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Thirteen-day cases had a tendency to exhaust Aaron to his bones, especially ones that happened while you were on leave from the team. The bureau had insisted that each member of the team be given a week off every six months to keep burnout from happening on a team where burnout was so easy to achieve. The policy was implemented by Strauss after Gideon went haywire, but it wasn’t enforced until well after Aaron’s time off after Haley had passed.

Aaron knew the policy was a good one, he knew that the work this team did could lead to a lot of stress and he’d seen first hand what could happen to an agent whose mental health wasn’t properly looked after, and he cared too much about his team to watch it happen again. Knowing that didn’t stop him from being crabby when your week off came and he had to spend thirteen days sleeping alone in a crappy motel room.

Of course, he was grateful that you could be home with Jack, and that it was important for your brain for you to get some rest from this very intense job. But, fuck, he missed you. Missed your beautiful smile, your beautiful laugh, the way you kissed his cheek when no one was looking and you knew he was stressed. He missed having you in his arms as he fell asleep at night, the sounds of your breathing evening out, even your light little snores. He missed everything about you. He also missed fucking your brains out every chance he got, but that was a separate issue.

Nearly every night of this case, Aaron had laid on his uncomfortable queen-sized bed and thought about you while he stroked himself to completion. He’d been lucky a few nights previously, Jack had gone to bed and fallen asleep early enough that even with time differences you were still able to call Aaron before you went to sleep too – clearly, you were feeling just as needy as him because you slipped your hand in your little panties not two minutes into the call.

“Such a dirty girl,” Aaron had murmured, seeing the way it made your eyes glaze over in lust. His own hand had snaked down to palm himself through his sweatpants. “Can’t even make it two weeks without me touching you before your hand is in your pants.”

“Need you, Aaron,” You’d whined, not knowing how much those words in your whiny, breathy moans, affected him. “So, so bad.”

“Yeah?” He’d breathed, freeing his very hard cock from his sweatpants, and started stroking it. You’d nodded then, letting out a little whimper. “How bad do you need me, angel?”

“Need you so much,” You’d moaned. “My fingers aren’t enough. Even my vibrator, nothing compares to you.”

“Fucked you so good for so long I’ve ruined you for everything else,” He’d groaned. “Even your own hand.”

“Fuck,” You’d whimpered.

The conversation had gone on a while, and while you both came, your call still ended with sappy words of “come home” and “I miss you too, angel” as you both longed to hold one another and feel the sweet release of being in each other’s arms.

Luckily, the case wrapped up only a couple of days later, Aaron cuffing the suspect and tossing him into an interrogation room where Morgan could help him get a confession out. He tried very hard to keep the smirk off his face the entire time they worked the unsub, knowing how much it excited you to watch him interrogate someone – if only you were there to watch.

It was nearly eleven o’clock California time when the team started boarding the jet to go home, which meant it was nearly two in the morning in Virginia. He didn’t think you’d be up, but Aaron texted you anyway to let you know he was headed home to his favorite loves. Really, he wasn’t expecting a reply from you, assuming that you were snoozing away, so when his phone buzzed not three minutes later, he looked down at the screen in surprise.

Y/N: Can’t wait to hold you, my love.

Aaron: Me neither.

Aaron: Why are you awake? It’s 2 a.m. where you are.

Y/N: Penny may have tipped me off that you guys would likely be coming home tonight, and I wanted to wait up for you. I miss you.

Aaron: I miss you too.

Y/N: Wake me up when you get home so I can kiss you

Aaron: How should I wake you up, angel?


He watched you type and type and type for at least two minutes before another text from you buzzed in, a text that made Aaron’s breath catch in his throat.

Y/N: Kiss my cunt awake.

Aaron: Dirty girl.

Y/N: Will you?

Aaron: Anything for you, dirty girl.

He could practically see the giddy smile on your lips as you laid in the bed you shared, the way you were likely squirming around with excitement at the idea of Aaron waking you up with an orgasm. Carefully, so as not to alert the rest of the team, Aaron shifted slightly in his seat to relieve the pressure in his now very tight pants. You were so God damn sexy when you were dirty talking, even over text messaging.

