to be a way to see what's going on."

"Then let's find out!" Amity said rushing out of the bush. "I know a back way to get to the backyard."

They made their way to the backyard and looked through a window to see Luz and Boscha talking.

"Okay, so I've got the note from my x4 great grandfather. I'll go over them aloud while you pull out the Monado and practice." Boscha said as she held an old looking notebook in hand. "One of the Monado's functions is switching between "modes." Try that."

"Sounds good to me." Luz said, touching her necklace and changing it to full Monado mode.

The red blade became it's normal sword mode and Luz looked at it.

"Wow, the ice glyph is making little snowflakes fall from it." Luz said.

"That's not the only thing it changing." Boscha said.

Luz put her hand on her hair, which was cold and felt snowflakes coming off of it, going up a little before disappearing.

"I guess my body changes a bit to match the Monado mode. I wonder what would happen if I choose fire." Luz said as the Monado core flashed, changing from the ice glyph to the fire glyph.

The sword had embers fall from it, while Luz's eyes turn red and her hair gets hot and had embers rise from it.

"….I guess that answers that." Boscha said, blushing a bit.

Luz would just think it was from the sudden heat the sword gave off. Outside, they looked at the sword in Luz's hand.

"Wait, is that what I think it is?" Gus asked in shock.

"It can't be…can it?" Willow said, shocked and unsure if this was real or not.

"T-t-that's the Monado." Amity said.

This couldn't be real! The legend, the myth, was true! The Monado was real! And Luz was the destined witch to wield it?!

"I'm done messing around." Amity said.

She walked to the front door.

"Amity, wait!" Willow called out as she and Gus went after her.

Amity went to the back door of the backyard and slammed her fist against it.

"Get out here, Triplet!" Amity said... well, screamed.

Turning towards her backyard door, Boscha and Luz recognized that voice.

"Amity?!" They said in surprise.

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Boscha opened the door, knowing that Amity won't hesitate to break it down... again.

"What are you doi-" Boscha asked before stopping at the sight of Amity standing with Willow and Gus too.

"Why are you here? This is private property!" Boscha said.

"You know why we're here! Luz is our friend." Amity said as she March in, pushing Boscha back as Gus and Willow came in. "I thought Luz was acting strange but this is something else entirely."

"Yeah, like the fact the LUZ HAS THE MONADO!" Gus shouted as he looked to his friend.

Luz chucked it over her shoulder.

"I... I don't see it." Luz said, seeing the glares she sighed, "My hair is still burning, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is." Willow said with a blank look before the Monado suddenly flew back into Luz's hand.

"Whoa!" Luz stumbled as she caught the sword in her hand. "I guess it can't just throw it away to hide it."

"So, when did this happen!?" Amity screamed.

"Ugh, and you're supposed to be smart! Where did we just come from besides the school?" Boscha asked them, walking back over to Luz.

"Now, my friend and I need to train." Boscha said, "You can just walk your asses back through the door."

Amity raised her fist, ready to put a hole where that third eye was, when Luz got between them.

"Everyone, calm down. We can all be nice and friendly." Luz said, "I mean, are you going to argue with the person holding a mythical blade?"

Amity and Boscha wanted to say something but they knew Luz was right, not because she could take them but because she was untrained with a dangerous and legendary weapon. Only one solution could help solve this but neither of them wanted today it.

"I suppose…we could help Luz train together." Boscha said with grit teeth. "4 witches helping are better than 1."

'I was this close to getting her!' Boscha thought.

"That a great idea!" Luz said with a smile.

Luz went outside and Boscha and Amity glared at each other. Gus and Willow felt a bit awkward at their heated glare as they slipped past them to follow Luz.

"Well w-w-we're going to be with Luz in case you two need to have a moment." Willow said.

"We'll shout if we need help!" Gus quickly added.

the two girls continued to glare at each other. Unmoving from their spots.

"We need help!" Willow said.

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How long had the two girls been glaring at each other? They didn't know but they just decided to rush to the backyard to see what happened.

"Luz, how did you set the tree on fire!?" Boscha asked.

"When did you start calling Luz by her name?!" Amity asked.

"Do you really want to get into this now?" Boscha asked Amity.

"I forgot I had the Monado on fire mode! I'll put it out!" Luz said, quickly switching to ice mode.

With a single slash, Luz sent a wave of ice to the burning tree and extinguished the flames but also freeing the tree. Boscha face palmed.

"My parents are going to kill me for this." Boscha said.

"Can someone please explain why Luz has the Monado before something else crazy happens!?" Gus shouted, reaching his limit with craziness.

He had a high limit thanks to his time with Luz but now, things were even crazier than before!

"Okay, okay, Gus. I'll explain, let's just calm down." Luz said as everyone turned to her. "So, it all happened like this…"

Luz and Boscha explained what happened.

"How did he even know something like this would happen? Was your grandfather and Oracle?"

"No, he rarely relied on magic, he created his own weapons." Boscha said, "I want to be like him someday."

"And since the Monado chose Luz instead of you, how could you go about it?" Gus asked her.

"Maybe going over his notes will help. It could make my own Monado." Boscha said before turning back to Luz. "But for now, I say we focus on the current Monado and help Luz master it."

Luz was trying to see if she could balance the Monado on her finger.

"We have a lot of work." Boscha said.

"If we want this to go by faster, we might have to do what Luz called "a training montage." Willow said as Luz gasped, grabbed the Monado

"Yes! Yes, Magic Weapon Training Montage!" Luz said as she pumped her first.

"….What exactly is a montage?" Boscha asked.

"You have much to learn." Willow said.

"And I am ready to learn!" Luz said with determination.

"Well, let's get started." Boscha said.

"But first a good montage needs some good music!" Luz said, "Uh, does anyone have a speaker or something?"

"Hang on." Amity said as she drew a spell circle and summon a blue demon with an open mouth and speakers for ears. "Do you have any song preference?"

"Running with the 90's!" Luz said.

Everyone rose a brow to that name as Amity slowly typed it in her scroll.

"Running with the 90's." Amity said aloud before the song came up. "Huh, we actually have it."

"Then start playing and let's get training!" Luz said as she held her Monado at the ready!


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As the music began the group prepared themselves for possibly the shortest yet longest afternoon of training in their lives. Luz held her sword in her hand and switched to the Plant glyph. Luz stabbed the Monado in the ground, causing large vines to grow towards her friends as they used their spells to dodge the wave. Luz then jumped in the air and head the Monado up as a blade of green energy sprouted out. Luz's slice was dodged but the aftermath of the attack made vines grow rapidly at the place where the fence was slashed. Luz switched to the fire glyph and slammed the head of the blade onto the ground. A wave of flames rose as Amity and Boscha used their own fire spells to cancel it out while leaving slight scorch marks on the yard. Willow drew a spell circle and summons vines to catch her.

'Gotta think fast!' Luz thought as she jumped into the air.

The Monado producing a blast of fire as Luz jumped on like she was riding Eda's staff.

"She can fly on that thing!?" Amity said.

"Apparently she can!" Gus said as Luz flew after them.

"Woo!" Luz said as they dodged out of the way.

Luz flew into the air again before switching to the light glyph, gaining yellow eyes and yellow highlights with light particles. With a swing of the sword, Luz sent a flurry of light blasts at her friends!

"Cover your eyes." Boscha said as she used a transformation spell, turning her skin into mirror to reflect some of the light blasts.

Luz was hit by the reflected light, but it didn't affect her. She was immune to light attacks! She landed on the ground and ran to her friends, covered in light and suddenly moving past them in great speed!

"Whoa!" They said as Luz kicked up a trail of dirt dust!

"High speed movement?" Willow said as he covered her eyes.

"What else can she do?" Boscha asked.

Luz's hair suddenly had snowflakes coming from it.

"You had to ask."

Luz stabbed the ground once more as ice formed around her to form an ice golem around her.

"I... don't even have a comeback for that one." Gus said.

Luz smiled in the ice golem as she stood up and bashed her fists together.

"If this keeps up, we're gonna wreck my house!" Boscha said in shock.

"Then we'll have to take it outside of the property!" Willow said as she used her plant magic to grow into a large fly trap.

The fly tap swallows all of them and brings them under ground, only to spit them out in a empty field, long away from any people. Luz didn't know how this spell worked but she would definitely try it herself. Luz pointed the Monado at them and got ready to attack. Gus created illusion clones, Willow created a plant beast, Amity made a large abomination, and Boscha made herself levitate in the air.

"Why do you know so many random spell?" Amity asked.

"I'm in the potions tracks, it doesn't have signature or category spells like the rest of you!" Boscha said to Amity.

"What other thing spells do you know?" Gus asked, getting interested.

"Gus, right now?" Willow asked.

"What? This is the most civil we've ever been with Boscha." Gus said.

Luz decided it was long enough for the break and switch to light mode, blitzing to them.

"MOVE!" Boscha said as she flew up into the air to dodge.

They all dodged and Luz stands there.

"A little too close!" Willow said.

"Montages are full of close calls. Just as much for me as it is for you!" Luz said as she prepares her blade.

Luz used the fire glyph and watched the sword catch fire.

"Well I didn't think that would work." Luz said.

Amity used abomination goo, hardening it in her hands, and forming a flaming sword of her own. The two ran at each other and their weapons collided with each other. Luz and Amity fought in a sword fight as Willow made wooden swords for her, Gus, and Boscha to join in the sword fight. They all charged Luz, who put her sword up and blocked each strike. Luz charged up her swords power. She watched as they all tried to attack her at once and used a simple horizontal strike at each of their swords, sending the four of them back. Luz then spun her Monado and switched to ice, stabbing the ground and invade their arms and legs in ice.

"Why are we training her, she's clearly a natural." Willow said.

"Maybe so but even naturals can screw up. Just because she has it down now, won't mean she's gonna have it down later." Boscha said, trying to pull her hands free. "Practice makes perfects, and she'll need lots of it to use her elemental magic outside of using the sword."

"She can use magic without fully wielding the Monado?" Gus asked in surprise.

"Yes. I saw her freeze a lake with the wave of the hand." Boscha said to them.

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"Luz, can you let us go?" Boscha asked

"Oh, sure!" Luz said, changing to fire mode of the Monado.

Just the heat coming off the Monado would be enough to free their arms and legs.

"Great, I was starting to lose feeling in my hands."

After Luz thawed all of her friends out, including her new friend in Boscha, the group went inside of Triplet mansion for refreshments.

"Alright, I'll have the servants bring in food." Boscha said.

"You don't have to do that." Luz said as she shifted the Monado to a necklace.

"How else would we get refreshments?" Boscha asked her.

"Ourselves?" Luz said to her.

"…Luz, you are a new friend to me but that sort of defeats the point of being rich." Boscha said to her. "Ask Amity."

"She's got a point." Amity said.

With a snap of the fingers, servants came to Boscha and bowed for her.

"Before I place the order, are there any foods you can eat without worry, Luz?" Boscha asked her.

Amity felt a ping and a twitch in the eye at how Boscha asked that. Was it jealousy? Was it something telling her that Boscha was trying to get with Luz like her?... yes it was.

"Corn chips with Titan spice if you have it." Luz said.

"You got it."

"Get us some bowled of what she ordered and some imported root beer from the Foot." Boscha said to the servants.

"Yes ma'am." The servants said as they went to the kitchen.

"You guys have root beer, here?" Luz asked, "Why has no one told me that?"

"We'll you did ask." Willow said before gesturing to Gus. "You also didn't ask where Gus got the jelly and peanut butter for his sandwich when you first came to Hexside."

"Point taken."

A few minutes later, the servants came back with 4 bowls of Titan spice chips and 8 bottles of root beer.

"Thank you." Boscha said to her servants, grabbing a bottle of root beer.

Luz grabbed one and started to drink it.

"Oh, I missed you." She told the bottle, "My favorite drink."

"Careful, Luz. I don't know what earth root beer is like but our root beer has a bit of a kick to it." Willow warned her friend.

"What kind of kick?" Luz asked.

"She means if you drink it too fast, you'll bloat up like a balloon and won't deflate until you burp." Boscha said as she pointed to a label on the battle.

'Caution: Drink Slowly, no chugging.'

"Wow. And man, chugging it was the best part." Luz said.

"Still tempted to do it actually, that sounds pretty awesome." Luz said.

'She's such a dork. I love it.' Boscha thought.

It seemed that Boscha and Amity knew what the other was thinking, as they turned and glared at each other.

"Luz, don't. Please. Not that it wouldn't be cool but this is a rare treat. You should savor it." Gus said, opening his root beer and drank a sip. "Aaah. It's perfection, bottled."

"In the human realm, we have a saying, everything tastes better in a glass bottle." Luz said, "I've only had this demon root beer once and can already say that's the truth."

"Do all humans saying sound weird?" Boscha asked her.

"Yes but they're useful at times." Luz said as she ate a Titan spice chip.

"Oh, yeah, mama likes spicy." Luz said.

Luz licked her lips from the taste of the chips, making Amity and Boscha blush from the site of her glistening lips.

"We'll don't just sit there guys. I don't want to feel like a pig by eating them myself." Luz said to them.

Amity and Boscha reached for a chip. They pulled away and glared at each other for reaching for the same bowl before going to other bowls.

'What is up with them?' Gus wondered.

'Oh no, don't tell me Boscha likes Luz.' Willow thought.

"Wow, they really hate each other." Luz said.

"And they were SUCH good friends before we came along." Gus said with an eyeroll.

"Wait." Luz said, "What if... they like each other?"

"Seriously?" Willow asked.

"I mean, it's a classic trope. The sexual tension is there!" Luz said.

"There's sexual tension alright but not towards each other." Willow mumbled as she ate some chips.

"What do you mean?"

Willow took off her glasses and handed them to Luz.

"You need these more than I do."

For the rest of their day, Luz continued to think Boscha and Amity liked each other while somehow feeling left out. It was a feeling that stayed with her for a while.

Chapter Text

"Hey, Kid, why the long face?" Eda asked.

"Two girls that I like are in love with each other."

"Which girls?"

"Boscha and Amity."

Eda almost hit her head on the table. How can this girl be so blind?

"These two girls? They're in love with each other?" Eda said to her.

"Yeah but they show it by being extremely anger at each other." Luz said to Eda.

"Then why would Blight kiss you?"

"I don't know! Maybe she's pushing her feelings for Boscha towards me." Luz suggested.

"OR possibly the Blight girl likes you?" Eda pointed out to her.

"But then why would her and Boscha be so mad at each other? I know they weren't the best of friends but this level of anger isn't normal." Luz said to Eda.

"Kid, did it ever occur to you that they both might like you?" Eda asked.

"Both? I mean, I get Amity liking me because she kissed me but I don't know about Boscha. Only until recently, when we went to the Hand, has she become nicer." Luz said to her.

"Kid, what color are the triclops' eyes?"

"An amazing grey that reminds me of an old movie."

Eda nodded to that answer before asking another question.

"What did you first think of her when you first say her, minus her personality?"

"That she was a tall goddess."

Eda smirked at this answer as she leaned to Luz.

"So you have the attention of a purple haired smart girl and a triclops sports goddess, interesting. Seems like you have two crushes and didn't know it until now."

"Oh, my god Eda what am I going to do?!"

"My opinion? Go for it. Not many witches can say they've got TWO cute girls that like them. I say date them both if they're into it." Eda said as she got up from the couch. "Today is a big day, it'll be a good chance to talk to them for it."

"Today?" Luz asked.

"Don't you remember? Bump had me cash in my favor to Bar Queen, you and a group of students are getting Palismen!" Eda said with a smile.


"Yes, really. So get dressed or you won't get one, Ms. Monado." Eda said to her.

"I never told you about that!"

"Kid, you came in with a giant red blade over your shoulder, you aren't subtle."

"Urgh! I forgot I used fire mode to fly home." Luz groaned to herself, slapping her head.

"Yeah, now let's get going."

Rushing to get ready, Luz was dressed in her school uniform with her Monado in necklace form.

"Come on, Eda, let's go!"

Luz hoped on Eda's staff and held on as she flew them to Hexside, she was so excited of the thought of getting a palisman of her very own! When she got there, to her surprise, the Palismen seemed... afraid of her. All except one. A purple dragon.

"Oh?" Luz let out, looking at the dragon as it crawled to her.

"Oh, it seems this one like you. She very picky so it rare." Bat Queen said from atop the nest they carried in.

"Well does she have a name?" Luz asked as she moved her hand, petting the dragon softly.

"Her name is Amethyst, for the shiny purple scales she has."

Amethyst hummed into her touch before she jobbed on Luz's arm and climbed onto her shoulder.

"Hmmmm." It growled as it rubbed her check.

"It seems you have found palisman, human." Bat Queen said with a smile.

"Way to go, Luz." Gus said, walking over with his blue chameleon palisman.

"She looked cool." Boscha said.

"Hey, Boscha, have you see Amity?"

"No, why?"

"Because I need to have a conversation with the both of you."

"Well, sorry but she said she was gonna stay home today." Boscha said as she showed Luz her staff, a crab like creature with its eyes on its claws. "By the way, this is Maya, my palisman."

"Wow, she's so cool. Much cooler than the crabs on Earth." Luz said as Amethyst nodded to Maya.

"Probably not as good seeing as she's made of wood." Boscha said, "I've been told that crabs are a deliciously on earth. Here... they blow up when they leave the water."

"Really?" Luz asked in surprise.

"Yes they do. It takes a special spell to paralyze then so they don't explode." Willow said as she came over with a Bee palisman on a staff.

"…..I didn't know that but the first thing about crabs in my world, they are delicious." Luz said as they moved away, letting other students claim palismen. "Anyway, I wanted to talk to you and Amity about something but I guess it can wait until tomorrow."

As Luz was talking with her friends, she failed to see a little red cardinal like palisman was getting inside of her bag.


Chapter Text

Luz was at the Owl House, getting ready for bed. Ever since she got home, she began bonding more with Amethyst after she used the dragon to fly home. It was so exciting, Luz was another step closer to becoming a real witch. She felt like nothing could stop her now that she had a palisman partner to go with the Monado. Luz heard a chirp coming from her bag.

"Ame, did you make that sound?"

The dragon shook her head no as she sniffed the air, looking towards Luz's bag. The dragon palisman went to the bag and went inside, before coming out with a red cardinal caught in her teeth.

"Another palisman?" Luz asked in surprise, "What are you doing here?"

If Luz remembers correctly, this palisman is rather rambunctious and always going off without permission.

"Did you tag along me just to visit your friend?" Luz asked as Amethyst let it go.

The palisman chirped and Luz laughed.

"Alright, let's take you back."

Grabbing both palismen and her witch's wool cloak, Luz left the owl house as Amethyst transformed into a staff with her tail as the base so they could fly back to Hexside.

"Alright little buddy, we'll get you back."

The cardinal chirped at Luz as she flew them back to Hexside, a trip that took about 5 minutes thanks to Amethyst. They landed in the grudgby field, where the nest of Palismen was surrounded by an energy field.

"How do we get in?" Luz asked as she landed, letting Amethyst retract and sit in her shoulder.

The cardinal palisman walked to the field and tapped it, making it fade away.

"Woah, that's cool!"

Luz walked to the door and opening it, letting the cardinal palisman enter to rejoin his friends.

"There you go, little guy." Luz said before Amethyst flew off her shoulder, greeting the Palismen. "Oh? You want to play for a bit, girl?"

Amethyst nodded to Luz as the human decided to come inside and watch them play.

'It'll be fine for a few minutes, then we'll head home.' Luz thought.

Luz smiled as her palisman played. Alas, the few minutes turned into a few hours as Luz fell asleep with the Palismen around her in the nest. Nothing could disturb them... until they all felt the nest jolting.

"What was that?!" Luz said, waking up.

Luz rushed the the door and outside, falling from the nest as they were airborne!

"Aaah!" Luz said before quickly summoning the Monado and going into fire mode, making it fly like a broom. "What the heck?!"

Looking back to the nest, Luz saw that it was being carried by a blimp with the Emperor's Coven symbol on it!

"The Palismen! Amethyst!" Luz said as she flew after them.

"Time to see what I can do with this." Luz said.

Standing on the Monado Luz stumbled before she rode it like a surfboard to the blimp! As Luz flew up to see who was driving, Amethyst and the cardinal palisman flew out of the nest to Luz!

"Stop this blimp!" Luz shouted as she saw who was driving, The Golden Guard, "You!?"

"Human?!" The guard said in shock.

Luz jumped on and held her sword out.

"I don't know why you want the Palismen but you're not getting them!" Luz said, switching the Monado to ice mode.

'That can't be! The Monado!? Wielded by a human?!' Golden Guard thought as he grabbed his staff, ready to fight.

Luz slammed the blade on the ground, sending an ice spike at Golden Guard's staff. G.G. dodged the spike but his staff was knocked out of his hand and off the blimp!

"No!" He screamed, reaching for his staff but just missed it as it fell to the ground.

He growled and turned around, only to be met with the energy blade of the Monado! He saw held near the controls as Luz glared at him.

"Land this blimp, now!" Luz said as Amethyst and the cardinal palisman landed on her shoulders. "Guys! You're alright!"

Before Luz could be happy about them, a roar called out and the blimp shook.

"What was that?!" Luz asked, "Another one of your tricks?"

"No! It's not me!" G.G. said before the blimp suddenly began falling to the ground! "The balloon's been damaged, we going down!"

"Oh man! Hang on, guys!" Luz said, switching the Monado to plant mode and stabbing the ground to make a cocoon around her, Amethyst, and the cardinal palisman.

Chapter Text

It crashed on the ground and Luz groaned. She started to get up and grabbed her sword. Luz looked around, seeing her plant cocoon broken and her Palismen friends with her.

"Amethyst! And you, ya little rascal!" Luz said, sitting up to hug them.

That brought some comfort as they perched on her shoulders before noticing Golden Guard's staff near her. As she grabbed it, Luz heard a groan and looked up to see the Golden Guard laying a small distance away from her. Luz gripped her sword and was about leave when she heard a voice.

"Ms. Kikimora, we've found the palismen!" A woman said as Luz turned to her voice.

'Kikimora?' Luz thought, remembering her as she went to the sound.

"Excellent, and what of the Golden Guard?" Kiki asked.

Luz moved to the sound to find members of the Emperor's Coven surrounding the palismen nest and a captain handing Kikimora his mask.

"I hate to say it but I fear he might not have survived the crash." Kikimora said, "Regardless, we need to get these back to the castle. I will bring them to the store house for the night while you look for the Golden Guards body."

"Yes ma'am." The captain said with a nod before she told the others.

"I can take them." Luz said.

She was about to, but Amethyst stopped her. The dragon growled to Luz and she could somehow understand her.

"Huh? But why?" She asked her dragon palisman.

Amethyst pointed her head towards a direction away from the Coven guards. Luz turned to see Kikimora away from the group, blowing a whistle that looked like a finger.

"That's disgusting." Luz said.

The human was soon even more disgusted as a dragon entirely made of fingers came flying down and landed beside Kikimora.

"Excellent, my pet. You did well securing the Palismen." Kikimora said as she petted the dragon. "Now all you need to do is find the rest of the Golden Guard and claim your treat."

Making her point, Kikimora held the helmet up to the dragon to let it sniff it and eat it.

"Why would she want to Golden Guard dead?" Luz asked, "Doesn't matter, I need to save the palismen, not the guy that threatened my found family."

Amethyst growled at her.

'I know you're a good person and I know you wouldn't leave him to die like this.' Her growls translated as Luz groaned.

"You're right, I hate it that you're right." Luz said as she turned the Monado into a necklace, looking to the Golden Guard. "Let's wake him up and get out of here."

Luz looked at his unconscious body.

"He couldn't be any older than sixteen." Luz said.

She leaned close to his face... then slapped him.

"Wake up!"

He woke up with a grunt and saw the human leaning next to him, with two palismen in her shoulders and his staff in her hand!

"You!" He said before Luz covered his mouth, wrapping it shut in vines to her body being in plant mode.

"Listen and listen good, you are a jerk but I am not. Which is why I'm going to save your from Kikimora, who apparently wants to kill you. So nod if you understand and want to get out of this alive." Luz said to him softly.

Luz remove her hand in disgust.

"Did you just lick my hand!?"

"I am trying it help you!" Luz said as she slapped him.

"Why should I believe you?" Hunter said before they heard the finger dragon roar.

Thinking quickly, Luz grabbed him by his cape and forced him out of it before tossing it and pulling him away.

"What do you gain by helping me? No one would willingly do this to a stranger," Golden Guard said.

"Because unlike you, I'm a good person!" Luz said as she led him away from the dragon, "It's only been a minute and I already regret my decision."

Chapter Text

The two continued to walk away from the dragon until they stumbled upon a town called "Latissia." G.G. had been quiet the whole time and leading them somewhere, most likely towards a police station run by the Emperor's Coven.

'I should just leave him.' Luz thought, 'he's only created problems for me.'

But Amethyst wouldn't let her, she seems to want to steer Luz right in this situation. Even when this guy tried to kidnap her and her friends.

"You mind telling us where we're heading?" Luz asked.

"Quiet." He said

Luz growled at him, so tempted to just give him a good one with the Monado but she still wanted to save him, he was her best chance at finding the Palismen. Before long, they made it to a coven outpost in Latissia.

'Shit.' Luz thought, stopping as G.G. walked up to the coven members.

G.G spoke with the guards there while Luz tried to figure out where the palismen are.

'The best should've been brought here, so where is it?' Luz thought as she noticed Amethyst and Rascal looking for them too.

"Staff." A voice said, making Luz look to the Golden Guard and see his hand out to her.

"Excuse me?" Luz asked him.

"I said give me my staff so I can show them I'm the Golden Guard." He said to Luz.

Luz held it behind her. Amethyst might be forcing her to save him, but who said she can't mess with him.

"Good joke kid, but this isn't a place for jokes." A coven member said to him.

"Yeah, now both of you get home before we arrest you for disturbing coven business." Another one said as they walked away from G.G.

G.G looked at Luz angrily.

"Wow, that must suck." Luz said, "See ya."

Luz took off running and Golden Guard chased after her. Luz ran through the town as the palismen held on tightly as she bumped into people and knocked over objects. The Monado switched to an ice glyph and Luz put her hands on the ground. An Ice pillar came from it and shot Luz up to the roof of a building. She looked down to see him glaring up as Luz.

"What's the matter, little man? Don't you want you staff back?" Luz asked as she held his staff over the edge, but saw G.G. just look away from her. "Hey, you coming or not? Just do a spell…Or can you not do a spell without this?"

His face remained the same, but Luz got the message. He walked away from the alleyway before he took a running start, using parkour to get up to the roof and face Luz but the human held him back with the Monado!

"Step back or I will end you." Luz said to him.

"Just give me my staff back." He said

"Not a chance." Luz said to him.

"Then why don't you leave then? And before you answer, I can guess why. You care about those palismen and even with the Monado, you don't have full control over it and can't get the palismen alone." He said with a smirk.

Luz practically growled at him. They stayed in this stalemate until a familiar roar caught their attention, turning to see the finger dragon from before flying down to the police station.

"So, are you going to give me my staff or are they going to get taken to the Emperor."

Luz narrowed her eyes at him and the dragon before she lowered the Monado.

"I'll put the sword away but I will not give you your staff, not until I know I can trust you." Luz said to him.

"Well then, do you have a plan?"

Luz thought for a moment, putting the Monado in necklace mode as she rubbed her chin.

"I've got something but it won't work without a certain flower." Luz said as she turned to G.G. "Go finds some sleeping nettle flowers, ok?"

Chapter Text

He returns with the flower

"So, Miss Chosen One, what are you going to do with these?"

"What I am going to do with them is use with this." Luz said, gesturing to the fire and ice glyphs she drew in the wall with Amethyst's fire and connected them in a circle.

"Huh? I've never seen magic like this before." Hunter said to her, gazing at the glyphs.

"Welcome to the wild side."

Luz then explained how these glyphs were wild magic and how making this combination while using sleeping nettles to create a sleeping mist. G.G. seemed to catch on as he had read the same book on Wild Magic as Luz.

"Hang on, if you're in the Emperor's Coven, why are you studying wild magic?" Luz asked him.

"If you're a human, then why do you have a mythical weapon that only a witch can use?"

"I asked you first. So talk." Luz said, pointing to him.

The unmasked teen sighed as he sat down and looked away.

"I'm….a magic less witch. All of my ancestors were, I never thought I would have a future in a world like this." He said as he looked over his hand. "But then Belos found me, told me the Titan had big plans for, and blessed me with a staff of artificial magic. He brought into the coven, trained me, and made me his right hand man."

'Artificial magic?' Luz thought in shock, looking at the staff she held from him.

"Now it's your turn to answer me. How can you, a human, wield a legendary weapon like the Monado?" G.G. asked her, not noticing Lil Rascal walking to him.

"Well, I can assume it's because it was made in the savage ages before the bile sack. Back then, witches used the glyphs to do magic like I do now." Luz said as she looked over the Monado. "The legend said that one with immense magical prowess and a strong heart would wield it. I think it's because the witches didn't have bile sacks yet and because I'm a good person is why I can wield it."

They heard Kiki's dragon roar and looked. Seeing her ready to take off.

"Time to go." Luz said as stood up and turned to the glyph combo, pulling a scarf to cover her mouth and nose. "Time for a little nap."

Luz pressed her hands against the combo and a mist went out. Hunter quickly pulled up his own scarf as the mist began effecting everyone and everything around them.

"Mmm." Kikimora moaned, rubbing her eyes as she became sleepy and her vision was blurring.

Her dragon crash landed and Luz and Hunter were quick to follow her. Luz decided to trust G.G. and return his staff as she climbed on her own, flying towards the dropped Palismen nest. Luz looked inside the nest.

"Okay, you're safe."

The cardinal palisman flew in to try and calm his friends down but they were still shaken up from the crash.

"Hey, hey, it's alrighty you guys are gonna be alright." Luz said, taking off her cloak and wrapping it around the group. "Me and Amethyst are gonna get you guys out of here, I promise."

Behind her, Hunter pointed his staff at her.

The magic was at the ready as Luz stood up slowly.

"Why am I not surprised?" Luz said as she turned to him, not summing the Monado. "A small part of me thought I could trust you but clearly I was wrong. I shouldn't have expected you to be my friend, when obviously you just used me for you job. Isn't that right, Golden Guard?"

He pulled down the mask.

"My name is Hunter."

Luz was actually surprised to see he had a guilty look on his face, meaning he felt bad for almost betraying. Amethyst growled at Luz, telling her that she was right and Golden Guard/Hunter could be trusted.

'Guess Palismen are great judges of character.' Luz thought.

The moment was then ruined as a bolt of magic hit Hunter, causing both of them to look to see Kikimora was still awake but woozy. Seems she has a bit of resistance to the sleeping mist.

"I…know you there. I might not be able to see you completely but I know you're right in front of me!" She said, firing more bolts to them a random.

Luz reached for the Monado, but Hunter stopped her.

"You need to get out of here." He said, "Take them and go."

Before Luz could reply, Hunter put his scarf back on and charged at Kikimora with his staff to teleport around and deflect her blue fire bolts.

"How are we going to get the nest back?" Luz asked,

Amethyst looked at Kiki's dragon. Hopping off Luz's shoulder, Amethyst flew over towards the finger dragon and began talking with it.

"You know, I shouldn't even be surprised at this point." Luz said.

After a short yet deep conversation, Amethyst nodded to Luz as the got on the finger dragon's head.

"Okay, so he or she is helping us now? Cool." Luz said as she quickly got in the rider's seat. "No matter what I see, the Boiling Isles keeps surprising me."

Amethyst nodded to her partner and gave a tiny roar to "Fingers," letting the finger dragon know they can grab the nest and fly them away. Fingers does so and they fly away. Not stopping until they bring the nest back. The nest was set back in the Grudgby field as Fingers moved to rest near the bleachers.

"Alright, Amethyst, let's go home. I need to sleep because I need to talk to Amity and Boscha tomorrow... er, today I guess? I don't know, it's three A.M. I'm tired."

Amethyst nodded to her friend as she transformed into her staff form, letting Luz climb on to fly back to the owl house. Luz landed in front of the Owl House and walked in, seeing Eda passed out with half a bottle of Apple Blood in her hand.

"No surprise." Luz said with a chuckle as she walked upstairs, undoing her cloak as she felt onto her sleeping bag.

Amethyst turned back to normal and crawled onto Luz's chest, sleeping herself as she listened to the human's heartbeat. Luz thought about what she's going to say to Amity and Boscha when she wakes up.

Chapter Text

Looking at her phone, the time was 10:45 am. Perfect time to wake up recharged and ready to ask them, hopefully without much trouble. Luz got ready to leave when Eda called her down.

"Hey, Luz! Hold on a second!" Eda said to her.


"I'm going to be gone tonight, so I wanted to let you know... don't use that sword of yours to burn the house down."

"Oh! Okay, got it Eda!" Luz said to her before asking. "But what about king? Is he going with you?"

"Yes, mostly because he's also likely to burn the house down with that thing."

Luz rolled her eyes at Eda as she summoned the Monado.

"Don't be crazy, Eda. The Monado only works for me and even if King takes it, it will come back to my hand." Luz said as she threw the blade, only for it to fly back into her hand. "See?"

"Like it's that easy." Eda said, "Watch, I can easily take it."

Luz put it on the ground and Eda tried to move it, only for it to not even lift. Eda put more effort into lifting it, putting her back and legs into the equation but still made no progress!

'How much does this weight?! And how can Luz lift it with her weak nerd arms?!' Eda thought as she growled in effort.

"Sorry Eda." Luz picked it up with ease, "You're not worthy. I've always wanted to say that!"

Eda just pouted at Luz, wondering why that felt so infuriating to hear.

"Some bullshit." Eda mumbled.

Grabbing what she needed and taking King along with her, Eda left the owl house to Luz as the Monado girl looked around the house.

'So, home alone. Nice.' Luz thought before she remembered what she had to do.

She still has to have a talk with Amity and Boscha. Luz grabbed her staff and ran out the door.

"I hope they aren't busy today." Luz said as she flew towards Blight Manor to start.

Luz knocked on the door. She waiting only for a few moments before the door was opened by an abomination, the same one Luz messed with to look like a Kitty face.

"Hey, goo cat. Can you get Amity for me?" She asked it as Amethyst went to her shoulder, her favorite spot.

The abomination went to get Amity. Luz waited patiently as Amethyst began to nap, her favorite pastime since she became Luz's palisman.

'How can one cutie sleep so much?' Luz thought with a smile.

After a minute, Amity arrived. Seeing the human girl at the door, Amity felt her day brighten as she smiled at Luz.

"Hello, Luz." Amity said with a smile.

"Hi, Amity!" Luz said, "I needed to talk to you and Boscha, do you know where she is?"

"Boscha? Why do you want to talk to Boscha?" Amity asked, suddenly losing her smile. "Is this about training with the Monado?"

"Oh, no. It's not that, I just need to talk to you and her about something important." Luz said to her.

"Well, it's Saturday, so she's probably training at the Grudgby field."

"Great, let's go!"

"Fine, let me just call my palisman." Amity said as she turned to her home. "Ghost! Here girl."

Luz and Amethyst, who had woken up from the shout, watched as a white cat came running to Amity before it stopped by her feet.

"Aw, such a cute kitty!" Luz gushed over the white cat.

"My parents gave her to me, it's why I wasn't at school yesterday."

Amity then saw the purple dragon on Luz's shoulder and assumed the best.

"And I take it the dragon is your palisman?" Amity asked.

"Yep! Little cutie is named "Amethyst."" Luz said as she scratched the dragon's scales, making it growl in delight.

"She suits you."

"So does yours." Luz said as Amethyst turned into her staff mode. "Let's head out."

"Okay." Amity said as Ghost became a staff as well but was still frowning at the thought of Luz wanting to talk to Boscha.

Chapter Text

They flew to the field and found... nothing. Boscha isn't there.

"Uh, are we early?"

"I'm not sure. She might be taking a break in the bathroom." Amity suggested as they looked around the field.

"Well, let's go check?"

Luz nodded to Amity as the duo headed for locker rooms.

"Hello? Is there a Boscha Triplet in here?" Luz asked, "Nope, she's not here either."

"Weird, maybe she's at home?"

"Then let's head there." Luz said to Amity.

They took off and went to Boscha's house, where they saw flashes coming from the window.

"Is she... working on something?"

"Maybe. She is one of the best students in the potions track." Amity said to her.

"Uh... Boscha?!" Luz called.

The flashing stopped and Boscha opened the window.

"You're here! Great!"

Boscha took off the goggles.

"How much did you sleep last night, you have bags under your eyes."

"I didn't sleep at all! I was too excited after my discovery!"

Without asking, Boscha grabbed Luz and Amity by the hands and dragged them inside of her room before she shut the window.

"Now, feast your eyes on... this!"

Boscha held up a red watch looking device.

"A watch. Cool." Amity said, sarcastically.

Luz looked it over, seeing that it was pretty advanced yet primitive. Like a fancy pocket watch.

"It still looks cool but why are you showing us this?" Luz asked Boscha.

Boscha groan. She put it on Luz's wrist and pressed a button. The watch turned into a full suit of red armor that engulfed Luz.

Amity flinched away as Luz was not in a red suit of battle armor, a built-in face plate to protect her face as well.

"Whoa! Cool!" Luz said, looking over the red battle armor.

Amity noticed that Luz's voice was distorted, almost as if it's trying to keep her hidden.

"It worked!" Boscha said.

"WHY did you make this?" Amity asked her.

"So, I was looking through my grandfather's notes, when I knocked ink over it. I found an entire group of secret projects and a whole missing part to the Monado destiny."

"A secret group?" Luz said in her disguised voice.

"A missing part?" Amity said in surprise.

"Yes! And you I will NOT believe it!" Boscha said as she went to the notebook.

Boscha was giddy with excitement when she showed them the notebook. Looking inside, the two say designs for the armor Luz was wearing and designs for magic weapons like the Monado. The ones Boscha had circled was a large boomerang, a war hammer, a broad sword, and two dual blades.

"Cool weapons, did you design them?" Luz asked as she clicked the watch, making the armor retract.

"My grandfather did, but I'm going to make them. This is amazing!"

Amity and Luz have never seen Boscha this happy before.

Chapter Text

"Well, we came over for a reason." Luz said.

"Well, Luz came here for a reason and said it involved both of us." Amity said.

"Both of us?" Boscha said as she shut her notebook and turned to Luz.

"Okay, listen, I know you both like me." Luz said.

"What?!" They both said at the same time, blushing brightly.

