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Genshin Flufftober

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It was actually Kaeya’s idea to have a plushie booth at the Ludi Harpastum, though once Klee had heard about it, there was no way there couldn’t be one.

For the month prior to the festival, Amber worked alongside Eula, Sara, and Barbara’s friend, Xinyan, to create as many plushies as they possibly could for the event. The rules for the booth were that no one could get more than two, that way everyone would get the chance to have one. At the end of the festival, any leftover would be up for grabs, though Eula doubted there would be any.

A massive collection of Ludi Harpastum-themed bunnies, teddy bears, foxes, and even a few boar was finally created and stored in the library for safe keeping.

The day of the event… well, the buzz was louder than anyone could have imagined.

“They are quite cute.” Albedo mused, staring at a light blue fox at the booth.

Sucrose glanced at the fox, noticing that one of the eyes was coming off just slightly. “Do you think you’ll get one?” she asked, curious. She could imagine him with the plush on his bookshelves back in Dragonspine, talking to it as he did experiments. Giggling to herself, she tapped her arms, swaying slightly.

Albedo hummed, looking… a little sad. “No, I got one for Klee earlier. She’s been insisting Dodoco needs a friend lately.”

A plan popped into Sucrose’s head, and she smiled, nodding at him. “That’s very sweet of you, Albedo.” She patted his shoulder, turning towards the crowd. “Speaking of, have you seen her? She was asking for you earlier.”

“I have not, but I should go find her. I did promise I would spend time with her… is that alright?”

“Of course! Go, I think I’ll take a little rest anyways.” Albedo nodded and stiffly wandered his way through the crowd, doing all in his power to avoid touching shoulders with anyone.

The second he was out of sight, Sucrose turned to Amber, grabbing her hands. “How do I get the fox, the blue one?”

Amber jumped in surprise. “Are you- Oh!” The taller girl grinned, realizing Sucrose’s plan. “There’s a few games you can play to get tickets! There’s the bow shot, the ring toss, uh-”

“Where’s the ring toss? Are there any dart games?”

Giving directions to the two games, Amber shooed Sucrose along, putting the fox with the bad eye to the side secretly.

Sucrose started at the ring toss, carefully examining each stake and testing the weight of the rings. As she waited for her turn, she did a few practice tosses in the air, taking deep breaths to calm her nerves. She would win that fox for Albedo!

Each stake was colored with one of three colors, each color a different number for points. Sucrose had triple checked that she would need one hundred and fifty points for the ticket to exchange for the fox, so she would need to get at least one blue stake to ensure she would get the one hundred and fifty. She had eight chances to score, and if she could get two blue, then she wouldn’t have to worry about missing a few shots. 

“Alright, Sucrose, you’re up!” Donna said, grinning wide. “You got this!”

Breathe in.

Eyeing the green stake in the second row on the right, Sucrose spun the ring in her hand.

Breathe out.

She closed her eyes, smiling as she remembered being a kid, playing this game with her neighbors.


The ring spun and hit the side of the stake, flipping up and landing over it with a hefty clang. Donna clapped excitedly, and Noelle jumped up and down. “Great throw!” she said, encouraging her friend.

“Thanks, Noelle!” Sucrose said, smiling, readying her second ring. She looked around, deciding on the blue stake closest to her as Donna removed the green stake she’d gotten already.

With a flick of the wrist, Sucrose had the blue one for her scores.

The third try, she missed, the ring bouncing off the stake and rolling towards Noelle, who stopped it with her foot. The fourth and fifth, she missed as well, anxiety rolling in her chest.

Sucrose scolded herself. She couldn’t fail! Not now! Quietly kicking a foot, she took another long breath to settle her nerves. She could always try again tomorrow, the festival went on for a few more days, but-

But the one with the bad eye, that was the one Albedo wanted.

Sucrose took a few more breaths before deciding on the next stake.

Breathe in… two, three. Breathe out, two, three.

“You can do this, Sucrose.” she whispered before throwing her sixth ring. She watched as it spun neatly around, landing with a thud.

“One more green, you got this!” Noelle said, clapping.

You’re right. I got this.

Sucrose threw the ring, and yelled excitedly as it landed. The group around cheered, and Donna handed her her prize. “Better go get one you like before it's gone!”

