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Tie me up.

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Dear lord, you’re a brat.


I... Please. Her mouth slightly open, her heart drumming against her ears.


He stares at her, his forehead relaxes a little. His eyebrows no longer tense.


I see. Come sit with me.


She steps forward, slowly, unsure of where to go. He gestures to the ground, and she falls to her knees next to their bed. Between his legs.


Her forehead on his knee. He begins to caress her head, threading his fingers through her blonde hair. He grabs onto a few strands and gently moves her head so her cheek is resting against his thigh. So he can see her eyes.


Leslie. She refuses to open her eyes, refuses to let him in completely. She needs to maintain some semblance of  self-control.


LESLIE. His hand grabs onto her hair just a little harder. The drumming in her ears accelerates. A small whimper escapes her mouth. She feels seen.


His other hand reaches down to her front. She’s still in her panties and bra. He rubs her pussy over the fabric with two fingers. This time, she opens her eyes and moans. 


She feels herself falling harder and harder, falling way down to that place she sometimes craves. That place she needs on days like today, when everything feels out of her control.


Ben, please. She closes her eyes again, moans against his leg. Her hips begin to move slowly against his fingers. She needs more friction. She needs more of him. The only man she trusts enough to let herself go. The only one who can give her what she needs.


Baby girl. She nearly purrs at the pet name. He stops rubbing her front and brings her face up with both hands. They’re close enough to kiss. He stares at her intently, notices her doe eyed expression, the dilated pupils. There’s no turning back now, and it’s his job to keep her safe.


They kiss. It’s slow at first. Her lips are soft and her mouth is wet. She tastes lightly of vanilla and cinnamon. She stands up, straddles his hips, their mouths never leaving each other. Her arms wrap around his shoulders. He holds her by the waist. Their tongues intertwine in a passionate kiss, the whole world disappears around them.


Talk to me, baby girl. His thumb rubs against the corner of her mouth. She opens her mouth, sucks it in. Another whimper, she closes her eyes and lets go.


Tie me up. Make me come for you.


He loves this woman so much. He loves that she’s strong, determined, stubborn, and independent. He loves that she knows what she wants, what she needs. He loves being the only one who gets to learn her deepest desires, the only one who allows her to be this vulnerable.


Thank you for telling me. He kisses her deeply, massages her ass cheeks till she’s grinding down on him, moaning into his kisses. Her self control eroded, she begins to break.


Pleasepleasepleaseplease, she pants.


Lay down on the bed for me. He stills her hips with both hands. She whines, hiding her face on the crook of his neck. He can feel her breathing fast, hot and humid against his shoulder. She tries to move her hips some more, but his hands don’t allow it.


God... I... Please let me come, sir. It must have been a long day at work because she is desperate. He pulls her head up by the hair and stares into her eyes, surprised by that word. She doesn’t always like to use titles when they’re like this, but it makes him feel so powerful when she does. Fine, he thinks. He needs to help her take the edge off.


Keep your hands behind your back. She obeys immediately, interlacing her fingers behind her back. He uses his fingers to tease her over her panties, then pulls them aside to reveal her wet pussy. He rubs her clit with his thumb hard enough to border on too much. She whimpers in response, but doesn’t pull away.


You’re so fucking wet. He pulls on her hair with one hand, slides two fingers inside with the other. Her mouth is open and panting, her eyes wide and staring at nothing. He pulls her bra aside with his mouth and sucks hard on a nipple. His fingers move in and out. She feels raw.


She’s moaning and panting and she can’t believe how close she already is. Her thighs are trembling, her pussy beginning to pulse around Ben’s fingers.


Can I please come, sir, please? Well, when you ask so nicely.


Do it, baby girl. He keeps his fingers deep inside, uses his thumb to rub her clit, sucks hard on her nipple. She freezes in place. And then a loud, drawn out moan. Her pussy twitching, her legs trembling. She chuckles, all the tension leaving her body. She slumps forward, hiding her face against his neck.


Thank you, she whispers. It’s only loud enough for him to hear and his cock twitches in his pants. He’s so damn thankful for this woman.


He pulls his fingers out of her and wipes his hand on his trousers. He’s still in his work clothes. He only got so far as to remove his shoes and socks before Leslie decided to start a petty argument about something that neither of them remembers anymore. But he understands the pressures of the job. He knows she’s frustrated and needs to vent. He can help. He can fuck the pain away.


Can we lay down now?


Yes. She looks up at him with a smile, gives him a light peck on the lips. He smiles back. Unbuckles her bra and pulls it off. 


They lay down on the bed side by side. Her eyes are closed, and Ben watches her chest move up and down as she slowly breathes in and out. He drags his fingers down her chest, between her breasts, past her navel, but stops short of her panties. Up and down, he continues to caress her body until she shivers and opens her eyes to look at him. It’s the look he’s been waiting for. The look that says “I need more”.


He sits up on his knees. Loosens his tie as he stares, his eyes burning into hers.


Arms up. She doesn’t hesitate, bringing both her hands above her head. She closes her eyes as she feels Ben wrap his tie around her hands, locking them together with a knot. It’s tight enough to make her feel trapped, but not tight enough that it hurts.


He covers her body with his, grabs onto her hair and gives her a harsh kiss. She whimpers into it. He pulls her head to the side and bites and sucks at her neck, knowing she will have to wear a scarf tomorrow if she doesn’t want people to stare.