For Amity, it was obvious since she kissed Luz on the cheek not long ago but didn't know Boscha liked her as well. Though for Boscha, she hadn't made a move yet and was really surprised by this.

"You too keep glaring at each other and keep trying to keep each other from me. Tell me I'm wrong." Luz said, as they stayed quiet, "You can't can you? You know it's the truth."

The two girls pouted as they looked away from each other, not wanting to admit to anything.

'Damn it, Luz!' They thought at the same time.

"Now, I don't know what to do, but I like both you."

"You do?!" Both girls said as they turned to Luz.

"Yes, I do and I want to try and make this work. I know you guys have a bad past but can you put that aside to make this work? For me?" Luz asked them, putting a hand in her chest as she blushed.

"So... you want to date both of us?"

Luz nodded to them slowly.

"Sometimes, it can be a group date. Sometimes, it can be just one on one. As long as it's good for all of us." Luz said to them.

"Well... if Amity's fine with it, then I'll try." Boscha said.

"Really? You're not going to try and hog her for yourself?" Amity asked in shock yet felt relieved.

"Normally, yes but Luz wouldn't be okay with it. She cares for both of us and I can't change that." Boscha said as she crossed her arms. "Better to just accept it."

Amity leaned over and kissed Boscha's cheek, surprising Boscha, who touched where Amity kissed her.

"Good. After hearing the truthful confession, I can at least try to get along with you for Luz." Amity said with a nod to her.

"Good, now that this is settled. Boscha, go to bed." Luz said.

"Come again?" Boscha asked as Luz took the notebook from her.

"Go. To. Bed. You look like you haven't slept all night." Luz said as she looked at the armor watch. "This armor is cool and all but it's not worth making you like this."

"Bu-But the weapons! The prophecy!" Boscha said before Amity turned her to her bed.

"No buts. I agree with Luz and from personal experience with all night studying, you need to sleep." Amity said as she pushed Boscha to her bed.

They forced Boscha into bed and then got into bed with her.

"We never said you had to sleep alone." Luz said.

"We're not going to let our girlfriend sleep in an empty bed." Amity said.

Boscha didn't expect this but she found herself liking it, slowly dozing off as she pulled her girlfriends close to her.

"I love you two."

Luz and Amity kissed her cheeks.

"We love you, too."

Before long, the trio fell asleep in each other's arms as their three palismen slept at the edge of the bed.

Chapter Text

Boscha was woken up by the sound of a camera flash and saw her parents.

"What are you doing!?" She loudly whispered.

"Don't worry honey, we just thought you three looked cute together." Her mom said.

"GET OUT." She loudly whispered through her teeth.

"Now honey, there's nothing wrong with your parents meeting your little friends." Her dad said.

Boscha looked away.

"They're more than friends."

"More than friends?" Her mom asked before she gasped, understanding the phrasing, "We're sorry, honey. we didn't know."

Boscha's mom pulled her husband out of the room. The second the door closed, Amity started to wake up.

"What was that?" She asked, rubbing her eyes.

"Nothing. Let's just say, we need to introduce you and Luz to my parents."

Boscha wrapped her arms around Amity and nuzzled into her neck.

"Want to go back to sleep?"

"Mmmm, yeah." Amity said as she laid back down, pulled Luz and Boscha closer.

An hour later, the three of them woke up.

"Well, I guess I should introduce you two to my parents."

"Already?" Luz said in surprise.

"Trust me, there's a reason for it."

After the three girls got out of Boscha's bed and straighten themselves up, Boscha lead them out of her room to the den where her parents were going about their days.

"Mom, dad, I want you to meet Amity and Luz. My girlfriends."

Amity gave a nod to them, having met the Triplet parents before as Luz waved nervously at them.

They walked over to the trio.

"It's a pleasure to formally meet our daughter's girlfriends." Her mom said.

"You got lucky with this one Boscha, not many people are able to find two beautiful girls." Her dad said.

'Well, he likes us. So far, so good.' Luz thought as she became less nervous.

The matriarch Triplet saw something around Luz's neck and looked a bit closer to her, gaining a better image of it before she gasped at it.

"Is that…the Monado?!" She said aloud.

Luz covered her neck.

"T-t-the what?" Luz asked, "I-I-I've never heard of that!"

"You haven't heard the legend?" Boscha's dad asked her.

"N-n-no." Luz said, 'I can't lie at to save my life.'

"Luz, was it? I know this may be sudden but do not lie to us. Boscha isn't the only one that studied my great-great-great grandfather's journal." Boscha's dad said as he leaned closer, gazing at the necklace. "Though it never said the Monado could change into jewelry."

Luz took it off and turned it into the sword.

"I don't know how it does that either, but it does."

'Magic obviously.' They all thought as Mr. and Mrs. Triplet looked over the sword in awe.

Finding the blade so much more impressive than the notes said it was.

"Incredible, don't you think Elizabeth?" Mr. Triplet said.

"It's amazing, Mavic." Elizabeth said, "Boscha, I think we should learn more about your girlfriends over dinner."

Luz let out a small meep, not expecting her plan to spiral into this. She just wanted Amity and Boscha to get along so the three of them could date peacefully but she didn't expect two major stages to hit her like a brick house! Meeting the parents and having dinner with them! Yet they haven't even had their first date yet!

"You can relax Luz." Elizabeth said, "we don't bite."

"You don't have to assume we're the strict kind of parents but we can be flexible and approachable if you be honest with us." Mavic said with a nod to Luz.

"O-Okay. Sorry for assuming." Luz said to them.

"Now, why don't you tell us how you found it. I searched but could never find it."

"Gladly but it was mostly Boscha that found the cave it was hidden in. I just had the right tools." Luz said.

"Hey, don't be modest, without you, we never would've found it." Boscha said, "Besides, you're the only one that can even lift it, so it wouldn't move anyway."

"Oh stop." Luz said with a blush.

"Please. Before both of you get big heads." Amity said with a smirk.

"Oh, like you're one to talk, Amity." Boscha said with a smile, playfully pushing Amity a bit. "How about we sit down and talk some more?"

Luz took one of Boscha's hands and Amity grabbed the other. Elizabeth and Mavic smile, it was nice to see Boscha happy by something other than Grudgby.

"Maybe she'll stop being a bully now."

"I was not a bully. I was just asserting-"

"You were a bully." Luz and Amity said, cutting Boscha off.

"See? Your girlfriends agree." Elizabeth said with a giggle.

"Traitors!" Boscha said.

Luz and Amity giggled.


Chapter Text

For the rest of the day, Luz and Amity spent their time at Triplet manor. Talking with Mavic and Elizabeth, telling the story of how they found the Monado, and even having some dinner like they wanted. Boscha wanted to keep the armor and other weapons a secret from her parents, wanting to reveal them at a better time and not overload them with Luz having the Monado and gaining two girlfriends. It was getting to the point when Luz needed to get home.

"Thank you for having me, Mr and Mrs. Triplet, but I have to get going." Luz said, looking at Boscha and Amity, "Well, either of you care to walk me?"

"Sure." Amity said to Luz.

"Yeah." Boscha said as they excused themselves from the table.

The grabbed hands and walked away.

"You know, I'm glad we're together." Luz said.

"A bit rushed but I'm glad too." Amity said with a smile.

"I wanted to at least go in a date first but still will do." Boscha said to them.

It didn't take that long to get Luz back home... well actually it was a forty minute walk but it felt faster with Amity and Boscha with her.

"Well, here we are, the Owl House." Luz turned to face the two girls, "So, which one do I kiss first?"

Boscha and Amity pulled Luz close and kissed her at the same time.

"There, all three of us got our first kiss with each other." Amity said with a smile and nod.

"And you get to tell everyone you kissed two hot witches at the same time." Boscha said with a smirk as Luz blushed brightly.

"See you tomorrow, Luz!" Amity said as her and Boscha wrapped their arms around each others waist and walked away.

"B-Bye, girls!" Luz said with a quick wave as Amethyst came flying to her shoulder, "What are you looking at?"

Amethyst just smirked at her, letting the look speak for itself to her partner.

"Oh, shut up. Don't think I didn't notice how you were looking at Ghost." Luz replied as she walked into the owl house. Don't even get me started on how you were cuddling with Maya. Eda, I'm home!"

Hearing no reply, Luz remembered that Eda had left her in charge for the day but she wondering why she wasn't back yet.

'Must be long business.' Luz thought as she shut the door.

Luz fell on her sleeping bag and went to sleep.

Dreaming about the armor she got from Boscha, the weapons she was excited to make, and the other people that were destined to wield them as well.

'I wonder who they'll be.' Luz thought as Amethyst curled up next to her head.

Chapter Text

The next morning, she woke up and got dressed.

"Sunday, the last day of the weekend."

What was Luz to do in this day? Hang with her friends, experiment with making glyph combos, or maybe train with Amethyst and her palisman magic?


Luz walked over to the window and saw Gus and Willow.

"Guys, hey!" Luz said as she opened the door for them, seeing Hooty still asleep. "What are you guys doing here?"

"We figured you might want to hang out." Gus said.

"You've been so busy lately, we thought today could be a break." Willow said with a smile.

"Okay!" Luz said.

Quickly closing the door behind her, Luz walked off with Gus and Willow as Hooty finally woke up.

"Huh?! What? Who's there?" He asked but just saw Luz walking away with her friends. "Oh it's just Luz and friends. Hoot. Nothing unusual."

"So, Luz, anything happen since we last saw you?" Willow asked.

"No, not really." Luz said.

The second Luz said that, she had two girls on each side of her.

"Hi, Honey." Boscha said.

"We figured we come and check up on you." Amity said.

Willow and Gus paused with dropped jaws, wondering why Boscha called Luz honey.

"If you guys are confused, then Luz didn't tell you to good news, did she?" Amity asked them.

"What good news?" Gus asked.

"I wanted to wait before telling them." Luz said.

Boscha and Amity held Luz's hands.

"We're dating." Amity said.

"All three of us." Boscha said.

"W-w-when did this happen?" Willow asked.

"…..Yesterday." Luz said, a little nervous.

"YESTERDAY?!" Gus and Willow shouted, shocked as the forest echoed with their scream.

"Yep." Boscha said, "So Amity and I were talking and wanted to know... if you wanted to..."

"Go on our first date?" Amity finished.

"Oh yeah! Sure!" Luz said quickly before remembering. "Oh! But Gus and Willow wanted to hang out today."

"Well, we were thinking about doing it tomorrow." Boscha said.


Amity and Boscha walked away, hand in hand.

"I love those two." Luz said.

"Yeah…you're gonna have to tell us how that happened so fast." Willow said to Luz.

"Uh... well."

While that was going on, Boscha and Amity made it to a clothes store. Amity and Boscha began looking at outfits for their date tomorrow.

"What about this one, Babe?" Boscha asked, holding up a dress.

Amity looked towards the dress and rubbed her chin a bit.

"It's nice but…a bit to revealing. We don't want to overwhelm Luz on date one." Amity said to her. "Better to save it for date 3 or 4."

"Well, that removes the next option." Boscha said.

Amity came up to her and held her close.

"I won't lie, you were a bitch." Amity said.

"Well, now I'm your bitch." Boscha said.

Amity chuckled and the two kissed. Who knew two former fake friends turned enemies could become two parts of a trio of girlfriends? It sounds crazy but it can work.

"Now, let's go back to looking for outfits. We also need something for Luz, because... well, you know how she is." Amity said.

"Yeah, she's cute."

"That she is."

Chapter Text

As the two of them continued looking for the perfect dresses to wear, Luz had told Gus and Willow all about how she ended up together with them. The plan, the sudden armor, the nap, and meeting the Triplet parents.

"So, you slept with two girls?" Willow asked.

"That's what you focused on?!" Luz asked.

"Why wouldn't we?" Gus said, not surprised by Luz's shouting.

Luz shook her head.

"Let's just go do something." Luz said.

"Can you tell us ho-" Gus asked before Luz froze his mouth shut.

"Besides telling you about my girlfriends." Luz said to him.

This is why she didn't want to tell them yet. She knew they would ask about this.

"Sorry Luz, it's just crazy. Multiple person relationships are rare, they're accepted but they are year." Willow said to her.

"Well, so is a human holding a mythical weapon meant for witches." Luz said.

The trio headed down to the market for a little shopping, mostly for Gus and Willow but Luz could get one or two things that caught her interest. Maybe even a new dress for her date with Boscha and Amity. Luz looked at the clothes, not finding anything that fit her... unique style.

'None of these seem like me. And I don't know what Boscha and Amity would like.' Luz thought.

"Hey, Luz, having trouble?" Willow asked.

"Yeah. Maybe I'm over thinking this but I can't find the right dress to wear." Luz said.

"Why does it have to be a dress?" Willow asked, "Why not a suit?"

"Maybe but I don't know. I wore a suit to Grom and I wanted to see if I could wear a dress this time." Luz said.

"From what I saw, they don't care about what you wear, they love you."

"Mmm Hmm!" Gus said with a thumbs up, his mouth still covered in ice.

"Oh, I should probably fix that." Luz said.

She snapped her fingers and the Ice melted.

"Thank you! My lips were freezing!" Gus said in relief, rubbing his cold mouth to warm it up.

"I think that's the first time I've seen you do magic without a glyph." Willow said.

"Thanks to the Monado. Though I haven't been using it as of late, I probably should practice that more." Luz said.

For now, Luz just focused on looking for a dress for her date. Gus even seemed to help search for the perfect dress.

"What about this?"

Turning around, Luz and Willow saw that Gus had pulled out the PERFECT dress from the rack!

"T-t-thats perfect!"

"That's surprisingly great, Gus." Willow said.

"Thank you. Not many people know this but I got my fashion expertise from my dad!" Gus said with pride, handing the dress to Luz.

"I'm sure the girls will love it!" Luz said.

The trio quickly went to the check out and paid 30 snails for it.

"A little pricey, but it will be worth it." Luz said.

Luz thanked Gus and Willow for helping before she ordered Amethyst to take the dress home and guard it.

"Make sure NOTHING happens to it." Luz told her palisman.

"Grr." Amethyst growled with a nod before flying back to the owl house, holding the bag that held the dress in her claws.

"You seem a little... over protective of it." Gus said.

"It's my first date!" Luz said, "And it's with two of the richest and most beautiful girls on the Isles!"

"Luz, calm down. Sure they're rich but you have to remember, they're just girls like you. Besides this can't really be your first date." Gus said to her.

"It really is."

"Really? Not one human thought you were date-a-ble?" Willow asked.

"I was a weirdo in the Human Realm. No one would even talk to me there."

That was something Gus and Willow forgot sometimes, Luz was considered an outcast in her own world but fit in so well here.

"Well, who needs those idiots. You fit in perfectly here."

"Yeah! You can call this place your home away from home!" Gus said as they continued through the market.

"I wonder what my mom would think of me dating two girls?"

"Well that depends if she's open to three way relationships." Willow said.

"She's supportive, but I'm afraid she might have a heart attack... not like I can tell her."

"Oh right, because of the portal but I'm sure you'll find a way home, Luz." Willow said as they reached a sweets stand.

"Yeah, you're smart. You'll find a way." Gus supported.

"Thanks guys."

To end this trip, the group decided to get some pastries to celebrate Luz's first date before they left the market.

Chapter Text

"I hope you have a good date Luz."

"Thanks, guy." Luz said with a smiled

"Knock the socks off them!" Gus said with a fist pump.

"Okay, I have a day to prepare for it." Luz said.

"Prepare for what?" A voice asked.

Looking up, Luz saw that King and Eda had returned and saw sitting in the den.

"Guys, you're back!" Luz said as she ran to hug them.

"Yeah, it took you a little longer than expected." Eda said.

"To do what?" King asked.

"To ask out Amity and that triclops girl." Eda said.

"That Boscha girl? Why her?" King asked as Luz broke the hug.

"First off, I don't need a reason. Secondly, Eda, you've dated a lot of people, so what do I do? I'm panicking!"

"Okay, okay, kid. Just calm down and breath, if you face things rationally it will all be alright." Eda said to her.

"You know me, I don't think rationally!"

Eda saw that Luz was panicking a bit and did the one thing she knew would help her... she slapped Luz across the face.


"There. Let's the pain bring you back to reality and take a deep breath." Eda said as she crossed her arms.

"Okay, okay." Luz said, "I don't know what to do, I've never had a date before."

"And there's nothing wrong with that." Eda said as she patted her shoulder. "It just means this will be a learning experience for you and maybe your dates too. They're probably just as green as you are."

"Come on, why would they be nervous?" Luz asked.

In Triplet manor, Boscha was pacing back and forth.

"Tomorrow's your first date, what could go wrong?"

Maya, her crab palisman, snapped it's claws to communicate with Boscha as she sat on her bed.

"I'm nervous, Maya! I've never been on a date and now I have one with the two most gorgeous girls I've ever seen! What am I gonna do?! I want to impress them but I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard!" Boscha said as she pulled her pink hair.

"Maybe ask your parents." Elizabeth said.

Boscha released her hair and turned to see her mother standing in the doorway, smiling at her.

"Mom?!" She said.

"Ah, you remind me a lot of myself when I was a kid. I was the same way when your dad asked me out for the first time."

"You were nervous as hex and felt like ripping every lock of hair out of your head?" Boscha asked.

"Exactly." Elizabeth said as she walked in and sat on Boscha's bed, "Now, calm down a little. Luz and Amity clearly love you don't care if something goes wrong."

"But what if something does? I want this to be memorable in a good way. Not a chaotic way." Boscha said.

"Sometimes the chaotic ways are a good way." Elizabeth said to her daughter, "And from what I've heard about Luz... chaos follows her."

"Yeah. It does." Boscha said with a small smile.

"Then why would they be surprised if something bad happens?"

Boscha looked at her work bench.

'Something bad, huh?' Boscha thought.

If something bad did happen, should she bring something just in case or was she worrying too much? She went over to her work bench, more importantly, the notebook, and opened it up to two short blades.

"Boscha?" Elizabeth asked her daughter, curious.

"Maybe, if something bad happens, I can help." Boscha said.

Rushing to her mother, Boscha helped her up and guided her out of the room.

"Thanks for the talk mom but I really need to prepare! It's private." Bosha said to her mother.

Boscha closed the door on her mother.

"That girl is something else." Elizabeth said.

And that wasn't a bad thing as Elizabeth left Boscha to work on whatever she was working on. At Blight Manor, Amity was rubbing Ghost's back.

"Nothing bad will happen, right?" She asked.

"Meow." Ghost replied.

"I am not being over dramatic!"

Ghost could only roll her eyes at her master's worries, she really was over thinking this date.

"Don't roll you eyes at me, this is my first date!"

Deciding to stop playing around, Ghost sat up on her master's lap and gazed into her eyes to be serious.

"Meow." Ghost said to Amity.

"What do you mean I shouldn't worry?"

"Meow." Ghost said to Amity.

"Just let things happen and deal with the bad things when they come?" Amity said as Ghost nodded to her.

"Are you serious? That's a horrible idea!" Amity said.


Amity looked shocked.

"Wha- there is no need for that kind of language!"

"Meow." Ghost said with a blank face. "Meow meow."

"Well, now you're just being rude." Amity said, "I am not coming up with worst case scenarios."

Ghost didn't reply as she just closed her eyes, shaking her head before she laid back down on Amity's lap.

Amity wiped some white hair off her dress.

"How do you even shed, you're made of wood!"

Amity got up from her bed and went towards her closet, looking over her dress for the date.

"I hope they like it." Amity said, "And I hope no one finds out about it."

"Find out about what, Mittens?"

Chapter Text

Amity jumped at the twins sneaking up on her.

"What have I said about sneaking into my room?!" Amity asked them, raising her voice!

"We just wanted to check up on you Baby sister." Emira said in a sweet tone that made Amity want to choke her.

"What's with all the worrying?" Edric asked.

"It's nothing…..I'm just thinking about something." Amity said to them.

"Your date, perhaps?"

"If you're nervous, we can help you." Edric said as Emira nodded with him.

"We've only been on one date each but that's more than enough experience to help you." Emira said.

"How did you even know about that!?"

"Mittens, we're in the Illusion Track, we've been in here for hours waiting for you to say something blackmail worthy." Edric said.

"And seriously, how did you not know we were here, since when did you own three lamps?" Emira said.

Amity thought that looked weird.

'Was I so focused on my date that I didn't notice?' She thought.

"Sorry, playing 'guess which lamps are my siblings' wasn't on my to do list today." Amity said, "I've focused on other things."

"Like arguing with your palisman about being nervous on your date?" Emira asked.

"Which you are being too nervous about, just be yourself." Edric said to add.

"You don't understand, this is my first date!"

"And we want to help you." The twins said to her.


The twins smirked at each other before taking Amity by her shoulders.

"Be yourself." They said at the same time.

"Why does everyone say that!? I can't do that!"

"Well why can't you?" Emira asked.

"Because being myself isn't good enough for them!" Amity shouted.

"Mittens, relax."

The twins sat her down and looked her in the eyes.

"Breathe, sis! Just breathe!" The twins said to her.

"If you keep worrying yourself, you'll lose your hair." Emira said

"Or into an early grave." Edric said.

"Just think, if they know you, the real you, then that means they love you for who you are." Emira said.

"Yeah, and Luz knows that real you. Boscha knows you a bit but wants to know the real you." Edric added with a nod.

"I'm so nervous."

"And that's natural but you can't let it drive you crazy." Emira said.

"What if something bad happens?"

"You'll find a way around it. You're strong and smart witches, you'll find a way around it." Edric said to his sister.

"So stop worrying and you'll be fine." Emira said as rubbed Amity's hair.

Amity hugged them.

"Thank you." Amity said.

"You're welcome, Mittens." They said as they hugged Amity back.

"Now, show us what outfit you have."

Amity released them from the hug as she walked to her closet, opening it to show her dress.

"Not bad, but I think it's missing something."

Drawing a spell circle, Emira summoned a flower to her hand and placed it on the left shoulder of the dress.

"There, that gives it a little more to it." Emira said.

"But what if I freeze? What if I make a mistake?"

The twins thought about it for a second.

"I might have an idea." Edric said.

'I…. already don't like this idea.' Amity thought.

"So, we turned into your lamp to spy on you, what if we turn into your earrings to come and help you?"

"…...That sounds like a bad idea. And there's no way your illusion magic can go that far." Amity said to them.

Emira smirked.

"Who said it would be an Illusion?" She asked.


"We know a spell to do that."

"Since when did you know this?" Amity asked them.

"We can't reveal all of our secrets, Mittens. We need some methods of avoid trouble." Edric said with a smirk.

"I feel like I'm going to regret this." Amity said, "Fine."

The twins fist bump and smirk. Tomorrow will be either great or everything will go horribly wrong.

Chapter Text

The next day, Luz was getting dressed.

"Oh man, I'm nervous."

It was finally time and Luz was getting ready before Amity or Boscha arrived to pick her up.

"Is my hair okay? Does it have embers coming off of it?"

"No, it's normal." Eda said, looking at her worrying student.

"Alright Kid, just be yourself." Eda said, "Do you have your sword?"


"Do you love these two?"


"Do you have any reason to be afraid?"


There was a knock on the door and Luz took a few breaths.

"Then go get them, champ!" Eda said as she pushed Luz to the door.

Luz opened the door and saw her girlfriends.

"Hi, girls. Boscha, I love the earrings." Luz said.

Boscha's earrings resembled dragon wings.

"Amity, I like yours as well."

Amity's were simple dark green gems.

'Okay, so far so good.' Amity thought as she smiled.

"Thanks. I just got these, I thought they'd be too much but they seem just right." Boscha said as she gestured to one.

'Don't just stand there, Mittens.' Emira said telepathically.

'Compliment them or something.' Edric said.

Taking a breath, Amity smiled to both of them.

"You both have never looked more beautiful." She said.

"Aww, Amity!" Luz said as she gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Boscha kissed her on the cheek as well.

"You're so sweet."

'You really are Mittens.' Emira said.

'I will not hesitate to throw you into my desk drawer.' Amity told them telepathically.

'We'll be good, just go about your date.' Edric said quickly.

"Well, I think it's time we head out for our date." Amity said to them.

"Good call but have my human back by 10pm, 11pm at the latest." Eda said with a nod, and pulling out a knife, "Or else."

Amity and Boscha flinched at the sudden knife as Luz looked embarrassed.

"Eda! Please don't threaten my girlfriends!" She said.

"As long as they don't come back late, then I won't have to follow through." Eda said, before taking a complete 180 mood change, "Have fun, use protection, goodbye!"

'Protection?!' The girls thought, blushing as they walked out of the house and Eda closed the door.

"Have a nice date, you three." Hooty said to them.

They quickly walked away, trying to forget what Eda said.

"So…. where too?" Luz asked.

"My parents own a restaurant." Bosha said, "And we have reservations. All free."

"And I have a little spot picked out for us to go afterwards." Amity said.

'Very forward Mittens, very nice.' Edric said.

'But not too forward. That's good.' Emira added.

'Hey, if you do the thing the Owl Lady mentioned, mind taking us out?' Edric said.

'Yeah, we don't want to be in your ears if you do that.' Emira said.

Amity was glad she was already pink, because she would've blushed because of these two.

'I knew I would regret this.' Amity thought.

Quickly yanking her sibling earrings off, Amity put them in a purse she was carrying as they headed to the Triplet restaurant.

"So, your parents own a restaurant?" Luz asked.

"Yeah, on top of their Potion business, they have the most successful restaurant chain on the Isles." Boscha said.

"The name of it is "Titan's Delight." They have the best food and service from anywhere around, I heard they even have a secret menu for the most exclusive customers." Amity said to Luz.

"And we're going to have the best time." Boscha said, "Because, we're V.I.P's."

"And you're the daughter of the owners." Luz said.

"Still counts, cutie." Boscha said as she summoned her staff. "So, shall we fly?"

"Let's fly." Luz said with a nod.

They got on Boscha's staff and flew to Titan's Delight.

After a 10 minute flight, with Luz being told of some of the Isles' constellations, the trio arrived at the restaurant with a long line before them.

"You ready to see what this card can do?" Boscha asked, holding a gold card with the letters 'V.I.P'

Both girls nodded, Luz more vigorously than Amity, as they walked to the front of the line and flashed the card to the front desk.

"Ah! Miss Boscha! Glad to see you are joining us for this evening!" The host said with a smile.

"The pleasure is all mine. Now, how about you show me and my GIRLFRIENDS to the VIP area."

"Girlfriends?! Ahahaha! Wonderful! Come, come! You will have the finest table!" He said, gesturing them to follow him.

The girls followed him and went to the second story.

"This is the floor that only important people can get in. You need to be a part of my immediate family or hold one of these cards. Even the Emperor can't get into this part." Boscha said.

"Wow! Not even the Emperor?" Amity asked in shock.

'That's one more thing to add to the list of how much I love Boscha.' Luz thought.

"Here we are, Ladies." The host said, "I hope you enjoy your night."

"Thank you, Luther." Boscha said as she pulled up some snails to tip him.

"No, no, thank you, Ms. Boscha." Luther said as he left them to their table. "A waiter will be right with you."

"This place seems nice." Luz said.

"Nice? Luz, this is a fancy restaurant, one of the best on the isles and you say it's just nice?" Amity said to her.

"I don't go to many places as fancy as this. I don't know what to say." Luz said.

"So, is this the point where we start having a conversation." Luz asked.

"I believe so." Boscha said, "So, Amity, why did you take your earrings out? I thought they made you look cute."

"Well….my ears aren't used to them yet. I usually just wear black studs instead of dangling one. They hurt a bit, so I took them off to rest my ears. I'll put them back in later." She said to them.

'They also are really pissing me off.' Amity though.

"I think your earrings are my favorite, Boscha." Luz said, "Where did you get them?"

"Oh, they're just something I picked up."

'And they have a little something extra if something goes REALLY wrong.' Boscha thought.

"I know it's still early in the relationship, but I really love you two." Luz said, "I really can't imagine my life without you."

"I can't either. So much has changed for the better since you came here, Luz. Especially me." Amity said with a smile.

"I would probably still be asserting my dominance on others without you." Boscha said.

Luz and Amity gave her blank looks with small smiles.

"Okay okay. I admit it, I'd still be a bully. And I'm glad I'm not that anymore." Boscha said with an eye roll from her third eye.

"Nice that you finally admitted it." Amity said.

The three shared a laugh as a waiter came with their menus.

"Here you go girls."

The three girls looked over the menus, the human being the most confused as she didn't know what was good or safe for her to eat. Though she had to admit the view through the windows and skylight were nice.

"I can see the Knee from here." Luz said.

"I think I know why Boscha has our date be here." Amity said.

"Why?" Boscha asked, feigning innocence.

"Because you can see the Knee's Northern Light's tonight."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Mittens." Boscha said, failing at hiding her smile.

Amity started to blush.

"D-d-don't call me that."

Boscha leaned over and gave her a kiss.

"Nope. It's cute." Boscha said.

Amity panicked and started rummaging through her purse while Luz and Boscha talked.

'Annoying as they may be, but so need their advice!' She thought as she pulled out the emerald earrings and put them in.

'Oh, look who came crawling back.' Emira said.

'And what do you NOT want us to say this time?' Edric asked with a smirk Amity couldn't see.

'Say one thing involving sex and you're going in the jewelry drawer.'

'Fine. Fine. what do you want?'

'Hey, don't get annoyed, this was your idea.'

'And you took it.' Emira commented.

'Just tell me what to do. I'm becoming completely flustered!'

'Okay, okay. Take a breath, calm down, and accept it, the nickname is cute. And I bet it sounds better coming from your girlfriends than it does from us.' Edric said to her.

'S-s-so what if it does?'

'Then let them call you that. You can even come up with cute nicknames for them!' Emira said to her sister.

'Like what?'

'Oh! I know! Bobo and Lulu!' Edric suggested.

'Seriously? Those sound like spider monkey names!' Amity argued.

'Well, you aren't coming up with anything.' Emira said.

"Amity? Are you alright? You've been staring off for a bit." Luz said, bringing Amity back to reality.

"Oh! Sorry, Lulu, I was thinking." She said, unintentionally using Edric's nickname.

"Lulu? I like it." Luz said.

"R-Really?" Amity asked.

'I was right!' Edric said to her. 'Now try the other one for Boscha!'

"So, Bobo, what do you plan on getting?"

"Bobo? Sounds silly but I kinda like it." Boscha said with a smirk.

Boscha leaned on Amity.

"Did you ever think we would be in a relationship, Mittens?"

"Honestly, no but I'm glad I was wrong." Amity said honestly.

"I'm glad I can spend a calm night with you two." Luz said.

The ground started to shake.

"T-t-that's normal, right?" Luz asked.


Either by karma, fate, or by a bad coincidence; something just had to happen that would ruin their first date.

They looked out the window and saw a giant monster.

"Well, that doesn't look good." Luz said.

"No it does not." Amity said.

"Whatever it is, we don't have to get involved. The emperor's coven will handle it." Boscha said, not wanting this to ruin their date.

"Um, girls, am I wrong or is that monster heading to this restaurant?" Luz asked as she saw the monster moving closer to them.

"It is. We need to get out of here." Boscha said.

"But won't your family hate losing one of their restaurants?" Luz asked.

"We can always rebuild, now let's go!" Boscha said to her.

Luz stood up.

"You two get out of here, I can buy you time."

Luz grabbed the Monado and put the watch on.

"What? Luz, you can't!" Amity said as Luz switched the armor on.

'Where did she get that cool armor?' Edric said with awe.

'Forgot the armor! The real question is how does Luz have the Monado?! Mittens, why didn't you tell us?!' Emira said in shock.

Amity didn't reply, she was more focused on Luz running towards danger.

"Mittens, you need to leave." Boscha said, taking her earrings off.

"What? Why?" Amity asked her.

Boscha's earring turned into matching dragon wing blades.

"Because you are unarmed."

Gasping in shock, Amity and her earring siblings gazed in shock at the hidden blades!

"Where did you get those?!" Amity asked in shock.

"I made them! Now go, get somewhere safe!" Boscha said as she rushed after Luz.

"Why are my girlfriends so cool?!" Amity said.

'Mittens, you mind getting out of here? If we get damaged, we can't turn back.' Emira said.

'Yeah! Run! I hate to tell you this but you can't help them! Look even Boscha has one of those cool armors!' Edric said to her, making Amity looked to see Boscha was equipping herself with a yellow version of the armor. Amity began to run away. Boscha watched her girlfriend run, frowning under her mask as she felt bad about her being unable to help despite knowing how strong she is.

'Don't worry, Mittens. I've got something special for you too, just please wait.' Boscha thought before running off to join Luz.


Chapter Text

Luz ran at the monster with her sword grinding on the ground, creating sparks.

"Let's do how you like a little fire, big guy!" Luz said, switching her Monado to fire mode before slashing up, sending a flying slash of fire at the monster's face.

The monster was hit by fire but not affected with it. It roared at Luz and Luz held her ground.

"Fire won't work." Boscha said.

Luz turned to see someone in a yellow version of her armor with two blades that looked like dragon wings.

"Boscha?" Luz asked.

"Who else could make armor like this?" Boscha replied, confirming it was her.

"What do you mean fire won't work?"

"That thing is a Death Walker, it's born in a volcano, it's immune to fire."

"Well, I didn't know that. So, we need something else like ice and water to stop it." Luz said as she quickly switched the Monado to ice mode.

"Exactly. Water works better but I can solve that. You just provide the ice." Boscha said as she held up her swords, showing the fire glyph in the guards.

Luz slammed the sword on the ground and an ice pillar rose.

"You ready?" Luz asked.


Luz swung her sword at the ice and it moved towards the beast. Boscha made an x motion with her blades and an X made of fire went towards it. The flaming X clashed with the ice, instantly melting it into water as the Death Walker was hit! It roared in pain as its body steamed from the water.

"It's weak, time to put these blades to good use." Boscha said.

Luz nodded to Boscha as she activated the energy blade of the Monado, ready to charge.

Boscha did something similar and they looked at each other.

"You ready?"

"Ready." Luz said with a nod. "On three."

"One." Boscha said.

"Two." Luz said.

"Three!" They said together.

The charge at the monster and swing their blades at it. Being in a weakened state, their blades sliced through the Death Walker easily as it roared in pain. The light from its eyes faded as it crumbled to the ground as the armored witches landed behind it.

"Well, I think that worked out well." Boscha said, putting her blades on her back.

"Me too but I think we should find Amity and leave before the Emperor's Coven arrives. I'm not exactly on the best terms with them and not just because I'm living with Eda." Luz said as she put the Monado on her back.

"Yeah, let's go."

Ducking into an alley way covered in stream, Luz and Boscha undid their armor before moving carefully through the streets to find their girlfriend, Amity.

"Do you think she's safe?"

"Mittens is strong, we both know that she can handle herself."

That was true. Amity was still the top of the abomination track and one of the strongest witches in Hexside. They ran behind the restaurant.

"Mittens, you there?"

Looking around, the two girls saw Amity was pacing with worry before she saw them and ran to them. She practically knocked them over when she hugged them.

"Thank Titan you two are okay!"

"We should be saying the same." Luz said to her, kissing Amity in the cheek.

"We were afraid that you would get hurt." Boscha said.

'Damn Mittens, how come mom lets you have two girlfriends?' Emira asked.

'She wouldn't us have two girlfriends or two boyfriends, or a girlfriend and a boyfriend!' Edric said in jealousy.

'Actually… doesn't know. KEEP IT THAT WAY!' She thought to them.

'Alright, we won't tell.'

'Good, then I don't need to keep you in my jewelry box then.'

'We probably break it apart after the spell wears off.' Edric pointed out.

'You two are really making me want to throw you into the sewer.' Amity thought

The twins once again fell silent as Amity broke the hug and the trio of girlfriends began walking away.

"So, I think we can head over to the spot I wanted to go after dinner, if that's alright with you both?" Amity asked them.

"Sure." Luz said.

"I think we definitely need something calm down after that." Boscha said, putting her earrings back in.

"Then follow me. I know just the place, though we may have to pick up something else to eat." Amity said.

"Yeah, so much for our fancy meal." Boscha said, "Who wants pizza?"

"If you have pizza here, then I gladly agree." Luz said with a smile.

"Well, our pizza can-"

"Have a kick to it?" Luz asked.

"Yes, that's it." Amity said before noticing the Emperor's Coven arriving on the scene. "And I suggest we move quickly before we're questioned."

They walked away and got a pizza to go.

"So, Mittens, where is this place you're taking us?"

"It's actually a place Luz should be familiar with, it's the tree we created to defeat Grom." Amity said.

"Oh! I remember that tree! It was beautiful and it grew on a cliff with a great view of the isles!" Luz said as she turned to Boscha. "You are gonna love it!"

They all made it to the tree and Boscha stared at it in awe.

"Wow." She said.

Luz was more focused on the pizza.

"Alright, what's the kick this time? Same as the root beer?"

"No, the opposite actually. Eat too fast, you become as flat as paper." Amity said, "The twins got me to eat too fast before. I was a bookmark for a week."

"Oh!" Luz said as she gazed at the steaming pizza, topped with pepperoni, sausage, and squid.

Why was it the things that you love so much can hurt you so badly? Drink root beer too fast and your bloat up like a ballon, eat pizza to fast and you become flat like paper.

'When did the demon realm become so karma savvy?' Luz thought as she slowly took a slice.

"The stars are beautiful." Boscha said.

"Yeah. They are." Amity said with a smile.

"Not as beautiful as you two." Luz said.

Amity and Boscha smiled at Luz, giving her a kiss on each cheek before they continued to gaze at the cliff.

Chapter Text

They were enjoying the pizza but having to deal with the cold.

"I appreciate this, Mittens, but maybe we should pick a warmer place next time." Boscha said.

"Well maybe we could make a fire to stay warm. We all know fire magic." Amity suggested.

"That still doesn't solve the wind problem." Boscha said to her.

"I can solve that." Luz said, pulling out the Monado in plant mode.

Stabbing it into the ground, Luz made a vine wall grow around them and the tree in the shape of a U. Cutting them off from the wind while letting them still see the stars.

"I don't know why you needed the sword for that." Boscha said, "You have magic now."

"Yeah, but I'm still working on that." Luz said, noticing something, "Boscha, how much pizza did you eat?"

"I don't know, I was focused on Mitten's eyes."

Luz pointed to Boscha's hand. Boscha looked at her hand and saw that it was much flatter than she thought, like her hand was a flimsy piece of paper.