Noelle and Donna laughed as Sucrose ran off with the ticket, hoping to get back to the booth before the fox was gone or Albedo found her.

“Got one?” Amber asked excitedly, leaning over the table. Sucrose looked at the plushies at the booth, noticing the fox was missing.

“Yeah, but-”

Amber placed it in her hands, grinning. “I knew which one you were looking at!” she leaned forward to whisper, “I put it to the side for you so no one else would grab it.”

Sucrose clutched the fox tightly, hugging the Outrider with her free arm. “Thank you so much, Amber.”

“Go get him! I just saw him with Klee going that way,” she pointed, waving Sucrose along.

Weaving through the crowd, Sucrose called for Albedo a few times before she finally spotted him- well, spotted Klee on top of the Geo Elevator. Klee yelled and waved enthusiastically to Sucrose before looking down and pointing, presumably talking to Albedo. Sucrose quickly tucked the fox behind her, skipping up to the two.

“Ah, there you are. I thought you were resting?” Albedo said, tilting his head slightly. Sucrose smiled shyly.

“I was actually getting something…” she said, smiling. Albedo hummed in response, and the younger alchemist told him to close his eyes, snorting softly as Klee closed her eyes as well.

When Albedo opened them, his expression was nothing short of awe-struck. “I saw you looking at it earlier, so I played some games to get it for you.” Sucrose said, bouncing on her heels. Klee patted the fox’s head as Albedo stared at it, smiling.

“I love it, thank you, Sucrose.”

“Name him Bluebell!” Klee said, tugging on Albedo’s arm. Sucrose picked the girl up, placing her on one arm.

“Bluebell is a fitting name, thank you, Klee.” Albedo said, entwining his pinky with Sucrose’s free one. “Alchemist Bluebell.”

“I’m glad you like the new alchemist, Mister Albedo.” Sucrose said. Albedo blinked at her before chuckling.

“I do.” He peered back at the crowd and pursed his lips. “How about we go get something to eat?”

“Sounds good to me.”

As they walked, Klee began to demand they go fish blasting, and they figured it would be alright as long as Jean didn’t find out.

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“I don’t need a bodyguard for a quick walk, Gorou! Go get some rest, okay?” Kokomi sighed, pushing him lightly.

Gorou whined, his ears flattening. “Are you sure , Your Excellency? I can-”

“Gorou.” Kokomi crossed her arms, staring him down. Her heart ached when his tail drooped and she patted his head, hoping to soothe him. “I’ll be alright. You need to get some rest. You’ve been overworking yourself lately. Besides, I won’t be far. I just need a little bit of time to breathe, feel the waves, you know?”

Gorou nodded, shifting in place. “Alright…” he said softly, his voice trailing off in another whine. Kokomi smiled and hugged him tight.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can. I’ll wake you up when I get back, alright?” She didn’t miss the way his tail wagged enthusiastically as he leaned into the hug.

“Promise?” he mumbled.

“Promise!” she pulled away, patting his head again. “Go.”

Gorou nodded, staring at her. She blinked at him before pushing his shoulder gently. He nodded again, tilting his head.


“Yes! I’m- I’m going now.”

Gorou scurried off, glancing back at her frequently as if she would vanish or be struck dead if he didn’t. She laughed lightly and waved to him as she went into the water. She could see him waving at her as she swam away, and she gave him one last wave before she dove under the water.

Being back in the water… was wonderful. The weightlessness of her body, the way her stress dissipated near instantly. It was much more needed than she had realized, though she had a destination tonight.

The way to the small island was engraved into Kokomi’s heart, and as she swam, cutting through the water with ease, her thoughts raced with excitement and worry.

What if she can’t make it? What if she got caught? What if she gets in trouble? Should I kiss her? Maybe we can dance tonight… what if she-

On the shore was a figure, feet dipped into the water. Kokomi popped her head out, and the figure looked up. “Sara!” she squealed, darting forward.

Kujou Sara grunted as Kokomi landed in her arms, but hugged her tight. “Mimi,” she mumbled, her voice full of relief. “I was scared you wouldn’t show.”