The entire flight home, Aaron was willing the plane to move faster, silently begging the universe to speed up time just a little so he could get home to you quicker. Nearly five hours later, Aaron was pulling up to the house, having left straight from the jetway and not even stopping in his office before coming home. He’d tossed a “Take tomorrow off, you’ve all earned it” over his shoulder to the team and heard the sighs of relief they’d let out, knowing that he’d made the right choice.

The apartment was quiet when he stepped into the front door, as he’d expected it to be with both you and Jack asleep. He checked on his son first, smiling down at the boy snuggled into his Thomas the Train sheets and sleeping peacefully. If he hadn’t thought it would wake him up, Aaron would have pressed a kiss to the top of his head, he blew him a kiss instead, before easing his door shut and making his way down the hall to the room that he shared with you.

As he pushed the door open quietly, Aaron saw you sleeping on your side in a t-shirt he knew you’d stolen from him. Your mouth opened slightly as you breathed so deep, little whimpers pushing out of your beautiful lips. He wondered what you were dreaming about that was making your little hips twitch forward slightly, a smirk settled on his lips as he thought about your little dirty talk inspiring a dirty dream in your subconscious.

Discarding his briefcase, suit jacket, and tie, Aaron rolled the sleeves of his dress shirt up and peeled back the comforter from your body. A quiet groan left his mouth as he took in your little pink panties with the cutest wet spot right in the middle where your needy hole was waiting for him. Gently, he guided you onto your back, hearing you let out a soft breath of air as he did.

“Most important meal of the day,” He murmured to himself with a smirk, pushing your legs open and draping them over his shoulders.

Softly, he kissed up the soft skin of your inner thigh, listening to the gentle whimpers you let out in your sleep and feeling the way they made his already painfully hard cock twitch in his pants. When he reached the apex of your thighs, Aaron leaned in to press a gentle kiss to the wet spot on your pretty panties, treating it as a target for his kisses. Of course, he wouldn’t tolerate a barrier keeping him from your dripping cunt for much longer, so he carefully peeled them off your body, discarding them next to himself on the bed – in case they came in handy later.

With precision, Aaron flattened his tongue and licked the length of your slutty hole to your clit, swirling the tip of his tongue around the sensitive nub to draw out a moan of pleasure from your sleeping form. His fingertips dug into the soft flesh of your thighs, keeping himself anchored against your cunt as he feasted on you like a starving man – he was starving, hungry for the taste of you for two weeks long, and desperate to have you. Under his touch, you squirmed around on the bed, gasping in your sleep and letting out little moans of encouragement for him. His hand pushed up under the soft cotton of his t-shirt that hung on your body to grasp and grope your tits, pinching and pulling your sensitive nipples into stiff peaks.

Aaron wondered if you would wake before you came on his tongue, or if your orgasm would be powerful enough to wake you – if your true love’s kiss would pull you from your slumbers. He didn’t have to wait long for his answer. Only a moment after his musings, you were moaning stronger than you had before, your thighs pressing in against Aaron’s head as you came on his tongue with a deep shudder of your whole body.

“Aaron,” You whined sleepily, your fingers pushing into Aaron’s hair.

“Good morning, sweet girl,” Aaron grinned up at you from between your thighs, still pressing little kisses to your fluttering, sensitive pussy. “God, I’ve missed this cunt, nothing tastes as good as my angel does cumming on my tongue.”

“I’ve missed you,” You smiled sleepily, tugging very gently on his hair. “Thanks for the wake-up call.”

“No better way to wake up my girl,” Aaron mused, kissing your thigh once more before lowering your legs off his shoulder.

You scooted back on the bed towards the headboard, watching with lust in your eyes as he stood from the bed and peeled his clothes off. He smirked at the way your eyes followed the motions of his body, knowing how much it was turning you on to watch him disrobe so he could fuck your brains out. Your hand had snaked its way between your thighs to rub on your little clit, making you whimper lightly. Such a needy girl.

“Aaron,” You whispered when he shoved his briefs down and turned to you with his hard cock on display for you.

“What do you want, angel?”

“You,” You grinned. “Want you.”

“I want you too, pretty girl,” Aaron smiled, crawling onto the bed towards you.

When he reached you, he took the hand between your thighs and pulled it away from your cunt, ignoring your whines of disappointment. Gently, he placed your hand on his cock, rippling with pride when you wrapped your hand around the hard length and began to stroke him.