"Oh Titan! Not again, I always get like this with pizza. I enjoy it too much and eat it too fast." Boscha said.

"Well, I can safely say this was the single most... interesting date ever." Luz said, "So, are you going to go fully flat?"

"In about five minutes. Then it takes about twelve hours to revert."

"But, Amity said-"

"She was pressed between a book, I won't be."

"Oh! Well….maybe you can drink some Root Beer to counter it? Fight the flattening with the bloating?" Luz suggested.

"Someone tried that before... it did not end well." Amity said.

"I'll be fine, Luz, I just am going to need one of you to bring me home later." Boscha said.

"I'll do it." Amity said, eating the pizza slowly.

"Hey, you make it sound like I won't be helping as well." Luz said.

"You know, a year ago, I never imagined this would happen." Amity said.

"That we'd be on a triplet date and Boscha would be as flat as paper?" Luz asked.

"Well, yeah, but I meant... I didn't think I would be so happy."

"Yeah, me either." Boscha said with a smile. "I really hope we can have more moments like this together in the future."

"Me too." Luz said, smiling at them.

"No matter what." Amity said as a shooting star passed over them.

Luz got an idea and grabbed Boscha.

"What are you doing?" Boscha asked, very curious about what Luz is doing.

"Just want to try something."

Amity watched as Luz folded her. After a second, she showed what she did.

"Tada, an origami rose."

Luz put Boscha into Amity's hair.

"Well, this isn't what I thought would happen but I'm strangely not opposed to it." Boscha commented, now folded into a rose.

"Me either." Amity admitted.

"Well, I just thought about what could make you two cuter, and figured that adding a cute girl to one might work." Luz said, "Plus, it'll be easier to get Boscha home."

"That makes sense." Amity said with a smile.

"Yep, I'm a beautiful accessory." Boscha said, "Maybe you could join me, Luz."

"Maybe another time, my beautiful flower."

The rest of their date was spent talking, eating, and enjoying the beauty of the realm but all things come to an end as Luz had summoned Amethyst to fly her girlfriends home.

"Hop on girls." Luz said.

"Tell that to Amity." Boscha said, "I'm a paper flower. I can't move myself."

"You know what I mean." Luz said with a smile, rolling her eyes playfully.

Amity got on and carefully held Boscha so she wouldn't fly out of her hair.

"Lift off in 3…2…1." Luz said before gently flying up with Amethyst and flying towards Blight Manor. "Let me know if I'm going to fast, okay?"

"We will."

The ride back to Blight manor was quiet, yet it was nice as Amity held Luz's waist and put her chin on Luz's shoulder.

'So romantic.' Emira said.

'This would be perfect for a picture if we weren't earrings.' Edric said. 'But the good news is, the spell should wear off by midnight and we can get the photons from Amity's memories.'

'NO ONE is taking my memories.' Amity thought, reminded of the "incident" with Willow.

'What about when you three get married?' Emira asked, 'Oh, can I be the dress?'

'Hey, why can't I be the dress?' Edric asked.

'Neither of you are being my wedding dress!' Amity thought.

As the blight siblings where having a mental argument, Luz had reached Blight Manor in record time.

"Well, here we are." Luz said, "Just hand me Boscha and I'll bring her home."

Amity jolted at how fast the ride was or by how long she had been arguing with her disguised siblings.

"Of course." Amity said as she dismounted the staff, pulling the paper rose of Boscha from her hair. "This was wonderful. I hope we can do it again."

"So do I, hopefully without the threat of a monster attack." Luz said, taking Boscha.

"I do as well." Boscha said, "Hopefully without getting flat, or inflated, or turned into a couch-"

"Turned into a couch?" Luz asked.

"It's a long story." Amity said.

"And it is not worth telling right now. Trust me." Boscha said as Luz put her in her black hair.

"I love you two." Amity said.

"And we love you, Amity." Luz said, kissing her for both her and Boscha. "I hope you have sweet dreams tonight."

"And I hope you two fly safely."

Amity waved then goodbye as Luz flew towards Triplet manor to drop Boscha off, or more likely take her to her bed and unfold her.

"Well, that was nice." Luz said.

"Hopefully next time it won't involve any monster attacks, or... we're not having pizza next time." Boscha said.

"Yeah." Luz said as she began unfolding Boscha.

'Though the pizza was good.' Luz thought.

Luz held Boscha up.

"You're like a really realistic poster."

"Well, if you want, you can take me with you." Boscha said.

"No, I'm not bringing you with me, I want my girlfriend, not a poster. Plus, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't survive the Owl House like this."

"Fine, just put me on my bed."

Luz did as she was told, moving the covers of the bed back and gently placing Boscha on the mattress.

"There you go, the covers should prevent you from slipping off the bed and a good night's sleep will make time fly." Luz said as she pulled the covers over Boscha up to her neck.

"So I should wake up back to normal or a few minutes before?" Boscha guessed.

"Well, if you can sleep for about 11 hours." Luz said with a shrug, knowing about an hour has passed since Boscha went flat.

"Can I get a kiss before you go?" Boscha asked.

"Oh, Bobo, I wasn't going to leave without one." Luz said with a smirk, leaning down to give her temporary flat girlfriend a kiss on the lips.

"Maybe next time I'll eat too fast." Luz said.

Luz walked out of the room and found herself in front of Boscha's parents.

"Luz, glad we could catch you before you left." Elizabeth said.

"We wanted to thank you for what you did." Mavic said, "If it wasn't for you, the entire restaurant would've been destroyed and hundreds would've died."

"It's no problem." Luz said. Assuming they recognized her for having the Monado.

"Is Boscha okay?" Elizabeth asked.

"Other than eating pizza food fast, she's fine." Luz said to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth pinched the bridge of her nose.

"That girl and pizza." She mumbled, "I'm assuming she's flat?"

"Yes, she's all tucked in and ready for bed. If anything, she should be back to normal by about 10 am tomorrow." Luz guessed, looking at the grandfather clock in the hall.

"At this point we should get a frame for her. This happens at least three times every few months." Mavic said.

"Pizza makes up about a third of her diet."

'And yet she still has a great figure.' Luz thought.

With that thought in her mind, Luz bid the Triplets goodbye and flew back to the owl house on Amethyst. Though she had to wonder just where did that Death Walker come from and how did it get into town without anyone noticing until it was near the restaurant? In the castle, Golden Guard kneeled in front of Belos.

"The mission failed." He said.

"Hmmm, yes. It seems we underestimated the human, she was more adept with the Monado then we thought." Belos said as he rubbed his chin, "Keep watch on her, find her weaknesses and exploit them."

"Yes, Uncle." Hunter said with a bow, raising up to leave.

"That girl is a threat to the Day of Unity. She is to be taken care of as soon as possible."

Though Hunter agreed with his uncle, he felt conflicted. The human didn't seem all that bad when they worked together to save the palismen and if it wasn't for her, he wouldn't have a palisman himself but still, he was loyal to his uncle. It's not like he can just betray him for the friendship of one messily human.

"Of course, Uncle."

Chapter Text

Hunter returned to his room, removing his helmet as he thought of how Luz could be dealt with or how he could help his uncle with the portal.

"How do I stop her? It's not like I can take the sword from her, she's the only one that can lift it."

Hunter sat on his bed as he looked towards his staffs, his artificial staff leaning against the wall and his palisman currently sleeping on a little pillow on his desk. He could use both of them against the human but could that give him an advantage?

"She's getting powerful, if I miss the opportunity, then there will be no stopping her."

With that in mind, Hunter decided to go on the hunt! The emperor's coven still had the location of owl house and that always be an advantage. Luz landed outside the Owl House and got off her staff. Luz had a huge smile on her face as she opened the door gently to not wake Hooty, her first date being a great success!

"Hey kid, how'd it go?" Eda asked.

"Well, aside from a sudden Death Walker appearing and Boscha eating her pizza too fast, it was great!" Luz said with her ever present positive smile.

"You know, I used pizza in a prank when my boyfriend dumped me."

"And you folded him when he was as flat as paper?" Luz asked.

"Yep." Eda said, "I put him in my pocket and took him with me. I wonder what happened to him? I can't tell if I used him as kindling or not."

Luz looked shocked at her teacher, dropping her jaw a bit and almost dropping her staff.

"Don't look at me like that, he tried to rape a kid." Eda said.

"Oh! That's makes it better….I guess." Luz said as she made her way up to her room.

Luz took the Monado off, turned it into her sword, and stuck it in the floor. She began to get her outfit off and change into her pajama's. She didn't have to worry about anyone trying to take it, so she could leave it alone for a moment as she changes. Sure she could change it into a necklace but she needed to keep it off every now and then or else she gets a tan line on her neck. Luz went to the bathroom to take a shower. If there was one downside to the awesome armor Boscha made, it's that it wasn't ventilated well enough and it made Luz a bit sweaty. As she passed the mirror, she noticed something. She... was ripped. She had the biceps she always wanted.

"Woah, I look like I've been working out for a year."

Luz flexed her muscles.

'I guess all that training with the Monado built up my muscles, my weak need arms look like mid age pythons.' Luz thought.

"Amity and Boscha will pass out when they see me." Luz said, "Maybe I should try out for Grudgby."

Luz then posses like the thinker before flexing her arms more, slowly becoming cocky with how swole she became.

"I also may have to fight off fans when they see my hot bod." Luz said.

"Dream on, Luz!"

"Eda!" Luz said, angrily, "I'm trying to dream here!"

"Then do it with the bathroom door closed! I don't need to see you fantasize!" Eda said, leaning against the open bathroom doorway.

Luz walked over and slammed the door on her.

"There! Better?!" Luz screamed through the door.

"Yes but my hair is caught." Eda said as Luz saw some hair stuck to her right in the doorway.

Luz opened the door a little and waited for Eda to remove her hair before closing it again.

"Thanks." Eda said.

Luz started to take her shower, while trying to calm down a little. Despite having a good day, she was a little stressed and tired. Luz went back to her room and pulled her sword out of the floor.

"Right where I left you." Luz said before turning it into a necklace and going to bed.

An hour later, the Golden Guard climbed in through the window. He noticed the necklace.

"All I have to do is take it."

He grabbed it and the necklace started to electrocute him. He let go and screamed. Luz stirred awake from this, blinking her eyes as she leaned up and instinctively reached for the Monado. Luz turned the necklace into her sword and looked at the intruder.


Hunter flinched at Luz, seeing her immediately getting ready for a fight as he backed away from her. He tossed down a smoke bomb and jumped out the window.

'Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!' Hunter thought as he began flying away.

"And stay out!" Luz said, slamming the window shut.

To add good measure, Luz made vies grow over the window before she went back to sleep.

"Some people." Luz mumbled.

Chapter Text

The next day, Luz went to the Triplet Manor to see how Boscha was doing. She walked in and saw Boscha, still flat, on an ironing board.

"Hi, Luz." Boscha said.

"Hey, Boscha. How's my flat cutie doing?" Luz asked.

"Good but impatient with how much longer I have to wait until I'm back to normal. Also, a little smelly since I can't shower like this." Boscha said, "Then there's the one thing that's a little annoying."


"If I have a wrinkle or crease when I turn back, I get wrinkles, so I have to get ironed out in order to avoid that."

"Oh. So that's explains the ironing board." Luz said as a servant come out with an iron.

"Well, here we go." Boscha said, "usually my mom does this, but she's at work."

"Umm, do you want me look away or anything? This seems sort of private." Luz said as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Luz, has your mom ever ironed clothes? That's basically the same thing." Boscha said.

"I guess but it's still seems wrong to watch my girlfriend getting….ironed." Luz said.

"Just imagine me as a sweater or something."

The servant place the Iron on Boscha and started to get out her wrinkles.

"It doesn't look too bad." Luz said.

"Well, wait until it gets to my face. That's the uncomfortable part."

"Oh." Luz said, flinching out the thought.

"Yeah, it is not a good feeling." Boscha said.

After the servant was done with her front, he carefully flipped her over.

"Luz, you might want to wait outside." Boscha's muffled voice said.

"Huh? Why?" Luz asked her.

"This part is a little... embarrassing." Boscha said.

Luz raised a brow to this but did as her girlfriend wished and turned around to leave the room.

"Okay, just call me when you need me." Luz said.

Boscha was going to give her a thumbs up, but quickly remembered that it was impossible for her to do that.

"I will." Boscha said.

The human waiting in the hall as Boscha was getting her backside ironed. Luz decided to call Amity in the meantime. Luckily for her, she convinced Eda to buy her a scroll so she could call her friends and girlfriends.

"Hi, Am-"

"Luz, I need you to get over here now!" Amity said in a panic.


"Amity Blight, you get out here this instant!" Luz heard Odalia scream.

The call ended and Luz stood up.

"Boscha, I'll be back soon!"

"What?! Why?!" Boscha asked.

"Amity's in trouble!" Luz shouted as she took off running, unknowingly activating the Monado in light mode.

Suddenly Luz was coated in a yellow aura as suddenly sped out of Triplet Manor with a light trail behind her.

'Light speed?! Thank you Monado!' Luz thought as she ran to Blight manor, reaching it in less than a minute.

She ran so fast she ran over the gates and ran up to Amity's window, crashing through. She saw Amity being held by Abominations while Odalia yelled at her, and hit her if the black eye was anything to go by.

"Let her go!" Luz said.

Odalia and Amity turned to Luz as she crashed in, pulling out the Monado and glaring at the Blight mother.

"I'm giving you three seconds to let her go, or I'm going to show you what happens when you make me angry." Luz said.

Odalia scoff and groaned at the human, thinking it was a bluff, until she noticed what the human had in her hands!

'Wait a moment, is that-?!' She thought, a shiver going down her spine now.

"I see the look in your eyes. You're wondering if this is the Monado." Luz said, "You're damn right it is. Two seconds left."

Luz could guess what anyone would think when they first see the Monado, how did a human get it or how could she wield it with no magic? That didn't matter right now. What mattered was her saving one of her girlfriends!

"N-Now hold on, h-Luz. This isn't as bad as it seems!" Odalia said, now understanding what she's done.

"Isn't as bad?! From what I see, it is!" Luz said, switching to fire mode to match her mood.

How could you not be furious when your girlfriend is being held against her will and has a black eye?

"I-I-I know this doesn't seem good, but..."

Odalia put a finger out and tried to blast magic at Luz. In the blink of an eye, Luz was past Odalia and Odalia's hand was on the ground.

Chapter Text

It happened so fast, Odalia and Amity couldn't register what happened until Odalia screamed in pain while falling to her knees.

"My hand!" She said, looking at her stump as the flesh seemed cauterizing to prevent bleeding.

"It takes about 8 hours to get a limb reattach before it rots. Use that time." Luz said as she turned to the Abomination holding Amity. "Drop. My. Girlfriend. NOW."

The Abomination dropped Amity and Luz grabbed her wrist. They ran out and didn't stop until they were a good distance away.

Luz saw the manor in the distance from the forest they were in before Amity hugged her close, breathing heavily as she was calming down from what happened.

"Hey, hey, it's alright! I got you, it got you." Luz said, hugging Amity back as she leaned against the tree. "Amity, can you tell me what happened? It's alright if you can't."

"My mom, she found out we're dating. I should've seen this coming." Amity said, "How could I not realize that everyone would notice when the resident Human dates the two richest girls on the Isles."

"But she had no right to do that to you! You're her daughter, a mother should protect their child! Not hit them!" Luz said, holding Amity's face gently, "Just look at your eye."

Luz held her hand out and made a small ball of ice. She took off her hoodie, leaving her in t shirt. She wrapped the ice enough that Amity can hold it without freezing her hand but also so that the cold can still reach her eye.

"Here, put this on your eye."

"Thanks." Amity said as she put the ice pack over her eye.

"Come in, let's get to Boscha's." Luz said, wanting to get further away from Blight Manor.

"Okay." Amity said, "T-t-thanks."

"No problem. I'll always be there for you when you need me." Luz said to her.

The two walked in silence, until they made it back to Triplet Manor. During the whole walk, Luz refused to let Amity out of her sight or even let go of her hand.

"Okay, we're here." Luz said.

Amity tightened her grip on Luz's hand.

"Hey, it's alright. You're safe here." Luz said, guiding Amity inside.

No doubt Boscha was back to normal by now and could comfort Amity with Luz to help her calm down faster. They were inside for less than a minute before Boscha tackled them. She refused to let go of them.

"I'm so glad you two are okay!" Boscha said.

Luz giggled at this as she hugged back, looking to see Amity breathing softer as she hugged the triclops as well.

"What the hell happened!?" Boscha asked.

Boscha looked over Amity and saw her bruises, hating how much she had been hurt while she was being ironed and returning to normal.

"Her mom happened, apparently she doesn't like Amity or you probably dating a human." Luz said with a frown.

Boscha pulled out one of her blades and started to get angry.

"I'm going to kill her."

Boscha was ready to march to Blight manor but Luz stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

"Killing her won't make things better. Besides, I cut off her hand before we left. She probably gets the message." Luz said with a tiny smile.

"Odalia Blight doesn't get a message, she'll try something the second she gets the chance." Boscha said.

"I hate to say it but Boscha is right. Even a cut off hand won't slow her down." Amity said as she continues to press the ice pack on her eye.

"Well, let's just calm down for now." Luz said.

"That's sort of hard to do when my girlfriend was assaulted!" Boscha said.

"Then maybe you can help by letting us in to comfort Amity. And maybe get her a healing patch." Luz said as she gestured to Boscha's house.

Boscha lowered her blade and moved out of the way.

"There's a healing kit upstairs, I'll get it while you calm her down." Boscha said.

Luz nodded to Boscha as she led Amity inside of the manor. Boscha walked up the stairs, filled with anger.

"I can't believe the nerve of that woman, to hurt someone as sweet and caring as Amity."

Odalia Blight always gave off the feeling of a ruthless business woman but you could've at least hoped she cared for her family! Boscha reached the bathroom and grabbed the healing kit. Boscha's anger boiled in her and she punched the mirror, not caring about pain.

'That bitch! If she lays one more hand on either Amity or Luz, her head is gonna roll!' She thought in rage.

Chapter Text

Boscha brought the kit down to them and started to open it. Luz and Amity waited in the den as Boscha came down with the kit, ignoring her own injury to tend to Amity's black eye. Luz however, noticed it.


"Don't ask."

Boscha took out some ointment with healing properties and moved to Amity, slowly moving the ice pack away.

"Hold still, this may sting a bit." She said before applying some of it around her eye. "It'll help reduce the swelling more after the ice."

Amity flinched at the sting but stayed still. Luz walked away to wipe the blood off her sword. Though most of it was gone thanks to her energy blade, small flickers stained the rest of the Monado and Luz didn't want that as a reminder of what she did. Even if she was angry and it was justified, she felt a LITTLE guilty over cutting off Odalia's hand.

'At least I told her how long she has to get it reattached.' Luz thought as she was in the fancy kitchen and grabbed a dish rag, already wet.

"That woman better not mess with Amity again."

Luz had instinctively switched to fire mode after she finished cleaning the Monado, giving it an instant heat dry.

"There, that works well." Luz said, walking back to the den.

She saw Boscha holding a sleeping Amity. Her eyes are patched up and some small bruises were covered in bandages as well. Boscha's hand was also bandaged, most likely at Amity's request. Luz sat down next to Boscha.

"You know we're going to have to deal with Odalia again." Boscha said.

"I know."

"And do you know what I want to do when we do" Boscha asked again.

"I have a good idea." Luz said.

"Then are you going to stop me?" Boscha asked her.

"…..A part of me wants to but another part wants to join." Luz said to Boscha. "I know Odalia is a terrible woman but she's still Amity's mother, how could we possibly take the life of someone she's related too?"

"Well, what do you want then? For Amity to do it herself? Because I'm almost finished with her weapon and armor." Boscha revealed.


"I'm making a weapon for her." Boscha said, "It isn't fair for her to not have one when we do."

"You've really taken this weapon maker thing seriously." Luz said.

"Of course I have. I want to surpass my great X4 grandfather one day and making weapons now is a good start." Boscha said.

"Want to show me what it looks like?" Luz asked.

"If you can pry this girl off me without waking her, then sure."

"You know you're both really loud, right?" Amity said, opening her eyes to them.

"So, you heard everything we were saying?" Boscha asked.

"Yes, I did and I want to focus more on my weapon than what to do about my mother right now." Amity said as she let go of Boscha, pushing herself up.

"I wanted it to be a surprise." Boscha pouted.

Amity kissed her cheek.

"I'll act surprised." Amity said.

Boscha smiled at her as the three of them rose from the couch and headed up to her bedroom/workshop.

"Well, here it is." Boscha said, motioning toward a half finished sword.

Looking up to the sword, Luz and Amity saw it was sort of a broadsword with a glyph carved into the base of the guard. Luz had never seen that glyph before and leaned close to inspect it.

"What glyph is that?"

"Oh that? It's an old abomination glyph from my grandfather's notebook. Looks like you weren't the only one to experiment with the glyphs" Boscha said to her.

"An Abomination Glyph!?" Luz said.

"I thought you said there were only four glyphs, Luz." Amity said to her.

"We yes but I can experiment with them and create combinations for new glyph effects." Luz said as she pulled out some paper, drawing the abomination glyph. "I never thought of this one before or can think of a combo to make it. Maybe it's an artificial glyph?

"Who knows, there isn't much about it in the notebook." Boscha said.

"Just the symbol itself."

"But does it work?" Amity asked.

"Well the swords unfinished, but you can try it out." Boscha said, handing her the unfinished blade.

Taking the unfinished weapon, Amity gave it a few swings to get the heaviness if it before testing out the glyph.

'Luz usually pushes them, so…' Amity thought as she pushed the glyph on the cross guard.

The sword started glowing and then... stops glowing.

"Well, I said it was unfinished." Boscha said.

"I suppose but it makes me curious to what will happen when it's finished." Amity said as she gave the unfinished weapon back to Boscha.

"Well, I'm going to see what this "artificial" glyph can do." Luz said as she held up the drawn abomination glyph.

"Yeah, you're not doing that in my room." Boscha said.

Luz looked around the room, seeing it was already a bit messy and her using the glyph would just make more of a mess.

"Okay, let's go outside." Luz said, grabbing both their hands.

Chapter Text

Testing glyphs by herself was fun but having the people you around with you, made it even better.

"Alright, Luz, show us." Amity said.

"Do it, Babe!" Boscha said.

Luz nodded to them as she taps the glyph, placing it on the ground as abomination clay began bubbling out of it.

"Okay, so far so good. Abomination rise!" Luz said with a wave of hers to the air.

A small Abomination started to rise.

"It's really small." Amity said.

"That's what she said." Boscha said.

Luz chuckled at the joke as the abomination rose up to be as tall as Luz but just as thick as a normal abomination.

"Not bad for your first time." Amity said, "Close your mouth Boscha."

Boscha, who's mouth was half opened to make a joke, stopped.

'Dang it.' Boscha thought.

Luz smiled before turning back to her Abomination.

"Okay... what do I do?"

"Just give it a command, try to keep it simple. Abominations aren't exactly the smartest creatures." Amity said, being the abomination expert.

"Abomination... move?"

Not giving exact direction, the abomination began moving like a worm standing up.


Amity rolled her eyes and took control.

"Abomination, move... and give Boscha a hug."

"What!?" Boscha screamed.

Before she knew it, Boscha was being hugged by the goo monster.

"I'll get you for this, Mittens!"

"No, you won't." Amity said with a teasing smile.

Luz was laughing to the point her stomach hurt. How could she not when her two girlfriends were having an argument while one of them was covered in magic mud.

"Oh? Do you find this funny, Lulu?" Boscha asked Luz.

"It's hard not to." Luz said, holding her sides.

Boscha smiled and dug her way through the Abomination. When she was free she started to act like an Abomination with a command to hug Luz. She walked over to Luz with her arms open.

"No, bad Boscha!" Luz said, beginning to run.

Boscha ran after her, arms wide open.

"Hehehehe! Come back, babe! I just want to hug you!" Boscha called out with a laugh!

Amity watched the scene as she began laughing at them, feeling the worry of her mother gone. Odalia was but a second thought now as the two girls she loved so much were making fools of themselves before her. Boscha eventually caught Luz and hugged her from behind.

"No, let me go!" Luz said.

Amity walked over.

"Abomination, kiss." She said.

Boscha smiled and kissed Luz.

"And picture." Amity said, pulling out her scroll to take a photo.

"Please send me that picture." Boscha said.

"I will, but I'm making it my background first."

"Me too." Luz said, a little loopy from the kiss.

Amity kissed Luz and Boscha. She was so glad to have two wonderful girlfriends by her side to make her feel better. Though…. a smaller part of her still worried about her mother Odalia, especially since she was currently getting her hand sewn back on.

"Hey, everything will be fine Mittens." Boscha said.

Oh Boscha didn't know how wrong she was.

Chapter Text

the Blight Matriarch was slowly clenching her reattached hand shut.

'Mittens, I am going to teach you a very PAINFUL lesson.' She thought.

"I'm going to kill that human in front of you." She growled, "I'm going to kill that girl with her own sword."

Odalia didn't care if it was the legendary Monado, a sword was still a sword! Anyone can use it! Or at least she thought so.

"That girl will regret the day she was born!"

The Healer didn't know what she was blabbering about but he didn't care as he gave Odalia a prescription of painkillers and healing patches to help her hand heal faster.

"Take one when you wake up and one before you sleep while putting on a new healing patch every 12 hours." He said to her. Odalia nodded while thinking of the ways to kill the human.

'I could see if the Abomitrons would do her in, without Mittens around she would die easily.' Odalia thought as she lowered her sleeve, hiding her stitched hand.

Odalia went home, it was unlikely that Amity would come back, she would most likely stay at the Owl House. That would give her a chance to plan without Mittens getting in her way and to surprise attack the human. She walked into the manor.

"Alador, I need to speak to you."

Currently, the busy abomination scientist was having a lunch break as he was eating some sandwiches in the den with a drink.

"Yes, dear?" He asked as he wiped his lip with a napkin.

"We need to make an abomination that will kill that human."

"You mean the one Amity is fond of? Luz, I think her name was." Alador said as he put drink and napkin down. "I thought we agreed it would be better if Mittens stayed in contact with her and her new friends, to make her stronger."

"I don't care about that! That aggravating Human is dating our daughter!"

"Ah, yes I saw that in the news." Alador said.

"The news?!" Odalia screamed!

"Apparently, she's also dating Boscha, one of Amity's friends and the daughter of our associates. A rare three person relationship." Alador told her.

"That Human need to be eliminated!" Odalia said.

"But why?" Alador asked as he rose from his chair.

"Because that Human has corrupted Amity!"

"Corrupted Amity? How? She's a lot happier than she used to be." Alador said.

"She's going to be in love and won't pay attention in class, soon her grades will-"

"That is enough." Alador said, "You are blowing this out of proportion."

"Am I?! Look what that human did to me!" Odalia said, showing her stitched back on hand with a healing glyph on it.

"Okay, answer me this, did she do that unprovoked or did you have an abomination hold Amity down while you hit her?"

"What difference does it make?" Odalia said, avoiding the question.

"It makes all the difference because Luz would want to protect Amity. Though cutting off a limb is a bit extreme, it was out of a need to protect someone she loved." Alador said as he put a hand to his chest, "A gestured I would do to protect my own family if put in the situation."

"So, you would let that human get away with this!?"

Alador walked past her.

"I am done with this conversation."

"Alador!" Odali screamed at her husband, growling in anger at him.

"You want me to make a weapon to kill a child? Tell me what will happen when the public learns that Blight Industries killed the most popular girl on the Isles?" He asked, "I can already tell, the public wouldn't like that."

"Even if the child has the Monado?!" Odalia revealed, making Alador stop in his exit.

"The Monado? As in the legendary sword of the Hand, having been around since the savage ages?" He asked, slowly smiling in excitement as he looked to his wife again. "Luz is its wielder?"

"Yes!" Odalia screamed, not caring for his "random" smile.

"I've heard the Legend but I never took it as fact. That girl is far stronger than I could've imagined."

"Focus! The point is that the human is a bad influence on Mittens, not to mention dangerous now with a weapon of legend!" Odalia said to him.

"And you're dangerous too." He said, "You had an abomination hold down our daughter in order to beat her."

"She needed discipline!"

"She's fourteen!"

Both husband and wife argued over what was right to them; Odalia stood firm on that she knew what was best for Amity, no matter how cruel, and Alador remained adamant that Luz was good for Amity and makes her happy. Both thought they were right but only one of them truly was.

"If you want to make something, then go ahead. I'm not helping you." He said.

"What?!" Odalia asked in shock but thought it was an interesting. "Hmm."

'Well Blight Industries does have several weapon products.' She thought.

"Time to put one into production." She said.

Chapter Text

At Triplet Manor, Luz and Boscha were training. They were using their weapons without magic.

"You're good with the magic part, but it's still a weapon without magic." Boscha said.

"I know but don't worry, I'm surprisingly a quick study with weapons." Luz said.

"Quick, huh?" Boscha asked.

Boscha ran at Luz and tried to strike her with her blades. Luz put her sword up and blocked Boscha's blades.

"Yep!" Luz said as she pushed Boscha away.

"Not bad, but being fast isn't enough." Boscha said, "You need to out think you opponent in a sword fight."

Luz held her sword up.

"Then let's see how I do against you." Luz said.

Boscha held her swords up.

"No magic in this one, remember that." Boscha said, "Just the swords."

"I know. I know." Luz said, gripping her sword tightly.

Luz thought back to her first time using a sword, the toy sword she used against Adegast in that fake "chosen one" adventure. She had come far since then and wielding the Monado was proof of that.

The two charged each other and the sound of their swords connecting was heard. Watching from a bench, Amity watched her girlfriends spare and wondered if she will be as good as they spontaneously are with a sword.

"With Luz, she probably got knowledge from when she picked up the sword." Amity said, "Boscha on the other hand, she's a natural, there's years of work in her movement. She's had to of been trained with swords."

'But me? I was trained mostly in magic and Grudgby worked on my body but sword fighting would be completely new.' Amity thought.

She watched as Luz ran at Boscha and swung the sword at her, Boscha didn't move until the blade was about a few inches from her neck. She easily just bended her spine back a few inches. She used her sword and gave Luz a small cut on the side with one of her swords, while putting the other near Luz's neck.

"You're good, but you need to keep focus, not everyone is as rusty as me." Boscha said.

Luz just put the sword down, but she did snap her fingers and make vines wrap around Boscha.

"And not everyone is as crafty as me. Having elemental magic with the Monado comes in handy." Luz said with a smirk, green eyes, green highlights in her hair, and rose petals floating above her hair, as she picked up the Monado.

"Come here, Luz let's get that cut fixed up." Amity said.

Amity got up from the bench and walked up to Luz as Boscha used her swords to burn herself free from the plants.

"I think that's enough for the day." Boscha said as she changed her swords to earrings, putting them on her ears, "You're good, Babe, but you still have a lot to learn."

"I do too, so maybe we can learn together." Amity said as they walked in mansion, where a servant was waiting with a medical kit, drinks, and snacks.

Luz barely had her root beer in her hand before her lovers looked at her.

"If you chug that I will personally pop you." Boscha said.

"I won't stop her but I will pick up your pieces." Amity added.

Luz rolled her eyes, but didn't chug it.

'Worry warts.' Luz thought as Amity grabbed some string and a sewing needle.

"I don't know if you will feel this but this may hurt a bit." Amity said as she moved to stitch Luz's cut side off.

"Oh... wow... that hurts." Luz said.

"Sorry, I'm trying to be gentle." Amity said as she went back to stitching.

"Do you know a NUMB-ing spell?" Luz asked, jolting a bit from the pain.

"Sorry, Luz. Those are only for Healing Coven witches. If any other coven used it, it's be used as a weapon." Boscha said.

Luz felt the needle go into her skin again and held in a small scream.

"Would being popped have been more or less painful?" Luz asked Boscha.

"More." Amity and Boscha said at the same time.

Boscha held out a hand for Luz to hold while she got stitched up.

"Just a few more stitches." Boscha said as Amity gave 3 more sews before pulling the wound shut.

"There." She said before snapping the string. "Now if you would place hand me a healing glyph."

"Right away, ma'am." The servant said as he handed Amity a healing patch.

Amity placed it on Luz's side.

"There, now don't do something stupid for a day."

Boscha grabbed the root beer and carried it out of the room.

"I'm just getting these out of here." Boscha said.

"Hey! My root beer!" Luz called out to her!

"It's better this way. There are safer drinks to have without the risk of bloating." Amity said as she stood up next to Luz.

"But it removes the fun." Luz said.

Amity shook her head at Luz, wondering how she could find some things that are dangerous to also be fun.

"You are weird." Amity said.

"That's why you love me." Luz said.

Amity chuckled at this and gave her a quick kiss before the two of them headed into the den.

Chapter Text

They passed Boscha's room, where they heard a loud explosion. A minute passed before they heard Boscha.

"I'm okay."

"I guess being weird is why you love Boscha too." Luz said with a smile.

"Yeah, she's a bit more controlled about her weirdness though." Amity said about Boscha.

"Yeah, because blowing up is controlled." Luz said.

Luz rolled her eyes with a chuckle, thinking that Amity's sword was being worked on in there.

Boscha walked out, covered in soot and Abomination goo. She was wearing a smock, large leather gloves, and heavy boots. She remove the goggles that she's been known to wear.

"I think I need a break." She said, "And... maybe a shower."

Removing the smock, gloves, and boots; Boscha walked down the hall to the bathroom as she passed one of the house help.

"Ms. Potter, could you wash these for me?" Boscha asked kindly.

"Of course, Miss Boscha."

The servant dress a spell circle to levitate the dirty items as Boscha walked past her.

"Thank you, Ms. Potter." Boscha said as she continued to the bathroom.

Boscha tried to get some of Abomination goo out of her hair.

"This is why I never joined the Abomination Track."

The mud could make a good and useful servant but it was terrible to try and get out of your hair and clothes. Not unless you were an abomination witch and could just pull it out with magic. Boscha turned the handle to her shower and let the water heat up. A good hot shower could get more out then just picking it out, especially before it hardens. Boscha took off her clothes and got in.

"This could be good for me." She said, "It's been a while since I've had a minute to myself."

Though she loved Luz and Amity, it was nice to have some space every now and then. In another room, Amity and Luz were relaxing a little.

"So, pizza flattens you, root beer inflates you, what other foods change your body?" Luz asked.

"A few." Amity said to her.

"Are you going to tell me?" Luz asked.

"Depends, are you going to go look for them?" Amity asked.

"Maybe….." Luz said with a smile.

Amity groaned.

"There's these things called Cubed Fruit. Eat one and you turn into this little... cube."

Luz knew what that was like. That weird lizard guy, wait, she could get her revenge now.

'I'll keep those in mind.' Luz thought.

"Okay, anything else?" Luz said as she pulled out a notepad and pencil.

"Well, the twins pranked me with Ball Berries once by sneaking them into my salad. It shrinks you and makes your body spherical. It also makes you bounce."

"So, you become like a grudgby ball?"

"Pretty much. I got my revenge though, I did the same thing to Emira, then I threw her at Edric's head, he got a black eye and she got deflated. That might be why they enjoy turning into stuff though" Amity said, "And you are NEVER allowed to use these."

Amity kept going over several in a weird silence that isn't usual with Luz. Luz didn't respond as she was face deep in a note pad.

'I'll keep these in mind.' Luz thought as she wrote down all of the foods.

"You're going to try and find them, aren't you?" Amity asked.

"Nooooo." Luz said.

"Luz, I will glue your mouth shut if I have too!" Amity warned her.

"Fine, I won't do that." Luz said.

'I'm totally doing it.' Luz thought.

"You better not or else." Amity said, threatening Luz with a small pot of abomination mud on her hip.

"So, how are you feeling?" Luz asked, changing the subject.

"About getting a weapon? A little nervous." Amity said.

"I mean about everything. Amity, I've known you long enough to know that you bottle all of your emotions inside."

Amity let out a sigh, holding her arm as she looked down a bit.

"If you mean about what happened with…..Odalia, I'm still shaken and worry what she'll do." Amity admitted.

"I'm glad you told me. Amity, I promise, she won't get her hands on you again." Luz said, "Because, if she tries, I'll cut them off again."

Amity couldn't help but chuckle at the morbid job, though it was satisfying to see her mother grovel in pain.

"Now, hypothetically speaking, where do I find Cubed Fruit?"

Amity stopped her giggling as she gave Luz a blank look, raising a single eyebrow.

"I said hypothetically!" Luz quickly said.

Boscha emerged from the bathroom, wearing a nice white robe.

"What's hypothetical?" Boscha asked, her hair down from her usual bun.

"Luz is asking about where to find Cubed Fruit." Amity said.

"So?" Boscha asked.

"I don't want her finding them. She asked for anymore foods that affect you like pizza and root beer, so I told her but I won't tell here where to find them. Who knows what she'll do with them." Amity said as she crossed her arms.

"She's an adult." Boscha said.

"No, she isn't!"

"Well, I tried Luz."

"Oh, well." Boscha said, "Who wants to cuddle?"

"I do, if you... put some clothes on." Luz said.

"Yeah, we all know you're naked under that robe." Amity said.

Boscha rolled her eyes but went to get dressed.

"Wimps." Boscha said loud enough for them to hear.

"Wait until we're married, then we can do more than naked cuddling!" Luz said.

Amity blushed at this, feeling steam rising from her head.

"Luz!" She shouted.

"What, it's the truth."

Amity couldn't say anything after that, having thought of marriage as well but never said it because it seemed too soon.

Chapter Text

Boscha came back with clothes on, ones Luz liked.

"Azura pajamas?!"

Amity was also surprised by them, making her go wide eyed in shock.

"Yeah. I'm a closet Azura fan, the words may be flowery but the adventure and pairings pull me in." Boscha admitted.

Luz practically jumped onto Boscha and pulled her into a tight hug.

"That makes you even more adorable!"

Boscha blushed at the sudden hug before she hugged back, smiling.

"Plus, I can join your secret Azura club you two have." Boscha said.

"How did yo-" Amity was cut off as she figured out who spilled it. "Darn it, Ed and Em."

Luz squealed.

"Girlfriend book club!"

Before Amity could reply, she was brought into the hug as Luz gave them both kissed on the heads.

"I love my awesome girlfriends!"

"And we love you too." Boscha and Amity said.

This moment, was so perfect. So wonderful that they wished I they could take a picture of this moment right now. They heard a camera go off and saw Boscha's mom.

"Don't mind me, just trying to capture the moment."

"Mom!" Boscha said with a blush.