Kokomi pulled back, bumping her forehead against Sara’s. “Gorou was worried. I don’t think he likes letting me off on my own…” Kokomi paused, remembering the ronin who had hid with the resistance for a time. “Or being left by himself.”

Sara sighed, a smile playing on her face. “Very sweet of him.”

Kokomi flopped onto Sara’s lap, grinning up at her. “He’s a sweetie, alright. I think you’d be good friends!”

Sara nodded, absent-mindedly braiding a part of Kokomi’s hair. “I would like to meet him someday… though I worry he would not be happy about us.”

“I don’t know about that, but I understand your concerns. Though, I doubt the Shogun would be happy about us.”

“No, she doesn’t mind.”

Kokomi sat up, staring wide-eyed at Sara. “Wait- really? How does she know?”

Sara laughed. “She said she knew immediately, but didn’t tell me anything else.” A more serious expression overtook Sara’s face. “The Shogun has worries, but she trusts that nothing will happen.”

Laying back down, Kokomi squeezed Sara’s hand, sighing as the two fell into a comfortable silence. Occasionally, Kokomi would mention something about the waves and Sara would ask a question in response, but overall, they spent their time together basking in each other’s presence.

Eventually, Sara broke the silence. “I’m guessing Gorou will be panicking by now.”

Kokomi hummed in response, “He probably is.”

After a few moments, Kokomi slid into the water, hanging onto Sara’s hand for a bit longer. “Do you think we can meet again next week?” Sara asked softly, squeezing Kokomi’s hand tightly.

“Of course! I always have time for you.”

A pause. “Kokomi, could- Could I kiss you?”


Kokomi pulled herself out of the water a bit, tilting her head back as Sara caressed her cheek.

The second their lips met, Kokomi thought she was going to melt.

Sara tugged her closer, sighing against the Priestess’s mouth. “Stay safe.” she mumbled, resting her forehead against Kokomi’s.

Kokomi ran her hand through Sara’s hair as she responded, “As long as you do, too.” She slid back into the water, pausing to turn and call out to Sara one more time.

“I love you.”

She swore she could see electricity fly from Kujou Sara as she smiled brighter than anything Kokomi had ever witnessed. “I love you, too.”

The feeling carried Kokomi back to Watatsumi Island, her heart light as she arrived home.

Immediately, she was knocked off her feet.

“You took so long on your date! I missed you.” Gorou whined, his tail and ears down as he stared at her.

“Wh- wait, what-”

Gorou sighed, flopping back as he pouted. “You could’ve just told me you were going to see Kujou Sara.” He crossed his arms, burying his head into the crook of his elbows.

For a moment, panic shot through her, but then Kokomi remembered that he could smell Sara. She relaxed, patting his head. “I’m sorry, I guess I didn’t want you to worry.”

Gorou whined louder, though his tail betrayed him as it wagged aggressively. “I know you’ll be in good hands with her, but if you’re alone then who will be there!”

“You’re being dramatic,” Kokomi laughed, ruffling his hair as she sat on the ground next to him. “But I’ll let you know next time, okay?”

A huff.

“Gorou…” another huff. “If it makes you feel better, a certain ronin will be visiting again next week-”

“Kazuha’s coming?!” Gorou hopped up, his tail sending sand flying. “How do you know? Is he coming to see me? When does he get here? What port?”

Kokomi pushed Gorou’s shoulder playfully as he shot question after question at her, her heart filled with joy.

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Venti yawned, feeling around until his hand landed on Childe's face. He heard a soft grunt, followed by a hand landing on his own face.

"Good morning." Childe mumbled, patting Venti's cheek.

With a giggle, Venti opened his eyes to see Childe already staring at him. "Good morning, yourself."

Childe grinned, sitting up and pressing a kiss to Venti's wrist. "Don't you have to be playing music somewhere?"

"Don't you have to be causing chaos somewhere?" Venti said as he flopped onto Childe's lap. "Besides, it's Sunday. Taking the day off."

Childe twirled one of Venti's braids in his fingers, smiling down at him. "Oh, really? How lucky that today is the one day I get off."

"The Tsaritsa gives you Sundays off?"

"Don't be dumb." Childe rolled his eyes and playfully slapped Venti's shoulder. Venti hummed and yawned again before tugging on Childe's hand.