“You see what you do to me?” He groaned, leaning into your touch. “This is all for you, angel.”

“All for me?” You asked with wide eyes.

“Mhm,” Aaron nodded with a smile, placing his hand on your cheek to pull you in for a long kiss. You moaned into his mouth at the taste of yourself on his lips and tongue. “Get me so hard with your pretty noises and your sweet fucking cunt.”

“Please fuck me,” You begged, kissing Aaron’s jaw. “Please, please, please. Need you so bad, Aaron.”

“Okay, sweet girl,” Aaron said, taking your hand off his dick.

Without warning, Aaron tugged you down to lay on your back once more, savoring the sound of your excited squeal. Strong hands on your thighs pushed your legs back far so he could get as deep as you both wanted him to be, and Aaron found himself near trembling with excitement at the thought of being balls deep in you again.

“Fuck,” Aaron groaned as he pushed into your cunt, that familiar hot wetness enveloping his cock as he thrust fully into you. “(Y/n), God, fuck.”

“Aaron,” You gasped. “Fuck, feels so good, ‘m so full.”

“So full, angel,” Aaron grunted, setting a hard pace as he fucked you hard enough to leave bruises on your ass from his hips. “Gonna fill you up so good.”

Reaching up, Aaron tugged his shirt above your chest so he could watch your tits jiggle with every thrust of his cock into you, moaning at the way your cunt swallowed him whole and always came back for seconds. Your nails dug into Aaron’s forearm as you gripped him tightly, moaning out in pure pleasure at his movements into you. Both of you knew to keep your volume as quiet as you could so you didn’t have any unexpected visitors for Aaron’s welcome home, but it was hard when your pussy felt this fucking good around him.

Not once did your eyes leave his. The pure desire that flashed in them made Aaron’s heart pound in his chest with so much love for you. God, he’d missed you so damn much, not only having sex with you but being able to hold you and tell you that he loved you in person and see the way your eyes sparkled when he said it.

“Shit, angel,” Aaron grunted, already feeling close after so long away from you. “Rub your pretty little clit for me, sweet girl.”

You did as you were told – you always did what he told you to do – letting out a whimper of pleasure as you started to rub tight circles on your clit, matching the rhythm to the brutal pace that Aaron had set. It wasn’t long before you were falling over that edge into climax, arching your back off the bed beautifully and moaning his name as your cunt clenched down around Aaron’s cock.

“Oh fuck,” Aaron moaned. “I’m so close, angel, where do you want it?”

“Inside,” You begged. “Please, please inside.”

“Yeah?” Aaron smirked, fucking into your hole. “Two weeks apart made you so desperate to be filled up with my cum?”

“Yes, fuck yes,” You moaned.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’ll make you nice and full,” Aaron grunted. “Gonna fuck you full of my babies for being such a good girl for me.”

“Please,” You moaned. “Please, want your baby, Aaron.”

At your words, Aaron fell apart. Collapsing over top of you, he buried his face in your neck and came deep inside your pulsing cunt with a loud groan. Your hand cradled the back of his head, fingers sliding through his hair softly, giggling as Aaron pressed a thousand little kisses to your neck and jaw. Panting, he pulled back to kiss the tip of your nose.

“Hi, sweetheart,” He whispered.

“Hi, lovey,” You murmured, puckering your lips for another kiss – a wish he would gladly grant you.

“I missed you so damn much,” Aaron said.

“I missed you too,” You smiled softly. “But you’re here now.”

“I’m here,” Aaron agreed. “And I do not want to get up.”

“Hmm,” You hummed with a chuckle as Aaron laid his head on your chest. “Well, you’re going to have to get up when someone else does.”

You laid wrapped up with one another for a while before you gently pushed Aaron off of you and moved quickly into the bathroom to clean yourself up. Checking the clock, Aaron couldn’t believe that Jack hadn’t run into the room yet, but sure enough, the second you walked out of the bathroom wearing shorts – and likely new underwear – the sound of little feet made you toss Aaron a grin and a pair of boxers from the dresser.

Jack burst into the room all excited to see Aaron, and snuggle up between his momma and his daddy and for the first time in two weeks, Aaron felt fully relaxed and at peace.