"Can I get a copy of that?" Luz asked with a smile.

"Me too." Amity said.

As Boscha blushed at her two girlfriends actions, a darkness was coming from both Blight Manor and from the Emperor's Coven. Hunter had reported what he found out and was tasked with killing Luz so that the Monado would be useless while Odalia had stocked up weapons from Blight Industries and was planning an attack of her own against Luz. Two different fronts, one goal: to KILL the human girl.

Odalia looked at the weapon in her hands.

"Soon that bitch will get what's hers!"

One of the weapons Odalia had, was a special handle of abomination mud that could be molded and shifted into any shape with a cuff link to the user to use their magic.

"You're going to die."

Looking to a picture of Luz, Odalia shifted the handle into a lance and stabbed through it. Back at the manor, Luz, Amity, and Boscha were cuddling on the couch.

"Your mom wouldn't mind if we spent the night, would she?" Luz asked.

"I don't mind!" Elizabeth said from the other room.

"Well…. that solves that." Amity said as she looked to Boscha. "Is…. there a guess room or will we have to…. share your bed?"

"You're sleeping with me, end of discussion." Boscha said.

Luz and Amity had no arguments.

"Now, let's read Azura."

Boscha lead the two upstairs to her room so they could snuggle in the bed and read an Azura book together.

'At least Luz can do her interesting voices.' Amity thought.

'I finally have people that won't think I'm just a kid by liking these.' Boscha thought.

'I can't wait for Boscha to hear my Azura voice!' Luz thought with glee.

"So, I hear you have a good Azura voice?" Boscha asked Luz.

"I do!" Luz said with a smile.

"Though you make her sound too much like yourself." Amity said as they entered Boscha's room.

"Well, I'll be the judge of that." Boscha said, "I am the master of doing her voice."

Luz felt challenged by this, always thinking she was the best at making voices as Boscha went to close the door.

"Bobo, is that a challenge?" Luz asked with a serious tone, narrowing her eyes.

"Maybe it is, Babe." Boscha said.

Luz moved to the bed, grabbing Azura number 1 and turning to Boscha.

"Amity, you're the judge. It's time to see who has the better voice." Luz said with a small glare.

"Girls, you're taking this far." Amity said.

"No, we're not, Mittens. We're just having a friendly book voice competition." Boscha said as she walked to her bed and sat down, "Shall we?"

Chapter Text

Luz opened the book and started reading.

"I am the Good Witch Azura! Through my life, I have earned the title of the Warrior of Peace!"

This was going to be a long night and Amity would both love it and hate it.

"Not bad, Luz, my turn."

Boscha took the book, taking a deep breath before releasing her breath.

'Time to shine.' Boscha thought.

"I have braved the strongest storms, searched the darkest forest, and slain all who oppose peace and happiness." Boscha said, in a voice almost exact to Azura's.

Luz and Amity were shocked at how good Boscha's voice acting was, you couldn't tell the difference between her and the real Azura if you listened for the first time.

'Oh dang!' Luz thought as she blushed. 'That voice…'

'And I'm crushing for her like I did for Luz.' Amity thought as she blushed as well.

"Well, how did I do?"

Boscha looked up to see both her girlfriends blushing, staring at her with wide eyes.

"I told you I'm that good." Boscha said to them.

"Yeah, I guess I'm just second place." Luz said.

Boscha walked over and cupped Luz's face.

"Well, I think second place gets a good prize."

Boscha started to kiss Luz. Luz melted into the kiss and enjoyed it as Amity pouted a bit.

'Lucky.' She thought.

Boscha started run her hands through Luz's hair and Luz put her hands on Boscha's hips. Boscha reached out and grabbed Amity.

"Come here."

Amity's pout vanished as she generously kissed Boscha, moving the Azura book aside to get it out of the way.

"There aren't words to describe how much I love you." Amity said, "both of you."

"Well, there's a saying, actions speak louder than words." Luz said to them.

"What do my actions say then?" Boscha asked.

Boscha hit a pose with her hands behind her head and a smooching face. The three girls laughed and rest against each other.

"Your actions say you try too hard when you're already enough." Luz said.

Amity playfully hit Luz with a pillow.

"And what about me?" She asked the human.

"I think both of you have proven how much you love each other and me. I can only think of two people I want to marry in the future."

'Marriage huh?' Elizabeth thought, somewhat eavesdropping on her daughter, 'Maybe I could make a marriage contract for them.'

Though, how would that work with a human? Do they do arranged marriages anymore?

'Maybe I can asked Eda for some information.' Elizabeth thought.

Boscha poked her head out.

"If you're thinking about making a marriage contract, I'm going to hurt you!"

Boscha stuck her head back into her room and shut the door, leaving her mother a bit scared. The next morning, Luz woke up and found herself in the middle of the cuddle pile. Sandwiched between Amity and Boscha, feeling one of them laying in her chest while the other slept on her shoulder.

'This is a dream. Don't wake me up.' Luz thought with glee.

Luz felt a kiss on the cheek and saw Boscha, pretending to be asleep.

"Morning, Lulu." Boscha said to her.

"Good morning, Bobo." Luz said, "What are you going to do today?"

"Well, we have one more day of the weekend, maybe I could finish Amity sword before making two more weapons. I don't want to spoil anything but I have some big plans." Boscha said to her.

"I'll help you if you want."

"Thanks, but I don't think you'd be much help. Your hands might not be the best for delicate work." Boscha said as she sat up in bed.

"Well, I guess I'll practice magic with Amity."

"I'd like that." Amity said, pretending to be asleep as well.

"Were either of you actually sleeping!?"

"We were until Boscha woke up around 4 am. I did too but we didn't want to wake you up." Amity said to her.

"And we wanted to cuddle for a bit." Boscha said to her.

Luz looked at the clock.

"Four hours is a bit?"

"You can never have too much cuddle time." Boscha and Amity said at the same time.

Eventually, they got up. Boscha went to her work bench and Amity and Luz went to the back yard. Luz was going to practice her new magic, just to see how good she is.

Chapter Text

"Alright, time to see how far I can go with this abomination glyph." Luz said, holding a glyph in here hand. Luz slammed the glyph on the ground.

"Abomination, Rise!"

With the wave of her hand, Luz commanded a new abomination to rise the same as the first one. Tall as her but bulkier than most abominations, it looked to be more defensive than most.

"Not bad, Luzzy." Amity said, making a spell circle, "Abomination, Rise!"

Amity's abomination rose to be taller than both of them but only slightly less bulky than Luz's, showing that it was possibly the weaker of the two.

"Shall we?" Luz asked.

"We shall." Amity said, "Abomination, charge!"

The taller abomination gurgled in response as it charged at the smaller, bulkier one.

"Abomination, guard!" Luz shouted to her own.

Luz's abomination put its arms up and blocked Amity's strike. The taller abomination continued to throw punches as Luz's abomination was pushed back but held its ground.

"Abomination... attack?" Luz said.

The abomination obeyed as it pushed the taller one back and punched it in the chest, making it almost cave in with how powerful it was!

"Dang!" Luz said in awe of its power.

"Not bad for a rookie, but get a taste of this." Amity said, "Abomination, destroy!"

Amity's abomination suddenly glared as its arm transformed into a spike, and stabbed the shorter abomination in the chest before it exploded as the spike expanded into a morning star to destroy it.

"Well... there's that." Luz said.

"And unless your abomination can pull itself back together, the match is mind." Amity said with an innocent smirk.

"Well, why don't we make our practice a little more... physically." Luz said, holding a ball of fire in her hand.

Amity felt challenged by this and made her abomination form a shield before she summoned her own magenta fireball.

"So, no glyphs in this one?" Amity asked.

"Nope, only the magic I get from the Monado." Luz said.

"I see you want to get use to magic without the glyphs. Smart." Amity said.

"Now then, bring it." Luz said.

From then on, it was like a game of dodgeball. Except the balls were made of fire and both girls created barriers to block them but the concept was still similar. Amity threw another fireball at Luz, who managed to catch it and throw it back. Amity dove out of the way and Luz changed her magic to plant and wrapped vines around Amity.

"Gotcha!" Luz said with a smirk.

"Not for long!" Amity said as she used a bit of abomination mud and sliced through the vines.

Luz smiled.

"Bring it."

Luz summoned vines around her as Amity conjured abomination tendrils, it would be like a battle of land squids. The two types of magic attacked each other, While Luz and Amity controlled it. Both of them moved like puppeteers to control the vines/tendrils, throwing their fingers and arms in extract or controls motions to try and get an advantage.

"Not bad, Luz." Amity said, "You've only had real magic for a short time and you're a natural."

"Thanks. I guess you can say I'm a quick study." Luz said to her.

"But you're still fighting the Top Student." Amity said.

Amity made one of her tendrils grab Luz by the foot and held her in the air.

"WAAAH!" Luz screamed as she was now upside down.

"Ready to give up?" Amity asked.


Luz slammed her hands together, creating a bright light that temporarily blinded Amity. As Amity was recovering from the flash, Luz made an ice knife to cut herself from the tendril and land with a roll. She put her hands out and shot Ice at Amity's feet, freezing them in place. After her eyes recovered, Amity felt the chill on her feet as she was now stuck in place.

"I can still fight, you know!" Amity said, commanding the abomination tendrils.

"Not for long!" Luz said as she cupped her hands together. "ICE BEAM!"

Luz shot a large thing of ice at Amity. She over did it and froze her completely.

"Uh... maybe I should work on that." Luz said, "Don't worry, Amity, I can thaw you out."

Chapter Text

Rushing to Amity, Luz pulled out the Monado and activated fire mode to thaw Amity out.

'I just meant to freeze the mud, how did this happen?!' Luz thought, panicking over freezing her girlfriend.

She placed the burning blade against the ice and started to thaw out her girlfriend ice pop. No doubt Amity would be angry with her but she could understand that it was an accident, right?

Amity was thawed out and shivered.

"N-n-never d-d-do t-t-that a-a-again." Amity said, still freezing.

"I'm sorry, Ami. I didn't think it would be that bad." Luz said as she hugged Amity, let her natural and magical heat warm her.

"Y-y-you're... f-f-forgiven."

This made Luz happy as she hugged Amity a bit tighter, warming her up faster.

"C-c-can you g-g-get me a b-b-blanket or something?"

Luz nodded to her as they headed inside of the house, leaving the remains of their training battle behind to get Amity a blanket and maybe some hot soup.

"Hey, Mittens, I- Luz what did you do?" Boscha asked.

Seeing Amity shivering in Luz's arms, made Boscha sour as she looked towards the duo.

"I…accidentally froze her while we were sparring." Luz admitted.

"You turned our girlfriend into an ice pop!?" Boscha asked.

"I said it was an accident!" Luz quickly said.

"Clearly I need to make sure you two don't do something like this again." Boscha said.

"L-Like how we had to make sure y-you don't overwork and miss sleep?" Amity said with jitters as they entered the den next to the fire place.

"Sure, wise crack. See who is going to bring to a potion for warmth." Boscha said with a smirk.

"J-j-just warm me u-u-up."

Luz and Boscha started to hug her.

"There you go, a nice love hug from your two sweet hearts." Luz said.

"With a nice hot fire to help." Boscha said as she threw a fireball to make the fire burn hotter.

"I-I-I would k-k-kiss you, if I-I-I could k-k-keep my lips s-s-still." Amity said.

Little did they know, Odalia was getting ready to attack. The Blight mother had tested all the weapons she needed for her attack as she marched towards Triplet manor.

"Now, all I need to do is kill that Human."

Readying her blaster, Odalia aimed it for manor to draw attention and then, she would ambush the human.

Chapter Text

Inside, the trio were startled by the manor shaking.

"What was that!?" Luz asked.

"I don't know!" Boscha said, holding her girlfriends close.

The manor shook again and Luz ran to a window.

"It's Odalia!" Luz said.

"That bitch is shooting my house!? I'm killing her!" Boscha said.

"Her?!" Amity said in shock.

This is EXACTLY what she was worried would happen!

"Yeah, but not for long." Boscha said, putting her watch on.

Luz did the same thing and they both activated their armor and activated their swords.

"By the way, Mittens, take these." Boscha said.

She handed Amity a watch and a necklace.

"An armor watch and jewelry?" Amity asked, taking the items.

"The necklace is your finished abomination sword. You're welcome by the way." Boscha said as she pointing to the single bead with a white color and blade. "Just push that and your sword will be in your hand."

"Titan, I fucking love you." Amity said, putting the watch on.

"Yeah, you can kiss my ass later, we have a bitch to kill." Boscha said.

'I'm still not 100% in killing my mother.' Amity thought as she activated her watch, covering herself in purple armor.

Boscha and Luz ran outside to confront her. The manor shook once more as Odalia took another shot at the castle before she saw two armored girls rush out with swords at the ready.

'The human.' Odalia thought, seeing the one in red armor wielding the Monado.

"So glad you could make it, Human." Odalia said.

"And I'm glad you're here so I can kill you for what you did to Amity!" Boscha said, her voice disguised by her armor.

"You can just go away." Odalia said, "This is between me and the Human."

"Oh hell no! You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!" Boscha said to her.

"So be it." Odalia said, aiming her weapon at them.

Odalia aimed for the both of them and pulled the trigger, firing a robot towards them.

"Get down!" Luz shouted as she swung her Monado, forming a wall of ice to protect them.

"Good job, Babe, my turn."

Boscha stepped on Luz's back and jumped over the wall. She changed her swords to a plant glyph and a light glyph. She threw the plant glyph behind her and Odalia was wrapped in vines. She threw her second sword and it landed in front of Odalia. A bright light shined and blinded Odalia.

"She's distracted, attack!" Boscha said.

Luz charged as she changed her sword to ice mode, planning on freezing Odalia solid in a block of ice. Odalia pulled out a circular device, pressed it, and Luz was unable to move.

"What!? Why can't I move?!" Luz asked.

"No!" Boscha shouted as she charged at Odalia.

Odalia pulled out another one and Boscha stopped moving. Odalia smiled at the sight.

"The so called 'Chosen One' that's meant to wield the Monado. Pathetic. You can swing a sword all you want but we all know the truth, you're just a normal human, a weakling that doesn't deserve to be in this world. A pathetic whore that doesn't deserve to even look at a Blight, let alone date one."

Odalia pulled out a weapon and held it out, giving Luz a demonstration. Green fire came out of it and Luz started to panic.

"If you think I can be beaten by a little fire, you're dead wrong." Luz said.

"Good point, but your little friend might not be." Odalia said, pointing the flamethrower at Boscha.

Odalia was about to pull the trigger, when a purple long sword was thrown and knocked it out of her hands. Cutting one of them in the progress.

"Aaah!" Odalia screamed in pain, gazing at the sword before a tendril of abomination mud grabbed it and pulled it back.

Looking to the source of it, Odalia saw it land in the hand of another armored individual. This armor was purple.

"If you even think of hurting them, you will feel pain like you've never known before!" Amity said.

Though her voice was disguised, Odalia could just know who it was and dropped her jaws at the sight of her.

"Mittens?!" She said.

Amity held her sword at Odalia.

"Let. Them. Go." Amity said.

Amity switched her sword to a fire glyph and her sword was covered in magenta flames. Odalia recovered from her shock and glared at her daughter, growling at her as she grabbed the weapon handle for the Abomi-weapon.

"It seems you STILL need to be disciplined." Odalia said as the clamp attached to her arm, feeding off her magic as abomination mud formed out of the handle into a hardened jousting lance.

"No, I need to beat you." Amity said.

Amity charged at her mother with the flaming blade, ready for her as Odalia charged at her as well! Amity swung but Odalia blocked her sword with the lance. Odalia tried to hit Amity with the lance, but Amity used the black metal fins on her arms to block it. Amity sent a strong kick into Odalia's stomach, making her hunch over.

"Uh!" Odalia grunted in pain before she swung again, but was blocked.

Amity hit Odalia with a strong knee to the face. Odalia fell on her back before quickly, and painfully, got up. She swung her lance with all her strength and knocked Amity's sword out of her hand.

"Not so tough now, are you?"

Odalia started to swing her lance at Amity. Amity blocked each strike with her fins. Amity got her right arm ready, looking like she was going to throw a punch, but she swung to the left of Odalia's lance, using her fins to cut it in half. She then moved her arm back, cutting Odalia's right eye with her fins. Odalia didn't even have a chance to react before Amity hit her with an elbow to the jaw. Amity started to hit Odalia in the stomach several times before hitting Odalia with an uppercut to the chin. Odalia landed on the ground and held the place that her eye used to be. She screamed in pain as it registered that her eye was gone. Amity grabbed her shirt collar and held her up in the air.

"I'm not going to kill you, but this is your last chance... stay away from us."

"And if I don't? You know as well as I do you don't have the nerve to take a life." Odalia said through her teeth

"You don't know WHAT I can do! Or what I will do to protect the ones I care about!" Amity said to her as she took the remote from Odalia and used it to unfreeze Luz and Boscha. "You have controlled my life for too long but no more!"

Amity brought the fins up to Odalia's face and dragged them across her face, drawing a lot of blood.

"You lost an eye, and that will scar, let that be your last warning." Amity said, dropping her mom.

Odalia started to get up when the three of them kicked her in the ribs, breaking several of them.

"Now get out of here!" All three of them shouted at Odalia.

Odalia got the message and left. With new injuries to lick and a sense of defeat, would she be back again or would she just accept it and move on? Only time will tell. Amity looked at Boscha and Luz.

"Are you two, okay?"

"Yeah, we're fine. What about you? That was pretty intense." Luz said with worry.

"I-I-I'm fine."

Amity clicked her watch to retract her armor, Boscha and Luz doing the same as they saw Amity's knees got weak. Luz reached out and help Amity stay up.

"It's clear that this took a lot out of you, let's go back inside and relax."

"Yeah. I can have the staff bring some snacks and drinks brought to help us unwind from this." Boscha said as she went to the other side of Amity to help.

"Thanks." Amity said.

As the trio made their ways back into the manor, someone happened to be watching them from the shadows as the fight went on.

"So, it looks like the human has another ally with those strange armors." Golden Guard said to himself, "I need to warn the Emperor."

Golden Guard them used his artificial staff, not his palisman since he needed to keep it out of Belos' sight, to teleport back to the Emperor's Coven/Belos' castle.

"Uncle, I learned there is another one helping the Human."

"Another one? That makes 3 including Edalyn and Lilith, her number of allies are growing faster than I suspected." Belos said.

"What are we supposed to do?"

"Prepare. The human still possess a threat to the Day of Unity, we must deal with her AND any of her allies to ensure the Titan's will is fulfilled." Belos said to his nephew.

"Yes, Uncle."

Hunter left his uncle to his own thoughts as he went to prepare himself to fight. No doubt he would be forced to fight the human girl or her allies sooner or later.

"I can't let Uncle down, not again."

Chapter Text

At the Manor, Boscha and Luz put Amity on the couch. She fell asleep pretty quickly.

"Seems like that just tired her out." Luz said.

"Yeah." Boscha said, "Luz, we could've just died there."

"Yeah, I know. How was Odalia able to stop our armors like that?" Luz asked.

"I think it was this remote. The one Amity took from her." Boscha said as she pulled the remote from her pocket, having took it from Amity earlier.

"You're good with this kind of stuff, Boscha, think you can look through it?" Luz asked.

"I can try, it might take a few days." Boscha said, "Thankfully for you, I have to wait a couple weeks for more materials to arrive."


"These weapons and armor are made from some rare stuff. It can only be found on the other side of the Isles, in the Titan's Horns. I need that in order to make the next weapon."

"Oh! A new weapon. Who's it for this time?" Luz asked with excitement.

"That's up to you." Boscha said, handing the journal to Luz.

Luz saw a green war hammer.

"Oooh!" Luz said at the sight of the hammer, tying to think about who would be perfect to wield it, "Who gets to wield that?"

"That's up to you." Boscha said.

"I don't know." Luz said, "Someone powerful needs to hold it."

"Well, you got some time before I work on it."

Luz nodded to Boscha as she turned the page and saw it was a new but blank with the title "Control Remote, Dangerous" at the top.

"You made a page for the remote?" Luz asked her.

"Why not? I'm gonna study this thing so I can make some adjustments to our armor to make them immune to it or anything similar." Boscha said to Luz.

"Now, I'm going to get to work, you try and keep Amity calm." Boscha said, motioning to the purple haired girl on the couch, "She's might have nightmares over this."

"Don't worry, I'm not leaving her side." Luz said as she pulled out a scroll, a demon realm phone that Boscha gave her. "I'll have to call Eda and tell her I'm going to be sleeping over again. She and King are probably worried sick."

Boscha went to her room and placed the remote on her workbench.

"Alright, time to see what's in this." Boscha said, cracking her fingers.

Grabbing the proper tools, Boscha began taking the remote apart piece by piece while taking notes and drawing of all the parts involved.

"This is the single most advanced thing I've ever seen." Boscha said, looking at the parts and notes in front of her, "If I could find a way to add this ability to the armor, that could give us an advantage."

'Though, I still wonder who made it? Could it have been Amity's dad, Alador?' Boscha thought as she added "Inventor: ?" To her notes. 'He is the inventor behind all those weapons and Abomitrons for Blight Security.'

"This is going to be something I need to look into, but that's a problem for later." Boscha said pulling out tweezers, "Now to grab this core carefully."

The core of the remote appeared to be a gem of sorts, giving a slight glow as its amethyst shined in the light of the room. Boscha drew the gem in her journal, surrounded by question marks.

"I've never seen something like this."

Carefully grabbing the gem and pulling it from the remote, Boscha grabbed a magnifying glass to have a closer look at it for any hidden properties.

"This looks like there's trace amounts of ankle magic." Boscha said "How did she even get this? The tribe of the ankle refuse to allow anyone or anything in or out of the ankle. Even the Emperor won't mess with them."

So how did Blight Security or Alador get his hands on it? The night market?

"The Owl Lady has been spotted there a few times, I'll ask her to look for one next time she goes there."

Putting the amethyst gem aside gently, Boscha went back to studying the rest of the control remote and all of its parts.

"I truly have a hard time believing Odalia made this." Boscha said, "This is far more impressive than something she could make."

So that meant it could only be something purchased in the Night Market.

'If she had something like this in her clutches, what else could she have?' Boscha thought.

Boscha wrote "Contact Owl Lady about Night Market" in her journal before closing it.

Chapter Text

Meanwhile with Luz and Amity, the human had finished her call with Eda and cleared that she would be staying the night again.

"But you better hurry back soon! Your dragon palisman is getting antsy without you." Eda said through the scroll.

"Well how do you call your staff from the other side of town?" Luz asked, "I can't exactly summon her like you do with Owlbert at the snap of my fingers."

"Then keep her with you or maybe since you have the Monado, you can call her now?" Eda questioned.

"I don't know."

"Well, just try it. Put your hands together, focus on summoning your palisman, and pull them apart to summon your little dragon." Eda said through the scroll.


Luz put her hands together and focused on her palisman.

'Amethyst.' She thought, thinking off her palisman and pulling her hands apart.

To her surprise, the staff formed between them before Amethyst appeared at the top. The dragon lit up at seeing her holder. It shifted to palisman form and nuzzled to Luz cheek, making sounds of delight.

"By those sounds, I believe it worked?" Eda asked through the scroll.

"It did. Thanks Eda." Luz said to her.

"Yeah, well, make sure you come back soon before King takes over your room."

"IF SHE WANTS HER ROOM BACK, SHE WILL HAVE TO SURRENDER THE MONADO TO ME!" King screamed, still acting like a tyrant even after his truth was revealed.

"Have fun with that." Eda said, hanging up.

Luz would deal with King later as she and Amethyst snuggled some more while Amity rested next to her.

'Hmm, I wonder where Amity's palisman, Ghost, is?' Luz wondered.

There was a knock on the door and Luz answered it.

"Emira? What are you doing here?"


She handed Amity's staff to Luz.

"Whatever you did to mom has made her go crazy, she said she would destroy Amity's staff for it."

"Destroy a palisman?" Luz said, getting flashbacks to what she first saw Belos do with a palisman and gripped Ghost's staff tightly.

"Yeah, it's crazy and could hurt Amity greatly but I managed to get it out while Ed make an illusion fake for mom to destroy instead." Emira said as she looked past Luz, seeing Amity in the couch. "How's Amity doing?"

"She's... doing as good as she can." Luz said, "It's been a lot to handle."

"I bet. Mom came home with an eyepatch and scar on her cheek." Emira said, "I assume Mittens did that?"

"...Maybe" Luz said.

Emira crouched down and placed her hands on Luz's shoulders.

"Listen Luz, you know I like you, I think of you as a good friend." Emira said, before her grip got tighter, "But if you do anything to hurt my sister both physically or emotionally, I don't care if you have some magical sword, I will hunt you down and rip you apart. Got it?"

Luz acknowledged the threat but glared at Emira for even assuming something like that.

"I would NEVER want to hurt Amity. I never meant to before and I won't hurt her now." Luz said to the older Blight.

"For your sake, I hope you're right. Not even your sword will help you if you mess up."

Emira left the human to herself as she closed the door behind her, leaving Luz to return to the couch and placing Ghost next to her master.

"Wait, how did she know about my sword?"

Luz looked down to her Monado in necklace form, wondering if she figured that out from just a look.

"That's got to be it." Luz said.

Maybe one day Amity will tell Luz about the origins of her earrings on their first date. Until then, Luz would be left in the dark as she continued to stay by Amity with Amethyst lying next to Ghost. At Blight Industries, Alador was working on something. Something he should've made years ago... divorce papers.

'I've let you do as you pleased for too long, Odalia. Tomorrow, that end for good.' He thought with a firm and determined look on his face.

Next to the papers was his evidence of Odalia's abuse towards Amity. He's going to ruin her, she'll lose everything and he will be the father he should've been all these years.

"I know I have no right but I'm going to be a father that you can be proud of, Mittens." Alador said to himself as he stoved everything away in a personal safe until tomorrow, "I'm done being a pushover."

Chapter Text

In the Triplet Manor, Amity woke up and saw Luz sleeping in a chair.

'I guess I passed out from the adrenaline crash.' Amity thought as she found a blanket on her and ghost at her side. 'Ghost? How did you get here?'

Ghost saw Amity was awake and rubbed against her. Putting that question aside, Amity smiled at her palisman and scratched under her chin.

"Morning to you too, Ghost." She said.

Amity reached over and shook Luz.

"No... I don't want to go to school, Mami." Luz said, still dreaming.

This made Amity chuckle at the human, school wasn't until tomorrow but it seems she was having a good dream to instantly think school would ruin it.

"Luz, it's not your mom, it's your girlfriend. Although, you could call me Mami if you want" Amity said.

Luz's eyes shot open at this and blushed as she saw Amity smirking at her.

"…I was talking out loud, wasn't I?" She asked her as Amethyst slept in her lap.

"Yes, you were."

Luz put her hands in front of her face to hide her embarrassment while Amity giggled and kissed her on the cheek.

"I know how to make you feel better." Amity said, "Let's go mess with Boscha."

"O-Okay." Luz stutters, still blushing as she slowly got up.

They walked to Boscha's room, where they found her with her head on her work bench.

"Even her snoring is cute." Luz said.

"Yeah, it is." Amity said as they went to Boscha and kneeled before her.

Amity pulled out an airhorn.

"Do you want to do the honors?" Amity asked her.

"How about we do it together?" Luz asked as she moved to hold the air horn with Amity, both their fingers on the button. "On 3."

"One." Amity said.

"Two." Luz said.


Both girls pushed the button, making the air horn blare out as Boscha woke up screaming.

"AAAAAAAHHH!" She jolted up screaming, almost falling from her bench, "What the fuck! I was having a good dream!"

Turning to the source, Boscha glared at Amity and Luz as they smiled innocently at her.

"I didn't ask for a wake up call."

"You're welcome." They both said, ignoring her reply as they kissed both of Boscha's cheeks.

Boscha sighed, rubbing her eyes, before remembering something about her dream.

"Do you two think I should dye my hair?"

"Huh? Dye it? Why?" Luz asked her.

"I had a dream about it, I thought I looked nice. Maybe stop putting my hair in a bun too."

"Well, what color did you dye your hair if you're thinking about it?" Amity asked her, curios since she dyed her hair too.

"Brunette." Boscha answered.

"I think it would look nice." Luz said.

"I have to agree, seeing you with brown hair looks kind of good on you." Amity said, imagining it.

"So, it would be alright if I dyed my hair then?" Boscha said, "Because there's something else from my dream, something I wanted to show you."

Boscha took out a picture of her from when she was a kid.

"You... wore glasses?" Luz asked.

"Yeah…. had them for a while before I got my contacts." Boscha admitted.

"I think it would look cute, but maybe find a way to make it so you don't need glasses in your armor." Amity said.

"I can make so much armor has lenses that match." Boscha said.

"So, do you still have your glasses?" Luz asked, "because I want to see my girlfriend in all of her beauty."

Blushing from the human's words, Boscha nodded and got up to go to a drawer next the front of the room.

"I never got rid of them, even when I got contacts. I guess I felt like they were a big part of me." Boscha said as she pulled out a trio of glasses, normal looking glasses excite they had an additional lens attached above the first two.

Boscha took her contacts off and put her glasses on. She rubbed her arm, nervously.

" Wow." Luz said, "You look even more beautiful."

"No, she doesn't." Amity said. Amity undid Boscha's bun and Boscha's hair fell, "Now she looks beautiful."

Luz gasped, wide eyes as she saw Boscha with her hair down! It was like it sparkles in the light and entranced her to not take her eyes off it.

"The hair down completes the look!" Luz said with a blush.

"Not yet, Luz, we still need to dye her hair." Amity said.

Boscha smiled.

"I'm so glad that you two are my girlfriends."

"We know." Amity said as she and Luz got up. "If you don't have any dye, we can run out and get some for you."

"That's sweet but don't worry, I have some in the bathroom. I always had this in mind, so I had some on standby in case I do go through it." Boscha said to them, putting her contacts in their case, "Amity, want to help? I've never dyed hair before."

"Sure. I'd be happy to help." Amity said with a nod.

"I'll help too." Luz said with a smile.

"Have you ever dyed hair before?" Boscha asked.


"Then wait out here. I want you to be surprised."

Luz pouted but understood and stayed, if Boscha wanted to surprise her with the reveal. Luz will let her.

Chapter Text

After an hour, which Luz was asleep for most of, the door opened and Amity came out.

"Luz, please welcome the new and improved, Boscha Triplet."

Luz woke up from the door opening and rubbed her eyes, blinking awake as she caught the sight of Boscha and gasped loudly. Her hair, now a shining brown color, and reaching her shoulders. The triclops was still in her glasses and adjusted them a bit as she blushed under Luz's gaze.

"Well? What do you-"

"Your beauty has surpassed a goddess now." Luz said plainly, cutting her second girlfriend off.

Luz walked over and shared a kiss with Boscha.

"Now this, is the girl that I never got to see before. The girl that was trapped behind the bully. This is the real Boscha Triplet."

Boscha blushed but smiled brightly, it was just as precious as when Amity kissed Luz before they were dating.

"Now, get over here so we can take a picture and show off your new look!" Luz said.

"This would look great on Penstagram." Amity said as she pulled out her scroll.

The three got close and took a group picture.

"How long have we been trending?" Luz asked.

"We were on the news after our first date, you're really surprised that we're popular?" Boscha asked.

"When was the last time you checked the Penstagram account I helped you set up?" Amity asked.

"It... was before the Monado."

"That was about a week ago, right?" Boscha asked them.

"It's only been a week?" Luz asked. Luz opened Penstagram and looked, "I gained 7 thousand followers!?"

"What?!" Amity and Boscha shouted in shock, looking over her shoulders.

"It must be because of our relationship. You're officially a popular kid now." Boscha said.

"It could also be that you're the only human in the realm and you've done countless things most witches could never do." Amity said before listing them off. "Discovering ancient magic, enrolling in Hexside, living with the owl lady, fighting Grom."

"Not to mention taking EVERY TRACK in school and having two wonderful girlfriends." Luz said with a smile.

"Can't wait to see what happens at school." Boscha said, "The most popular couple walking into Hexside, hand in hand."

"With Boscha sporting a brand new look." Amity added. "Heads are gonna turn, especially your crew."

"I'm sure they'll love it." Luz said, supportive.

"Thanks." Boscha said, "And I think it's our crew now."

"Including-" Luz was cut off.

"Yes, including Gus and Willow. They probably won't believe it." Boscha said.

Luz leaned her head against Boscha's shoulder.

"So, what do you want to do?"

"Well, I was thinking of working some more but I think I want to go out. We haven't had a make up day since that giant demon ruined our first one." Boscha said.

"Any ideas?" Luz asked.

"Maybe a simple date. A walk in the park or a picnic." Amity suggested.

"That sounds nice." Boscha said.

"It sounds great! Let's get packing, shall we?" Luz said with a smile.

The three went to the kitchen and got a basket.

Upon Luz's consideration, they were making their own lunch to enjoy.

"So, are we ready?" Luz asked.

Double checking the picnic basket and the blanket they were bringing, Boscha gave Luz a thumbs up while Amity nodded.

"We're ready." They said.

"Then let's head to the park." Luz said with a smile, pointing to the door.

The two smirk.

"You don't know where the park is, do you?" Boscha asked.

"... No."

Once again, Luz' lack of knowledge was so amusing and so cute.

"Don't worry, we know the way." Amity said as she patted Luz in the back.

They three of them held hands and started walking.

Chapter Text

As they headed through town, multiple witches and demons greeted them with smiles in support of their relationship. A few even commented on Boscha's new look. It was met with compliments.

"Looking good, grudgby star!"

"The brown brings out your eyes."

"Killer glasses!"

"Looks like everyone's taking a liking to the new you." Luz whispered to her.

"And I have you two to thank." Boscha said.

Boscha kissed both of their cheeks as they made it to the town park.

"How have I never been here?" Luz asked, "This place looks nice."

"Well now you do. Maybe we could come here again in the summer?" Amity suggested.

Luz was reminded that camp was over and her mom was alone.

"Yeah." Luz said, "In the summer."

It had been such a wild ride since she got the Monado, that Luz completely forgot about her goal of creating a new portal home back to her mother but that would also mean leaving behind her friends and girlfriends.

'I could always go back and forth when it's done but what if one side wants me to stay for good?'

"Babe, are you okay?" Boscha asked.

Luz quickly snapped out of her thought and looked towards her girlfriends, Amity and Boscha, seeing them ahead of her and waiting with concern looks.

"Sorry, I'm fine. Just thinking is all." Luz said as she caught up with them.

"You were thinking about your mom, weren't you?"

"How did you know?" Luz asked.

"I get the same look when worrying about what she'll think of my report cards, I don't get straight A's all the time." Boscha said to her.

"Now can you please tell us what's wrong?" Amity asked.

"With all the... excitement, I forgot that I actually don't belong here. I completely forgot that I'm stuck here." Luz said, "I'm probably a horrible daughter, I'm having fun while she's alone in the Human World."

"Don't you dare even THINK you're horrible. You are far from horrible, Luz." Amity said as she brings Luz over to Boscha.

"But just think of how my mom is reacting. Camp is over by now and she must be worried about why I didn't come home from camps." Luz said to them.

"And she probably thinks she's a horrible parent for putting you in that position." Boscha said, "You both feel horrible, but you both did what you thought was best."

"But-" Luz said before Amity put a hand on her lips.

"No buts. I know you feel guilty about coming here but you can't feel guilty about all you've accomplished and all the friends you made. I'm sure once you have a working portal and see your mom again, you can explain it all." Amity said to her.

"You think so?"

"We know so." They both said with smiles, comforting Luz.

"And if you want, we can be there with you." Boscha added.

"I... I would like that."

Feeling her worries fade away, Luz continued through the park with Boscha and Amity until they found the perfect spot for their picnic.

"This will be good, don't you think?" Boscha asked.

"I believe so. We picked out the right ingredients that won't make Luz sick or poison her for lunch." Amity said, recalling all of the ingredients they used to make lunch along with the snacks.

"Well then, let's eat."

Luz pulled the blanket from the basket and set in on the ground. She made sure no wrinkles were seen as they all sat in the blanket and took out some of the food.

"I honestly still can't believe that I have two hot girlfriends." Luz said.

"You keep saying that but that won't make it any less true." Amity said with a chuckle.

"I can't help it, back in the Human Realm... I was a nobody."

"We all start off that way but it's who you work to become that matters. Even if it takes you a while to become someone good." Boscha said, adjusting her 3 lens glasses.

"I truly love you two."

"We know." Amity said, always loving hearing Luz say that.

"Now, let's eat, Babe." Boscha said to Luz, "Same to you, Mittens."

Both of them nodded to Boscha as they all sat down, grabbing the sandwiches and drinks they packed. Luz ate her sandwich and smiled at Amity and Boscha.

"This is perfect. Whichever one of you made this, you are amazing." Luz said with a smile, trying not to talk with her mouth full.

"Luz swallow before you speak." Amity said.

Amity put a hand against Boscha's mouth, as the triclops was about to make a joke.

"How do you have so many sex jokes?" Amity asked.

Boscha moved her hand away and smirked at Amity.

"I'm a curious girl." She said with a smirk.

Luz almost choked with how much she laughed. Reacting fast to Luz chocking laughter, Amity reached into the basket and pulled out a bottle of clear liquid.

"Here, wash it down with this. It's flavored soda water." Amity said to her, holding the bottle out to Luz.

Luz took it and drank it.

"Thanks, Amity."

"No problem. And you don't have to worry about bloating like a balloon like with root beer. So, you can chug it as much as you like." Amity said to her.

"Though it's not as good." Boscha said as she opened a bottle herself.

Luz smiled and started chugging it, she hasn't done something like that in a while and she missed it.

"You can still slow down, you don't have to chug a good drink." Amity said to her, wanting Luz to enjoy the drink slowly and not chug it.

"Only because you asked nicely." Luz teased.

"Thank you." Boscha said as she pulled out some Titan spice chips.

It was nice and peaceful, the three felt happy.

"You know, I think we got a nice peaceful day." Luz said, "A rare thing in my life."

"In all of our lives and I hope for more with you girls." Boscha said to them.

"And now you probably jinxed it." Amity said.

"Come on, Amity. Magic may be real here but I doubt jinxes are." Luz said.

"Hey, you never know." Amity said, "I learned the hard way that danger tends to follow you, Luz."

"Yeah, well... I can't argue because you have a point."

"And you've survived up til now." Boscha added.

"It's a gift." Luz said.