"No reason to get out of bed, then."

Childe pressed a kiss to Venti's forehead as he laid back down, closing his eyes. "I suppose you're right."

"Of course I'm right! I…" Venti sighed sleepily as he settled into Childe's arms, "I know everything."

"All the things," Childe mumbled in agreement as they both drifted off to sleep again.

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"Oh, wow!"  Amber said, her eyes lighting up as Hu Tao handed her a sparkler. "This is so cool!"

"You think so? They're a new recipe I'm trying out, I wanted them to be a little more-" Yoimiya made a bwoosh sound. "You know?"

Yanfei gently made a circle in the air with hers. "I'd say you were successful. They seem to have a little more kick to them." She drew a heart in Hu Tao's direction, and the funeral director blew a raspberry back at her, giggling.

As the four sat at their "campsite", testing out Yoimiya's new sparklers, grilled fish cooked slowly over the fire, the smell wafting around. Hu Tao sighed happily as she leaned against a stone. "I'm so glad you were able to visit Liyue again, Yoimiya. It's been soooo long."

Humming in response, Yoimiya stared up at the sky. "It really has been." Amber leaned against her, staring at the stars as well.

A comfortable silence fell over them all.

"It feels like… nothing has really changed." Amber said quietly, closing her eyes.

"Even though everything has." Yanfei agreed, absent-mindedly fiddling with Hu Tao's hair. "Everything in Inazuma, Rex Lapis… even the Vigilant Yaksha has changed."

Hu Tao laughed. "Him surprisingly, yes."

"Oh, don't tease him." Yanfei flicked Hu Tao's cheek before pressing a kiss to the spot. "Though it is easy to, isn't it?"

Another batch of sparklers was lit.

There wasn't much need for conversation, even though all of them had been through so much. The silence they sat in was warm, safe. The things that needed to be said, questions to be asked, could be done later.

But for now, after years apart with nothing but letters, the presence of each other was required to be bathed in and appreciated.

As Yoimiya lit a third batch of sparklers, she began to sing quietly, Hu Tao immediately joining in as she kicked her feet in time. Yanfei bobbed her head to their song, and Amber grinned, joining in as well.

"Oh! The grilled fish is done!" Hu Tao said, clapping her hands together. She pulled the fish off the fire, eagerly handing it out to the group.

"I didn't even realize how hungry I was!" Amber laughed, taking a huge bite out of hers. "Mmmm…"

Waving the fish around to cool it slightly, Yanfei spoke up. "Did you know that fish shipped to other nations in Teyvat from Liyue have a strict inspection process before they can be packaged? If a vendor violates the rules that are set, then they can be subject to massive fines."

Yoimiya swallowed a bite quickly. "What are the rules? Do any vendors try to get away with breaking them?"

Yanfei's eyes lit up, and she immediately began to inform them all of the laws around fish exports in Liyue, including how businesses must adhere to them, various punishments, and how some laws weren't as strict as others. Even though Amber and Hu Tao definitely didn't understand, they both listened intently, Hu Tao asking more questions and for Yanfei to give examples of certain laws. The only time she interrupted was to remind Yanfei to eat her fish, telling her to continue once the lawyer had eaten a few bites.

As the moon overhead continued to shift through the sky, the four began to curl up in their sleeping bags, Amber occasionally pointing out constellations she could recognize. Hu Tao would make some oooh sounds to imitate ghosts, giggling when Yoimiya would make them back.

Just before everyone fell asleep, Yanfei said shyly, "Thank you for listening to me."

"Of course. We love you." Amber said, turning in her sleeping bag.

"I love you all, too." Yanfei mumbled, covering her face.

"I love you all more!" Hu Tao said, her words slurred.

"Nuh uh. Not as much as me." Yoimiya gently kicked Hu Tao, sighing.

In Liyue, a campsite fell quiet as the stars glistened, watching over a group separated for far too long.

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Tail wagging lethargically, Gorou flopped onto a rock overlooking the ocean. A soft whine left his throat as he rested his head on his knees, staring at the sun starting to peak over the horizon.

