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The Ones You Love

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The wind swinged slowly through the trees, delivering the messages from the other species to the inhabitants. The clouds slowly creeped through the sky, covering up the sun from exposing itself to the earth below. The animals who inhabited the bush below lived their lives peacefully, most of them stood around a body of water drinking.

One of the main inhabitants was a deer, which stood away from the large body of water and had found a smaller body, and decided to drink from there instead, knowing it was safer from the mountain lions that stalked in the shade, who preyed on their newest victim.

The screeches resounded from the larger body, and the deer knew that they had made the right choice.

Then ran away from the scene, their hoofs making crunching noises on the dead leaves and the fallen sticks that were laid on the ground.

Their ears pricked upwards as they registered a new sound, a sound that they had never heard before.

It sounded like a human, so they continued trotting along to a patch of food that they would eat.

But as they turned their back, the hunter strayed forward.

The sound of the deer’s scream resounded in the woods.