"Yeah, and it's called dumb luck."

"That too." Luz said, "Though it's what let me both of you, so it must be good dumb luck."

The three started laughing before they heard screaming.

"Please tell me that isn't coming towards us." Boscha said.

The sound of a beast roaring got louder, meaning it got closer. Whoever was behind this, Belos or the Titan, they will PAY for this.

"MOTHER-TITAN-DARNIT!" Boscha screamed in frustration, "This is the second time our date has been ruined."

"You know what, next time we're just going to have dinner at the Owl House." Luz said, putting her watch on.

"Even if I hate that house demon, that would probably be for the best." Amity said as she pulled out her own watch.

"I'm more focused on who or what is interrupting our date THIS time!" Boscha said as they all changed, covered in red, yellow, and purple armor.

Luz changed her Monado into sword more as Amity and Boscha turned their jewelry into their glyph weapons.

"Well let's go find out." Luz said.

Chapter Text

They ran to the source and it was no surprise. They found Odalia in the distance, before disappearing behind a corner.

"Alright, we'll deal with her later. Boscha, what kind of monster is tha- why the hell is a dinosaur on the Isles!?" Luz said.

"A Dino-what?" Boscha and Amity asked.

"THAT!" Luz shouted, pointing to it.

They still looked confused and Luz let out a sigh.

"Has Blight Industries ever tried to make a time machine?" Luz asked.

"Not that I know of but what exactly are dinosaurs to you?" Amity asked her.

"They're a largely extinct species that roomed the human realm before they were wiped out by a giant rock from space. The only thing that remains are the bones." Luz quickly answered before pointing to the LIVING dinosaur. "And that is one of the deadliest dinosaurs in human history, A TYRANNOSAURUS REX!"

"So... it would be bad if it was looking at us?" Boscha asked.

"It's looking at us, isn't it?" Luz asked, too afraid to turn around.

Amity nodded her head.

"If only Jurassic Park was telling the truth when it said its vision is based on movement." Luz said, "Run!"

The dinosaur roared at them as the trio ran away, snapping its jaws at it towered over them with a ravenous growl.

"I'm glad you're extinct!" Luz said, "What do we do?"

"I saw we roast this lizard!" Boscha suggested, still upset about their second date being ruined.

"It's a reptile." Luz said.

"It's the same thing!" Boscha argued before they dodged a tail slam, "Can we just focus in the T-Rex and try for another date afterwards?"

"So, how do we fight it?" Amity asked.

"From what I know, the T-Rex is built for speed with a great jaw force and strong head for bashing. Not to mention its tail is deadly too but if we can stay out and out speed it, we can win. And since it's a reptile, which are cold blooded, cold and ice spells can help slow it down." Luz said to them, switching her Monado to ice mode.

"Well then, let's make sure this thing stays extinct." Amity said.

"Yeah!" Boscha said as they charged at the T-Rex.

It roared at them and ran at them. The trio of Witches dodged three ways, Luz slid under as Boscha and Amity dodged to the sides! Luz sliced under the T-Rex to leave ice along its stomach while Boscha and Amity sliced at its sides with flames.

"Did that hurt it?" Luz asked.

The trio reassembled as the T-Rex turned to them, staggering from the ice under it but the fire slashes didn't bother it much.

"That wasn't enough, we have to-"

Luz was cut off when the Rex was covered in vines.

"Uh, did either of you two do that?" Amity asked.

"No." They both replied.

"That would be me!" A voice shouted.

Turning around, the trio saw that Willow was in the park with them and her eyes glowed brightly with her magic as she held her hands out to the T-Rex.

"I've never been so glad to see her." Boscha said.

"And I feel you should bury the hatchet with Willow officially." Amity commented.

Luz stayed quiet; she was thinking about how strong Willow was.

'Dang. I know Willow was strong but I didn't think she would be strong enough to hold down a T-Rex! Her plant magic must be crazy high level!' Luz thought.

Willow pulled the dino to the ground and looked at Luz.

"Aim for the head!" Willow said.

Listening to the plant witch, all three armored girls rushed to the head with their blades at the ready. They all jumped and slammed their blades against the reptile's head. The T-Rex wasn't pierced by the blades, since it's skull could withstand smashing diamonds, but the magic blast behind them made it hit the ground with great force.

"Alright, that seems to have knocked it down, now what do we do with it?"

"I say leave it for the beast keeping coven, they'll probably have some place for it." Boscha suggested.

"But they don't know what it is. Luz is pretty much the only expect on "dinosaurs" as she called it." Amity said.

"Well... I don't know, the closest thing to a dinosaur I've dealt with before is a chicken." Luz said.

"A chicken?" Amity asked.

"They're their closes living relative." Luz said.

"I say... we try and send it back." Boscha said, "There has to be a way if it was brought here."

"Then where is it?" Willow asked, walking over to them.

"We could check Blight Industries. If her theory is right, they might have a time machine that brought it here." Amity suggested.

"Willow and I will guard it. Boscha, you and Amity go to Blight Industries and find it." Luz said.

"Wait, why me?" Willow asked.

"Because your plant magic is the only thing keeping him it down." Luz said as the T-Rex slowly came to.

"Good point." Willow said as she quickly focused on tightening the vines, keeping the dinosaur down.

"And Amity and Boscha are going to Blight Industries because no one would notice that Amity would be at her family's company, giving her girlfriend a tour." Luz said.

"That makes sense but what if my mom sees us?" Amity asked.

"Take these, they're invisibility glyphs." Luz said as she retracted her armor, pulling over several invisibility glyphs. "You just have to hold your breath when it activates to stay invisible."

"You really think of everything, don't you?" Boscha asked.

"Nope, I'm just winging this kind of thing."

"As usual." Willow quipped.

"Sorry, I've never had to be in this situation before." Luz said, "These things died out millions of years ago."

'Millions of years? How old is the human realm?' The witches thought.

Luz could just tell from their faces; they didn't believe her or were having doubts.

"Well, we'll be off but we'll call you if something goes wrong." Amity said as she summoned her staff, Ghost.

"Good, go."

Amity and Boscha retracted their armors and got on the staff as it flew off towards Blight Industries, leaving Willow and Luz with the T-Rex.

"Do you think we should call Eda?" Willow asked.

"If we did, King might try to make this his soldier and get eaten." Luz said as she pointed to the T-Rex.

"That's a fair point." Willow said, "So we wait then?"

"We wait but we wait in hiding." Luz said as she stabbed the Monado into the ground, switching to plant loads, and growing trees around them to hide the dinosaur.

"Good idea, let me help." Willow said, making more trees

As the duo hide in the trees, literally, Amity and Boscha were flying to Blight Industries to find out about a possible portal through time that brought the T-Rex to their time.

"Alright, let's go, and be careful, we don't know who's here." Amity said.

Although she didn't say it, they both knew who Amity was talking about.

Chapter Text

The two managed to get in with relative ease, which never leads to anything good.

"Got it and we've still got Luz's invisibility glyphs. We can just sneak by if we hold her breath." Boscha said to her.

"But how long can we hold our breaths? I never counted." Amity said back.

"I can hold mine fore about ten seconds." Boscha said.

"Then we're going to need to be fast. I can hold my breath for about that long too." Amity said to her.

The factory seemed empty as they looked around, not seeing any workers around as they looked around a corner.

"Coast seems clear." Amity said.

"Yeah, well, looks can be deceiving." Boscha said.

The intercom system came on and her mother's voice rang through the factory, making both armored witch jolt as eyeballs with wings/cameras flew to their positions.

"You should listen to your girlfriend, Mittens."

"Oh, this can't be good." Amity said.

"It's so good to see you, Mittens. You had me worried sick when you didn't come home." Odalia said.

"Yeah, you were real worried about me." Amity said with a glare to the camera.

"I'm truly sorry it had to come to this, but you left me no choice." Odalia said, "Guards! Apprehend these trespassers!"

Amity and Boscha watched as Abominations rose from the ground.

"Does she really think these things can stop us?" Boscha asked as she readied her wing blades.

"Maybe but we don't need to fight them. We still have Luz's glyphs, remember?" Amity reminded her.

"Then lead the way, Top Student."

Amity took Boscha hand as took off running, pulling out one of the invisibility glyphs.

"Breath now!" Amity told her as she activated the glyph.

They both took a deep breath and became invisible. They ran around the corner, where they had to start breathing again. But that was long enough for Odalia's bat cameras to lose them.

"Find my daughter and Ms. Triplet now!" She ordered through the speakers.

"We need to get that damn machine and get out." Boscha whispered.

"Then let's keep looking."

The two ran off as they kept their weapons firmly in their hands.

"Alright, Mittens, if you were a time machine, where would you be?" Boscha asked.

"Probably in the secret vault." Amity said.

"You know where it is?" Boscha asked.

"I have a theory. Follow me." Amity said as she led the way.

Amity ran to her dad's office and removed a large painting of Odalia. She looked at the painting before, not so gently, throwing it down and looked at a secret combination lock.

"Wow." Boscha said in awe.

"Yeah, dad thinks we don't know about it but we all do." Amity said as she looked at the combo lock. "But I don't know the combination."

"Leave that to me. I can look at the tumblers with my X-Ray spell." Boscha said, moving to the door.

Boscha made a spell circle and activated her x-ray spell on her third eye and went to the lock. She starts turning it and manages to unlock it.

"Alright, 07-15-06 is the combination." Boscha said.

"That's... that's my birthday." Amity said.

Her father, a man who just mindlessly obeyed his Odalia, used her birthday as the combination? Boscha snapped her fingers in front of Amity's face, getting her attention back.

"You can focus on that later, Mittens, we're on a time crunch." Boscha said.

"R-Right. Right. Sorry." Amity said as she pulled the door open, revealing a secret passage way.

"Let's go." Amity said.

The two girls ran into the doorway, shutting the door behind them.

"Alright, that should buy us some time, now... what does a time machine look like?"

"Possibly big, taking up space, and maybe having a clock on it?" Amity suggested.

"Something like this?"

They turned around and saw Odalia, standing in front of the Time Machine.

Chapter Text

"Yeah…." Amity said as she got her sword ready with Boscha beside her. "That's it."

"Marvelous, isn't it? Alador really outdid himself with this secret protect." Odalia said as she dragged her finger across the frame, "And imagine, what I could do with it. I could go back in time and become the ruler of the Isles, I could become the ruler of the Human world, or I could go back... and prevent that Human from being born."

"You wouldn't dare." Amity growled.

"Try me."

"Hey, eyepatch!" Boscha said, swinging her swords at Odalia.

Slashes of fire shot out from the swords and heading towards Odalia and the portal, making the matriarch pull out a device and form a shield to protect her as well as the portal.

"You didn't think I would make sure to carry protection for next time, did you?" Odalia asked them.

"I'm beginning to wish your parents used protection." Boscha said.

Boscha started to swing her swords at Odalia, who blocked them with her shield.

"Guards! Capture the intruders!" Odalia said.

Hearing her voice command, Abomitrons began to come out and charged at them as Amity turns to them. She gripped her sword and saw about to when Odalia pressed a button on a remote. Amity was unable to move.

"Did you think that was the only remote I had?" She asked, "Abominations... kill."

The Abomitrons moved towards Amity with their hands transformed into cannons, maces, or swords.

"Oh no you don't!" Boscha said as she pulled out the remote she stole from before, now rewired.

Pushing the button, the new remote sent out a pulse of energy that enabled Amity to move again while short circuiting Odalia's new remote.

"What did you do!?" Odalia screamed.

"Unlike you, I'm actually smart enough to reverse engineer you remote." Boscha said, "Now, why don't I show you what else my intelligence can do."

Boscha activated her armor and charged at Odalia, using her armors fins to try and cut at her. Odalia used her shield to blocked the swords and armor fins coming at her. Amity started to fight off the Abomitrons. She used her Abomination knowledge to rip them apart, then use the goo to attack the others.

'Still as weak as before.' Amity thought.

Amity was so focused on the ones in front of her, that she didn't realize there was one behind her. Amity turned around and was about to get an axe to the head. She was going to try and stop it, but someone beat her too it. Amity looked over, and saw Alador, using his magic to hold the Abomination back.

"Alador, what are you doing!?" Odalia screamed.

"Something I should've done a long time ago." Alador said.

Emperor Coven guards came and pointed their weapons at Odalia.

"Freeze! Odalia Blight, you are under arrest for attempted murder and conspiracy against the Emperor's Coven!" One of them said.

"Conspiracy? On what grounds of conspiracy?" Odalia asked him.

"Claiming to use a time device to take over the Isles." a Guard said, holding her arms behind her back.

"Hold it, Gentlemen." Alador said, "There's one more thing I'd like to say to her before you take her away."

He shows Odalia the divorce papers.

"It's over, Odalia, both your plans and this marriage." he said, "And seeing as everything is in my name, from the factory to the house, you have nothing to hurt MY children again."

"WHAT?!" Odalia shouted in outrage.

Odalia was kicking and screaming as the guards dragged her out.


"Unlikely." Alador said as he turned to his disguised daughter, mouthing something to her.

'Go. I'll deal with the coven and portal.' He mouthed with a smile.

Amity read his lips and smiled to her father, nodding to him as she grabbed Boscha and pulled out an invisibility glyph. The two activated the glyph and the two went to go before they could wear off.

"Now to deal with this." Alador said as he turned to the time portal, "What did she do with this, anyway?"

Chapter Text

Meanwhile back in the park, Luz and Willow were still holding the T-Rex down.

"They sure are taking their time."

"Yeah, and I may collapse form exhaustion if we keep doing this." Willow said as she wiped her forehead.

"Take a break, I can handle it from here." Luz said to her.

Luz put her hands up and her eyes started glowing green.

"Wow, you've really gotten a hang on Plant Magic." Willow said.

"Thank the Monado for that." Luz said with a smile.

"Luz! We're here!" Amity said.

Luz and Willow looked through the tree and saw Amity and Boscha flying through on the latter's palisman. Both of their armor's were off and their weapons were in concealed form as well.

"Great, did you find the Time Machine?" Luz asked, "By the way, has anyone else thought that this is the longest Sunday, ever?"

"Yes, and those happen sometimes. It's a thing here." Boscha said to Luz. "Also, Amity's mom was arrested, so third good news."

"Okay, we're going to talk more about what you two did later, but right now we need to focus on this thing." Luz said, "What about the time machine?"

"My father is keeping watch over it. He may want to know how it works before dismantling it, but he would never let the Emperor's Coven have it. It's too dangerous." Amity said.

"Do either of you know a teleportation spell?" Willow asked Amity and Boscha.

"Yeah, but... I never have done something this big." Boscha said.

"Well, a strong woman like you can do it." Luz said, kissing Boscha's cheek.

Boscha blushed and smiled. Willow rolled her eyes; it was bad enough when it was just Amity being flustered by Luz.

'Now there's two blushing messes.' Willow thought as Boscha stepped away from the group.

"Okay, here goes nothing." She said before taking a deep breath to calm down and concentrate.

She made a spell circle and they all felt a rush of air. Boscha was too afraid to open her eyes.

"Did I mess up?"

"No, we're here." Luz said.

Opening her eyes, Boscha saw they were back at Blight Industries! The Emperor's Coven members were gone and Alador was still near the time portal.

"WHAT IN THE ISLES IS THAT?!" Alador asked in shock, pointing to the still trapped T-Rex.

"It's... a long story." Luz said.

"And could you tell us quick please, because I think the T-Rex is getting free." Willow pointed out as the dinosaur was getting angrier and more erratic to get out.

"Okay, I've been studying it and should be able to find the last known coordinates still in the system." Alador said as he went to the control panel, "Something called... the Cretaceous."

"That's the right time period!" Luz said as she used plant mode to will the vines to pick up the t-rex, "Alright, fire up the machine and let's get this back home."

Nodding to the human girl, the girl that made Amity who she is now, Alador quickly turned on the time portal to the human world. Cretaceous period.

"Willow, I need you to release the vines on my command."

Willow nodded. Luz moved the Rex towards the portal.


Willow removed the vines that held it in place, right as Luz rut it through the portal.

"Shut it now!" Luz shouted, falling to a knee from exhaustion.

"Gladly!" Alador said as he shut the portal off, right as the T-Rex roared to them.

"Oh, wow... that was tiring." Luz said.

"At least it's over for today." Amity said as she collapsed on her butt, sitting in the ground, "To think, this all started because we went on a date."

"Yeah, it's always with us in a date, isn't it?" Luz asked as she and Boscha joined Amity. "First it was the restaurant and now it was our picnic. It just seems like the world is trying harder to cause trouble for us."

"Well, maybe the third time will be the charm." Boscha said.

"I PRAY it will." Luz said with a groan.

'If this is going to become my dating life, I don't know what I'm going to do.' Luz thought.

"Can we go back to the Manor?" Boscha asked, "I'm tired from this."

"Can you use your teleport spell again?" Luz asked Boscha.

"…. I don't know. Maybe?" Boscha said in question.

Boscha raised her finger and made a spell circle and teleported them to the Manor, leaving Willow and Alador behind in awkward silence.

"So... nice weather we've been having." Alador said.

Chapter Text

Boscha, Amity, and Luz opened their eyes and saw themselves in the den.

"Home sweet home!" Boscha said in relief, sitting on the couch, "So, our date was ruined again. Who wants pizza?"

"No!" Luz and Amity said.

After what they just went through, Magic food is not something they want to risk right now.

"You're no fun." Boscha said.

"If only there was normal pizza from my world here, then I would be open to it." Luz said as a servant came to them with a tray filled bottles of water.

"Refreshments, madams." He said as he set the tray on the coffee table.

"Thank you, Charles." Boscha said.

"Why is it always Charles?" Luz wondered out loud, "Why are servants never named something like... Bob, or something?"

"I think it's more professional to use a full name instead of a nickname, Luz." Amity said as she grabbed a bottle from the tray.

Luz grabbed a bottle, but then looked at it.

"Okay, what's the catch with this?" Luz asked.

"Luz, it's water." Boscha said, "It does nothing but hydrate you."

"Just cautious and curious, can't be too careful in a place with a literal boiling sea and boiling rain. Where does water like this come from besides magic?" Luz asked as she opened her bottle.

"We have water cooling and progressing plants that catch the boiling rain or take in the boiling sea water, cool it down with a large amount of ice magic, and purify it drinking or bathing." Amity said to Luz.

"Do you guys have swimming pools?" Luz asked, an idea for a third date coming to mind.

"Yeah, I have one in my in the basement." Boscha said.

"THIRD DATE! Swimming pool, all three of us!" Luz said with a large smile.

"I'm fine with that." Boscha said.

"Yeah, I think that would be fun." Amity said.

"Just don't pass out when you see me in a swim suit." Boscha said, wiggling her eyebrows, while she had them.

"Boscha, why do you sometimes lose your eyebrows?" Luz asked, "Sometimes they're there and then they're gone the next minute."

"It's a triclops thing." Boscha said as she took a bottle of water herself, "You'll see when we have a triclops of our own."

Luz blushed a little at this thought, imagining how she, Boscha, and Amity would still be together with a few kids in their arms or even pregnant with them.

"Is she thinking about potential kids?" Amity asked.

"And you're not?" Boscha teased to Amity.

"Well... maybe I am, but I'm mostly thinking about you with a mother's body." Amity teased, finally making Boscha blush.

'A mother's body?' Boscha thought as she imagined herself that way, 'Oh! I see what she means.'

Boscha had an image of herself at about 27. Long brown hair, a mature body, and a little baby bump in her stomach. Boscha smiled at the image, she was so out of it that Amity had to snap her fingers in order to get her attention.

"Now whose imagining having kids?" Amity asked her.

"S-s-shut up."

Amity chuckled as they continued their break, drinking the bottles of water rather fast while talking a bit about their pool date.

"Hey, Mittens, now that the... problem is dealt with, do you want to go home?" Boscha asked, "Not that I'm against sharing a bed with you for the rest of my life, I'm just asking."

"I think…I'll stay one more night before going home." Amity said to her.

"Oh well, guess I'll have to cuddle more tonight than ever." Boscha said, faking sadness.

"You still have me! I can sleepover a few times a week if you want." Luz said as she hugged Boscha from behind.

"And I'll gladly take you up on that offer." Boscha said.

"Of course, you would." Amity said with a smirk and a playful eye roll. "Now, back to food, anything that WON'T affect our bodies?"

"Uh, I don't usually look for that stuff, so I have no idea." Boscha said.

"What about Titan Spice Chips? Those don't affect our bodies." Luz said to her.

"Alright, I can work with that." Amity said.

The servant from before, Charles, came to get the tray while hearing the request for Titan Spice Chips.

"Right away, Ms. Amity." He said with a bow, walking off to the kitchen.

"I really like him." Luz said, "He's very polite."

"He's one of the best." Boscha said.

"Much better than abomination servants." Amity said.

"Yeah, what's to point of a servant if they make a bigger mess by walking?" Boscha asked.

"I'll have you know, the abominations we use are very solid." Amity said with a nod.

"Yeah, whatever." Boscha said, "Who wants to make out?"

Amity and Luz quickly raised their hands. In another part of the Isles, Odalia was dropped in a dark room. Odalia groaned as she got up.

"Odalia Blight."

Odalia looked up and saw Emperor Belos. He walked closer to her and leaned down to face her.

"It would seem that we have a common enemy." Belos said, "I have proposition for you."

An evil smile climbed its way onto Odalia's face.

"I'm listening."

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At the Owl House, Luz finally returned.

"I'm home!" Luz said as she pushed the door open, multiple kiss marks on her face from the make out with her two girlfriends.

"Hey, Kid. How was- woah, that's a lot of lipstick." Eda said.

"Hehehe, I know but you should see Boscha." Luz said as she closed the door behind her.

"Yeah, that's already annoying." Eda said, "Now that you're back, tell me about the dino you fought."

"How did you know about that?" Luz asked in surprise.

"It's not hard to find out when something that huge was rampaging through the park." Eda said with a straight face.

"Okay, you got me there." Luz said.

"Now come on. Mama wants a story." Eda said, gesturing Luz to tell her.

"Well, there was a Trex and we had to fight it. We got the Blight's time machine and sent it back, that's really it." Luz said.

"Then explain the face full of purple and green lipstick." Eda said, pointing to Luz's kiss mark covered face.

"We relaxed and celebrated. Is that so wrong?" Luz asked her.

"Normally no, but normally, most people don't have two girlfriends." Eda said, "You didn't... you know, did you?"

"Eda!" Luz said, very embarrassed.

"I'm just curious to see if you were safe!" Eda said to her.

"Yeah but... I'm too young for that!" Luz said, redder than a fire hydrant.

"You're 14, right? That seems about the standard age to experiment with your body." Eda said with no shame.


"Okay!" Eda said, "I'm just saying, you spent a long time at your girlfriends house."

"BUT WE DIDN'T DO THAT!" Luz shouted in embarrassment before she marched up to her room.

"Just a reminder, King has taken over your room." Eda said.

"I KNOW!" Luz shouted back.

Eda sat on the couch, hearing the racket going on upstairs. It wasn't long until King scampered down the stairs and hid in Eda's hair.

"She's insane!"

"She's in love and wields a magic sword….so yeah. She's pretty insane but who isn't these days?" Eda asked as she reached into her hair, pulling out King.

"No! Let me back in! It's safe in there!" King said, struggling in her hand.

"Relax, she's not going to hurt you."

"She pointed it at me and told me to get out!" King said to her.

"Did she pop out the energy blade?" Eda asked him.


"What color was it?" Eda asked.

"Green!" King shouted.

Eda rubbed her chin for a minute.

"That's the plant mode if my memory is right, it just puts you in vines if you get hit with it." Eda said with a wave of the hand. "Completely non-lethal."

"I'm still not going up there."

Eda rolled her eyes at King while Luz was in her room, wiping her face clean of lipstick marks. It was nice but she couldn't wear it all the time.

"Apart from almost getting eaten, today was a good day. Plus, we got to schedule our swimming pool date. Hopefully that won't end badly." Luz said to herself as she threw her towel aside, "Well, maybe third time is a charm."

It was a private pool date, what could possibly happen a third time to ruin their date? The worst that could happen is an uninvited guest.

"Everything will be fine." Luz said.

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Everything wasn't going to be fine as Belos has excused Odalia's crimes and brought her into his coven.

"My, my, this is far better than anything my Ex-Husband could make." Odalia said, looking at the robotic suit in front of her.

"Only the best for my new business partner." Belos said, "Remember, we can't let the public know about this, which means keeping your identity a secret."

Odalia nodded to this as she walked to the suit, slowly grazing it with her fingers before looking at the center, a red diamond in the chest covered by thick glass.

"What's this?" Odalia asked.

"An artificial magic jewel, it will boost your magic power to make you as powerful as Lilith once was." Belos said as he walked next to Odalia, grabbing the helmet. "From this day forth, you will be my left hand woman as the Golden Guard is my right hand man. All you need is a name."

"Hmm, how about the Eclipse Enforcer?" Odalia suggested with a smirk.


Odalia nodded to him as she took the helmet, putting it on her head before the eye holes flashed red with energy.

"This is going to be fun." She said as she put on the rest of her new armor, feeling her magic power boost to a new level like never before. "That human won't even stand a chance next time we meet."

Elsewhere, Amity and Boscha were trying on swimsuits that will make Luz pass out. Unlike with the dresses from their first day, a private pool party left room for more... options.

"Alright, what about this one, Mittens?"

Amity looked to Boscha and saw that she held up a two piece in front of her body, if you can call it that since it had thin strings attached to triangles.

"Are you trying to give me and Luz a nose bleed?" Amity said as she already felt her nose bleed a bit, wiping her nose quickly.

"Maybe." Boscha said.

"Then pick something LESS. You don't want you pool filters to be clogged with blood, do you?" Amity asked as she showed a simple magenta one piece. "Something like this."

"Too boring for my taste." Boscha replied.

"Why are you so hard to please?" Amity said.

"You'll find out when we're married." Boscha said with a smirk.

Amity became red, which made Boscha giggle. Boscha walked over and kissed Amity's cheek, which made Amity even more red.

"You are just so much more innocent than I thought, it's adorable." Boscha said as she pulled out a new swimsuit, one that looked like a V. "This decent enough for you?"

"N-N-No." Amity said with a blush.

"Too bad, I'm sticking with this one. It'll really show off my butt just right." Boscha said as she showed Amity the back of it.

Amity proceeded to pass out at the thought of it.

"Okay, maybe I shouldn't go with this one."

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At the Owl House, Luz was polishing her sword. She never noticed how dirty her magic sword had gotten or that it even could get dirty considering it was in a hidden cave for how many years.

"Somehow this world still surprises me."

Luz just kept repeating that to herself, day in and day out. No matter how much she learned or saw of the demon realm, there would always be things that left her just as surprised or shocked as in her first day.

"Okay, almost done. Soon you'll be just as shiny as when I found you."

Luz put the rag down before grabbing a can of chrome polish Eda had in the house. It may have been old but it still did the job as she sprayed some in the Monado.

"There, now for the last wipe." She said as she dragged the rag across the blade and looked at it, seeing her reflection in it, "Perfect."

The way it shined in the light was almost blinding, like it was just forged in a blacksmith's hut.

"Hopefully it will be a calm evening." Luz could use a simple day at home after what just happened but at least Odalia was behind bars…. to her knowledge, "Finally, I can relax."

Luz put the Monado against the wall as she laid in her room, grabbing a notebook and began thinking of glyph combinations.

"There's bound to be something that I can make."

As Luz was thinking of combinations, like wood or maybe crystal, Hunter was walking through the hall of the coven towards his uncle's throne room. He had called him to introduce a new member that he would be working with.

'Wonder who it is?' Hunter thought as he carried his artificial magic staff and Lil Rascal hidden under his cloak.

He opened the doors and walked in. Kneeling as he made it to the front of his uncle.

"Ah, Hunter. You've arrived just in time. Your new partner is just freshening up." Belos said as he sat on his throne.

"Yes, Uncle, who is it, might I ask?"

Gesturing to his left, Belos gave the signal for Odalia to walk in with her new armor. The eyes of her helmets still have the red glow as she walked up with a white cloak over her body.

"Say hello the Eclipse Enforcer." Belos said as Hunter rose to his feet, seeing that she was taller than him.

"Greetings, Golden Guard. It's an honor to be working with you." She said in a digitized voice.

"And she will help with the... problem?"

"She is MORE than happy to help." Belos said with a nod.

"Let's just say I have… HISTORY with the little human." Odalia said with a growl.

"Then I look forward to working with you." Hunter said.

"The same to you, Golden Guard." Odalia said as she and Hunter shook hands.

"Now, go plan the next attack." Belos said.

The Golden Guard and Eclipse Enforcer turned to Belos, paying close attention to their emperor as he gave them his new plan. They were to destroy the Owl House... with everyone inside. While the Eclipse Enforcer/Odalia loved this idea, the Golden Guard/Hunter was hesitant. Luz was his friend but this was his job, which was more important? He kneeled.

"Of course Uncle."

'Uncle, hmm? Interesting.' Odalia thought, never knowing the Emperor had family.

"We will not fail you, your majesty." She said with a kneel.

"I would hope not, you are dismissed. I need to speak with some of my allies to see how the day of Unity will proceed. Do not begin this plan without my permission." Belos said.

"Understood." They said as they got up and turned to leave.

During her inauguration into the coven, Belos told Odalia about the Day of Unity and found it VERY profitable. If the realms were fused together and the humans were overrun by the witches, she can start up a new business like Blight Industries and sell magic weapons to humans to defend themselves. Sure there were some small things, like morals, that stopped that, but it was totally possible. Besides, Odalia didn't care until Belos requested the Abomitrons serve the Emperor's Coven while giving Blight Industries all the funding they could ask.

'I'm sure this can work out if I convinced his majesty of the lucrative opportunities and MAYBE tamper with the weapons so they wouldn't last long.' Odalia thought as she and Hunter went their separate ways.

Odalia had dozens of ideas going through her head. How to build a new business, how to deal with Luz when they meet for the LAST time, and how she was going to remind Amity that she should've STAYED in line.

'Mittens, though you hate me, I have the best interests for the family at heart. Soon, you'll realize that.' Odalia thought with a glare, heading towards the shooting range of the castle.

Hunter on the other hand, was doing what he been doing for nearly a week. Questioning everything. Was his uncle the good king everyone thought he was? Was his coven system really working? And was Luz really a threat like he was told like with all humans? Every question made him more confused. And it made him wonder, why was he staying in this side if he questioned if it was really to good side? Rascal chirped which broke Hunter out of his mind. He quickened his pace to his room and shut the door behind him. This was the only safe place in the castle where Rascal could fly without worry of his uncle feeding on his wild magic.

"What am I going to do?"

Rascal flew out from his cloak and began chirping to Hunter, trying to say everything will be alright but he couldn't understand him. Even after being with Hunter all this time, their connection still wasn't strong enough.

"I don't think chirping is going to help."

Rascal rolled his eyes at Hunter as he kept chirping, trying to talk with him. Hunter just sat on his bed. This entire thing has been messing with his mind.

"I just don't know what to do."

Meanwhile, Belos was talking with Kikimora about the Day of Unity.

"Have you found it?" He asked her.

"Yes, your grace. We have found the mine where the Titan's Blood is said to be, we shall begin excavation at your call." Kikimora said with a nod.

"It's only a matter of time before the Human also learns this." Belos said, "Send Golden Guard and Eclipse Enforcer to the extraction site this friday. The weather won't be that dangerous at the knee, so there is reason to believe that the Human will attempt then."

"Understood, but if I may ask, how exactly would the human know of the site? It's not like we have a spy in the coven." Kikimora said to Belos.

"Maybe not but that human has proven to be more trouble than we thought. Her getting the Monado is more than proof of that." Belos said to her.

The little member nodded to Belos before going to tell the Eclipse Enforcer and the Golden Guard of their future mission. She felt that she liked E.E more than G.G. for some reason, maybe because she was older than G.G. and recognized respect.

"There is much to do in such a short time." Belos said, going back to working on the portal.

All Belos could do was work and pray accordingly to the Titan's will.

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At the Owl House, Luz was training with her sword. After finishing her glyph study/possible creating, Luz decided to train a bit with her Monado after learning something from her little Echo Mouse.

'Titan's blood, the key thing I need for a portal home.' Luz thought.

"You should slow down kid." Eda said.

Luz stopped swinging her blade and looked to the door, seeing Eda currently standing there.

"Why? I just need to be at the top of my game if what Echo showed me is right." Luz said to Eda.

"If it is, you'll have to wait! There's a massive blizzard on the Knee that's not letting anyone head up there until this Friday." Eda said to her.

"Then I only have until the end of the week to get ready." Luz said.

"Well, are you gonna bring back up?" Eda asked her.

"No, I've been relaying on everyone too much. It's time I pulled my own weight and do this on my own." Luz said to Eda.

"Again with this? Kid, I told you befor-"

"I know, Eda, but this is just something I feel I NEED to do alone. Not just for myself but for the people I love. If I can't be strong enough to something on my own, then what's the point of even being worthy this sword?" Luz said as she held the Monado in the air.

"Kid, you don't need to prove yourself to anyone. We stand by you because we want to help. We'll do this together, alright?"

Luz lowered her head.

"Okay, I'll wait until we have a team." Luz said.

"Good." Eda said, "Now come on, let's eat."

Eda walked away and Luz uncrossed her fingers. You would think that Eda would expect her to lie. like, come on, she was the apprentice of Eda the Owl Lady, how was she not supposed to lie?

'Sorry, Eda but this is gonna be a solo mission.' Luz thought to herself as she went back to her sword swings.

After her first encounter with the Slitherbeast at the Knee, Luz was going to make sure she was ready for any other beasts in that winter wonderland of ruins. In the kitchen, Eda was talking to King.

"I'm worried about her."

"Because of the surprise dangers that pop up on her dates or because Luz is taken this Monado thing too seriously?" King asked at random.

"Honestly... both."

"We'll have you tried talking to her about it?" King asked her.

"I just did but I still have this feeling that the kid is going to bite off more than she can chew just to prove she can take care of herself and pull her weight." Eda said as she leaned against the fridge.

"Well, with everything that she has been involved in, it doesn't surprise me." King said.

"But it worries you too?" Eda said to him.

"Yeah, but I have faith Luz can handle it. You taught her to be strong." King said.

"I know but I still worry that strength will make her stop being smart." Eda said.

"Then maybe that will get her to listen?" King said.

Eda rubbed her chin, thinking of any other ways aside from brute force to get Luz to listen to her.

"Maybe her girlfriends could help with this."

Eda reached into her hair and pulled out her scroll to send a message over Penstagram to Amity and Boscha to keep an eye on Luz for the next few days.

"Hopefully that will work."

Too bad for Eda, I didn't work as Luz had already made a plan to slip away in case they try to keep her away from her mission. She was a lot smarter than most people give her credit for.

Chapter Text

The week went by faster than they thought, and Friday came as Hexside dismissed for the week. No monster attacks of any kind against Luz but it was a VERY good break.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?"

Luz turned around and saw her girlfriends.

"Oh, hey-"

"If you think you can leave without giving us a kiss, then you're mistaken." Boscha said.

"You've snuck off everyday as school got out, makes me think you're CHEATING on us." Amity said with a glare.

"Cheating? Moi? Never!" Luz said with a head shake.

"Then get over her and give us some lip lock!" Boscha said sternly.

Luz walked over and kissed them.

"I've just been busy." Luz said, "I might've found a way to at least contact my mother."

"You did, how?" Amity asked in surprise.

"I did some research and found out that Titan's Blood, a rare substance, is the main ingredient in creating a portal between the dimensions. If I can find some, I just might finally have a way back to Earth." Luz said.

"That's great! Do you know where some is?" Boscha asked, hoping to help.

"I have learned that there is... a chance, that there is some in the Knee."

"The Knee? But isn't that in the middle of a snowstorm?" Boscha asked her.

"Yeah, but I heard it should be cleared up by tomorrow." Luz said but she lied to them.

She couldn't have them going with her and getting hurt. They've gotten her enough helping her before.

"Luz we don't think you should do this." Amity said, "Maybe you should wait until the storm is over and then we can help."

"Yeah, we should all go together." Boscha said.

"Yeah, you're right, maybe we should go together." Luz said.

"Good, see you later, sweetie." Amity said.

"Bye, Babe." Boscha said, "Oh yeah, by the way, if you're lying to us, I will turn you into a couch. Don't think I don't know how, I spent a week as one."

"Okay, girls." Luz said as she waved them goodbye.

'I am SO going to be turned into a couch.' Luz thought with a gulp.

But Luz needed to do this, she needed that Titan's Blood and today was the prime opportunity to get it. Besides, there are worse punishments, at least Amity and Boscha would be using her.

"Still want to know why she was turned into a couch." Luz asked, as they walked away from her.

Boscha was making sure that her arm was around Amity, not letting anyone even attempt to talk with her girlfriend.

"You really think Luz is gonna go after the Titan's Blood without us?" Amity asked brunette triclops.

"No way, not just because of my couch threat, but because she loves us too much. She knows we would want to be there with her to help." Boscha said the pink haired Blight.

"Well... I hope you're right." Amity said.

Too bad for both of them, they were SO wrong.

Chapter Text

Luz flew to the knee on her staff, the Monado strapped to her back, the Knee coming into view.

'Not turning back but I'm ready.' Luz thought as she wore her winter clothes.

She landed on the Knee and started to follow the path. If the map she drew from Echo's memory powers was accurate, the mineshaft should be a straight path to lake full of Titan's Blood. As well as some chunks of Fool's Blood along the way, she's gonna need to avoid those or else everything falls apart.

"I do wonder if there is a use for Fool's Blood?" Luz wondered.

It was mainly a trap that could kill anyone by causing earthquakes but maybe Luz could find a good use for it… well Boscha could at least, Luz isn't really good at experimenting, meanwhile Boscha is practically a certified genius.

"Okay, make sure I get a sample for her." Luz said, "And pray that she'll be so happy that she won't turn me into a couch."

Continuing to walk, Luz came upon a mining area with tracks, carts, and somewhat advanced mining equipment. Luz couldn't tell if it was old or new but considering how long it had been since this mine was used, it must've been old.

"They must've mined this place back during the savage ages." Luz said, "I must be getting close."

Looking at a mining device that was close by, Luz gazed at it a bit. It looks simple enough, a mechanical drill on top of motorized cart but since it had to be powered by magic, it must have a beam function or something.

'I can't still work, can it?' Luz thought as she slowly turned a dial, hearing a hum and seeing the drill slowly glow before she turned the dial back to shut it off, 'OKAY! Drills still work, noted.'