Kokomi told him this was his last patrol before she was sending him on vacation- a well deserved vacation- and he didn't have the heart to tell her that he didn't want to go. Especially not after how excited she'd been to tell him that he was going to get some rest now that things were much smoother on Watatsumi Island with things between the Tenryou Commission having settled and the civilians having near fully recovered from the war efforts. (Kujou Sara had a quiet part in this, Gorou was aware. In fact, the whole island was. However, she refused any thanks and continued to shrug it off.)

Closing his eyes, the general tried to focus on the waves. He didn't want to admit it, especially not to Kokomi, but he was lonely. His sleep was plagued with nightmares of soldiers dying, of the fight at Tenshukaku, of Teppei and others affected by the delusions passing too quickly. Without training drills, he had no idea how to fill his days, and there was no need for him to be constantly interacting with the soldiers now. Kokomi had her own responsibilities outside of war efforts, but him? He was just... there. And without military tasks, Gorou was, for the first time since the Vision Hunt Decree was enacted, completely alone.

The little tasks he did for the publishing house were nice, but it weighed on him to not have anyone to talk to himself. Well, that wasn't- no, he didn't have anyone. Archons forbid he let the kitsune find yet another thing to tease him about. (He shudders at the thought of her, his ears pressing back in distaste.)

Gorou sighed, thinking about his friend, off traveling the world. They hadn't had a lot of time together, if you asked Gorou. Not enough, at least. Kazuha had been one of the first people in a long time that Gorou had felt so deeply connected to. It wasn't just his appreciation for the small things, his way with words, or his admiration for varying styles of fighting. And not just that Kazuha also had heightened senses with touch and smell, like Gorou, or how he made his tail wag with just a soft smile... the way his hair glistened in the moonlight, how peaceful he looked as he slept, his thick eyelashes, and-


Slapping his face to shake himself out of his own thoughts, Gorou blushed and grabbed his ears. No one was even around and he was still embarrassed. Ugh.

What was it that Itto would say? "Down bad," or something like that. Whatever that meant.

The scent of maple, sea salt, and morning dew wafted past Gorou's nose, and he groaned softly. "Am I really that lonely that I'm hallucinating him now?" he mumbled grumpily.

"While I don't know if I can appreciate being called a lonely hallucination, you look quite lovely, old friend."

Gorou whipped around, his eyes lighting up as they landed on Kazuha, who was smiling as he shifted his bag to drop to the ground. The bag hadn't even left his arm when Gorou crashed into him and wrapped his arms tightly around the ronin's waist. Kazuha laughed that wonderful, beautiful laugh, the one that made Gorou's heart flutter and the world around them vanish, the one that made him feel like he was capable of anything, and suddenly they were on the ground, Gorou's tail making a hefty thwack against the ground as it wagged uncontrollably. "I missed you." Kazuha said, bumping his forehead against Gorou's.

A low whine rumbled out of Gorou's chest as he tried so hard not to kiss the man in front of him (under him?). "I missed you so much!" he said, grinning wide.

"Well, I'm not sure if you noticed-"

An angry blush appeared on Gorou's face and he immediately hid his face in Kazuha's chest. His tail didn't stop wagging for a second, and it went even faster as Kazuha affectionately petted his ears and pressed a kiss to his forehead.


Wait wait waitwaitwait Kazuha kissed me Kazuha kissed me kiss from Kazuha kiss from-

Kazuha called Gorou's name softly and blinked in surprise at the expression on the dog-eared General's face. He didn't have any time to react before Gorou pressed his lips against his own, near frantic as he did so. Softly, the ronin hummed and caressed Gorou's face tenderly. "I missed you." Gorou said again, much softer now.

Another gentle chuckle left Kazuha's mouth. "You have a poet lost for words... that's quite a feat."

"Maybe one of my best."

They were silent for a bit. "This is my last patrol... I'm supposed to go on vacation tomorrow." Gorou said, glancing towards the horizon.

"Ah, that would explain why Her Excellency shooed me over here so quickly..." Kazuha mused.

Gorou blushed, but smiled. Kokomi was good at noticing things, of course she knew.

"The sun is coming up, shall we watch it together?" Kazuha whispered.

"I can't think of a better way to start this." Gorou replied, leaning against Kazuha's shoulder.

Bandaged fingers intertwined with his, and the two watched as the sun turned the sky a brilliant painting, perfect for a new beginning.