He slowly goes down her body, spends a long time on her tits. He massages them, sucks each nipple, and nips at the skin around them. He rubs each nipple between his fingers until they’re red and hard and he can hear Leslie complaining above him.


He stops at her belly and bites the extra flesh. Leslie yelps, then chuckles out loud. She’s lovely like this, sexy and loud and unashamed of who she is. He kisses her hips, holds her legs open and licks the space where hip and thigh meet. He nibbles at the inside of her thighs. He’s so close to her pussy he can smell it, and he’s suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to suck on her clit and fuck her at the same time.


Leslie is completely gone. She can barely hear anything else but the fast beating of her heart. She can see Ben’s head moving lower and lower down her body and she feels so much. She feels safe and protected, taken care of, like Ben somehow knows exactly what she needs. Her pussy burns and she wants him inside her.


Ben stands up and quickly removes his clothes. She knows what usually comes next, but she feels selfish. All the attention has been on her and her pleasure, so she takes a deep breath before she says,


Can I taste you, daddy?


How could I say no, baby girl? And he stands next to the bed and pulls her towards him until her head is leveled with his cock. He guides his cock to her lips with one hand, and with the other one, he holds onto her arms, still held together by his tie. She opens her mouth obediently and licks the head. She begins to suck his cock. She tries to bob her head up and down, to go faster, but the angle is weird and she can only move so much. She groans in frustration.


Ben’s been hard for what feels like forever, so instead he lowers himself and kisses her deeply. He’s close and she understands. 


Please fuck me... Make me come on your cock. She whispers into his mouth. He growls then gives her another rough kiss.


Turn around. He helps her until she’s laying down on her stomach, arms tied together and stretched out above her head. Ben gets on the bed behind her and pulls her hips up, so her ass is in the air. He rolls down her panties. It’s truly a beautiful sight.


He pushes two fingers inside her pussy. She’s dripping wet and oh, so warm. She starts to push back, tries to fuck herself on his fingers, desperate for relief, but Ben stops her with one hand on her hips.


Don’t you dare come.


Daddy, please! She moans loudly, her voice full of frustration mixed with pleasure.


She tries to push back again and Ben spanks her left ass cheek. She starts to tremble, her lips twitching around Ben’s fingers, and he knows she’s about to come, so he pulls out. Her whine is so loud, for a second he thinks she’s climaxed.


Fuuuck... Her hips still twitch like she’s trying to fuck something, anything, but it’s too late. She’s not there anymore. Ben presses his hips into hers, pulls her up against his chest and kisses her softly.


That was fucking hot, baby doll.


He pushes her face down on the bed again, and rubs his dick against her entrance. She moans and whimpers, but her hips stay still. Such a good girl, Ben thinks.


Finally he enters her. Very slowly he pushes in until he bottoms out. Leslie’s mouth is open and she’s panting, eyes shut. He rubs her back up and down, stays like that for a few seconds, feels her hips twitch with the intrusion. Relishes in her warmth.


He pulls out then slams back in, making her whimper. He begins a steady rhythm, fucking her slowly and deeply. He loves these moments, when their bodies are connected and their minds become one. She begins to push back, testing his limits. He slaps her ass once more, but doesn’t make her stop. Her whole body shakes with pleasure.


I should do that more often.


He picks up the pace just enough to make her whimper.


I should keep you on the edge... Not let you come for hours at a time...




I could keep you tied to the bed, use a vibrator on you, make you suck my cock while you whine in frustration...


She’s so close. She can feel fire burning inside of her, bigger and brighter by the second. She’s about to warn him when Ben pulls her up against his chest. She stretches her arms up and back and grabs onto his hair. He pinches a nipple, and uses two fingers to rub her clit. He starts to fuck her hard and fast and whispers in her ear,


Come on my cock, baby doll.


So she does.


Ben feels her muscles tighten around his cock and knows that this time, she’s over the edge. He thrusts into her hard a few more times and feels it himself, grunting as he releases his seed inside her. He holds onto her hips and slowly lays them both on their side. He gently pulls out of her and hugs her from behind, letting her come back to the present.


Leslie still feels out of it, a little unbalanced, confused. Ben rubs her face with his thumb, nudges her to look at him. She twists her head and takes his thumb into her mouth. She sucks loudly, staring at him, eyes wide and wet. She’s not ready to come down yet.


He positions himself between her legs, holds her open, and begins to suck her pussy clean. He sucks hard on each lip, licks between the folds. He can taste himself, and it makes his cock twitch. Leslie is whining above him, surely feeling oversensitive, but he ignores her. She needs this right now.


He fucks her with his tongue until her whines turn to moans, and then nibbles at her clit. She jumps from how intense it feels, but Ben shows her no mercy. He holds onto her legs and licks till she’s trembling and moaning his name.




He pushes two fingers deep into her pussy and sucks on her clit and she’s coming, yelling and moaning and convulsing, her legs wrapped tightly around Ben.


He licks his way up her body, bites one nipple and then the other. He releases the knot on his tie and her arms fall free. He massages each hand and wrist, till she’s opening her eyes and looking at him with a mix of tenderness and desire.


Her eyes are full of tears but she starts laughing, and Ben joins in. Too many chemicals pumping through her body, she’s not sure what to feel. But she knows she’s exactly where she’s meant to be.


Ben pulls her into his arms and kisses her eyelids, her nose, and her lips.


You’re amazing.


They stay like that for a while, just breathing and holding each other.


Let’s get you in the shower.


She smiles up at him, feeling happy and sated.


I love you.


I love you, baby girl.