Luz hid when she heard voices, one of which she recognized as the Golden Guard.

"This way, the eclipse lake should be just at the end of this mine. And be wary of Fool's Blood." Hunter said as he walked into the mine with Eclipse Enforcer.

"Yes, yes, I am aware of the legends but don't worry. I know the difference between liquid blood and hardened blood." she said as Luz peaked out to see them.

'Who is she?' Luz thought, gazing at the woman in black and blue armor.

Luz watched them go into the mine.

"It seems that Belos got some extra help." Luz said, "I'll have to be more cautious now."

Amethyst nodded to Luz as she retracted into palisman form and slipped inside of Luz's coat so cut down on noise.

"Alright, let's follow them."

Reaching into her pocket, Luz pulled out an invisibility glyph and activated it before following them. Even if they couldn't see her, Luz was still going to strike close to the walls and avoid making too much noise.

"Now, all we need is to get the Titan's Blood and report back to Belos." Eclipse Enforcer said, "As long as the Human doesn't show up, we'll be fine."

"She does have a way of planting her nose in other people's business." Golden Guard said, "Here we are. The Titan's blood should be around here."

"Good, you know what that means, right?"

"I do."

Hunter turned around and used his staff to grab Luz, knocking all the air out of her and making her visible, as well as keeping her from moving.

"Did you really think we wouldn't notice?" Eclipse Enforcer said.

Hunter swung his staff and threw Luz into the cave wall hard enough to break a few ribs.

Chapter Text

"AAH!" Luz screamed in pain, holding her left side.

"The emperor had a hunch you would be here today for the blood, but he didn't think you were foolish enough to come alone." Hunter said.

"Yes, a grave mistake on your part." Eclipse Enforcer said as her hands charged with magic. "Possibly your last."

Eclipse Enforcer ran at Luz, punching her in the head with a powerful magic filled punch. Luz hit the ground with a groan as her jaw was dislocated. Eclipse grabbed her and lifted her up. She hit Luz with a strong knee to the stomach, followed by another, then another two, then another several.

"We're tired of you constantly getting in the way." Golden Guard said, kicking her legs out from under her.

Luz fell on the ground again and Golden Guard kneeled next to her. He held her by the neck and started to punch her, giving her a black eye. Eclipse Enforcer walked over and stepped on Luz's hand, grinding it into the dirt. Luz grunted in pain. Eclipse Enforcer grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up, not stopping until Luz's feet were off the ground. She grabbed Luz with her other hand and threw her on the ground. Hurting Luz's back upon impact. The two Coven elite grabbed Luz by the hands and dragged her over to the other side of the cave. The two lifted her by her neck and slammed the back of her head against the cave wall.

"Gah!" Luz screamed in pain, coughing up blood.

Hearing her cries of pain, Amethyst slithered out of her coat and gave a small roar to them.

"Aw, how cute. A little dragon palisman has come to her rescue." Eclipse Enforcer said before she chuckled at its pathetic attempt to scare them. She grabbed it by the tail and held it up, "How happy do you think the Emperor would be if we brought this rare treasure to him?"

"I wager he would be thrilled." Golden Guard said, looking around, "Put it in that old cage."

She walked over to the small bird cage and put Amethyst in it.

"Now, let's get back to her."

Golden Guard stepped on Luz's neck, making it hard to breath. Eclipse Enforcer walked over and grabbed Luz's hand. She broke Luz's fingers, one by one. Soon her entire right hand had lost the use of its fingers. Luz screamed in pain, choked by both hunter and the blood filling her mouth.

"I thought you were tough? You seem pretty weak now." Golden Guard said, "Bring me the branding iron."

Eclipse Enforcer handed him an iron from her armor. He used his staff to heat it up and then held it inches away from Luz's face, showing her the Emperor's Coven symbol.

"If you think this is for you... you're wrong." Golden Guard said, "It's for your little girlfriends. We're going to make you watch as we torture them in front of you, slowly, until there is nothing but a broken shell."

The got Luz's blood boiling as she clenched her left hand into a fist. She started breathing heavy as her eyes turn a gold color. A large flash of light emitted from Luz's body, blinding both the Coven Elite and forcing them to step back. When the light died down, they saw Luz standing. She was breathing heavily as the Light magic turned to Fire, matching her emotion. Anger.

"Don't. Touch. Them. EVER!" Luz said, running and punching Eclipse Enforcer and sending her across the cave.

She landed on her knee and looked up at Luz. Luz held out her hands and fireballs formed in them.

"How?!" She said before Luz threw the fireballs at her, making her groan in pain while her armor protected her from the magic but not the heat.

"It must be the Monado!" Hunter said before Luz glared at him, her eyes changing to gold.

Luz flashed and appeared behind him, her eyes shifting to blue as ice formed around her fist and she punched into a wall.

"Ugh!" He groaned in pain.

Luz's eyes changed to green and vines rose from the ground. They wrapped the two and Luz held out her hand. The cage started shaking and Amethyst, in staff mode, flew into her hand. Luz spun her staff in her hand before slamming it on the ground, sending a wave of powerful magic. The four colors that indicate her magic melted into a singular white color that made up her entire eye.

"What kind of power is this?!" Eclipse Enforcer demanded.

"The true reason I can wield the Monado."Luz said, "... My heart. My urge to protect those that I love. The will to stand up against someone who wants to hurt others! Something that you can never understand!"

Luz pointed her staff at them, a white glow emitting from it. Luz fired a blast at Eclipse Enforcer, breaking the vines and sending her to the other side of the cave, knocking her out. Hunter tried to use his staff to teleport away, but he was too much in pain to focus.

"As for you." Luz said as she turned to Hunter, pointing her staff at him. "I thought you were a good person. I thought you weren't like Belos. I thought you could be my friend, but obviously I was wrong about you, Hunter. You really are JUST the Golden Guard."

Spinning Amethyst overhead, Luz bathed herself in a healing spell for most of her injuries before turning to leave.

"Ugh! Where do you think you're going?!" Hunter said, struggling in the vines.

Luz didn't answer him as she kept walking, he wasn't worth her time anymore. Though, she shouldn've knocked him out because then, Hunter wouldn't have remembered that Lil Rascal was inside of his cloak. Rascal helped get Hunter get out of the vines and then he used his staff to charge at Luz. Luz turned around and blocked it with her staff.

"I see you still have some fight in you left." Luz said, forcing him back with her staff.

Hunter skid against the ground as he glared at Luz, wanting to defeat her so he could put these feelings and doubts behind him. Lil Rascal agreed as it flew into his other hand and transformed into a staff, allowing Hunter to dual wield his artificial staff and palisman staff.

"I've got PLENTY of fight left!" Hunter said to her.

"So do I." Luz said as she grabbed the Monado, wielding it in her right hand while Amethyst stays in her left hand as her eyes glowed white. "Bring it on."

The two charged at each other, their palismen slamming against each other. While their palismen staffs were intertwined, Hunter swung his other staff at Luz. Luz blocked it with the Monado. They pulled away and Luz kicked Hunter in the stomach, making him hunch over. She hit him with a knee, sending him to the ground.

"Give up!" Luz said, "I don't want to fight you, but I will!"

Hunter didn't listen as he used both staffs to fire magic blasts at Luz, forcing her to dodge at light speed as she moved further into the mine tunnel.

"Grr!" Hunter growled before teleport rushing after her.

Luz ran so fast she broke through a cave wall. She made her way to area where Titan's Blood was. It filled an entire lake area. Luz looked out and saw it.

"My god." She said, "This is what I need."

She heard Hunter quickly approaching and got out of the way. He teleported to the spot Luz was standing, as Luz ran to the other side of the cave.

"Nowhere to run now." Hunter said.

Luz held up her sword.

"Who said I was running?"

Luz charged at him and her sword collided with his mechanical staff. Rascal disappeared, allowing Hunter to use two hands and push Luz back. Amethyst also disappeared, which gave Luz more movement. Hunter swung his staff at her head, which Luz dodged by falling on her back and putting her hands on the ground, allowing her to cartwheel backwards.

"All that cheerleading finally paid off." Luz said.

"Do you ever shut up?!" Hunter said, charging at her.

Luz got her sword ready, waiting for the right moment. Hunter got within her range, and she swung the Monado, cutting his mechanical staff in half.

"NO!" Hunter shouted in horror before Luz punched his face, his mask breaking before he was sent flying to the wall.

He coughed up blood and tried to stand up, in pure pain. He started to back up as Luz stood there with her sword up. Hunter walked backwards to the ledge, unaware of it, and fell into the Titan's Blood lake. He fell with a scream and plunged into the blue liquid. He tried to swim up, but swimming in blood was nearly impossible. His vision started to fade as he figured this was it... until a hand grabbed him and pulled him up. Luz placed him on her staff and brought him to the ledge. He started to cough up blood... not his.

"Why?" He asked.

"Why, what?" Luz asked.

"Why would you save me?" He asked, looking at her.

Luz looked at him as the white magic in her eyes faded away, showing her normal eyes again.

"Because I'm someone who helps anyone that needs it, even if it's an enemy." Luz said to him.

"You should've let me drown." Hunter said.

Luz looked at him in shock.


"You heard what I said." He said, "There's nothing for me in this world. I'm magicless, I have an Uncle who treats me like a disease, and ever since I met you, I haven't been able to make a difference between what's right or wrong!"

"Then what was right and wrong for you before?" Luz asked him.

"Anything the emperor says is wrong, is wrong! And his coven system and laws were right! That's what I believed!" Hunter shouted before he glared up to Luz. "I never questioned any of it until I met you!"

"Well, maybe it's because you are finally realizing that you don't want to be what someone else wants, maybe you want to be yourself." Luz said.

Luz felt her scroll vibrate and she looked at it, seeing several new messages from Amity and Boscha, all angry and telling her to get to Boscha's Manor.

'Well, I'm spending the next week as a couch.' Luz thought.

Luz put it away and looked at Hunter.

"Listen, you don't need to follow him blindly." Luz said.

Hunter looked at the lake.

"Knock me out." He said.


"Knock me out, make it look like you beat me." He said.

Luz listened and delivered a strong punch, which knocked him out. Luz collected several vials of Titan's Blood, a thing of Fool's Blood for Boscha, and then flew away on her staff. Meanwhile back with Odalia AKA the Eclipse Enforcer, sh had regained consciousness and looked around to see where she was.

"The mines, right." She said as she got up, rolling her neck. "That human just keeps becoming stronger, more annoying too. Hopefully Golden Guard took care of her."

Energy came from her feet as Odalia flew through the mine in search of her partner, she could see the signs of battle around her before she reached the lake. There she found that Golden Guard was unconscious, his mask and staff destroyed, and the human nowhere to be seen.

'Damnit! She escaped! Possible with some Titan's Blood as well.' She thought as she gazed at the lake. 'But it doesn't matter, we'll finish her later. Right now, I have to get the blood and the boy back to the emperor.'

"You managed to get away this time, Human, but you'll get what's coming to you... very soon."


Chapter Text

Luz landed outside the manor, where Amity and Boscha were waiting.

"So, this is all just-"

Luz was cut off by Boscha.

"Upstairs. My room. put your stuff on my desk. We already told the Owl Lady about your punishment." Boscha said, "I told you what would happen, so don't even try and avoid it."

Luz knew better than to argue with two angry girlfriends. She walked up the stairs and put her stuff on Boscha's desk, while they watched her. The winter coat, the hat, the vials of titan's blood, a single thing of fool's blood, and Amethyst. Luz just turned the Monado into a necklace. She put that on Boscha's desk to.

"Good, stand next to the wall." Amity said, pointing to a spot they cleared out.

Luz walked over and Boscha made a spell circle. Luz was replaced by a couch that had Luz's skin tone for a color and her eyes on back pillows.

"You are going to stay like this for one week." Boscha said, sitting on her new couch, "Come here Mittens, let's break in the new couch."

"With pleasure." Amity said as she walked and sat next to Boscha, looking at Luz's right eye. "What's about to happen next is because YOU didn't listen to us and went alone to the Knee."

Boscha and Amity started kissing, then it got more intense, soon they were fully making out, right on Luz.

'Oh, come on!' Luz thought.

She thought turned into a couch was supposed to be her punishment! Not being forced to watch her girlfriends make out without her! If Luz was capable of crying, she would. Boscha grabbed Amity and flipped their positions so that Boscha was on top. They kissed again before Boscha got up and grabbed a blanket.

'So they're going to sleep on me?' Luz thought.

Boscha covered herself and Amity with the blanket and snuggled.

"You're adorable." Boscha said.

"So are you." Amity said.

They sat up and kissed Luz, causing her to blush.

"Just because we're punishing you doesn't mean we don't love you." Boscha said.

"Yeah, we just did this, so you'll know better than to try that again." Amity said, "After tonight, we'll just keep using you as a couch for the remainder of your punishment."

"We'll still sleep on you though." Boscha said, "You're soft and comfy. Which means I'm probably going to start working on the hammer while sitting on you."

"So, we developed a system." Amity said, "Blink once for yes. Blink twice for no. Understand?"

Luz blinked once to them to show she understood but she really wished she could CRY right now!

'It's still not fair!' Luz thought.

"Good." Boscha said, "Good night, Amity. Good night, Luz."

Boscha kissed Amity and Luz.

'Good night, girls.' Luz thought as she closed her eyes.

The trio went to sleep, two of them were happy to sleep on a nice soft couch.

Chapter Text

The next day, Boscha was analyzing the fool's blood, while spending quality time with Luz.

"Honestly, I don't even understand what you were thinking." Boscha said.

Luz rolled her eyes. They weren't going to let this go for a while.

"Going to the knee by yourself and getting outnumbered if the blood on your coat is anything to go by!" Boscha said as she shook her head, gazing at the Vials of Titan's Blood.

"Luckily for you, I can use the Fool's Blood to upgrade the armor." Boscha said, moving away from her workbench to sit on Luz, "You better tell me where you found the Titan's Blood when we're done with everything."

Boscha pulled out a notebook and a few tools. She got the blueprints for the War Hammer and started to work on it.

"So, do you have anyone in mind yet?" Boscha asked.

Luz tried to talk but found it difficult since she was STILL a couch.

'Maybe Morse code?' Luz thought but she didn't know any Morse code.

"Luz, it's a yes or no question, I'm not asking who it is yet." Boscha said, seeing the difficult look in Luz's eye, "One for yes, two for no."

Remembering their system, Luz blinked once to show she did have a person in mind for the Plant Magic war hammer. It was none other than the first friend and 2nd most powerful witch she met in the Boiling Isles. Willow Park.

"Okay, I'll ask you who when you have the ability to talk again." Boscha said, laying on Luz, "I could definitely get used to you as a couch though, you're really comfy. Just wait until we're adults and married and have our own place. I think we could turn this into a bedroom thing... if you know what I mean."

Luz blushed.

'How can I blush, but not talk? that doesn't even make sense.' Luz thought.

Boscha had all kinds of ideas running through her head for when they're married... she blames it on puberty and hormones.

'Curse you, hormones…. and curse you, Luz and Amity, for being hot.' Boscha thought.

"Okay, so, I might have an idea for an update to our armor." Boscha said, trying to get her mind off her previous thoughts, "Want to hear it?"

Luz was curious to what could be upgraded outside of the durability and the voice modulator, so she blinked once to say "yes."

"Great!" Boscha said with a smile and bright eyes, so cute mixed with her free brunette hair and glasses, "So, Fool's Blood can act as a conduct for lightning! I can use that to give our fins an extra boost, meaning we don't even need to use them fully, we can just touch people and they'll be out! I just need to find out how to contain Lightning."

Luz rolled her eyes. She often forgot that they don't have electricity here, instead using magic to solve that problem.

'I'll have to tell them about electricity later.' Luz thought.

After an hour, Boscha finished the handle, which was the easy part as there was very little tech inside, that would come from the actual hammer part.

"Alright, that's enough work." Boscha said, "Time to have some fun."

Boscha got on her knees and started kissing Luz. Luz blushed at this and wished she could smile at this. Though it was weird that Boscha was kissing her as a couch, Luz was enjoying it none the less.

"Oh, I wish you weren't being punished." Boscha said, "I would love to kiss your lips, but this works... I guess. Oh, this better not awaken something in me."

'What could possible awaken in you from this?!' Luz thought in suspense and worry.

"Hey, couch kisser, think you could come and help me with something?" Elizabeth asked, before waving at the couch, "Hi, Luz."

"Fine." Boscha said, running a finger across Luz, "Don't go anywhere, Hot Stuff."

Luz rolled her eyes at the bad joke, she COULDN'T go anywhere unless someone moved her.

Chapter Text

Boscha walked with her mom.

"So, what did you need my help with?" Boscha asked.

Her mom got very serious and kneeled in front of her.

"Boscha, this is... I needed you to be alone to say this." Elizabeth said, "Your father... he... he's gone missing."

"What?! Dad is missing!" Boscha said in shock.

"He went to the restaurant to make sure everything is fine with the small repairs we needed and... no one has heard from him since."

"No... no!" Boscha said.

Boscha began crying, worrying about what was happening to her father now or what had happened to him if he-

'NO! Don't think like that! He has to be alive, he has too!' She thought to herself.

Elizabeth hugged Boscha, trying to comfort her daughter.

"It's alright. They will find him." She said to Boscha.

Boscha ran back to her room and cried into her pillow. Completely forgetting that Luz was in there.

'Boscha?' Luz thought, worried about her girlfriend's tearful return.

Luz did anything to get Boscha's attention. She managed to move a solid centimeter, but it was enough to get Boscha's attention. Boscha ran and jumped onto Luz, crying into Luz's Velvet.

'Boscha, what happened?!' Luz thought, needing Boscha to tell her.

Boscha looked at Luz, before making a spell circle. Luz turned back and Boscha hugged her. Crying into Luz's shoulder. To hell with Luz being punished, with Amity back at her manor, she needed her other girlfriend. Luz hugged Boscha, waiting for her to calm down before asking.

"Boscha, can you please tell me wants wrong? I hate seeing your like this?" Luz asked gently, stroking her hair to help calm her down.

"My... my dad is missing!"

Luz let out a small gasp, understanding why Boscha was upset now! Her father was missing, and Luz had a sneaking feeling of WHO is responsible.

"Boscha, I promise, I will do whatever it takes to get him back."

Boscha didn't reply as she held Luz tighter, almost scared SHE would be taken just like her father. Luz, without letting go of Boscha, grabbed Boscha's scroll and sent a message to Amity.


She put the scroll away and started to give Boscha comforting kisses.

"Don't worry. LuLu is here." Luz said softly.

Luz started to rock Boscha. It wasn't long before footsteps quickly started approaching and Amity kicked the door open.

"Boscha, I got your message, what's the mat-"

She saw Boscha crying as Luz rocked her. Luz saw Amity had arrived and gestured for her to come join the hug, Boscha needed the comfort of both of them. Amity practically ran at her and hugged Boscha. Whoever hurt her girlfriend would pay with their blood for this. Luz thought it was Belos and Amity thought it was her mother, even if she assumed it was impossible since they thought Odalia was in jail. Little did they know... they were both wrong. Mr. Triplet had the bag removed from his head, getting blinded by the bright light.

"Ah, it certainly has been such a long time... brother."

"Cera." Mr. Triplet said, "What the hell do you want?"

"Can't a girl pop in and say hello to her dear younger brother?" Cera asked with a "friendly" smile.

"Not when it's someone like you. Now where am I?!" Mr. Triplet demanded from his older sister, the scorn of the Triplet family.

"Somewhere only I can find." She said, "I have a bone to pick with you, after that... maybe I'll deal with your daughter. She's becoming a massive pain to one of my old friends."

"Your 'Friend' tried to kill my daughter and her girlfriends!"

"Really? Well, you know the old saying, nobody is perfect." Cera said with a shrug.

"If you ever think about touching my daughter, I will kill you where you stand!" He said.

She backhanded him.

"Oh, don't worry, you won't be able to stop me." She said, "After all, I have connection."

She showed him her wrist, which showed an Emperor's Coven patch.

"The Emperor's Coven?! You?!" Mr. Triplet said in shock!

"Surprise, little brother." Cera said with a smirk. "Your big sister is THE LAW. I have so much fun planned."

Chapter Text

At the Manor, Boscha cried herself to sleep. Luz and Amity decided to stay the night for emotional support and to think of any other theories concerning her kidnapped father.

"When I get my hands on whoever did this. I'm going to... to... ¡Voy a arrancarles los intestinos y asfixiarlos con eso!" Luz said.

"I know that's a threat but I'm curious to what it means." Amity said to Luz.

Luz moved to her ear and whispered the meaning. Amity gasped.

"When did you become so violent?" Amity asked.

"When everyone I cared about is in danger." Luz said.

That was both flattering and scary, how far would Luz go to protect the ones she loved? Would she even…kill someone? That was a question neither wanted to know. But they both agreed, the sooner they find him, the better.

"I have a feeling who might be responsible but….you may not like it." Luz said to Amity.

"Who is it?" Amity asked her.

"The…. Emperor's Coven. I know you guys see them as the heroes but to me and Eda, they aren't. Especially H-The Golden Guard and a new member, the ones I faced at the knee." Luz said to her.

"If they hurt you, then they're enemies to me." Amity said, "Now begs the question, how do we find out where he is?"

"Hmm, Lilith was able to make a Scrying Spell to spy on the coven once. Maybe we can ask her for something similar to help us find Mr. Triplet?" Luz suggested.

"That's a good idea." Amity said, "Seeing as she's the only Potioneer available it's the only choice."

'Well, there's also Eda but she's probably not as good.' Luz thought for a moment, remembering most of her potion and elixir making was for her main business of selling them.

"Alright, let's go see Lilith." Amity said.

"We'll go first thing tomorrow. I don't think we should leave Boscha just yet." Luz considered as she looked towards the sleeping triclops.

"She doesn't deserve this." Luz said, "She's too nice of a person for something this bad to happen."

"I know." Amity said.

Both girls moved to lay next to Boscha to give her warmth and comfort in bed, something that recognize as she cuddled with them in her sleep and smiled. They kissed her cheeks before sleeping, hoping that they'll be able to keep her calm in the night.

Chapter Text

Meanwhile in the Emperor's Coven, Belos was looking over the 5 vials of Titan's Blood that Golden Guard and Eclipse Enforcer had gotten at the Knee. He was EXTREMELY happy of their success and that his plans could proceed more smoother for the time being.

"It's a shame that she got away, but from what I heard, she's getting more powerful each day."

"She is, but she is still a child. She doesn't know how to properly wield the power she unlocked, what happened was an emotional fluke." Odalia said to Belos, having given the report.

"Fluke or not, it shows how much power she holds. If she learns to control it, it will make things difficult once more." Belos said before turning to Odalia. "And the Golden Guard?"

"Recovering in the medical wing. The battle with the human also destroyed his staff and helmet." She said to him.

"That alone should prove she's powerful. That staff can withstand the toughest things on the Isles." Belos said, "It will be some time before I can get one made stronger to withstand that girl."

"And until then?" Odalia asked him.

Belos couldn't tell Odalia about Hunter's condition of being magicless, she was too new of a member of the coven to be told that secret. Hell, he didn't even tell KIKIMORA about it yet.

"He will be on bed rest until he fully heals. If the human managed to destroy his staff, I could imagine the damage she has done to him." Belos said, "Now, moving on, how is the newest member of the Coven doing?"

"Cera Triplet? She is fitting in rather well but she's been rather secretive about her methods, especially with her current interrogation of a witch." Odalia said with a shrug.

"Well, as long as she learns of where the notes of his grandfathers is, then she can do whatever she pleases."

And that was exactly what she was doing as Mr. Triplet screamed in pain as Cera had given him a DROP of nightmare elixir. She figured mentally breaking him a bit would get her little brother to talk. She put a finger under his chin and raised his head a little.

"So, are you going to tell me where the notes are?"

He looked at her, breathing heavily through his nose. He knew exactly what would happen if he told her... they would be able to kill Boscha. He spit into her eye. Cera moved back and wiped her eye. She was getting impatient. She grabbed him by the neck, pressing her fingernail's into his neck.

"I am getting really tired of your shit." She said, "Tell me where they are, and I'll let you go."

"If... I tell you... you'll just kill my daughter." He said, "I'd... rather die.

She let go of him, making the pain her nails were doing go away. He smiled, knowing that the longer he let this go on, the easier it would be to frustrate her. He continued to talk.

"But we both know you can't kill me, because I'm the only one that knows where they are." He said, "We both know you aren't the law, because you have to do what the Emperor tells you."

She punched him, which made him glad. He was getting under her skin.

"Hehehehehe. Is that all you got? You hit a lot harder than when we were kids." Mr. Triplet said to Cera, smirking.

"That's because I couldn't KILL you back then but now I CAN but I'm choosing not to". Cera said as she leaned closer to her brother. "Talk, Marcus. All I want is our grandfather's crusty old journal."

"Sorry, I don't know." He said, "He buried them, remember?"

Cera growled at her brother before punching him in the stomach, making him cough in pain before she grabbed Marcus by his hair.

"Can you not FATHOM the position you are in?! The only reason I don't kill you is because you are more useful to me alive!" Cera screamed in his face.

"Really? I thought it was because I'm the only family you have left? Hehehehe." Marcus replied.


"Many things." He said, smirking.

Cera couldn't take it anymore and punched him in the face, knocking Marcus to the ground before she sat on his stomach and began punching his face repeatedly.


He was quiet for a second, before speaking.

"Do you know why I was given everything?" He asked, "It was because you are a maniac. You tried to poison our parents, you almost killed the family dozens of time. They left you out of the will because you are a crazy bitch!"

She hit him again, which knocked him out.

"I'll be back in the morning, maybe then you'll talk."

Chapter Text

Cera moved off her brother and exited his cell, slamming the door shut as she growled in anger again.

'I WILL get that journal and all of our grandfather's secrets inside it.' She thought as she walked to her room, where a certain friend was waiting for her.

"I take it the interrogation didn't go well?" Odalia asked.

"That asshole is being too difficult."

"I can see that, Marcus was always a bit of stubborn during our school days." Odalia said as she began taking off her armor.

"I know. I wish he would just see the logic in just telling me WHAT I WANT TO KNOW!" Cera shouted as she slammed the door to the room shut.

"Let him rest, we'll get that out of him sooner or later." Odalia said, "Besides, the longer it takes, the longer the pain lasts."

"For who? Him or me?" Cera said with a groan as she sat in the bed.

Odalia finished removing her suit's arm before moving to sit behind Cera, rubbing her shoulders.

"There, there. There's no need to get stressed over trash like him." Odalia said softly as Cera leaned into her embrace.

"You always know how to cheer me up." Cera said.

"I can't let anyone anger my friend."

The two looked at each other, before leaning close and pressing their lips together. A little hidden fact, Odalia and Cera have known each other since they were kids and fell in love during their time at Hexside. Due to Odalia being in an arranged marriage to Alador they couldn't show their love in public but they did have a few secret rendezvous over the years and Odalia never really loved Alador, only his name.

'At least now, I can be with the one I truly love.' Odalia thought, not bitter about her divorce anymore, as Cera pushed her into the bed.

"Are you ready my one true love?" Cera asked.

"With you, always." Odalia replied as Cera began unbuttoning her shirt.

The two strip and get into bed together. In another part of the Isles, Hunter is recovering from his battle.


Hunter looked around.

"W-w-who's there?"

No answer.

"I'm... I was just hit on the head to hard." He said, "That has to be the reason I heard a voice. No one else is here."

Little did he know, he was wrong about that.

Chapter Text

The next day, Boscha woke up with Amity and Luz clinging to her.

'They must've stayed with me for the night.' She thought as she hugged them and kissed both of their foreheads. 'Thank you so much, girls.'

She tried to get up, when Luz unconsciously pulled her back into bed. Normally there isn't a problem, but there was a problem at the moment.

"Oh, I really need to pee." Boscha said, still covered by Amity and Luz, "I know you two are sleeping, but you better let go of me or one of you is being turned into a diaper."

Suddenly both girls awoke and pulled away from Boscha with their hands up.

"Sorry!" They both said as Boscha giggled.

"It's alright." Boscha said as she moved off her bed and headed to the bathroom.

They watched as Boscha left.

"Do you think she meant that?" Luz asked.

"I don't want to know." Amity said, "Now, go call Lilith, I don't want to show up unannounced."

Luz nodded to Amity as she pulled out her scroll, moving outside of the room to call the former coven head.

"Hey, Lilith, I need your potion making knowledge." Luz said.

"Okay but can you explain what it's for? Not that I would deny you, I'm just curious." Lilith replied.

"I need to know if the Scrying Spell you made once can be used to find a certain person. Boscha's father was kidnapped last night and she's a mess with worry." Luz said with a frown.

"Oh, dear that's... wait why do you care about Boscha? Didn't she bully you?" Lilith asked.

"Just answer the question!"

Lilith flinched from the sudden shouting before she put the scroll back to her ear.

"If you had the proper ingredients, like personal items of the person, you could make a Scrying Spell specifically for them." Lilith answered.

"Something like an old wallet?"

"That could work."


Luz ran off to Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth, is there like a wallet or something that your husband doesn't use anymore?"

"I think there's an empty one in his study."


"Luz, you still have me on the scroll." Lilith reminded her.

"I know! I still need a list of ingredients!" Luz said, rushing to Marcus' study for his old wallet.

"Well, that's all you need to do a personal one, I have all the ingredients with me to make the rest." Lilith said.

"Great! Bring them to Triplet Manor and we can get started." Luz said as she entered the study, looking for the wallet.

"Wait, you're AT Triplet Manor now?" Lilith said in surprise.

"I'll explain later! Just get her quick!" Luz said as she hung up, "Jeez, why can't I have a peaceful day for once?"

Chapter Text

Rushing around the office, Luz checked every drawer and cabinet for the old wallet before she eventually found it in the bottom right drawer of a desk.

"Got it. Hang on, Mr. Triplet, we'll know where you are soon." Luz said as she grabbed the wallet and closed the drawer.

She returned to Amity.

"Alright, Lilith is coming."

"Great." Amity said before noticing the old wallet in her hand. "What's with that?"

"She said that in order for the Scrying spell to work, we needed a personal item of Mr. Triplet's. This old wallet is perfect." Luz said to Amity.

"Well, she knows potions more than anyone else."

Turning around, Luz and Amity saw that Boscha was out of the bathroom. She must've heard the plan as she was looking much happier than earlier.

"Maybe don't talk out loud in my house." Boscha said, "Because I can hear this."

"Right." Luz said with a small chuckle.

"Now, about this Scrying Spell." Boscha said with interest.

"Lilith is on the way with all the ingredients, all we need is your dad's old wallet right here." Luz said as she held up the item.

Boscha walked up to them and gave them each a kiss.

"No more secrets." Boscha said, "This is my family, which means I need to be involved."

"We know." Amity said with a nod.

"Good, now let's get a cauldron out." Boscha said.

The trio nodded as they went downstairs to grab a cauldron, confusing Elizabeth.

"Girls, what is going on?" She asked.

"Ms. Lilith is coming over with ingredients for a Scrying Spell so we can find dad." Boscha said quickly as they moved the cauldron to the den.

Elizabeth wanted to help, but she was horrible with Potions, that's why she moved to the Construction Track.

"Find him, girls." She said.

"We will, Mom." Boscha said as she hugged her mother. "I promise we will."

Elizabeth heard a knock on the door and went to open it. That's when she saw Lilith.

"Hello, Lilith." Elizabeth said, "How's my old friend?"

"I am well, all things considered but I am much better than I previously was." Lilith said with a smile.

Despite being coven leader from the Emperor's Coven, Lilith did a lot of things she wasn't proud of. Cursing Eda and hunting her for decades was two of the biggest ones but now, half cursed and almost magicless, she was strangely at peace with herself.

"You should be able to find the girls." Elizabeth said.

"I assume I should follow the destruction Luz causes." Lilith said.

"What do yo-" Elizabeth stopped talked as a loud BOOM was heard den.

"Sorry! Bookcase fell!" Luz said as she began fixing it.

"Now I understand. They're in the den." Elizabeth said, "This is my future daughter in law? Oh my checkbook is going to take a hit."

Lilith patted her shoulder in sympathy before she headed towards the den with the ingredients tucked safely in her satchel bag.

"Alright, I'm here and I have all the ingredients." Lilith said.

"Good, we have what we need." Luz said.

"Alright, now... hold on, it's catching up to me, are you three dating?" Lilith asked.

"We were on the news." Amity said.

"I have... been away with dad for a while, we only got back yesterday." Lilith said.

"A little road trip to rekindle the father daughter relationship?" Luz asked as Lilith set out the ingredients on the coffee table.

"In a way, yes. And it was nice to catch up after so many years apart." Lilith said.

"Can we PLEASE save the father daughter relationship talk for after we find MY father?" Boscha asked kindly.

"Right! Right, let's do this." Luz said.

The group worked together to make the Scrying Spell and followed Lilith's instructions to the letter! Even the slightest screwup could ruin it all, so Luz was EXTRA careful!

"Now, for the final ingredient." Lilith said, "Luz, put the wallet in."

Luz dropped the wallet in and they began to watch it. They saw the brew swirl itself as an image came to be, slowly becoming Marcus as he was on the floor of a cell unconscious!

"Dad!" Boscha screamed, grabbing the rim of the caldron.

"Be careful, Boscha. If you disturbed the mixture, the image will not be as clear." Lilith said.

"Well, it's time to wake up, Brother." Cera said, "I'm ready for our game to continue."

The group watched, one of them gasping, as another triclops came into the room and roughly grabbed Marcy by his shirt and shook him awake.

"Who is that?" Amity asked, flinching as the woman slapped Marcus awake.

"Cera, the black sheep of the triplet family." Lilith said, drawing their attention. "If you didn't know Boscha, she's your father's older sister and was a rather cruel, psychotic girl in our youth. Seems that hasn't changed."

"You mean my own aunt kidnapped my dad?!" Boscha asked in shock.

"It would appear so but the question remains why? None of us have heard from her since her graduation. Cruel and unhinged as she is, Cera is a skilled witch." Lilith said with a glare at Cera.

"Is there any way to find out where they are?" Luz asked, putting her watch on.

"We'll just have to wait and listen or see anything that can give us a clue." Lilith said as Cera slapped Marcus a few more times.

"Mmmmm." He groaned, slowly opened his eyes and seeing Cera's face.

"Marcus! So glad you can join me in the land of the living. I assume after a good night's rest, you're ready to talk?" Cera asked with a "kind" smile.

"Guh….Yes, I am." He said before taking a breath. "If you're the best his majesty seeks to let into his coven, then I pity him. Edalyn had the right idea of becoming a wild witch of people like you can join this coven."

"She's in the emperor's coven?" Amity said in shock, they really are the enemy!

"And look where that got her! Cursed and magicless, Edalyn is nothing more than a magicless pest!" Cera shouted before slammed Marcus back into the chair. "One that I just might get rid of after dealing with you! Now tell me where our great something grandfather's journal is!"

"You know what you washed up whore? You can just suck my dick, because I'm not telling you!" He said.

She punched him.

"Fine, I'll go get the fun toys, those will make you talk."

He waited until she was gone and then started tapping his fingers in a rythm.

"Wait, I know that." Lilith said, "That's morse code."

Lilith listened and wrote it down.

"He's in a cave near the pelvis." Lilith said, "He must be good enough at potions that he knows we were listening."

Boscha pulled out her scroll and did a search for a map to the pelvis of the Titan.

"We can get there in 10 minutes by staff." Boscha said.

"Good, we're leaving now." Luz said.

"Wait, he's not done." Lilith said as she read more of the morse code. "Keep the journal safe, Boscha. Cera must NEVER get it."

"Boscha, stay here and protect the notes... just in case we don't come back." Luz said, "Amity, come on."

"Alright." Amity said with a nod.

"And you WILL come back. You have to." Boscha said before kissing both of them for luck.

"When have I ever broken a promise?" Luz asked.

The two gave her a look that said, 'You fucking serious'.

"Besides going to the Knee by myself." Luz continued.

"Your punishment was never finished for that, by the way, but if rescue my dad, it'll be completely void." Boscha said to Luz.

"I don't care if it's voided or not, I'm bringing him back either way." Luz said.

Amity and Luz ran out of the Manor and got on their staffs.

Chapter Text

"You got the directions to the Pelvis?" Amity asked.

"Boscha just sent them. Let's go." Luz said as she pulled out her scroll, "Follow me."

Luz pulled ahead and flew in the direction of the location. They landed and started to look around for the cave.

"Keep your eyes peeled, Eclipse Enforcer could be anywhere." Luz said.

"On it." Amity said as she changed her necklace into her sword and held her staff at the ready.

They found the cave and start to go in. Luz used Amethyst to perform a light spell to light the way so they could see.

"You've been practicing with your staff?" Amity asked her.

"Not really, I'm learning as I go if I'm ever without a glyph." Luz said, thinking back to Hunter.

If he could use a palisman to cast spell, why wouldn't she?

"I think I hear something." Amity said.

Luz stopped and listened, hearing small grunts and moans as well.

"Mr. Triplet must be close." Luz said.

"Too bad you'll never make it too him."

They turned around and saw Eclipse Enforcer.

"You!" Luz said, holding her staff out.

"So this is the other person you ran into at the Knee?" Amity asked, moving close to Luz.

"Eclipse Enforcer, at your service." Odalia said with a faux bow.

"Then how about you die." Amity said.

"I'm afraid that's not an option." Eclipse Enforcer said.

E.E. rockets towards them and attacks but both girls dodge as she punched the ground where they stood.

"So you helped kidnap Mr. Triplet!" Luz shouted as she blasted fire magic at E.E., who produced a shield to block it.

"It was simply official coven business." She said.

"Torturing someone for the benefit of a tyrant... yeah, that doesn't surprise me." Luz said.

"What the emperor does is for the best of the Isles." E.E. said as she fired at Luz but Amity made an abomination wall to protect her.

"I used to believe that but after what you did to Luz at the Knee, I'm not so sure!" Amity shouted as she made a large wave of abomination muck.

Eclipse Enforcer easily managed to move out of the way.

"I see your little pet Human told you what happened." She said.

Amity charged at her and swung her sword. Eclipse Enforcer blocked it and kicked Amity in the stomach. From behind, Luz hit Eclipse in the head.

"I'm not alone, remember?" Amity said.

Luz formed the Monado and dual wielded like before, giving Amity the idea to wield her sword and Ghost the same way.

"Last time it was two on one but now, it's reversed." Amity said as she and Luz circled Eclipse Enforcer. "And after what you did to Luz, I'm more than happy to repay that tenfold."

"If you're strong enough to take me."

Luz and Amity used a combo spell to create a flaming abomination as Enforcer charged a magic blast from her chest gem. The two types of magic combine and everyone is knocked back. The explosion from their clash alerted Marcus, telling him his rescue was here.

'I knew they were listening.' He thought.

As he hoped, Boscha was guarding the journal while Luz and Amity fought Eclipse Enforcer. All he had to do was hope they could get to him before his sister lost her patience. Back with the battle, Luz and Amity were clashing with Eclipse Enforcer blow for blow as they switched between each other to rest and attack.

"Enough of this!" Eclipse Enforcer said.

She released a large blast of magic again, this time, knocking Amity against the wall and cutting her head. She laid on the ground, motionless.

"AMITY!" Luz screamed in horror, as her eyes turned white like at the Knee!

The fear and anger at seeing someone she loved hurt, it sent her into another rush of power from the Monado. She turned to glare at Eclipse Enforcer as she held Amethyst and the Monado with a growl.

"Again with this? Luckily this time, I won't be taken by surprise." E.E. said as she glared back at Luz. "Amity got what she deserved, disobedient little pest."

Luz ran at her and tried to slam her sword at her. She put her armor up to block. There was another large blast of magic, which sent Eclipse Enforcer sliding back, but staying on her feet. She looked down and saw the armor on her arms gone.

"No!" Enforcer said before she was hit in the mask with Luz's staff, cracking it!

"RAAAH!" Luz roared in rage as she continued bashing Eclipse Enforcer and breaking more of her armor!

Not blasting, not slashing, just pure bashing with her staff and the Monado being blunt instruments! Luz took her to the ground. She wasn't moving and Luz went over to check on Amity.

"Amity, are you alright?"

Luz had the Monado back as a necklace as she gently caressed Amity's cheek, crying at see how hurt she was up close.

"Mmm." Amity moaned, moving into Luz's touch to show she was alive.

"Oh thank Titan." Luz said before she used a healing spell with her staff, healing Amity.

"Don't worry, Amity, you'll be okay." Luz said.

Luz shifted Amity's sword back to a necklace and had Amethyst and Ghost become their palisman forms so she could carry Amity. Looking back to the downed Eclipse Enforcer, whose armor was riddled with cracks and dents, Luz could a bit of hair poking out from the helmet. Familiar GREEN hair!

"Odalia is the Enforcer?" Luz said in surprise but a part of her had to suspect that Belos would use someone like her, "Come on, Amity, let's get away from her."

Amethyst and Ghost moved to sit on Luz's shoulders as she continued through the cave towards Marcus, she still needed to save him and both of them back to Triplet Manor.

"How... do I keep getting myself into this kind of stuff?" Luz asked.

'Maybe you just have mixed luck.' Amethyst hissed at Luz.

"That doesn't mean I have to keep getting in dangerous adventures with the people I love getting hurt." Luz said, referring to Amity.

'True but you never would've found love or me if you didn't keep getting into adventures. So that's good.' Amethyst hissed.

"Ever the optimist." Luz said.

'I have to be if you can't.' Amethyst replied with a simile as they reached a door hidden in the cave.

"This must be where Mr. Triplet is." Luz said as she looked to Amethyst. "Think you can get the door? My hands are kind of full."

Amethyst blasted the handle off and the door opened. Luz saw Marcus was still tied to his chair while looking at her with injuries and a smile.

"Hey, Luz. I knew you would come." he said before coughing in pain a bit.

"Don't worry, I'll get you out of here."

Luz went to Marcus and set Amity down gently by the chair before she began untying him.

"I take it you dealt with whoever was guarding the cave?" He asked Luz.

"Yeah, Odalia is out cold and I don't want to be around for when she wakes up or when your sister gets back." Luz said as she got the ropes off. "Can you stand?"

"Yes, but I may need a crutch." Marcus replied.

"I can help with that." Luz said, using the Monado's magic make a plant crutch right in front of Marcus.

He grabbed it and started to use it.

"Good, let's go."

"Oh, already?" Cera asked, "I had so much fun planned."

Luz moved in front of Marcus as she summoned the Monado while Amethyst and Ghost moved in front of Amity to protect her.

"So the rumors are true, the human does possess the legendary Monado." Cera said as she looked at Luz.

"It's over, Cera. Your ally is beaten and Luz is more than capable with the Monado." Marcus said as he stood up with the crutch.

"Oh believe me, brother, it is FAR from over. Especially since this human hurt the woman I love." Cera said as she glared at Luz.

"Wait, you and Oda-"

"Keep her name out of your FILTHY mouth!" Cera said as she grits her teeth.

Cera made a magic shield to block it and spread around the only exit to the room.

"Can I assume you have another idea for getting us out?" Marcus asked Luz.

"Yep! When in doubt, make your own way out!" Luz shouted as she turned to the left wall, switching to ice mode and using the Monado to burrow through the cave to make an ice tunnel to escape!

"I like your creativity." Marcus said.

"Thanks, now let's go!" Luz said as she picked up Amity in one arm.

"Right." Marcus said as he limped to the exit with Ghost and Amethyst covering him.

Luz waited until Marcus got into the ice tunnel before she used the Monado to cover their escape as Cera dispersed her shield. She saw they were gone and frowned at this before walking away.

'You win this round human but you won't win the next.' Cera thought as she picked up her injured lover, Odalia, as she left. 'I swear you won't.'

Chapter Text

Luz was almost halfway through the tunnel when she needed to break for a minute.

"The amount of times I've used nothing but adrenaline this week, can't be healthy."

The white glow in her eyes faded as she found herself out of energy, sitting against the wall with Amity still in her arms.

"I would say so. You're quite the little hero." Marcus said as he leaned against the other wall.

"This... this is too much for me." Luz said, "I'm just a teenager."

"I doubt that." Marcus said, "You're stronger than anyone I have ever met."

"How do you know that?"

"Because you have the Monado. Only you can hold it, I think that's enough to prove you're stronger than you think."

"And if I'm not?" Luz asked before she felt someone touch her cheek.

"You can always rely on the ones you love to save and help you." Amity said, recovered and sitting on Luz's lap.

"You're not alone." Amity said, "Don't worry."

Once again, Luz was reminded she didn't have to do things alone and she loved being reminded of it.

"I love you." Luz said.

"I love you too." Amity said.

the two shared a quick kiss as their Palismen returned to them.

"Can you walk okay?" Luz asked.

"I'll be fine. I can also help Mr. Triplet if he needs it." Amity said as she and Luz stood up.

"Yeah, I could use some help." He said.

Amity moved to help Marcus walk as Luz walked behind them til the end of the tunnel. Luz let Marcus ride on Amethyst while she ride the Monado back to Triplet Manor. They landed in front and Marcus was almost tackled by Boscha.

"Dad! I was so worried!" Boscha said.

"We both were." Elizabeth said as she came and hugged Marcus as well. "I pray Cera didn't hurt you too much."

"Eh, that bitch did worse to me when we were kids." He said.

"Still, let's get you inside. I'll call a healer." Elizabeth said as she lead Marcus inside as Amethyst returned to Luz.

"Alright, I should get going." Luz said, "I need to let Eda know about this."

"Okay but thank you, thank you so much." Boscha said as she kissed Luz.

"I can't let my girlfriend be upset." Luz said, "It goes against my religion."

"Luz, you don't have a religion." Amity said.

"Yes, I do. It's a human religion." Luz said with a smile.

"And that is?" Amity asked.

"Judaism." Luz said, "You know what, we'll talk more later, I have to get to Eda."

Luz gave Amity and Boscha quick kisses before she flew off to the owl house, the news of Cera Triplet and Odalia as the Eclipse Enforcer were things she needed to warn her friends about.

Chapter Text

Luz ran into the Owl House.


"Huh? Hey, Kid, I thought you were still getting sat on?" Eda said.

"Punishment ended early because Mr. Triplet was kidnapped by his crazy sister!" Luz quickly explained!

"Cera? She's back?!" Eda asked in shock.

"And get this! She's with the Emperor's Coven and so is Odalia, who is also the Eclipse Enforcer!" Luz explained again.

"Kid, you were a couch for one day, how do you already have the entire Coven after you?!" Eda asked.

"Honestly, I think it started with rescuing you from Petrification." Luz said as she sat down next to Eda, "I'm tired of everyone trying to kill me."

"I know the feeling, kid. Trust me, it'll get better." Eda said as she pulled Luz into a side hug.

"I hope so. This is getting bad for my health."

"I know some ways to help with the stress." Eda suggested.

"No apple blood. I'm underaged." Luz replied.

"Not that. I'm talking about just pigging out and watching bad tv." Eda said as she pulled out the crystal ball remote.

"King has snacks!" King said, coming into the den with snacks in his arms.

"Now that, I'm fine with."

For the rest of the day, Luz just spent it relaxing on the couch with her friends and catching the crystal ball. Eda was right, it really was just what she needed as she felt her troubles mealy away. At Triplet Manor, A healer was checking on Marcus. He was laying n the couch as the healer worked on his injuries, with a brace on his left leg to help him stand afterwards.

"Your injuries aren't too severe but your knee was dislocated a bit. You'll need to wear the brace for 2 weeks at least before you can walk normally again." They said to Marcus.

"That's good to hear." Marcus said as Elizabeth and Boscha watched from the door. Boscha was very scared, it hurt her knowing that her father got hurt because of the journals she has.

'Would this have happened if I didn't find it?' She thought.

Boscha was taken out of her thoughts when her mom put an arm around her.

"It's alright. Your father is safe and you aunt won't be trying this again. Not unless she wants to feel your wrath." Elizabeth said, remembering how Boscha wanted to go save her father guns blazing.

"I'm just afraid." Boscha said.

"We're all afraid but you must have faith that everything will be alright." Elizabeth said to her.

"It's hard to when the world seems to fall around you."

"But it's not, sweetheart. Not when there are people there to help you keep it up." Marcus said, hearing his daughter's worries.

Boscha walked up and hugged him.

"I was so afraid when you disappeared." She said.

"I know and I was afraid they would go after you as well." Marcus said as he hugged back, "I promise you, I won't leave again."

"Neither of us will." Elizabeth said as she hugged them as well.

"I'll leave you all to yourselves." The healer said as they left the room.

Boscha didn't want to move, she felt at peace right now. A peace she had to protect, no matter what. A peace the Cera will do anything in to break as the traitor Triplet was sitting in them medical wing of the Emperor's Coven next to a bedridden Odalia. And she will break it, no matter what the cost.

'Human, Marcus, you will burn for this.' Cera thought as she got up, moving some hair from Odalia's beautiful face. 'You will burn.'

Chapter Text

The next day, Luz was heading over to the Manor. After a good night of sleep and relaxation, Luz wanted to check up how things were going. And maybe protect Marcus a bit if Cera tries something else. She knocked on the door and was let in by a butler.

"If you are looking for Miss Boscha, she is in her room."

"Thank you, Charles." Luz said before she gave him some snails as a tip.

"There's no need for that, Miss Luz, I am just doing my job." He said.

"I insist. A little kindness goes a long way." Luz said.

"I look forward to getting to know you, Miss Luz. Your optimistic attitude is just what this world needs."

Luz smiled and nodded to him, glad that someone else appreciated her positive attitude as she headed up to Boscha's room.

"Oh, Boscha, I-"

Luz was pulled into the room and saw Boscha and Amity in bathing suits.

"So, we decided that, now that everything has calmed down, we should have our swim date now." Amity said.

"And we also have one for you since this is last minute. We hope you like it." Boscha said as she lifted up the bathing suit in question for Luz.

"We figured that you would be more modest compared to us." Amity said, "... And by us, I mean that one."

She pointed at Boscha.

"Don't look at me like that. You know what you signed up for." Boscha said, wearing a yellow, backless one piece swimsuit.

"You could at least tie it down a bit until we're 18." Amity replied, wearing a purple bikini with frills.

"Really? You want me to be like this when my body is even more developed?" Boscha asked, making an Illusion to make her body look eighteen, "You two droll over me now, you'll die when I look like this."

"We will not." Amity denied as she blushed while Luz dropped her jaw at the sight of Boscha.

"Don't know, Luz already has one foot in the grave by looking at me." Boscha said.

Thinking quickly, Amity snapped her fingers in front of Luz a few times before she shook her head.

"Sorry, sorry! I was distracted! I'm just gonna hurry and change!" Luz said as she took the modest swimsuit and rush to the bathroom.

"Seriously?" Amity asked Boscha.

"What?" Boscha asked, "Damn, I am hot!"

"Maybe but for all we know, this might not even be you in the future." Amity said as she flicked Boscha's arm, making the illusion poof her back to normal.

"You don't know that but I will work to make it my future self." Boscha said as she looked Amity over as well. "I can already imagine what you look like in the future."

Amity turned red.

"I... I-"

"You look good." Boscha said.

Chapter Text

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Luz was splashing her face with cold water to calm down from the memory of an 18 year old Boscha.

"I really look forward to the future now." Luz said to herself as she looked over her swimsuit that Boscha and Amity picked out for her, a one piece with a bite mark on the side like a beast took a bite out of her. "They know me so well."

She got changed and went back out.

"So, let's go swimming."

Her two girlfriends saw how curvy Luz was in the swimsuit and blushed a bit before they began leading her to the private swimming pool in the basement of Triplet Manor.

"This thing is massive!" Luz said.

Looking at the pool, Luz could see it was the size of the Lincoln Reflecting Pool in Washington DC!

"It's not that big." Boscha said, trying to be modest.

"This is the single biggest swimming pool I have ever seen!" Luz said, "Is that a water slide?"

Looking to the left, Luz saw a rather large Waterslide with a few loops leading to a ramp that could launch her right into the pool.

"Yep. It's more fun that it looks by the way." Boscha said with a smirk, before she grabbed their hands, "And it's more fun with three people."

The triclops led them to the water slide, letting Amity go up first before Luz and then herself. Shortest to tallest, it was only natural as they prepared to go down the slide.

"Ready?" She asked.

"Yes!" They said.

The three went down the slide and landed in the water. Laughing as they finally had a happy and peaceful date. With no one knowing where they were, nobody could ruin it for them! They were just floating in the pool.

"It's been so long since I've been in a pool, I almost forgot how fun it is." Luz said as she gazed at the high ceiling. "I wish a knew this realm had pools sooner."

"Well, think about it like this, when this becomes our Manor, you can come down and swim every day." Boscha said.

"Aren't you getting ahead of yourself?" Amity asked. "I don't have a problem with it but you need to ask our opinions first."

"Well, do you have a problem living here?" Boscha asked.

Amity and Luz looked at each other.

"No." They said.

"And would you have a problem if your parents, your good parents could visit without trouble?" Boscha asked, mainly looking to Luz since she would want to see her mother in Earth.

"No but…" Luz said before Boscha put a finger to her lips.

"Then everything will be fine. Especially when I get you a brand new portal made." Boscha said to her.

"Wow, you're going to do all that work?" Amity said.

"Of course, I am." Boscha said, "I am an awesome girlfriend. If my girlfriends are upset, I'll do whatever it takes to fix it."

"Awww, Bo-Bo!" Luz said as she swam to Boscha and hugged her.

Boscha gives Luz a kiss on the cheek.

"I can't let you get upset, my little ball of light." Boscha said.

"I know." Luz said as she turned to Amity. "Don't think I'll neglect my abomination queen either."

"Neither can I." Boscha said.

They swam over and hugged her. Amity gave a blissful sigh as she hugged them, it felt so good to be loved and Amity had a lot of years to make up for. Boscha and Luz gave her kisses on the cheeks.

"Did you like that, Mittens?" Boscha asked.

"I love it." Amity said as she kissed them back. "And I love you both, too."

"Come on, I have a surprise." Boscha said, going under the water.

"Underwater?" Luz asked.

"I'm just as curious. Let's follow her." Amity said before she and Luz took deep breaths and dove after Boscha.

Boscha made a spell circle and openings form on Boscha's neck.

"Tada!" Boscha said, underwater, "I can give myself or others gills."

"Mmm?!" Luz hummed in shock, almost opening her mouth underwater.

Smiling at her reaction, Boscha drew a spell circle to give her girlfriends gills so they can breath underwater.

"You can talk now." She said as Luz and Amity breathe water.

"Is this this spell safe to use for chlorinated water?" Luz asked.

"What's chlorine?" Amity asked Luz, who snapped her head to Amity.

'I shouldn't be surprised but I am.' Luz thought.

"It's a chemical humans use to keep pools clean but I'm guessing you guys use magic instead?" Luz asked.

"At this point you should assume the answer to everything is magic." Boscha said.

"I'll remember that on my next test." Luz said.

They all laughed at this joke as the pool fun was now doubled due to underwater games. Although, Luz found a small problem. She was laying against the edge of the pool for about a minute, with her neck above water. That's when she had a problem.

"Ah, can't breathe!" Luz dove back under the water, "Okay, found a downside."

"Yeah, sorry about that. In order to breath normally again, I have to undo the spell or you can suffocate on land." Boscha said as she and Amity swam up to Luz.

"Again, sorry." Boscha said as she held up her finger. "If you want to breath air again. Just say the word."

"Word, please." Luz said before has held her "breath" underwater.

Boscha made a spell circle and Luz's gills disappeared. Rising up, Luz spat the water from her mouth as she took in deep breathes of air.

"Oh sweet air. How I missed you." Luz said as Boscha and Amity came up, now gill-less.

"It was interesting to breath water like a fish." Amity said.

"The perks of being in the Potion Track, we get a good loop hole when it comes to the whole, only use that covens magic." Boscha said.

"I guess that explains why Eda and Lilith were in the potion tracks at school." Luz said as they swam to the edge of the pool, "This is a great date. I don't think anything can ruin today."

The Manor started to shake and Amity and Boscha looked at Luz.

"I'm sure that's just a coincidence." Luz said.

Chapter Text

Another shake happened as the water began forming waves, making the three of them hold on to the edge of the pool.

"Okay, fine! Something has ruined it!" Luz said before shouting to the roof, shaking her fist. "Are you happy ruining our dates, Titan?!"

"Come on, let's go see what's going on!" Boscha said.

The trio ran out of the pool and up to the main level to see the commotion.

"It's Cera." Boscha said, "That evil bitch is back."

"Can't she just take a break for once?" Amity asked as she summoned her armor watch and sword necklace.

"WHERE IS THAT HUMAN?!" Cera shouted as she fired blasts at Elizabeth, who was behind a magic barrier.

"Like I would tell you." Elizabeth said.

Cera growled until a yellow sword was thrown between them. Cera looked at where it came from and saw Boscha, Luz, and Amity all in their armor. Boscha put her hand out and her sword came back to her.

"Hello, Auntie. Why the sudden visit?" Boscha asked with a glare.

"Boscha, it's been too long. I just came by because I'm looking for a certain creature you might be dating." Cera said as she turned her attention to them.

"Huh, don't know that, but if I get you a mirror, I can show you a certain Cretan that's been a pain in my ass lately."

"Boscha, language." Elizabeth said.

"Sorry... the Cretan that's been a fucking pain in my ass." Boscha said, "You ready girls?"

Luz held up the Monado.

"Born ready."

Amity had her sword at the ready with magenta fire coming from the blade.

"Normally, I wouldn't suggest this but let's cripple this bitch." Amity said.

"Oh, we're going to do more than Cripple her." Boscha said.

"Do you three honestly think you can take me?" Cera asked them.

"We know we can! Especially after I knocked the crap out of Eclipse Enforcer!" Luz said.

Cera got angry and charged at them.

"YOU'LL PAY FIR WHAT YOU DID TO HER!" Cera shouted as she drew two spell circles!

One circle was to create a horde of thin abominations while the other circle was to make them look like Cera!

'An illusion and abomination combo spell!' They all thought!

"What are you going to do now?" The Cera's asked, smirking.

"I guess we'll have to kill them all." Amity said, "And if we hit you by accident... oh well."

"You think it will be that easy?" One Cera asked.

"Have you forgotten I'm in the Emperor's Coven?" Another said.

"Meaning I have unlinked access to ALL types of magic." A third one said before they all drew a spell circle to summon weapons.

"And I have access to this."

Cera turned around and saw Marcus with some kind of handheld canon type weapon.

"What?!" The Cera's said in shock!

"Boom." Marcus said as he pulled the trigger.

All that was left of Cera was a large bloodstain.

"And that is for locking me out when we were kids." Marcus said.

"Damn." Luz commented as she, Boscha, and Amity nearly drop their weapons in shock.

"That was surprisingly hardcore of Mr. Triplet." Amity said.

"Yeah….way to go, dad." Boscha said.

"Well, that bitch deserved it." He said, "No one messes with my family."

Elizabeth ran to her husband and hugged him tightly, making Marcus drop the cannon and hug her back.

"Now that's the big strong man I fell for." She said as she kissed him in the cheek.

"Why don't I show you more of him." Marcus asked, "Let's go to the bedroom."

"Gladly!" Elizabeth said as she lead Marcus to the bedroom, leaving the girls in the den stunned.

"Ew." Boscha commented about her parents.

"So, does this mean we can go back to our date?" Luz asked.

"Yeah, let's go." Boscha said, "I also need it so I can forget what I just heard."

The trio turned back to head to the pool as they deactivated their armor and turned their weapons back into jewelry. The servants could clean up the bloody mess of what used to be Cera.

"So, what are you going to do with... whatever's left of her?" Luz asked.

"Probably use her as fertilizer in the garden." Boscha said, "Maybe she'll come back as a flower. Give something pretty from her evil ways."

"Won't you just pull her out if you do?" Amity asked her.

"What your point?" Boscha asked.

"Fair." Amity said.

As the trio headed back to their date, Odalia was still resting inside of the coven medical wing before she felt someone caress her cheek and whisper into her ear.

"I'm sorry, my love."

Odalia gasped as she woke up, looking around to see where she was. A tear fell from her eye as she felt alone again, more alone than she was alone after her divorce from Alador.

"Cera?" She asked as she cried, feeling like something terrible had happened to her love.


She heard Cera whisper to her again as her heart ached in her chest. Cera was dead.

"No….Please Titan, no." Odalia said as she began to cry, holding her hands to her chest. "Cera…"

Odalia got angry, she already was making a plan.

"That human will pay."

Chapter Text

At the Manor, Luz jumped off the diving board, performing a flip in the process.

"CANNONBALL!" Luz shouted as she splashed into the pool, making water jump into the air.

Boscha and Amity got covered in water and laughed.

"Not bad. I give it a 9/10." Boscha said as Luz came up for air.

"I give it a 10/10 since it's the first cannonball I've seen done by a human." Amity said to Luz.

"Suck up." Boscha said.

"Well now that we've dealt with Cera, nothing can ruin-"

Luz was cut off by Boscha turning her into a Luz colored Unicorn Pool Float.

"Sorry, but every time you say that, something happens." Boscha said, "She looks big enough for two, want to try her out Mittens?"

"Gladly." Amity said as she swam to Boscha and her transformed girlfriend.

'Why did I have to open my big fat mouth?' Luz thought.

The two got on Luz and laid on her.

"This is relaxing." Amity said.

'I hope so, because I will pay Boscha to turn you into a blanket tonight.' Luz thought, 'I am tired of being transformed.'

"You think Luz is gonna want one of us to be transformed just one time?" Amity asked Boscha.

"Maybe but it would have to be you since you don't know the spell." Boscha said to her.

"You could teach it to me." Amity suggested.

"Maybe later." Boscha said, "Let's just enjoy our pool floaty girlfriend."

'Sure, just enjoy this.' Luz thought.

After an hour, Amity got off.

"Alright, Bo-Bo, turn her back." Amity said.

"Fine, just one this first." Boscha pulled out Luz's plug and let her deflate, "Just to make sure she doesn't have any air bubbles in her. Speaking from experience, they hurt."

'They hurt?!' Luz thought in shock as Amity caught her and helped her deflate.

They brought her over to the edge of the pool and placed her down. Boscha made a spell circle and Luz returned to normal.

"One of you is Transforming later, because as fun as it is being used by cute girls, I'm getting tired of being turned into something." Luz said.

"That's understandable and sorry, you'll get a turn with one of us soon." Boscha said as Amity nodded.

"It's only fair." Amity said.

"Actually, I have an idea." Luz said, "Tonight, Amity will be the blanket... and Boscha will be a pillow."

"Both of us? But who will be the one to undo the spell when you're done?" Boscha asked Luz.

"I have an idea for that." Luz said.

Chapter Text

Later, Luz had a training wand and had Boscha try it on Amity to see if she can turn her back with it. The Monado may give Luz elemental magic but every other magic is lost to her.

"The training wands works similar to regular bile sacks, just think of the spell and what you want to turn someone into." Boscha explained as Luz held the wand.

She points the wand at Amity and made a spell circle, turning Amity into a blanket.

"Okay, now see if you can turn her back."

"Okay." Luz said as she made another spell circle, hitting Amity with the small to make her turn back to normal. "It worked!"

"Great." Boscha said as she made a spell circle and turned Amity back into a blanket.

She then turned herself into a body pillow of her at 18, making Luz blush.

'Dios Mio.' Luz thought as Amity rolled her 'eyes.'

'Of course, she would become a body pillow. Lucky.' She thought.

Luz got into Boscha's bed and laid down on her.

'Yes!' Boscha thought, 'Enjoy my nice body.'

Luz pulled Amity blanket to lay over her body as she took a small nap, something to help her prepare for tonight. Amity heated herself up a little, making Luz sleep easier, while Boscha enjoyed Luz's soft breathing on her

'Mmmmm.' Boscha thought as she enjoyed Luz on her pillow behind, 'I love this.'

Later, Luz woke up, drooling a little and her arms wrapped firmly around Boscha. Her hands were touching some... inappropriate spots on Boscha. Luz looked at Boscha's face and saw her wink. Luz finally realized what she was doing and took her hands off Boscha.

"Ah! I'm sorry!" Luz said.

Luz quickly pulled out her practice wand and used it to turn Boscha back to normal so she could say….

"Why? You just showed an appreciation for the finer things in life." Boscha said with a smirk.

Boscha leaned against Luz and kissed her cheek.

"I had a mouth, you didn't need to turn me back to talk to me." Boscha said, "but, I guess you wanted the real thing."

"I... Boscha, why are you like this?" Luz asked.

"What? A little... playful? Puberty."

"Puberty in the human world doesn't make a person think so lewdly." Luz said to her as she turned Amity back to normal.

"Witch puberty is different from human puberty." Boscha answered.

"Wait, really?" Luz asked.

"Yeah, she's several months older than me, so see hit it before I did. Come this time next year, I'll be the same way." Amity said.

"….This both excites and scares me a bit."

"Yeah, but I'm curious to see how uptight Amity will act. I beat it will a wild ride." Boscha said while rubbing her hands, "Anyway, let's go do something."

The trio headed out of the room as Charles was passing them with a tray of refreshments, heading towards the chamber of Marcus and Elizabeth. He knocked on the door.

"Mr. and Mrs. Triplet, are you finished making a second child?" He asked, "I have refreshments."

"You can come in, Charles. We're covered." Marcus said, laying in bed next to his wife as she had a wide smile and messy hair.

He entered and laid a tray on the nightstand.

"So, when should we be expecting the new child?" He asked.

"Oh, Charles, we aren't going to have a kid." Elizabeth said.

"You said the same thing before Miss Boscha came along." He retorted.

"We know but this time is different. We used protection this time." Marcus said to Charles.

"Didn't you use protection before Miss Boscha came along as well?" Charles asked again.

"That was different." Elizabeth said.

"How exactly?" Charles asks with his arms behind his back.

"Well... we will double your salary if you never bring this up again." Marcus said.

"Triple, please. I'm thinking of taking my next vacation to the hip of the Titan." Charles said with a nod.

"Fine. Just please leave and drop this conversation." Elizabeth said to him.

"Right away, ma'am." Charles said with a small bow before leaving.

"That man is something else." Marcus said.

"Yeah... he's like a father." Elizabeth said.

Marcus agreed, Charles had been with the Triplets since he was a boy. He helped raised him so in a way, Charles was like a father.

"He honestly deserves more than triple." Marcus said,

"Anyway... have you ever thought about having another child?" Elizabeth asked.

Marcus looked to his wife in surprise as he was about to use magic to grab a drink.

"I-It has crossed my mind before, but I never thought much more of it." He said as he put his hand on hers, "Have you ever thought of it?"

"It... has crossed my mind. But I think we're getting a little old for that." Elizabeth said, "We're nearly fifty."

"I am aware, but you have to wonder, how would we be if we had another child before this point?" Marcus asked.

"Well, we're the richest people on the Isles, so we would be well off if we had another child, but... I would want to know how Boscha would react."

"Maybe she'd be happy having a little sibling." Marcus said.

"Maybe, but what if she isn't?"

"Boscha is an understanding girl, much more since she began bonding with Luz." Marcus said to her.

"Maybe you're right." Elizabeth said, "But I still think we're too old."

Later, Luz was walking back to the Owl House, spinning her staff while whistling, unaware of how much is going to change tomorrow. A change that would rock and shock her world.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Luz was woken up by Eda talking with someone. Luz got up and went downstairs, finding Lilith on the couch. It had been a little while since Luz had seen Lilith as she helped them save Marcus but it was still nice to see her.

"Hey, Lilith! What's the occasion?" Luz asked with a friendly wave.

"I heard about you having the legendary blade, I just had to see it for myself." Lilith said.

"Lilith spent many summers looking for it." Eda said.

'I must not have shown her yesterday.' Luz thought before shrugging.

"Okay, sure." Luz said as she grabbed her necklace and turned it into the Monado.

"Incredible, I never thought I would live to see this with my own eyes." Lilith said, "It's... enchanting."

Lilith placed a finger on it before it zapped her.

"Yeah, it doesn't like others touching it." Luz said.

"Yeah, apparently only she is "worthy."" Eda said as she rolled her eyes at the old joke she used.

"What? You weren't worthy." Luz said, chuckling at her call back.

"It's incredible." Lilith said, "What are you able to do with it?"

"Well, I can cast element magic with it, it can use it as a sword, and I can fly with it when not using my palisman Amethyst." Luz said as she held up her hand, performing an ice spell to make a crystal.

"Incredible!" Lilith said, "You must show me what you can do with this."

"Hoot Hoot! Intruders!"

Eda heard this and ran to the window.

"There's a damn, small army out there." Eda said, "Looks like you pissed them off yesterday."

"What did she do?" Lilith asked.

"Cera attacked the Triplet Manor, but Marcus was the one that killed one." Luz quickly explained.

"Well, I don't think they care." Eda said, "They want a fight, let's go give them one."

Eda transformed into her harpy form, surprising Lilith.

"When did this happen?!" Lilith asked.

"Don't worry about it!" Eda said, "I got some heads to cave in."

"Here, here!" Luz shouted as she held up the Monado!

"Well, then allow me to help as well. I want to show the results of my glyph studies." Lilith said as she pulled out some glyphs.

"Alright, let's go beat up some Coven Guards."

The trio made their way outside with Luz coming to the front and slamming the Monado down to create a blast of magic!

"I assume you're here for me." Luz said, surveying the group.

'Odaila isn't here, shocking.'

"You are under arrest for the murder of deputy coven head, Cera Triplet! Put your hands in the air and come quietly!" One shouted at Luz.

"One, I didn't kill her. Two, she was psychotic! She deserved it!" Luz shouted back.

"Kid, don't even try, they're heads are as thick as Odaila's hips." Eda said, "There's only one way to get rid of them... we have to fight them."

"But don't kill them. They don't deserve that." Lilith said to Luz.

"Wasn't planning on it!" Luz said as she switched her Monado to light mode and unleashed a barrage of light blasts!

It blinded them and they charged at the ground. Eda took to the air and dive bombed them, knocking several aside with her harpy form's strength. Lilith placed a glyph on the ground and a large amount of plants wrapped up the coven guards. Luz noticed that there were new Coven Guards, ones that were trained in sword combat.

"Oh? So, you boys wanna dance, huh?" Luz said as the Monado popped out an ice energy blade. "Bring it on!"

They charged at Luz, and she put her sword up. Luz blocked the first strike from one, before retaliating with a strong kick to the stomach.

"Ugh!" He groaned, falling to the ground.

"GYAH!" Another shouted, charging at Luz.

Luz waited for him to get close before ducking under his sword and kicked his legs out, making him fall to the ground. At the same time, Luz held the blade over her head and near her back, right as another one tried to hit her from behind. His sword bounced of Luz's and she quickly turned around and swiped at his, breaking his sword in two. She used the blunt end of the Monado and smacked the coven member to the ground before looking at the remaining sword fighters, 3 of them.

"Who's next?" Luz asked.

One of them stepped forward and picked up a dropped blade from his ally before spinning them both around himself in a display of swordsmanship!

"Alright then." Luz said.

Luz spun the Monado from one hand to the other before thrown it up like a baton and catch it before holding it behind her in a reverse grip.

"Bring it on." Luz said with a smirk.

Luz went on the defensive and blocked each strike. She watched and waited for an opening. The moment he swung at her with a spin, Luz ducked and swung upward to freeze him in a block of ice!

"Next." Luz said.

The last two charged at her and she got her sword ready. She dodged one's swipe while using her sword to block the other's strike. She kicked him away before she turned to the other, sword fighting him and slowly overwhelming him before knocking the sword out of his hands! Luz smiled as she adjusted the sword in her hand and hit him in the head with the flat side of the blade, knocking him to the ground and knocking him out. More normal Coven guards charged at her, making her have to go back on the defensive. As Luz fought them off, Lilith noticed that one from a tree line was lining up a crossbow aimed for Luz. Lilith sprinted towards Luz, just as the shot was fired. Lilith pushed Luz out of the way and took it herself. Lilith was motionless on the ground, Eda was hoping she was knocked out, while Luz got back up and dropped the sword. She turned around and showed the guards her white eyes.

"You…. have made…. a grave mistake." Luz said with a glare.

She slammed her fist on the ground, shaking it. The Coven guards got scared but held their ground. They threw their spears, but Luz just swiped her hand, with a large thing of light following her hand. The spears disintegrated and Luz glared at them.

"Run." She said.

They did and Luz went to check on Lilith... only to find the bolt in her head, hitting her brain... she was killed almost instantly.

Chapter Text

Eda came over and say before she begins crying as she reverted back to her normal form, falling to her knees and pulled her dead sister into her embrace.

"No... no." Luz said.

They were there for her, Lilith had nothing to do with this.

"I…I…." Luz said as she began to cry.

"It wasn't your fault kid." Eda said as she gently removed the bolt and closed Lilith's dead eyes.

"It was! They came for me, and now... she's gone." Luz said.

Luz fell to her knees as the Monado returned to her hand, making her look to the sword as she gripped it tightly.

"If I never found t this sword, then Lilith would still be alive." Luz said as she grits her teeth.

"Luz, stop, you didn't do this." Eda said, "Don't lose yourself in anger."

"Well how am I supposed to feel when someone I care about was killed before my eyes!?" Luz shouted at Eda.

Luz got up and went to the woods. She needed to calm down. Coming to a dense area with trees and large stones, Luz breathed heavily before she growled and draw back the Monado!

"RAAAH!" She screamed in rage, destroying everything around her in frustration!

Trees, she burned to ash. Rocks, she disintegrated with light blast. Everything was destroyed until she just broke down and cried.

'Lilith, I'm so sorry.' Luz thought as she stabbed the Monado in the ground before her, dropping to her knees and leaning her head against it.

"Why did I have to find this damn sword?" She asked.

"Because you are the only one worthy enough to wield it."

Luz looked up and saw Eda.

"What are you doing here?" Luz asked.

"I'm here for you, kid." Eda said as she kneeled next to Luz and pulled her into a hug. "I said I don't blame you for what happened to Lily, so you shouldn't blame yourself."

"But it's still-" Luz said before Eda covered her mouth.

"Still nothing. You are not to blame, end of story." Eda said as she continued to hug Luz.

"Can... can we go home?"

"Sure, kid." Eda said as she picked up Luz, deciding to carry her back home as the Monado turned back into a necklace.

She brought Luz inside and put her on the couch. It didn't take long for Luz to fall asleep. Eda put a blanket over her and kissed her head.

"Sweet dreams kid." Eda said as she headed to the front door, where Lilith had a blanket over her with her staff by her side. "And…. goodbye Lily. I'll make your you get a proper burial."

She grabbed Lilith's staff and looked at it.

"Mom and Dad will probably want this... I don't know if I'm ready to do this, but I don't have a choice."

Steeling her nerves, Eda used the magic in Lilith's staff to lift her body from the ground and wrap it up in the blanket properly.

"It's too early for this." Eda said as she flew with Lilith's body towards her old home.

Eda wouldn't be back until late in the afternoon, right as Luz woke up from her emotional nap. Luz woke up and heard crying, seeing Eda enter the house.

"Eda?" Luz asked.

"Hey, kid." Eda said as she wiped away her tears. "Just got back from my parents, real emotional."

"Are you okay?"

"Y-y-yeah, I'm fine, just... going to be a little sad for a while."

"Yeah….me too." Luz said with a nod as Eda sat down next to her.

"Listen Kid, I want you to get out of the house for a few days." Eda said, "Go spend time with your girlfriends. If there's one thing, I know from this, it can make you realize that you aren't immortal. Go enjoy these days while they last."

"Are you sure?" Luz asked her.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." Eda said as she tussled Luz's hair.

"Okay." Luz said.

She got up and went to the door, sending one last look at Eda, who was looking at the ground, and left.

"Lily…. I should've said this more but…. I forgive you." Eda said.

Chapter Text

Luz walked down the market of Bonesborough, her hands in her pockets, looking at the ground. She thought of how Lilith's death would affect things now, especially since Amity was her student until the petrification ceremony. She wasn't paying attention and bumped into someone. She looked up and saw Amelia, the plant track girl.

"Oh, sorry." Luz said to Amelia.

"Oh, it's you. I haven't had the opportunity to actually introduce myself." She said, "I'm Amelia, one of the girls on Boscha's Grudgby team."

"Well, it's nice to officially meet you, Amelia." Luz said as she held her hand out, shaking hands with Amelia, "I'm-"

"You don't need to introduce yourself, Luz, everyone knows you." Amelia said, "You're dating Amity and Boscha. I was about to go to practice with the rest of the team, want to come and see your girlfriend move on the field?"


Luz could use one of her girls to help her forget. She and Amelia walked towards Hexside together as they had a little side conversation about school.

"So, we don't get to talk much." Amelia said, "What is your favorite Track?"

"Hmm, I don't think I can pick just one, but I have to say…." Luz said as she tapped her lip. "The Bard Track."

"Really, that's surprising, I figured you more as a Beast Keeper."

"That's also my favorite but I like playing music as well. Especially magical music with different effects." Luz said to Amelia.

They made it to the grudgby field, where Boscha, Skara, and Kat were at already. Luz walked up behind Boscha and kissed her cheek, while wrapping her arms around Boscha's waist.

"Hi, Bo-Bo."

Pleasantly surprised, Boscha turned around and gave Luz a warm hug as the rest of the grudgby team watch.

"Lulu! I'm so happy to see you." Boscha said.

Luz and Boscha shared a kiss before separating.

"Do you want to try practice with us?" Boscha asked.

Luz thought about it, she did need something to keep her mind off... what happened.

"Sure, I'm game. I might even join the team if you have a spot." Luz said with a smile.

"Sweet!" Boscha said, "Girls, get the equipment set up while I get my Little Luzzy a uniform."

"Sure, Boscha." The girls said as their captain led Luz to the locker room for a uniform.

"Wow, Boscha sure has changed." Kat said.

"Yeah, ever since she started dating Luz and Amity, she's become so much nicer." Skara said with a nod.

"It's almost weird seeing her so... normal." Amelia said.

"But it's nice as well. Like she's really showing us this real her." Kat said with a smile.

"I won't lie, I almost didn't recognize her." Skara said, "The brown hair, the glasses, the happy and optimistic person... they really have changed her for the better."

"Yeah. Plus, I kind of like the brown hair more than pink. I never had the heart to tell Boscha before." Amelia said.

"Alright, ladies, I'm back!" Boscha said, "And this little sweetie looks amazing in her uniform."

Boscha rubbed her nose against Luz's cheek.

"Boscha! Your team might think you're playing favorites." Luz said as she stood in grudgby armor, black like the rest of the team.

"I am not. I'm just giving my girlfriend some well deserved attention."

"But it's still favoritism, isn't it?" Luz said to her.

"Not outside of major games and practice. There, you're treated as one of the team." Boscha said to her.

"Damn, loopholes." Luz said.

Boscha chuckled as she looked at the team.

"Alright, you girls know about formation 7, Luz, just watch first."

Luz nodded as she went to sit on the bench, watching as Boscha and the others hit the field.

Boscha took the ball and tossed it to Skara, who then tossed it to Kat, while Amelia ran down the field. Kat threw the ball to Amelia, who caught it and used plant magic to launch up towards the goal. Luz let out a short gasp as she recognized that move! It was the Thorn Vault from the Azura movie but improvised to make it their own!

"She must of remember the move when Amity did it." Luz said.

That also brought up the thought of Amity possibly rejoining the grudgby team.

"I do find the idea interesting, but I doubt she would do that." Luz said, "Maybe though."

"Hey, Luz! Ready to jump in?" Boscha asked her from the field.

"Oh! Yeah, let's do this." Luz said as she ran onto the field.

"Alright, I'm sure you'll be good with your... new abilities." Boscha said before leaning in and whispering, "Try not to hurt them with your magic."

"Don't worry. I would never, I've been practicing." Luz whispered back with a nod.

"Good, it'll be funny when they realize you're doing natural magic." Boscha whispered.

Both of them had a short laugh as they got ready to play again, this time with Luz involved.

"Alright girls, lets play, no holding back." Boscha said.

"Are you sure?" Skara asked her.

"Trust me. Luz can handle it. Remember our last game?" Boscha said to them.

They lined up for a practice game. Boscha and Luz on one side, Kat, Amelia, and Skara on the other. The ball launched and Luz jumped to grab it. Boscha smirked as she watched Luz run down the field. The three were closing in on her and Luz noticed. Luz spun around, slammed her foot on the ground, and wrapped them in vines.

"Aaah!" The screamed in surprise as Luz ran past them to the goals.

"Did you draw a glyph on your shoe?!" Amelia asked in surprise.

"Nope! All natural!" Luz said, "Just like this!"

Luz crouched down and slammed her hand on the ground, making an ice pillar launch her towards the goal.

"Did you know about this, Boscha?!" Skara asked in surprise.

"Maybe….." Boscha said as she looked away but smirked.

Luz snapped and the vines let them go.

"How did you do that? I thought humans didn't have bile sacks." Amelia said.

"I don't, I have something better." Luz said, "But I'm not going to tell you."

The team looked towards Boscha for answers, but she just shook her head to say she wasn't going to tell them.

"Sorry, my hands are tied." She said, lying.

"What else can you do?" Skara asked.

"How about she shows you in the game?" Boscha recommend.

The trio looked towards each other and gave silent nods, intrigued to see what else Luz could do with her surprisingly new magic abilities.

"Alright, let's line back up!" Boscha ordered.

The team followed Boscha's command and stood before each other with Luz teaming up with Skara while Boscha teamed up with Amelia and Kat. The ball went up and Luz used her plant magic to grab it.

"My ball." Luz said.

"Dang it, I should've done that!" Amelia said as she rushed Luz.

Luz held her hand up and made a light spell, flashing Amelia.

"Aaaah!" Amelia let out as Luz moved to meet her fall to the ground.

"Get her!" Kat said as she and Boscha charged at Luz.

"Skara, cover me!" Luz said as she rushed to the goal.

Skara used her magic and summoned a violin. She started playing a lullaby, which put the others to sleep.

"You have to teach me that sometime!" Luz said as she scored the goal with ease.

"I will, but first, let's wake them up."

Skara said as she summoned a pair of symbols. "You may want it cover your ears."

Luz did so and Skara slammed them together. The sound was even louder thanks to the magic and everyone jolted up as the ground shook.

"Thanks Skara!" Boscha said, a little loud.

"Uh, Boscha, maybe tune it down a bit." Luz said.

"What?" Boscha said, "I can't hear you."

"Oh, uh... that will go away after a few minutes." Skara said.

"What?!" Boscha screamed again as she still couldn't hear.

"What?!" Kat shouted.

"What?!" Amelia joined.

"Should we take them to a healer?" Luz asked, "I can't do healing."

"They'll be fine in a few minutes, their hearing should be back by then." Skara said but found their screamed hard to deal with.

"I can make wood earplugs is you want." Luz said.

"Please." Skara said quickly.

Luz did so and handed them to Skara. Luz made some for herself and put them in to wait for the trios hearing to return. When that did, they returned to their game. All throughout, Luz was showing off her natural prowess for sports. It was like she had been playing Grudgby for years instead of once before now.

At the end, Boscha came over to her and gave her a kiss to the cheek.

"So, does my special little light want to join? I heard that your mentor and her sister were on the team."

Luz's expression sank at that. She just forgot about it with all the fun she was having.

"Yeah, about that... I need to talk to you and Amity."

Chapter Text

Boscha was a bit surprised and worried at Luz's sad expression.

"Luz, what happened?"

"Get Amity... then I'll tell you. I'd rather not say this twice."

Luz headed back to the locker room to change as Boscha watched before pulling out her scroll. Whatever this was, it must've been serious of Luz was this down.

'Get to Hexside and hurry. Our sweet light is flickering.' -Boscha.

'I'm coming right away.' -Amity.

Suddenly, Amity was next to Boscha, completely startling her.

"How did you get here so fast?"

"I ran here." Amity said, "Let's go."

Before Boscha could react or retort, Amity grabbed her hand and dragged her to the locker room as the rest of the team watch in surprising and confusion.

"Love makes a witch strange." Cat said.

"Yep." Skara and Amelia said with nods.

Boscha and Amity entered, looking for Luz. A locker closing caught their attention as they walked past two rows of lockers before finding Luz back in bed normal clothes and sitting on a bench.

"Luz, what's the matter?"

Luz looked towards them as tears began to build up again, making her sniffle as the guilt was heavy on her heart again.

"A few hours ago, the emperor's coven attacked the house." Luz said as they looked shocked.

"They what?!" They said to Luz.

Luz looked down.

"I tried to fight them off, but one attacked from behind, trying to hit me in the head with an arrow... I was pushed out of the way and... Lilith took the arrow for me." Luz said, "She died and it's all my fault!"

hugging her in comfort.

"Luz, it's not your fault. You couldn't have predicted that one of them would attack from behind." Amity said to her.

"She shouldn't have been there!" Luz said, "And…I shouldn't have been here. If I had never come to this place, Lilith wouldn't have had to die."

Luz felt two hard slaps to her cheeks.


"Don't you dare say that!" Boscha said.

"If you never came here, we wouldn't be together!" Amity said.

"I wouldn't be "me" if it wasn't for you! You helped me become a better person and not just some bitch that cares about status." Boscha said.

Luz looked down, silently crying. Amity and Boscha hugged her.

"You being here has made so many lives so much better. Mine included. I couldn't imagine who I would be if I had never met you." Amity said as she and Boscha rubbed Luz's back.

"It wasn't your fault, she did that because she cared about you." Boscha said, "You know what might help you? Delivering the hammer to its rightful owner."

"The hammer is done?" Luz asked in surprise.

"Yep. And I have the perfect witch in mind." Boscha said as she wiped another tear away from Luz's cheek.

She handed the necklace to Luz.

"Amity, go with her, I need to put the gear away." Boscha said.

"Okay but who did you have in mind?" Amity asked before Boscha whispered it into her ear. "Oh! Good choice."

Luz had a good feeling who Boscha was thinking of. Helping Luz off the bench and wiping away any remaining tears, Amity lead her out of the locker rooms and away from Hexside with the Plant hammer in hand. For some reason, Luz is the only one that can hold the other weapons, even Boscha can't without a special spell that the book told her about, even then she can't hold Luz's sword.

'I wonder if she'll like it.' Luz thought as they reached the home of the witch they wanted the hammer to go to.

They knocked on the door and Willow opened it.

"Willow, is there a place we can speak in private?" Amity asked.

"Oh! Um, sure. Come on in. My dads are out right now, so we have the house to ourselves." Willow said as her palisman, Clover, rested on her head.

They entered the house.

"So, what can I do for you?"

"We were wondering. Push comes to shove; you'd be willing to help us." Amity started.

"Uh, I mean, I did with that creature a while ago."

"I know that, but I mean REALLY help us. Like fighting the Emperor's Coven if you have to." Amity pushed on.

"My answer is still the same, Luz and you are my friends. I'd do anything in my power to help you." Willow said with a firm expression.

"Good." Luz grabbed Willow's wrist and put the hammer in her hand, "Then take this."

Willow looked at the tiny hammer, wondering if it was some sort of charm before it suddenly grew in her hands and became a large war hammer!

"Woah!" Willow said, "What is this!?"

"Yours." Luz said.

Chapter Text

"Mine?!" Willow said in shock.

"Yes, it's a special weapon Boscha made that only you can wield. Just like my sword." Amity said as she transformed her abomination blade, "Except for Luz, she can hold all of them."

"We don't know how but that's beside the point." Luz said as she waved her hand.

"You... you trust me?"

"Always." Luz said as she and Amity smiled to her.

"So, why don't we go somewhere large and see what this can do?" Amity suggested.

"Uhhh, sure." Willow said as she slowly smiled, standing up with her new war hammer. "Though, I was never one for weapons, I think I may like this thing."

Looking at it, she saw her reflection.

"That's not all." Luz said, handing her an armor watch, "You'll need that as well."

"Oh! Is this one of those armors you and Amity have?" Willie asked as she took the watch.

"Yep. Now you've got one too." Luz said.

"Go on, try it." Amity said, "I recommend taking the glasses off first. Boscha learned that the hard way."

"Oh! Well than I'll just take these off." Willow said, taking off her glasses and handing them to Clover before she put on the armor watch.

Willow pressed it and she was covered in dark green armor.

"Whoa!" Willow let out, her voice digitized and lower.

"Yeah, it feels strange at first, but you'll get used to it." Amity said.

"This is so cool." Willow said as she looked over herself.

"Yeah, now, let's see you and that hammer in action."

Nodding to them, Willow followed them out of the house and brought her to a small clearing inside of the woods. Willow stood in the middle as Luz and Amity sat on the side to watch her.

"Any specific instructions?" Willow asked them.

"It should come naturally. Just swing it."

Willow looked at the war hammer before giving a shrug, a hammer was a simple weapon to swing. Nothing to complicated.

"Here goes nothing." Willow said as she firmed her grip and raised the hammer into the air.

She slammed it on the ground, shaking the Isles as trees grew around them.

"Whoa!" They all let out as they stumbled.

"A lot more power than I thought." Willow said as she lifted the hammer up, gazing at it in awe.

"Yeah, powerful hammer for a powerful witch." Luz said.

"You'll do great things with that." Amity said.

"Yeah, but I think I'll need more practice with it, so I don't sink the isles." Willow said as she transformed her hammer into a bracelet and undid her armor into a watch.

"Hey, we all needed a little work. You'll do great when you get used to it." Amity said.

"Yeah, I'm sure you'll be a natural." Luz said as Clover flew over with Willow's glasses in tow.

"Thank you, Clover." Willow said as she took her glasses back and put them on, "You're a good palisman. So, how's the relationship?"

"Well, Boscha keeps using transformation magic on me." Luz said.

"Because you do stupid stuff." Amity said, "Which I love, but still."

"That's just the Luz experience. I always do stupid stuff for the ones I love." Luz said to Amity.

"Still... don't go on dangerous missions by yourself." Amity said.

"Are you still on this?!" Luz asked.

"Yes. Let it be a reminder to NOT go off on your on again." Amity said with her arms crossed.

"But I thought you forgave me for that!" Luz said to her.

"Hehehehe, oh Luz. Boscha and I will NEVER forgive you for worrying us like that." Amity said with a small chuckle.

"Do I want to know what you're talking about?" Willow asked.

"No." Both girls said.

"Really? Because I feel I should." Willow said as she and Clover glanced at each other.

"It's a girlfriend problem." Luz said, "And they're blowing it out of proportion."

"You almost died!" Amity said.

"That's normal for me, even before the Monado!" Luz said before holding up a finger. "Wait, that came out wrong!"

"Jeez, you guys' sound like you need counseling." Willow said.

"I'll say." Boscha said, walking out of the new tree line, "I felt the quake from the other side of town. That hammer is strong."

"I think it's the person holding it that's strong." Luz said.

"Thank you but I think I should head home. Don't want you to change the subject with your girlfriends." Willow said as she and Clover left.

"No wait, Willow!" Luz called out to her, somewhat begging.

"Thank you, Willow. Now about that comment you made about almost dying being normal for you." Amity said as she turned to Luz, her arms crossing.

"Oh, would you look at the time, I should go-"

Boscha hit Luz with a spell, leaving a potted plant in her place.

"Nice try, but you aren't going anywhere." Boscha said, "Pick her up, Mittens, let's get her to my house."

"Gladly." Amity said as she picked up the potted plant that was Luz. "I think Luz needs time to think about how the people she loved are effected by her definition of "normal.""

"Me too. Now that she has us, I think she needs to reaffirm her the "normal" she's come to expect in the demon realm." Boscha said.

Chapter Text

The two walked to the Manor and into Boscha's room, placing Luz on the windowsill.

'Why me?' Luz thought as Amity can with a glass of water and poured it into the pot. 'And why does that water taste so good?'

"I feel like she needs a break from this." Amity said.

"Then tell her to stop doing stupid shit." Boscha said.

"I have but you know Luz, she does stupid shit because she loves us. It's a dangerous yet admirable trait, it's how she got me my job back after the library incident." Amity said as she smiled from the memory.

"Yeah, but that wasn't as dangerous as some things she's done lately."

"Like saving your dad from your crazy aunt?" Amity asked her.


'That was a good thing! And Amity was with me!' Luz said but they couldn't hear because she had no mouth.

"So, should I turn her back?" Boscha asked.

'Yes!' Luz shouted but they still couldn't hear.

"Maybe just another minute and then we turn her back. She still needs to learn a lesson." Amity said to her, "Plus, she looks really cute as a little rose. Would it be weird to sniff her?"

"I don't see why not. Maybe we'll smell what shampoo she uses." Boscha said with a smirk.

The two walked over and smelt the rose.

"She smells like honey." Amity said, "So, should we put fertilizer in her pot?"

"Maybe not, we are going to change her back soon." Boscha said to her as she held up her finger.

Boscha made a spell circle and turned Luz back.

"Oh, thank God and Titan!" Luz said as she sat in the windowsill before her girlfriends hugged her.

"Let this be a lesson." Boscha said as she kissed Luz in the cheek.

"What was the lesson this time?" Luz asked.

"Don't go off without us and don't say stupid things about your safety." Amity said.

"You are so lucky I don't have my staff or a wand or else I would hit both of you with a spell." Luz said.

"Sure, you would." They both said.

"I am serious, I would turn you both into socks and wear you!" Luz said, threatening them.

"Oh, that's a good idea." Boscha said, raising her finger.

"No! I wasn't giving you an idea!" Luz said.

Boscha put her finger down. She was glad that Luz was feeling better than earlier.

"Alright but that does give me more ideas." Boscha said with a smirk.

"And that makes me afraid." Luz said.

"Don't worry, Amity would be involved too." Boscha said.

"What!?" Amity said.

"Yeah, you were Luz's blanket the last time she transformed us." Boscha said to Amity.

"That was a onetime thing." Amity said to her.

"No, it isn't." Boscha said, "Now, let's cuddle."

As the trio went to Boscha's bed to cuddle and relax, things with Odalia were anything but relaxing. Since the raid on Triplet Manor failed and Cera's death, Odalia in a newly repaired armor was attending a coven funeral service for Cera.

"Don't worry, my Love, we killed one of them." Odalia said, "They will all come down."

Moving to the coffin, Odalia placed Cera's favorite flower on it as the other coven member was the 21 spell salute to honor her.

"Aim!" Hunter said as seven coven members drew spell circles and aimed into the air. "Fire!"

After the funeral, Odalia went to the planning board. She was going to kill that Human. They question was how to do it without anyone getting in her way? Odalia looked at her latest plan.

"This is it, no holding back this time." Odalia said, "Each of you are going to die."

Looking over a target list, Odalia had several names on it with Luz being at the top.

1. Human
2. Boscha Triplet
3. Marcus and Elizabeth Triplet
4. Alador and Amity Blight
5. Edalyn Clawthorne

"They will all fall."

Chapter Text

Elsewhere, Luz woke up, falling asleep with her girlfriends and their cuddling.

"So warm." Luz mumbled as Amity and Boscha laid on her chest, listening to her heartbeat.

Luz's heart was a natural lullaby for them. So soothing and relaxing. It was like the perfect beat to listen to for them. Even more perfect than a bard witch playing a drum in an orchestra. Luz tried to pull away but they pulled her back.

'Well, so much for the bathroom.' Luz thought.

Luz thought this was also some form of punishment before she decided to hold it and lay awake to hold her girlfriends as they slept.

She held on for thirty minutes.

"Okay, I need to pee, so can you guys wake up?"

"We know." Amity and Boscha said as he raised their heads and smirked at Luz.

"You two are devils." Luz said, "And I've never been more glad to be in hell."

She kissed them and got up. The girls chuckled at her dark humor as Luz rushed to the bathroom.

"So, what to do without Luz." Amity said.

"Kiss a little?" Boscha asked.


Like many times before, the two witch girls began to share a nice kiss as Luz was doing her own business away from them. It didn't mean they didn't love Luz by less, they were just making sure they were keeping their love for each other strong.

"It's still hard to believe we were at each other's throat's just a few weeks ago." Boscha said.

"And it's been the best few weeks of my life from that point." Amity said with a smile.

"Alright, I'm back." Luz said.

The two pulled her into the pile again.

They snuggled once again, the weekend was almost over so they wanted to enjoy it as much as they could before heading back to school.

"So, any other weapon you're planning on making?"

"Just one but it looks kind of silly." Boscha said to Luz.

"Really? What is it?" Luz asked.

"It's…a giant boomerang." Boscha revealed.

"You're right, that is silly... what about, instead of a giant one, you make a smaller one that can replicate duplicate itself." Luz said.

"And this, is one of the reasons why love you."

Luz can take even the silliest ideas and make them ingenious. A replicating boomerang weapon, so original, but which glyph would fit it?

'Well, there's only one glyph left to use, the ice one.' Boscha thought.

'I guess I'll have to think about who to give it too.'

But who would be the right person? One of her friends who was on the Grudgby team with her or one of Luz friends like Gus and the dual track students.

"Boscha, it's cuddle time." Amity said.

Boscha smiled and returned to the cuddling.

'I can't think about it later.'

The group cuddled, eventually falling asleep. They woke up to the sound of Boscha's alarm.

"Ugh, school." Luz said.

"We could skip." Boscha suggested.

"We are not skipping." Amity said as she got up.

"You're no fun."

"Someone had to be the responsible one in this relationship." Amity said as she pulled Luz and Boscha from the bed. "Now come on, the faster we get dressed for school, the more time we can spend together before classes we don't have together."

"You drive a hard bargain, Blight." Boscha said, "Who wants to shower togeth-"

"No." Both Amity and Luz said.

Boscha pouted at them, it seems she really was the only one who liked to have risqué fun when they could have it, but Luz and Amity wanted to wait a few more years it seems.

"You two are no fun." Boscha said, going to the bathroom.

"We love you too." Luz and Amity said to her with smirks.

"So, excited for school today?" Luz asked.

"A little." Amity said as she stretched while standing up.

"I can't wait to hang out with my girlfriends in the few classes we have." Luz said.

"Don't forget Gus and Willow, you don't want to ignore our friends just because we're in a relationship." Amity said to Luz.

"Oh don't worry, I would never do that cliche." Luz said of Amity, "I just... don't know how to tell them about the recent... problem."

The bathroom door opened to show Boscha with her hair wet and a towel around her body.

"Alright, which of you is next?"

"Uh…" Luz let out, distracted by Boscha's towel clad body and wet hair that shines in the light.

'Every time.' Amity thought with a blush.

'Every time.' Boscha thought with a smirk as she walked to her closet.

"Hey, Luz, why don't you take a shower next?" Amity said, pushing Luz into the bathroom, "Seriously Boscha? Are you trying to kill our girlfriend?"

"I don't mean to be too hot, I just am." Boscha said as Amity closed the door behind Luz. "It's like breathing, it just happens. Besides, you like it."

"Yeah, I do." Amity said.

Chapter Text

In the bathroom, Luz decided to take a cold shower to shock her out of her trance and cool herself down.

'I will never get used to that!' Luz thought, concerning her attraction to Boscha. 'Is this how Amity felt about me at first? How was I so oblivious?'

It continued to plague her mind throughout her cold shower and even after as Luz finished and got out to get ready for school. She summoned and used her staff to get herself clothed.

'Thank you, Amethyst.' Luz thought it her faithful palisman before she exited the bathroom.

"It's free for you, Amity." Luz said to her other girlfriend.

"Thank you, Lulu." Amity said, giving Luz a kiss to the cheek.

Amity went into the bathroom, using the remaining hot water to shower as Luz and Boscha waited outside with their Palismen.

"So, do you think we can have a date without being interrupted?" Luz asked.

"I want to say yes, I DESPERATELY want to say yes but with Belos wanting your head, I have to say no." Boscha said with a frown, dressed I her school uniform.

"Well, that's horrible." Luz said, "I just need one date where nothing bad happens."

Luz laid on Boscha's bed, staring at the ceiling. Boscha laid next to her and put an arm over Luz.

"Hey, don't worry, nothing bad will happen." Boscha said, "How about you help me work on the boomerang after school?"

"Really? Sure! It sounds like fun!" Luz said with a smile.

"That's my girl!" Boscha said.

Boscha moved close and gave Luz a long kiss on the lips. Luz perked up from the kiss before they broke apart and stared into Boscha's eyes.

"You know, we could have sleepover dates, they can't attacks us if they think we're asleep." Luz suggested.

"Your optimism is adorable."

"It's still a good idea." Luz replied.

"I never said it wasn't." Boscha said.

"Great! Then how about we plan one for this Friday?" Luz asked.

"Sure, we just have to tell Amity."

"Tell me what?" Amity asked, walking out of the bathroom.

"About having a sleepover date on Friday." Luz said.

"A sleepover date?" Amity asked with interest.

"Luz thinks that since we're only attacked during the day, a sleepover date would have a better chance of no attacks." Boscha said to her.

"Well, I don't see anything wrong with that." Amity said.

"Yes! I can't wait!" Luz said with a glee.

"Well, we have school first." Amity said.

The trio nodded to that before they left Triplet Manor, using their staffs to fly to Hexside together as Marcus and Elizabeth waved them off.

Chapter Text

They landed at Hexside and walked in hand in hand in hand. Many students have them waved and friendly greetings, still supporting their relationship as they say their friend groups getting along with each other.

"You know, it was lonely at the top." Boscha said, "It doesn't feel so lonely anymore."

"That's because you let yourself be alone when you didn't have to be." Luz said with a smile to her, "And I'll see you in Potions." Luz kissed Boscha's cheek, "And I'll see you in Abominations." She kissed Amity's cheek.

"See you later, Lulu/babe." Amity and Boscha said before they kissed her cheeks before she left.

"She's too pure for this world." Amity said.

"I know." Boscha said, kissing Amity's cheek, "See you at lunch."

"Right back at cha." Amity said before she headed off towards class.

Luz went to her first class, Beast Keeping. Since this class didn't require magic most of the time, it was one of Luz's best and favorites. Luz was currently petting her baby griffin. One of the things she had to do was watch over a Griffin Egg, and it hatched before it was supposed to and then imprinted on Luz.

"How are you this morning, my fluffy little baby?" Luz asked in a cutesy voice.

Fluffy, as Luz called her, climbed up Luz's arm to her shoulder. She was too young to fly, she has small baby feathers still. Luz wanted to bring her home, but because she hatched early, they want to make sure she doesn't have any problems. Fluffy nuzzled Luz's cheek as her class partner sat down next to her, Viney. Fellow multi track student and friend from the detention track.

"Hey, Luz, hi Fluffy." Viney said, petting the baby griffin.

"Hello, Viney. How are you today and how's Puddles?" Luz asked.

"Both good." Viney replied.

"How are you, Luz?" Viney asked.

"I'm... I'm good." Luz said, "It's... it's been a hard weekend."

Luz was still sore from the loss of a family member. Luz didn't get to focus much on it, as the teacher came in.

"Alright, class settle down. Today we have a special guest joining us today." The Beast Keeping teacher said, getting all their attention, "Today, we have the head of the Beast Keeping Coven."

The class gasped in shock, Viney being the loudest, as the door was kicked opened and the head of the Beast Keeping coven came jumping into land on the teacher's desk!

"Head Witch, Eberwolf!" The class, besides Luz, said in shock.

'That's the Beast Keeping Coven head?! He's so cute!' Luz thought in awe of the small witch.

"Now, he's here to demonstrate some of the more advanced forms of Beast Keeping."

"Mmhm." Eberwolf nodded, sitting like a dog on the desk.

He was so in tune with beast keeping magic, Eberwolf was a beast himself. Luz watched with interest, she never got to see a master Beast Keeper in action. Eberwolf held up his finger and drew a spell circle over his forehead, shutting his eyes to perform the spell before he opened them to reveal high beams coming from them. Eberwolf looked at the ground and revealed several seats of footprints coming from the door to leading to the desk.

"Does anyone know what type of spell Head Witch Eberwolf is using?" The teacher asked the class.

Luz raised her hand.

"A Tracking spell?"

"Very good, Luz. It is a tracking spell." The teacher said as Eberwolf's continued to look around the room.

The class kept going, while in Potions class, Boscha was working on her latest potion.

"Just a little more and it'll be complete." Boscha whispered to herself.

She figured that she could do something nice for Luz, seeing as she was having a rough time with... what happened, so she decided to make a potion that would change Luz's mood. She's done it on herself several times in the past to appear happy in places she did not want to be, so she knows it last for a while, but has no lasting side effects. And it was better than seeing one of the girls she loved being so down at times.

"Now I just add one drop of-"

"Could Miss Triplet please come to the Principal's office?" Bump said over the loudspeaker.

The sudden call made Boscha drop the vial into the cauldron, making it explode, covering her in soot and making her hair stand up. She removed her glasses and used her uniform to wipe them off.

"Dang it." Boscha said as her glasses were clean and she put them back on.

She got up from her desk and began wiping the soot off her uniform as she exited the class to head to Principal Bump's office.

"Can I help you, Principal Bump?"

"Sit down, Ms. Triplet." Bump said, gesturing to the seat before his desk, "Now, I wanted to talk to you about... Luz."

"What is it? Is she hurt?!" Boscha said.

"No, well... not in the way a Healer could fix." Bump said, "Her teacher called and said that her usual happy self is. Seeing as you and Miss Blight are...acquaintances, I figured maybe you might know what's wrong."

Boscha looked away for a moment as she did know why Luz was so sad. Lilith's death was heavy in all of them, even though Boscha didn't know her that well, she still respected Lilith greatly and she did so much for the isles.

"I know the reason." Boscha admitted, "Don't let her know I told you but... she watched Lilith Clawthorne get murdered. From what she told me, Lilith took an arrow aimed for Luz and it hit her in the head. She died instantly."

"Goodness!" Bump said as he covered his mouth in surprise and shock.

He would never say it aloud, but Lilith was his favorite student, and yes as much as it pained him to say, Eda was his second favorite. Lilith always did her homework, never got in trouble, was always on top of everything. This was a horrible thing to happen, especially for Luz to witness. He can't imagine how she feels.

"And you can imagine how Luz feels." Boscha said sadly.

"She is blaming herself, isn't she?" Bump guessed as Boscha nodded.

"Amity and I can't seem to get through to her." Boscha said.

Bump hummed as he rubbed his chin, thinking of something to help.

"Have you thought of seeing a therapist? It could help her properly process these feelings." He suggested.

"Please, she would fight that tooth and nail." Boscha said, "But it could work if we trick her."

"I agree, though she probably won't like that. Even if you are one of her girlfriends." Bump said as he reached into his desk and pulled out a pamphlet for a therapist.

"Believe me, she won't but it's out of love and concern." Boscha said as the pamphlet was magically given to her.

"I'll talk to Amity about it." Boscha said.

"I hope that you do. You may go now." Bump said to Boscha.

As Boscha was leaving, she looked at the brochure.

'"Therapy, please help us by letting us help you." Titan that sounds so cheesy.' Boscha thought, 'But, it's the only possible option.'

Chapter Text

Boscha made her way back to class as she pulled out her scroll and relayed the message to Amity about her meeting with Bump and the suggestion of getting Luz some therapy to help with her grief on Lilith's death. Amity got the message and sighed, knowing it was the only way to help Luz.

"I just hope Luz agrees to it before we truly to trick her." Amity mumbled to herself.

Lunch came and Boscha's group of friends and Luz's group of friends sat at a table, when the girlfriend trio arrived.

"Hey, guys." Willow said, wearing her armor watch and hammer bracelet, sitting between Gus and Amelia.

"How the love triangle?" Gus asked as Skara and Cat giggled at the joke.

"Oh, it's going great, we're taking Luz's virginity tonight." Boscha said, making Luz choke on her apple blood.

"What!?" Luz said.

"Oh, nothing Babe, I just wanted to stop them from laughing." Boscha said, "Because they can't talk when they aren't getting any."

"Boscha, be nice." Amity said.

"And don't joke about that. Look at Gus." Willow said as Gus was left a blushing mess with steam coming from his ears.

"And Luz." Cat said as Luz was blushing just as red as Gus.

"Well, that's normal for Luz." Boscha said, "We do get creative in the bedroom though."

"AKA, Boscha turned herself into a body pillow for Luz." Amity said.

"A body pillow?" Amelia asked in surprise.

"Before you say anything, don't knock it til you try it." Boscha replied.

"I'm... not going to try it." Amelia said, "Also because I'm not dating anyone."

Amity noticed the look that Cat had... she so wanted to try it with Amelia.

'I'm not going to say anything to Amelia, but I am so talking to Cat about that.' Amity thought.

She didn't want Cat to try and fumble with her feelings towards Amelia like she did with Luz. That was enough embarrassment for every girl in the demon realm.

"Hey, Cat, I need to talk to you... in private." Amity said.

"Okay but why?" Cat asked her.

"You'll find out." Amity said to her.

Amity dragged her out of the cafeteria and into an empty classroom.

"So, you like Amelia?"

Cat began blushing.

"I-How did-" She stuttered.

"I can tell the signs. I've been there before." Amity said to her.

"Now, as someone who has spent a long time admiring and not going for it... I can tell you that it will only fail." Amity said

"So, you want me to just go for it? Even if it means getting rejected?" Cat asked her.

"Yes, but its sure Amelia won't reject you. You're a cute witch, she'd be crazy to not like you too." Amity said to her friend.

"I don't know, I-"

Cat was cut off as Principal Bump's voice went over the intercom.

"Attention Students, there is going to be a meteor shower this Friday, so as principal, I am going to throw a school dance for it." He said.

"That's your chance to ask!" Amity said,

"What?! But it's so sudden!" Cat said to Amity.

"The old saying is "it's now or never."" Amity said as they headed back to the lunchroom.

They sat back down.

"So, what did you guys talk about?" Gus asked.

"Did you hear the announcement?" Luz asked.

"We just needed to talk about something in private." Amity said before looking to Luz and Boscha. "And yes, I heard about the dance. Would you girls like to go?"

"Uh, duh." Boscha said, "It's our first dance as a throuple, of course we want to go."

"Throuple, three way couple. I like it!" Luz said, liking the sound of that word.

"I can't wait to get ready for it!" Luz said.

'And I can't wait to bring you to therapy tomorrow.' Boscha thought.

At least the thought of the dance and the meteor shower would have Luz in a better mood so they can trick her easier. It just felt so bad to trick Luz but she needed this.

"So, why don't the three of us go shopping tomorrow and get ready?" Boscha said, "A little girlfriend trip."

"Dress shopping? Count me in! I could use a new dress or suit." Luz said with a nod.

"I could use one as well." Amity said with a nod but she knew the plan Boscha was making.

The shopping trip was just a cover to get Luz to a therapist. They would go shopping afterwards, but Luz needed this.

"I can't wait to go shopping with you guys." Luz said before turning to Gus and Willow. "What about you guys? You gonna do some shopping for the dance?"

"Maybe if I can find a date." Gus said with a shrug.

"I'm sure you will, Gus, you're an amazing person." Skara said.

"You think I'm amazing? Thanks." Gus said as he had the tiniest blush in his cheeks before he used a quick illusion spell to hide it.

'I sense romance in the air and it's not me, Mittens, and Bobo.' Luz thought as she glanced between Gus and Skara.

Viney came running up to them.

"Luz, fluffy is running around the Grudgby field!"

"What?! How did she get out of her pen!" Luz said, "I'll be back!"

Luz ran off, leaving the rest of the table to look at Boscha and Amity.

"What's going on with Luz?" Amelia asked, "She's... not as happy as she usually is."

"Yeah, I noticed that too." Skara said while rubbing her chin. "She just doesn't have the same "glow" about her, you know what I mean?"

Boscha and Amity looked at each other.

"Listen, what we say, you will never say to her or anyone else." Amity said, "Lilith... was murdered right in front of Luz."

"Lilith?!" Willow whispered as they all leaned forward in shock. "The former Emperor's Coven head?!"

"The one that gave up her job to save her sister?!" Gus whispered as well.

"She gave up her life to save Luz." Boscha said, "Luz is... feeling pretty guilty."

"So guilty that she thinks it would've been better if she never came to the boiling isles." Amity added.

"That's terrible. Luz coming to the isles was a good thing!" Willow said to them.

"Yeah, tell that to her."

"We're planning to take Luz to a therapist to help her process the guilt before it gets worse." Boscha said as she gestured to Amity and herself.

"But, you know we can't just tell her straight up, because you know how she is." Amity said.

Willow, Gus, Cat, Amelia, and Skara nodded in agreement as they knew how the human of Hexside was. She was willy, unpredictable, and inspirational; a strange combination that you wouldn't expect and would admire. She was also stubborn. if she learned that they were bringing her to a therapist, then she would fight it, tooth and nail.

"Oh, so is that why you pitched the dress shopping tomorrow. You're going to take her to a therapist before the dresses." Gus said to them.

"Actually I think it should be after when she's in a good mood." Amity said to him.

"I agree." Boscha said.

Eventually, Luz can running back with a small injuries, feathers in her hair, and her baby griffin in her hands.

"I'm back. And I've got my baby." Luz said, out of breath.

Fluffy was sleeping calmly, as if she didn't just try to eat her mom's fingers.

"Aw, she's so cute." Skara whispered, not wanting to wake her up.

"Yeah, but she can be fierce when she wants to be." Luz said as she rocked her baby griffin a bit.

"Cat, can I get a healing spell?" Luz asked.

"On it." Cat said.

Cat drew a spell circle over Luz, healing all her injuries instantly.

"Thanks." Luz said.

"You're welcome." Cat said, "So, on Friday, why don't we all meet up and get ready together."

"That sounds like a great idea." Amelia said with a smile.

Amity sent her a knowing look. Cat pretended not to notice but gave Amity a small thumbs up, which was shaky at best to show she was nervous about asking Amelia out.

"We could all go together in a limo. Or do you not have limos here?" Luz asked.

"What's a limo?" Boscha asked.

"Okay, that answers my question." Luz said, "What kind of transpiration do you have for big events like this?"

"Oh, that." Boscha said, "Don't worry, I'll talk to my parents."

"That's great. I can't wait to see it." Luz said as Fluffy screeched a bit. "Sorry, Fluffy, but you're going to be playing in the stables with Puddles."

Luz ran a hand down Fluffy's back, making her purr.

"Looks like King has some competition for "most cute."" Gus joked.

"What do you mean competition? He already lost to us." Boscha said as she pointed to herself and Amity.

Meanwhile at the owl house, King was napping in peace before he suddenly awoke and glared out of nowhere.

"Someone has insulted me." He said ominously.

In another part of the Isles, Odalia smiled. She just learned of the perfect time to begin her plan. She walked up to a cage and smiled.

"Soon, my pet." She said.

Two glowing eyes looked at her and let out a small hiss. It took almost eight hours to capture it and get it in a cage, and cost almost four hundred guards. It tried to bite Odalia, but only hit the bars.

"The Human will never defeat you." She said.

It was the most dangerous animal to ever exist, nothing has ever defeated one, death comes to all who try. After all... it's not called a Death Glider for nothing.